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silver_mhi can I install latest linux generic kernel to lubuntu 14.04 lts10:58
silver_mI think latest version is 4.1?10:59
silver_mcan I install it tou lubuntu 12.04?11:00
silver_mor it will face problems?11:00
BotchlaBafaik, unless the distro packages it as an upgrade, you'll probably need to compile it yourself.11:07
silver_mcan I install wily 4.1.0 kernel to lubuntu 12.04 LTS11:59
BotchlaBsilver_m: Perhaps main #ubuntu channel may have more information, or ##kernel.12:04
tewardsilver_m: can you?  possibly.  Would you want to?  Probably not12:05
silver_mI mean 14.0412:05
silver_mnot 12.0412:05
tewardsilver_m: i'd wait for wily to release first12:05
tewardbecause you affect a lot more than you think grabbing a new kernel12:05
BotchlaBSame here, I just go with packages.12:05
tewardsure you can do a by-hand recompile and installation, but keep your older kernels around12:05
tewardbecause I can almost guarantee things'll explode12:05
tewardwhether it's libc, or drivers, etc.12:06
silver_mI mean kernel 4.1 can be installed to 14.04 lts12:06
tewardsilver_m: so apparently you didn't read?12:06
teward[2015-08-20 08:05:04] <teward> silver_m: can you?  possibly.  Would you want to?  Probably not12:06
BotchlaBsilver_m: Yes, we understood you. We're saying it is possible.12:06
BotchlaBOr could be possible.12:06
BotchlaBBut may not be very wise.12:06
BotchlaBsilver_m: Note that I redirected you to ##kernel because kernel-specific issues are very finicky12:06
tewardand #ubuntu wouldn't be the place to ask either, since Wily isn't released, and you bring Wily into the equation12:07
BotchlaBteward: Hm, even if it concerns an LTS?12:07
BotchlaBI suppose LTS support only extends so far.12:08
tewardBotchlaB: they're mixing +1 and LTS12:10
tewardand Wily kernel is probably not final-fixed-version yet12:10
BotchlaBteward: I see, that's the knowledge I was missing -- that +1 has the 4.1 kernel.12:10
tewardso they're potentially ironing out kernel bugs.12:10
BotchlaBOr whatever version.12:10
tewardBotchlaB: Wily is +112:10
teward[2015-08-20 07:59:59] <silver_m> can I install wily 4.1.0 kernel to lubuntu 12.04 LTS  <-- they said 12.04 here but said WIly kernel12:11
tewardso it's the +1 kernel on current LTS12:11
tewarduntested, likely, and with the kernel not necessarily hitting its freeze date yet, i'd suspect there'll be other changes12:11
BotchlaBYeah, 14.04 is what they meant.12:11
tewardeven then, Wily kernel remains what they asked12:11
tewardurgh 45 minutes to the start of work, and nothing to do12:12
silver_m12.04 was wron12:12
BotchlaBYou know, Debian has a channel specifically (on another network) for +1 ; does #Ubuntu have such an equivalent?12:12
BotchlaBsilver_m: We know. :)12:12
tewardBotchlaB: #ubuntu+1  ?12:14
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+112:14
tewardubottu knows all12:14
tewardall hail ubottu12:14
BotchlaBHm, hold on... I know you from before, right? Did you used to run that bouncer service with Jose and ecks?12:14
BotchlaBGoddamn, what was the name.12:14
silver_mthey dont allow me to enter #kernel it says invite only12:15
BotchlaBsilver_m, ##kernel12:15
BotchlaBTwo #'s.12:15
tewardBotchlaB: yep12:15
tewardBotchlaB: ecks went somewhere, no idea where, jose is with layerbnc now12:16
BotchlaBsilver_m np12:16
BotchlaBteward: Nice talking again -- I used to be known before as Metaleer or Bremsstrahlung.12:16
tewardyeah i remember you :)12:17
tewardBotchlaB: #lubuntu-offtopic for further social banter?  :)12:17
silver_mhow can I install generic kernel in lubuntu? I type sudo apt-get install generic ???13:42
Stringtosshey there, i upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04, and when I go hit "logout" now, nothing happens, i like to be able to switch between desktops sometimes, it works in cinnamon just fine, just not in lubuntu18:39
ianorlinStringtoss: what happens when you run lxsession-logout ?18:41
Stringtossabsolutely nothing18:42
ianorlinStringtoss: strange18:42
Stringtossreinstalling it says this  "lxsession-logout is already the newest version. lxsession-logout set to manually installed."18:43
ianorlinStringtoss: did you change the window manager in lubuntu or anything18:44
Stringtossi didn't change anything18:44
Stringtosshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2264723  it's apparently a common problem18:45
ianorlinthere is the nuclear option if you are only user logged in of running sudo systemctl restart lightdm will log you out but will logout all users and restart the display manager18:47
Stringtossapparently if i use task manager to kill the process and THEN hit logout it'll work sometimes18:49
silver_mI upgraded kernel 4.1 low latency in lubuntu 14.04 LTS18:49
Stringtoss_whoever just told me to use the nuclear option, that semed to work18:50
Stringtoss_but i had to restart chrome so can you type it again?18:50
Stringtoss_wait i didn't quit18:54
Tremerenamd leute. sorry für die störung, ich hab mal ne frage..19:20
Tremerehab eben smplayer installiert und das teil gibt keine videos aus, audio schon (restricted-extras ist bereits installiert). woran liegt das und wie kann ichs wieder beheben?19:20
wxl!de | Tremere19:20
ubottuTremere: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:20
wxlno problem19:21
wxlsorry i can't speak much german XD19:21
Tremerei can try in english19:22
wxlworks for me Tremere19:22
Tremerei installed smplayer but theres no video-output (just audio), "restricted-extras" already installed but smplayer still doesn't show video. did i make something wrong? how can i fix this? (sorry i'm beginner19:24
wxl!info smplayer19:24
ubottusmplayer (source: smplayer): complete front-end for MPlayer and MPlayer2. In component universe, is optional. Version 14.9.0~ds0-1 (vivid), package size 1388 kB, installed size 3702 kB19:24
wxlhm, i'd imagine that would work fine19:25
wxltry installing lubuntu-restricted-extras and see if that helps19:25
wxlit's possible that the meta package makes some assumption that's incorrect for lubuntu19:25
Tremerestill no video..19:27
wxldo you have problems using mplayer on the command line, Tremere ?19:28
Tremerebecause i'm a beginner i don't understand the command lines (i only know apt-get)19:29
bioterrorwhy use something else than VLC?19:29
wxlTremere: try running `mplayer /path/to/video/file`19:29
bioterrorit just plays anything19:29
wxlTremere: for example try `mplayer ~/Videos/cute-kittens.mpg` if such a file exists XD19:30
wxlTremere: although i do agree with bioterror that VLC takes the guesswork out of such things19:30
Tremeresorry, don't like vlc. mplayer is running correctly19:31
wxlTremere: if mplayer works, then it sounds like it may be some sort of bug in smplayer. have you tried gnome-mplayer?19:32
Tremereyepp, works19:32
wxlthen why do you want smplayer? XD19:32
Tremereit simply looks better ^^19:32
wxlthough i can understand that, it appears to not be working19:33
wxlyou may want to contact the package maintainers and/or simply file a bug19:33
wxlianorlin: have you tried smplayer? it's a qt app.19:33
ianorlinyes I have19:41
ianorlinwhat is not working what kind of file I don't know what mpg is19:42
ianorlinit doesn't work quite as well as vlc for youtube videos though19:42
ianorlinbut can play them over the network19:42
wxlTremere: ↑19:43
ianorlinAre you selecting enque and then not hitting play19:43
ianorlinas that puts them in a playlist but does not start them19:44
ianorlinand is awesome once you figure out how to use it19:44

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