tsimonq2Hey, wxl, quick question. When we migrate from LXDE to LXQt, will my custom panel settings stay the same, or will they be ported? If that answer is no, then how easy would it be to migrate the settings during the port...21:56
tsimonq2wxl: Or rather the migration21:57
tsimonq2And if wxl can't answer, can someone else answer? Kamilion ianorlin phillw21:58
ianorlintsimonq2: no the settings for the panel are different21:58
tsimonq2So I would have to tweak them all over again?21:58
KamilionDunno, havn't gotten a chance to play with lxqt at all myself21:58
ianorlinyeah but the applets are different21:59
* Kamilion returns to task21:59
tsimonq2Are there applets with the same functions?21:59
tsimonq2Take a look at my panel ianorlin22:00
tsimonq2Can I do that in LXQt ianorlin?22:02
tsimonq2ianorlin: Or no?\22:02
tsimonq2ianorlin: I have to leave. Send me an email with an answer. My email is on my wiki page(wiki.ubuntu.com/tsimonq2).22:05
Unit193Well, anyway.  Different application, different settings.22:20
* Kamilion sighs22:30
Kamilionhttp://imgur.com/gallery/DZqeyOO  <--- now I'm stuck browsing imgur22:31

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