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tasdomaswhat is the best way to run bundletester on my charm in a "pristine environment" ?08:24
anastasiamactasdomas: m afraid to ask :) what do u consider "pristine"?08:26
tasdomasanastasiamac, basically as close to the automated test runner used by the juju charms team08:27
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g3narocan i search juju modules from the cli ?13:46
rick_h_g3naro: juju charms?13:50
rick_h_g3naro: hmm, we're working on a store cli plugin but it's not public yet that does have some search abilities.13:51
rick_h_I don't recall if the eco folks had a plugin for that. marcoceppi lazyPower was there something you all had in charm helpers/tools?13:51
g3naroohh k14:01
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marcoceppirick_h_: g3naro `juju charm search`14:33
g3naronice 1 bro14:33
puzzololazyPower: ping14:38
lazyPowerpong puzzolo15:39
magicaltrouthelp, bzr newbie here16:16
magicaltrouthttps://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/authors-charm-store i completely suck and don't understnad how to get my bzr repo into launchpad16:17
magicaltroutcharm/trusty/saikuanalytics I have a folder structure like that and created a bzr repo in the charm directory16:18
magicaltroutbut can't figure out how to get it into launchpad, I just get No such source package16:18
beisnermagicaltrout - still around?16:33
redelmannHi, is there any juju-restart function/method in charmhelper?17:09
redelmannor just need to call subprocess.check_call17:09
redelmannmarcoceppi, ^?17:11
redelmannjuju-reboot, sorry17:11
marcoceppiredelmann: not sure, let me check17:11
redelmannmarcoceppi, i search on charmhelpers docs, and didn't find anything17:12
marcoceppiredelmann: then not yet, you're welcome to submit a patch though17:12
redelmannmarcoceppi, ok, thank you17:13
skylerbergbeisner, wolsen, coreycb: To follow up on our conversation yesterday about connecting to nova-compute. I think it will be best to keep it simple and just use the config-flags options in nova-compute. I can use my README to communicate that users need to do this.17:19
skylerbergHowever, I see that config-flags takes a comma separated list. One of the values I need to pass in does itself have a comma in it.17:20
skylerbergWithout having looked at the code, I am not sure if nova-compute will choke on a config flag that has a comma in it.17:20
whitwhat's the command that shows all the tools available to a charm?17:30
whitah.. juju help-tool17:32
puzzolojo lazyPower any news on these lxc networking thingies?18:13
lazyPowerpuzzolo: hey there18:13
lazyPowerpuzzolo: i dont have any updates unfortunately18:13
beisnerhi skylerberg - as i understand it, the config-flags config option is there for one-off edge case needs.  what are the config options you're needing to pass in?  if they don't collide with others, that may be a sane approach today.  but there's no way to say there wouldn't be future collisions if it's not in the nova-compute code base for reviewers to know about down the line.  i do think the better / more-official (tm) approach may be to add a charm confi18:39
beisnerg option to twiddle the conf bits you need.18:39
jcastrojose: ping18:41
skylerbergbeisner: I would be adding something like "cpu_mode=none,nfs_mount_options=vers=3,proto=tcp". Looking at it, I don't think it is possible to parse that correctly.19:03
beisnerskylerberg, ok so we already have another need to control cpu_mode in ppc64 scenarios, just need to add that.  keep in mind, in kilo and later the cpu_mode directive got moved to a different conf file that the charm currently has no other reason to touch (so that's not plumbed just yet).19:05
beisnera lot of conf directives scooted around between icehouse and kilo, so we just handle that via the templates in the charm.19:05
beisnermakes it transparent to the user.  they just set a charm config option, the charm lands it in the right file19:05
beisnerso anyway, that kind of makes the case for using charm config options instead of that little backdoor-ish conf hole we have open.  make sense?19:06
skylerbergbeisner: I need to talk with someone on my team to see if we really need cpu_mode=none. So for the nfs_mount_options we should probably just add that as a nova-compute charm configuration option and then I can just tell users to set it.20:00
skylerbergbeisner: Okay. All I actually need to do is set nfs_mount_options=vers=3. So we just need to add nfs_mount_options as a config option for the nova-compute charm, right?20:22
skylerbergI was going to try to make a pull request to add the configuration option for nfs-mount-options, but the repo on github is two years out of date. Is there somewhere I can get the source and make a pull request?21:24
lazyPowerskylerberg: https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers21:38
lazyPowerany of the /next branches are the current dev focus and where you want to make merge proposals against21:38
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skylerberglazyPower: Thanks for pointing me to the repo. I tried deploying nova-compute based on the latest code and it failed http://paste.ubuntu.com/12138183/.22:42
lazyPowerskylerberg: i would certainly file that as a bug, it seems something changed in /next thats causing a problem. (is this unmodified /next, or was it patched w/ the modifications?)22:47
skylerbergPerhaps this is because I am running it in a container and it wants to install kvm.22:48
lazyPowerthats indeed possible.22:48
lazyPowerfwiw - you can us ea KVM based local provider and it will be slow (hypervisor in hypervisor) but should complete without issue22:48
skylerberglazyPower: Thanks. I think I can get around it by just marking the issue as resolved. I am really just trying to see the effect on the config file.22:50

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