ubuntu-studiohey guys, I have a external hard drive with four partitions.  I want to install an os on the first partition but have don't know how to set up swap space.  gparted tells me I can only have four partitions.01:17
ubuntu-studiocan I create an extended partition and resolve this?  and if so, how?01:24
ubuntu-studioshould I be using something other than Gparted?01:34
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{qwerty}hi, is ardour 4 available for ubuntu studio? cant find it in the software center12:45
zequenceIt will be with wily13:29
zequenceOut in October13:30
netnomadI'm having an odd problem.  I'm trying to run the Software Updater and it says I'm out of space and I'm FAR from out of space.  Any suggestions?  I admit I'm novice to intermediate with Linux..18:14
netnomadIt says it's short of space in /boot, but I shouldn't just be willy nilly deleting stuff in /boot I don't think.18:17
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