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zequenceholstein: I'd rather use the mail list for the discussion. A regular voting would require a healthy community with more than one candidate.05:42
zequenceDalekSec: I might do that later. Think I will spend some time not being involved at all for a little while, and see what that is like :).05:47
holsteinzequence: voting is how its done.. i dont want you to just hand it over, in the background, and someone eles sits on the position, without a clear notion of the term of the office, so to speak14:55
holsteinthats how its done, in the other communities, i should say.. and, if we want, we can document how it is done now14:55
holsteinwhere, basically someone hands off the position, behind closed doors, and that person holds on to it til they get burned out.. that can be documented, though, i dont think its reasonable, or necessary14:56
holsteinwe have at least 4 or 5 regular folks, who, we can see if they show up at a meeting, or not..14:57
holsteini mean, if you are saying to me "no, i dont want to do that, i will just hand it off as it was handed off to me, and im not interested in there being a meeting", thats fine, just say that, and i will let it go.. entirely14:57
holsteinbut, i see this as a chance to get a regular, and more normal setup going.. one that would mimic the xubuntu team structure, ideally14:58
holsteini mean, honestly, i would think, if len is interested, he would take it over.. and that would be great... but, i would like to, ever if its just literally 3 of us, have a meeting, here, and elect him.. and define the positions, and the term of office.. when the next election is.. are we having regular meetings? etc15:03
zequenceholstein: I'm not against voting. But, if you want more candidates, make them appear16:58
zequenceI'm not going to hunt for them. In one way or another, someone will have to take over, or Ubuntu Studio dies.16:59
zequenceIf you read my post to the mail list, you know exactly my thoughts on this. And, I'd prefer you answer it instead of writing here.17:01
zequenceDamn, seems like a lot of folks are having problems with no space for kernel updates in /boot (EFI installes always have a small /boot partition)19:02
astraljavaNot a Studio issue for me, but I have a similar problem on my laptop, where I made an LVM2 installation.19:42
astraljavaThat is a Xubuntu installation, but all of these use the same installer nowadays, no?19:43
OvenWerksastraljava: I have ubuntuserver and if I run apt-get autoremove it only keeps two kernels. on studio it keeps them all.20:04
astraljavaOh, well that's not good.20:37
astraljavaOn the laptop, there are kernel versions 18, 20, 21, 23, 25 and 26. image-extra even for 15.20:39
astraljavaSorry, read that wrong. headers are left for that first list, but images are only for the last three.20:41
zequenceastraljava: linux-lowlatency, or -generic?20:41
cubFeature Freeze is tomorrow, right? zequence I just sent an email to the list about the menu and category for Plume Creator. No obvious choice there. But if it would be decided to be included, should I add it or should you or Len perhaps? I'm a bit rusty so the safest way would be if you would add it ...21:10
holsteinzequence: i didnt say, "i want more candidates".. all im saying is, rather than, behind closed doors, you choosing someone, *we* get to vote, and that person knows how long they have the term21:28
holsteinzequence: im afraid, that i do know your thoughts on it, and that you want to just hand it off to someone, in the background..21:30
holsteinand, if thats what you want, thats fine. but, we need to document that.. and let newcomers know, its not a traditional ubuntu team, where, they can work towards being lead, for example.. that, it just has to come from the current lead.. and no one knows when, just when that person gets burned out, or wants to hand it off, and, to whom ever they like21:31
DalekSecWell if there's no one else to hand it off to, it's not like there's much point in voting for just one option.  You'd also want someone heavily involved and actually knows what's going on.21:50
OvenWerksDalekSec: :) :) heavely involved? I am not sure there is one right now.21:50
DalekSecOvenWerks: Hah, well compared to others! :P21:51
holsteinthe vote is important, to set that up, and, to state the terms of the office..21:54
OvenWerksimo, knowing how is less important than knowing what.21:56
OvenWerksholstein: I have no disagreement with that. We have some time anyway.21:56
OvenWerkshaving a good idea of direction is what a leader needs.21:58
OvenWerksVision if you wish.21:58

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