cmaloneyup down up down spin spin spin up13:12
rick_h_heh yea pretty much13:14
wolf|workO_o There's a "spin" on your control pad?13:19
cmaloneywolf|work: I'm old-school like that.13:22
brouschThere is an interesting job in Durango, CO, so I looked at the cost of living difference. This was unexpected http://www.bestplaces.net/cost-of-living/grand-rapids-mi/durango-co/5000013:51
brouschDurango is 43% more expensive than Grand Rapids.13:51
brouschHousing is 207% more expensive in Durango.13:52
cmaloneyThat doesn't surprise me13:57
cmaloneyMI is a bargain13:57
cmaloneyI think the only places that have cheaper housing are West Virginia13:57
wolf|workbrousch: really surprised that you were surprised13:59
brouschBut 200%?13:59
wolf|workover Grand Rapids?14:02
wolf|workYou can probably find places in Michigan were houses are 200% over Grand Rapids :-p14:03
greg-gwill durango still have a high cost of living after that toxic spill?15:31
cscheibI wouldn't say Michigan as a whole is really all that cheap, like many states, we have cheap areas, and particularly expensive areas... just not silicon valley expensive15:33
jcastroMI Rocks17:46
jcastroif you go to like, mountain view or any of the valley places17:47
jcastroit's like, millions and millions of dollars17:47
jcastrofor a tiny ranch17:47
jcastroIf I had to live in the valley there's no way I could afford a house there17:48
greg-gsee also: Greg moving to Petaluma, but still being priced out17:49
jcastroooh, kyle rankin lives there17:50
jcastrobtw, I tried to get a sprint close to there but the prices were just too much17:50
jcastroso we could have had martinis again17:50
rick_h_jcastro: you should drive down to chicago with us. Can ride down with jrwren and I :)17:51
jcastrorick_h_: I just came from there17:51
rick_h_jcastro: ah cool17:52
jcastrorick_h_: is your sprint next week?17:56
rick_h_jcastro: 31st17:56
cmaloneyThings I hate: forgetting the percent for date +%F20:40

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