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ricotzhi, is there some kind of time-limit within a package must be uploaded to a ppa?15:44
ricotz(meaning if the source-package is quite large it takes some time to upload it via dput)15:46
dobeyricotz: not afaik. define "quite large" ?16:28
ricotzdobey, over 500mb and uploading for like 4+ hours16:30
dobeyricotz: well an upload is just ftp. if it's that much data, and your upload bandwidth is low, i suppose it could take a very long time and you could maybe run into tcp timeout issues16:33
ricotzdobey, I see, the thing is the upload seems to run till the end and doesnt abort in a visible manner, dput just keeps hanging like "566003k/566004k"16:41
dobeyso it never uploads the last 1K?16:53
ricotzdobey, looks like it, at least the output says so, I assumed the ftp server times-out or something17:21
dobeyricotz: does dput exit, or just sit there waiting for it to finish?17:21
cjwatsonthere's an idle timeout of an hour on connections17:23
cjwatsonit should only fire if the connection is actually idle (no data) for that long though17:23
dobeyand that should never really happen with dput, as if that's happening, i'd expect the tcp timeout to hit first long before the server closing the connection for an idle connection17:25
ricotzdobey, yes, it never finishes17:41
dobeyricotz: ok, not sure what to tell you then :)17:45
ricotzI see, so something weird is going on here then :\17:46
dobeyseems like it. granted, i haven't ever uploaded anything with a 500MB source tarball to launchpad either17:47
ricotzdobey, it worked fine some times already, but this time already tried it 3 times with the mentioned result17:48

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