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Kiloshi barrydk and everyone else06:01
Kilosinetpro  included of course06:01
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Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 06:24
barrydkMorning everyone06:30
inetprooh my, hello oom Kilos06:41
inetproand good mornings to everyone else as well06:41
Kilosdag boetie06:41
SquirmMorning even07:18
Kiloshi Squirm 07:18
thatgraemeguyhttp://lists.clug.org.za/pipermail/clug-work/2015-August/001359.html <-- I think this email got stuck in a time warp somewhere and just got released 15 years late07:49
MaNIwait what,t hey are upgrading to win2k? :P07:53
thatgraemeguyand samba 307:54
thatgraemeguywhich is nearly as old07:54
thatgraemeguythis guy is clearly a time traveller07:55
Squirmthatgraemeguy: saw that too08:01
grembleGood morning08:42
Kiloshi gremble deegee 08:44
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superflyhey Padroni10:20
thatgraemeguyphew, awfully chatty in here today10:35
Kiloshmm... ballie nap time methinks12:35
cyrilbhi guys13:27
cyrilbwho's coming tonight for the Drupal meetup?13:27
superflycyrilb: SubOracle might13:35
superflycyrilb: I'm in Cape Town13:35
GnikLlortsomeone set fire to a buss here14:31
cyrilbI feel at home then14:32
cyrilbit looks like Paris14:32
grembleBusses are on fire in Paris?14:32
grembleWhere is here, where the bus is on fire, GnikLlort?14:36
cyrilb@gremble  some people express their angry feelings that way14:36
grembleI'm not sure whether it is appropriate. However, I should not comment, I have not tried it yet.14:42
grembleI'm listening to the audiobook Metamorphosis of Kafka, it is quite good14:43
GnikLlortThy closed off half of the city14:56
GnikLlortnow night shift are going to be late14:56
grembleGeorge is tiny though. You can probably feel the fire over most parts of the city :P14:56
GnikLlorttbh yea lmfao14:57
GnikLlortbut city is getting bigger14:57
GnikLlorthave to work a damn dubble17:02
SquirmHow is everyone?17:17
inetprogood and you Squirm 17:50
inetpro? 17:50
inetproyou been scarce lately 17:51
SquirmYeah, but am doing well17:56
Kilosevening all and night all. sleep tight18:02
* Kilos tired kinda. you all be good18:03
kulelu88superfly: how difficult is it to format a string to become an array of 5 or 6 items that are then stored in a numpy array? 18:26
superflykulelu88: are you going to be doing the conversion to an array?18:27
kulelu88superfly: the issue is that some parts of the string need to be converted first. for eg. the first item is the datetime, which I am converting into a datetime object, then I need to split out the 5 other parts so that they are detected properly18:29
superflykulelu88: datetime.isoformat()18:31
superflyand then the iso8601 (i think) module18:31
superflykulelu88: I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do18:32
kulelu88superfly: I have a log file, which I want to convert (each line) into a set of 6 objects in an array, then I will store each array of 6 objects into a giant array18:34
superflysounds simple enough, what's the problem?18:36
kulelu88superfly: well it's not so simple due to the formatting of each line. would regex work best for identifying each piece of the string? 18:38
kulelu88*each piece of the line/string ?18:38
superflykulelu88: http://image.slidesharecdn.com/regexpsecrets-130228042149-phpapp02/95/regexp-secrets-6-638.jpg?cb=136202604118:39
superflyhaving said that... I do use regex18:39
kulelu88regex is shit, but i use it sometimes18:39
superflykulelu88: can you give me a copy of a couple of lines?18:40
kulelu88sure. let me format it though, otherwise my boss may smash me18:40
kulelu88superfly: https://pastee.org/xndce18:49
kulelu88superfly: please don't be writing any code, this is a learning experience for me :P18:56
superflynaw, I got stuck watching an indian movie...18:56
kulelu88which one? haha18:57
superflythat doesn't look too hard to parse19:00
superflyI'd separate by space, then join the first two and parse using iso860119:00
kulelu88lmao, thats a tamil movie I think19:00
superflyit's a spoof comedy19:00
superflyjust watched a bit of it, but I (obviously) can't follow19:01
kulelu88no subtitles?19:02
superflycouldn't find any19:02
superflyreminds me of Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer19:02
kulelu88Kung Fu Hustle was legendary19:02
kulelu88superfly: how would you handle the last part, as the message may contain spaces?19:03
kulelu88gremble: \o19:05
grembleconsume the log bit by bit, and when you have the info divided by spaces, spit the rest out as a "rest" 19:06
superflykulelu88: something like that19:07
superflyhowever, it's probably a bit easier to use regex ;-)19:07
grembleOne day I will be able to use regex :P19:08
kulelu88I use regex to filter through DB output. I hate the \ format so I preferably use the . format19:09
grembleDon't you filter db output with your SQL commands?19:10
superfly^(\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d \d\d:\d\d:\d\d) (.*?)-(.*?) (.*?) (.*?): (.*)$19:10
kulelu88gremble: not when you need to download DB dumps and scan them manually19:10
superflyI used \d multiple times because it's less than writing \d{2} - takes up 5 chars instead of 419:10
kulelu88the weird part about superflys regex is that I understand it :D19:11
grembleYa, that is not difficult19:11
grembleSince regex is turing complete, I am quite sure you can get more complex versions of it19:12
kulelu88more complex regex #fml19:12
superflyby the way guys, if you ever want a free SSL certificate, use https://www.startssl.com/19:14
superflyyou gotta jump through a couple of hoops to get there, but it's worth not paying truckloads of money for a stupid text file19:14
kulelu88doesn't komodo sell them for $2 per year now?19:15
grembleBleh reminds me I have to update my bolg 19:15
superflykulelu88: do you really want an already compromised certificate?19:19
kulelu88NSA compromised? superfly 19:20
gremblePrecompromised seems like it saves you the trouble of having it compromised yourself19:20
superflynope, Comodo had a security breach about 2 years ago, and didn't tell anyone about it19:20
superflyit came out months later19:20
kulelu88wouldn't they then be obliged to pay that $1 million dollar thing SSL certificates offer?19:21
superflyThe Dutch government had purchased all their certs from Comodo, and immediately revoked them all and bought new ones from somewhere else...19:21
kulelu88security on the internet is so complicated 19:22
kulelu88SSH, SSL, PGP and yet none of it is 100% secure19:22
grembletheoretically, we try it to be sound, but unfortunately it is implemented by people that make mistakes. So most of the time it is not the protocol that is broken, but the implementation. Meaty bits are the squishy bits19:25
gremblePEBKAC 19:25
kulelu88I think once you understand cryptography in programming, you have reached a zenith of knowledge :P19:27
grembleI'll let you know19:28
MaNImeh, cryptography is more math than programming19:30
kulelu88is the biggest weakness in SSH your passphrase? 19:31
MaNInot at all19:32
DalekSecPasphrase?  People don't just use keys these days?20:54
grembleI have a key and a passphrase for the key20:58
kulelu88if a key is stolen, having a passphrase helps, no?20:59
superflyI think my PC just upgraded to Plasma 5...21:36
grembleYou think so?21:37
superflyI did an update && upgrade, it borked21:37
superflyand then I did a fix and I'm continuing another upgrade21:37
superflyand I saw a whole lot of my packages being removed, and a whole lot more being installed which said "libkf5" or something -- kde frameworks 521:38
superflygremble: I'm on Debian unstable21:38
superflythe upgrade to systemd was similar21:39
grembleI can't even remember my upgrade to systemd it was sort of "congrats, running systemd now. Remember to update your init scripts to units"21:40
kulelu88I don't know what I'll do when LTS 14.04 ends21:40
grembleMove to the next lts?21:40
kulelu88im not going near systemd21:40
gremblesystemd is easy21:41
grembleso I have no qualms21:41
kulelu88and bloated21:41
grembleYou're running a full ubuntu distro21:41
grembleI don't think the bloat is that much worse21:41
grembleUnless you are running LFS on embedded, bloat is not really such a big deal21:42
grembleThe main concern is probably binary logging and thus the corruptability of the logs21:42
kulelu88the lack of choice bugs me. 21:42
kulelu88I dont want it, but its been forced on to everyone through a split vote of 5 people21:42
grembleJust uninstall it and pin SysV or init or runrc, runit, upstart or whatever your heart desires?21:43
kulelu88you can't without breaking it21:43
kulelu88or so i've heard21:43
grembleYou can. Unless you want to use gnome21:43
gremblegnome requires systemd21:43
kulelu88gnome is from gnu right?21:44
grembleGnome is from the gnome foundation21:44
DalekSeckulelu88: Did you know that before systemd, ubuntu used upstart and you in fact couldn't use anything but upstart?21:44
kulelu88but less on that flame war. have people been joining tuxlug?21:44
grembleJust me and inetpro 21:45
kulelu88DalekSec: not until now21:45
grembleubuntu also wanted to do mir21:45
grembleand tell everyone with their X and wayland to f right off21:45
kulelu88The more I learn about Ubuntu, the more I dislike a lot of what they do. if they want to be Red Hat, they should go fullswing at it21:46
DalekSecgremble: Wants to do Mir, still activly developed, perhaps targetting the phone more but nevertheless.  And it wasn't quite like that, no.21:46
grembleI may be slightly hyperbolic :P21:48
kulelu88mathematicians... pssshhtt21:48
grembleLet's not go off on a tangent21:49
kulelu88whoa DalekSec is an Ubuntu member :P21:51
DalekSecAs are plenty of others.21:51
grembleI think the pertinent question is, is whether DalekKhan is21:52
grembleCaan even21:53
kulelu88dalek is an awesome name. 21:55
DalekSecNot if I exterminated him.21:56
grembleIf you're true to canon, you did21:56
grembleand I was sad21:56
superflyThe reality is, Canonical has a point with Mir. Wayland has been in development for twice as long as Mir, and they're not even halfway close to as complete.21:57
superflyAND, Wayland is basically an integrated X server and client21:58
grembleI thought I would have wayland by the next time I reinstall and I didn't. So I'm getting used to having X around for a while still :P21:58
superflygremble: I don't think you understand... do you remember XFree86 ?21:58
superflysjoe, look at the time, I need to go to bed21:59
grembleI don't know. Chances are that it is before my time21:59
superflygremble: X.org was forked from XFree86 because XFree86 was not going anywhere, and some of the developers wanted development to move faster.21:59
grembleLooong before my time then22:00
superflyAnd everyone got excited because, "finally, we're going to have a less useless windowing system"22:00
superflyyeah. we've been waiting.22:00
kulelu88so Mir and Wayland are improvements on X?22:00
grembleSo is windowing such a difficult problem?22:00
superflythen a pocket of X.org devs said, "this architecture sucks! let's make a better X"... and so we're still waiting for Wayland22:00
superflygremble: no. this is what's ridiculous.22:01
kulelu88sounds like over-engineering then22:01
superflyand why I'm actually really interested in Mir. Canonical might have cheesed people off, but I completely understand WHY.22:01
superflyanyway, I must head to bed22:02
grembleSo. Let's make our own. We'll call it Xaymirland22:02
grembleCheers superfly 22:02
kulelu88gremble: thats probably how most (marginal) software efforts start. "fuck these guys, let me roll my own"22:03
grembleIt is indeed22:03
grembleLook at neovim :P22:03
DalekSecThere's security benefits to Mir/Wayland, I'd think Ubuntu/Canonical wants more control over it because of the phone, but the CLA isn't going to help.  There's benefits and drawbacks to Mir/Wayland.22:03
kulelu88DalekSec: what is wrong with X itself? where is the architecture flawed?22:04
kulelu88I know I can't use 2 different "views" on 2 connected screens, but that is an artificial X-issue that a manual fix can get around22:05
grembleI am going to do the sleep thing now, before I stay up too late22:47
grembleCheers guys22:47

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