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bluesabreso quiet02:23
bluesabrelet's make it less quiet02:38
bluesabreand packages in xubuntu-staging ppa02:38
bluesabreI'll upload to ubuntu tomorrow after folks get a chance to take a peek02:39
bluesabreUnit193: I still plan to make the CSD optional, looking at 1.3.1 for that02:39
Unit193Woohoo. :D02:44
bluesabreaaaand https://launchpad.net/menulibre/2.1/2.1.003:40
bluesabremenulibre packages upload to xubuntu-staging and are building03:50
bluesabreso catfish and menulibre available to play with in vivid and wily03:50
bluesabrenight all03:51
bluesabreoh, and blacklisted human and tango themes on the seed, so tomorrow's daily should be just libreoffice-style-elementary03:51
bluesabrewe'll see03:51
flocculantbluesabre: I'm a numpty - catfish looks the same if you switch on sidebar ... but got ppa one now :)06:33
bluesabreflocculant: running /usr/bin/catfish ?11:01
bluesabreor, are you saying that its working correctly now?11:14
bluesabrethere's also a new menulibre in the ppa11:22
bluesabreI'll upload both tonight when I get home11:22
flocculantbluesabre: working correctly - and probably was yesterday too 11:53
flocculantdidn't see the 'turn sidebar on' checkbox11:53
jjfrv8bluesabre, catfish looks nice, even though I'm not a fan of CSD.12:51
jjfrv8bluesabre, everything seems to work as expected for me except the Modified-Custom setting. It just doesn't seem to behave like I think it should.12:53
jjfrv8eg, if I select the Downloads folder which has files modified today, it shows them with "Any time" and "This week", but not with "Custom" no matter which dates I select.12:55
ochosijjfrv8: iirc that was a known regression that hasn't been addressed yet (could be wrong though)13:05
ochosiand hi everyone13:05
jjfrv8hi, ochosi, and thanks :)13:05
ochosibluesabre: somehow catfish feels extremely fast now, did you feed it some steroids or is my perception simply off? :)13:07
ochosixnox: since you seem to be using xfce now and were wondering about the panel, would you be interested in sponsoring a panel extension for us for wily (backs up and restores panel config)? https://bugs.launchpad.net/xfpanel-switch/+bug/148447814:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1484478 in Xfce Panel Switch "ITP: xfpanel-switch -- layout manager for the Xfce panel" [Wishlist,In progress]14:11
ochosiif so, that'd be a great help! we wanna test this in wily (internal testing has been done obviously) and then make it shine in the LTS14:12
xnoxochosi: possibly.14:13
ochosixnox: anyway, if you could help out, that'd be much appreciated! i guess everything should be noted in the report linked above already, if questions arise, bluesabre would be the one to contact14:25
ochosieither way hf using xfce :)14:26
flocculantimage failed to build today 17:16
flocculantshould be good tomorrow 17:44
Unit193http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/platform.wily/revision/1998 is the reason, yeah.20:44
Unit193bluesabre: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/lubuntu.wily/revision/313 - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/lubuntu.wily/revision/30920:46
ochosiUnit193: interesting, so an ibus alternative21:14
knomeo hai ochosi 21:15
Unit193'Tis why I asked about it yesterday.21:37
bluesabrehey all21:39
bluesabreUnit193: ibus alternative?  didn't see a mention of it yesterday21:40
bluesabredid the image fail because of my change?21:40
Unit193No, see my first link.21:41
bluesabrejjfrv8, ochosi: yeah, I noticed after I released catfish that there seems to be an issue with the end date, but custom time after start and before today should work21:43
bluesabreochosi: I did tweak some things that should have made a speed difference21:43
ochosinice work there, bluesabre 21:45
ochosibtw, the label getting refreshed periodically to say "Searching ." "Seaching .." "Searching ..." is obviously not crucial, but it's nice to have some sort of progress indicator there when you don't get any results (cause then that screen remains for a while)21:47
bluesabreochosi: right, probably for next release21:54
ochosiyeah, totally fine with that :)21:55
bluesabregoing to grab food now21:55
ochosithis one really is very nice already21:55
bluesabrelet me know anything that you need me to do tonight, going to upload catfish and menulibre21:55
ochosibluesabre: btw, as you can see i pinged around for panel-switch, but i'm mostly afk during the day myself atm, so don't expect too much21:55
ochosimaybe knome can help out21:55
bluesabreyeah, we'll see if we can convince some folks to help us out21:56
bluesabregotta run now, bbl21:56
ochosiokeydokey, bon appetit!21:56
knomemaybe. with what?21:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1484478 in Xfce Panel Switch "ITP: xfpanel-switch -- layout manager for the Xfce panel" [Wishlist,In progress]22:00
ochosiaka "getting xfpanel-switch sponsored by a motu as a new package"22:00
ochosithe closeness to FF makes this a bit harder i guess22:03
knomei asked Mirv in PM22:08

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