xfceKrisFor a while, windows wouldn't even boot at all, but somehow I managed to make it work. When I did, apparently the boot partition is no longer how it boots, instead it boots via the main partition on the windows drive.00:00
BTJusticeDoesn't Chrome already come with Flash?00:00
the_countarooni-mobile: Have you tried reinstalling Chrome?00:00
DyjoexTJ-:apparently my nickname was already in use. Nothing different yet I'm also almost out of time my roommate having to go to work in around 5 hours nd all00:00
arooni-mobilethe_count, like sudo apt-get install --reinstall chrome ?00:00
Bashing-omthe_count: aye ?00:01
TJ-Dyjoex: Looks like you didn't log out of IRC before reboot. OK ... do you want to try again another evening?00:01
k1l_arooni-mobile: did you restart chrome?00:01
arooni-mobileyes did restart chrome after installing pepperflashplugin-nonfree00:01
drkjtrxfceKris: I've done some of the same myself. Sounds like grub, loaded into the windows drive, while the other items that linux needs to boot went to your boot partition. I know you said that you don't have a Windows disk, have you tried Hiren's Boot Disk?00:01
TJ-Dyjoex: Before you go though, can you "pastebinit <(rfkill list)" so I know what is there on a fresh boot00:01
xfceKrisdrkjtr, I havent yet. I'll google it.00:02
the_countYesarooni-mobile: Yes00:02
xfceKrisAlso, I noticed that with gparted, I can mark partition with boot flags. I'00:02
k1l_arooni-mobile: try a sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree --install00:02
xfceKrismI'm wondering what that may do to the windows drive.00:02
TJ-Dyjoex: and a test you can do for yourself at any time. Boot it with "acpi_osi="Windows 2012"   " on the kernel command-line. The DSDT shows that seems to enable most services00:02
Israel_Ck1l_: sup00:02
the_countBashing-om: My synaptics touchpad is not scrolling properly... I think this may be part of theproblem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12121315/00:03
drkjtrxfceKris: It has a lot of rescue options for Windows, but neat enough, includes a lot of *unix utilities as well.00:03
arooni-mobilestill doenst sowrk k1l_ :\00:03
Bashing-omthe_count: Sorry, touchpads are not in my skill set . No experience .00:03
DyjoexTJ-: I'll probably come back after he wakes up and contact you if your are on , I work on my pc at night since I have deadlines and sleep during the day, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12121341/ this is the pastebin it seems it changed to its old form i'll boot it in the morning with the new command line00:03
xfceKrisdrkjtr, would this be it? http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd00:04
TJ-Dyjoex: I'm in the U..K. so generally on european time00:04
drkjtrWell, it would restore the Windows MBR. But, it would over write the grub, and might bork the grub running at all.  That then means you get to do a grub rescue.00:04
the_countBashing-om: How about to reinstall it, would you know how to do that?00:04
k1l_Israel_C aka neogeo, what about you leave this support channel alone?00:04
the_countBashing-om To fix the broken packages00:05
Israel_Ck1l_: discrimination?00:05
burrito_been playing with uck, trying to build an lubuntu deriv, despite the fact that I've figured out how to do all kinds of really neato stuff, cannot get default background to change through the schemas. Any know much about uck in here?00:05
TJ-Dyjoex: I think the "Windows 2012" will be the best hope if it is only a firmware issue, as we think it is since you had it randomly enabling itself00:05
DyjoexTJ-: see you later, I'll contact you if I see you n the list , bye00:05
TJ-Dyjoex: you can also send me memos with "/msg memoserv send TJ- <message>"00:06
Bashing-omthe_count: I would consider that perhaps a touchpad has a driver, and as such that 'module' should be re-installable. But, again no experience . IF you think it is a broken package, what does the package manager say ?00:07
the_countBashing-om: Did you look at this link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12121315/00:08
TJ-Dang! Just seen in the ACPI DSDT that "Windows 2012" does enable the hardware kill switch00:09
BTJusticeIs there a way to change the color depth?  I do not have an xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 so I have no idea how to do it.00:09
Bashing-omthe_count: I Have not looked, doing so ATT .00:10
the_countBashing-om: Ok00:10
Bashing-omthe_count: ' dpkg -l xserver-xorg-core ; apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-core ' ?00:12
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the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12121374/00:14
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Bashing-omthe_count: Look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/12121374/ .00:16
Bashing-omthe_count: UNgood, and apt-cache says what ?00:17
surgyi need help turning my keyboard into a musical keyboard00:17
Bashing-omthe_count: ^ Refresh my memory, what release are we working with here ?00:18
the_countUbuntu 14.04 LTS And Latest Kernel00:19
burrito_anybody in here familiar with u.c.k.?00:19
the_countBashing-om And not sure I understand your last message.00:19
surgyim running kubuntu 14.04 how do i switch from pulse audio to jack.... and will my sound still work properly?00:20
Bashing-omthe_count: I would like to also see the output of 'apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-core' , and what is the release you are running ?00:21
the_countbashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12121401/00:25
the_countSorry, I forgot to add the Bashing-om: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS And Latest Kernel00:25
Bashing-omthe_count: K00:25
Bashing-omthe_count: What results ' sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-core ' ?00:27
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12121409/00:27
the_countburrito_ I have not00:28
Bashing-omthe_count: look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/12121409/ .00:29
the_countsurgy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1003466 and http://forum.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=167814, Kind of like that?00:30
wafflejocksurgy: if you google on pulseaudio and jack in ubuntu there's a package that is supposed to help them automatically switch on and off00:31
wafflejocksurgy: in my personal experience I still had to manually kill/start jack and pulseaudio though00:31
wafflejocksurgy: Jack would work for the midi things I was trying to do and pulseaudio had to be running in order for YouTube videos to play (otherwise they just lock on the first frame strangely)00:31
finetundra_hey guys, does anyone know a software like XRDP but that uses a newer RDP version?00:32
Bashing-omthe_count: What have you done ? // Let's get an overall status of the packages ' sudo apt-get update ;  sudo apt-get upgrade ; sudo apt-get -f install ; sudo dpkg -C ' Then we go back to addressing the dependency issues .00:32
wafflejockfinetundranot sure about the version of RDP but have you tried remmina00:32
finetundra_wafflejock: um, I'm looking for the server hosting software not the client00:33
the_countBashing-om... I haven't done anything that i am aware of... Although I do remember distantly an update window closing in the past week... I cause lots of trouble don't I.00:34
wafflejockfinetundra ah gotcha, yeah not sure for linux serving up the display I've typically just seen it done with an SSH tunnel or with VNC or x2go, didn't know there were RDP options00:34
finetundra_wafflejock: well, thanks anyway00:35
the_countBashing-om: Ok, all completed succesfully. And btw, That upgrade did reinstall at a not-very-much-later-date00:36
Bashing-omthe_count: No trouble, that is not at all an issue. Keeping your system stable is a trouble here lately. Makes we wonder what you are doing, is all, that is breaking it . Be advised I broke my system(s) many times in my learning curve .00:37
the_countBashing-om: Ok, I got to go now... And yes, the story of a 15 year old trying to learn linux... Sorry for the abruptness...00:38
Bashing-omthe_count: The result of '-f install is all zero's and there is only a return to prompt from the dpkg request ?00:38
jkanohow to use kismet00:39
notdanielif i want to easily maintain a bunch of my own bash functions and such, is it a good practice to keep those in its own file and then just source it from .bashrc?00:40
notdanielplenty of apps and such request you configure by adding lines to bashrc, so just  wondering if there's a reason i shouldn't separate them like that00:40
Bashing-omthe_count: You mean to tell me that ubuntu is not 15 year old proof ? ( a Navy expression for breakage ) .00:41
drkjstrnotdaniel: I always set up a bin directory in my home folder for shell scripts I right00:41
drkjstrThen you can add it to your PATH via the .bashrc/.bash_profile00:42
notdanieldrkjstr: and just add that location to $PATH? so don't bother sourcing any bash00:42
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notdanielexcellent, thanks00:42
drkjstrnotdaniel: No worries.00:44
pokergodusing -o allow_other with sshfs... When being a regular user, going into the directory and ls'n takes forever.  When i'm root, it's instant.00:49
wasgay哪里可以离线安装mp3 mp4这些媒体解码器?00:49
OerHeks!cn | wasgay00:50
ubottuwasgay: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw00:50
juan_porque no se instalan juegos por defecto en Mate 15 ?00:50
OerHeks!es | juan_00:50
ubottujuan_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:50
OerHeksthis channel is english only, please00:50
pokergodI have phpstorm setup in the launcher... how can I launch it as root?00:51
OerHekspokergod, gksudo phpstorm00:52
pokergod(gksudo:17834): GConf-CRITICAL **: gconf_value_free: assertion 'value != NULL' failed00:53
OerHeksnot sure that is the right thing to do, running as root00:53
pokergodmy sshfs mount is wayyy too slow when using non-root.  As root, it's instant.  Non-root, it works but takes 1-2 minutes to ls00:54
pokergodi just want to run phpstorm as root and edit the files and be done :)00:54
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qwertyzfgmy touchpad stopped working;15.4; dconf says its enabled; synclient | grep Touchpad -> TouchpadOff = 2; synclient TouchpadOff=0 does nothing; sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-input-synaptics and reboot didn't work. help?01:20
SunstreamOkay Is ther a way to force my system to get the latest UBUNTU01:21
jlg_update-manager -D ?01:21
jlg_as root01:22
jlg_so "sudo update-manager -d"01:22
Bashing-omSunstream: Depends; What release is installed presently ?01:22
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SunstreamI dont know 14.10? r01:23
OerHeksthe -d = development, i would not suggest that yet01:23
Sunstreamthat did it the nomal way did not catch it01:23
Sunstreamit offers me 15.04 now01:23
burrito_sudo apt-get install update-manager-core sudo do-release-upgrade -d01:24
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SunstreamIt is offering Vivid Vervet what ever a vervet  is01:25
compdocits the animal they make velvet from01:25
Sunstream-_- oookay01:26
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dw1my screen no longer powers off when the computer goes to lock screen :[01:37
dw1it blanks but doens't power down01:38
the_countBashing-om: Well, staying covered up isn't a bad thing, And yes, it must not be highly polished for a 15 year old... Although I do try to act older.01:41
Bashing-omthe_count: Hey, Getting into open source at 15 is a great thing . Are we back to working dependency issues ? ( I have cleared my board. will have to start all over ) .01:43
OerHeksdw1,  could be an DPMS setting see this old post http://askubuntu.com/questions/216783/ubuntu-12-10-turn-screen-off-when-inactive-for-never-still-turns-off01:44
gartralhey all, since the advent of uefi and subsequent uefi-aware kernels.. are there any tools to control mobo settings that would otherwise require either a windows OS or system reboot to acomplish?01:51
Guest43864guys, how to install hci.h bluetooth.h hci_lib.h  to ubuntu? thks01:52
Bashing-omGuest43864: Android ?01:53
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Bashing-om!info | libbluetooth-dev01:57
ubottu'libbluetooth-dev' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed01:57
Bashing-om!find libbluetooth-dev01:57
ubottuFound: libbluetooth-dev01:57
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Guest43864ok .  thank you.01:58
ElevyNJHelp! I hosed my ubuntu system. i have NO network now (wired or wireless) and a red circle with a white line through it on the top of the screen01:59
drkjstrElevyNJ: sounds like you got rid of network-manager. Try: sudo apt-get install network-manager02:01
the_countBashing-om: I'm not currently sure what what step we were on, but, how about we work on this tomorrow... I have homework to work on now.02:01
ElevyNJdrkjstr, I can do that without a working network?02:02
the_countBashing-om: What do you think about CoreOS?02:02
Bashing-omthe_count: Sounds good. I am done for this session nayway . shutting down ATT . // Tiny core ?02:03
drkjstrGood point. You would need a disk or USB with an Ubuntu installer. You can add it as a installation source02:03
the_countBashing-om: http://www.coreos.com/02:03
ElevyNJdrkjstr,  I will have to do that tomorrow thanks02:04
Bashing-omthe_count: Have not used it .. but any Software Development Kit is better than none at all . Got to start somewhere .02:05
indy_hello all- I update my kernel on my 14.04 box from 3.13 to 4.1.3 but have getting any update on branch 4.1.3. Any help would be much appreciated02:06
the_countBashing-om: Currently I have a DigitalOcean VPS: http://www.digitalocean.com/ Which is running Ubuntu Server, I kind of want to switch but kind of not...02:07
nick12345so i have two keyboards on my desk next to each other and it gave me an idea: Would it be possible to use one for typing and the other one for macros?02:09
nick12345keybinds basically02:09
the_countIf I don't have to remap the keys02:09
nick12345so if i press "a" on keyboard one it types a, but if i press "a" on keyboard 2 it runs a command02:09
Fremanso... I'm running ubuntu 14.04 and I need krb5-1.13 - I can't find it in backports, can I just do what I'd have done for centos - download the soruce package and patch it to just use the newer source (I've compiled it by hand it's compat with all the same libraries)02:11
the_countnick12345: Maybe this would push you in the right direction: http://superuser.com/questions/75817/two-keyboards-on-one-computer-when-i-write-with-a-i-want-a-us-keyboard-layout02:11
bigragggsFreman: did you check ppa02:12
drkjstrthe_count: I was just checking that one too.02:13
the_countnick12345: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=8416302:13
surgyi just reinstalled lubuntu 14.04 kernal 3.13 how do i upgrade to 3.19 ?02:13
indy_any idea why I'm not getting updates for Kernel 4.1.3 on ubuntu 14.04 after I upgraded from 3.1302:13
the_countAnd then this one: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-setup-multiple-simultaneous-keyboards-with-unique-layouts.html02:14
nick12345the_count, thanks. Is it possible to map characters from a layout I don't use to keys on the keyboard? I mean if i press a on keyboard 1 it doesnt run a command because its "a" but if i press a on a keyboard with a chinese layout it runs a command because instead of a its a chinese character02:15
BTJusticeIs there a way to change the color depth?  I do not have an xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 so I have no idea how to do it.02:16
Fremanbigragggs: ah I see one in there thanks, now I just have to work out where my add-apt-repository command is02:16
the_countnick12345: I really have no experience in the matter, but assuming you could have two layouts, I am sure you could remap keys on one keyboard differently.02:17
qwertyzfgI can't find an answer for my touchpad for now. I give up and boot windows02:17
bigragggsqwertyzfg: you02:18
Fremanhmmm so far these are all for prescice02:19
Parker__hi Everyone, I recently updated my workstation to ubuntu 14.04 (clean install) and am now unable to configure my cisco vpn addon for the network manager02:25
Parker__the error is ambigious and not helpful for determining why the connection isn't going through...02:25
SparkMasterTapelol strange. so i am using hexchat on 14.04 , and i set my main chat window to be transparent. Behind the hex chat window I have the software center open. so its my hexchat window open on top of my software center window.02:28
SparkMasterTapethe transparent setting on hexchat is acting as xray vision through the software center window straight to the desktop02:28
SparkMasterTapekinda cool hehe02:28
surgyim running lubuntu kernal 3.19. i just upgraded from kernal 3.13 to kernal 3.19 and now my video card driver keeps crashing or something . lubuntu keeps giving me the crash report dialogue and my resolutions are wrong. i have tried to use the gui proprietary drivers install on both  fglrx and fglrx-updates drivers. my video card is a radeon r9 270x and i had the driver working great on kubuntu 14.04 kernal 3.19.  ca someone please help me?02:36
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ubskeurmy ubuntu 15.04 pc won't let me log in, the screen goes black and returns me to the login screen02:44
ubskeurI can't log in to the guest session either02:44
ubskeurand the tty sessions are completely black02:44
boze when I boot my laptop it goes straight to a grub command prompt. I tried the Boot Repair Disk, but no dice. It gave this debugging info http://paste.ubuntu.com/12120966/02:46
ubskeurboze, looks like something wrong with the partition table, has this computer booted at all since you partitioned the hard drives?02:48
bozeubskeur, It's my normal work computer. All I did to it recently was remove "quite splash" from the grub file and update-grub202:49
bozeyes, it ussually boots ;P02:50
ubskeurboze, the update might have removed support for that partition table... wait around for help from someone who knows more than me02:50
ubskeurboze, though a solution that comes to my mind is to repartition with a more supported partition table02:51
ubskeurboze, there's hopefully a better one though02:51
bozeubskeur, ideally i'd like to get some stuff off before I repartition02:52
* boze crosses fingers02:52
ubskeurboze, you could try booting to a live disc/usb02:52
g2nhello, i set up an ubuntu server and i'm trying to transcode MP4 files encoded in HEVC to a rasplex streamer02:54
g2ni followed this forum post for help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/362745/how-to-install-h-265-hevc-codec-on-ubuntu-linux02:54
g2nbut i still can't transcode h265/hevc02:54
g2ndoes anyone know how i can test this in ubuntu server to see where the problem lies?02:55
bozeubskeur, thank you :)02:55
shlinuxhello everyone02:55
ubskeurg2n, that forum post is from 2013...02:55
g2ni cant find anything relevant02:55
ubskeurI don't know anything about HEVC02:55
g2ndoes anyone know about HEVC on ubuntu server?02:56
ubskeurg2n, what version of rasplex are you running?02:59
g2nthe latest02:59
ubskeurg2n, and what software is running on the server to transcode02:59
g2nim not sure, other than the plugin that was recommended in the forum post02:59
g2nits the plex server02:59
aryan_HI friends, should I need to compile systemd from source to install it in trusty /03:02
Fremanso I think I'm about done...03:02
Fremanbut dh_install: usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/krb5/plugins/tls/k5tls.so exists in debian/tmp but is not installed to anywhere03:03
Fremanwhere do I put that to make it install?03:03
Freman(running dpkg-buildpackage)03:03
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ubskeurAnyone here able to help with ubuntu 15.04 not logging in?03:12
ubskeurI'll just recover the files I need for now...03:13
Tyrandiswow, I didn't expect the chat room to be so big03:13
ablest1980hello i need to help03:14
ubskeurablest1980, you could help me :)03:14
ablest1980im trying to update but cant its saying not enough space03:14
ubskeurablest1980, how much space is there?03:14
Tyrandisi never update ubuntu because it always bricks up....\03:15
ablest1980i had this problem before they had me delete some unneeded kernals03:15
ubskeurablest1980, run disk usage analyser03:15
Tyrandisomg... haha03:15
ubskeurablest1980, what os are you running?03:15
ubskeurablest1980, which version?03:16
ryan_46ablest1980: run df -h in a terminal03:16
ablest1980says do sudo apt-get clean03:16
ablest1980ok ryan_4603:16
Tyrandisjesus christ just go to the search bar and type in disk usageanalyser03:17
ubskeurTyrandis, ikr, but I try to be patient with people ;)03:17
Tyrandisusage analyser03:17
ubskeurso apparently I don't have permission to access my internal hdd files from a live usb... crap03:18
ablest1980./dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root  451G  6.3G  422G   2% /03:18
ubskeurI now have 2 issues, one is my 15.04 pc not logging in, and the other is I don't have permission to access my pc's files from a live usb03:19
ablest1980running disk usage manager03:19
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ablest1980ok what i do now?03:20
ubskeurablest1980, that should show you which files are taking up a lot of space on your hard drive, as well as the amount of free space available03:21
ubskeurablest1980, did you do sudo apt-get clean?03:21
ablest1980yes didnt work03:21
ryan_46ablest1980: Likely you will have to delete older kernels. What analyzer show?03:21
ablest1980i dont understand it03:22
ablest1980./ says most space03:22
ablest1980hd is 50003:22
ablest1980after sudo clean restart?03:24
lotuspsychje!info bleachbit | ablest198003:24
ubottuablest1980: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6-1 (vivid), package size 255 kB, installed size 1965 kB03:24
ablest1980hi lotuspsychje03:24
Fremandpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules binary gave error exit status 203:25
Fremangetting a little further03:25
lotuspsychjeFreman: are you on debian?03:26
ubskeurI managed to access the files I needed, so now my only issue is not being able to log into my computer03:27
wafflejockablest1980: the disk usage analyzer GUI should show you the total and the used space, on the drive when you drill in you should see where the major consumers of data are03:27
wafflejockablest1980: you can df -h, in the command line to get a quick picture of the drive too03:27
ablest1980did both03:28
ablest1980im going to run bleachbit03:28
wafflejockablest1980: alright well in the disk usage analyzer you should be able to pretty easily identify where the big consumers are in the circle chart it gives you afterwards you can keep drilling into those03:28
wafflejockablest1980: there's a command line version of that disk usage type thing too called ncdu that'll sort the folders by usage, can sudo apt-get install ncdu, and run sudo ncdu /     to scan everything03:29
ubskeurrecovered my files \o/03:30
wafflejockubskeur: o/ congrats03:30
ubskeurnow, anyone want to help me log into my pc?03:30
wafflejock!ask | ubskeur03:30
ubottuubskeur: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:30
ubskeurwafflejock, ok...03:31
ablest1980run sudo ncdu didnt work03:31
wafflejockablest1980: sudo ncdu /03:31
ablest1980i also tried sudo run ncdu03:31
wafflejockablest1980: ncdu wants a target03:31
wafflejockno "run"03:31
wafflejockI just meant type that in a terminal and hit enter03:32
ablest1980ablest1980@HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC:~$ sudo run ncdu03:32
ablest1980sudo: run: command not found03:32
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:32
wafflejockablest1980: will take a while scanning probably then should show you the biggest folder up top, can just hit enter to drill into it and keep doing that until you find where all your space is being taken up03:32
ablest1980its done03:33
lotuspsychjeubskeur: give us more details of your problem03:33
lotuspsychjeablest1980: check firefox tmp folders too, with disk analyzer as wafflejock suggested03:34
ubskeurWhen logging in (both as user and guest) the screen goes black and returns to the log in screen. Opening tty freezes the computer on a black screen, and returning to normal (tty9) does nothing03:34
lotuspsychjeubskeur: ubuntu version, grafix card chipset?03:35
ubskeur15.04 (upgraded from 14.10), asus r9 290 (fglrx), intel chip03:35
ubskeur*intel cpu03:35
lotuspsychjeubskeur: clean installs can help alot, if you need more stable try 14.0403:36
lotuspsychjeubskeur: you can also try the recoverymode03:36
ubskeurlotuspsychje, 14.04.2 has a bug with flgrx that won't boot at all03:36
wafflejockablest1980: once you find the files/folders with ncdu that are eating up the space you can just hit d with the file/folder selected to delete from within ncdu03:36
lotuspsychje!recovery | ubskeur 'fix broken packages' from there03:36
ubottuubskeur 'fix broken packages' from there: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode03:36
ubskeurlotuspsychje, which options in recovery mode will be useful to me?03:36
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I did fix broken packages, it removed 12 packages and fixed nothing03:37
wafflejockubskeur: you can try the nomodeset parameter in the boot settings to use the vesa drivers03:37
rredd4any one use macbuntu?03:37
wafflejockubskeur: when grub comes up hit e to edit the entry and add "nodmodeset" where you see quiet or nosplash options in the boot flags then ctrl+x I believe to boot03:37
lotuspsychje!mac | rredd403:37
ubotturredd4: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages03:37
wafflejockubskeur: this would just be a temporary solution to use the default drivers until you can get the ATI ones sorted03:38
ubskeurI'm going to try a clean install...03:39
ablest1980delete contains of trash folder?03:39
wafflejockubskeur: okay yeah I spelled that wrong anyhow03:39
lotuspsychjeubskeur: yeah clean install 14.0403:39
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I told you alread, 14.04 doesn't support my graphics card03:39
rredd4lotuspsychje thanks, i know how to install ubuntu on a mac, just wanted information from people who have used the macbuntu03:39
ubskeurI'm doing a clean install of 15.0403:39
wafflejocknomodeset is the param not nod03:39
lotuspsychjeubskeur: you just said you upgraded from 14.1003:39
ubskeurlotuspsychje, yes, 14.10 worked03:39
lotuspsychjeubskeur: how long ago did you try to clean install 14.04?03:39
ubskeurlotuspsychje, february03:40
lotuspsychjeubskeur: try again, its 14.04.3 now03:40
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I clean installed 14.10 in february, and upgraded to 14.10 in july03:40
ubskeurlotuspsychje, ok, I'll try 14.04.303:40
lotuspsychjeubskeur: and enable internet+updates during setup ok03:40
=== Aaron is now known as Guest84746
LonelyDanboWhere should I ask about PC hardware cooling?03:41
ubskeurlotuspsychje, should I update my live usb first, or use the old usb03:41
lotuspsychjeLonelyDanbo: ##hardware03:41
lotuspsychjeubskeur: updated liveusb would be reccomended yes03:41
ubskeurlotuspsychje, thanks03:41
rredd4does anyone have any experience using macbuntu?03:41
lotuspsychjerredd4: ask your real question03:41
Guest84746how to change my nickname ?03:42
ubskeurGuest84746, /nick newnick03:43
lotuspsychjeGuest84746: /nick yourname03:43
=== ryan_46 is now known as newname
rredd4lotuspsychje  that is my question.  I have not installed it and want to know if people like it or not, is it buggy, etc03:43
aryan_HI friends, should I need to compile systemd from source to install it in trusty /03:43
=== Guest84746 is now known as Aaron_111
ubskeurrredd4, ok, that's your question, Is macbuntu good?03:43
lotuspsychje!systemd | aryan_03:43
ubottuaryan_: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers03:43
lotuspsychjearyan_: you can install systemd on trusty, but need to tune stuff03:44
aryan_lotuspsychje, what tunes should I perform sir ?03:44
lotuspsychjearyan_: well i would not very reccomend to do it03:46
rredd4ubskeur yes.  Installed another mac like linux flavor and had problems. Like when I close my laptop lid, it would not wake up.  Also, it would see my wifi router but not connect.  So does macbuntu have issues or not that are similar03:46
lotuspsychjearyan_: whats your purpose to do it?03:46
ablest1980The upgrade needs a total of 81.8 M free space on disk '/boot'. Please free at least an additional 17.1 M of disk space on '/boot'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'03:46
lotuspsychje!mac | rredd4 read03:46
ubotturredd4 read: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages03:46
aryan_lotuspsychje, cause I like systemd very handy and easy than sysvinit03:47
mainframe_so just a question03:47
Johnny_Linuxrredd4  i wouldnt do it, just install cairo-dock and go to gnome-look.org and get some wallpapers, thats all you need for what your looking for.03:47
* rredd4 know about mactel03:47
lotuspsychjearyan_: http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-and-test-systemd-on-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr-and-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/03:47
mainframe_what about for cpu miners with amd03:48
aryan_lotuspsychje, is there any defect or incompatibility ??03:48
ablest1980nvm XD03:48
newnameablest1980: You fixed it?03:48
Fremanheh, mactel03:48
lotuspsychjearyan_: well trusty isnt really designed for systemd, but should work03:48
aryan_lotuspsychje, I checked that PPA and it says that it cannot go for productionm03:49
Fremannow... I have a bunch of working krb5-13 packages, how do I go about setting up a local mirror for them? :D03:49
rredd4Johnny_Linux ok, you wouldn't do what03:49
Johnny_Linuxrredd4  the macbuntu thing03:49
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Guest88641hello all03:50
rredd4Johnny_Linux can you tell me why you wouldn't do it please03:50
lotuspsychjearyan_: maybe here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/420917/how-can-i-replace-upstart-with-systemd03:50
Johnny_Linuxrredd4  it tends to get buggy03:50
rredd4Johnny_Linux ok, thanks.  Don't want buggy03:50
ablest1980im doing this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224069703:50
newnamethanks ablest1980.03:51
ablest1980np :)03:51
TechMongeris there a badblocks utility for ssd? like usb drives03:52
TechMongeror something like it03:52
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: what do you experience with your ssd?03:53
moroniclibberHey guys.  I just have a question regarding mir.  Do you think it'll be an issue for certain applications?  My concern is that applications will be ported over to wayland but won't for mir03:54
TechMongernothing. i just want to test it before i install a os on it03:54
lotuspsychje!mir | moroniclibber03:54
ubottumoroniclibber: Mir is the next-generation display server currently under development by Canonical and Ubuntu. It's slated for inclusion in Ubuntu 14.04. For more information on it, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec . For code, see https://launchpad.net/mir03:54
TechMongerlotuspsychje,  nothing. i just want to test it before i install a os on it03:54
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: ssd will be fine to run ubuntu on, wich brand do you have?03:55
moroniclibberlotuspsychje, I read that before but what I'm wondering is for applications like Libreoffice and Firefox can we expect them to run natively on mir?  I know they are getting wayland ports03:55
TechMongerwhat would be the best version of ub to run on a usb drive?03:55
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: check the sandisk website for firmware updates, this will be most important part before installing an Os03:55
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: your choice really, LTS for more stable03:56
lotuspsychje!lts | TechMonger03:56
ubottuTechMonger: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)03:56
TechMongerwhat is the install without the gui called?03:57
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: you can choose minimal,server,alternative installs03:57
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: but why would you no GUI?03:58
lotuspsychjemoroniclibber: not sure mate, you could try #ubuntu-devel or #snappy to ask about mir perhaps03:58
sorbentlaycan anyone assist with upstart and setuid? i keep getting in my log Purpose: changes uid, then executes command03:59
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TechMongerlotuspsychje, to save space.04:00
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: how bis is your sandisk?04:00
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: try a lubuntu perhaps and finetune it extreme lol :p04:01
TechMongershould i just use knopix or something else?04:01
TechMongerwhat is lubuntu?04:02
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: or a minimal lubuntu and tune data space04:02
lotuspsychje!flavors | TechMonger04:02
ubottuTechMonger: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.04:02
ubskeurTechMonger, lightweight ubuntu04:02
TechMongerlotuspsychje, dataspace?04:03
lotuspsychjeTechMonger: yes, uninstall unwanted stuff, clean space to use the best out of your small ssd04:03
demonlovewhy do we need internet connection everytime for maknig application?>04:03
lotuspsychjedemonlove: explain a bit what your trying to do?04:04
demonlovejust a min m poasting on gist..04:04
ablest1980how do iget the latest flash and java?04:05
lotuspsychje!java | ablest198004:05
ubottuablest1980: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.04:05
lotuspsychjeablest1980: flash is pretty dead, use html5 instead04:05
ubskeurdemonlove, I think paste.ubuntu.com is preferred04:05
ablest1980its a game site04:06
ablest1980required flash and java04:06
ubskeurablest1980, it depends a lot on your browser04:06
demonlovei  have made app  previously and there it installed all gem but here again it says run  bundle exec spring binstub --all04:06
lotuspsychjeablest1980: try chromium on your site04:07
ablest1980i got firefox04:07
ubskeurdemonlove, what software are you using to make the app? It's probably best to ask the developers of that software04:07
demonloveubskeur: there are many option on sytax box what do i  select04:07
ablest1980how do i get it with terminal04:07
lotuspsychjeablest1980: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser04:08
ablest1980ok ty04:08
ubskeurdemonlove, plain text for most things will do04:08
ubskeurSo the liveusb just got an error when trying to install...04:11
lotuspsychjeubskeur: what kind of error04:12
ubskeurlotuspsychje, writing it down now, unable to find a medium containing a live filesystem04:12
lotuspsychjeubskeur: how did you create your usb stick?04:13
ubskeurlotuspsychje, download iso from ubuntu.com, ran startup disc creator from my 14.04 laptop04:13
lotuspsychjeubskeur: did you change bios settings correctly, uefi maybe?04:14
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I'll finish copying down the full error and then check that04:14
lotuspsychjeubskeur: if you need ubuntu only on an uefi machine, disable fastboot and secureboot04:15
lotuspsychjeubskeur: then f12 to boot your usb medium04:15
lotuspsychjellinguini: what can we do for you?04:15
ubskeurlotuspsychje, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12122088/04:15
lotuspsychjeubskeur: try a nomodeset or no_acpi boot, but check the uefi settings first04:16
ubskeurlotuspsychje, thanks :)04:16
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | ubskeur04:17
ubottuubskeur: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:17
llinguiniSo what's different in ubuntu than debian04:17
llinguinias somebody who doesn't know much about either04:17
lotuspsychje!ubuntu | llinguini04:19
ubottullinguini: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com04:19
lotuspsychjellinguini: for debian questions try #debian04:19
adrian_1908hello. I'm having the fglrx/kernel problem that I'm sure you've heard about. If I want to fix this within the next 2 days, do I have to do something manually, or will there be an update coming through the regular channels in that time frame?04:20
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: ubuntu version?04:20
adrian_1908well, actually Xubuntu (15.04)04:21
adrian_1908I figured that channel would be less likely to answer, so I decided to ask here04:22
lotuspsychjeubskeur: im reading forums they add radeon.dpm=0 to kernel paramter at boot also04:22
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: for a more stable experience try LTS mate04:22
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: or file a bug with your specific problem04:23
tq<--1st IRC chat04:24
lotuspsychjetq: this is an ubuntu support channel here04:24
tqok, great, thanks04:24
lotuspsychje!discuss | tq check these out04:24
ubottutq check these out: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support  discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.04:24
tqgreat thanks... I just followed the tutorial04:25
adrian_1908lotuspsychje: the problem is already known (and occurred for plenty users). I was hoping someone knew more than me. My system is still running fine except for graphics driver problems and I don't want to break it manually, if an automatic update can do it safely soon.04:25
llinguinilotuspsychje: Well, I wanted to ask ubuntu specific stuff04:26
llinguiniI think this is somewhere in the middle04:26
lotuspsychjellinguini: this si the right place mate, ask away04:27
llinguiniLet me rephrase, why use ubuntu, and not just stick with debian04:27
cmdgyMy kubuntu have trouble shutting down. The wall-paper turned black, menu bar disappeared, but all other applications remains on screen. It just hanged there and I had to run shutdown -h now.04:27
lotuspsychjellinguini: this really depends on your needs mate04:27
lotuspsychjellinguini: what do you need your Os to do?04:27
llinguinilotuspsychje: I want to run a server04:28
lotuspsychje!server | llinguini04:28
ubottullinguini: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server04:28
lotuspsychjellinguini: you can aks the #ubuntu-server guys what advantages ubuntu have04:28
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lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: did you try to switch to other drivers?04:29
TechMongerhow does ubuntu work with sdxc/exfat file system?04:29
llinguinilotuspsychje: awesome I04:30
llinguiniI'll check that out04:30
lotuspsychjellinguini: your welcome :p04:30
adrian_1908lotuspsychje: yeah, I'm thinking of just switching to the open source driver, but I'm a little worried that this might somehow break my system due to unforseen interactions. The bug is here btw: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/147991304:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1479913 in fglrx-installer-updates (Ubuntu Vivid) "SRU request: fglrx.ko fails because of backported GPL-only 'pci_ignore_hotplug' symbol" [High,Fix committed]04:30
adrian_1908lotuspsychje: I've just started doing an online course on computer graphics and this is the worst time to get graphics driver problems :)04:31
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: remember you can use LTS for a more stable experience04:32
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: using latest can be struggle sometimes to finetune04:32
adrian_1908lotuspsychje: right. I'll definitely consider that for the future.04:32
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: you can always try a clean install 15.04 also and enable internet+updates during setup04:33
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: the bug shows kernel things alot also, playing with previous/next kernels might help also04:36
adrian_1908lotuspsychje: Is it fairly straight forward to pick a prior kernel? Do I just call up the GRUB menu during boot?04:37
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: yeah try from grub04:38
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: i surely would try a 14.04.3 fresh install with internet+updates also04:38
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: just to see if your ati performs better on it04:40
adrian_1908lotuspsychje: I'll consider it. For now i'll see if I can get a quick fix. I still seem to have quite a few old kernel images on my drive. Thanks for the help!04:40
allstarsnorks2Hi there. I am having an error installing Ubuntu. It says the installer has encountered an error copying files to the hard disk. Error number is 5.04:43
ubskeurlotuspsychje, the boot priority in the bios labels the liveusb as uefi04:43
lotuspsychjeubskeur: yeah try to disable secureboot and fast boot then load up your usb with F1204:45
nudogeallstarsnorks2: what are you using to boot?  CD/Network/USB?04:45
allstarsnorks2I'm using a virtual machine, but the ISO is located on USB04:45
ubskeurlotuspsychje, so change the Secure boot setting from windows (uefi) to other os?04:45
allstarsnorks2could it be a problem with the USB Flash Drive being connected to a USB2 port instead of a USB3 port?04:46
lotuspsychjeubskeur: do you single boot or dualboot?04:46
ubskeurlotuspsychje, dualboot04:46
nudogeallstarsnorks2: intresting sounds like premissions error04:46
lotuspsychjeubskeur: thats another case, read the uefi trigger its gonna be more complicated then04:47
nudogeallstarsnorks2: did you try moving the iso from the flash drive to a folder on the hard drive?04:47
allstarsnorks2I'm switching VM Programs04:47
lotuspsychje!uefi | ubskeur04:47
ubottuubskeur: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI04:47
allstarsnorks2I prefer not to @nudoge04:47
allstarsnorks2I'm switching my VM to VMWare hold on04:48
ubskeurlotuspsychje, also, F12 isn't what I use to boot to usb04:51
* nudoge wishes he knew more bout pxe boot04:53
allstarsnorks2What is with Ubuntu booting in 800x400 resolution in a VM04:54
cfhowlettallstarsnorks2, in vbox, guest additions enables full resolution04:55
ubskeurlotuspsychje, does windows 7 even use uefi?04:57
allstarsnorks2idk about vmware tho04:58
lotuspsychjeubskeur: you said you saw uefi on usb setting before?04:59
ubskeurlotuspsychje, yeah, was just curious cos a lot of the tutorial talks about win804:59
lotuspsychjeubskeur: its possible to install w7 on uefi machines, but thats more something for ##windows04:59
ubskeurlotuspsychje, right, I was just wondering why I needed uefi if windows 7 didn't04:59
lotuspsychjeubskeur: i always single install ubuntu on every machine :p05:00
lotuspsychjeubskeur: the real question is, if your machine is uefi or not05:00
ubskeurlotuspsychje, it had an option for win (uefi) or other05:00
ubskeurlotuspsychje, that was in the bios settings05:01
lotuspsychjeubskeur: check your pc's website or ask in ##hardware perhaps05:01
lotuspsychjeubskeur: shouldnt be too hard to find if its uefi05:01
ubskeurlotuspsychje, custom build, I think I'll just go with uefi until it breaks05:01
lotuspsychjeubskeur: if bios shows uefi stuff, its uefi :p05:02
ubskeurlotuspsychje, ok, thanks for all your help05:02
ubskeurlotuspsychje, do you accept hugs as payment?05:02
ubskeurblack, yes05:05
lotuspsychjeubskeur: lol, ill take a cookie :p05:19
* ubskeur gives lotuspsychje a cookie05:21
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catalase** (gedit:2195): WARNING **: Could not open X display (gedit:2195): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :05:28
catalaseanyone know how to fix that?05:28
catalaserunning ubuntu server 14.04 lts05:28
ubskeurcatalase, graphics card?05:28
lotuspsychjecatalase: gedit is a graphical program05:29
catalasesudo -H gedit /lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/ubuntu-logo.grub05:29
lotuspsychjecatalase: use vi or nano05:29
snowkidind#join networking05:30
ubskeurlotuspsychje, now grub isn't appearing05:30
catalasewhen i run this command it shows new file05:30
lotuspsychjeubskeur: holding shift should popup grub05:30
ubskeurlotuspsychje, it does not05:30
lotuspsychjeubskeur: maybe something went wrong with the ubuntu install where grub is?05:31
lotuspsychjeubskeur: playing with dualboots can mess things up sometimes05:31
lotuspsychje!recovergrub | ubskeur05:32
ubottuubskeur: Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub05:32
lotuspsychjeubskeur: why not make your life easy and install ubuntu single? :p05:32
ubskeurlotuspsychje, what if I need to build windows binaries?05:32
lotuspsychjeubskeur: virtual machine perhaps05:33
marianoThe volume widget keeps coming up on its own. This is the same widget that comes up when you use the volume controls on the keyboard. It started coming up after I installed gnome alsa mixer. I uninstalled the gnome alsa mixer, but the widget still comes up on its own. I don't know how to make it stop from just appearing on its own.05:33
lotuspsychje!sound | mariano05:33
ubottumariano: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:33
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I found a section on setting up grub2 on uefi systems05:33
ubskeurlotuspsychje, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting#Setting_up_GRUB2_.28U.29EFI05:34
lotuspsychjeubskeur: yeah, its pretty complicated im not the uefi expert myself sorry05:34
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I just realised the small fat32 pertition I have is probably a uefi partition05:36
ubskeurlotuspsychje, that's probably the issue lol05:36
lotuspsychjeubskeur: :p05:36
catalasehow to format external hard drive dev/sdb05:37
catalasemkfs.exfat not working05:37
catalaseERROR: failed to open `/dev/sdb' in read-write mode.05:37
=== [irc_nick] is now known as xpertmani
ubskeurcatalase, have you unmounted the drive?05:38
lotuspsychje!info parted | catalase05:38
ubottucatalase: parted (source: parted): disk partition manipulator. In component main, is standard. Version 3.2-7ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 43 kB, installed size 183 kB05:38
catalasethx u all for ur help05:47
allstarsnorksHi guys. I seem to have dependency problems when installing a program. How do I fix this?05:55
cfhowlett" ... a program ..."05:56
ubskeurallstarsnorks, how are you installing the program?05:56
allstarsnorksvia dpkg05:56
allstarsnorksdpkg -i05:56
cfhowlettallstarsnorks, that's why. dpkg doesn't address dependencies.  install via USC05:57
allstarsnorksThe program comes in a .deb, but when I install the .deb I'm seeing dependency unsatisfiable messages05:57
cfhowlettallstarsnorks, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade             THEN try your dpkg -i.  if it still fails, you need to manually add the missing pieces.  fwiw: dpkg is not the preferred method for installs precisely due to no-dependency support.06:02
allstarsnorksno worrie. Got it fixed.06:03
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ubskeurRunning a clean install of ubuntu 14.04.3 alongside windows 7 and grub2 doesn't appear even when I hold down shift06:08
cfhowlettubskeur, but it boots?06:09
ubskeurcfhowlett, boots to ubuntu06:09
tankerI have just install zorin 9 my network card is not seen by zorin can some one help?06:12
cfhowletttanker, sorry.  zorin is not ubuntu and is not supported here.  see the zorin folk for support of their distro06:12
drkjstrubskeur: Are you sure your Windows partition is intact? What do you get when you type: sudo parted -l06:13
tankerok tks and sorry lol06:13
ubskeurdrkjstr, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12122472/06:14
drkjstrubskeur: At least the partitions are still there. Have you tried updating grub?06:17
ubskeurdrkjstr, will do06:18
ubskeurdrkjstr, I think that worked, thanks <306:23
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Dashellso is there any way i can upgrade 14.10 to the latest version or am I screwed?06:32
demonlovejhass: why do these things happen for running each time06:32
demonlovewhy do it need extra installation since i have done it before06:33
lotuspsychje!eolupgrade | Dashell06:33
ubottuDashell: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:33
lotuspsychjeDashell: clean install of course would be very reccomended06:33
Dashellwell i'd rather not lose everything and have to start over06:34
Dashelli'd rather upgrade if I could06:34
Dashelli got the stupid message like a week ago and just figured I'd get to it in a few days06:34
SpaceBebopYou can keep your /home most of the time06:34
lotuspsychjeDashell: always make backups06:34
Dashelloh i DID make a backup06:34
demonlovehello is there any tutorial for ubuntu learner who  has just switched from window the hell06:34
Dashellall my stuf is backed up but I don't want to have to reinstall everything06:34
lotuspsychje!manual | demonlove06:35
ubottudemonlove: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:35
Dashella clean install is reinstalling everything right?06:35
SpaceBebopdemonlove: Why are you running RAILS?06:35
lotuspsychjeDashell: yes06:35
Dashellyeah i'd rather just upgrade if it's still possible06:35
demonloveSpaceBebop:  posted on wrong channel06:35
ubskeurlotuspsychje, so my computer was working... then I installed fglrx and it started doing what it was doing before06:35
lotuspsychjeDashell: keep in mind it holds security flaws if you upgrade from an eol version06:36
SpaceBebopubskeur: fqlrx is quite antiquated, what graphics card are you using06:36
ubskeurSpaceBebop, asus r9 29006:36
lotuspsychjeubskeur: yeah why dont you use driver ubuntu suggest?06:37
Dashellit hasn't been EoL for that long though06:37
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I can't remember...06:37
ubskeurlotuspsychje, is there an easy way to remove it without reinstalling ubuntu?06:37
lotuspsychjeDashell: vunlerabilities doesnt need long to spread06:38
SpaceBebopAre you able to to !pastebin lspci06:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:38
lotuspsychjeubskeur: the additional drivers icon06:38
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I can't log in06:38
lotuspsychjeubskeur: recoverymode and failsafeX06:39
SpaceBebopubskeur: umm, log in?06:39
SpaceBebopI'm not sure that is a requisite06:39
ubskeurSpaceBebop, same issue as I had before, logging in gives a black screen and returns me to the log in screen06:39
lotuspsychjeSpaceBebop: he got an ati bug, so never reach to desktop06:39
Dashelli know i just really don't want to have to go through an install06:39
lotuspsychjeDashell: then try the eolupgrade risk :p06:40
Dashellim looking at it06:40
lotuspsychjeDashell: also if you want a more stable version try LTS next time06:41
ubskeurlotuspsychje, failsafeX doesn't appear to be working, all of the options either end up in a loop or return me to the recovery mode menu06:41
Dashellyeah i should have just stuck with that06:41
Dashellthis happened before where i waited to long to upgrade but I knew it hit end of life... so I thought this time around I'd just upgrade whenever it told me, but I didn't have time until now, I didn't realize i had such a short amount of time06:41
lotuspsychjeubskeur: hmm that doesnt sound good, what about a shell, can you still access that?06:41
SpaceBebopubskeur: well, you have a couple of options, you can remove the fglrx driver from the command line, if you cannot get a terminal you can always ctl+alt+f1, if you have manually edidted the Xorg.conf file I would reccomend removing it.06:42
SpaceBebopBasica mesa drivers should be able to get you up and running06:42
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:42
ubskeurSpaceBebop, tty freezes on a black screen, no option but to hard shut down06:42
minas114Hi. I just installed ubuntu on a laptop but it could not boot after installing. to fix it, I went into bios and changed boot mode from "efi" to "csm" (something like that). I don't understand exactly what this means and why it was required. Any ideas06:42
=== IdleOne- is now known as IdleOne
SpaceBebopubskeur: try booting into single user mode06:42
lotuspsychjeminas114: did you disable fastboot and secureboot from bios?06:43
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode06:43
ubskeurSpaceBebop, I think I got it from recovery shell06:43
Dashellwhere is sources.list?06:43
lotuspsychje!sources | Dashell06:43
ubottuDashell: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.06:43
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I ran apt-get remove fglrx from root shell06:43
minas114lotuspsychje, secureboot was already disabled06:43
SpaceBebopDashell: etc/apt/?06:43
lotuspsychjeminas114: fastboot disabled also?06:43
ubskeurlotuspsychje, worked06:43
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)06:43
* ubskeur gives lotuspsychje a cookie06:44
minas114lotuspsychje, let me check06:44
lotuspsychjeubskeur: im gonna be stuffed soon lol06:44
minas114lotuspsychje, no, fast boot is disabled06:44
minas114lotuspsychje, it's set to "normal"06:44
lotuspsychjeminas114: must be disabled to install ubuntu single06:45
lotuspsychje!uefi | minas11406:45
ubottuminas114: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI06:45
minas114lotuspsychje, ok, it is. what about secure boot?06:45
lotuspsychjeminas114: also must be disabled06:46
lotuspsychjeminas114: after that hit F12 to load up your ubuntu usb stick06:46
Kartagisis it possible to make apt-get install to ~/bin/ rather than /usr/bin/06:47
ubskeurSpaceBebop, my video card isn't on the list of video cards at that link06:47
SpaceBebopKartagis: generally no06:47
lotuspsychjeKartagis: whats your purpose to do this exactly?06:49
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:50
SpaceBebopWell, is it a newer or older card06:50
ubskeurSpaceBebop, newer probably06:50
lotuspsychjeubskeur: maybe try the fix broken packages, after you removed fglrx06:51
SpaceBebopThe past of ATI has been left to ruin and they hav decided to cut their losses and move on new, better and improved driver designs not hindered by their past06:51
Kartagislotuspsychje: I've got some scripts that utilise certain binaries. if they are in ~/bin/, I will then push all my scripts along with the binaries to my repo06:51
minas114lotuspsychje, with UEFI mode, ubuntu won't boot. It needs to be in CSM mode. Also, I can't boot from USB (but before installing it I could), as I get "Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(1,0)"06:51
SpaceBebopThe cost of this course of action is less then superb video support for older hardware06:51
Kartagislotuspsychje: I could later move them, but hey06:51
ubskeurlotuspsychje, it boots now06:51
lotuspsychje!yay | ubskeur06:52
ubottuubskeur: Glad you made it! :-)06:52
ubskeurstill not sure if I have the best drivers...06:52
lotuspsychjeubskeur: sudo lshw -C video to check whats after driver=06:52
ubskeurlotuspsychje, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12122635/06:54
lotuspsychjeubskeur: not good, try your additional drivers section now06:54
lotuspsychjeubskeur: should say driver=radeon06:55
Dashelli guess 14.10 isn't in old releases06:56
gartralSpaceBebop: yea, hench why I prefer nvidia06:56
lotuspsychjeminas114: not sure what you did exactly mate, read that uefi page06:56
lotuspsychjeDashell: ?06:56
ubskeurlotuspsychje, the option that is selected for the amd/ati device is X.Org X server (xserver-xorg-video-ati)06:56
minas114lotuspsychje, I formatted the disk by my self :/06:56
ubskeurDashell, 14.10 is no longer supported06:56
Dashelli know that's why i was looking at here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#SpecificOlder06:56
lotuspsychjeubskeur: does it show active06:57
Dashellthat's what someone told me to do when i asked if it's possible to upgrade from where i was at still06:57
Dashellthere's always someone named someone in here XD06:57
ubskeurlotuspsychje, how do you mean?06:57
lotuspsychjeubskeur: does it show installed in your additional driver list06:57
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I'll screenshot it06:58
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ubskeurlotuspsychje, https://imgur.com/Gp5roNX06:59
lotuspsychjeubskeur: should be good, i wonder why lshw says unclaimed07:00
ubskeurlotuspsychje, ok, I'll see how it goes07:01
lotuspsychjeubskeur: you might wanna check your syslog and dmesg for driver issues too07:01
lotuspsychjeminas114: if you change uefi stuff, you gonna need ubuntu reinstall07:03
ubskeurlotuspsychje, btw, I ended up turning off uefi in my bios settings and installing without uefi07:03
lotuspsychjeubskeur: single or still dualboot?07:04
ubskeurlotuspsychje, dualboot07:04
lotuspsychjeubskeur: cool!07:04
ubskeurlotuspsychje, but the windows 7 partition wasn't using/didn't need uefi (I checked, it still boots)07:04
lotuspsychjeubskeur: you used the existing ubuntu partition to reinstall then07:04
minas114lotuspsychje, well, this pc had windows on it. I formatted it and created the partitions myself. I made one EFI partition, one for /, one for /home and one for swap. But in /boot I have a folder "efi" and not "uefi", like the web page you sent me suggests.07:04
ubskeurlotuspsychje, no, I removed old partitions and put new ones on in their place07:05
lotuspsychjeubskeur: great07:05
Dashelli'm guessing the answer is no, but it's not at all possible to somehow switch to Mint without having to reinstall everything is there?07:05
ubskeurminas114, efi is basically the same as uefi I think07:05
lotuspsychjeminas114: yeah, but if you cant boot there's something wrong about it right07:06
minas114lotuspsychje, problem is I can't boot from USB now07:06
ubskeurDashell, no, and if it is possible, it's not worth the effort07:06
lotuspsychjeDashell: why do you make it so hard on yourself, just clean install07:06
minas114lotuspsychje, (to reformat it)07:06
lotuspsychjeDashell: clean install takes 30min of your life07:06
Dashellwell the last time i clean installed, i accidentally deleted windows07:06
ubskeurDashell, that was silly of you :P07:06
lotuspsychjeis that bad? lol07:06
fry_just watch out for that grub 2 goblin07:07
Dashellahah point lotusp.. yeah idk i can't spell youyr name07:07
lotuspsychje!tab | Dashell07:07
ubottuDashell: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:07
Dashellno but listen, it gave me the option to either overwrite the version of ubuntu that I had or just install along side it07:07
ubskeurdash_, type lot<tab> for autocomplete07:07
Dashellso I said "overwrite"... but it never asked me about windows07:07
Dashelli'd like to keep windows for some games I have07:07
Dashellso if that happens again, what do I do?07:07
ubskeurDashell, there is usually an option for other, at the bottom, that allows you to customise all the partitions07:08
lotuspsychje!dualboot | Dashell07:08
ubottuDashell: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:08
Dashelli just wanna do it right since I don't have my windows CD anymore07:08
Dashellif I lose it this time it's gone for good, and I like my Sims07:08
Dashellso.. can i downgrade and still keep my home folder do you think?07:09
ubskeurDashell, depends where your home folder is07:09
lotuspsychjeDashell: you cant downgrade ubuntu07:09
lotuspsychjeDashell: reinstall clean or upgrade07:09
Dashellwell i think I might go back to 14.0407:09
ubskeurDashell, that's a clean install07:10
lotuspsychjeDashell: by the way you can play sims on ubuntu with playonlinux too07:10
Dashelloh really?07:10
ubskeurDashell, which I just did (abd then found out was unnecessary for my issue)07:10
Dashelli tried it with League of Legends and had a hell of a time XD07:10
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | Dashell07:10
ubottuDashell: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.5-1 (vivid), package size 1101 kB, installed size 4190 kB07:10
lotuspsychjeDashell: check the playonlinux database online first07:10
ubskeurDashell, playonlinux will work differently for different games, you can google information about how well each game will perform07:11
Dashellyeah i tried to get League to work but it kept crashing so i gave up on that and just did a duel boot07:11
Dashelleven though I played League like twice after that07:11
Dashellsorry i just didn't want to do a whole lot of work and I don't have any CDs anyway >_<07:11
ubskeurlotuspsychje, I might consider a vm next time I build a computer, thanks for the idea07:12
lotuspsychjeubskeur: virtualbox performs very nice :p07:12
ubskeuralright, I'm going to enjoy what's left of my day07:13
lotuspsychjeDashell: you could try the game .exe with wine also07:15
lotuspsychjeDashell: if that works, maybe drag n drop the whole game dir onto external drive for a backup07:15
Dashellyeah i think I used to do that07:16
Dashelland it would work but would crash occasionally07:16
Dashellof course Sims is kinda crashy anyway07:16
gregi want to connect vpn on ubnutu on my college sever for running social newtworking sites07:17
lotuspsychje!vpn | greg07:17
ubottugreg: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN07:17
greghow to do it?07:17
gregubottu: ok but i  think they are ppa07:18
ubottugreg: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:18
bazhanggreg, contact the maintainer if its a PPA07:19
greghow to identify it is a ppa07:19
bazhangif its on launchpad and labeled ppa, greg07:19
gregin sudo...... the is ppa then i assume its ppa07:20
bazhanggreg it means just what I said, its an outside software source that ubuntu does not support07:20
bazhanggreg, if you need help with it, thats your own issue, we wont suppport it07:21
bazhang!info openvpn07:21
ubottuopenvpn (source: openvpn): virtual private network daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 2.3.2-9ubuntu4 (vivid), package size 415 kB, installed size 1150 kB07:21
Dashelloh hey, if i installed 15.04 can i still keep my .home folder like someone said?07:21
bazhangDashell, yes07:21
Dashellcan someone link me to that please?07:21
bazhangDashell, is this an online upgrade or a fresh install07:22
Dashellfresh install07:22
Dashelli have 14.10 but i want to get 15.0407:22
bazhangDashell, the installer should ask you if you want to preserve home07:22
bazhanggreg look at openvpn above07:23
roh_how to open files as root in gui07:27
lotuspsychjeroh_: what are you trying to do exactly?07:28
roh_i want to open my folders as root  but in graphical user interface07:29
lotuspsychje!gksu | roh_07:29
ubotturoh_: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:29
lotuspsychjeroh_: and why do you want to browse folders as root?07:30
roh_because no one will be able to delete it without root permissions07:31
lotuspsychje!chmod | roh_ for permissions07:32
ubotturoh_ for permissions: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:32
roh_please give me link to understand ubuntu linux file system07:34
somsip!fhs | roh_07:34
ubotturoh_: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier07:34
lotuspsychjesomsip: +1 didnt know that trigger yet :p07:34
pokergodi have   home -> remotebox -> remotemysql.    I cannot connect from home->remotemysql.   How can I mimic connecting from remotebox->remotemysql from home?07:35
roh_i need a link to understand  apache server in ubuntu07:35
lotuspsychje!lamp | roh_07:35
ubotturoh_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.07:35
bazhangroh_, thats not exlusive to ubuntu at all, try #httpd07:36
bazhangroh_, there are also many many online resources you should read fully on that07:36
bazhang!manual | roh_07:36
ubotturoh_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:36
bazhang!server | roh_07:36
ubotturoh_: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server07:36
roh_how can i use multiple poxy ip's in ubuntu07:39
bazhangroh_, why do you need to do that07:41
bazhangroh_, did you read of the many many links we gave you at all07:41
roh_i have bookmarked them i will read them after some time but first i will collect all necessary knowledge07:43
bazhangroh_, why do you want multiple proxy ips07:44
roh_to stay hidden while surfing the web07:44
bazhangroh_, thats for you to search out07:44
bazhangroh_, asking something general and adding 'ubuntu ' on the end does not change it to an ubuntu issue07:45
roh_ok then  tell me another way  stay hidden on web using ubuntu07:48
skoudeAnybody using ubuntu openstack on production? I installed it on test, but there is not really a good documentation how to change the disk conf on install stage in cloud nodes07:48
bazhangroh_, it is not an ubuntu issue : search for how to stay hidden on the web07:48
zetherooso it seems I have access to the domain shares but that Nautilus can't/won't browse them07:49
roh_ok then tell me  what is RF-mon in ubuntu07:50
zetheroohas anyone got any idea of how to get Nautilus to browse a domain location?07:52
lotuspsychjezetheroo: windows domain?07:52
zetheroolotuspsychje: yes07:52
lotuspsychje!samba | zetheroo07:52
ubottuzetheroo: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html07:52
zetheroolotuspsychje: I said earlier ... "(09:49:59 AM) zetheroo: so it seems I have access to the domain shares but that Nautilus can't/won't browse them"07:53
tvenI had a really weird problem, I unpacked a video file from a rare. Suddenly my hard drive space for VM was ziltch, I deleted a bunch of files, it quickly became ziltch again, after each file is deleted07:53
bazhang!info nautilus-share | zetheroo07:54
ubottuzetheroo: nautilus-share (source: nautilus-share): Nautilus extension to share folder using Samba. In component main, is optional. Version 0.7.3-1ubuntu5 (vivid), package size 22 kB, installed size 128 kB07:54
tvenI restarted my PC, having almost no space. So I run a cleaner program, it frees up like 8.6gb or so, now it says I have 4gb free space.07:54
bazhanginstall the above ^^ zetheroo07:54
zetheroobazhang:  ok, will give that a shot07:54
tvenAs long as you aren't installing something, you can't get a virus with linux just by opening a rare or something, right?07:55
zetheroobazhang: it's already installed07:55
bazhangtven windows viruses wont work, no07:57
bazhangzetheroo, so use it07:58
tvenbazhang So got any idea where these 10's of gb of free space was suddenly sucked away to, or how to recover it?07:59
zetheroobazhang: "Nautilus extension to share folder using Samba" -  I am not trying to share a folder from Nautilus07:59
bazhangtven, from the vm being deleted?07:59
zetheroobazhang: I am trying to access a Windows domain location in Nautilus08:00
tvenVirtual machine? I wasnt running such a thing, unless that is default?08:00
bazhangzetheroo, you have been at that for many weeks now, right08:00
tvenbazhang, of course windows viruses wont work, never said windows virus, but could a linux virus install itself just by unpacking a rare or running a video?08:00
bazhangtven, nopers08:00
bazhangtven if you mean .rar08:01
zetheroobazhang: tried several months back and then dropped it - am now trying again - been a couple days ... why?08:01
tvenyes, .rar08:01
bazhangzetheroo, shall I get you a askubuntu link for that08:01
tvenbazhang,  Virtual machine? I wasnt running such a thing, unless that is default?08:02
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sb_9how can add binaryb data while creating a .deb file?   (dpkg-source: error: unwanted binary file:)08:02
bazhangzetheroo, I see many such of that on precisely what you asking08:02
zetheroobazhang: are you referring to editing the smb.conf file?08:02
bazhangsorry tven wrong user08:03
bazhangzetheroo, nopers08:03
badbodhzetheroo, install smbclient, in nautilus(or file manager) 'connect' to "smb://blah/blah"08:03
zetheroobazhang: well then sure - another url cannot hurt :P08:03
_rsc`Carefully explaining your problem is half the solution.08:03
tvenbazhang, wrong user?08:03
badbodhzetheroo, your windows shared folder will be mounted.08:03
zetheroobadbodh: smbclient already installed08:03
bazhangtven your issue and anothers got crossed08:04
badbodhzetheroo, then in 'nautilus' look left column. there is a 'connect to', click on it and enter address "smb://...."08:04
bazhang!info teamviewer08:04
ubottuPackage teamviewer does not exist in vivid08:04
zetheroobadbodh: ok, so I have to manually enter the location in the address field ... that works :D08:04
badbodhwhere ...... is your windows machine's ip08:04
zetheroobadbodh: I was going into  Browse Network > Windows Network > DOMAIN >08:05
zetheroobadbodh: but whenever I tried double-clicking on DOMAIN it would error out08:06
badbodhzetheroo, for that you need to edit samba config in your windows machine. linux has nothing to do with that part.08:06
badbodhfirewall, faulty config, there could be several reasons.08:06
zetheroo badbodh: right, been editing smb.conf ... but what to edit precisely !?08:07
tvenbazhang, So got any idea on my issue?08:07
badbodhdunno man, you gotta ask samba folks, read samba documentation, do some websearch zetheroo08:07
zetheroobadbodh:  yeah, been doing all of the above08:08
zetheroobadbodh:  when I ask the samba guys they say they don't know about Nautilus08:08
badbodhsmb.conf of linux won;t make any difference here, windows machine is running the server afterall08:08
badbodhdoesn't depend on nautilus either. samba runs in the background.08:09
zetheroobadbodh: seems to all work from the samba side of things - can access the shares - just cannot get past double-clicking the DOMAIN in Nautilus08:09
zetheroook, I'll go back in there and ask them again ;)08:09
bazhangtven, start a new VM <tven> I had a really weird problem, I unpacked a video file from a rare. Suddenly my hard drive space for VM was ziltch,08:09
badbodhzetheroo, is there a router in between your ubuntu and windows machine ?08:09
zetheroobadbodh:  not sure what you mean ... both are in the same network08:10
tvenbazhang, I thought the VM comment was for someone else. So please explain than.08:10
bazhangtven you asked about the vm, start a new one, and recreate the issue08:11
tvenbazhang, I never said anything about VM other than to ask about your VM referring reply.08:11
badbodhzetheroo, ok get this. step 1 : windows machine runs the samba server. make sure all configs and services in that machine is -ok- step 2. unless you have direct lan-cord to lan-port connection between two machines, there is always a router/gateway server that runs the "network", make sure that allows samba connections/ports and step 3. install smbclient on your ubuntu machine and connect to smb:// in nautilus.08:12
tvenOK, try this again, I unpacked a .rar with a video. Between unpacking and playing the video, suddenly 10's of GB of free hard drive space has been sucked away, and continued to be sucked away after the fact, even with restarts. I was not using VM08:13
bazhangtven try again means try the actual procedure again not repost the exact same problem to this channel again08:14
badbodhzetheroo, this channel members will be able to deal with step 3. for 1 and 2 consult respective resources. windows, samba and networking channels08:14
zetheroobadbodh:  some network info: Windows Server 2012 DC/AD + FreeNAS with samba shares authenticated against Windows server 2012 DC/AD + 50 - 60 PC's08:15
badbodhzetheroo, if you have enabled ufw firewall in ubuntu, make sure you allow samba ports in it.08:15
tvenbazhang, you mean downloading, unpacking, and playing the video again? And if suddenly free space starts disappearing all over again, that tells me what? I don't see that bringing me any closer08:15
zetherooSamba shares are working correctly throughout network on Linux (Ubuntu), Windows and MacOS08:16
zetheroobadbodh: ^08:16
badbodhthe did you try connect to smb:// ?08:16
zetheroobadbodh:  if there was a firewall blocking samba ports on the Ubuntu machine wouldn't that stop it working even with manually entering the location in the Nautilus address field!?08:17
tvenbazhang, I don't understand you, and what does VM have to do with anything regarding my issue?08:17
zetheroobadbodh: yes, by manually connecting/entering address location it connects08:17
badbodhnope, ufw only blocks incoming, not outgoing by default08:17
bazhangtven, what sort of vm, what version of ubuntu, how many gigs were alloted to the vm in question, on which partition are these scores and scores gb's disappearing mysteriously from, or from the vm itself; clarify all of those issues first08:18
tvenbazhang What VM?!?08:18
bazhangtven you repeatedly refer to VM08:18
badbodhzetheroo, "just cannot get past double-clicking the DOMAIN in Nautilus" <- check ufw settings. allow all samba tcp and udp ports.08:18
tvenbazhang, repeatedly asked what VM! YOU are the one that brought up VM first!08:19
zetheroobadbodh: I though by default ufw was disabled altogether...08:19
bazhang<tven> I had a really weird problem, I unpacked a video file from a rare. Suddenly my hard drive space for VM was ziltch, I deleted a bunch of files, it quickly became ziltch again, after each file is deleted08:20
badbodhzetheroo, 'sudo ufw status' and check08:20
bazhangyour original post tven ^^08:20
bazhangI had not commented yet at that point tven08:20
zetheroobadbodh: Status: inactive08:20
tvenbazhang, I meant virtual memory, virtual ram, as in hard drive cache08:21
badbodhzetheroo, you mentioned both machines are on same network, is that network handled by any router/gateway server ?08:21
bazhangtven you should have said swap, no one says VM unless referring to virtual machines08:21
tvenbazhang, sorry, I didn't make the connection between my abbreviation and your virtual machine comment08:21
badbodhor are both the machines directly connected by lan chord ?08:21
zetheroobadbodh: Windows Server 2012 DC/AD and hardware firewall and switches ...08:22
tvenbazhang, anyway, I also specified no virtual machine involved before when I was re-clarifying what happened.08:22
zetheroobadbodh: again, firewall is not blocking samba as 50 users use them every day08:22
badbodhyep. check that machine. something's gotta be there. don;t bother though, if you can access your windows share.08:23
JustSighDudesHey guys, where can I find out what each of repositories is exactly? i.e If I turn on automatic security updates, does that update packages that are also updated?08:23
bazhangno idea tven, ask the channel every ten to fifteen minutes, good luck08:23
JustSighDudesthat are also outdated*08:23
tvenCan someone name a linux program that allows me to view hard drive space taken up, graphically?08:24
badbodhbazhang, tven what's the story here so far? just joined in08:24
bazhangbadbodh, cannot reliably say, the story varies08:25
DJonestven: Disk Usage Analyser https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Baobab08:25
badbodhJustSighDudes, rephrase your question please. one issue at a time.08:26
tvenbadbodh,  I upacked a video file from .rar and ran it, suddenly all my spare HDD space on the drive assigned for swap vanished. I deleted multiple files, some were many GB big, like a old ubuntu ISO.08:26
tvenbadbodh, every time I deleted a file, the space created by its deletion would quickly vanish08:26
JustSighDudesbadbodh, If I enabled security updates, does that also apply to outdated packages? E.g if I had postgres 9.3, and then 9.4 is released in the repository. Do I still get security updated for 9.3?08:27
badbodhtven, your swap overflowing means whatever video you opened in your video player, was corrupt and resulted in memory leak. RAM got full, and swap got full after that.08:27
badbodhJustSighDudes, nope. 9.3 will be updated to 9.4.08:27
tvenbadbodh, I restarted my computer, I ran a disk clean, it freed up about 5.7gb, which is less than the amount of files I deleted, and now my free space says a even 4gb08:27
JustSighDudesbadbodh, that's even if only security updates are enabled?08:27
badbodhunless ubuntu allows to run both side by side, like emacs 23 and 24, in which case both will get security updates. JustSighDudes08:28
JustSighDudesbadbodh, thanks08:28
erkan^I saw that Firefox 40.0 is on Ubuutnu 15.04, while Firefox has 40.2 release. is 40.0 good?08:28
tvenbadbodh, a memory leak can continue even after a system restart?08:28
badbodhjust check 'dependencies' section, if 9.3 and 8.4 'breaks' or 'conflicts', only one can be present. and 9.3 will be updated to 9.408:29
badbodhJustSighDudes, ^08:29
badbodhtven, after restart swap should be erased.08:30
tvenbadbodh, but the space did not come back, and even more space kept vanishing after further deletion, AFTER system restart.08:31
badbodhtven, that's for your swap filling up. as for your hdd filling up, looks like somebody forkbombed you. never download .rar files containing vidoes. they never contain videos.08:31
badbodherkan^, firefox will eventually be updated to 40.2 , give it some time.08:33
Bern_I cant install steam on ubuntu.. get this error "You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run: libGL.so.1"08:33
erkan^ok, badbodh08:33
bazhang!info firefox08:34
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 39.0+build5-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 41015 kB, installed size 99262 kB08:34
bazhangsecurity updates very soon erkan^08:34
erkan^are you on 15.04 too? So yes, do you want to open LibreOffice Calc, and empthy field typ: your e-mailaddress example badbodh@freenode.net, than ENTER, what did you see? Gray too?08:34
bazhangtry in #libreoffice yet erkan^ ?08:35
badbodherkan^, no i am on debian testing. it is ubuntu's mommy distro.08:35
tvenbadbodh, swap and hdd filling up would be the same, since I didn't have a separate partition for it, it was set to /home, it seems, I dont recall what my swap is set to actually, how do I check?08:35
erkan^do you use LibreOffice too, badbodh ?08:35
tvenbadbodh, It did have the video file though, but there was a delay in its running.08:35
=== IdleOne is now known as Guest81512
badbodhtven, run "cat /etc/fstab" in terminal, paste the output on dpaste.com, share link here08:36
admin0hi all .. i installed ubuntu via kickstart .. but on reboot it stucks at initramfs and I have to type exit to fix it08:36
badbodhdon;t paste here, it floods08:36
badbodherkan^, yes.08:36
admin0is it something common or is there a fix for it ?08:36
erkan^I make a new bugs on LO now08:37
badbodhadmin0, do you have older kernels or is yours a fresh install. boot to older.08:38
admin0its a fresh install08:38
admin0ubuntu 14.0408:38
badbodhadmin0, boot again, note down the last message where it gets stuck.08:39
tvenbadbodh, http://dpaste.com/28NP6YV But you said swap goes away after restart, so wouldn't this "forkbomb" also go away after restart?08:39
admin0doing that right now08:39
admin0is there a image paste service that you guys recommend for the screenshot ?08:39
zetheroosomething else ... when I open something that needs administrative access to the machine like the User accounts settings (unlock) or install/remove apps from USC I am asked for the password of the local user (temp) and not the AD user that I am logged in with. Is there any way to change this?08:40
badbodhtven, i don;t see a swap. is yours "install within windows" or independent install on hdd ?08:40
tvenbadbodh, direct installed on HDD, no windows08:41
badbodhtven, i don;t see a swap partition.08:41
tvenbadbodh, It might be using /home for swap, I dont remember what I installed it as.08:42
badbodhhow did you know swap is full ?08:42
badbodhcan't use home as your swap dummy, home filesystem is ext4, swap filesystem is just 'swap'08:42
tvenbadbodh, I didn't, but /homes space was being continuously eaten up.08:43
erkan^badbodh: https://bugs.documentfoundation.org//show_bug.cgi?id=9352408:43
ubottubugs.documentfoundation.org bug 93524 in Calc "E-mail address gray" [Normal,Unconfirmed]08:43
tvenTo clarify, Only the space on my /home partition was being eaten up, badbodh08:44
badbodherkan^, this is ubuntu channel, not libreoffice. for bugs on office, join their channel.08:44
erkan^Yes, but my English is no good. Can you understand what I have filled a bugs, badbodh08:44
badbodherkan^, <didn't read lol meme> in this channel we discuss ubuntu matters only08:45
erkan^ok :)08:45
badbodhtven, have you installed 'bleachbit' app ?08:45
badbodhadmin0, use postimage.org or uploadpie.com for pics08:46
tvenbadbodh, Yeah, I ran it, it cleared out 5.7gb space, which was less than what was eaten up, but even that space suddenly became only 4gb.08:46
admin0waiting for the reboot08:46
badbodhtven, when you run it, make sure you deselect "wipe free space" option. that's what creates this problem.08:47
tvenbadbodh, I did. So that bomb you mentioned, can it survive restarts?08:47
badbodhtven, as for now sit tight and let bleachbit run completely. if you interrupted it midwy, lord help thee soul.08:47
badbodh*thy soul.08:47
badbodhtven, you were not bombed. forkbombs eat ram and cpu, not hdd. unless you modify it to write text files too.08:48
tvenbadbodh, I did. It ran completely, except for some system stuff it lacked access. It freed up 5.7gb, much less than that which was eaten, which further dropped down to 4gb08:49
badbodhtven, to put it straight. 1. you played a video that was possibly corrupt, ate up ram and swap 2. you panicked and run bleachbit, with 'wipe-free-space' on which ate up more space.08:49
tvenbadbodh, This was after restart, this thing seemed to survive two restarts08:49
admin0badbodh, it says here: http://s18.postimg.org/zbszou1nd/Screen_Shot_2015_08_19_at_10_49_22_AM.png08:50
badbodhyup, that's bleachbit. it saves some stuff in your home directory. removing it is a nightmare too.08:50
tvenbadbodh, no, I didnt run bleachbit till after restart08:50
admin0i type exit and all is normal08:50
badbodhdoesn';t matter, you ran it once.08:50
admin0let me paste my kickstart file and pxe kernel file08:50
badbodhdoes anybody know how to remove bleachbit's 'wipe free space' junk from home directory ?08:51
tvenbadbodh, It's not the cause of my /home partition being continuously sucked up like a cosmic vacuum, even after a restart, is my point, since all this happened before running it.08:52
badbodhtven, stop panicking. repeating the same story again and again won;t change the fact you ran bleachbit without understanding what it does.08:52
badbodhnow suffer the low space till someone suggests a solution here.08:53
admin0badbodh: my kickstart and pxe config:  http://pastebin.com/pyZTMnHG08:53
triaspublic service announcement: heute abend ist treffen und zwar ausnahmsweise in der Q-bar08:54
triaswrong chat :o)08:54
badbodhtven, now you ask others "i ran bleachbit with wipe freespace option, now my hard drive is full. what should i delete?"08:54
tvenbadbodh, I am not panicking, I am just saying I still don't know the cause. And bleach bit gave me more free space than before I ran it, before than I had zero.08:54
tvenbadbodh, I tell you, that is wrong! you misunderstand me!08:55
badbodhtven, run 'disk usage analyzer' and check occupied space.08:55
badbodhsee which folder or file is eating up lots of space.08:55
xar-bleachbit seems like a scary program to run blindly08:56
badbodhadmin0, lol. that's developer stuff, i have to tap out :D08:56
admin0its just a kickstart :D08:57
eclectichedgehogbleachbit does little more than several lines of bash in most cases08:57
badbodhi don't do haxor and dev stuff. keep asking , someone else may be able to answer.08:58
tvenbadbodh, It didn't tell me anything unusual08:58
badbodhtven, it doesn;t tell you anything. you need to check each folder and file size yourself. see what's occupying more space than it should.08:59
badbodhanalyzer only show you pretty pie-chart and some other details.08:59
tvenbadbodh, I dont see anything in the folders that have significant space as shown here, having anything unusual.09:00
eclectichedgehogncdu is a good tool to see what occupying space09:00
badbodheclectichedgehog, some folks run bleachbit with 'wipe free space', and reboot in panic when they see 'low disk space' notification. and do permanent damage. do you know which folder(s) he should be removing to regain space ?09:01
badbodhi believe tven here has similar issue.09:01
eclectichedgehogi believe bb creates a special temp file somewhere, this will be taking the extra space09:03
tvenbadbodh, That isn't what I did though...09:04
ircnode0I have multiple eps-files, they are like foo1.eps, foo2.eps and foon.eps . How I can open eps files and watch like animation? Images are easy, once opened then I use arrow-buttons to cycle through all images. However, I can't seem to cycle eps-files.09:05
eclectichedgehogcheck this for bleachbit issue - https://askubuntu.com/questions/604531/irremovable-folder-after-wiping-free-space-with-bleach-bit09:05
eclectichedgehogand good luck lol09:05
ejaiI use "dhclient interface" to get ipv4 address, what command do I need to run to request ipv6 address?09:05
tveneclectichedgehog, BB has nothing to do with the strange core problem that plagued me09:05
badbodhtven, your core problem was swap full. that should be rectified after reboot. but then again you ran bb, which won't rectify after reboot.09:06
BenzeIm new to Ubuntu. And I've downloaded amd drivers, trying to install it now in text editor. It's taking a surprisingly long time, cant remember it taking more than 7 minutes when I installed it on win7. Now it seems not to be finished for another 30 minutes :s Am I doing something wrong? I simply clicked the run file and the script ended up being read by Text Editor09:06
tvenbadbodh, No, it wasnt rectified after reboot09:07
badbodhtven, for now sit tight and stop offering suggestions. let us find something and rule things out one by one.09:07
eclectichedgehogi never use the wipe free space option anyway09:07
badbodhhello tom-tom09:08
tom-tomhello badbpdh09:08
eclectichedgehogjust too much of a resource hog and renders most machines useless for hours09:08
tvenregardless, BB has nothing to do with my core problem, this is not a "suggestion" this is something I know09:08
badbodhtven, open terminal and run 'ls -a', show us the output on pastebin09:09
tvenHours? BB runs in less than a minute for me09:09
eclectichedgehogtven, im glad you have a cray at home...09:10
badbodhBenze, just clicking on the text will only open the text file, not run it. look for instructions in the driver's archive. a 'readme' or something.09:11
ircnode0never mind my previous question, because I convert to eps to png then I can cycle png files instead of eps.09:11
Benzebadbodh , are you sure? It does says it09:11
Benzeits loading09:12
Benze.run file09:12
ubottuboxitto89: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:12
eclectichedgehogBenze, from a terminal do a ./progname.run - whatever the run file is called09:13
Benzeelectichedgehog , it's in /temp which I dont have permission in it seems09:17
BenzeOr the file itself09:17
tvenregarding BB, use "sudo rm -rf 'iJ5soqs a3'" to reclaim any space lost from free space wipe?09:20
faustIs there any way to export an enviromental variable to *all* upstart's daemons (in trusty) ?09:23
BenzeHm updating drivers didn't solve Steam issue. Anyone here succesfully installed steam on Ubuntu?09:26
eclectichedgehogthousands have09:27
bajaim getting error while trying to connect wifi09:29
PCatineanHey guys, how do I add a p12 personal certificate to chromium in ubuntu 14.04?09:29
bajaguys look at this paste bin and help please09:29
PCatineanWait it's done, sorry09:30
eclectichedgehogbaja, how are you trying to configure your wireless?09:30
bajasudo su iwconfig09:31
k1lbaja: that is bad in many ways09:31
bajaok k1l09:32
k1lbaja: first: dont do sudo su on ubuntu. second: what desktop are you on?09:32
bajacreate studio09:32
bajacreative studio09:32
jak2000sudo chown -R glassfish:glassfish /opt/glassfish4   get me a error: chown: invalid group: ‘glassfish:glassfish’   previously i added the user: useradd glassfish   how to fix this error?09:32
k1lbaja: you mean ubuntu studio? or what exactly? please pastebin a "lsb_release -a" and include a "uname -a"09:33
bajayes ubuntu studio ok let me one moment pls09:34
wafflejockjak2000: according to man useradd, the group must exist first did you do groupadd first or did something else create the group?09:34
eclectichedgehogjak2000, groupadd glassfish09:35
idle94848anyone know a gui unit converter for ubuntu?09:35
k1l!cn | ot0ul09:35
ubottuot0ul: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:35
jak2000ok thanks09:35
wafflejockjak2000: if cat /etc/group | grep glassfish         gives you nothing do what eclectichedgehog said09:35
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest33126
eclectichedgehogjak2000, then usermod -aG glassfish glassfish09:36
eclectichedgehogthat will add user glassfish to the new group09:36
Guest33126need help on efi boot on toshiba nb10t - 10G, any app to this automaticly in ubuntu ?09:37
idle_anybody know a gui unit converter?09:37
idle_for ubuntu?09:37
k1lot0ul: this channel is english only. see the bots message09:37
k1lbaja: so why dont you use the NetworkManager in the desktop?09:37
bajai wanted to know how to using terminal09:38
idle_anybody know a GUI unit converter for ubuntu?09:38
wafflejockidle_: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=unit+converter&searchon=all&exact=1&suite=trusty&section=all09:38
bajaits much simpler i guess and i love to use terminal09:39
eclectichedgehogbaja then try wpasupplicant09:39
k1lbaja: no, its not much simpler09:39
bajai know but i like terminal09:39
dupingpinghi, everyone.09:39
bajaits wiser to use terminal09:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1484891 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub2 death when enter linux command twice" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:39
k1lbaja: you need wpasupplicant for that09:40
bajahow do i get it09:40
eclectichedgehogbaja you will have it already09:40
eclectichedgehogbaja do you have network manager installed?09:41
dupingpingit's critical bug of grub209:41
bajalet me check09:41
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k1l!cn > ot0ul09:41
ubottuot0ul, please see my private message09:41
eclectichedgehogbaja if you have ubuntu installed then you have network manager and wpasupplicaant09:42
k1ldupingping: that sounds like a bug to report to grub directly09:43
bajano i dont i can only see windows manager and network connections09:43
BenzeMy steam installation cant run "libc.so.6 " , I tried running "sudo apt-get install libc6-i386" and update but nothing changes.09:43
bajais it under settings? or where can i find it09:43
dupingpingk1l, more details09:44
fixcolorprofilehello, I'm new to ubuntu and linux as a whole. My laptop's screen has cooler color profile and ubuntu is showing bluish color in it. How do I adjust it? I tried changing color profiles from color manager but it didn't work. Example of color mismatch is youtube's logo appears darkest red (dark maroon) on my screen.09:45
k1ldupingping: try to report that bug to the grub project09:45
dupingpingk1l, can you let me know the url for bug report?09:45
bajaeclectichedgehog its not in the panel sorry09:45
fixcolorprofileI googled about the issue for a bit and it seems like you need a seperate hardware to adjust colors on ubuntu, while windows has easy and accurate color profile installed by default.09:46
k1ldupingping: no, i would have to search for that myself. please do the search09:46
eclectichedgehogbaja you seem new to this so go read this and digest - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine/Automatic09:46
dupingpingk1l, yes, thank you.09:46
eclectichedgehogbaja - wireless section09:47
fixcolorprofileI just hope that anyone of you atleast know what im talking about.09:48
bajaeclectichedgehog sorry dint mean to disinterest you thanks tho09:48
eclectichedgehogbaja no problem, just trying to help you but it helps if you understand what you do09:49
eclectichedgehogbaja, also it gives you a reference point to go back to09:49
bajayes thanks so much. However i have managed to locate it in the notification area properties. I just  need to make it appear in panel for future09:50
eclectichedgehogbaja make what appear?09:50
fixcolorprofilehow do I fix color profile?09:50
eclectichedgehogfixcolorprofile, have you looked at your settings, im sure you can add correct color profiles there09:51
aton_i am following a tutorial that tells me to install libgl1-mesa-dev:i38609:52
fixcolorprofileeclectichedgehog: I did. I can only use default color profilesm which are in accurate on my screen, I want to manually tweak it.09:52
aton_is i386 a kind of slot?09:52
aton_how can i specify it? possibly using synaptic09:52
k1lfixcolorprofile: did you look into here? https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/color.html09:52
mcphailfixcolorprofile: I would recommend going the hardware route. You can pick old Spyder units up on eBay for < £5 (as they don't have drivers for modern Windows) and the results will be much better than doing ti by eye09:53
fixcolorprofilekll, mcphail many thanks.09:53
eclectichedgehogfixcolorprofile, https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/color.html09:53
akwxi_daveaton :i386 denotes its the 32bit version program/file09:53
eclectichedgehogmaybe peruse that too09:53
aton_akwxi_dave: yes i guessed that, but how can i install it? the button "force version" is disabled in synaptic09:54
k1lfixcolorprofile: gnome-color-manager09:54
k1laton_: what tutorial is it?09:54
aton_android sdk installation09:54
fixcolorprofilekll  i have it installed but none of those color profile can be tweaked.09:56
aton_i could probably install it using the commandline, but i wonder how to install that :i386 in synaptic09:56
k1laton_: sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev:i38609:56
bajaeclectichedgehog : to make the network manager appear as icon in the notification area09:56
eclectichedgehogbaja it should be there by default09:57
eclectichedgehogbaja did you alter a file /etc/network/interfaces?09:57
=== Steven_M is now known as Guest60003
BernzelIf I need to install some packages for steam, example "sudo apt-get install '^libc6.*'" does this need to be executed in steams install location? Or can I execute this from home in terminal?09:57
fixcolorprofilebaja: https://launchpad.net/~noobslab/+archive/ubuntu/indicators + http://www.noobslab.com/2014/08/useful-panel-indicators-collection-for.html If this helps.09:58
bajanope i messed with the notification icons and i lost some of the icons09:58
eclectichedgehogah ok09:58
aton_k1l: as i said, i want to use synaptic. i found it now, "architecture" button and select arch: i386.09:58
bajai can only see them when i go to properties. Including skype and others09:58
mcphailBernzel: how have you installed steam? All the dependencies should already be satisfied and steam brings it own runtime for games09:59
eclectichedgehogif you mess with /etc/network/interfaces file that can stop network manager from working09:59
fixcolorprofilebaja simple solution is to uninstall and reinstalling unity.09:59
Bernzelmcphail , from software center as recommended09:59
ircnode0Just now I created 1500 process to run background, then my machine freezed for 10 minutes. Somebody know what happened actually happened? I ran convert command in backgrounds with different data. I converted eps-files to png-files.~09:59
k1lbaja: so best would be to clear that mess instead of making more mess.09:59
aton_it says it will uninstall xorg and lots of other packages. why?09:59
mcphailBernzel: then you shouldn't have to install anything else09:59
bajahow k1l09:59
k1lbaja: but that would have been a good info at the start. not the lies about "i love the terminal"09:59
Bernzelmcphail , then I have no clue what's wrong10:00
ircnode0after 10 minutes wait I pressed power button to reboot.10:00
eclectichedgehogkil lol i love the terminal10:00
bajai had no option10:00
mcphailBernzel: is it a problem launching steam itself or launching a steam game?10:00
k1laton_: that is why "but i want synaptic" is a bad choice for supporters.10:00
Bernzelmcphail , launching causes terminal to give me this "Steam needs to install additional packages: libgl1-mesa-dri:i386, libgl1-mesa-glx:i386"10:00
Bernzellaunching steam that is10:00
=== Guest60003 is now known as Steven_M
mcphailBernzel: they should have been downloaded with the initial install, but just run "sudo apt-get libwhatever:i386" from any terminal10:01
fixcolorprofilehey, are all of you guys here from reddit? what is your base station? (home forum?)10:02
bajak1l how do i recover my  network notifications10:02
eclectichedgehogBernzel, i think the way is to uninstall current graphics drivers and reinstall steam and let it do the graphics10:02
k1lfixcolorprofile: this is support only. chat goes into #ubuntu-offtopic channel :)10:02
fixcolorprofilebaja: install gentoo10:02
fixcolorprofilekll thanks10:02
k1lbaja: that depends on what you did to your notification area10:02
Bernzeleclectichedgehog , I haven't installed any graphicdrivers10:03
eclectichedgehogBernzel, okay10:03
BernzelAnd I tried running "sudo apt-get install libc6-i386" without success10:04
mcphailBernzel: just install the packages steam asked for and your drivers should be fine10:04
Bernzelmcphail , I tried. It doesn't make any difference, it's like steam can't find the packages10:04
mcphailBernzel: paste the exact error and the exact command you tried to use to rectify it to a pastebin service10:05
eclectichedgehogBernzel, is multiarch support installed for i386 detection?10:06
bajak1l :is there way i can resize my notification area so that i can access all icons that have been hidden10:06
bajaor anyone provide link as to where i can get help for notification are10:08
Bernzelelectichedhehog: http://pastebin.com/aG1nLWRn10:08
k1lbaja: what did you do?10:08
bajai dont know it was months ago. i guess i removed or deleted10:09
k1lBernzel: "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" in a pastebin please10:09
aton_k1l: i dont "want" synaptic. aptitude is fine. still why does it remove xorg?10:09
aton_how can i see why xorg is removed by the installation of libgl1-mesa-dev10:10
k1laton_: i cant tell you because i dont see what you see on synaptic10:10
BernzelkIl what?10:10
k1lBernzel: run that command in a terminal and show the output please10:11
bajaalso my workspace switcher was removed10:12
BernzelkIl http://pastebin.com/mSs4en2910:12
mcphailBernzel: you _are_ running a supported version of Ubuntu with no PPAs?10:12
bajais there i can restore my notification to default settings10:12
k1lBernzel: run the updates. hit y10:13
Bernzelmcphail  , no idea. kIl  Ok10:14
BernzelkIl , finished.10:15
BernzelTry to launch now?10:15
mcphail"http://repo.steampowered.com precise/steam" - does installing steam on 14.04 add that repo? Or did you do it manually? (I don't have access to my box just now to check...)10:15
k1lmcphail: they only have that precise repo10:16
ayyliansI know this is a theme based error because default unity them doesnt have this problem https://u.teknik.io/1Gtinw.mp4 - so how do I fix it?10:16
mcphailk1l: ok - just looked odd10:16
ayyliansplease see vid - 1.2 MBs10:16
BernzelStill get message Steam needs to install these additional packages:  libgl1-mesa-dri:i386, libgl1-mesa-glx:i38610:17
k1lBernzel: sudo apt-get install lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0 lib32stdc++610:17
BernzelkIl , nope. :/10:18
k1lbaja: does this work on a new user account?10:19
ayyliansanother question, how do I stop ubuntu sending my keystrokes to amazon?10:20
k1lBernzel: sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:i38610:20
BernzelkIl I have broken packages.. E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.10:20
mcphailBernzel: "apt-cache policy libgl1-mesa-glx:i386" and "apt-cache policy libglapi-mesa:i386"10:21
k1layylians: its not sending your keystrokes to amazon. see the privacy settings in the system settings10:21
Steven_MHi all, I tried to add a ppa and I got the following error: https://dpaste.de/BUJF/raw Suggestions?10:21
aton_k1l: forget synaptic. i use aptitude now. how can i see why xorg is removed by the installation of libgl1-mesa-dev (using aptitude)10:21
k1layylians: and for the error ask the theme maker about it10:22
ayylianswhy is that whever I type words on dash, it shows me amazon search results? Now I have disabled it so it doesnt show there anymore. thanks I guess.10:22
BernzelkIl , no difference. Must I apply these packages by rebooting or something?10:23
ayyliansok i will try to do that10:23
eclectichedgehogBernzel, does "dkpg -l | grep multiarch" return anything?10:23
Wbillcan anyone tell me how i can make a ubuntu live usb drive made unetbootin persistent so i dont have to reconfigure everytime i use it i am presently using 15.? on an imac mid 201110:23
k1lBernzel: could be due to the kernel upgrade. i would try a reboot10:23
Bernzeleclectichedgehog , command not found10:24
dayaHi , is there any way to clear the second flag iU in the dpkg status10:24
eclectichedgehogBernzel, sorry, "dpkg -l | grep multiarch"10:24
dayaI have some issues on lic6 dependecny and  apt-get install -f even don't solve it.10:25
dayadpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libc6-dev:  libc6-dev depends on libc6 (= 2.15-0ubuntu10.2); however:   Version of libc6 on system is 2.15-0ubuntu10.3.10:25
Bernzelii  multiarch-support    2.19-0ubuntu6.6  amd64   Transitional package to ensure multiarch compatibility  eclectighedgehog10:25
ayyliansmy last question I swear, how do I remove flash player from ubuntu. It got installed when I installed ubuntu restricted extra. I switched from windows to ubuntu because of win10 privacy issues, so i hope you can understand my privacy concerns here.10:25
bajak1l: what are you referring to?10:26
eclectichedgehogBernzel, okay that seems fine10:26
Bernzeleclectichedgehog , okey :/ Im doing a reboot, brb10:28
Wbillanyone anyone???10:28
k1lbaja: since you dont know what you did we need to find out what is broken on your system. so see if the guest account or another user account works10:28
bajayes there is a guest session account10:29
Bernzel_electichedgehog , reboot didn't help10:29
k1lbaja: does that guest account have the same issues? come on, i dont want to ask you every thing 10 times.10:30
eclectichedgehogBernzel_, i would wipe steam install and start again10:34
Bernzel_eclectichedgehog , I've done that 4 times already. :(10:34
eclectichedgehogdpkg --purge steam10:34
Bernzel_eclectichedgehog , requested operation requires superuser privilege10:35
Bernzel_How to get past that?10:35
eclectichedgehogsudo dpkg --purge steam10:35
Bernzel_dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove steam which isn't installed10:35
eclectichedgehogokay so its not actually installed10:36
Bernzel_seems strange10:36
Bernzel_eclectighedgehog, I took a look on Software Center, and the only Steam I can install is the launcher? Entering the main Steam application says "Not Found" There isn't a software package called steam in your current software sources"10:38
luc4Hello! I’m trying to boot a USB live in EFI mode but it seems Windows 8 is always started. I can instead boot live USB from legacy mode. Any idea how to boot the live USB from EFI?10:38
luc4I already tried this setup: http://askubuntu.com/questions/374931/install-ubuntu-in-uefi-mode-unable-to-boot-from-usb.10:39
eclectichedgehogBernzel_, dont you have to add "canonical partners" to the list of repositories in the software list?10:39
Bernzel_eclectichedgehog , tried and nothing was found searching for Steam10:40
eclectichedgehogBernzel_, do you have canonical partners repo enabled?10:42
Bernzel_eclectichedgehog , if that means clicking canocical partners when pressing All Software, then yes10:43
Steven_MHi all, I tried to add a ppa and I got the following error: https://dpaste.de/BUJF/raw Suggestions?10:43
eclectichedgehogBernzel_, so it already enabled and you have done an "sudo apt get update"10:44
eclectichedgehogBernzel_, so it already enabled and you have done an "sudo apt-get update"10:44
Bernzel_if its enabled or not Im not sure. But I've done "sudo apt-get update" many times now10:45
eclectichedgehogthen it should be a matter of "sudo apt-get install steam" assuming the canonical partner repo is active10:46
Bernzel_Yes. I'ts installing10:47
Steven_Mfalse alarm, there was a typo, sorry!10:47
koraxAre there backdoors in Ubuntu?10:48
OerHekskorax, the only backdoor is the user10:48
Bernzel_Thank you electichedgehog! Finally it works! Cheers!10:48
eclectichedgehogkorax yes, side doors and front doors but no windows...10:48
eclectichedgehogBernzel_, haha yes10:49
=== stagnator is now known as stagnator1
Wbillanyone know howto make a live usb stick with ubuntu 15.? persistent from boot to next boot?10:50
luc4Any EFI expert around?10:50
=== stagnator1 is now known as stagnator
OerHekswbill live usb can have a partition to save things, not installed programs.10:51
bajaguest has all icons i just confirmed10:51
Wbillcomo save things? what about the updates like installing flash and new programs do i make a separate partition on the usb drive or what is the comand for the partition when using or procedure using unetbootin?10:53
k1lbaja: xfce4-panel --quit ; pkill xfconfd ; rm -rf ~/.config/xfce4/panel ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-panel.xml ; xfce4-panel;10:54
OerHeksWbill, no, then you need to install ubuntu completely to that usb device.10:54
k1lbaja: then relogin10:54
bajaok let me try10:54
OerHeks( like a regular install)10:54
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:54
eclectichedgehogbaja, if its xfce then right click taskbar, choose panel the panel preferences then items tab10:57
eclectichedgehogbaja, that will show the list of icons you have, you can add or delete from there if needed10:57
bajaeclectic hedgehog that isnt helpful11:00
bajaeclectichedgehog that isnt helpful11:00
bajalet me try k1l11:00
Wbillthanks ubotto11:00
eclectichedgehogbaja i use xfce all the time11:00
surgyhello im running ubuntu gnome 14.04 kernal 3.19 and im running multiple monitors. i go to "displays" in "system settings" and i rearange my displays so that one is on the left. when i restart my computer the display that i set to be the left monitor is now the right and it resets on every boot11:03
eclectichedgehogsurgy, welcome to linux...11:03
surgyeclectichedgehog, again*11:04
surgyeclectichedgehog, can you help me?11:04
eclectichedgehogi think i use to use arandr and run the settings it gave at login from memory11:06
eclectichedgehognot sure about how gnome does it but it probably the same or similar11:07
surgyi think i found an article :)11:10
surgyeclectichedgehog, http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/74-ubuntu/309-ubuntu-dual-display-monitor-position-lost11:10
surgyeclectichedgehog, thanks :)11:10
medicijnmani have a samsung g3 station 2tb and i have had some problems with mounting the drive in the past, but today it just wont mount. this is quite of a problem as i have most of my backup files on that drive. dmesg does not show any useful information either. does anyone know what is best practise to solve this mounting problem?11:10
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:11
TJ-medicijnman: Maybe the connection/interface itself? How does it connect to the PC (USB, eSATA, etc.) ?11:11
medicijnmanTJ-: it uses usb2 to connect to the pc. the firmware has been a problem for multiple owners of this drive (there are multiple threads on the web regarding this drive). unfortunately those threads did not provide a solution that worked for me.11:12
erkan^medicijnman is a dutch word, TJ- ?11:12
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl11:13
mounahi, I have an issue in order to launch a script at start11:13
Aceavanger1Sup, whats everyone up to?11:13
TJ-medicijnman: First thing... ensure the USB cable is firmly connected; try it in different ports; try a different cable; try it on another PC.  Secondly, the USB<>SATA interfaces in some of these external caddies can literally fry themselves dead. I've seen and had several die over the years.11:14
mounahi if anyone want to help me, the script wok in console but doesn't start at login.11:15
bajak1l: nothing happened :(11:16
medicijnmanTJ-: i tried connecting to another machine but then it does not even spin up the drive. the drive firmware is, according to multiple threads i read, designed that the drive only spins up when it is connect with both an ac adapter and a usb cable into a pc. unfortunately it only seems to work 'decent' on mac os x 10.6.8 but i want to use this drive for linux only11:16
k1lbaja: "nothing happend" is not enough details11:16
TJ-medicijnman: what is the make/model ?11:16
bajai meant the icons dint come back11:17
k1ldid you get some errors or outputs?11:17
bajaits same as before11:17
TJ-medicijnman: Most external drives need external power because the maximum theoretical power from a USB2 port is 05.A .. and in practice often a lot less11:17
k1lhow did you run that commands?11:17
TJ-medicijnman: 0.5A, even!11:17
bajaeach independently11:18
medicijnmanTJ-: i plugged in external power, i'm looking up the make/model specs11:18
bajawas there specific way?11:18
medicijnmanTJ-: the external power needs to be plugged in or else it doesn't work (i think this is obvious)11:18
bajathe panel dissapeared and then reappeared11:19
k1lbaja: did you run that as root again?11:19
bajawhat exactly?11:20
bajai did11:20
k1lbaja: why?11:20
TJ-medicijnman: Yes... I have a couple of external cabinets here... they have dual eSATA/USB2 interfaces... I caught myself out and though they had both failed recently... I'd connected the eSATA cable the wrong way around (one end has a short plug, the other long) !11:20
k1lbaja: stop doing bad stuff!11:20
k1lbaja: where did i say "run it as root"?11:20
k1lbaja: open a terminal (not as root!!!!111111111111111111) then copy that whole line in it and press enter: xfce4-panel --quit ; pkill xfconfd ; rm -rf ~/.config/xfce4/panel ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-panel.xml ; xfce4-panel;11:21
k1lbaja: your "i run stuff as root" idiotic stuff is making it just difficult to help you. stop that!11:21
mounaCan anyone help me to launch a script at login automaticly?11:22
medicijnmanTJ-: the manual says it is a g3 station series, station 3.0 2TB eHDD PN:HX-DUO20EC11:22
k1lmouna: how did you try it before and what was the error/issue?11:22
BluesKajHey folks11:23
mounak1l: the script work in console. I had it in the automatic start windows11:23
mounak1l: but it doesn't seems to work11:23
k1lmouna: did you include fullpaths in the script?11:24
mounak1l: I had the script content in a pad: https://hebdo.framapad.org/p/mouna11:24
bajaok k1l relax how do i change from root11:24
k1lbaja: m(11:25
cfhowlettbaja, "exit"11:25
k1lbaja: just open a new terminal. it will be defaulted to the user you use11:25
TJ-medicijnman: one of these? http://www.samsung.com/us/business/oem-solutions/pdfs/2010_Hard_cata_ver_2_100210_preview_2.pdf11:26
bajai use root11:26
bazhangbaja, use sudo11:26
k1lbaja: you use root as desktop user?11:26
medicijnmanTJ-: nope, here is a vid where some guy disassembles the weird drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS0yfEIsPzc11:27
bajayes k1l11:27
medicijnmanTJ-: the P/N HX numbers match with my drive, so i guess they are the exact same11:27
bajaive always11:27
k1lbaja: than i am out. that is just a wrong way to use ubuntu.11:27
mounak1l: I don't understand the question11:28
cfhowlettbaja, not sure if trolling  .... but definitely not the way to do ubuntu.11:28
bajaok thanks for your time11:28
OerHeksmedicijnman, what does " sudo fdisk -l " give as partitiontype? exfat maybe?11:28
TJ-medicijnman: Can't view youtube here11:28
bazhanghe's done baja no need to highlight11:28
medicijnmanOerHeks: it does not list the drive because it doesn't mount11:28
bajaok cfhowlett im still learning any post which you can link11:28
cfhowlett!root | baja this11:29
bazhang!sudo | baja11:29
ubottubaja this: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:29
ubottubaja: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo11:29
medicijnmanTJ-: ah okay, i'll post a picture link then11:29
OerHeksmedicijnman, not mounted, oke, but not even show with fdisk ?11:29
bazhangread the links fully baja11:29
bazhang!manual | baja11:29
ubottubaja: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:29
bazhang!rute | baja and this all of them11:29
ubottubaja and this all of them: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com11:29
medicijnmanTJ-: this is the drive except mine is 2TB and black: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_9NWnnnVHdYk/TKR_x7KobAI/AAAAAAAAAMg/nnY50eXQeuk/s1600/IMG_1728.JPG11:29
mounaI guess it would be rude to ask the same question again...11:30
medicijnmanOerHeks: i don't think so, only /dev/sda1 is shown which is the internal hdd11:30
TJ-medicijnman: OK, that's the 'look' of the ones I'm seeing, and the part numbers match11:30
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
AppAraathello, I am interested in running the latest git master of the KDE PPA to test out Kwin (this one specifically - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable-daily). Would you recommend to do this on 15.04 or 15.10 ?11:31
medicijnmanTJ-: i'm going to consider to open the drive and look if i can plug this into a desktop computer if this drive keeps refusing to mount, but first i would like to be sure there is no way to reliably mount the drive because i don't want to fiddle around in this ehdd11:32
cfhowlettAppAraat, 15.10?  beta11:32
TJ-medicijnman: Do you have any electronics diagnostic equipment, or know someone who does? My first step would be to verify the power adapter is putting out the correct voltage and can provide the current the device requires. Next, I'd ensure that the power socket on the device hasn't had its joints fractured or gone dry-joint (I often reflow fresh solder on) because physical insert/remove stresses can break them over time.11:32
AppAraatcfhowlett: yeah it's mostly for experimentation purposes. As I understand it, git master of KDE isn't all too stable as well.11:33
OerHeksmedicijnman, is this machine connected to usb2? try to find an USB2 port11:33
TJ-medicijnman: If you have another power adapter that outputs the same voltage and at least as much current, and has the same plug, you could try swapping them11:33
cfhowlettAppAraat, so an unstable on top of an unreleased beta will tell you ... what?11:33
OerHeks*connected to USB3 *11:33
TJ-medicijnman: The fact it fails on different PCs tells us its a problem with the device, and the most obvious is lack of power11:34
medicijnmanTJ-: i lack knowledge to back my intuition, but i think it is solely a software problem. up till yesterday it mounted automagically. the leds light up and the drive spins up when i connect it so there is at least power flowing into the device.11:34
TJ-medicijnman: I doubt the disk drive itself is bad; if that were so the USB interface and the internal SATA controller wouls show up in Linux. The fact they don't tells us its either a power issue, or a USB connection issue11:35
AppAraatcfhowlett: I'm not too sure. I want the PPA packages to be most compatible with the distro packages, also to avoid breakages in that way and if possible contribute bugreports. Are you saying that using the beta is a bad idea in that regard?11:35
TJ-medicijnman: If the device no longer shows up when connected, then the USB interface of the device isn't working for some reasons11:36
TJ-medicijnman: most common cause is physical stress on the connectors11:36
=== Blaster is now known as Guest61721
TJ-medicijnman: if you have a desktop PC, take the SATA drive out of the G3 enclosure and connect it directly into the PC and I'd bet it works fine11:37
AppAraatnot too sure if this is in any way related, but there appear to be USB drives which can only be formatted as specific filesystems.11:37
cfhowlettAppAraat, I would think a released, fully supported OS would be more informative and useful for your stated purpose.  Others may disagree...11:37
medicijnmanTJ-: then i suspect it is the usb interface that is failing, but don't know for sure11:37
AEL-HCould someone tell me why on some users when I SSH in I can type and press tab to autocomplete, however on other users I cannot?11:38
AEL-Hubuntu server 14.0411:38
TJ-medicijnman: the easiest way to find out is to swap the drive out to another SATA controller, which remove the USB interface from the circuit11:38
cfhowlett!server | AEL-H11:38
ubottuAEL-H: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server11:38
ioriamedicijnman, dmesg | tail should tell you something11:38
bajaim sorry guys trully i am11:38
medicijnmanioria: i can't seem to find anything regarding usb messages except for my external mouse11:39
AppAraatcfhowlett: that makes sense. I'll download 15.04 then.11:39
cfhowlettbaja, go forth and !root/sin no more.11:39
TJ-ioria: the USB isn't showing up, that's the problem11:39
ioriamedicijnman, unplug replug and check11:39
medicijnmanTJ-: looking at the disassembly video i need to remove the a IC in order to plug it into a (s)ata controller11:39
cfhowlettAppAraat, best of luck to you!  thanks for the KDE support.11:39
medicijnmanioria: okay, i'll try11:39
ioriamedicijnman, the leds on it are working ?11:40
ubottugianny: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:40
TJ-medicijnman: Not at all, the SATA drive inside the enclosure will be connected with a standard SATA connector (power+SATA)11:40
medicijnmanioria: wow, ok. after about 20 attempts to replug the drive it now does mount11:40
TJ-medicijnman: That tells us you've got a physical connector issue then11:40
ioriamedicijnman, you could try a double usb cable11:41
medicijnmanioria: it is connected with usb3.0 rather than usb2.0. usb2 is the only one that worked for me until now11:41
TJ-medicijnman: Does the device disappear if you wiggle the enclosure end of the USB cable?11:42
AppAraatcfhowlett: and thanks for your recommendation. I'm mainly planning on using Kwin as a standalone WM and optionally have its tiling support (main function I'm interested in are the Scale and Expo functionality of Cinnamon). Furthermore I'll use Krunner and I'm still thinking on which systray I'll choose, but I think it's going to be one of KDE ones.11:42
medicijnmanTJ-: hmmm that is quite troublesome. i better should backup my data to another drive and see if i works with (s)ata.11:42
DyjoeTJ-: Are you still here ?11:42
TJ-medicijnman: if not, I'd try reconnecting to the PC's USB2 port and wiggling the PC end around gently and seeing if that causes it to show up. Somewhere you've got a bad physical connection11:43
ioriamedicijnman, i have no usb3 ports .... my issue ,once, was that the thing wanted a double usb cable11:43
cfhowlettAppAraat, might want to check in with #kubuntu and the kubuntu forums.  Could be you can contribute or glean insight from previous works.  also #kde  is a thing.11:43
medicijnmanTJ-: usb flash drives always mount correctly on my machine, but doesn't that rule out the physical connector problem?11:43
medicijnmanTJ-: the same goes for other ehdds on both my machines11:44
vasgoradhello everyone11:44
TJ-medicijnman: If the wiggling doesn't change anything, then suspect the power... USB3 can provide more amps per port... so if the external power adapter is failing the USB3 might just supply the missing current the USB2 cannot11:44
medicijnmanTJ-: that is, only this drive has mounting problems.11:44
TJ-medicijnman: It ought to yes. This kind of issue requires elimination of possibilities until only one remains11:44
TJ-medicijnman: the fact it has the same problem on another PC strongly suggests its the G3/cable/power that is the problem11:45
vasgoradhello, is normal to have problems with autentication in thunderbirdo, Xubuntu?11:45
medicijnmanTJ-: i disconnected the drive and plugged it into usb2 again and now it also mounts correctly11:46
TJ-medicijnman: I have found reports online that the G3's USB2 data port does break away from the PCB11:46
MonkeyDustvasgorad  login problems are never normal11:47
ioriamedicijnman, dos it works , now ?11:47
medicijnmanTJ-: sorry i don't understand exactly what you're trying to say11:47
MonkeyDustproblem != normal11:47
cfhowlettvasgorad, nope.  double check your credentials11:47
TJ-medicijnman: If the issue is physical, then random changes in behaviour are to be expected, the device will come and go depending no how the connectors are moved/pressured.11:47
vasgoradI tried and tried11:47
medicijnmanioria: it works as in mounting the drive, but this is too unreliable for me. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't11:47
vasgoradI am tried *11:48
ioriamedicijnman, sorry to hear that11:48
cfhowlettvasgorad, login to your accounts via browser.  copy those settings to your tbird accounts.11:48
TJ-medicijnman: Trying to say? - I've said it. 80% certainty there's a physical break in the G3 connectors that is causing intermittent behaviour11:48
TJ-medicijnman: if you continue using it in this state it is liable to disconnect during vital data transfers, and cause corruption.11:49
alu_someone use drupal?11:49
medicijnmanTJ-: sorry i thought i misunderstood something11:49
Synt4x`my software center wont open all of a sudden and none of my apt-get stuff will work, any ideas?11:49
AppAraatcfhowlett: cool, will do. Thanks once again :)11:50
medicijnmanTJ-: wow that is a serious problem, i guess i need to backup the data right now before it stops working again.11:50
luc4Hello! How do I choose the device for bootloader installation when installing Ubuntu in dual boot with windows 8 in efi mode?11:50
cfhowlettalu_, #drupal11:50
ioriamedicijnman, consider also another 3.5 case maybe11:50
TJ-medicijnman: If it were me I'd not access the drive until it is fixed... what happens if it is transferring data and the connector fails in the midst?11:50
medicijnmanTJ-: mounting the drive as readonly and copying data should be harmless for the destination drive right?11:51
Dyjoewhat program can I use to make a bootable usb drive ?11:51
cfhowlett!usb | Dyjoe11:51
ubottuDyjoe: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:51
k1lDyjoe: what OS are you on and what is on that iso?11:51
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vasgoradthunderbird sais that password or user name is incorrect11:52
DyjoeI'm on ubuntu atm11:52
medicijnmanioria: i have multiple other usb ehdds but i (wrongly) decided to temporary store some files on that drive. because it is unreliable i don't think i will use that drive anymore11:52
TJ-Dyjoe: did acpi_osi="Windows 2012" help?11:52
k1lDyjoe: then use startup disk creator11:52
Synt4x`posted above, Software Center won't open and sudo apt-get commands all fail (with a header issue), has anybody seen this before or have any ideas?11:53
TJ-medicijnman: Unfortunately, "read-only" isn't. The file system metadata can still be written to with updated access times11:53
DyjoeTJ-: No,still the same the settings have return to what they were previously , but I think I've observed an error about acpi when i booted up11:53
k1lDyjoe: what is on that .iso? because windows doesnt work that way11:53
Dyjoekil:Windows .I need it so I can try to switch my FN commands back to try to remove the hard block from the wireless11:54
Dyjoecan't seem to find an alternative11:54
TJ-Dyjoe: I read the PCs DSDT in detail after you left last night; "Windows 2012" is definitely the option. I found the code that controls the RF kill function and it only does everything when the "Windows 2012" setting is there11:54
medicijnmanTJ-: so there is no safe way to mount it in such a way the file system only is allowed to read data from the drive?11:54
k1lDyjoe: http://askubuntu.com/questions/289559/how-can-i-create-a-windows-bootable-usb-stick-with-ubuntu11:54
sloantotheboneI need help, uGet isnt working right: http://ugetdm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=907&p=2090#p209011:54
dfcnvtIn order to get a working and uninterrupted conditions in playing a high quality video -- then do I have everything's ready? Video Card: GeForce GTX 550 Ti  OS: ubuntu 14.04 LTS11:55
cfhowlettdfcnvt, ubuntu-restricted-extras?  nvidia drivers?11:56
bazhangdfcnvt, high quality eg blray or what11:56
TJ-medicijnman: I *think* if you use the mount option noatime and another you can mostly prevent it, although I think the file-system superblock still gets updated with the last mount time11:56
DyjoeTJ-: I'll install winusb and then i'll reboot ant try to change the acpi settings again11:56
ioriamedicijnman, how much data are we speaking ?11:57
TJ-Dyjoe: OK... good luck, you seem to need it. HP need shooting for such a terrible design, and lack kof support11:57
medicijnman150 gigs (capacity is 2TB)11:57
ioriamedicijnman, oh....11:57
dfcnvtcfhowlett: Now apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras11:57
TJ-medicijnman: you can buy another external enclosure for less than €10 you know... just move the drive to it11:57
medicijnmanioria: i know it's not much :p but i don't want to lose that data ;)11:58
dfcnvtbazhang: it's bluray's file11:58
bazhangdfcnvt, so a blu-ray rip?11:58
dfcnvtbazhang: Yea, I believe so.11:58
medicijnmanTJ-: i'm already copying the data to another ehdd ;) thanks for your help11:58
medicijnmanioria: thanks for your help11:58
TJ-medicijnman: if you get another, get one with USB3, as well.... it'll be fast :)11:58
bazhangdfcnvt, mplayer should have no probs with that11:59
Synt4x`I get this error11:59
DyjoeTJ-: I find it funny sometimes that my 6 year old phone which I've dropped and modified never has connection problems but my laptop which is significantly more expensive and newer does11:59
bazhang!info smplayer11:59
ubottusmplayer (source: smplayer): complete front-end for MPlayer and MPlayer2. In component universe, is optional. Version 14.9.0~ds0-1 (vivid), package size 1388 kB, installed size 3702 kB11:59
bazhangdfcnvt, ^11:59
TJ-Dyjoe: the pain of complexity11:59
ioriamedicijnman, ok... what will you do ?11:59
medicijnmanTJ-: yeah usb3 is absolutely required if i buy a new one11:59
medicijnmanioria: i rsync (i'm lazy :p) all the files to another drive and then stop using the unreliable drive12:00
TJ-Dyjoe: also, the bain of the Windows monopoly. If the market for operating system weren't so 1-sided then the hardware makers would fully support all OSes with good drivers12:00
ioriamedicijnman, you cat try fo format it ntfs in win, and test it12:00
medicijnmanioria: but that doesn't help me from the connector problems, and i just got rid of all my windows machines. i don't want to go back to that horrible environment :p12:01
DyjoeTJ-:well ironically enough my compaq did initially come with linux installed from the manufacturer12:01
ioriamedicijnman, ok ... ^_^12:01
dfcnvtIt's able to play but sometime I get freezed or turned into green and pause for a few seconds then play continually.12:04
princefhey. is there any way to parse dynamic element that create by Js in python. e.g with urllib or ... ?12:05
bajaubottu: thanksfully i have realized that im not using terminal as root. i am using as baja12:05
ubottubaja: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:05
=== Steven_M is now known as Guest72709
bajabazhang: thanksfully i have realized that im not using terminal as root. i am using as baja12:09
=== Guest72709 is now known as Steven_M
MattiasI got ubuntu 15 on a new VPS with a very basic installation, running service *** restart or anything with the service command gives me no messages, but services does start/stop/restart etc. Which package am I missing to show these messages?12:15
OerHeksMattias, i guess this is normal, no message, no OK.12:16
DyjoeTJ-: Nope,it's the same thing I've even done rfkill list . Maybe I haven't inserted it correctly? I've pressed e went to the linux line and added it at the end (linux .... acpi_osi="Windows 2012") ?12:16
OerHeks( only errors, if there are erros)12:16
k1lMattias: since 15.04 ubuntu uses systemd. but better ask your hoster what systemimage that is and what they use there12:16
MattiasOerHeks: It's not normal, every other ubuntu I've been on has shown messages that stopping service was ok etc12:16
Mattiask1l: Yeah, I guess. Just strange they left out such a useful thing.12:17
TJ-Dyjoe: Yes... and then booted that with pressing F10 or Ctrl+X ?12:17
DyjoeTJ-: yes , nothing changed12:18
OerHeksMattias, not always > http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124266/12:18
TJ-Dyjoe: quick way to find out which was used at boot is the search the kernel log: "grep osi /var/log/dmesg" should do it ... you should see 3 or more lines with that12:18
TJ-Dyjoe: you'll see 2 lines that report the kernel command line, and another which is what you want showing that setting is being activated12:19
MattiasOerHeks: Yes, not always, but that doesn't make it normal. It makes it a rare thing most likely due to a missing package.12:19
OerHeksMattias, what service exactly ? i guess it is normal12:19
Mattiasnginx, php5-fpm, munin-node, any service you can think of12:20
OerHeks"any service you can think of" is not true, i just showed.12:20
OerHeksi hanve no nginx running, so i cannot compare12:21
MattiasOerHeks: From my perspective on this specific vps, it is true.12:22
TJ-Dyjoe: I'm just reading the kernel documentation on the acpi_osi setting... there is another variation you sohuld try using a "!" to disable every other OSI option: use "apci_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2012"   "12:22
ioriaMattias, you can try with sudo systemctl status " something"12:23
TJ-Dyjoe: Aha! OK, a mistake there. Don't include the double quotes at the start. I write double-quotes in IRC to surround the things I want you to use. Don't include my surrounding double-quotes in what you type12:23
TJ-Dyjoe: you have  vt.handoff=7 "acpi_osi=Windows 2012"    it should be vt.handoff=7 acpi_osi=Windows 2012"12:24
TJ-Dyjoe: Sorry, typo again!      it should be: acpi_osi="Windows 2012"12:24
TJ-Dyjoe: however, next time try: acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2012"12:24
Mattiasioria: That gives me output as well as showing the restarts/stops/starts I've done for the specific service12:25
DyjoeTJ-:rebooting to try the ! one12:26
TJ-Dyjoe: *fingers crossed12:26
Mattiasioria: or is the service package  deprecated and I should use systemctl to start/stop services?12:26
Mattiasoh, systemctl restart nginx gave no output either12:27
OerHeksMattias, you still can use both, on 15.0412:27
ioriaMattias, do you have mysql ?12:27
Mattiasioria: Yes12:28
ioriaMattias, sudo systemctl status mysql12:28
Mattiasioria: is it just that, restart/start/stop/reload commands don't give output in ubuntu 15 anymore?12:28
Mattiasstatus does give me output12:29
ioriaMattias, sudo service mysql status12:29
Mattiasyeah, gives me the same output as systemctl status12:29
ioriaMattias, t gives or not ?12:30
ioriaMattias, and the problem is ?12:30
Mattiasioria: I've always had messages that shows if the restarting went ok or not12:31
ioriaMattias, can you post the output of  sudo systemctl status mysql  ?12:31
TJ-Mattias: that does seem to be a regression, if restart/start/stop/reload are no longer showing the stopped...started messages12:32
DyjoeTJ-: the quotes appear by themselves apparently acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2012" and this time i double checked it was only the windows 2012 in quotes12:32
MattiasTJ-: Do you get messages on version 15?12:32
TJ-Mattias: I don't use it12:32
TJ-Dyjoe: appear by themselves? you mean what you see in the dmesg log is different to what you typed in the boot loader when you edited it?12:33
TJ-Dyjoe: can you show me "cat /proc/cmdline" please?12:33
TJ-Dyjoe: I don't think the moving quotes matters anyhow, I'm just surprised the output is actually munged from what the user types12:35
Mattiasioria: http://pastebin.com/5Sx4cvbT12:36
TJ-Dyjoe: "grep -i osi /var/log/dmesg" should tell you if the osi setting has been acted on - we want a line other than those reporting the kernel command line that includes the "Windows 2012" phrase12:37
ioriaMattias, seems ok ....12:37
Mattiasioria: see how empty that restart command is? and on ubuntu 12-14 it is not12:37
ioriaMattias, let me boot my vivid ...12:37
TJ-Mattias: that looks OK to me; it shows the stop and start.12:38
MattiasTJ-: The bottom shows ubuntu 12-14, the top part shows ubuntu 1512:38
MattiasTJ-: it does not show stop start there, only under status in ubuntu 1512:39
TJ-Mattias: Ahhh, OK, sorry, didn't read it properly!12:39
TJ-Dyjoe: "ACPI: Added _OSI(Windows 2012)" that shows the setting was added12:39
TJ-Dyjoe: however, this may be the cause of the problem: "Firmware Bug]: ACPI: BIOS _OSI(Linux) query ignored"12:40
ioriaMattias, right ... no output ... i think is ok ...12:41
MattiasOr a new bug? :)12:42
ioriaMattias, i don't think so....12:42
TJ-ioria: Mattias what is on the end of 'service' "which service && readlink -e $(which service)"12:42
ioriaTJ- mysql12:43
TJ-ioria: I very much doubt it!12:43
ioriaTJ-  i'm using systemctl12:43
MattiasTJ-: Got /usr/sbin/service 2x on two separate lines12:43
TJ-Mattias: Good :) How about "file $(which service)"12:44
ioriaTJ-  sudo service mysql status gives Usage: /etc7init. ... etc etc12:44
Mattias/usr/sbin/service: POSIX shell script, ASCII text executable12:44
TJ-Mattias: Same as 14.04 so far. Now what is in it? Can you "pastebinit /usr/sbin/service" ?12:45
ioriaTJ-  sorry, misunderstood  you :P12:45
TJ-ioria: I gathered :P12:46
MattiasTJ-: It uses systemctl basically, I'll paste it12:46
TJ-Mattias: I suspect the old upstart calls for start/stop/reload/restart may have been replaced with systemd calls12:46
MattiasTJ-: yeah, no need to paste then ;) but that's basically what it does12:47
MattiasAnd systemctl returns no output ?12:47
OerHeksMattias, maybe a good idea to ask for a option for status after any systemd command.12:47
TJ-Mattias: and possibly systemd doesn't write anything to console by default12:47
TJ-Dyjoe: Could you "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg" ... I want to compare it with the dmesg we collected last night without the 2012 setting12:48
DyjoeTJ-:http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124453/ btw is there an alternative to unebootin? I can't seem to make it to make ntfs usbs12:50
TJ-Dyjoe: why do you want NTFS?12:51
Dyjoefrom what I've read that's what my usb stick needs to be in order for me to inst win 712:51
TJ-Dyjoe: if you have a Windows PXE ISO just write it to the USB... the internal layout of the ISO contains the file-system. A USB writer shouldn't get involved in manipulating the file system12:52
LonelyDanboCan someone give me a hint on how I can find the info on how to change my mouse's LED colors? I went searching for like [mouse hacking ubuntu] or something and found info on identifying the vendor and product #s, and stuff about button mapping, but nothing about LEDs.12:53
TJ-Dyjoe: if you're trying to make the USB a bootable persistent Windows install, then you'd have to consult some hybrid Windows PXE guides for that12:53
OerHeksLonelyDanbo, changing mouse led colours?? never heard of that. what mouse is this?12:53
LonelyDanboIt's a CMStorm {Cooler Master} Recon. It can change it's colors on Windows, but the software for that doesn't work in Wine.12:54
TJ-Why would a mouse have changeable LED colours - sounds worse than go-faster stripes on a car!12:54
LonelyDanboSorry, was meant to reply to OerHeks12:54
TJ-LonelyDanbo: you'd need to ask Cooler Master for Linux drivers, or tech specs for the interface12:54
LonelyDanboCooler Master doesn't have Linux drivers. I need to hack it.12:55
m0dul8rWhat hardware vendors sell computer with Ubuntu pre-installed?12:55
LonelyDanboI don't know how their software can change the colors in Windows but not Wine.12:55
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  this is no hacking space or channel12:55
LonelyDanboI just need to find info on how to read data from the mouse. So far all I've found is very specific about reading buttons.12:56
TJ-LonelyDanbo: because it requires a proprietary driver. Userspace needs the driver to communicate with the GPIOs that control the LEDs, presumably12:56
LonelyDanboI don't know what half of that means. Are you saying the signal sent over USB to the mouse is more complicated than normal?12:57
TJ-LonelyDanbo: for clues look at the Windows driver .inf file for the mouse; it'll probably contain clues about a separate driver file for the mouse LEDs, since the mouse actions themselves will likely be regular USB HID12:57
caronLonelyDanbo, it's because Wine depends on native drivers to control things like the mouse (not windows drivers). It's a better question for the #winehq channel.12:58
OerHeksa quick search gives me no clue for a linuxdriver12:58
LonelyDanbowindows driver .inf file. I'll see if their software has such a thing.12:58
TJ-LonelyDanbo: mice are human interface devices (HIDs). USB has a standard protocol for them, so no special driver is usually required (all OSes have one the supports USb-HID). LEDs are not HID, therefore they'll need a unique endpoint on the USB device, and likely a unique driver to talk to the endpoint12:59
LonelyDanboyes but why would the software designed to communicate with the mouse under Windows not be able to do so under Wine?12:59
TJ-LonelyDanbo: a windows driver .inf file tells Windows how to install and configure drivers, all driver packages have one12:59
TJ-LonelyDanbo: I already told you12:59
TJ-LonelyDanbo: the user interface *requires* a special driver that knows how to talk to the LED controller in the mouse13:00
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  because wine is not the same as windows13:00
=== m0dul8r is now known as m0dul8r_
TJ-LonelyDanbo: drivers are for the OS. Wine cannot/does not do drivers, only userspace13:00
LonelyDanbogreat. there's nothing but an .exe13:03
LonelyDanbomaybe the exe will install an .inf... :|13:03
BernzelIm doing some tutorial on commandline. Im doing "less" on some config files to read them, but how do I exit the file when in less-mode?13:04
zykotick9Bernzel: q13:04
BernzelThank you, user with too complex nick to type!13:05
zykotick9!tab | Bernzel13:05
ubottuBernzel: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.13:05
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  Cooler Master has its own support   http://community.coolermaster.com/13:05
OerHeksLonelyDanbo, totally no linux support yet.13:07
LonelyDanboyeah. no surprise there. I think I stumbled on a thread about their mice in Linux when I got it a year and a half ago.13:08
robert45hi guys, any clue why I cant upgrade these packages? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124580/13:08
zykotick9robert45: use "apt-get dist-upgrade"13:09
OerHeks!info maria-db13:09
ubottuPackage maria-db does not exist in vivid13:09
OerHeks!info maria-db-client13:10
ubottuPackage maria-db-client does not exist in vivid13:10
MonkeyDustit's a replacement for mysql, iirc13:10
OerHeks!info mariadb-client13:10
ubottumariadb-client (source: mariadb-10.0): MariaDB database client (metapackage depending on the latest version). In component universe, is optional. Version 10.0.20-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 13 kB, installed size 77 kB13:10
OerHeksold stuff, if that depends on mariadb 513:10
LonelyDanboI don't think the CMStorm Recon mouse software installed any .inf file. There's nothing that looks like it on the wine bottle/prefix. just... mono and gecko stuff.13:13
robert45zykotick9 you rock, thanks13:13
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  looks like you're out of luck, then13:13
LonelyDanboThis is not impossible. it's just inconvenient and stupid.13:14
BluewolfWhat site can I upload screen shots to, in order to re-paste here for help?13:14
OerHeksBluewolf, imgur.com13:14
LonelyDanboThe data sent between the software and the USB device has to be simple. It's not like they would encode it.13:15
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  contact Cooler Master and demand linux support13:15
OerHeksLonelyDanbo, set out a question on askubuntu, to reverse engineer the mouse/driver13:15
caronLonelyDanbo, and ask in #winehq for further advice.13:16
LonelyDanboCan't I just monitor all data sent to a specific USB device? hm. or at least intended USB device, since the only thing that transmits the data is that stupid Windows program.13:16
BluewolfOerHeks: Huh, not the one I use before. And they don't have any issue with my random screenshot of LibreOffice?13:16
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vasgoradhello, I have a problem, I am learning Python and when a write print 'Hello world' , the ' is a syntax error13:19
vasgoradin Python 3.4.0 Shell13:19
TJ-vasgorad: python 3? try print('Hello world')13:19
TJ-vasgorad: in 3.x print() is a function not a statement13:19
MonkeyDustvasgorad  there's also #learnpython13:20
vasgoradthank you so much13:20
Picivasgorad: and #python13:20
PiciMonkeyDust: #learnpython isn't really a thing.13:20
MonkeyDustPici  it says, 100 people are present13:21
PiciMonkeyDust: not on freenode13:22
PiciMonkeyDust: I guess you mean ##learnpython13:22
MonkeyDustPici  yes, i mistyped13:23
BluewolfCan anyone help with changing the colour of my window frame of LibreOffice, I'm gifted with faulty eyes and the bright screen irritates them, the dark mod of Gnome dose not seem to influence LibreOffice - I have manage to solve the page colour and its background as seen in this screenshot ( http://imgur.com/pgMXfyh )?13:23
vasgoradI am learning python in a web. In the web writes print ' hello world' but in python 3.4.0 the correct form is print ('hello world'). Why change the lenguage with the program?13:31
vasgoradI put this message in #learnpython but nobody talk with me haah13:32
TJ-vasgorad: see https://docs.python.org/3.0/whatsnew/3.0.html13:33
vasgoradthank you, I am a principiant and I thought that a programing lenguage never changes hahah13:34
=== MasterOf1isaster is now known as MasterOfDisaster
TJ-vasgorad: It's Python... it does everything unexpected!13:35
blibIn the latest version of ubuntu, what is the best way of writing a service? (systemd? upstart? ...?)13:36
vasgoradhahah thanks13:37
BluewolfCan anyone help with changing the colour of my window frame of LibreOffice, I'm gifted with faulty eyes and the bright screen irritates them, the dark mod of Gnome dose not seem to influence LibreOffice - I have manage to solve the page colour and its background as seen in this screenshot ( http://imgur.com/pgMXfyh )?13:38
blibupstart or systemd?13:39
TJ-blib: systemd units13:39
blibTJ-: is there a good tutorial on how to write services using systemd for 15.04 somewhere?13:40
xanguaBluewolf: that's the default gnome theme, not the dark version13:40
TJ-blib: the systemd documentation itself13:40
xanguaif a dark theme is what you want, you could search one at gnome-look.org Bluewolf13:41
Bluewolfxangua: Exactly, the dark version does not work on it. I want to get it like the dark version, the thing is that I don't want other themes because their will be something about them which bugs me. The Gnome default is perfect, I just need to change the colour of that window and I'm sold.13:43
jeffreylevesquewhat does `apt-get --assume-yes install` mean?13:43
jeffreylevesquewhat is `--assume-yes` flag?13:43
Bluewolfxangua: If it was like the text editor on the Dark version then that would be brilliant! :D13:44
brane_has anyone had to setup bonding to a force 10 switch?13:46
dgbaleyAnyone know if nfsmount in the initrd on 14.04 is supposed to support nfs4?13:48
TJ-dgbaley: I'd suspect it depends if the nfs4 kernel module is included13:51
dgbaleyTJ-: It is but I still just can't get v4 to work, and I don't see anything in the source for nfsmount that lets you force a version number.13:52
TJ-dgbaley: the init script for nfs is /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/nfs13:54
dgbaleyTJ-: yeah, but that uses a small c tool from klibc "nfsmount" to do the mounting13:55
TJ-dgbaley: I see  "nfsmount -o nolock ${roflag} ${NFSOPTS} ${NFSROOT} ${rootmnt} " which suggests ${NFSOPTS} is the only thing that could influence it, but there's no specific "-t type" there13:55
TJ-dgbaley: I've booted over nfs v4 so I know it is possible.13:56
PCatineanHow does one give permissions to a user to do sudo nginx reload without entering the password?13:58
Bluewolfxangua: Any idea to change the colour of the window to the Dark version?13:59
persahi, I have a command that I want to run in a script and this command asks for a password. how can I pass the password as a parameter to this command when I invoke it in the script?13:59
dgbaleyTJ-: ah, that's good to know, 14.04?13:59
TJ-PCatinean: add an option to /etc/sudoers. See "man sudoers"13:59
TJ-dgbaley: for PXE/TFTP/NFS boots of releases back to 8.04 I think13:59
dgbaleyYeah but those weren't v4, I don't think even 10.04 supported v4 at all14:00
PCatineanadd it there you say14:02
wadMy Ubuntu won't update anymore. "apt-get upgrade" stalls on one line forever: update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-35-generic14:03
wadAnybody have suggestions?14:03
MonkeyDustwad  try sudo ap-get -f install   <-- means fix14:04
wadI'll try it, thanks!14:04
wadMonkeyDust, I had to kill the process (CTRL-C didn't work), and your command resulted in "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.". I ran that command, it it goes back to the same line, getting stuck again. :(14:06
TJ-dgbaley: I'm not sure which NFS version the server used originally, but it's been using v4 for the past couple of years and boots the images still14:07
hateballwad: have you checked that your disk is not full? run "df -h" in a terminal14:07
wad1.5T available.14:07
hateballand you do not have a separate partition for /boot that is full either ?14:07
* wad checks14:07
wad/dev/sda1                    236M   85M  139M  39% /boot14:08
wadPlenty of space in /boot14:08
wadKeep the ideas flowing! :)14:08
dgbaleyTJ-: can I see your boot options for PXE? My v4 attempt looks like this: root=/dev/nfs ro nfsroot= ip=dhcp quiet14:08
dgbaleyTJ-: And in the mountd log, all I see are MNT3 requests14:09
TJ-dgbaley: see http://tjworld.net/wiki/Linux/Ubuntu/NetbootPxeLiveCDMultipleReleases14:09
MonkeyDustwad  try sudo apt autoclean, first14:13
=== Bnaya_ is now known as Bnaya
wadI did the autoclean, and it seems to have done something.14:14
wadThen I ran "apt-get  -f install" and it hangs again, same line. :(14:15
wadI can kill it with "kill -9".14:15
hateballwad: which version is this on?14:15
=== aryan_ is now known as arunpyasi
wad14 LTS 64-bit desktop.14:15
hateballhmmm, same as I am. then the kernel+modules dont take more than ~32mb together so it shouldnt be the /boot full issue14:16
hateballthats the most common thing for me14:16
hateballwad: could you run apt-get autoremove, just for kicks?14:16
wadUgh, same problem, hung on the same line: update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-35-generic14:17
hateballthat should remove unused kernels etc, freeing up space. but it probably isnt the issue14:17
wadNo, there were only two things to remove. I keep my system fairly clean.14:17
MonkeyDustwad  I picked this up in this channel ... save it as 'repair', make executable and run it ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/12125046/14:17
wadThanks. I'll look at that in a minute. Found something on ubuntuforums that I'm gonna try.14:18
TJ-dgbaley: the nfs modules for v3 and v4 both seem to be in initrd by default; i'm not sure why the client side would be seeming to use v3 though14:20
wadUgh, a bunch of these commands I'm trying just get me to the same hang state. :(14:20
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest87412
MonkeyDustwad  can there be something wrong with the mirror you're using?14:21
wadIt seems to have downloaded updates just fine, there is something whacked with the initramfs-tools install.14:22
wadLooking on the googles, I think there is a directory missing somewhere.14:22
wadSeveral people said they had this problem, and making a symlink to a directory fixed it.14:22
wadIf only I knew how to debug this, and see what the underlying problem is.14:22
SopaXTOn my Lenovo TP E330, there was a terrible flicker -> eye damage.14:22
wadMaybe there is a verbosity flag on apt-get....14:23
SopaXTWhen I tried to find the problem, I found two controllers in /sys/class/backlight14:23
sreejithhi i tried to install ubuntu 12.4.4 in my server its a raid 5 server but its showing an  GRUB error after fineeshing installation14:23
wadOr maybe there is a way to use dpkg directly (instead of the apt-get wrapper) to figure out the issue.14:23
MonkeyDustSopaXT  keep your wuestion in one line, it's easier to read and repeat14:23
SopaXTMonkeyDust, I will now describe it in one line.14:24
ioriawad do you have this file  /var/lib/dpkg/info/initramfs-tools.postinst    ?14:27
* wad looks14:27
SopaXTI have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330, it had terrible screen flicker. One year of using it led to eye damage. Linking the trouble to backlight, I discovered two backlight controllers in /sys/class/backlight: intel_backlight and acpi_video0. I discovered that the PWM frequency doubles if I set intel's backlight to max_brightness. And then, to my wonder, the backlight switch still works, but no flicker is noticeable. Ideas?14:27
wadioria, doesn't exist.14:27
ioriawad no good14:27
AbuDharhow to change system font? :D14:28
WRStone3Anyone ever work with Powerbroker Identity Services Open (PBIS Open)?  I'm having an odd problem where Linux servers are not returning the correct AD groups of which a user is a member.14:30
MonkeyDustAbuDhar  try qt4 settings14:31
wadAnyone know how to put "apt-get install" into some sort of verbose mode? So I can debug into this issue?14:31
MonkeyDustWRStone3  there's also #ubuntu-server14:31
ioriawad are you trusty ?14:31
ioriawad are you trusty ?14:31
WRStone3Thanks, MonkeyDust, I'll have a look over there.14:31
AbuDharnever mind. I found out :D14:31
wadI think so.14:31
wadLet me verify for sure.14:31
TJ-dgbaley: have you tried adding the version into the mount options, as in "nfsroot=,vers=4"14:32
MonkeyDustAbuDhar  how did you do it14:32
wadI'm the LTS version of trusty.14:32
ioriawad cat /etc/issue14:32
AbuDharMonkeyDust, system settings and application appearance14:32
AbuDharI am using KDE14:32
sreejithgrub error showig  "out of disk" after installation of ubuntu 12.414:32
iMin3Ra1nhey linux. just installed ubuntu 13.04 under wubi under windows 10. i booted ubuntu, and there's no user to login to. just "login" and it prompts you to put in your username followed by your password, which it rejected. I have no idea how to get into this computer. somebody please help? it didnt like me just inputting "ubuntu" and no password either14:33
dgbaleyTJ-: yes, I have, but looking in nfsmount, it doesn't support that14:33
Technobliteratorso, I think I've asked this before but I've not found a solution to my problem; does anyone know what's wrong with my computer if internet in Ubuntu is very slow to download and browse, but my speeds were very good on Windows and are good on any other device I use the internet on?14:33
TechnobliteratorI don't think it's to do with my modem, but it might be some dns error14:34
OerHeksTechnobliterator, wireless, if i recall correctly?14:35
PiciiMin3Ra1n: 1) 13.10 is no longer supported, it reached its EOL date in 2014. 2) Wubi is not supported under Windows 8+, 3) Wubi is very hard to support and no one in this channel tends to suggest it for any installs.14:35
MonkeyDustTechnobliterator  here's a few speed boost tips   http://paste.ubuntu.com/12125205/14:36
TechnobliteratorWireless, yeah14:36
Technobliteratoralright, I will do those things, thanks14:37
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BluewolfCan anyone help with changing the colour of my window frame of LibreOffice, I'm gifted with faulty eyes and the bright screen irritates them, the dark mod of Gnome dose not seem to influence LibreOffice - I have manage to solve the page colour and its background as seen in this screenshot ( http://imgur.com/pgMXfyh )?14:37
furioushola, donde encuentro un canal en español14:38
MonkeyDustBluewolf  not exactly what you're asking, but redshift-gtk dims your screen14:38
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:38
TechnobliteratorMonkeyDust, I've done this14:41
BluewolfMonkeyDust: Thanks for the consideration, but I don't think it will help. The screen needs to be bright, but with a dark applications. White and grey on the screen strains my eyes. :(14:42
TechnobliteratorDownload speeds still hover at around 11 kbps14:42
TechnobliteratorI'm fairly sure there's some bug or something that's causing it to be so slow, and I don't know what :/14:42
TJ-dgbaley: Learn something new every day. So the kernel doesn't support nfsv4 rootfs; my config must be using nfsv3 and I never realised since I set up the non-remote stuff to be v4 I assumed it all was14:43
TJ-dgbaley: defaults to v2 unless there's vers=314:43
OerHeksTechnobliterator, some wirelessdrivers are not optimum..  specially if it is wireless N: solution can be> trottle back to 54 mbit14:44
OerHeksTechnobliterator, that can be set in networkmanager, or in some routers, macfilter, and connection type14:44
TJ-dgbaley: or probably, version=3 ... I can't quite see how the internal kernel default NFS_ROOT_OPTIONS with vers=2  gets translated to 'version=2' for nfsmount's mount_call()14:44
Jack64hey guys, I've been struggling with getting nvidia drivers working on my laptop with Ubuntu 14.04 (I have a GeForce 650M). I tried following 400 different tutorials and nothing makes cudaHashcat work. Any tips so I can end this frustration?14:46
TechnobliteratorI will try doing that, but I don't know if it'll work14:48
TechnobliteratorI don't think that's what's causing the problem because I didn't find anything online suggesting it doesn't work with Ubuntu14:49
OerHeksJack64, there is an official ppa comming for nvidiadrivers  still in testing, but nice ... http://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-official-ppa-graphics/  https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa14:49
akikis there a guide somewhere how to mount a cifs mount with systemd?14:51
SopaXTCan I repeat my message?14:51
OerHeksSopaXT, sure14:51
Jack64OerHeks: thanks, I'll follow that see if I can get anywhere14:51
OerHeksJack64, especially the new 352/355 driver14:52
SopaXTI have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330, it had terrible screen flicker. One year of using it led to eye damage. Linking the trouble to backlight, I discovered two backlight controllers in /sys/class/backlight: intel_backlight and acpi_video0. I discovered that the PWM frequency doubles if I set intel's backlight to max_brightness. And then, to my wonder, the backlight switch still works, but no flicker is noticeable. Ideas?14:53
Jack64especially as in go for it or stay way from it?14:53
OerHeksJack64, no, maybe those drivers are suited for cuda hash cat14:55
Jack64I used the "Additional Controllers" menu to install the ones I currently have14:55
Jack64still no luck14:55
OerHeksJack64, that is oke, just add the ppa, and run that driver menu again14:56
OerHeksto reverse, if not working, use ppa-purge14:56
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html14:56
Jack64OerHeks: ok, I'll do that, check back in a bit. thanks14:56
TechnobliteratorOh, something I found online suggests it's to do with "power management" that is causing my USB wifi to run slower14:57
Technobliteratorcould that still be true in 15.04?14:57
OerHeksTechnobliterator, yes, powermanagment, or hardware-encryption. depends on what chipset14:58
Technobliteratorany way I can stop that?14:59
Jack64OerHeks: ok, ppa added and update done. now I pick 355 or 352, either one works? and after that, do I need something like optirun to run hashcat?15:01
OerHeksJack64, optirun, i don't know about that :-(15:01
AbuDharKDE is beautiful :D15:02
Jack64that is like a switching app that uses the dedicated GPU instead of the intel one15:02
OerHeksthat used to be nvidia-prime AFAIK15:03
markizanoHello, I'm trying to create ubuntu remix, and i'm unable to login after successfully creating the image.\n (ERROR:....15:05
markizanoThe error is related to authentication failure.15:05
TechnobliteratorI can't find how to disable power management for USB anywhere? ?__?15:05
markizanoLooking deeper in the logs, it looks like getty is trying to run as or identify the user "ubuntu" despite I've changed the default account to "docker"15:05
markizanoAnyone know where the config is to get getty to run without vomiting all over the floor ?15:06
MonkeyDustmarkizano  that was an emotional question... please rephrase15:06
markizanoTechnobliterator: either of these work? http://askubuntu.com/questions/80638/how-to-disable-auto-power-off-of-usb-devices-like-usb-mouse  http://askubuntu.com/questions/185274/how-can-i-disable-usb-autosuspend-for-a-specific-device15:06
markizanoMonkeyDust: yeah, my issue is getty (I suspect) is somehow trying to `id ubuntu' and it can't. I've only added 'docker'15:07
markizanobut when the VM starts up on the live CD I've created, I get through the boot all the way to starting getty.15:07
Technobliteratorthe first tells me powernap-action is not a command, though I'm not sure that's related to usb wifi?15:08
markizanohttp://pastebin.com/bJTandZ3 <- I've had to remove all the other ttyX.conf files from /etc/init15:08
Technobliteratorthe solutions I've found to the USB wifi online keep giving me results like "command not found"15:08
markizanoTechnobliterator: oh wifi power management - iwconfig $WLAN power off15:09
Technobliterator"iwconfig: unknown command "off""15:10
K4kHey, I'm getting "Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages" when trying to grab some packages but apt-mark and dpkg show no holds15:11
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K4kI've run autoclean and update but I still get the error15:11
notionSundayfinished a project15:12
notionSundayfor the raspberry pi and cam module https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29AsBTVfF6g15:12
MonkeyDustK4k  you too ... I picked this up in this channel ... save it as 'repair', make executable and run it ...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12125046/15:12
markizanoIf I login single user mode, I get root - if I run getty manaully, no issues. If I proceed to `init 5' it returns authentication failure, with the logs saying: pam_unix(login:account): could not identify user (from getpwnam(ubuntu))15:12
Technobliteratoryeah, it keeps telling me "off" is an unknown command...???15:13
K4kMonkeyDust: Thanks, I'll have a look at that15:13
markizanoTechnobliterator: Did you change $WLAN to the name of your wireless interface ?15:13
Technobliteratoroh, no15:14
K4kWHY does paste.ubuntu.com require me to have a launchpad account to download the raw text version of a paste!? That's absolutely idiotic15:15
Technobliteratorokay, now it's telling me the device name printed on the USB is wrong...15:17
K4kMonkeyDust: Same error after running that repair script15:17
drkjstrTechnobliterator: What do you get when you type: ip link15:18
OerHeksK4k, yes, that is a requirement, you can use it free without those option.15:18
OerHeks(think of spammers, or hackers to use it as a base)15:18
Technobliterator1 sec15:19
Technobliteratortrying to reconnect on desktop15:19
derek01im having an issue getting nvidia drivers to work. Not even sure where to start...Issue is starting to get me mad. Something about nvidia settings not finding the registry key?15:21
TechnobliteratorI don't get why I'd need power management on usb devices at all on a desktop15:21
Jack64OerHeks: installed 355 and got black screen at login15:21
K4kPackages are still broken. Tried using the broken package filter in synaptic as well, it doesn't show anything15:22
Jack64OerHeks: going to have to remove nvidia-* and apt-get install nvidia-current (only way to get the login prompt back)15:22
K4kIs there a way to get something more useful to troubleshoot with besides "Something" is broken, this seems like a horribly vague message15:22
MonkeyDustK4k  copy/paste the exact error message15:23
drkjstrTechnobliterator: I would imagine it would be for something like USB external drives. But, I see your point.15:23
K4kMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12125628/15:24
TechnobliteratorI just don't get why I don't have the option to just completely disable it15:24
havinagigglewhat burning program does eliot use in mr.robot?15:24
K4kI'm using apt-offline to grab packages for me to use offline on another system. If I try to install build-essential by itself I see this error....15:24
cfhowlett!ot | havinagiggle, ?15:24
ubottuhavinagiggle, ?: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:24
K4kMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12125650/15:25
Technobliteratoranyway, ip link gives me: http://pastie.org/1036165015:25
blibuwsgi is starting on a server. How do I figure out how did it start, or who started it?15:25
havinagigglecfhowlett: i need support in finding the burning tool which eliot uses15:25
Fuchsblib: pstree if you are lucky15:25
cfhowletthavinagiggle,  this is ubuntu support not TV/Movie trivia.  look somewhere else.15:26
blibFuchs: init -- sh───uwsgi───5*[uwsgi───{uwsgi}]15:26
havinagiggleare burning options in ubuntu now trivia?15:26
Fuchsblib: an init script then, see if one of the other scripts depend on it  (grep could do, or one of the various boot chart thingies)15:26
derek01im having an issue getting nvidia drivers to work. Not even sure where to start...Issue is starting to get me mad. Something about nvidia settings not finding the registry key?15:27
cfhowletthavinagiggle, "havinagiggle> what burning program does eliot use in mr.robot?"15:27
blibFuchs: in /etc/init.d I have uwsgi15:27
blibis that it?15:27
MonkeyDustK4k in a terminal, type 'apt-cache show apt-offline' ... are you using two machines?15:27
K4khavinagiggle: You're specifically asking what burner was used in a TV show. We're more than happy to recommend a burning utility available in Ubuntu but we do not necessarily know the answer to your exact question.15:27
OerHeksK4k, on what ubuntu version is this?15:27
Fuchsblib: yes, but probably something else did start that. Unless you enabled it for your runlevel15:27
K4kMonkeyDust: Yes, two machines15:27
blibFuchs: service uwsgi status - says "Which one?"15:27
K4kOerHeks: 14.0415:27
OerHeksK4k, seems like your ubuntu is not up2date15:28
havinagiggleK4k: no problem, thanks - i will keep looking15:28
OerHekssudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:28
Technobliteratorso, is there no way to just disable power management for usb wifi? am I stuck with it?15:28
TechnobliteratorI haven't found anything helpful by searching15:29
blibFuchs: any way to figure out how its started?15:29
K4kOerHeks: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade show now new packages15:29
K4kMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12125723/15:29
K4kOerHeks: s/now/no15:29
drkjstrTechnobliterator: Did you ever find the name of your wifi interface?15:29
OerHeksK4k, how about dist-upgrade ?15:30
drkjstrTry in the terminial: ip link15:30
K4kI'm confident that I'm on the latest available for 14.0415:30
Technobliteratordrkjstr, http://pastie.org/1036165015:31
OerHeksK4k, any PPA's? cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d15:31
markizanoIn ubuntu-remix, something is trying to identify ubuntu - not sure why, but it's only in runlevel(5). running in single-user mode and executing getty work fine.15:31
OerHekserr ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d15:31
cfhowlettK4k, "latest available" would be obtained with sudo apt full-upgrade15:31
drkjstrTechnobliterator: it is that wlan0 try the previous command with that as the name.15:31
K4kcfhowlett: upgrade + dist-upgrade is not the same?15:32
OerHeksmarkizano, ubuntu remix is not an official ubuntu ..15:32
markizanoCould it be the lack of a hostname definition upon host provisioning ? I did update /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname to reflect the desired hostname, but when booting into a VM, it stays "ubuntu"15:32
cfhowlettK4k, they are not15:32
Technobliteratorsudio iwconfig wlan0 power off?15:32
drkjstrTechnobliterator: yes15:32
markizanoOerHeks: and... ?15:32
OerHeksfull-upgrade does not work here, only dist-upgrade ( wonder who came up with that)15:32
Technobliteratordrkjstr, "SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported."15:32
K4kMonkeyDust: This may be helpful... I accidentally ran apt-offline install bundle.zip on a deb bundle I had made but these were using old deb versions. This is when this error began. I've since gone and removed all deb files from /var/cache/apt/archives to clean that out15:33
Jack64OerHeks: any other tips to solve the nvidia trouble aside from the ppa solution?15:33
derek01anyone got any experience with nvidia drivers not working?15:33
markizanoI'm more concerned about when I startup my VM - it gives me "authentication failure" rather than a login prompt.15:33
derek01im having an issue getting nvidia drivers to work. Not even sure where to start...Issue is starting to get me mad. Something about nvidia settings not finding the registry key?15:33
MonkeyDustK4k  dist-upgrade removes obsolete packages, upgrade doesnt15:33
cfhowlettOerHeks, apt full-upgrade    = apt-get dist-upgrade.  still confusing as heck.15:33
markizanoSomething in getty's configuration, or a descendent of it is trying to getpwnam(ubuntu).15:33
mcphailOerHeks: apt full-upgrade, not apt-get15:33
markizanoI just need a clue as to what that might be and it should be good.15:33
OerHekscfhowlett, mcphail thanks for the clarify15:34
drkjstrTechnobliterator: Well, that's no good. I found this article, maybe it can help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/85214/how-can-i-prevent-iwconfig-power-management-from-being-turned-on15:34
mcphailOerHeks: I just found that one yesterday :)15:34
OerHeksJack64, no, what tutor are you using for that cuda hash cat ?15:35
drkjstrmcphail: OerHeks: I didn't know about apt instead of apt-get until just recently.15:35
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Jack64OerHeks: no tutorial, it was working and then broke after an apt-get dist-upgrade. Never fixed it since then cause I haven't needed it but I need it now15:36
luc4Hello! I just installed ubuntu in my PC using EFI. However it seems even though installation was successful only windows can be booted. I see no multiboot screen. Any idea why?15:36
Jack64OerHeks: and I can't remember how to do it again15:36
Technobliteratoralright drkjstr, done all of those15:36
Technobliteratorhopefully it'll now be fine15:36
cfhowlettdrkjstr, I seem to recall an announcement in one of the mail lists, but no major announcement.  still getting used to it.15:36
MonkeyDustluc4  hold shift during boot, it will bring the grub menu15:37
drkjstrTechnobliterator: I hope so too. Come on back if it doesn't though.15:37
MonkeyDustbring up*15:37
luc4MonkeyDust: nope, no grub. Only damn windows.15:38
drkjstrderek01: Have you looked at this?: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia15:38
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:39
luc4OerHeks: are you answering to me?15:40
OerHeksluc4, that is the uefi manual, i have no experience with that myself.15:40
luc4OerHeks: read that already, still not working.15:40
luc4Tried boot repair, still not working.15:41
OerHeksluc4, does it work with secureboot disabled?15:41
K4kapt-get install build-essential says g++ is the wrong version... but g++ isn't installed. Trying to install g++ says g++ is the wrong version... but it's not installed... so... wat?15:41
luc4Boot repair told me to run a bcdedit command if windows was booted, but I cannot understand where to run that command.15:42
=== EagleDelta is now known as dhollinger
luc4OerHeks: no, it is already disabled.15:42
ash_workfor the following quote: "Using purge or --purge remove instead of remove does not reverse changes to existing systemwide configuration files provided by other packages or created manually by the user. However, sometimes such changes are undone by uninstalling the package (whether or not it's a purge rather than a remove)." ... by what mechanism of "uninstalling" are they referring?15:48
cfhowlettash_work, what command gave you that information?15:49
mainred 15:49
ash_workcfhowlett: its from a askubuntu post15:50
medicijnmani don't know if this is normal, but i ran srm image*.jpg and gvfsd-mtp just SIGSEGV'd. is this common?15:51
Technobliteratorwell, wifi download's still only 1mbps, but I haven't rebooted yet. that's still a massive improvement15:51
cfhowlettash_work, the lack of context makes it difficult your question.15:51
ash_workcfhowlett: this was just general information about removing packages with sudo apt-get purge ... or sudo apt-get --purge remove ...15:52
MonkeyDustash_work  start from the beginning, what brings you here15:52
cfhowlettash_work, I would suggest you read the man page for apt-get's replacement: man apt15:53
bozeI tried a boot repair disk, but no dice. Any chance of saving it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12120966/15:54
K4kMonkeyDust: You got any other ideas what's going on here? From all I can tell, the version of the package apt-get wants to install is not available but I'm connected directly to the ubuntu upstream repositories and I have no PPAs installed15:55
wangshidongwhy ubuntu 15.04 sudo apt-get install mysql ! then in the terminal can not insert chinese15:56
wangshidongbut ubuntu 14.04 is ok15:57
cfhowlett!cn | wangshidong,15:57
ubottuwangshidong,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:57
wangshidongnot for chinese15:58
wangshidongjust thr insert commund15:58
Stawidywangshidong, Is it something wrong with your Input method?15:58
ash_workyes, well, I am having some general confustion but i can use my current circumstance as an example15:58
evilnebbyI would like to install ubuntu 14.04 lts using encryption and lvm, but would like the root lv to be smaller than the entire contents of the hdd. Is this possible in the installer?15:59
ash_workso, sometimes I'll install something and the package command works fine; in this case "docker"15:59
wangshidongno vim terminal is ok15:59
ash_workso like, docker runs as though it is a command and gives feedback as such15:59
ash_workhowever, something like start docker, doesn't find docker15:59
Stawidythere're not many people at #ubuntu-cn16:00
wangshidongmaybe mysql5.6 id not for ubuntu15.0416:00
OerHeksluc4, maybe this page is any help http://itsfoss.com/no-grub-windows-linux/16:00
luc4OerHeks: I’ll have a look, thanks.16:00
ash_workso someone was telling me to uninstall the package and I am not really familiar with uninstallation processes in general16:00
OerHeksor is it just the way around ..16:01
wangshidongi have change to ubuntu 14.04 ,and the mysql 5.5 works very well16:01
SamYapleHey guys. Is there an IRC channel for the packagers for the Ubuntu Cloud-Archive Openstack stuff? Trying to include that in the Openstack project Kolla and need some contacts for questions16:01
ash_workso I looked it up and someone posted about sudo apt-get --purge remove ....16:01
cfhowlettwangshidong, 14.04 is long-term support.  15.04 is supported for only 9 months.16:01
PiciSamYaple: #ubuntu-server would be a good place to start16:01
ash_workMonkeyDust: ^16:01
drkjstrevilnebby: I haven't done an encrypted LVM that wasn't the full disk, myself.  But, you should be able to do this via the manual partitioning section of the installer.16:02
wangshidongso i have go back to 14.0416:02
SamYaplePici: thanks16:02
ash_workMonkeyDust: since I came across that post I didn't know what would be the best way to uninstall docker, although it would seem that case scenario is no longer relevant16:02
ash_workMonkeyDust: but I still would like to know how to uninstall something should that need arise16:02
wangshidongis there any one use vim as java ide16:02
wangshidongany usefull plugin16:03
evilnebbydrkjstr: thanks. I should clarify that I would like to use the entire disk, but I would only like the ubuntu-vg/root logical volume to occupy ~20% leaving the remaining 80% for other logical volumes in the same volume group16:03
ash_workMonkeyDust: and I didn't know when reading that post if Eliah was mentioning 3 commands, or 2 (sudo apt-get purge ... or sudo apt-get --purge remove ...) when he says: "Using purge or --purge remove instead of remove does not reverse changes to existing systemwide configuration files provided by other packages or created manually by the user. However, sometimes such changes are undone by uninstalling the package (whether or not it's 16:04
drkjstrevilnebby: I'm assuming it is similar to the manual method for unencrypted LVM, but you would just make a smaller partion and assign it the mount point of /.16:04
K4kMonkeyDust: Fixed it16:06
drkjstrevilnebby: I usually setup my installs with a smaller / than my /home.16:06
K4kSo... apparently the offline system and this online system are using two different repository mirrors and the on the offline system uses has more packages available than the one this online system had available16:06
catalasei am running this on ubuntu server 14.04.3 lts and i receive this output Update the packages list is not understoodtion --yes16:08
catalasewhat is wrong with that when i run /bin/sh /etc/cron.d/update.sh16:09
maouHi all, what could be causing repeated internet connection dropping on a wireless network (the wireless does not disconnect), which can be momentarily fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting in 14.04?16:09
cfhowlett!server | catalase16:09
ubottucatalase: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server16:09
BluewolfCan anyone help with changing the colour of my window frame of LibreOffice, I'm gifted with faulty eyes and the bright screen irritates them, the dark mod of Gnome dose not seem to influence LibreOffice - I have manage to solve the page colour and its background as seen in this screenshot ( http://imgur.com/pgMXfyh )?16:10
catalasecfhowlett, what?16:10
cfhowlettcatalase, ask #ubuntu-server        about your server issues.16:11
spacebug^Seriously? I can't even boot the live-cd (USB) 14.04. Wnated to install Ubuntu but it gives me an error. "acpi pcc probe failed" (error related to nouveau). Maxwell, unknown chipset, unable to set DRM 0000000x80 (something like that)16:13
pombredaHiya :) I am asked to test mainline kernels per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds to deal with a Dell latitude e6540 touchpad bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/148061516:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1480615 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Dell Latitude E6540] ALPS touchpad and buttons work only in a single window." [Medium,Incomplete]16:13
pombredaShould I uninstall vitualbox prior to this?16:13
evilnebbydrkjstr: I may be thinking about this with incorrect assumptions :) If I want my entire disk to be in one VG, and that entire vg to be encrypted, wouldn't my partition table only have a single partition occupying the entire disk, with multiple logical volumes inside? My ultimate goal is to have ubuntu install as it would by default, but with the root logical volume not occupying the entire disk.16:13
bozeI'm transitioning a desktop computer to ubuntu for work cause my laptop died. There's 4 hard drives. I can see 2 in nautilus. one's the windows drive the other is ubuntu. How come I can't see the other two? I can see them in the disks program16:14
luc4OerHeks: that seemed to make it work! Thanks!16:15
derek01drkjstr: Ive installed and reinstalled about 47 times, all come back to the same error, it seems the drivers are in use, when I run dpkg -l | grep nvidia, it shows the correct drivers. however, the settings manager wont start properly, it shows only two side menus, neither pertaining to any useful attributes16:15
drkjstrevilnebby: So you want the whole drive to be one LVM, and inside it to have a 20% /, with space to have other volumes, right?16:18
derek01drkjstr: also shows this in console when running nvidia-settings; ** Message: PRIME: No offloading required. Abort16:18
derek01** Message: PRIME: is it supported? no16:18
evilnebbydrkjstr: just so, yes.16:18
derek01oh and im also getting errors about the kernel compiler not being the same as the one in use16:20
drkjstrderek01: Unfortunately, I haven't run any setups with NVIDIA cards, so I don't have any experience with their drivers.16:21
allwhitebuffiesuhhh i don't know what i'm doing16:21
cfhowlett!details | allwhitebuffies16:21
ubottuallwhitebuffies: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)16:21
drkjstrevilnebby: Take a look at this article, it is for an older version 12.04, but might have information relevant to your goal. Ignore the RAID part of it: http://www.itfromscratch.com/install-ubuntu-server-12-04-with-encrypted-lvm-on-raid1/6/16:22
evilnebbywill do, thanks.16:22
derek01maybe someone can help with this error, as its not specific to nvidia. The compiler used to compile the kernel (gcc 4.8) does not exactly match the current compiler (gcc 4.9).16:22
derek01how could I make the compiler default to 4.816:23
ActionParsnipderek01: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue16:25
drkjstrderek01: maybe this can help: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4986916:25
derek01actionparsnip: Ubuntu 15.04 \n \l16:26
derek01drkjstr: thanks ill try that.16:26
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nilsHi! My problem is that booting with kernel 3.19 hangs waiting for the encryptet disk, I booted 3.16 to be able to type this. Is this a known problem? (I searched the net, and some seems to have similar problems with 4+ kernels)16:43
rizakishey, anybody knows how to upload an image via link for example on facebook on linux?16:44
cfhowlettrizakis, sounds like a question you should ask facebook ...16:45
nilsTo add to my fear, I messed about with crypttab to get swap to work, after upgrading from Ubuntu 14.4 to 15.4 via 14.8, so I might be responsible for the problem (too)...16:45
rizakisit's easy to do on windows, but i can't figure out how to do this on linux16:45
Patty__Hello, how to extracting only files existing in the destination directory ? (for example i've file1 & file2 in my archive ; i've file2 in my destination file, it's remplaced but file1 is not created. thk16:48
choheare there any issues with grunt-cli and 14.04 It keeps complaining about Non-Ascii values16:50
=== Guest22918 is now known as tanker
ash_workso this laptop came with a webcam but there isn't any kind of detection of it on Linux...16:51
ash_workie: there are no video files in the /dev/ dir16:51
ActionParsnipash_work: do you see yourself in cheese?16:51
ash_workActionParsnip: it says: "no device found"16:52
ActionParsnipash_work: if you run:  lsusb; lsb_release -a; uname -a     what is the output please? You can use http://pastie.org (or similar) to hold the output16:53
derek01ok so still no go, its still complaining about not finding the kernel source headers. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1212764216:54
tankerhi what linux can I get that is like windows but not zorin  it just not working out    lol like the os is broke16:54
ActionParsniptanker: Kubuntu16:55
tankerany others  that are easy to use  as well ?16:55
ActionParsniptanker: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/Kubuntu-14-04-LTS-Beta-1-Trusty-Tahr-Is-Out-Screenshot-Tour-430062-6.jpg16:56
cfhowlett!flavors | tanker16:56
ubottutanker: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.16:56
ActionParsniptanker: they are all the same OS, just with a different desktop environment16:56
=== walk3r is now known as mlwalk3r
ash_workActionParsnip: http://hastebin.com/ominoqobey16:56
ActionParsnipash_work: is it a Lenovo?16:57
tankerok this is for a older person thats way and I for got about xubuntu thx16:58
ActionParsnipash_work: if you run:   groups    are you a member of the video group?16:58
drkjstrtanker: Also, ubuntu MATE for 15.04 is similar to the GNOME2 version of the older Ubuntu versions.16:58
ash_workActionParsnip: no16:58
ActionParsnipash_work: add yourself to the video group then log off and on16:59
tankerpls my computer has intel core 2 duo  and 4 gb ram as wall16:59
ActionParsniptanker: xubuntu will be great. Its super light16:59
drkjstrderek01: sorry to hear that didn't help. I'm fresh out of ideas. Maybe someone else has more experience with NVIDIA on Ubuntu.17:00
derek01drkjstr: I think it has something to do with the recent upgrade from 14.10 to 15.04, its complaining about the headers. looks like grub might be pointing to the old ones?17:00
drkjstrtanker: I agree with ActionParsnip. Xubuntu is a good lightweight version that should be good as a Windows replacement.17:01
drkjstrderek01: Have you looked at your alternate kernels when grub pops up?17:01
tankerActionParsnip: ok thx and drkjstr: I will be back if something happens lol17:02
derek01drkjstr: it only shows all the same kernels, but with upstart and recovery17:02
derek01drkjstr: 3.16.0.icantremember lol17:02
=== grubby is now known as Guest88186
ash_workActionParsnip: ugh, is this what I was supposed to run: sudo useradd -G Group-name Username17:02
ash_workbecause it just responds: useradd: user `username` already exists17:03
ActionParsnipash_work: sudo usermod -a -G video $USER17:04
ash_mwhat did you tell me to do after I logged in??17:07
=== nils is now known as NilsR
ash_mI can't even remember that person's nick17:09
ActionParsnipash_m: log off and log in17:09
ActionParsnipash_m: then rerun cheese17:09
ash_mActionParsnip: ! that's right17:09
ash_mcheese still says no devices found17:09
NilsRI would be very grateful for some feedback from anyone feeling confident in their understanding of crypttab and luks17:09
ash_munless I'm supposed to run it from the terminal17:09
Guest88186Hi - I'm trying to solve an issue where my system boots to a black screen (No mouse, C-ALT-F1 unresponsive) after the initial ubuntu splashscreen. I've tried to remove 'quiet splash' from the GRUB command and replacing it with 'nosplash debug' but this just gives me a blank screen from bootup. Any ideas on what to to next would be great! Thanks17:10
=== Rudench is now known as Shnawly
ActionParsnipash_m: what is the make and model of the system please?17:10
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
ash_mMSI GE70 ApachePro17:11
Bashing-om!nomodeset | Guest88186 Have you tried ? for Nvidia and ATI chip sets .17:11
ubottuGuest88186 Have you tried ? for Nvidia and ATI chip sets .: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:11
ActionParsnipash_m: is the camera enabled in BIOS?17:11
ash_mActionParsnip: I guess I could check :17:12
Guest88186ubottu yes I've tried replacing splash quiet with nomodeset which also just gives me a black screen. Is there a way to boot without starting x from grub?17:13
ubottuGuest88186: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:13
ActionParsnipash_m: also use Fn + F6 to turn on the webcam....17:13
ash_mActionParsnip: that was it17:14
ActionParsnipash_m: *sigh*17:14
ActionParsnipash_m: glad you got the gold17:14
Bashing-omGuest88186: What release ? as the intitiate system differs in 15.04 .17:15
ash_mActionParsnip: as a note, I have never had type a command to get a webcam to work before.17:15
ash_m(or key-combo)17:15
Guest88186Bashing-om kubuntu 15.0417:15
ActionParsnipash_m: your system has a combo to enable the webcam and disable it17:16
Bashing-omGuest88186: There is a means to boot to terminal in 15.04, but I do not know ... others will have to advise .17:16
ActionParsnipash_m: so it makes sense to try it17:16
ash_mActionParsnip: that is true17:17
ActionParsnipash_m: all I did was search the web...17:17
Ricarduswhich ones?17:18
Ricardus(sorry, wrong tab)17:18
ash_mActionParsnip: what did you search?17:18
ActionParsnipash_m: https://encrypted.google.com/search?hl=en&q=MSI%20GE70%20linux%20webcam   and    https://duckduckgo.com/?q=MSI+GE70+linux+webcam17:19
vimesHow do I install a program with apt-get?17:20
ash_mActionParsnip: lol, thanks17:20
Xovsshut up17:21
MonkeyDustvimes  sudo apt-get instal blah17:21
MonkeyDustvimes  sudo apt-get install blah17:21
vimesThank you MonkeyDust <317:21
drkjstrvimes: Another option is using apt instead of apt-get: sudo apt install blah17:21
BluewolfCan anyone help with changing the colour of my window frame of LibreOffice, I'm gifted with faulty eyes and the bright screen irritates them, the dark mod of Gnome dose not seem to influence LibreOffice - I have manage to solve the page colour and its background as seen in this screenshot ( http://imgur.com/pgMXfyh )?17:22
admbotHello guys, I have a problem regarding the audio, namely headphones.17:23
admbotMy distro is Xubuntu 14.04 AMD64. The laptop is an Asus K55VD.17:23
admbotAfter installation, everything works fine, the audio (headphones) too, but it seems that after a random amount of time, or reboots maybe, the audio from the headphones just disappears.17:23
admbotThe system does recognize it when I plug them in, it also seems to be directing audio to it, but nothing is to be heard, the speakers still work fine.17:23
admbotI've already tried messing around in alsamixer, looking if stuff was muted there, no result. Also did things like putting model=auto / generic / asus in the alsa config file, but it didn't work.17:23
admbotDoes anybody have any idea what could cause this?17:23
NilsRGuest88186: Did you try to boot an earlier kernel? Sounds a bit like my problem. I can boot 3.16 but not 3.1917:23
lickalotthey guys my system continually drops into initramfs on initial boot.  I have to restart 1 - 2 times everyday.  Ive looked through the logs and did some searching and it seems that the crypt partition isn't mounting in time?  Is there a way to fix this without having to rebuild with no encryption?17:24
ActionParsnipadmbot: what is the output of:  wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload17:25
WRStone3Anyone ever work with Powerbroker Identity Services Open (PBIS Open)?  I'm having an odd problem where Ubuntu servers are not returning the correct AD groups of which a user is a member.17:25
drkjstrBluewolf: Did you alter the colors using Tools --> Options --> Libre Office --> Appearance?17:25
admbotHey ActionParsnip, it says the information is located here : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=123afe97e92c19a9ce1331c418b0d2e9fce0eab117:25
NilsRlickalot: Try booting an earlier kernel. 3.16 works for me, 3.19 does not.17:26
ActionParsnipadmbot: did you try:   options snd-hda-intel model=asus   in alsa-base.conf ?17:28
admbotActionParsnip: I believe I did, but I could try it again. sudo alsa force-reload and a reboot after doing so, right?17:28
ActionParsnipadmbot: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/108742817:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1087428 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[K55VD, Realtek ALC270, Black Headphone Out, Right] No sound at all" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:28
lickalottcan you elaborate?17:28
NilsRI got the 3.19 kernel through a normal upgrade, didn't reboot for a while17:30
NilsRWhen I did, I had the same result you had17:30
admbotActionParsnip: Going to reboot, i'll report back here after it!17:30
NilsRI rebooted into an earlier kernel, and got in17:30
snowfoxHerrooowww !17:31
ActionParsnipsnowfox: hi17:31
lickalotti'm not versed on booting into an older kernel.  Is that in the menu that pops up in the beginning (i.e. edit my grub loader to select the older kernel)?17:33
admbotActionParsnip: I just rebooted, it did not appear to make a difference, the speakers work, but the headphones are still dead :/17:33
bozeI'm dual booting win/ubuntu. I have an internal storage drive that's saying it's an Intel Matrix RAID Member. I did an apt-get remove dmraid which made one HD show up. I still have one that's hiding17:35
nabdev hi ،i have a blanc screen after grub list for ubuntu 14.04 , any idea how to resolve it ?17:36
nabdevi try nomodeset config param but not working17:36
admbotActionParsnip:Seems I was a bit foolish and didn't read the bug report properly. A reboot does not work, but a shutdown + boot does somehow. The headphones work again, I really hope they don't go dead again within some random amount of time, thanks a lot for your time!17:40
jarlescnolá boa tarde. estou pela primeira vez aqui... alguém do Brasil on-line?17:41
AEL-HHow can I change where apt-get install actually installs to? I would like to install some packages to a USB because there is not enough room on the HD17:42
ruinddoes ubuntu server come with any window manager?17:42
FLeiXiuSruind, No.17:43
OerHeksAEL-H, that is not possible, AFAIK17:43
ruindok, and does it have certain packages pre-installed like sshserver and ftpd or anything like that?17:43
jarlescnalguém do Brasil? alguém de curitiba?17:44
drkjstrAEL-H: Check this link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/404824/how-to-choose-install-location-using-apt-get-install17:44
OerHeksruind, no, you will get a menu to install ssh/lamp and such, called tasksel17:45
OerHeks!br | jarlescn17:45
ubottujarlescn: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.17:45
ruindFLeiXiuS, OerHeks, ok, so it is like the oldschool debian installs.... thats what I want17:45
OerHeksoh br is not brazil, Spanish?17:45
SJrWhen I shutdown my computer for reboot or shutdown what runlevel does it go into?17:45
OerHeksruind, jups17:45
lickalottNilsR, i'm not versed on booting into an older kernel.  Is that in the menu that pops up in the beginning (i.e. edit my grub loader to select the older kernel)?17:46
NilsRif you get a menu with the choice of advanced boot or something sounding like that, you can selct it and get a list of kernels17:47
ActionParsnipSJr: runlevel 517:47
lickalottwill this assist in correcting my issue NilsR http://askubuntu.com/questions/82140/how-can-i-boot-with-an-older-kernel-version17:47
FLeiXiuSruind, Server installs are minimal.  It's essentially Ubuntu base with a server kernel.17:48
SJrHmmmm what is the best way to have a script execute on shutdown17:48
SJrregardless of why a shutdown occurred?17:48
ActionParsnipSJr: if you just run:   runlevel    you will see the current and last runlevel you used17:48
SJrYeah it just says N 217:48
NilsRlickalott: seems to me holding down the shift key should work17:49
ActionParsnipSJr: yes, N = Null, as you booted direct to level 217:49
SJrSo the web actually says runlevel 6 is reboot and runlevel 0 is halt. Can I just throw a script in rc0.d and rc6.d?17:49
NilsRlickalott: you shouldn't need to edit the grub menu though17:49
ActionParsnipSJr: you can add things to the runlevel commands to run whatever you wish17:49
ActionParsnipSJr: runlevel 6 is reboot17:50
lickalottNilsR, once I find the kernel version that works best I can edit that menu to only have that available right?17:50
NilsRlickalott: if you have a standard Ubuntu setup, grub will give you a selection of (at least) the four latest kernels17:50
SJrOkay thanks17:50
ActionParsnipSJr: 5 is GUI, 1 is single user, 3 is where the server boot stops17:50
nabdev_any suggestion to my banc screen shot problem ?17:51
NilsRlickalott: not sure if that will survive the next update17:51
=== tcpman is now known as Guest39969
ActionParsnipnabdev_: Ive been in here a bit over an hour and not seen any other posts except the one just now17:52
=== dewey is now known as Guest43182
ActionParsnipnabdev_: ahhh take off the underscore17:52
ActionParsnipnabdev_: does the system have a make and model?17:53
AEL-Hdrkjstr: From what I understand, that means downloading the package onto the usb and installing it there? I am very inexperienced with linux, do you think that would be do-able and is there much error for messing things up?17:53
ActionParsnipnabdev_: can you press CTRL + ALT + F1 and log in and use the system there some (get updates)17:53
=== Guest43182 is now known as sp1derjohn
nabdev_ActionParsnip:  i use usb live boot now , i think that doesn't make sens to execut any command in this mode ? i use Lenovo z580 i517:54
ActionParsnipnabdev_: you can chroot to the installed OS from the live USB deskotp17:55
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nabdev_ActionParsnip: good , then what can i execut as command to resolve blanc screen ?17:56
=== WildSoft_ is now known as WildSoft
=== cortexman is now known as NSA
ActionParsnipnabdev_: run full upates with:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dit-upgrade   (once chrooted of course) OMGUbuntu has a guide called "sticking it to GRUB"17:57
=== NSA is now known as cortexman
jd_techIRC is just full joins and quits :(18:01
rofltechin unity is there virtual desktops if yes how do i use the keyboard to swap windows between them and swap which i'm viewing18:01
FLeiXiuSjd_tech, Hide them - problem solved.  :-D18:02
pauljwrofltech, workspace switcher18:03
OerHeksrolfhold the super key, for a short list18:03
OerHekserr rofltech ^^18:03
zykotick9jd_tech: they can be turned off18:03
rofltechFLeiXiuS: ....no and no it's not18:03
jd_techFleiXiuS, :D18:03
rofltechpauljw: i checked there18:04
jd_techI like to see them for my other channel though18:04
rofltechpauljw: er nvm sorry OerHeks checked there18:04
OerHeksctrl +alt + up/down/left/right/18:06
philipcheck system status in percentage18:07
drkjstrjd_tech: which client are you using?18:07
jd_techkiwi client on my webiste18:07
OerHeksphilip, ? was that a question ¿18:08
pauljwrofltech, system settings; appearance; behavior and enable workspaces.  that will put the workspace switcher on your launchbar18:08
jd_techgtg, bye18:08
drkjstrjd_tech: Don't see it on this list: http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages18:08
philiptrying to do a report on the ubuntu server18:09
AEL-Hsorry for the novice question.. but if I have insufficent space for an apt-get install -- can I just add a device , say an SD card and mount it onto / folder permenantly?18:09
OerHeksphilip, what kind of percentages? still have no clue18:10
gomeshow are you?18:11
drkjstrAEL-H: I don't think you can do that.  When you add a new storage device it can be added. But, I believe a different mount point is necessary.18:11
philipfor example saying the ubuntu system has been running last week 100% or any form of report in ubuntu18:11
drkjstrAEL-H: So, instead of / it could be at /opt, /opt2, and so forth.18:12
unloadingIm booting in black screen , but can login into my system via tty. Somebody had experiance with this problem?18:12
drkjstrunloading: Seem a lot of people are having this issue with 14.04 and kernel 3.1918:13
OerHeksphilip, 'top' gives you a current status, 'uptime' about time and load, i don't know about such history18:15
OerHeks!nomodeset | unloading18:15
ubottuunloading: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:15
jd_techdrkjstr, my client: kiwiirc.com18:17
fusrodahello can someone help me?18:18
Daemoenthere is no help for you  (joke)18:18
unloadinggonna check it out OerHeks18:18
kadirohello all18:18
Daemoendidnt see the question, so unfortunately, i cant give you a real answer of any sort fusroda18:19
kadirofusroda: just ask, someone can help18:19
fusrodaI created a new user on ubuntu, and I have to use "sudo" before every command. how do I change it18:19
fusrodaeven cp mp18:19
fusrodasorry :D18:20
Daemoenfusroda, how did you create the user ?18:20
Daemoenseems that the users PATH variable is not being set18:20
fusrodaI dont remember18:20
WiREdGh05Tthe command for channels list ?18:20
OerHeksfusroda, mv where? outside their home folder?18:20
jd_techsudo -s18:20
kadiro!adduser | fusroda18:20
ubottufusroda: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo18:20
Gallomimiai think we need more information on your problem. are you logged in as that user? are you operating on files meant for your old user? does GUI work normal?18:20
jd_techjust use sudo -s to become root forever18:20
jd_techbe careful though!18:21
Daemoenjd_tech, ... please tell me youre being sarcastic18:21
jd_techDaemoen, ?18:21
Gallomimiadon't operate as root unless you HAVE to.18:21
Gallomimiaalso, running programs as root instead of your normal user, really really bad idea.18:21
Daemoenfusroda, before you go through all of that, do me a quick favor:  ls -lah /home/youruser/.[a-z]*18:21
Daemoen( dont paste that here though,  put it on pastebin/haste/etc )18:22
OerHeksfusroda, if mv/cp within the home folder need sudo, you did something wrong.18:22
fusrodaon my VPS18:22
jd_techwell fusroda was asking how to not type sudo before every command18:22
Daemoenjd_tech, no, he was saying that he has to type it for *all* commands on his system to be able to use them18:22
fusrodabut I like to use sudo before apt-get18:23
Daemoenwhich indicates a PATH issue :)18:23
kadirojd_tech: that's a safe and good idea18:23
=== NotANick_ is now known as NotANick
Daemoenlol NotANick18:23
jd_techDaemoen, ummm, that's weird18:23
OerHeksjd_tech, kadiro WRONG idea, not a solution as we don't know what is going on18:23
Daemoenjd_tech, not if he created the user the *really* old way;  if he tried editing /etc/shadow, /etc/passwd/ and /etc/group manually, plus creating the home directory manually, all sorts of other steps have been overlooked18:24
kadiroOerHeks: he said do a sudo in every command is safe than to be root all the time18:24
Daemoenits not the *new* way of doing it, but back in the old days, it was how it had to be done none the less18:24
fusrodajd_tech, you are right18:25
OerHeksfusroda, see the Q from Gallomimia: how did you make that user? and " if mv/cp within the home folder need sudo, you did something wrong."18:25
jd_techDaemoen, ah okay18:25
jd_techtheres an adduser command right?18:25
jd_techmuch better18:26
Daemoenjd_tech, granted;  i think we are all making assumptions based on the vagueness of the issue, so it could be a number of things18:26
jd_techDaemoen, true18:26
Daemoenyou guys could be correct, it may be a perms issue on the home folder for instance;  or it could be a path issue, or any number of things XD18:26
eipp0interhey.. anyone ever got to root a zenphone and install ubuntu on it?18:26
jd_techWow, this is the most serious IRC channel I 've been too :)18:26
OerHeks!phone | eipp0inter ask here18:26
ubottueipp0inter ask here: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch18:26
Gallomimiathat's exacly my point. get more information about this guy's problem before wildly giving him sudo commands to "fix" it18:27
DaemoenGallomimia, i never gave a sudo command XD  lol18:27
jd_techeipp0inter, isn't ubuntu x86, it won't run on ARM systems, unless you're talking about Touch18:27
=== Caveman is now known as Guest36153
Daemoenbut point taken and agreed18:27
Guest36153hi guys18:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:28
Gallomimiajd_tech: i'm pretty sure ubuntu runs on ARM systems. also, i'm pretty sure it's open sourced and you can compile it to any flavor CPU you want (but theres a lot avail already)18:29
=== {qwerty} is now known as mkgs5
fusrodaI remember that I opened a config file or bash file and change value ask for sudo, unfortunately I dont remember where was it18:30
jd_techwell if you manage to get Qemu on a phone :P18:30
OerHeksfusroda, so you don't remember the 'sudo password´ which is not there, it is the pass of the 1st account created.18:32
Gallomimiafusroda: can you tell me what user you're logged in as, what user you made, and what files you're trying to manipulate?18:32
Bluewolfdrkjstr: To answer your question. yes I did alter the colours using Tools --> Options --> Libre Office --> Appearance. But as you can see The window remains the same?18:32
Gallomimiasudo asks for YOUR password, not the root password like su. it only lets you do sudo stuff if you have been granted permissions by the sudoers config files.18:32
MonkeyDustBluewolf  try changing the background and font colours18:33
gartralhey all, I just noticed that ubuntu 15.04 isn't downscaling my cpu's speed at idle... I have a 4790k18:34
fusrodaOerHeks, I remember root password or my account password. just I dont want ubuntu to ask me for sudo everytime18:34
kadirofusroda: sudo is needed to be safe18:34
fusrodagood point18:35
BluewolfMonkeyDust: I have managed to do everything other than the window, where do I change that, what's it under?18:35
MonkeyDustgartral  install indictor-cpufreq to set it to 'powersave'18:35
fusrodakadir I guess I was think about safe while changing that options18:36
fusrodamaybe in sshd_config file18:36
theTsartheCzar: sup18:36
thenewoneHi guys i have a question why when i wanna add Arabic ( the 1 language ) i see Arabic ( Morocco ) but i see Berber thos are tow different languages but why Berber under Arabic name18:37
fusrodaI closed root permission via sshd18:37
thenewonenice you will be safe and close v1 too18:37
fusrodathenewone, yea18:37
thenewoneAny answers guys ?? why Berber under Arabic name ?18:38
thenewoneand there is no Arabic for Morocco18:38
MonkeyDustBluewolf  right click on a Writer page ... Page... Background18:39
MonkeyDustBluewolf  you can change the font color in the top icon bar18:39
thenewoneok No answer18:40
thenewonecan i see that is Racist ?18:40
thenewonedeleting a who language18:40
thenewonewhole *18:40
kadirowhat's the problem thenewone ?18:41
thenewonekadiro, when i wanna add arabic i see berber and those are different languages18:41
thenewonebut in Morocco my country arabic is the 1 language i cant find it in keyboard options as language to add18:42
kadiroI have arabic in mine, but berber i never see it, i'm from algeria18:42
MonkeyDust!arabic | thenewone18:42
ubottuthenewone: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية18:42
BluewolfMonkeyDust: Well that's one part, It does not do the whole writers page, but I know how to do that. As per my screen shot its the toolbar that's the confusing part.18:42
thenewoneubottu, i dont need ubuntu-arabic18:43
ubottuthenewone: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:43
thenewonenice :D dump18:43
thenewonenice bot :D18:43
thenewonei like it18:43
ioriathenewone, have you tried System Settings -> Language Support ?18:43
MonkeyDustBluewolf  you're right, everything changes to high contrast, except that tool bar18:44
thenewoneioria, you are not bot either ?18:44
kadiroI'm not from ubuntu yet but i will check that when i buy my new ide cable18:44
ioriathenewone, ana bot18:44
thenewoneioria, :)18:44
MonkeyDustwe are borg, you will be assimilated18:44
=== sUbMuNdO- is now known as sUbMuNdO
thenewoneioria, my question is why there is no arabic added by default as berber18:45
thenewonei know how to add arabic18:45
kadiroberber is different to arabic18:45
BluewolfMonkeyDust: Haaa, thought I was going mad. Yeah it seems I can change everything else but that. It's annoying that the Dark Theme of Gnome does not change it, specially when I use LibreOffice a lot.18:45
thenewonebut Morocco 1 language is Arabic why there is no arabic ?18:45
wileeethenewone, there are 400 languages spoken in nigeria, they are not all in ubuntu, do you get the message.18:45
ioriathenewone, if you go where i pointed and click 'Install' you'll arabic , you can choose it18:45
thenewonewileee, I'm not talking about nigeria i'm talking about Morocco18:46
thenewonewileee, dont change the subject plz Morocco have tow langauge berber and arabic18:46
thenewonewhy arabic not like berber18:46
kadirothis is odd i'm algerian and i can see arabic in all linux distribution18:46
thenewonethis stupid i dont belive you kadiro18:46
bishopsPlease can anyone tell me how I can fix gpg key error, and get the right key back for packages?18:46
thenewonebecause i'm not talking about other distros18:47
kadiroberber have a special letter not like arabic18:47
thenewoneis that clean18:47
wileeethenewone, every language in the world is not in the repos, you are just spamming the channel now, you were given an arabic channel to ask in.18:47
MonkeyDustBluewolf  is this useful  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177720618:47
showuniHello, I'm organizing a local Linux training for students using Ubuntu. I remember that few years ago it was possible to get free Ubuntu CD/DVDs (from canonical). I'm wondering if it's still possible today, or if there is any other option to organize some CDs/DVDs to my students. Thanks for help!18:47
thenewonewileee, do look like i speak arabic in this channel to send to arabic channel ?18:47
wileeethenewone, Than your a troll, take it somewhere else18:48
kadiroi speak arabic and i know arabic, i see berber and it's not like arabic that's all18:48
thenewonewileee, i'm not troll i just wanna add arabic to Morocco as berber18:48
MonkeyDustthenewone  take the rant somewhere else please, we get the point... stick to trying to find a solution18:48
thenewoneok fucking racist distro18:48
kadirobe carefull thenewone18:49
ioriai didn't understand ...18:49
kadirome too18:50
wileeedon't feed the troll18:50
pmenonHi all, I have a cluster of machines with the exact same hardware.  I want them all to boot off the _same_ ubuntu image.  Does anyone know how I can do this?18:50
OerHeksshowuni, no, shipit has stopped. you can buy dvd's @ ubuntu store18:50
ioriapmenon, you could be interested in LTSP https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP18:51
showunialright, thanks OerHeks18:52
pmenonioria, LTSP is like a thin client right?  I want each machine to have it's own storage.18:53
BluewolfMonkeyDust: This is all it did, http://imgur.com/hD8x1SM18:54
BluesKajpmenon:  PXE install might work for you,  http://askubuntu.com/questions/339427/is-it-possible-to-install-ubuntu-through-network18:55
ioriapmenon, so look at Fat https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/FatClients18:56
OerHeksLTSP user can have their own space indeed, lots of info on that page18:56
pmenonYea, I was looking at fat client.18:56
pmenonWill check out LTSP too ...18:56
ioriapmenon, you need good hw on server18:56
pmenonioria all the machines are beefy18:56
ioriapmenon, good18:57
pmenonIt's just that I want to manage only one image and have each machine in cluster use that18:57
pmenonless work for me18:57
ioriapmenon, yep18:57
ioriapmenon, you could have some troubles with internet access from the clients ....   in this case take a look at dnsmask package18:58
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
bishopsPlease can anyone tell me how I can fix gpg key error, and get the right key back for packages?19:02
Pici!gpgerr | bishops19:05
ubottubishops: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »19:05
pbxbishops, pastebin the command you're running and the  error you're getting19:05
MonkeyDustbishops  start from the beginning, what went wrong and what have you tried19:05
OerHeksbishops, i doubt the key is broken ( you would have a big issue then) .. most of the time your mirror is out of sync > change mirror .. else the lists are broken, sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf # and update again19:05
ioriabishops, and take a look at   /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/19:06
bishopsI must have added a package that then messed up with the keys, not sure why19:06
bishopsso i tried sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key>19:09
bishopsAnd nothing changed19:09
Smokiecan anyone help me out on how to link /home/smokie/html to /var/www/html ?19:10
popeybishops: did you replace <key> with the actual key id?19:10
OerHeksbishops, key for what ppa/repo ?19:10
bishopsyes of course :)19:10
popeySmokie: ln -s /var/www/html /home/smokie/html19:10
bishopsI'm now removing the ppa for the missing key anyway I don't need it19:10
Smokiethanks popey19:11
Smokiepopey, that didnt work.. do i have to sudo to do it?19:12
tehcerealHello im having a problem to install ubuntu 14.04 on my new pc from a bootable usb. It just hangs and the monitor says no hdmi input. I tried setting nomodeset and disabled fast boot but nothing seems to work(MB Asrock h97 pro4, nvidia gtx970 if that matters)19:12
tehcerealI dont have windows instaled its a fresh pc.19:13
MonkeyDusttehcereal  how does the hdmi part come in?19:13
notdanieltehcereal, not sure i'll be much help but i've had the exact issue on several machines19:13
OerHekswow nice card man. that card is supported from 343.22 and up.19:13
bishopsOerHeks: I'm not sure anymore, there seem to be 4 .gpg that get a "resource limit" message. not sure what that menas.19:14
notdanieltehcereal, does the gpu have a vga port, or is the hdmi port possibly not the "primary" port? ive noticed that sometimes 14.04/15.10 are actually using the gpu, just attempting to use a different port19:14
OerHekstehcereal, solution: at login, ctrl alt f2, login, sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall # and reboot19:14
OerHekstehcereal, maybe you can do that blindfolded19:14
tehcerealnotdaniel, it doesnt have a vga19:14
notdanieltehcereal, try other outputs on the gpu. in my case it was a 980 i was using, so it might very well be a similar issue19:15
tehcerealand its a xeon so i dont have a on chip gpu19:15
tehcerealthe problem is i dont have a monitor here with dvi nor display port19:15
popeySmokie: didn't work?19:16
OerHeksbishops, if those repo's are standard, the mirror is out of sync, try 'main'19:16
bishopsOerHeks: not sure I understand19:16
Smokiepopey, no19:16
popeySmokie: what happened?19:16
bishopsOerHeks: This is what I get when i run sudo apt-get update: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12129935/19:17
Smokiepopey, this happened http://paste.ubuntu.com/12129940/19:18
popeybishops: has it ever worked? what changed?19:18
bishopspopey: no nothing changed19:18
OerHeksbishops, hmmm that is ugly, are you sure your system booted fine? not read only due to errors in the filesystem ?19:18
bishopsI tried the usual command line to request gpg key but not working19:18
bishopsOerHeks: no booted fine19:19
mrnooneis it ırc ?19:19
mrnooneyes it is ırc19:19
OerHekscan you"  touch <somefilename> "?19:19
bishopsOerHeks: I'm not really sure why it started happening in the first place19:19
mrnooneits so cool19:19
mrnoonehow can i change my volor19:19
mrnooneis it changed19:20
Picimrnoone: text colors are blocked in this channel, also it is only for Ubuntu support, so if you are here just to chat please use #ubuntu-offtopic or see /msg alis help list  for searching for other channels19:20
ioriabishops, ls /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d ?19:21
OerHeksbishops, go into softwarecenter > edit > sources, and change the mirror/server to main and try again.19:21
=== Eggs is now known as Guest42064
bishopsioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12129973/19:22
bishopsOerHeks: ok19:22
OerHeksoink ..never seen that much ppa's :-D19:22
bishopsOerHeks: hahaha yeah I should delete!19:23
ioriabishops, take a look http://askubuntu.com/questions/511736/cannot-solve-gpg-error19:23
OerHeksbishops, yes, not delete, use ppa-purge19:23
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html19:23
justatechDual booting ubuntu along with window but while at the time of partitoning it shows my entire hardisk unallocated19:23
bishopsioria: yes that's exactly the problem i have19:24
* OerHeks examins those ppaś , maybe worth something looking in19:24
JumpmanWhenever I wake the computer from sleep the wifi takes a minute or two to connect instead of connecting immediately or already being connected. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I'm on xubuntu19:25
bishopsOerHeks: I was wondering if there is a way to delete ppa and everything installed from it?19:26
justatechAny body faced this problem19:26
ioriabishops, to be honest... i really should have a good reason for use a ppa ... but it's my opinion19:26
OerHeksbishops, ppa-purge does that, removal and reversing to the original packages, if they exist19:27
OerHeksbut with that many ppaś , good luck !19:27
gr1zzlybe4rwhy is apt-get update telling me that a ppa doesn't exist after I add it? I've posted my output here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/333925/hbo-go-doesnt-work/663488#66348819:27
justatechAny body................plz plz19:27
bishopsI think Y PPA manager is a good tool to just delete or clean up?19:28
gr1zzlybe4rI'm trying to install the `hal` package so that I can watch HBO go on my laptop.19:28
xanguagr1zzlybe4r: probably the PPA repository doesn't have packages for vivid, did you check it?19:33
ioriajustatech, windows is in efi/gpt ? be use to select from bios  uefi usb19:33
justatechioria wait let me check19:34
gr1zzlybe4rxangua: it looks like the most recent package is for 14.10. I guess that I should change the URL in my ppa list?19:35
xanguagr1zzlybe4r: no19:35
OerHeks14.10 is EOL19:35
gr1zzlybe4rxangua: there's also 14.0419:35
xanguajustatech: it means you should contact the PPA maintainer for problems with that specific PPA19:36
xanguaAlso that19:36
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
gr1zzlybe4rxangua: this URL: http://ppa.launchpad.net/mjblenner/hal-flash/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages -- seems to have the package that I'm looking for.19:36
bishopsMY question is: Could I just delete .gpg files from          /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d19:36
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:36
bishopsMY question is: Could I just delete .gpg files from /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d, and let the update detect new ones? does this work?19:36
AEL-HWhat is the result if I have two different devices mounted to /?19:38
Gallomimiauh....... you don't.19:38
OerHeksAEL-H, only with LVM you can do that, i guess.19:39
Gallomimianot that i've ever tried it, but i don't believe you can mount two things to the same mount point19:39
OerHeks(correct me if i am wrong)19:39
TJ-AEL-H: the 2nd mounted device will mask the first, hiding it and all directories/files on it19:39
Gallomimiait's possible to mount one at a time and only use that one. but i've heard that really messes up any user settings kept in a common, separately mounted /home19:39
OerHeksbishops, no, it does not work that way, ubuntu does not auto fetch keys19:40
bishopsIt's Ok found the solution, thanks guys!19:40
TJ-You can mount as many devices as you want to a mountpoint - only the last one will be visible19:40
bishopsOerHeks: all is good found a a solution19:41
AEL-HBasically my problem is I want more space in my root folder in order to install something, what other things should I look to do?19:41
GallomimiaTJ- that's a really interesting fact to know. can i then unmount them in any order and the top one on the stack will be the only one "there" ?19:41
Gallomimiaum.... autoclean apt, remove things you don't need? reduce the number of installed languages?19:42
TJ-Gallomimia: I would assume so; I use the trick sometimes to hide default files in the lower file-system, as a safe fall back if the 'upper' mounts don't happen. For example, for /var/cache/19:42
AEL-Hthere isn't much room to remove what space is already used..19:42
TJ-AEL-H: the most common solution is create a new file system for /var/ and move everything from rootfs/var/ into it19:43
Gallomimiawhat sort of device are you mounting there now? can't you grow it?19:43
UnPocoLoco*Logged in recently*: apt-get autoremove && apt-get clean19:43
TJ-AEL-H: same goes for /home/ if that isn't already a separate file system19:44
Gallomimiaunpocoloco i think you want apt-get autoclean not clean?19:44
Gallomimiaalso, before most any apt-get operations, you should do an update19:45
justatechioria r u there19:46
ioriajustatech, yes... what's wrong ?19:46
justatechYes it is in ufie legacy19:47
ioriajustatech, if you have win8 you're for sure gpt/efi... so install ubuntu in the same way ... selecting from bios efi/usb19:49
ioriajustatech, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:51
gaHello guys, I tried to install and run mumble-django. I was not even able to setup it properly. i even have problem to remvoe it now .... v19:52
gaany help pls ? XD19:52
AEL-HGallomimia: what does it mean to grow it?19:58
=== tj is now known as Guest41366
TJ-AEL-H: if there is spare space in the containing block device, it is usually possible to 'grow' the device to use some or all of the spare spce19:58
AEL-HTJ: Ah, there is no chance of that. Someone mentioned symbolic link.. but I was not entirely sure of this method, do you know what that might entail?20:00
TJ-AEL-H: I missed out on what devices you have available and what space they have, can you provide that info?20:02
TJ-AEL-H: it is possible use a symbolic link in one file-system pointing to a directory/file in another file-system. Think of it as a poor-man's mount20:03
pbxTJ-, what happens if you try it?20:03
TJ-pbx: what is "it"20:03
pbxTJ-, you're adking if it's possible to make a symlink pointing from one mount to another. have you tried it? what happened?20:09
TJ-pbx: I didn't ask that20:09
pbxTJ-, ok, so what is the connection between the two filesystems?20:15
=== Rainfall is now known as mufn
TJ-pbx: I think you the wrong end of the stick; I was explaining it to AEL-H20:17
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
k1l_!ot | Tebbo20:26
ubottuTebbo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:26
Tebbowrong chan20:26
lickalottso it seems that I am booting to 3.16 (http://paste.ubuntu.com/12130453/)  but it continues to drop into initramfs on initial boot.  I have to reboot 2 - 3 times before it drops into the actual log in screen.  This is after the unencryption authentication comes up20:27
w2vyDoes Canonical provide Embedded Ubuntu for commerical applications? (or is this Offtopic?)20:27
bitwigglergetting a 404 on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/o/openssh/openssh-client_5.9p1-5ubuntu1.4_amd64.deb. refreshed all my lists and still keeps trying to get this20:29
TJ-bitwiggler: "apt-get update" ... the package has been updated20:32
jwhwvHey, I created a vpn connection to connect to a cisco openconnect vpn my buddy runs.  It's easy enough to tell my pc to connect to it from the nm-applet drop down in the standard unity desktop.  However, I usually use xfce.  I can't find anywhere to actually connect to the vpn (or any other network profiles) in its app menu.  The network and network connections only have host/route settings and the ability to20:37
jwhwvmake profiles, not actually connect to them it seems.  O.o20:37
theTsartheCzar: hail20:38
untriumwhat command do i have to use to look which power manager is active? like tlp or power-top?20:39
untriumi really want to use ubuntu mate now as my main system (dual booting win10) but i cant do that as long as my touchpad always goes into powersaving mode20:40
WiREdGh05Tjezzz that could be hard to get untrium, i kant understand it20:41
WiREdGh05Ttell me more in pvt about it if u wan20:41
untriumdid you get my message?20:43
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.20:44
zerowaitstatesounds like an irc bot to me20:44
wileeeuntrium, one issue at a time.20:44
OerHeksyes, ubottu is the official ubuntu bot20:44
WiREdGh05Thow can I do if I do correct funcionality off jay ass? i want bubble loops please20:44
Xovsi have a question          i want to change my mac adress with macchanger over Terminal but it don`t work.......... what i make wrong?         1.ifconfig wlan down   2.macchanger -m 00.00....... wlan0     3. ifconfig wlan0 up                   can anyone help me?20:45
k1l_WiREdGh05T: come back when you are not drunk20:46
WiREdGh05Tchange distro20:46
wileeeuntrium, You testing a live at the moment, or this installed?20:46
untriumubuntu mate 15.0420:48
untriumthinkpad s44020:48
untriumthe touchpad only works after a short delay. i think it is in power saving mode, because after it is "activated" it works perfectly fine20:49
wileeeuntrium, Cool, so the primary issue is the tap pad going to power saving?  There are a number of wiki's, what is the computer model?20:50
untriumwhat do you mean by computer model?20:51
TJ-untrium: is it definitely power-saving? Could it be the touchpad disable that happens when keyboard typing is detected, to prevent stray cursor movement if your wrist brushes the touchpad?20:51
untriumi dont know if its a powersaving problem, that was merely guessed by me20:51
TJ-untrium: in other words does this occur at times when you are *not* using the keyboard?20:51
untriumit doesnt correlate with keyboard usage20:51
untriumyes it always happens20:51
TJ-untrium: OK, that helps narrow things down.20:52
untriumit doesnt happen if i have a usb mouse connected and used the usb mouse 1 sec before20:52
TJ-untrium: first thing is to discover how the touchpad is connected. It could be USB, or PS/220:52
wadSo I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. A few hours ago, I was trying to fix an issue (apt-get upgrade would hang on an initram step), and managed to toast my OS entirely. Now I've reinstalled. All hardware is identical, but for some reaosn, the second monitor won't wake up. It works fine, but Ubuntu isn't sending it a signal.20:52
TJ-untrium: can you "pastebinit <( lsusb )"20:52
MadWaspHey guys, I'm trying to setup dual boot with windows 10 and ubuntu 14.04LTS but os-prober just doesn't find my windows 10 installation. can someone help me with that?20:52
wadThough the OS thinks it's there, the desktop extends over to it, but it refuses to come out of "power save mode". On boot, I see it showing the BIOS post screen, so I know it's fine.20:53
TJ-wad: check "xrandr -q"  for output status20:53
TJ-wad:  could be the GPU is trying to set the monitor to a mode it does not support20:53
TJ-untrium: nothing obvious there for the touchpad20:54
TJ-untrium: show us "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"20:55
DammitJimI created a startup script and put it in /etc/init.d20:56
DammitJimwhen I try to start it, I'm getting a: <service> is not installed20:56
DammitJimwhat does that mean?20:56
OerHeksDammitJim, might want to share what service?20:58
DammitJimit's a second instance of tomcat720:58
lickalotti've been after this for weeks and I and I don't know where to go from here....   Are there any ubuntu masters around??   my initial boot drops me into busybox (initramfs).  I've updated the gran_size  and tried to force a younger/earlier kernel but it continues to do it.  To me, it looks like it was getting caught on my encrypted partition but I have yet to find a way to unencrypt fill disk encryption (seems easier to just reload).  Does20:59
lickalottanyone have any knowledge of this issue?20:59
shandooxGuys, is there any guide for increasing performance with open source driver?20:59
untriumTJ: did you get it?21:00
TJ-untrium: didn't get notified you'd pasted it because you didn't prefix with my nickname. looking now21:01
untriumTJ: sry, not used to irc21:02
TJ-untrium: so it is PS/2: "[   110.197] (II) config/udev: Adding input device TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint (/dev/input/mouse1)"21:02
untriumseeing it21:02
untriumTJ: seein it*21:02
TJ-untrium: oh and you also have "[   110.196] (II) config/udev: Adding input device SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad (/dev/input/mouse0)"21:03
TJ-So, you have a tracpoint and a touchpad?21:03
untriumTJ: the trackpoint works without this "powersaving issue"21:03
DammitJimI figured it out... problem in my config21:03
OpenSorce14.04 This keeps happening... after kernel upgrade laptop won't boot. Boots fine with previous kernel.21:04
TJ-untrium: that's fine, we're trying to identify the reports in the log that only apply to the touchpad21:04
wadWhoo, that was exciting, TJ. But now it's working! (Today I Learned: don't switch monitor cables all around with the system running.)21:04
wileeeOpenSorce, keeps happening suggests you have fixed it?21:04
=== opensorce_ is now known as OpenSorce
lickalottOpenSorce, was that a comment or a question?21:05
untriumTJ: [   110.196] (**) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: Ignoring device from InputClass "touchpad ignore duplicates"21:05
lickalottand are you saying that it boots into busybox?21:05
OpenSorcewileee, yeah I fixed it last time. Uninstalled and re-installed the kernel upgrade21:05
untriumTJ: something something wrong? maybe21:05
OpenSorcelickalott, a question. Should I rephrase it?21:06
lickalottno sir.  I wasn't sure if you were responding to my issue or discussing a similar issue.21:06
lickalotti keep droping into busybox on initial boot.  However, I am forcing it to boot on 3.16 and it is still happening.21:07
TJ-untrium: what is strange is, if it were USB I'd immediately suspect the USB port being put into power-save sleep... but that would be very unusual for a PS/2 port. The same port type the keyboard uses21:08
=== aryan_ is now known as arunpyasi
OpenSorceJust trying to figure out why it's doing it. Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't my wife's laptop :-P21:08
lickalotti'm at the point of trying a different distro21:08
lickalotti don't know what else to do.21:08
OpenSorcelickalott, there's not a better distro really, especially not if you are new21:09
TJ-OpenSorce: separate /boot/ file-system, running out of space, maybe?21:09
lickalottnew to ubuntu (as a primary OS) not new to *nix21:09
untriumTJ: could it be something which seems for me to be a powersaving problem but is instead a poorly configuered touchpad? like the acclereation is set to a very low value, and it does max out, but before it maxes out i cant see a movement?21:10
OpenSorceTJ-, doubtful. Single partition 4% used21:10
untriumTJ: [   110.196] (**) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: (accel) acceleration profile 121:10
untrium[   110.196] (**) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: (accel) acceleration factor: 2.00021:10
k1l_lickalott: i am not the encryption guy, but without encyption i would have said to check if you got the right kernel and headers meta packages installed. (needed to build all the modules)21:10
TJ-lickalott: you have a LUKS-encrypted file-system for rootfs?21:10
lickalottI ran fedora for years (no issues) and BSD before that.21:10
donjuanHello guys, I have a problem with Conky. It probably launches another instance of the program and then it looks horrible, overimposed. I seem to be able to replicate it when I hit my hotkey I set up for moc.21:10
TJ-OpenSorce: OK; that is the usual cause. "df -h" will show for certain21:10
donjuanHow can I prevent it from happening?21:10
untriumTJ: also it adds the touchpad to /dev/input/event5 and /dev/input/mouse021:11
lickalottTJ-,  it is full disk encryption (via initial setup) so I'd assume yes?21:11
OpenSorceTJ-, /dev/sda1       291G  9.4G  267G   4% /21:11
wadThis system has an nvidia video card. Right now it seems to be using the (very slow) default drivers. I think before it was running noveau drivers. In the pass, I've messed with NVidia proprietary drivers, and I never got them to work.21:11
lickalottk1l_, how would I verify?21:11
lickalottk1l_, whats the latest kernel package for 14.04?21:12
k1l_lickalott: you can boot that system with a specific kernel? than check with "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" what packages are installed21:12
lickalott*if you know21:12
compdocwhats the best way to encript an existing directory? the directory is actually a drive thats mounted to /21:13
k1l_lickalott: depends on what enablement stack you run.21:13
k1l_lickalott: there is a 3.13, a 3.16 and a 3.19 one. the 3.16 is the 14.10 backports, and the 3.19 is the 15.04 backports branch21:13
lickalotthows 3.16.0-46.42 k1l_21:14
untriumcompdoc: backup the whole drive, then use dd to fill the drive with random numbers and after that use luks to encrypt the drive21:14
lickalottbut the generic linux kernel image shows
TJ-untrium: I'm not sure without seeing it for myself. There's some possible hints/clues/tests you can do from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad21:14
lickalottk1l_, first message /hows/shows21:16
TJ-OpenSorce: is the system booted with a good kernel? Take a look at the installed kernels and supporting initrd.img files, see if the sizes look 'wrong' compared to others: list most recent first with: "ls -latr /boot/"21:16
k1l_lickalott: linux-generic-lts-utopic would be the meta package for that 3.16 kernel branch21:18
TJ-lickalott: if you have full disk encryption the 'cryptsetup' tool will be installed in the initrd. In addition "/conf/conf.d/cryptroot" will contain the rootfs entry from the system's "/etc/crypttab"21:19
lickalottTJ-, k1l_ I am leaning towards the LUKS encryption being an issue (based on log research, etc...)  It seems to me it's timing out.  At times I don't even see the grub  menu to choose "advanced options" or the like.21:19
OpenSorceTJ-, it's running on 3.13.0-61 which has an initrd.img of 18767747 the one that won't boot 3.13.0-62 is 18766663. That looks about right.21:19
TJ-lickalott: you can check for those from busybox21:19
untriumTJ: i used xinput --test 10 (device number of the touchpad is 10) and found something odd. the "powersaving" issue is very strong if i move the horizontally and is weak, meaning it doesnt take long to activate the touchpad, if i move vertical21:19
lickalottTJ-, am I looking for something specific there?21:19
TJ-OpenSorce: I agree. Have you tried booting using the "Recovery" option on the "Advanced" menu from GRUB's boot manager menu (hold down shift at boot-time) ?21:20
TJ-lickalott: well, first of all, ensure those are there and the cryptroot file has something sensible in it21:20
OpenSorceTJ-, yeah same result. Right back to system boot screen and to the grub menu :-(21:20
lickalottTJ-, (/etc/crypttab) sda5_crypt UUID=e395c3fa-5e1c-4ecd-ade7-b924e20a17a2 none luks,discard21:21
TJ-untrium: that is a clue for sure... not sure what it tells us though!21:21
OpenSorceTJ-, and don't get me wrong... I can fix it. I use remove the new kernel and everything related and re-install it like last time. Just wanted to figure out why this has happened three times and how to correct it.21:22
ash_workthis is driving me crazy; are there shortcut command equivalents to dragging a window directly up, left, right etc? (ie: on Windows it's windows_key + arrow)21:23
untriumTJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12131088/ does this help? xinput list21:23
TJ-lickalott: right, but you also need to check what is in the initrd.img. Identify which one is in use ("ls /boot/initrd.img*") then extract its contents so you can check them: "mkdir /tmp/initrd && cd /tmp/intrd && zcat /boot/initrd.img-$VERSION | cpio -id" then take a look in "conf/conf.d/"21:24
ash_workalso, I can't stand alt+tab and waiting for a group of windows to expand... I'm sure there is a better way to access it... but clearly its not like ctrl+alt+tab or something21:24
lickalottall from busybox through right TJ-  or can I do that right now?21:24
TJ-OpenSorce: it sounds like the kernel image somehow gets corrupted first time around, doesn't it?21:24
donjuanash: ctrl+alt+number of position and alt+; to go through different windows of one program21:25
TJ-lickalott: those instructions I just gave can be done from the booted system. They replicate what you'd see if dumped to Busybox21:25
OpenSorceTJ-, exactly... I blame pintrest!21:25
lickalottcopy all.  thanks sir!21:25
TJ-lickalott: there's a file-system inside initrd.img ... those instructions extract it into /tmp/initrd/21:25
OpenSorceTJ-, lol, j/k okay. I'll fix it and tell her to let me know the next time it asks for updates21:26
TJ-OpenSorce: I think your best chance of figuring this out is next time a kernel upgrade is available, do it from the command-line and check for any errors reported from the update-initramfs and/or update-grub steps. You could even repeat those manually21:26
TJ-OpenSorce: as in do "sudo update-initramfs -u"  and "sudo update-grub"21:27
OpenSorceTJ-, yeah that's what I'm thinking21:27
TJ-OpenSorce:  if GRUB seems to try to load vmlinux but then you get returned to the GRUB menu without the system crashing and rebooting... that tells us GRUB cannot find the kernel filename it is told21:27
OpenSorceTJ-, I'm from Slackware... I'm used to manual :-P21:28
TJ-OpenSorce: if however GRUB loads a kernel which crashes and causes a reboot, then that tells us the kernel image is corrupted21:28
OpenSorceTJ-, yep21:28
kevivAny ideas why having terminal=false makes matlab fail to launch after a couple of seconds on the splash screen, but terminal=true works fine? http://paste.pound-python.org/show/Z7q2wf3Uc9zEJfeNQTbw/21:29
robert45hi guys, I believe my software RAID died, can someone help me how to diagnose if the drive is completely dead? This is the mdadm output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12131170/21:31
OpenSorceTJ-, thanks for the help21:31
TJ-robert45: " 1       8       32        -      faulty spare   /dev/sdc"21:32
robert45TJ- yes, but does that entirely mean the drive is dying? I couldnt issue a smartctl to confirm this, not sure if its related21:32
lickalottTJ-,  first off I appreciate your time/assistance21:32
lickalotthere is from conf.d - target=sda5_crypt,source=UUID=e395c3fa-5e1c-4ecd-ade7-b924e20a17a2,key=none,rootdev,lvm=ubuntu--vg-root,discard21:33
TJ-robert45: your kernel log errors show the device's first and last sector fail to be read, which suggests total device failure - unless there's a cables/controller issue21:33
lickalotthere is from /etc/crypttab - sda5_crypt UUID=e395c3fa-5e1c-4ecd-ade7-b924e20a17a2 none luks,discard21:33
lickalottneither match21:33
TJ-lickalott: hang on... that looks like cryptroot has 2 entries for the same device?21:33
lickalottyes sir21:34
TJ-lickalott: don't worry about the different syntax between the 2 files - someone thought that was a bright idea! The values are the important part and they match21:34
k1l_keviv: see if that helps:; http://askubuntu.com/a/141508/3126021:34
lickalottone shows swap and the other shows root21:34
robert45TJ- I see, thanks. So basically I need to do 1) "mdadm --remove faulty" 2) shutdown the server and replace the drive 3) re-add the drive after reboot, is that correct?21:34
TJ-lickalott: in cryptroot (from the initrd/conf/conf.d/cryptroot) there should only 1 entry... did you just show me there are 2 or was that a paste error?21:35
TJ-robert45: You've got it :)21:36
untrium-xinput watch-probs <touchpad id> doesnt work21:36
untriumsry for spamming, i have this problem now for 1-2 weeks and cant work with ubuntu mate unless this is solved21:36
untriumand i really dont want to go back to the botnet21:36
lickalottthat was a direct copy and paste from the output in my terminal.21:36
TJ-lickalott: OK... just to avoid doubt on my part, can you put the contents of both files in a pastebin?21:36
lickalottafter I followed the instructions you provided.  I did a more cryptroot21:36
TJ-!paste | lickalott21:36
ubottulickalott: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:36
TJ-lickalott: thanks :)21:37
robert45TJ- thanks man, you rock!21:37
ghotiWhy does `date -d '00:00:00 -9 seconds' '+%H:%M:%S'` return 05:00:01 instead of 23:59:01?21:37
TJ-untrium: I'm sorry I can't be more help... usually I can think of something but I think my brain is fried right now21:37
ghotiOr alternately, what --date format can I use to subtract N seconds from a time in %H:%M:%S format?21:37
lickalottTJ-,  http://pastebin.com/Kp6wm88321:37
untriumcan you advice a channel which could help?21:38
=== klagid is now known as klagid_89
lickalottuntrium, whats your issue?  mousepad won't work?21:40
TJ-lickalott: OK, having 2 lines in cryptroot is definitely wrong and is likely the cause of your issue. So, we need to find out why, which means testing the scripts that write that file21:40
* lickalott is ready21:40
TJ-untrium: I think this is likely the best channel, because so many people use it21:40
TJ-lickalott: are you familiar with how the initrd.img is created?21:41
lickalottno sir21:41
untriumlickalott: mousepad works, but it has a short delay till i can use it21:41
untriumTJ: ok, thank you21:41
lickalottafter boot up or after you touch it?21:41
TJ-lickalott: OK... bit of background. When a kernel is installed, or some change that affects boot-time kernel config is made, the command "update-initramfs" is executed. It calls 'hook' scripts installed by things like cryptsetup, which in turn generate/copy files to be included in the initrd, which update-initramfs wrap into a mini-filesystem inside /boot/initrd.img-$VERSION21:43
TJ-lickalott: We can run update-initramfs manually in 'verbose' mode so it tells us what it is doing, and examine that to see if it gives clues. This command will capture the output to a log file which you can put in a pastebin:21:43
TJ-lickalott: "sudo update-initramfs -u -k $(uname -r) |& tee /tmp/initrd.log"  ... when it is done you can paste it using "pastebinit /tmp/initrd.log"21:44
TJ-untrium: I still wonder if it is the keyboard disable functionality causing this... worth checking if that setting still exists in the control panel for the touchpad21:45
TJ-lickalott: hang on! I got that command wrong... there won't be output!!21:46
TJ-lickalott: Let's add -v so we get verbose output! "sudo update-initramfs -vu -k $(uname -r) |& tee /tmp/initrd.log"  ... when it is done you can paste it using "pastebinit /tmp/initrd.log"21:46
lickalottTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12131332/21:47
TJ-lickalott: mmmm data :)21:47
lickalottin assuming that we'd be looking for SATA controller module issues or kernel issues, would I be wrong?21:48
goddardhow can i install a newer kernel?21:49
goddardor at least get newer drivers21:49
untriumTJ: i disabled the touchpad-keyboard option in the control panel. same as before21:49
goddardversion 3.1 is super old21:49
TJ-lickalott: line 598 onwards show what I'd expect to see "Calling hook cryptroot"21:49
bekksgoddard: Newer drivers for what?21:49
goddardbekks: my trackpad21:49
TJ-untrium: that rules that out then, one would think21:49
bekksgoddard: Whats the output of "uname -a"?21:49
goddardbekks: i have a 2015 razer blade and I have no gesture support21:49
bekksgoddard: Thats version 3.19.0-26, not 3.1 :)21:50
goddardbekks: still old21:50
goddardbekks: version 4 is out and stable21:50
bozeI'm setting up a new web dev environment. It's easy enough to run apache on ssd and point to files on a rotational drive, but I can't seem to find a good resource on doing so with mysql. is it possible to run mysql on ssd and keep the databases on another drive?21:51
goddardbekks: it also supports my trackpad21:51
TJ-lickalott: In theory the new initrd.img should have a cryptroot with only one line in it, but I want to expand the output from update-initramfs first, to be sure what is going on21:51
IchEsseDichAufhow to start a network isolated shell?21:52
bekksgoddard: Ubuntu isnt a distro which will ship the latest and greatest all the time.21:52
k1l_goddard: 3.1 is not the same as 3.1921:52
goddardk1l_: thanks for pointing that out a second time it was a typo21:52
goddardbekks: still how can I fix my touchpad issue?21:52
k1l_goddard: due to the release system (with the freeze date prior to the release date) a 4.x kernel will first be running in 15.1021:53
TJ-lickalott: I'm testing it here to be sure the changes give me what I need21:53
goddardk1l_: thats good21:53
goddardk1l_: so I have to wait a few more months until I can get this touchpad working?21:53
clementec'è qualche italiano?21:53
bekksgoddard: You need some userland software like touchegg, not a new kernel.21:54
lickalottTJ-, still two entries on my side.21:54
bekks!it | clemente21:54
OerHeks!it | clemente21:54
ubottuclemente: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:54
goddardbekks: how do you know that?21:54
TJ-lickalott: right. I've got a change you can make so we can capture what the script is doing21:54
bekksgoddard: By a 10s google journey, for finding out wether touchpad gesture support is provided by the kernel at all.21:54
k1l_goddard: in here we support what is officially released by ubuntu. so yes. you could try the 15.10 alpha or try a !mainline kernel or compile the module for the touchpad yourself or see if there is already a package solving that issue21:55
clementethank you21:55
lickalottthis system has only been up for a month-ish.  Would it just be easier to rebuild with no encryption?21:55
TJ-lickalott: before that, can you "pastebinit /etc/fstab" ?21:55
lickalottTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12131401/21:55
TJ-lickalott: you may have found a bug... it would be better to be sure why it happens. I've used FDE for several years and never seen this21:55
goddardbekks: so I am so stupid I can't do a google search? thanks appreciate the soft insult21:55
bekksgoddard: No one said you are stupid or anything like that. _I_ googled it, since _I_ didnt know which component provides the functionality in question.21:56
goddardk1l_: thats great and I don't mind waiting, but I would like to be able to get it working for me now21:56
goddardk1l_: how do I find out what part of the new kernel makes it work and put that into my system now?  I am not a linux developer I am just a user21:57
OerHeksgoddard, what laptop exactly?21:57
k1l_goddard: before something is "in" the kernel there it is already "there"21:57
goddardRazer Blade 201521:57
bekksgoddard: And if you feel yourself being insulted by other people googling for THEIR knowledge, I really feel sorry for you, and will not trying to help you, for not insulting in any way.21:57
TJ-lickalott: Are you comfortable using a terminal text editor, or do you prefer GUI? We need to add a line to a system script21:57
lickalottim good cli21:58
goddardbekks: i never insulted you I just wanted help to fix the issue not learn how knowledge everyone else is21:58
OerHeksgoddard, ah, a fresh machine, you might be right and try a newer kernel from the mainline ppa .. i noticed this page some days ago ( not for myself)  https://alexcabal.com/get-a-working-touchpad-on-a-14-razer-blade-running-linuxubuntu/21:59
lickalottTJ-, I have a telecon at 3 my time so if I become quiet or untimely, thats why.21:59
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds21:59
hydrozenhey, I’ve got ubuntu 12.04 running on AWS, and for some reason .bashrc is not executed on login. I checked and I have what seems to be the correct .profile file but it seems that this might not be loaded too. Anybody has any idea how this could be?21:59
goddardOerHeks: thanks22:00
TJ-lickalott: OK. which ever your preferred text editor is. I prefer vim, so I'd do "sudo vim /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot" move to the 2nd line (which is blank) add add "set -x" by pressing I to insert mode, typing the text, then Esc to get back to command mode, then :wq22:00
bekksgoddard: I did not say you insulted me, you said I insulted you, which I didnt. Now lets move on.22:00
=== klagid_89 is now known as klagid
OerHeksgoddard, v4.1-rc2-vivid would be the latest22:00
=== aryan_ is now known as arunpyasi
TJ-lickalott: you'll end up with 3 lines with #!/bin/sh    set -x    PREREQ=""22:00
lickalottTJ-,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12131428/22:01
TJ-lickalott: perfect! now lets capture another log22:01
TJ-lickalott:  "sudo update-initramfs -vu -k $(uname -r) |& tee /tmp/initrd.log"  ... when it is done you can paste it using "pastebinit /tmp/initrd.log"22:02
TJ-lickalott: now the cryptroot shell script will output every line it executes. That will show how it is putting 2 lines into cryptroot22:02
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kadiroan error occured please try again ( youtube flashplayer )22:03
lickalottTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12131444/22:04
TJ-lickalott: great, lines 602 onwards are what we want22:04
lickalottTJ-, I failed spanish in highschool....  :D22:06
TJ-lickalott: :) ... line 785 is writing a line to cryptroot, you should recognise that. This line includes 'rootdev'22:07
TJ-lickalott: and the bad line is at 233322:08
TJ-lickalott: which Ubuntu release is that you are using ("lsb_release -r") ?22:09
lickalottso the vg-swap being added is causing the issues?22:09
lickalotti don't show a swap in df -h22:10
lickalott^ not sure if that means anything22:10
TJ-lickalott: yes, because the target= entry is the /dev/mapper/XXXX filename to put the encrypted device on... which looks like rootfs gets mounted to /dev/mapper/sda5_crypt and then it goes and puts swap there as well, or some such. Whatever it does, swap should NOT be in the cryptroot in initrd.img, so there is a bug somewhere22:10
lickalotti don't like being "the bug guy"22:11
* lickalott sighs22:11
TJ-lickalott: can you show me "pastebinit <( sudo lsblk -f )"22:11
lickalottso submit the bug and rebuild?  SHould I try again with LUKS or try without it.22:12
TJ-lickalott: I use 14.04 with very complex LUKS configs and never had this happen. It is certainly not something I've ever seen for a default FDE install either.22:12
TJ-lickalott: WOW! that is amazing, never seen that before! sda5_crypt has 2 devices on it22:13
TJ-lickalott: now show me "pastebinit <( sudo blkid )" please22:14
lickalottk...so  newb when it comes to submitting bugs.22:14
lickalotthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12131496/  *note* elements is an external22:14
TJ-lickalott: It's weird. I can figure out what it is doing, and even almost why it might make the mistake, but not sure how it would happen in practice!22:15
lickalottdude i've been fighting this for weeks.22:15
lickalotti just kept ctrl-alt-del until it would give me the grub menu.22:16
TJ-lickalott: summary: encrypted partition /dev/sda5, contains LVM VG ubuntu, which has 2 LVs vg-root and vg-swap_1.22:16
TJ-lickalott: let me do a launchpad bug search - surely this has been reported before!22:16
lickalotti'll keep everything up/ready in case.22:17
TJ-lickalott: I'm looking through this list: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup22:18
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kadiroan error occured please try again ( youtube flashplayer )22:22
OerHekskadiro, that is pretty normal these days22:22
surgyi runniing ubuntu gnome 14.04 kernal 3.19 and when i go to >> system settings > displays and set my monitors up (the left monitor should be set as the left monitor) and then i reboot my computer the settings revert and the left monitor is set as the right monitor again. how do i make my settings persistent?22:22
=== it is now known as Guest88259
kadiroOerHeks: that's happen to you too?22:22
OerHekssure, a lot of times, not on youtube though22:23
=== Guest88259 is now known as sonicx
kadiroOerHeks: thank you man i'm thinking is only for me especially this day not before22:23
kadiroI will try to see the same video over vlc may be that fix it22:24
sonicxI need help on my network card22:24
TJ-lickalott: nothing obvious there. I'll work back through the initrd.img log you captured22:24
UnPocoLocosonicx, why?22:26
kadirosame think throught vlc, what's happen22:26
k1l_kadiro: bad flash file22:27
kadirok1l_: I have ppepper installed22:27
k1l_i am talking baout your video22:27
kadirofrom a link?22:28
catalasehow do you search a file for matches then output that data to a file?22:28
sonicxwell I try ed zorin and it would not  work and now I'm trying xubuntu same thing it said it is working  but it is not22:28
catalasecan you simply grep <term> <filename> | cat <filename>22:28
k1l_catalase: cat only displays22:29
k1l_catalase: grep ... ... > textfile22:29
catalasecan you simply grep <term> <filename> | cat > <filename>22:29
bekkscatalase: grep term filename > resultfile22:29
TJ-lickalott: OK, I've figured out why it is there.22:32
sonicxI need help on my network card it will not turn on  it works in windows 7 but no xubuntu22:34
k1l_sonicx: what card is it? can you pastebin a "lspci" output?22:34
kadirowhen trying to see the same video from vlc not loaded from youtube that said: VLC ne peut pas ouvrir « http://r13---sn-hgn7zn7z.googlevideo.com/videoplayback?sver=3&lmt=1342366482834840&initcwndbps=125000&sparams=dur%2Cid%2Cinitcwndbps%2Cip%2Cipbits%2Citag%2Clmt%2Cmime%2Cmm%2Cmn%2Cms%2Cmv%2Cpl%2Cratebypass%2Csource%2Cupn%2Cexpire&expire=1440044758&source=youtube&ratebypass=yes&ipbits=0&upn=swB31j89AlE&pl=18&mn=sn-hgn7zn7z&mm=31&dur=0.000&id=o-22:35
kadiro<kadiro> ABNMImX56MBXswg1smUrgqZW6BffqvQPv1UkbwL1i4h7&key=yt5&itag=43&mime=video%2Fwebm&ip=
kadiro<kadiro> 3 ». Vérifiez les messages pour plus de détails.22:35
sonicxBroadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11a/b/g (rev 01)22:35
k1l_kadiro: youtube? that uses html5 for most videos now22:36
k1l_sonicx: and now please "uname -a"22:36
k1l_sonicx: and then please a "rfkill list" in a pastebin22:36
k1l_!paste | sonicx22:37
ubottusonicx: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:37
kadirok1l_: html5 use 360 and more, my internet is very slow for that i choose flash no choice22:37
kadiroi can read 144 this will be fast22:38
Raziel86Can someone help me get my mom's ethernet working? When she types ifconfig -a this is all that shows up http://pastebin.com/0ZHtjDg622:38
Raziel86anyone there22:41
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digitalgalaxy_I'm here22:41
digitalgalaxy_an ethernet problem?22:41
UnPocoLocoifconfig eth0 up22:42
UnPocoLocoor ifup eth0?22:42
sonicx and wireless  by the way22:42
Raziel86That gives the error no such device22:42
Raziel86wireless doesn't work either22:42
UnPocoLocoyeah, it looks strange.22:42
digitalgalaxy_ok, there's our problem.  Is this a homebrew computer or a store bought one?22:43
Raziel86Store bought. It's an old inspiron22:43
digitalgalaxy_inspiron model number?22:43
TJ-Raziel86: usually a desktop system is configured using the GUI interface to Network Manager.22:44
wileee!who | sonicx22:44
ubottusonicx: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)22:44
k1l_!bcm43xx | sonicx22:44
ubottusonicx: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:44
UnPocoLocoRaziel86, Ah. nvm. Didn't see your "-a" there. I dunno. network card loose?22:44
TJ-Raziel86: "lscpi -nn" will list all PCI devices, and from that you should be able to identify the network device(s)22:44
k1l_sonicx: see if that help pages helps you. seems like its still loading the "wrong" driver by default for that cards22:44
Raziel86TJ- just a second22:45
TJ-Raziel86: my typos! try "lspci -nn"  :D22:45
sonicxok thx u I will look at it n now :)22:45
Raziel86Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B022:46
NGC3982I use album (the software) on http://bilder.henjoh.se/ to show pictures. I notice that the added pictures does not update new pictures automaticly. Does Album support this?22:46
NGC3982Also: http://skarmdump.henjoh.se/22:46
sonicx<kil_> ok22:47
TJ-Raziel86: can you tell us the PCI device ID from the end of the lines, contain in square brackets e.g. [8086:1234]22:47
OneM_IndustriesHow do I stop shotwell from coming up automatically when I put an sd card in my computer?22:47
baywordsOkay Ubuntu.. I miss you  OS  :(  but this question is about  ps4.. Does anyone know of a populated irc channel  that deals with inquires  about custom firmware  exploit  development...?22:48
Raziel86TJ- [14e4:170c] (rev 2)22:49
MonkeyDustbaywords  type /msg alis list blah22:49
TJ-Raziel86: I've read notes that in some circumstances installing the wifi drivers can disable the wired BCM4401. Can you check with "grep b44 /etc/modprobe.d/*" and telling us any lines that are reported22:49
k1l_!alis | baywords if that is fine for the freenode policy anyway22:49
ubottubaywords if that is fine for the freenode policy anyway: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*22:49
TJ-Raziel86: you can also directly check if the b44 driver is loaded, to manage the BCM4401, using "lspci -k -d 14e4:170c" ... you should get a "Kernel driver in use: b44" line22:51
baywords"Blah" would be what?   My irc "coding"  is so rusty Tis forgotten..  I'll have to keep trying to enter that run  prompt  correctly..22:51
MonkeyDustbaywords  blah is whatever you're looking for22:52
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baywordsDo I type it in here  on in the main window?22:53
baywordsI forget..22:53
baywordsOr* im22:53
baywordsIn*..  Damn it22:53
kadiroin freenode22:54
Raziel86TJ- Yeah we did grept b44 * while in modprobe.d and got the following. http://pastebin.com/LVMZ8VxD22:54
digitalgalaxy_-Raziel86 That sounds a lot like what TJ was talking about.  Check this link here for more info, at least what I found:22:56
Raziel86TJ- we tried deleting blacklist-bcm43.conf and it says no such file or directory.22:56
TJ-Raziel86: "sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcm43.conf"22:57
TJ-Raziel86: you can then manually load the module with "sudo modprobe b44"22:58
Raziel86TJ- we tried that and it says no such file or directory when trying to remove that file22:58
TJ-Raziel86: you must have mistyped. grep clearly shows the filename22:58
digitalgalaxy_Razile86- it looks like that link says to comment out a blacklist line, rather than delete a blacklist.conf file.  It might just be in a different file in your distro or version.  What's your ubuntu version raziel86?22:59
Raziel86TJ- I had to go into /etc/modprobe.d and I had her do ls -a and it's not in there.22:59
baywords Hey..  msg alis  list  playstation4 says there are 60 channels.  But doesn't name them. How do I get the list?22:59
Raziel86It's actually mint 17.222:59
TJ-Raziel86: Then the file has been deleted already. If so, do "sudo modprobe b44" and that should load the module23:00
MonkeyDustbaywords  ask in #freenode23:00
digitalgalaxy_aha!  The culprit!  :)23:00
Raziel86When she does that it just stays on that line and never returns to another line23:00
Raziel86TJ- ^23:00
TJ-Raziel86: aha... OK... so there's a bigger problem here!23:00
_jloveAnyone here used canonical’s cloud-init (mostly via AWS EC2) before? Having some weirdness with packages installing23:01
TJ-Raziel86: does Ctrl+C get back to the prompt?23:01
kadirobaywords: add " / " before msg23:01
Raziel86Yes it does23:02
ash_workhow do you access the grub menu on startup? I was told to hold shift but also that the grub menu wont appear if there are not multiple OSes on the machine23:02
ash_workI want to add nomodeset to the grub menu23:02
columbobaasjust press arrow buttons23:02
Raziel86TJ- If the file has been deleted how come it still shows up when we grep 44 *23:03
TJ-Raziel86: good. I *think* the install of the b43 broadcom driver has messed things up23:03
ash_workcolumbobaas: thanks23:03
Raziel86We uninstalled sta23:03
lickalottsorry TJ-  I'm back23:03
ash_workalso, where are you supposed to add acpi_osi= ?23:03
TJ-Raziel86: that depends if you used the command *exactly* as I wrote it23:03
TJ-ash_work: to the kernel command line ("linux ....")  in the grub boot menu23:04
wbillanybody have any recent 15.? version documents for installing a full version of ubuntu on a usb drive for a mac while on a mac?23:04
Raziel86We were never able to delete it. It says it doesn't exist when we try to delete it. It doesn't show in the directory only in grep23:04
wileeeash_work, arrpw buttons are when you get to the grub edit, try esc or shift when powering on, test the commands for now.23:04
TJ-lickalott: I figured out why the 2 entries get put in cryptroot. It's because both are inside the crypted device. However, the swap doesn't need to be available at initrd time so it is a definite bug for it being there23:05
ash_workTJ-: behind linux... like acpi_osi=linux /boot/vmlinuz-... ro      quiet splash nomodeset23:05
TJ-lickalott: What I propose you do, as a test, is to manually edit cryptroot so it only has the rootdev line, rebuild the initrd.img and try booting with it. If that works we know that was the problem. If it doesn't work, we know that is incidental and something else is wrong23:06
TJ-ash_work: preferably at the end of the existing options, not at the start of the line23:06
Raziel86TJ- thank you for helping out. She has to leave. I may be on later.23:06
ash_workTJ-: so linux /boot/vmlinuz-... ro      quiet splash nomodeset acpi_osi23:07
ash_workTJ-: so linux /boot/vmlinuz-... ro      quiet splash nomodeset acpi_osi= *23:07
TJ-ash_work: correct23:07
ash_workTJ-: thanks!23:07
TechMongermy desktop has ports for sdcards. i installed a sdcard. it shows up in disk anylizer and fdisk but its not in my media dir23:08
TechMongerit says contents are unknown 0.o23:08
lickalottTJ-,  i gotta blast.  Can you do me a huge favor?  I only captured (in a document) the process to extract the .img (conf/conf.d)  Can you copy and paste the initrd.log line for me and I will try to manually edit later?23:08
kadiroash_work: and to see what exactelly happen when trying nomodest try to remove quiet splash23:08
TJ-lickalott: edit the cryptroot file where you extracted it ("/tmp/initrd/conf/conf.d/cryptroot") then ensure you're in the directory /tmp/initrd/ and do "find . | cpio -o -H newc | gzip > ../initrd.img"23:08
lickalottpm please so I don't lose it.  my logs aren't very long.23:09
TJ-lickalott: ok23:09
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columbobaasAfter the kernel upgrade in Ubuntu 15.04, my fglrx-drivers don't work anymore. Known problem?23:11
k1l_columbobaas: fglrx from the amd site?23:12
k1l_is linux-generic installed?23:12
columbobaasI always installed it via Updates and sources23:13
_Nornshello, is the fglrx issues from new update resolved, if anyone knows?23:13
Gallomimiawhat i know about the fglrx "issues" they are resolved by the purchase and installation of an nvidia card. remove old one, and fglrx drivers before install. :(23:15
ash_workit didn't seem to save nomodeset23:15
_Nornssorry, accidentally shut it23:15
ash_workare you supposed to do something other than ^x / F10 ?23:15
_Nornswell, in new upgrade somethign with amd and fglrx causing conflicts.  Had to roll back to previous23:16
ash_workor maybe it was because it shutdown imporperly?23:16
Gallomimiaash_work: depends what file you're editing and whether you have permissions to do it23:16
columbobaasNow I have Ubuntu 14.04.3 and it works perfectly23:17
ash_workthat one in the beginning23:17
ash_workGallomimia: the grub file23:17
Gallomimiasome things you have to run a command to make it take changes, some things you have to reboot. some things you need root permissions23:17
kadiroash_work: ctrl+X or F10 is the same23:17
Gallomimiayeah. the grub file needs to get installed by.... something. i'm fuzzy at that point. mine's quite broken23:17
kadiroash_work: but for testing if work you must to edit grub.cfg23:17
kadirogood night all23:19
NGC3982Oh hai.23:19
KoningI've got a small question, my grub menu is messed up23:20
Koningmemtest is the first option and ubuntu the last one23:20
Koninghow can I reverse the order23:20
TJ-ash_work: editing the kernel command-line at boot-time is for testing/manual one-off. To make the change permanent edit "/etc/default/grub" and include the option(s) in  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX   then update the "/boot/grub/grub.cfg" by doing "sudo update-grub"23:20
columbobaasKoning: grub-customizer23:20
wileeeno no no23:20
Koningyeah, noooo, yeaaaah, nooooooo23:20
Koningin that program it shows up right23:20
Koningbut in the grub menu it doesn't23:21
k1l_Koning: what did you do before that grub menu got messed up?23:21
Koningsudo grub-install /dev/sda23:22
Koningafter eOS's grub overwrote the ubuntu one23:22
TJ-Koning: the GRUB menuentry order is controlled by the order of execution of the scripts in "/etc/grub.d/" - filenames start with a number. lower numbers are executed first23:22
Koningah, I'll check those files TJ-23:22
TJ-Koning: here's the expected config: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12131986/23:23
columbobaasSomebody else problems with latest upgrade with the non-free amd drivers? (fglrx)23:23
TJ-Koning: ignore "10_custom_linux_menu_sort" that is my own customisation that puts -rc kernels last in the list23:24
k1l_columbobaas: was there an issue with the install? can you show the logs in /var/log/apt ?23:24
KoningTJ- this is what I have http://paste.ubuntu.com/12131998/23:25
columbobaask1l_: yes indeed, always a system error. unable to install fglrx. But I did a clean install so i cant show you the logs. After reboot: i came in low resolution mode.23:26
TJ-Koning: that isn't an Ubuntu install!23:26
KoningI am running ubuntu though23:26
Koningubuntu and eOS23:26
TJ-Koning: but what you have there is nothing like what Ubuntu installs23:26
Koningis there a way to nuke what I have and rebuild a clean boot config?23:27
columbobaasKoning isn't there an option in recovery mode in your grub menu?23:27
k1l_columbobaas: well, its hard to get to the cause of that issue without having that logs anymore23:27
k1l_Koning: so you are in eOS right now?23:27
Koningno, I'm in ubuntu right now23:28
Koninggrub isn't broken, it's just that the order is all wrong23:28
k1l_Koning: so you definately did manual changes there23:29
columbobaask1l_: I thought i read: no screens found in the log.23:29
KoningI didn't but grub customizer might have23:29
k1l_columbobaas: we will not solve that issue without that logs23:29
TJ-Koning: something has been altering the /etc/grub.d/ scripts totally. First, remove whatever did that and hope it returns things to normal23:29
chingaoTechMonger, maybe this will help http://askubuntu.com/questions/95391/how-do-i-mount-an-sd-card23:30
TJ-Koning: after that, delete the files from /etc/grub.d/ and reinstall the package: "sudo apt-get --reinstall install grub-common" then "sudo update-grub"23:30
columbobaask1l_ after that: i compiled kernel 4.1 and tried again but no result. But Ubuntu 14.04.3 works fine and i can try again in october maybe.23:30
KoningTJ- reinstall isn't recognized23:32
KoningTJ- Doing what you said leaves my /etc/grub.d folder empty23:36
MonkeyDustKoning  i followed it a bit ... maybe ubuntu gnerates a new grub.d, after you rename it to grub.ddd or so23:38
TJ-Koning: aha... I suspected it might. "sudo apt-get --reinstall install -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-confmiss' grub-common"23:38
Koningnah, I moved the grub.d folder, did a grub reinstall, grub update, grub install and everything was blank23:38
TJ-Koning: when the sysadmin removes conf files dpkg assumes we know what we're doing, and doesn't try to install them23:39
Koningah cool23:39
KoningI'm gonna reboot and hope everything is fine, if I'm not back again this time tomorrow, carry on23:40
TJ-Koning: you did do update-grub?23:41
Koningdo I need to do a grub-install ?23:41
TJ-Koning: *after* grub-common put those scripts back in /etc/grub.d/ ?23:41
TJ-Koning: usually ... no ... grub-install writes the boot-strap and core.img, but it won't hurt to do it if you've got multiple OSes on the system arguing over which OS gets to control grub23:42
Koningthat sounds pretty low level :p23:43
TJ-Koning: grub-install also ensure all the grub modules are in /boot/grub/${ARCH}-${FW_TYPE}/23:43
KoningDo you know where exactly grub is installed when I choose /dev/sda?23:43
k1l_in the mbr23:44
Koningand is that on somehting like a partition or does my disk have reserved space for that?23:44
TJ-Koning: yes. the first 440 bytes of sector 0 of /dev/sda gets the bootstrap. core.img is written in the spare sectors from sector 1 to the start of the first partition (usually sector 2048)23:44
k1l_its like a reserved space23:44
Koningaaah, that explains that starting point :)23:45
asbaspI don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I'm using a Koding.com VMS that has Ubuntu 14.04 installed, as well as the trusty repos. However, lftp isn't installed, and it also says "unable to locate package lftp" when I try to apt-get. Is there a quirk with sources.list, or does Koding.com not allow users to have lftp on their box?23:45
TJ-Koning: on GPT disk-labels core.img is written into a BIOS boot partition which gdisk tools give the short code 0xEF0223:45
Koning440 bytes seems like so little space :p23:45
Bashing-omKoning: TJ- 's great tutorial on where/how.whu boot coding : https://iam.tj/kb/pc/boot/#a_bootloader .23:46
TJ-Koning: that is why it is called the bootstrap. It is loaded to address 0x7C00 in memory, and executed. It then calls BIOS disk services to load sectors 1-2048-ish into memory, and jumps into that code23:46
Koningdo you mean the necesairy /boot partition from UEFI?23:46
asbaspFor the record, here's what my sources.list looks like: https://bpaste.net/raw/879bf4b6394d23:46
TJ-Koning: For UEFI, firmware looks for the EFI system partition (that gdisk tools call 0xEF00) which must have a FAT file-system in, and reads an EFI executable.23:47
TJ-Bashing-om: I'd forgotten about that! I need to update and expand it :)23:48
Bashing-omTJ-: :) I use and refer it a LOT .23:48
k1l_!info lftp23:49
ubottulftp (source: lftp): Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP/BitTorrent client programs. In component main, is optional. Version 4.6.1-2 (vivid), package size 457 kB, installed size 1296 kB23:49
k1l_asbasp: what says: "sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy lftp"23:49
TJ-Bashing-om: I'd best get cracking on it then, there's some embarrassing bugs23:49
Koningis an initramfs required?23:50
Bashing-omTJ-: I have had no adverse reactions .23:50
KoningI once read an article that said it's slow/bad (can't really remember)23:50
TJ-Bashing-om: good... but I noticed some glaring omissions and misleading statements/diagrams23:51
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TJ-Koning: initrd.img is the kernel's bootstrap into the real root file-system. Usually required for all by the simplest configs23:51
KoningDoesn't arch use something else?23:52
Koningit might be mkinitcpio I'm thinkging about23:53
yeplaat the last upgrade fglrx seems broken still the case?23:54
TJ-Koning: cpio is the tool used to create the file-system inside the initrd.img, before it is gzip-ed23:54
TJ-Koning: different distros use different tools to create the initrd, but they all do basically the same thing23:55
aluhow do I see if I have cuda installed23:55
aluI have GTX 960 hooked up to ubuntu machine with driver installed23:55
TJ-Koning: Debian/Ubuntu used intramfs-tools and the "update-initramfs" command23:55
Bashing-omTJ-: OT ... I looked on your desk(s) the other day, I did not see a soldiering iron or a motherboard. Maybe you can find the time to devote to the update of the booting sequence tutorial .23:56
yepladoes fglrx is broken ?23:56
columbobaasyepla, YES23:57
TJ-alu: "nvidia-settings -e CUDACores"23:57
yeplai want play ark23:57
7JTAAIGY8I have ubuntu 15.04, and the wifi just stopped working. The little blue wif LED  is lit but on the connections tab, the wifi button is grayed out. if I go to systems network, wireless is turned off, and I can;t turn it back on. Does anyone know how to fix this?23:57
columbobaasyepla, after upgrade23:57
TJ-Bashing-om: you did not, or you did?23:57
yeplacolumbobaas: yes23:58
columbobaasyepla, i installed Ubuntu 14.04.3 and fglrx and it's fine23:58
Bashing-omTJ-: I did ( you posted in another channel the .img of your work space ) .23:58
TJ-Bashing-om: I was going to say... if you missed the rework station!23:58
yeplacolumbobaas: i will wait23:59
yeplastill problem all the time problem23:59
yeplastart be boring23:59

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