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lordievaderGood morning.06:25
sitterRiddell: did you fix konsole yet?09:37
sitterand purpose09:37
sitterRiddell: did you get a chance to review libkgapi?09:43
sitterRiddell: please fix rocs09:58
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* Riddell makes it sew10:22
clivejoRiddell: have you time today to teach me about automation10:24
Riddellclivejo: yeah should do10:24
Riddellalthough I realise it needs push power to git so I guess that last step needs to be done by me10:24
Riddellclivejo: did you get an alioth account?10:24
clivejono, apparently Ill need a sponsor10:26
Riddellclivejo: well I'm happy to do that, what do I need to do?10:26
clivejoIve no idea10:26
Riddellclivejo: how far did you get?10:26
clivejoI need to have a sustained input into debian10:27
Riddellum, you do via us10:30
Riddellclivejo: so do I need to fill in a form or e-mail someone or ping someone on irc?10:30
clivejoI cant find a form anywhere10:31
Riddellhmm I'll put it on my todo list to look into10:32
clivejoExisting Debian Developers acting as sponsors can integrate your work into the project. It is generally best to try and find a developer who is working in the same area as you and has an interest in what you have done.10:33
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Riddellthen maybe it needs to be someone like ScottK10:33
Riddellhmm wait is that for an alioth account?10:33
clivejo After you have contributed for some time and are sure about your involvement in the Debian project, you can join Debian in a more official role.10:33
clivejowell I assume I need to be a Debian Maintainer (DM)10:34
Riddellshouldn't do10:34
Riddelljust a guest account on alioth10:34
clivejoI dunno, can make head nor tail of the instructions10:35
Riddelljust fill in this form? https://alioth.debian.org/account/register.php10:35
clivejoah got it10:40
Riddellclivejo: yay, now I think we just need to ping someone on #debian-qt-kde channel on irc.debian.net please join that10:43
clivejothere is a join link10:43
Riddellclivejo: ok try that10:49
clivejoThey want to know why10:49
Riddellclivejo: to work on kubuntu packaging branches10:49
clivejoI have a feeling "Cause I want to" wont cut it 10:50
Riddell"how dare you question me! don't you know who I am?!"10:50
* bshah gives last line to phoronix editor.. :p10:51
clivejothey dont!10:51
clivejoI'm a nobody!10:52
Riddellthe standard response is "there's somebody here who doesn't know who he is"10:52
clivejomy request has been submitted10:52
clivejoand we wait :)10:54
Riddellsitter: I pushed some fixes to libkgpi, 5.0.0 is out, shall I upload to wily?10:55
sitterRiddell: I see no fixes10:57
Riddellsitter: hmm git confusing me, I pushed something10:59
sitterRiddell: copyright change looks wrong11:00
sitterotherwise LGTM11:00
Riddellsitter: fixed11:00
Riddellsitter: shall I upload to wily?11:00
sitterwas planning on doing that once you said you reviewed it :P11:01
clivejoRiddell: would you have a look at/review plasma-widget-awesome-widgets in my PPA11:02
clivejolooking for feedback11:02
Riddellclivejo: now there's a widget that can say "don't you know who I am"11:02
* Riddell requests clivejo's alioth name gets renamed to clivejo-awesome11:03
clivejohow are you still a guest?11:03
clivejodont they know who you are?!?11:04
Riddellsitter: how come there's a kubuntu_unstable_utopic branch in konsole? are there backport for utopic?11:04
Riddellclivejo: I'm a nobody in debian, I didn't even wear a debian kilt in this photo https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1380/591734159_0181177ddc_b.jpg11:05
sitterRiddell: when a repo cannot be CI'd using the generic branch a series branch is created which holds additional changes to make the CI fly on this particular series11:05
sitterfor konsole in utopic that was redirection magic to prevent breaking the konsole4 kpart without having to do a dependency transition in the CI ppa11:06
clivejois that you on the left,second one in?11:06
ScottKclivejo: everyone who isn't a Debian Developer is -guest.11:08
Riddellclivejo: well spotted :)11:08
Riddellsitter: fixes pushed for purpose, konsole, rocs11:14
Riddellclivejo: want to look at the applications upload?11:15
* sitter is still not sure whether to CI libkolab11:15
clivejowas just about to pop out for lunch11:15
Riddelllet's lunch then11:15
clivejobut the stink is mighty!11:16
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sitterRiddell: I am not sure letting bugs sit untriaged for eons and then closing them telling people to sod off to another bug tracker is sending the right message :S11:31
Riddellwe should find a maintainer then I guess 11:38
sitterah yeah11:39
sitterRiddell: you mean like the 600 odd packages that get bug reports but never any reply?11:39
sitterI always do wonder why no one maintains these kubuntu packages11:39
soeeRiddell: ping me when you have 3 min for priv talk11:59
clivejoRiddell: Im free when you are11:59
soeehehe, looks like hes most wanted atm -.-12:00
clivejoI wanted him first :P12:01
Riddellsoee: hmm?12:01
Riddellclivejo: ssh ubuntu@ec2-54-159-220-46.compute-1.amazonaws.com:12:03
BluesKajHiyas all12:11
clivejoRiddell: Im there12:12
Riddellclivejo: groovy, checkout kubuntu-automation scripts12:14
clivejowhere should I work from?12:15
clivejodidnt you say something about working in /mnt?12:15
Riddellclivejo: lp:~kubuntu-packagers/+junk/kubuntu-automation12:15
Riddellyes I just cd'ed into mnt12:16
Riddellclivejo: what's in README?12:17
Riddellclivejo: these scripts are not a shining example of software engineering, they're messy and flakey I'm afraid12:17
Riddellok I clicked the pause on kci12:18
Riddellclivejo: so I think what's needed is to run that staging-upload line12:18
Riddellas adapted for applications 15.08.012:18
Riddelloh we probably need gbp installed12:19
clivejois this EC already configured?12:19
Riddelland export PATH=`pwd`:$PATH12:19
Riddellclivejo: not really12:19
BluesKajyeah dolpin is fianlly using frameworks and qt5 and fianlly uses the colours I assigned for kde apps in system settings12:24
BluesKajyay rather 12:24
clivejoRiddell: 5.3.95 ?12:24
soeeBluesKaj: and what do you think about Plasma 5.4 ?12:24
BluesKajerrfinally even :-)12:24
Riddellclivejo: applications 15.08.0 http://download.kde.org/stable/applications/15.08.0/src/12:25
clivejoIm confused12:26
Riddellclivejo: we're not packaging plasma12:26
BluesKajsoee: so far so good, altho X crashed a few mins ago I recovered from the VT12:27
Riddellclivejo: we're packaging Applications12:27
clivejoah thats better12:28
clivejowhats this about pausing jenkins?12:32
Riddellclivejo: the script will add a new changelog entry to all the items which will tricker them in the continuous integration system, so I've paused it as there's no need to rebuild it all there12:32
BluesKajsoee:  altho system settings is still using frameworks and qt4, since it's look and colours havent changed from the 4 defaults12:34
Riddellclivejo: so go with the staging- script12:34
clivejodid I break it by trying frameworks?12:34
clivejohows that?12:35
soeeBluesKaj: well i can't confirm this as i doubt i have fill 5.4 because of dependency problems i Wily12:36
BluesKajyeah it looks partial to me12:37
clivejoRiddell: will you check that command before I run it?12:37
soeeBluesKaj: but hey, i think today final 5.4 tars should be released :)12:38
clivejo-t ~/src/applications?12:38
soeeso maybe next week wi will land in Wily12:38
Riddellclivejo: make sure the -t directory exists, change to mnt/ I guess12:38
Riddell5.4 tars are being made on my laptop now12:39
BluesKajsoee:  ok good, looking forward to it12:40
lordievadersoee: Do you have some staging/beta ppa enabled?12:40
soeelordievader: nope12:40
lordievadersoee: Did you at any point?12:40
soeei do not use such here @ work12:40
soeelordievader: i doubt since i reinstalled whole system some time ago -> Vivid and last week moved to Wily12:41
lordievadersoee: You are running Wily in production?12:41
Riddellinstall python-future12:41
clivejogoing well :/12:43
soeelordievader: sure!12:43
lordievadersoee: Ugh, why do people do this?12:43
soeelordievader: don't get me wrong but it so boring when all works just fine .. :(12:44
soeei found it the easies way to learn new stuff - when something breaks :)12:44
lordievaderMy philosophy is quite simple, for work you need dependable tools. At home you might have a machine that you don't need everyday, install development os'es on there.12:45
lordievadersoee: Anyhow, could you join #kubuntu or #ubuntu+1, perhaps I can help you with your dependency problem.12:45
soeelordievader: i'm on them12:49
clivejoRiddell: who puts the source on depot?12:50
Riddellclivejo: the release dude which for Applications is usually tsdgeos or someone who volunteers to help12:50
Riddellclivejo: for Plasma it's me, and I'm running the scripts to make those tars not for 5.412:50
Riddellfor frameworks it's david faure12:51
clivejowhy is it failing?12:51
clivejois depot different?12:51
Riddellclivejo: version number is wrong in that command12:52
Riddellshould be 15.08.012:52
clivejohold on speedy12:54
clivejowhat did you do there12:54
Riddellclivejo: I just set up ssh to use the right username12:55
Riddellclivejo: try the script again now12:55
clivejoso I have to download it all to my local PC?12:56
clivejostage it there12:56
clivejodid I mention my internet sucks!?12:56
clivejodebuild is failing12:57
clivejoexit code 2912:57
clivejooh its the signing12:57
clivejothis should work on my own local account12:58
Riddellclivejo: you don't have to download it all with a handy ec213:01
Riddellah I see a problem13:01
clivejobut doesnt this cost you money13:02
clivejowont it need my key?13:03
Riddellclivejo: yes although I'll claim it off kubuntu or ubuntu funds when I get round to it13:03
Riddellclivejo: it'll fail to sign it and then either you or me can do a mass signing at the end13:03
clivejocan this not be automated further13:04
clivejolike on a separte machine?13:04
Riddellclivejo: hope so!13:05
clivejoRiddell: would a free tier AWS not save you the money?13:05
Riddellclivejo: I don't think I get free ones as my account is over a year old13:05
sittermore acccounts13:05
Riddellneed more credit cards, how many bank accounts do you think I have?13:06
clivejowe could have an array of fre servers on your credit cards!13:07
clivejoput LP to shame!13:07
sitterRiddell: move to the US, I am under the impression people there have more than one credit card13:09
mamarleyMany people here are up to their eyeballs in creditcard debt.13:10
sitterRiddell: ^ 13:11
sitterget yourself some debt going :P13:11
Riddellit's a foolproof plan, you could base a country's economy on it13:11
mamarleyHaha, MURICA!13:12
sitteryou locked me out of my own CI :'<13:15
sitterit wasn't done reintegrating the epoch change I think13:17
sitterRiddell: I think you broke okteta with some merge, I am not sure I mentioned that yet13:17
Riddellthat sounds not unlike okteta, I'll take a look sitter13:18
clivejoRiddell: so this method just processes a source tree and ignores the watch files?13:33
RiddellI forget, you'd need to read the script13:34
clivejobedtime reading me thinks13:34
clivejoRiddell: how long does this staging process usually take?13:44
Riddellclivejo: dunno I've only done it once before for Applications13:46
Riddellthere's a lot of them13:46
Riddellthat script could do with being threaded13:46
mparilloDid Dolphin on Wily just get upgraded? I can invoke it by krunner, but not by the Application Launcher. I will be trying a fresh install on the Beta candidate, so maybe this is not a user bug.13:49
clivejothe launcher .desktop has changed path13:50
clivejosame with kdepim13:50
clivejoremove them from your favourites and search for it in applications13:51
yofelregarding the script: remember that it's not fully automatic. It tries to generate everything, but if the source package doesn't build (patch failure, ...) it'll put stuff in manual/ and you'll have to fix it13:51
yofelclivejo: and the package list is read from static files in the automation repository13:54
yofelthere is a script in there to list stuff from depot if you need to refresh the list13:54
clivejoyofel: did you run that script to update all the watch files?13:58
yofelmaybe I'll have time to look at that over the weekend13:59
mparilloclivejo: Thank you. That worked. So it sounds as if that would not happen on a fresh install.13:59
clivejomparillo: it does13:59
clivejoIm not sure where the favourite links are configured13:59
clivejobut with porting to KF5 some of the *.desktop files are moving14:00
clivejothe default favourite links must be hard coded somewhere14:01
clivejoRiddell: would you know where the default favourite links in Kicker are ?14:02
Riddellclivejo: kicker or kickoff?14:02
Riddellkickoff has them hard coded last I looked14:02
clivejothe kmenu?14:02
Riddellthe default menu is kickoff14:02
clivejosorry kickoff then14:03
clivejodoes it need to be reported as a bug?14:04
Riddellclivejo: what's missing?14:04
clivejoseems to be just dolphin and kdepim affected at the moment14:04
sitterRiddell: the desktop file stuff I told d_ed about but didn't file a bug because lazy14:05
Riddellclivejo: ah right, yes that should be a bug please14:05
Riddellgive me the number and I'll add it to errata14:05
sitteractually the problem is of slighly bigger scope anway. with pretty much all desktop file names changing to appstream format favorites will keep on breaking14:06
clivejodo Kubuntu not customise the default favourite aps?14:06
sitteror maybe, can't remember if that was ported14:07
clivejosomeone mentioned applying a script14:07
sitterat any rate the problem is not just defaults14:07
sitterit is all of them14:07
sitterthey are identified in kickoffrc by their file name14:07
sitteras they change the file name the link breaks14:07
clivejomaybe we are talking about different bug?14:08
sitterand all of them are in the process of changing their file name at least when getting ported to kf5 (and that is just considering kde ones, third party ones also need to change to appstream eventually)14:08
sitterso as they change name kickoffrc doesnt' find them anymore and BAM broken fav14:08
clivejooh, you keep in the case of an upgraded system?14:09
sitterclivejo: nope, it's the same bug on paper it's just that defaults are also broken which doesn't help the case :P14:09
clivejoyou mean?14:09
sitterclivejo: yep14:09
clivejoI see :)14:09
sittermaybe they should be considered separate14:09
sitterI guess they are14:09
sitterand yet they are related14:09
sitterbug 1: present defaults reference old names for things (such as kdepim apps)14:09
ubottubug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114:09
sitterubottu: :@14:09
clivejoso far dolphin and kdepim are the only ones broken for me14:10
sitterbug numba two: kickoffrc cannot track desktop files when they change names thus breaking favs on upgrades14:10
clivejotested in a clean wily install and its the same there too14:10
clivejositter: is there any way to make the kickoff menu bigger?14:11
sitterand in an upgrade scenario you are running applications 14.12... you would have your dolphin and kdepim by deafult and additionally you added dragon player to favs. you now upgrade to applications 15.08 and all three of those changed name, now all three have broken links14:11
sitterclivejo: not implemented yet I think14:12
clivejogrrrr Kontact keeps crashing!14:13
clivejoand I wanted to know what sitter is doing in randa14:13
sitterI do not know yet. everything and nothing... as always in randa14:14
sitterphonon5 is a thing that shoudl happen I have been told14:14
clivejoplasma in the mountians14:14
sitteralso I really need to exchange CI experiences with sgclark14:15
sitteralso probably mobile stuff depending on where the sprinting goes14:15
clivejoRiddell: staging finished14:38
clivejo13 moved to manual14:38
clivejowhat is git unclean mean?14:39
clivejowhat ya doin speedy?14:41
RiddellI forget what git unclean means, you'd need to read the script to work it out, fixes welcome :)14:41
Riddellclivejo: want to sign them and upload them?14:42
Riddellfrom your local computer14:42
Riddellscp ec2-54-159-220-46.compute-1.amazonaws.com:mnt/kubuntu-automation/package-name-lists/applications-wily .14:42
Riddellthen  for asdf in `cat applications-wily`; do echo ${asdf}; debsign -r mnt/src/applications/upload/${asdf}_15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1_source.changes; done14:42
clivejoit was complaining about versions14:42
RiddellI think, I haven't tested that14:42
clivejoepoch maybe?14:42
Riddellgosh I hope not, I did add all the no epoch packages to the list14:43
clivejomarble was one in the list14:44
clivejois there a rush on these?14:44
clivejoie could I repeat this myself locall?14:44
Riddellbother it has added the epoch14:44
Riddellyou could but why would you want to?14:45
Riddellclivejo: oh you can practice on these plasma tars I'm about to upload14:46
clivejocan you sign them?14:46
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yofelIIRC git unclean means that the VCS is behind the archive14:47
yofele.g. git HEAD says 4:5.9-0ubuntu3, the archive has 4:5.9-0ubuntu514:48
clivejoyofel: how do I fix them?15:10
Riddellclivejo: all packages signed, you can now upload to the staging ppa15:17
Riddellclivejo: keep it as unreleased in changelog in git15:17
Riddelluntil we want to upload to ubuntu archive15:17
clivejolike that?15:18
Riddellclivejo: lovely15:18
Riddellclivejo: oh no15:18
Riddellclivejo: ubuntu115:19
clivejoso I need to do a debcommit?15:21
clivejothen git-build?15:21
clivejoRiddell: do you want to sign and push them from here?15:28
Riddellclivejo: yeah, or you can sign15:31
Riddellclivejo: is it flashing for you on the .orig tar name when you do an ls?15:31
Riddellclivejo: you can start by uploading all the ones in upload/15:31
clivejoI cant get the remote signing to work :(15:31
Riddellclivejo: I did all the ones in upload15:31
clivejoyes its flashing15:32
Riddellthat is weird, and annoying15:32
clivejoit was doing that with the previous one you did too15:32
clivejoI assumed you did something15:32
Riddellclivejo: so will you upload the ones in upload/ ?15:35
clivejoto where?15:36
clivejothats not gonna wrong, I need a for loop?15:38
Riddellclivejo:  ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications15:40
Riddellclivejo: yes,  slap in a for loop15:40
clivejoRiddell: any good?15:42
Riddellclivejo: looking good15:43
Riddellclivejo: ah the pesky signature check15:43
Riddellclivejo: run it again with dput -u15:43
soeeany thoughts: https://plus.google.com/+AaronDennis/posts/5Azjm5zdn9e ?15:52
clivejoRiddell: all uploaded15:53
Riddellclivejo: yay15:53
yofelsoee: $service is refusing to shut down until it hits the 90s kill timeout15:53
Riddellclivejo: build status will appear here http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/15:54
soeeyofel: but this is something that we can fox on our side or it is related to his configuration etc ?15:54
clivejoRiddell: when will they appear?15:54
clivejowhen they get slots on LP?15:54
yofelcan be anything unless we know exactly what's still running..15:55
soeeyofel: can i quote you in the reply or you want to answer him ?15:55
yofelfeel free to quote me15:56
clivejosoee: I have experienced this a few times in wily, there was one night it didnt shut down fully at all16:03
soeesince the shutdown script is ficed i think i didn't experianced it16:04
soeeupdates - current status in my Wily installation: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12136374/16:05
clivejoRiddell: any idea why kde4libs is empty?16:08
yofelsoee: there is no shutdown script. systemd just asks all services to terminate. If one refuses to do that it will wait a while and then try harder to stop them16:09
soeeand it was systemd some time ago when shutdown was totaly broke in plasma ?16:11
yofelRiddell: 15.08.10 status? ^^16:11
yofelhm, why is the depwait parsing broken..16:12
yofelsoee: no, that's something in kde. He says he sees plymouth, meaning that the session quit fine, but some system service is hanging16:12
yofelshutdown still likes to not work for me when quassel is running. For whatever reason..16:13
yofelSput: any remote idea why that could happen? ^16:13
soeeyofel: yes but i wasn't reffering to his issue when talking about shutdown script :)16:13
soeei just wanted to say that all the problems related to shutdown i had in the past were gone after some fix was released16:14
yofelif I quit quassel before telling plasma to quit it works, if quassel is running, plasma will quit but after that the logout aborts. If I then shutdown again from krunner it'll work16:14
soeei called it shutdown script but maybe it isn't good name16:15
yofelwell yeah, since shutdown involves multiple layers16:15
clivejoRiddell: what is going on with kdelibs?16:19
Riddellclivejo: oh watch file is wrong16:21
Riddellcos we have a different packagea name to upstream name16:21
clivejoits wrong version!16:21
Riddellchange it in the watch file from kde4libs to kdelibs16:21
clivejonow I didnt expect that to work!16:22
clivejowhy is that flashing?!?16:23
Riddellno idea at all16:23
Riddellhttp://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.08.0_wily.html ta da16:23
clivejosurprise surprise Marble is red16:24
yofelah, my qt4 stuff wasn't reverted16:26
yofelI'll do that later, so you guys fix the rest16:27
RiddellI'm out for the evening, thanks for helping clivejo!16:28
clivejomy pleasure, just need to digest what I learned today!16:29
clivejoRiddell: do you want to turn ec off for the night?16:30
alleeclivejo: maybe you can fix the 'broken fav' in kickof with an update.rc script.  for version >= 15.08.0 check if desktop files listes in favovites exists.  If not remove them.16:45
alleeclivejo: No idea how to add the new desktop filenames in a clean way.  At least the broken one are gone.16:45
alleeclivejo: Mhm, if one invalid favotites entry is found, one could read Favorites for /usr/share/applications ... kickoffrc and add all entries that  are not listed in the user favoirtes list.16:49
alleeclivejo: kickoff fav maybe even better fix: every pkg that changes desktop file add a updaterc script that check kickoffrc in Favorites and Recent and replaces the old desktop filepath with the new desktop filepath.     When one writes a helperscript an update rc script has to do is to run favfixhelper <oldpath> <newpath>17:07
alleeMhmm, plasma-desktop-appletsrc: atleast  taskbar, icononly and panel  and desktop-bg needs also to be fixed.  Uhm that harder :-( e.g. icononly laucher config is stored as [Containments][13][Applets][14][Configuration][Launchers]  Items= file:///...  and that ignores AFAIU the possibility of several activities :-(17:16
clivejoallee: I have no idea how to do this!17:37
alleeclivejo: Me too :-)  I check https://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tools/Using_kconf_update at the moment.  There are examples in https://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tools/Using_kconf_update/ 17:38
* allee ponders if perlscript like "s|\b$OLDPATH\b|\b$NEWPATH\b|g" is good enough17:42
alleeoh KF5 examples are in /usr/share/kconf_update/ , kde4 in /usr/share/kde4/apps/kconf_update/17:43
ahoneybunwhats wrong with kdebugsettings?18:05
alleeclivejo: highway is calling. bb later18:18
clivejoallee: ok, have fun18:18
clivejoahoneybun: what do you find wrong?18:25
ahoneybunit is just red 18:25
ahoneybunbut LP has no error18:25
clivejowhere is it red?18:26
* ahoneybun grabs food18:27
ahoneybunclivejo: you think Riddell turned off that ec2?18:29
clivejoahoneybun: we uploaded 15.08 stable apps today18:29
clivejoahoneybun: we uploaded 15.08 stable apps today18:34
ahoneybunI see that...18:34
clivejosorry, internet problems on my end18:34
clivejoyofel: you about?18:40
yofelnow yes ^^18:41
yofelahoneybun: see the very first tiny line of the output on the script, that package is 15.07.9018:42
clivejofor the last version of okteta I got sitter to apply a patch18:42
clivejonow in 15.08 version the file is back in the original location!18:42
ahoneybunyofel: wrong verison?18:43
clivejocan the patch be reverted?18:43
yofelahoneybun: yep18:43
ahoneybunthat is a simple fix lol18:43
yofelclivejo: sure, actually, you can just run "git revert 6db5e"18:43
clivejoI mean on alioth?18:44
yofelah, you didn't get approved yet? Then I'll do it18:44
clivejothe build error is cp: cannot stat 'debian/tmp/usr/share/oktetapart/oktetapartbrowserui.rc': No such file or directory18:45
clivejobut its -- Installing: /«PKGBUILDDIR»/debian/tmp/usr/share/kxmlgui5/oktetapart/oktetapartbrowserui.rc18:45
yofelhuh, that's already reverted..18:45
clivejobut why not in the kubuntu_wily_archive branch?18:46
yofeloh, you need a revert revert...18:46
clivejoyofel: what branch does the automation tools use?18:46
yofelthey commit to wily_archive18:47
yofelI'll revert haralds revert18:47
clivejowill that fix it?18:49
yofelnow wait a moment18:49
clivejothe patch looks right18:49
clivejobut for some reason the patch wasnt applied in the automated run?18:50
yofelwait, something's wrong here18:50
yofelRiddell: why?!? http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/okteta.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_wily_archive&id=ff26a755c04084c7ac06f1fdaa3f123dbd81d23c18:52
yofelclivejo: fixed..18:56
clivejowill you restart LP please?18:56
clivejohow do you do that BTW18:57
yofelgit-buildpackage-ppa -S; dput18:57
yofelin this case, if you don't have to change anything LP offers a retry button18:57
clivejohave I permission to dput to staging?18:58
yofelonly if you're a member of ~kubuntu-ppa in some way18:59
clivejoIm Kubuntu Packagers and Yellow belt18:59
yofelthen not19:00
clivejoso on the EC I was using Riddell's id?19:00
yofelif he did the remote debsign, yes19:00
clivejohe did19:01
clivejoI couldnt get mine working19:01
clivejobut I think Ive fixed that now19:01
clivejostupid ssh agent wasnt working proper19:01
yofelgpg agent you mean19:02
yofelI guess we could think about adding you to ninjas slowly, you roughly know what you're doing by now19:02
clivejosome kind of agent19:02
clivejohe/she was on strike19:02
clivejovery roughly19:03
yofelthe reason why ~kubuntu-ppa is rather restricted is that you also get write access to the updates and backports ppa. i.e. you get root access to the machines of a not-so-tiny part of our userbase19:04
clivejothat wouldnt be good if I was evil19:09
yofelexactly ;)19:10
clivejoyofel: did you restart okteta?19:21
yofelit's already built19:21
clivejois the QA on http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.08.0_wily.html more strict?19:22
clivejoonly seems to be 7 lintian warnings on cantor to turn it red19:23
yofelcantor is red because it's 15.07.9019:24
clivejooh yeah, its in the manual folder19:24
clivejobut I thought Riddell and I fixed it19:24
yofelwell, if you did, nobody uploaded it19:25
clivejooh maybe he didnt sign it and dput19:25
yofelit doesn't magically get put into the upload/ folder by itself19:25
clivejowell it should ;)19:25
clivejowe need more magic19:25
yofelwrite a script for it :P19:25
yofelwhere's the server? I can debsign if you want19:25
clivejoare you on the ec access list?19:26
clivejoyou helped ahoneybun didnt you?19:26
yofelapperently yes19:26
yofelclivejo: do you have the end of the script output still?19:29
clivejowhich bit?19:29
yofelthe error summary at the end19:29
=== mamarley_ is now known as mamarley
clivejonot the whole of it19:30
yofelmeh, I need to make it write that into a file19:30
clivejojust that cantor  kde4libs  gwenview  kde-baseapps  kde-l10n  kdepim  kdepimlibs  kdepim-runtime  libkexiv2  marble  okular  rocs  step couldnt be built and moved to manual19:30
yofelwhy did that fail then..19:32
yofelwho the hell had the idea to make symlinks flash19:33
yofelwell, I can't find anything wrong here..19:33
yofelclivejo: signed19:35
clivejoI accidentally closed the session I was in19:35
yofelwell, just reconnect, that's why we use byobu19:35
clivejoI thought Riddell was going to shut it down for the night19:35
clivejoand typed "exit"19:35
yofeloh, that's where the shell went I guess19:36
clivejoyeah :(19:36
clivejowe had setup the shell with path to automation scripts#19:36
clivejoyofel: do you know why that is flashing?19:38
clivejodid you dput?19:38
yofelit's a symlink, but why it's flashing... dunno19:38
clivejoyofel: that look ok?19:39
yofelclivejo: yeü19:40
yofelnow let me try something19:41
clivejogo ahead19:41
clivejoclever cookie19:43
yofelnightmare stopped19:43
yofelok, cantor be building19:44
yofeljust so we know it's done19:44
yofelping me when you need another signature19:45
clivejoI think we did this one19:45
clivejocan you sign that please19:45
clivejoI got up to kde4libs and got stuck19:46
clivejomoved it up a directory?19:47
clivejothis one confused the hell outta me19:48
clivejowhy is version only 4.14.11?19:48
yofelbecause it's frozen at 4.14, only bugfix releases19:49
yofeldunno why they kept that one version intact though...19:50
clivejohow do you pattern match the watch file for http://download.kde.org/stable/applications/15.08.0/src/kdelibs-4.14.11.tar.xz ?19:50
clivejogot too different versions?19:50
yofelI think uscan doesn't care about the version, it looks for the first file that the path matches for19:51
clivejoit doesnt care about the tar version?19:51
clivejoor the directory with the version number?19:52
clivejoI fixed the name19:52
yofelactually, no idea, I can't remember when I last tried something like that..19:53
yofelbut yeah, uscan seems happy with your file19:53
clivejohow do I commit that change to the watch file?19:55
clivejothis one confused the hell outta me19:59
clivejoI gave up20:00
yofeloh wow, we haven't bothered with kdelibs for a while20:00
yofeluhm, where did you guys get the source package from?20:01
yofelbut.. oh wait, that's santa20:02
yofeloh great, patches don't appy20:04
clivejothe patch has fuzz, dont you just hate fuzz on your patches20:04
yofelit would be too easy otherwise20:05
clivejoyeah, this is where I got totally stuck20:05
clivejoso whats the difference in push and push -a?20:06
clivejohow did you do that!?!?20:07
yofel-a = --all20:07
yofelpush just applies a single patch20:07
yofelthankfully, we only had 2 patches with fuzz, nothing that needed by-hand fixing20:07
clivejoso you just pushed them one at time?20:07
yofelyep, the shell shows that, doesn't it :P20:08
clivejobut I dont understand20:08
clivejowhen I push -a it came up with ton of errors20:08
yofelit shouldn't have..20:09
yofelonly debuild will throw a rather large error20:10
clivejoso if I encounter that problem again push them one by one20:10
clivejoand do a refresh if I hit fuzz?20:10
yofelsigned if you want to upload20:11
yofel oops20:12
yofelmy fault20:12
ahoneybunclivejo: http://file.pizza/shrimp-cilantro-squid-squash20:13
clivejoahoneybun: ?!?20:13
ahoneybunpeer-to-peer file sharing20:14
yofelinteresting (the logo)20:14
clivejothanks, now I have craving for pizza20:15
clivejoyofel: can I run git-buildpackage-ppa here?20:19
clivejowhy is it picking up the wrong version?20:20
yofelfor whatever reason, this package aborted before the changelog was added..20:21
yofelwhy is that unreleased o.O20:21
* clivejo shrugs20:22
yofelwell, go ahead and fix the changelog by hand20:23
yofeland stop using dch -i, just dch is enough20:23
yofeland no, that has to say UNRELEASED20:23
clivejowhat is the -i flag for?20:25
yofelfix the missing space before your name above20:25
yofel-i means --increment, which is why it said ubuntu2. In the OLD dch mode, it would always make a new changelog entry with that20:25
yofelin the current one it just force-bumps the version. Adding a new entry only depends on UNRELEASED or not20:26
clivejois that ok?20:26
clivejorm the build area?20:27
yofelmeh, that stupid gbp still can't handle that20:29
yofelthere we go20:30
clivejois that pushing the changes back to alioth?20:33
clivejoas Riddell?20:33
yofelyep ^^20:33
clivejoI cant do that until I get an account?20:33
yofelno... but you can impersonate him in the meanwhile20:34
clivejocan I dput it?20:34
yofeljust don't push somewhere other than kubuntu_wily_archive20:34
yofeland I'll have to leave for today, good luck at fixing the rest. Maybe someone else can sign20:35
clivejomight leave it20:36
clivejogetting tired20:36
clivejodont want to do anything silly20:36
clivejothanks yofel :)20:39
clivejoahoneybun: what is the icon for?20:42
snelesearch in dolphin doesn't work if file search (indexing/baloo) is disabled22:51
snelei found one bug report and it says "resolved downstream"22:52
ubottuKDE bug 339866 in search "Dolphin search displays "Invalid protocol" error." [Normal,Resolved: downstream]22:52
snelethis happens in wily22:52
snelecan anyone confirm this (or mine system is broken)?22:53

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