* RAOF notices Sarvatt's x-x-v-i changes, and goes “Oh! Have they finally released their *two years* of work.” Nope!05:08
SarvattRAOF: NOPE!05:08
tjaaltonhell no05:08
tjaaltonand changes after that snapshot have broken shit again05:09
tjaaltongit master is in crisis mode05:09
Sarvattsqueak shit in before feature freeze, hopefully get a year of development full of fixes in wily05:09
RAOFI just checked debian/changelog. It has actually been two full years since a non-prerelease xf86-video-intel release was made.05:09
Sarvatti went through intel bugs and saw at least 80 bugs that would be fixed by this05:10
RAOFThey might want to give up the fiction that they provide tarballs of xf86-video-intel :)05:11
Sarvatti dunno whats up with that, sounds like he doesnt want to release until it fixes every little problem qa comes up with05:11
tjaaltonstrange that all the ddx's that actually people use "never" see releases05:11
Sarvattat least the prerelease tarballs were useful though05:12
Sarvattyeah ati intel etc05:12
tjaaltonnouveau, amdgpu seems to follow the trend too :)05:12
Sarvattnothing releases anymore lol05:13
tjaaltonRAOF: i've pushed a mesa snapshot to -experimental, have you checked if the mir patch still applies/works?05:14
RAOFI have not; I can do that now if you like.05:14
Sarvattplease please please05:14
tjaaltonhmm there probably is an earlier snapshot in ubuntu+105:14
tjaaltonI think the patch applies at least05:15
tjaaltonbut probably nothing too hard05:16
tjaaltontwo hunks failed05:16
Sarvatti havent checked either, i just disable the xmir stuff, ugh05:16
* RAOF should really get around to dynamically loading EGL platforms for mesa and upstreaming the Mir one.05:16
tjaaltonI'd probably need to merge experimental to ubuntu+1 first05:16
Sarvattlooks like my llvm-toolchain-3.7 fix to make mesa 4.11 work on i386 doesnt work, ugh05:30
Sarvatttest suite just dies05:30
Sarvatthttps://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+build/7812906 dat 5 hour timeout, at least it doesnt just actually fail to build now05:32
Sarvatt11.0 rather05:34
Sarvattdunno if i should attribute this to wily being fucked because of the toolchain change or.. its fine in unstable05:35
Sarvattjust added i686 as an option instead of just i586 that debian uses for i38605:36
tjaaltonasked doko about it?05:41
Sarvattdebconf/plumbers week, dont want to harass anyone :D05:43
Sarvattapparently llvm is desktops problem, weirdly05:44
tjaaltonRAOF: pushed mesa ubuntu+1, includes fixed mir patch that at least builds10:41
tseliotricotz: I'm fixing up my 355 branch, and there really is no need to apply buildfix_kernel_3.18.patch . It builds correctly in wily (the nvidia check worked)10:51
ricotztseliot, ok, better recheck 346/352 too then11:04
tjaaltonuploaded mesa snapshot to canonical-x-staging..11:09
tjaaltonnow intel..11:09
tjaaltonah Sarvatt did it already11:09
tjaaltonok, testinngg.11:09
jcastroricotz: man, I already have two -1's from the techboard on adding a GUI hook.20:41
mamarleyjcastro: Using the new PPA as staging for backports sounds like a good idea.  I think if we need an additional staging PPA, it would be better to create a new PPA under the graphics-drivers team since I can't upload to xorg-edgers. 22:39

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