marianoThe volume widget keeps coming up on its own. This is the same widget that comes up when you use the volume controls on the keyboard. It started coming up after I installed gnome alsa mixer. I uninstalled the gnome alsa mixer, but the widget still comes up on its own. I don't know how to make it stop from just appearing on its own.05:37
mariano<lotuspsychje> !sound | mariano05:37
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mounaHi, I need help to start a script at login11:19
mounathe script work in console but won't start at login despite being in automatic start11:20
mounaHi, I need help to start a script at login11:31
mks1945Hi, add it to /etc/rc.local before EXIT 011:39
xubuntu62wDoes the default xubuntu user have any elevated permissions?14:37
GridCubeits a sudoer14:41
GridCubeso yes14:41
GridCube!sudo | xubuntu62w14:42
ubottuxubuntu62w: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo14:42
ahi2can anyone help me with 'browsing network' feature in xubuntu17:30
mrkrampsahi2, ask your question or elaborate your problem17:30
ahi2by default install i cannot broswe my network to see my other xubuntu17:31
ahi2i added samba and it asks me for a password that never is accepted17:31
ahi2i dont need samba as i dont have any windows computers right?17:32
ahi2any solutions?17:32
mrkrampsahi2, use ssh with sshfs instead17:40
ahi2like ssh://computername/ ?17:41
mrkrampsahi2, pretty much yes17:43
ahi2ok thanks for your help mrkramps. ill try it17:43
thenewoneHi guys18:20
thenewonelost connection18:27
thenewoneguys i have a question18:27
thenewonewhen i wanna chose Arabic keyboard i chose my country and i dont see Arabic i see Berber18:28
thenewonebut in my country Arabic is the 1 language ?18:29
MeXTuXWhen I press Ctrl + Alt + Delete login page shows which it is ok but if i am playing music it stops and instant messaging client disconnects. Is there a way to change this behavior?18:43
thenewoneMeXTuX, go to keyboard shurtcut command and delete it19:01
flocculantif you mean music stops when you logout - it will, that's to do with the way the lock screen workshttp://xubuntu.org/news/screen-locking-in-xubuntu-14-04/19:03
thenewoneor use i3locker19:03
thenewoneit's beautiful screen-locker :)19:03
flocculantnot sure if an IM client should or shouldn't - hexchat doesn't19:03
thenewonewhat are you talking about flocculant ?19:04
flocculantpressing ctrl+alt+del to go to login screen19:04
flocculantwhat MeXTuX is talking about19:04
thenewoneto log out19:04
thenewoneah ok19:05
thenewonesorry man19:05
thenewoneflocculant, excuse me are you from xubuntu team ?19:05
flocculantthenewone: as far as the language in your country goes - choose another language/country and if you think your countries language is wrong - report it as a bug19:05
flocculantthenewone: yep19:06
MeXTuXjust want to block my workstation when i am not in front of it19:06
thenewoneflocculant, so you read what i typed in Ubuntu channel :D19:06
thenewonegood :D19:06
flocculantnot interested in #ubuntu19:06
MeXTuXbut maybe there is a way to keep music playing19:06
thenewonei tolde you19:06
thenewoneuse i3lock19:06
thenewoneit's beautiful light fast19:06
MeXTuXok i will try it :D19:07
thenewoneand free :D19:07
thenewoneflocculant, sorry where should i report this19:07
thenewoneshow me exactly19:07
flocculantMeXTuX: did you read the blog post - with the explanation for sound ?19:07
flocculantthenewone: launchpad - not sure of the top of my head which package to report it against, but when you get that, run ubuntu-bug packagename in a terminal and it'll do the necessary19:09
flocculantthenewone: possibly localechooser / localechooser-data19:10
thenewoneok i will see19:11
thenewonethanks for help19:11
thenewoneyou look like nice guy :)19:14
thenewoneothers in Ubuntu like shit and stupid :D19:15
thenewoneexcuse me Xubuntu share the same repo as Ubuntu and kubuntu ?19:16
JumpmanWhenever I wake the computer from sleep the wifi takes a minute or two to connect instead of connecting immediately or already being connected. Does anyone know how I can fix this?19:22
knomethenewone, yes, xubuntu uses the same repositories as other *buntu*s20:00
thenewonethe only def is the WM20:01
thenewonedeference *20:01
knomeno, wm isn't really the only difference, but it's the main difference.20:02
xanguaThe only difference is packages pre-installed20:06
thenewonethanks for the info20:06
knomexangua, mmmmh, well, practically yes, but since they do change configuration too, not quite20:09
knomeanyway, it's impossible to list out all of the small differences. you'll find out by looking20:09
jwhwvHey, I just created a connection for a cisco openconnect vpn my friend runs.  It was easy enough from the network settings shortcut in the applications menu.  However, I can't find anywhere already in the menus to actually connect to it.20:35
jwhwvits easy enough to do over on the unity desktop but I'd like to do it from the xfce environment I'm using20:35
mrkrampsjwhwv, actually ubuntu and xubuntu both use the network-manager20:39
jwhwvmrkramps well where is network-manager in the app menu?20:44
mrkrampsgenerally the nm-applet should run in systray20:44
jwhwvnot in xfce, i read thats a common problem in the last update20:45
jwhwvis there no other way to access those controls than that applet?20:45
mrkrampsyou could try the commandline client20:45
mrkrampsnm-tool and nmcli20:46
mrkrampsjwhwv, or just fix the missing applet20:48
mrkrampsand btw. i just read nm-applet is not in systray but shows up in the indicator plugin20:51
jwhwvThat's what I'm finding as well.  Thanks a lot man20:52
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