RoguehorseI won in my custody hearing today at court: joint legal custody.03:35
Roguehorseit was a good day =)03:35
nhandlerCongratulatoins Roguehorse !03:55
RoguehorseThank you! She pushed for 100% both but only had heresy to support 100% legal.03:56
ianorlinRoguehorse: I think you mean hearsay03:57
ianorlinheresy means something completely different03:57
Roguehorseyes =) my bad04:06
Roguehorseeither way, all she had was "he said ... " which the court counselor attorneys said wasinsufficient to prevent joint custody.04:07
Roguehorseso it was just a REALLY good day now that that's over and done. That was the biggest hurdle. I was not about to give up "all rights" to my son. NO WAY!!04:27

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