Kali_YugaI have a question... I don't know how to unmount or remove the Virtual CD/DVD Drive in KDE any ideas??? heres a picture what I mean http://www0.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=15884315 hope somebody can help ???01:07
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lkthomashey all02:49
lkthomasanyone around ?02:51
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hhernandezdoes anyone k now if there are issue setting up a dhcp reservation on you Linux machine on a windows dhcp server?03:08
hhernandezI set up a reservation and it is not sticking03:09
george_Do you use rekonq? It doesn't seem stable03:24
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lordievaderGood morning.06:25
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majnoontrying to start kde but something "Wrong" with ksmserver kdeinit5 (or both)11:14
majnoonneed to have at least a starting place to look from11:14
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CooltoraHello everybody11:43
CooltoraI am from Egypt, Cairo11:43
Cooltorawho wants to visit Egypt, and see the pyramids?11:44
Cooltorayou are all very welcome11:44
CooltoraHave a nice day11:44
Cooltorai invite you to visit Egypt for one week at least11:45
CooltoraIt's amazing11:45
Cooltorayou wil never forget11:45
lordievaderCooltora: Do you have a Kubuntu support question?11:45
Cooltorai think i mistake11:45
Cooltorai work on linux mint11:45
Cooltorais this a normal chat room?11:46
lordievaderCooltora: No, this is Kubuntu support. Linux Mint is not supported here.11:46
Cooltoraor for kubuntu's team work11:46
CooltoraI apologize11:46
CooltoraI am so sorry11:46
lordievaderNo worries ;)11:46
Cooltoragood bye11:47
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luc4Hello! I'm totally unable to get audio output, can someone help me with this?11:53
lordievaderDoes Alsa work?11:54
lordievaderluc4: ^11:58
luc4lordievader: I was able to listen to something by increasing the volume for the headphones...12:03
luc4And remove pulseaudio:i38612:03
luc4but weird...12:04
lordievaderluc4: Removing PA is usually a bad idea.12:04
lordievaderluc4: Is anything in alsamixer turned way down?12:04
luc4lordievader: changing headphone volume results in changing vlc volume... is this correct?12:06
lordievaderIf flatvolumes in enabled/disabled (not sure which one it is), yes.12:06
luc4lordievader: no no there is a mess here...12:06
luc4lordievader: headphones do not work12:06
luc4lordievader: I plug the headphones in and I get audio on the PC, I unplug and evrything is silent.12:07
lordievaderSounds like an automute feature failing.12:08
luc4lordievader: ok, not it is better12:09
luc4lordievader: enabled auto mute and headphones are working12:09
luc4lordievader: problem now is that every time I plug the headphones in and out, I get no audio from pc12:10
BluesKajHiyas all12:10
lordievaderLike I said, sounds like an automute feature failing to do its job ;)12:11
luc4lordievader: do you know what "speaker" refers to?12:12
lordievaderIn where?12:12
luc4kde mixer and alsamixer12:12
luc4do you think this is an alsa issue?12:13
lordievaderNo, earlier a driver issue or configuration issue.12:13
luc4lordievader: this was working properly in 14.10...12:14
luc4like a kernel regression?12:14
lordievaderPerhaps, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions.12:16
lordievaderFirst rule out configuration issue.12:16
luc4First of all I would like to understand what is that "speaker" volume I see here. That changes when I plugin in and out the headphones.12:17
lordievaderDoes it mute when you plug in your headphones?12:18
luc4lordievader: yes12:18
lordievaderSo they are your speakers?12:18
luc4lordievader: I don't know... nothing changes if I change that...12:19
luc4lordievader: I suppose those should be the regular PC audio...12:19
lordievaderPlay something through your speakers then mute it.12:19
luc4lordievader: headphones should be... headphones...12:19
luc4lordievader: what a mess...12:20
luc4lordievader: ok, playing audio on PC speakers -> changing "speaker" level results in no change.12:21
luc4lordievader: but if I mute it, also master mutes, and audio goes away.12:21
luc4lordievader: if I increase master, still no audio.12:22
luc4lordievader: so changing speaker level results in no change. But if I mute, audio goes away.12:22
lordievaderluc4: So does control your speakers? The mute for the speakers?12:23
luc4lordievader: only mute12:23
luc4lordievader: just a boolean12:23
lordievaderluc4: I know, but does it?12:25
luc4lordievader: what? Yes, muting it results in no more audio from the pc12:25
lordievaderOk, so 'speaker' is speakers?12:26
luc4lordievader: yes, but not for the volume level12:26
luc4lordievader: just for mute/unmute12:26
luc4lordievader: which is absurd I suppose12:26
luc4lordievader: volume level is headphone12:27
lordievaderThat might be due to a strange hardware implementation.12:27
lordievaderAnyways, I'd install pulseaudio and pavucontrol and see if your configuration is simply inadequate.12:28
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luc4lordievader: same thing12:32
[^BuD^]hi all12:32
luc4lordievader: should I consider this a bug or not?12:32
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lordievaderWhat 'same thing'?12:35
BluesKajluc4:  which audio chip?12:36
luc4BluesKaj: HD Intel PCH12:37
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luc4BluesKaj: HDA Intel PCH sorry12:38
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BluesKajluc4:  could you imagebin alsamixer pls?12:38
luc4BluesKaj: in which condition?12:39
BluesKajwith F512:40
BluesKajso everything shows12:40
luc_BluesKaj: what I see is that the mechanism works properly. When I unplug headphones, the volume for headphones is 0 and mutes, speaker instead is unmuted an set to some volume. This is correct, but as "speaker" level controls nothing on this PC, I hear nothing.12:45
luc_sorry, I was disconnected from irc12:45
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luc4BluesKaj: sorry, I lost IRC connection.12:46
lordievadersoee: So could you pastebin the errors you get?12:49
soeelordievader: it is: libstreamanalyzer0 : Depends: libclucene-core1 (>= but it is not installable12:50
lordievadersoee: libstreamanalyzer0 is not installed here, what needs it?12:52
lordievaderDoesn't seem to be in the repo anymore too.12:53
soeesomething related to satigi* ?12:53
lordievaderWasn't that replaced by nepomuk?12:55
soeeoh that i don't know12:55
soeelordievader: apt-get -f install output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12135370/12:56
lordievadersoee: Anything wrong with that?13:00
soeehuh ? tit is going to remove a lot of apps13:02
lordievaderPlasma4 apps ;)13:03
lordievaderCome on, you are running a development release ;)13:04
soeei doubt remove kubuntu-desktop is a good idea :-)13:04
lordievaderMeh, install it later.13:05
lordievaderKubuntu-desktop is merely a meta-package.13:05
lordievaderWith a development release you need to be a bit adventurous.13:06
soeeyes but not here at work :)13:09
lordievadersoee: And that is precisely why you don't run a development release in production.13:09
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BluesKajmy desktop crashed (testing 15.10 Wily), but I'm here again for the moment14:05
some1elsehi all, is someone willing to pm me with ideas? fresh install of kubuntu 14.04, installed all wifi drivers but network manager does not display any networks. can't find anything on google and damn, i just had to switch something on!..14:18
lordievadersome1else: Does 'sudo iw dev wlan0 scan|grep ESSID' return anything?14:19
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some1elselordievader here's the catch - i'm giving a walkthrough over the phone. i'm 100% positive all drivers installed correctly. and i recall had the same issue, just not using 14.04 anymore.14:23
lordievadersome1else: So run that command and verify if things work or not.14:23
some1elsecould you please copy&paste it again?14:23
some1elsehad to switch pcs..14:24
lordievadersome1else: Does 'sudo iw dev wlan0 scan|grep ESSID' return anything?14:24
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lordievader!pm some1else15:26
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.15:27
lordievadersome1else: Then change wlan0 to something that does exist.15:27
BuddyButterflyI am having a very strange issue in Kubuntu 14.0415:46
BuddyButterflyI have configured a bridge br0 which I control with NetworkManager15:47
BuddyButterflyupon start, br0 gets its ip via dhcp15:47
BuddyButterflybut.... host is not reachable in network!15:47
BuddyButterflyuntil I do a ping from the host to somewhere. after that ping I am also able to reach it from outside.15:48
BuddyButterflyI am totally lost why this happens. This host also stopped being able to be started via wol15:49
BuddyButterflyhappened all of the sudden and I do not know why.15:49
BuddyButterflyinteresting is also that I do see the mac of the host in the switch only after issuing this first ping.15:51
BuddyButterflybefore this, there is no dynamic mac in switch.15:51
BuddyButterflyany idea?15:56
BluesKajBuddyButterfly:  have you tried restarting network manager , I've had to so after eth0 drops sometimes, not often but it happens now and then16:04
BuddyButterflyI have put a nm restart in rc.local.16:04
BuddyButterflybr0 gets a ip and is up.16:05
BluesKajBuddyButterfly:  which kubuntu version?16:05
BuddyButterflywith nm patch for bridge16:05
BuddyButterflyin /etc/network/interface bridge is set to manual such that nm has it under control.16:05
BluesKajstatic IP for br0 ?16:09
BuddyButterflyno, dhcp16:09
BluesKajseems you may need a static if you're controlling from the interfaces file thru nm16:10
BluesKajbut I haven't used bridging in network manager, I have the modem bridged16:11
BluesKajmodem has to be bridged in my case for voip service16:12
BuddyButterflyI have patched nm to be able to have it listed in nm and also run VPNs etc.16:12
BuddyButterflythere is a patch for nm for trusty.16:12
BluesKajyes , i run vpns as well , but that's simple to edit in nm16:13
BuddyButterflyBluesKaj: Not really. The default version in trusty does not detect bridges. So no active network when u sing a bridge and no vpns via GUI.16:14
BluesKajwhy are you bridging , first of all16:14
BuddyButterflyBluesKaj: Really asking me?16:15
BuddyButterflyWould you suggest not using it because it is something that should not be used?16:15
BuddyButterflyI know, you would like to hear that I am only doing it for fun so I could stop using it.16:16
BluesKajI think bridging should only be used if absolutely necessary, IMO16:17
BuddyButterflyJust imagine the simple use case of a couple of kvm vms bridged to the local lan such to have it get IPs from central dhcp and being reachable in lan as local host.16:17
BuddyButterflyBluesKaj: lol16:17
BuddyButterflyPeople say the same of windows 10.16:17
BuddyButterflyshould be used only if necessary.16:18
BluesKajkvm vms in thje picture, now puts a different light on things16:18
BuddyButterflyBluesKaj: and that is?16:18
BuddyButterflyMaybe I have to hacking like lots of people always suggest.16:20
BuddyButterflyand put a ping in rc.local.  :-))))16:20
BuddyButterflythis leads, like often, to have something runner with a workaround but not knowing the cause.16:21
BuddyButterflydoes not make ME happy!16:21
BluesKajbridging for networking in kvm for windows guest for example, but Im not going to debate it if you a legit reason ,...sometimes users read things in forums and come in to ask about using certain settings because someone said something positive on a forum which has nothing to do with their situation16:22
BuddyButterflyBluesKaj: ah, ok, right.16:27
BuddyButterflykvm is integrated into kernel and relies (which makes sense) on the linux system configuration for networking.16:27
BuddyButterflyso, if one wants to have vm bridged to lan then one has to create a bridge in linux. that easy.16:28
TJ-BuddyButterfly: strange; I use 14.04 and NM bridging, and not seen that issue16:28
BuddyButterflyTJ-: Me too on another host! But just this single host emitts this strange behaviour.16:29
BuddyButterflyI am using same configuration etc.16:29
BuddyButterflyvery strange.16:29
TJ-BuddyButterfly: what is the NIC hardware ?16:29
BuddyButterflyTJ-: Let me see...16:29
TJ-BuddyButterfly: I'm thinking it is defaulting to power-save mode16:30
BuddyButterflyTJ-: ah, that could be a valid reason.16:30
TJ-BuddyButterfly: ethtool/mii-tool might reveal something16:31
BuddyButterflyjust wanted to ask.16:32
BuddyButterflywill ethtool show the current state?16:32
BuddyButterflyethtool does not show anything special. link is up.16:36
BuddyButterflyfor eth0. so is for br016:36
BuddyButterflyhow to see power mode for nic?16:36
TJ-BuddyButterfly: first thing to look at is the options for WOL16:38
BuddyButterflyconfig g is used16:39
TJ-BuddyButterfly: OK, so the thing should wake up for almost any activity16:39
TJ-what does mii-tool report? anything useful?16:39
TJ-BuddyButterfly: also, ethtool --show-eee ethX" ?16:40
BuddyButterflyproduct info: vendor 00:07:32, model 17 rev 216:40
BuddyButterflybasic status: autonegotiation complete, link ok16:40
TJ-BuddyButterfly: and also I wonder if it has tx-lpi enabled?16:40
TJ-BuddyButterfly: right... mii-tool doesn't report so much by default16:41
BuddyButterflyCannot get EEE settings: Operation not supported16:41
BuddyButterflyRealtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 03)16:41
TJ-BuddyButterfly: OK. Hmmm. It definitely feels like power-save. I wonder if the driver has power options? which driver is it using? "lspci -k"16:43
BuddyButterflythis is one thing I will keep in mind: Looking for boards with intel nics in future.16:45
TJ-BuddyButterfly: does the PC dual-boot with Windows?17:00
BuddyButterflyTJ-: what do you think? It is a pure Kubuntu ;-)17:01
TJ-BuddyButterfly: I've read that some devices use the wrong driver. R8168 should use r8168 maybe? can you show me the PCI ID shown by "lspci -nn" (the [xxxx:yyyy] at the end of the line)17:03
TJ-BuddyButterfly: I asked since if Windows uses power-saving settings they can be held over by the realtek NIC in some cases, and affect Linux17:03
BuddyButterflyah, makes sense.17:04
TJ-BuddyButterfly: see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=60555917:04
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 605559 in kernel "Windows driver "green ethernet" mode causes problems with Realtek R8169 network card" [Medium,Closed: wontfix]17:04
BuddyButterflywontfix is funndy.....17:04
TJ-It's a Windows issue, not Linux, is why17:04
TJ-It's possible that BIOS/firmware settings affect this, especially if PXE is enabled17:05
BuddyButterfly[10ec:8168] (rev 03)17:06
TJ-So it is an 8168 then17:07
TJ-Can you tell which firmware it loaded, from dmesg? The driver shows there are several versions for the 8168. See "modinfo r8169"17:08
BuddyButterflyTJ-: I do not see which firmware is loaded.17:12
BuddyButterflyis this important:17:13
BuddyButterflyr8169 0000:02:00.0: can't disable ASPM; OS doesn't have ASPM control17:13
TJ-BuddyButterfly: no, many systems don't support ASPM (Active State Power Management)17:15
BuddyButterflyok, merci17:15
BuddyButterflythen there is nothing else showing that that r8169 is loaded.....17:15
BuddyButterflyany info on the real firmware used?17:15
BuddyButterflyguess I would have to start kernel in debug mode17:16
TJ-or read the source, Luke17:16
BuddyButterflyyep, may the power be with you.17:17
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TJ-BuddyButterfly: apparently, the NIC MAC is how the driver determines which exact model it is, and which firmware. what's the MAC?17:25
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qdataso, is there any info available somewhere concerning the lack of support or EOL policy for Kubuntu 14.10?17:33
qdatajust updated an Lubuntu box to Firefox 40, whilst my main Kubuntu 14.10 desktop box only has FF 39.0 with no update17:35
TJ-!eol | qdata17:38
ubottuqdata: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:38
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qdataah - 14.10 expired 23 July, explains that17:42
qdataso sad, as 15.04 is/was a steaming pile17:42
qdataI've looked and looked at distros in an attempt to replace Canonical/Kubuntu with something else but Kubuntu is still the best KDE desktop platform I can find from everything I've tried17:44
qdataso I now am faced with a Firefox that has a vulnerability....17:45
TJ-use the mozilla-team nightly firefox PPA ?17:50
qdatayeah - might need to look into that, but next up on the list is virtualbox too old to run winderZ 1017:50
qdataI'm not a total fan of the PPA as I like to stick with 'official' repo distribution channels, but I may have to look at that17:51
qdataI'm not going to waste my time with 15.04 - tried too look at it several times and each time rolled back to my 14.10 clonezilla image17:53
qdatacontext here is I need my box to be productive for $real_life work, not spending the bulk of my time trying to fix0r broken stuff17:54
* qdata proceeds to sit back and cogitate for a while....17:55
TJ-So why not stick to 14.04 LTS?17:57
qdatabroken intel p_state power management maybe?18:01
TJ-With LTS you can install the HWEs and get a recent kernel18:01
qdatayeah - I'm going to have to do *something*, just not quite sure yet what I want to do18:02
BluesKajyeah , if I want to keep my fav features and still receive OS support , it looks like I'll have to regress to 14.04 from 14.1018:23
BluesKajplasma 5/KF5 on 15.04 has dropped too many favourite features for me to use, small annoyances to some, but they're important from my "workflow" standpoint18:30
qdataI really like my 14.10 set up, even Skype seems to keep working18:31
user0xworkflow is all.18:31
user0xi just want CUDA to work on my BLender18:31
user0xelse I'm stuck on windows still18:32
user0xamong other things18:32
user0xOr hopefully there will be another alternative to using CUDA format for Blender Cycles to operate efficiently18:32
BluesKajI don't really "work" , but it's still important to me not to be annoyed18:33
* BluesKaj is retired from the workforce18:33
* qdata has 4 more years then I'm done18:34
BluesKajqdata: light at the end of the tunnel :-)18:34
qdatasets the stage for what just recently happened to my best friend - retired at 62, bought a house on the ocean in ecuador for 1/3 of what he sold his house here for, completed his move there and died from a heart attack 1 month later18:36
BuddyButterflyTJ-: at least have found why host is not reachable at boot: was a type in the ip kernel parameter!18:38
BluesKajyup, my oldest brother died 18mos after retirement , he was 6318:38
NkontrasΚανεις Ελληνας εδώ;18:39
BuddyButterflyBluesKaj: That is often been heard. Guess he was very busy before retirement. Often people stop too fast from 100 to 0. Pace should be reduced gradually18:53
BluesKajBuddyButterfly: unfortuntely he became afflicted with a muscle/nerve disease where the muscles lose all strength which eventually leads to heart failure18:55
BuddyButterflyBluesKaj: Ah, ok, so he became sick. I am sorry for that.18:56
BuddyButterflyBluesKaj: cu. gtg.18:56
BluesKajyeah, it was tragic...worked hard all his life only to have it end it so soon18:56
BluesKajcya buriedalive18:57
BluesKajoops, too late18:57
buriedalivesee u later BluesKaj :)18:58
BluesKajsorry buriedalive, wrong nick completion , I was saying bye to another nick starting with bu....19:00
HappyRoeyhey BluesKaj!!! :)19:01
HappyRoeylong time no see!!19:01
buriedaliveo'key ;)19:01
* HappyRoey prepares a celebration veggie steak for BluesKaj 19:02
HappyRoeyhey buriedalive :)19:02
HappyRoeyah, ah, ah, ah buriedalive, buriedaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-iii-iiiive19:02
HappyRoeyBluesKaj:  I actually did have a request for help.19:02
BluesKajHappyRoey:  it'll be my first veggie steak ...never tried one19:02
HappyRoeyhahahahah :)19:03
HappyRoeywhat, you haven't had a portabella steak?19:03
BluesKajnope , real beef for me thankyou very much :-)19:03
buriedaliveHappyRoey ur u gay? get out of here19:05
HappyRoeywhat gay?19:06
HappyRoeyburiedalive:  stayin' alive, the song19:06
HappyRoeywhat you never heard of it before?19:06
buriedaliveget out19:06
BluesKajburiedalive:  ...enough19:07
geniiHey people, we do have also a #kubuntu-offtopic channel for any chitchat which is not related to support issues19:07
HappyRoeygenii:  I actually came here for help on an issue (several):  (1) my backup device seems kind of half-identifiable to my system (I'll explain in a bit); ctrl-` no longer brings down the Yakuake console like it used to before I apt-get dist-upgraded a few weeks ago;19:09
HappyRoeyand other issues.19:09
BluesKajmaybe update/upgrade dist-upgrade again, HappyRoeyq19:13
buriedalivea u sure?19:13
BluesKajHappyRoey: 15.0419:14
HappyRoeyBluesKaj:  perhaps..19:15
BluesKajlotsa changes to plasma ina few weeks19:15
buriedalivehe should just update any repo?19:16
buriedaliveit is joke19:18
NkontraaKubuntu not booting GUIafter latest update of 14.04.03 . Only command prompt. Any help appreciated. Noobs here.19:22
geniiNkontraa: Does the machine have internet connectivity?19:23
BluesKajNkontraa:  try sudo service lightdm start in the VT/command prompt19:23
Nkontraa@genii no it doesnt. Thanks for answering19:26
Nkontraa@BluesKaj can you please write the command?19:27
NkontraaVT command??19:27
BluesKajNkontraa: ctl+alt+F1-F619:28
BluesKajVT=VirtualTerminal also known as the TTY,altho that's an incorrect name for it a lot of users call it that anyway19:29
NkontraaOk, I was already there and it showed after the command start: Job failed to start19:30
lordievaderNkontraa: Could you pastebin /var/log/lighdm.log (or something along those lines).19:31
lordievaderErr /var/log/lightdm.log*19:31
NkontraaIs there any chance I can use WiFi through command prompt .19:31
lordievaderNkontraa: Is it preconfigured?19:32
NkontraaGimme a sec19:32
lordievaderIf so, lookup the name with 'nmcli c' then establish the connection with 'nmcli c u <network-name>'19:32
BluesKajNkontraa:  check to see if it's onstalled, apt-cache policy lightdm19:33
BluesKajinstalled raqther19:33
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NkontraaIt is installed.19:35
NkontraaOk just found the wireless networks through nmcli19:38
NkontraaHow can I connect19:38
NkontraaThrough a command to the one I use19:38
lordievaderNkontraa: nmcli c u <network-name>19:39
NkontraaIt says I'd or uuid has to be specified but when I enter it instead of the network name it says  unknown parameter19:43
lordievaderNkontraa: Put the network name between ''.19:46
lordievaderAnyhow, I'm going to take a shower and then I go to bed. But I'm sure someone else can help you out.19:49
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NkontraaWent out of battery, but success connecting to WiFi . A thousand thanks to everybody for that . Especially to Lordievader20:04
NkontraaPlease someone copypaste the big nmcli command cause my phone battery died and I can't see older messages20:05
geniiNkontraa: " lookup the name with 'nmcli c' then establish the connection with 'nmcli c u <network-name>'  "  and  "nmcli c u <network-name>"20:08
NkontraaGenii: thanks. Problem even starting up command prompt before and after update through WiFi. Any command for diagnostics??20:14
geniiNkontraa: Sorry, I don't really have the time right now to properly devote to your issue. Hopefully another will assist if you remain in the channel and occasionally repeat the issue20:19
NkontraaHelp.. Command line to change update server through terminal??21:03
NkontraaEg to a server of your choice21:04
clivejosudo add-apt-repository "deb line of your choice"21:06
clivejoNkontraa: mirror list here - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors21:08
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caliculkHello, I recently upgraded my ubuntu installation from 14.04 LTS to 15.04, and also went through the installation of Plasma5. Well, I am running into issues with the Plasma install, and was wondering if there was any way to downgrade to Plasma4 in the mean time?22:32
unascribedwhat kind of issues?22:43
unascribedcaliculk ^22:44
caliculkSorry... unascribed - https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=289&t=127785 basically, when I remote into the machine using RealVNC (which was working fine with Plasma4).22:45
caliculknoob91, I am linking that more for the pictures, then for pastebins. Unless you ar eferring to the guidelines part of the topic.22:46
unascribedI don't have much if any experience with VNC, so I don't know22:47
caliculkIts hard to describe, the interface is responsive, but then if I go in the upper-left corner, the screen grays out. I can't use the mouse to interact with the desktop.22:47
unascribedI do know that a lot of my local problems went away when I updated to Weekly CI, so maybe you could try that?22:48
unascribedyour .xsession-errors may have some more info22:48
unascribedwait, the upper-left corner is the plasmoid hamburger menu thingy22:50
unascribedtry going into desktop settings and turning off the desktop toolbox in Tweaks22:50
unascribeda workaround at best, but a workaround is better than nothing22:50
caliculkThe only optionsI have in desktop settings is to modify mouse settins and wallpaper.22:51
caliculkIt seems like the KDE doesn't fully load. :/22:51
unascribedoh, that must be a new feature then22:52
unascribedI'm running the weekly CI build22:52
unascribedif you right-click and choose to create a new default panel, does anything happen?22:52
unascribedor can you not even get the context menu open22:52
caliculkI can't open the context menu with right click. I can only use the hamburger menu for the options listed there.22:53
caliculkWell, I am sure there are more options, but the only way I login with a GUI to this machine is through VNC. If itisn't working properly, I would assume because not all features are being loaded correctly.22:53
unascribedyeah, I have no idea, sorry22:54
unascribedI don't think it's possible to backdate to 4 on Vivid22:54
unascribedsince they replaced the packages instead of adding -5 to them22:55
unascribedas I said though, I noticed the majority of my problems go away when updating to weekly, so if you're up for it you could try it: https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs#Weekly_Snapshot_.28pretty_stable.2922:57
unascribedif it doesn't work out a single ppa-purge would undo it22:57
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caliculkunascribed, did Kubuntu maintainers remove 4, or did all Ubuntu maintainers remove 4?23:05
unascribedI think it counts as the Ubuntu KDE Maintainers23:05
unascribednot sure23:05
unascribedbecause I installed 5 on my Xubuntu Vivid install so it would have to be in the main package repo23:06
misternohello guys23:06
misternoi installed kubuntu 15.04 in VM23:06
misternoit looks slick23:06
arceteraoh yeah, kde5 is fantastic23:07
misternogot a few issues, dunno if anyone can help23:07
arceterawhat issues23:07
misternoyou mean plasma?23:07
arceterayeah, plasma23:07
misternoyeah plasma is superb, looks so modern23:07
arceteraplasma4 didn't look good to me, i switched to kubuntu after plasma5 was available23:07
arceteraplasma 4 had too much gloss imo23:08
misternofor starters, my shutdown doesn't seem to shutdown VM completely i have to force it after it goes into black screen, and during booting i get "acpi pcc probe failed" i dunno if that's connected, and it might be just vmware issue23:08
misternosecond, how do i disable mousewheel from changing drop down menus on hover?23:08
arceterathat actually happened to me on my macbook pro23:08
arceteraalso sec23:08
misternowhen i scroll a settings page if i accidentaly mouse over a drop down box it wuold change it and i dont want that23:09
misternocouldnt find option to disable this behavior23:09
misternothird, im trying to update to plasma 5.3.2 that i read was backported and i should add repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports23:09
misternoi try to do that but nothing happens in muon discover23:10
misternoi dont know how to add that repository23:10
arceteracan't help you with issues 1 and 2 but i can help you with 323:10
arceteraopen up console or whatever terminal emulator you use23:10
arcetera(i use yakuake but whatever)23:10
arceteratype "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports"23:11
arceterathen "sudo apt-get update" after it's done23:11
misternothat's the same as adding through gui?23:11
arceterai don't use muon discover myself23:11
arceterajust use cli23:11
arceterabut muon discover is useful for new users23:12
arceterai've been using linux since age 10 lol23:12
arceteramaybe 923:12
misternoim complete newb to linux23:12
misternoinstalled the other day mint, and now kubuntu23:13
misternoin VMs23:13
arceteraits a learning curve23:13
arceteraalso drivers on linux are quite bleh23:13
misternois there a different taskbar that can have similar behavior like win8/10 taskbar with pinned icons?23:13
misternoi had something similar in mint23:13
arceteraas in, just icons23:14
arceteraclick the three bars on the panel23:14
misternoit basically turns into launchbar as well as taskbar23:14
misternoi know this one can do that but it's not really it23:14
misternoit can have pinned icons when app is closed23:14
arceterai haven't used a windows pc in years23:14
arceterapretty much all I use is my laptop hah23:14
misternobut what i mean is to simply just have icons on taskbar for every task no labels and then ability to pin them too23:15
arceterayou could try a different panel23:15
arceterayou're currently using the default, but there's gnome-panel, xfce4panel, lxpanel, dzen2, lemonbar23:15
arceteratons of different panels23:15
arceteralook it up, i'm sure one of those would satisfy your needs23:15
misternothis is the task bar of windows 10 im using at the moment http://s9.postimg.org/dh0df8jvj/screenshot_3.png23:16
misternoall the icons are pinned applications, those that are running have a bar under neath23:16
misternotaskbar is called panel in linux world?23:16
arceteraas you can easily replace them23:17
arceteraand add multiple23:17
arceterai could have panels on the top and bottom23:17
arceterato pin an app you can just drag it from the kickoff menu23:17
arceterainto kde panel23:17
misternoi downloaded similar "widget" in mint but wasnt happy with overall behavior it would glitch a lot23:18
misternonow im looking into it on kubuntu23:18
misternoalso the peek previews on default panel in kubuntu seem to big, dont know how to make it smaller23:19
arceterabrb rebooting23:19
arceterajust updated to kde 5.3.223:19
misternogonna do it now :)23:19
arceteraoh lol what23:20
arceterathe reboot option broke23:20
misternohello noob9123:26
joshua19832hi, some can connect to irc.irc-hispano.org?23:49
=== arc__ is now known as arcetera
arceterathat was more of a pain in the butt than it should have been23:54
arceteraPlasma wouldn't start, had to switch to a tty and run dist-upgrade23:54
arceterathen the compositor on start option was somehow disabled...23:55
arceteranote to self23:59
arceterarun dist-upgrade next time you upgrade kde plasma from ppa23:59

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