mapppsquite fond of ths the strain04:20
mapppsanupne else watch?04:20
mapppshmm need to find some good films last few have been rubbish04:47
mapppsnoone awake?!04:57
Myrttijust considering going to bed myself05:02
mapppswhat you been doin all night05:04
Myrttiit's just past 22 here05:04
mappps7am here=]05:05
MyrttiI know05:05
Myrttitrip is coming to an end soon, back to good old Blighty on Sunday05:06
Myrttibut tomorrow is sea otters!05:06
Myrttiso excited05:06
MyrttiMonterey Aquarium05:06
mapppssounds fun;]05:08
mapppsi used to have a season pass to the aquarium in portsmouth;D05:09
MyrttiI'm at this level of excitement: https://instagram.com/p/6ZLGrmIEwg/05:10
knightwiseDamn :( . Synology cloud station doesnt appear to work on my ubuntu machine05:43
knightwisedownloaded the deb file from their site , installed it , and the first couple of reboots it syncs and works fine05:44
mapppswathed 2 eps of the strain now murder in the first05:44
knightwisethen the icon disappears from the taskbar and the whole thing stops syncing05:44
mapppshm that sucks05:44
knightwiseDamn :( I sync my work folders using that app05:45
mapppswhat is it synolog cloud station05:49
knightwiseits kinda like a dropbox service but for your synology NAS folders05:49
knightwisehmm.. reinstalled it . hope it works now.06:20
MooDoomorning all07:28
MooDoowow didn't realise I owned the first Ubuntu UK team on launchpad - better close that one then :D - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-united-kingdom08:01
MooDooUbuntu United Kingdom08:01
MooDoostill makes me smile that I've been on launchpad since 200608:06
davmor2MooDoo: 2005-09-1208:07
davmor2Morning all08:08
MooDoodavmor2: that your launchpad creation date?08:09
davmor2MooDoo: Yeap08:10
davmor2MooDoo: member since08:10
MooDoonice, still not done enough for Ubuntu to become a member08:13
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:15
brobostigonmorning bashrc08:18
davmor2diddledan_: let see what you make of this mornings head song :)08:33
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trrfdkgsakdlIs this a supprot channel?13:30
trrfdkgsakdlWhy do we need uk-specific support channels wtf13:30
popeywell, it's not uk specific13:30
popeyit's a team channel13:30
trrfdkgsakdlWhy is it -uk then?13:30
popeythe official support channel is #ubuntu13:30
popeybecause most of us are from the UK13:30
trrfdkgsakdlI don't get it13:30
popeyit's a team channel13:30
popeynot a dedicated support channel13:30
trrfdkgsakdlwtf is a team channel?13:31
popeya channel used by a team of people13:31
popeyto.. uh.. communicate13:31
trrfdkgsakdlI wanted to ask how can I book holiday in the UK if it is for after my job is due to end13:31
trrfdkgsakdlBecause I have accrued holiday days13:31
trrfdkgsakdlBut I want to go in November, but my job will end in october13:32
trrfdkgsakdlSo how do I?13:32
Knightworkso .. what does this have to do with Ubuntu  ?:)13:32
popeyAsk your employer?13:32
popeyKnightwork: there's a lot we talk about here that's nothing to do with ubuntu :)13:32
Knightworkafternoon popey , good podcast show again.13:32
trrfdkgsakdlpopey:Okay, good idea13:32
Knightworkpopey: that is true13:32
popeyKnightwork: thanks13:32
* popey notes Knightwork isn't from the UK :)13:33
* Knightwork is Belgian ! :) 13:33
trrfdkgsakdlWhat Linux distribution does David Cameron use?13:33
popeyHe seems like a RHEL kinda guy to me.13:33
trrfdkgsakdlIs there a Linux distribution for users who hate poor people?13:34
* czajkowski is irish13:35
bashrcUbuntu satanic edition?13:35
czajkowskifun nice friendly channel13:35
trrfdkgsakdlDoes anyone else sometimes feel a lot of distributions are pointless?13:35
Knightworkbashrc: believe it or not .. i used it on my EEEPc13:36
Knightworkit wasnt bad !13:36
trrfdkgsakdlWhen they are just a mainstream distro with a few different default packages and artwork13:36
trrfdkgsakdlknightwise:What's the point when you could just use Ubuntu and install Satanic artwork?13:36
Knightworktrrfdkgsakdl: I was a noob at the time and wanted to try something new :) + they had a nice spin for the EEEpc13:36
trrfdkgsakdlknightwise:I have an EeePC13:37
trrfdkgsakdlOne of the old ones13:37
popeykinda wish i still had my 70113:37
trrfdkgsakdlI still have my 90113:37
* Knightwork still has his13:37
trrfdkgsakdlpopey:Why did you get rid of your 701?13:37
popeyi quite liked the distro it came with13:38
popeysold it13:38
popeyi had two, sold one, one broke iirc13:38
czajkowskihttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-33989384 ohh how weird!13:38
popeyblame Knightwork13:38
bashrcdivine retribution?13:47
trrfdkgsakdlYou can't run from heaven13:53
diddledan_I wonder what that 0.000001% of data amounts to in MB/GB14:36
diddledan_(referencing czajkowski's link)14:37
MooDoo0.000001% of (1 megabyte) =14:39
MooDoo0.01 bytes14:39
diddledan_MooDoo: yeah but how many megabytes does google have in it's belgian datacentre14:39
davmor2you'd think they would have lightning rods really wouldn't you14:40
nucc1of course they do :)14:41
nucc1but they were struck 4 times14:41
MooDoodiddledan_: well looking at the US each DC has beetween 40 and 400+ thoousand sservers14:43
MooDooso then think about if each server had 1TB drives in it, etc etc etc14:43
MooDoono one apart from google knows how many servers exactly14:44
nucc1diddledan_: this is why i said NaN :p14:46
shaunoI was led to believe they multihomed so much that no data should be unique to one DC.  but apparently not!14:53
diddledan_shauno: yeah I was surprised by that too14:53
nucc1my impression is that the data was lost was the data that hadn't been replicated yet, which would explain why it is such a small percentage14:54
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)15:36
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webpigeonoo someone is having connection related troubles19:17
zmoylan-pihokey cokey wifi19:17
webpigeonyou put the irc user in, the irc user out, in, out?19:18
zmoylan-pilooks like it19:18
* diddledan_ shakes it all about. then gets told-off for indecent exposure19:35
MartijnVdSshake it off, shake it off19:39
diddledan_MartijnVdS: is that better or worse than pulling it off?19:41
MartijnVdSdiddledan_: depends on your goal I guess19:41
diddledan_ooh, new beta build of win1021:32
diddledan_not much different according to the blog post21:33
shaunoit still installs windows like the last one?21:33
diddledan_the most visible thing is apparently the ability to select what to apply the "hint colour" to (taskbar, window borders etc)21:33
diddledan_it comes via windows update but I've not installed it yet21:34
diddledan_lookee like it's ready tho. so. *clicks reboob*21:35
daftykinsyay colours!21:35
diddledanright. that's whirring now21:36
diddledanshauno: it's doing the pulsing circle upgrade method like the initial win10 upgrade (or for insiders on each of the original prerelease builds)21:54
shauno(never tried those either)21:55
brobostigonmy gf is having issues with IOS, so i am ignoring, populerist, but ultimatly fashionable OS's, like microsoft windows.22:14
brobostigonfashionable = pop music22:15
daftykinswhat's it doing, brobostigon ?22:16
daftykinsor not as the case may be22:16
brobostigondaftykins: itunes music syncing, apparently.22:17
brobostigondaftykins: my suggestion was, we export all her music to freedom music, and free her up of the mad apple'ness.22:19
shaunoyou should get her to give all her data to the biggest advertising agency in town, seems to work for everyone else ;)22:19
daftykinsdoes that mean a streaming service?22:20
diddledanIOS is cisco's router operating system22:21
diddledanI think you might mean iOS22:21
* brobostigon walks up to shauno and spanks him. but ultimatly agrees with his statement.22:21
diddledanbrobostigon: how does having issues with a iPWN make you ignore windows?22:23
diddledanmethinks that's orthogonal22:23
brobostigondiddledan: because they are both, popularist, but ultimatly pointless OS's.22:24
diddledanoic. associative disorder22:24
diddledanwell I'm 44% through on re-selling my soul22:25
* brobostigon is using haiku, so he is heavenly.22:26
diddledanI've lost count of how many times I've sold my soul now. the problem is I'm actually just getting deeper into soul-debt because I never paid off the first time and subsequent times are just incremental loans22:26
zmoylan-pitry rent-a-soul :-)22:26
diddledanzmoylan-pi: I went with the bargain-basement rent-a-sole22:27
shaunothey actually take your shoes back when you're done with them?  eww22:27
diddledanI didn't quite achieve my ambitions through that enterprise22:27
diddledanshauno: like bowling alleys22:27
* brobostigon would have ultimatly been happy, in designing the perfect workstation with BeOS, however haiku changed this, and still wants the perfect, mulri'procession workstation.22:30
diddledanI don't actually know anything about beos other than it was supposed to be awesome for multimedia22:32
shaunofrom what I gather, it's pretty much nirvana for people who want to be the underdog22:32
zmoylan-pii thought that was os/2 :-)22:34
* brobostigon thinks haiku is the best designed OS ever, its perfection.22:35
shaunothat's because you're still in the 80s ;)22:35
diddledanso how many hands do I need to count the power-of-two of the number of haiku users?22:41
diddledan</troll. in case that wasn't obvious>22:42
* brobostigon resorts to spanking diddledan aswell, for jokes like that,22:43
diddledanooh, yeah baby, harder! :-D22:44
* diddledan notices the second link in the topic. what are IR Clogs?22:44
diddledanhint: I'm a moron22:45
diddledanspeaking of which, have you found jesus?22:46
zmoylan-piin a mexican phone book22:46
brobostigonthat reminds me, is the pope really catholic, or just plain bat nutty?22:47
diddledanpopey: well?22:47
shaunoare the two mutually exclusive?22:48
brobostigondoes the pope have bat wings?22:48
diddledanshauno: you'd hope so. I really don't want to know what a bat nutty catholic is likely to say22:48
shaunoI dunno man.  9 years in Ireland, I could probably take a good guess :p22:49
diddledanthat's like nuts^222:49

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