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didrockszsombi: hey, from your comment on bug #1485222, do I understand you are looking into it?08:22
ubot5bug 1485222 in content-hub (Ubuntu) "Using ContentStore disables silently any StateSaver capability" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148522208:22
zsombididrocks: no, I don't...08:23
didrockszsombi: who should I talk to to get it on some UI toolkit list? I think this is part of the bugs that would be nice to get fixed for our developers08:24
didrocksor then, we can't have StateSaver08:24
didrocksand I guess I quite spent some time to localized where the issue is with a simple reproducer08:24
didrocks(like tracking down to ContentStore already took quite some time in my large application when things started to not work anymore)08:24
zsombididrocks: I know, what I don't get how ContentStore can disable StateSaver...08:25
zsombididrocks: if a simple ContentStore disables StateSaver, then perhabs that should be checked fiorst...08:25
zsombididrocks: all StateSaver does is to hook to SIGINT and SIGTERM signals to get notified when the app is killed/stopped, not more08:26
zsombididrocks: and then, if there're states saved, it will restore them one by one as they come alive08:26
zsombididrocks: there is a piece of code to which kenvandine might refer, which arises when an app is launched thru ContentHub, which delays state restoration till the URI is handled, but that piece of code is not in the toolkit, so these two components have nothing in common really08:28
didrockszsombi: sorry, at debconf and the network dropped. Last sentences I got were:08:41
didrocks10:25:01     zsombi | didrocks: I know, what I don't get how ContentStore can disable StateSaver...                                                  │08:42
didrocks10:25:28   didrocks | I don't know either, didn't write that code, however, I do know it's easy to reproduce                                         │08:42
zsombi[11:25:35] <zsombi> didrocks: if a simple ContentStore disables StateSaver, then perhabs that should be checked fiorst...08:42
zsombi[11:26:19] <zsombi> didrocks: all StateSaver does is to hook to SIGINT and SIGTERM signals to get notified when the app is killed/stopped, not more08:42
zsombi[11:26:53] <zsombi> didrocks: and then, if there're states saved, it will restore them one by one as they come alive08:42
zsombi[11:28:30] <zsombi> didrocks: there is a piece of code to which kenvandine might refer, which arises when an app is launched thru ContentHub, which delays state restoration till the URI is handled, but that piece of code is not in the toolkit, so these two components have nothing in common really08:42
didrockszsombi: ok, so i guess it's back on ken's plate?08:43
zsombididrocks: so far, yes08:44
didrocksok, commenting and playing the ping pong ball then…08:44
zsombididrocks: and we will only deal with it if it is OTA bug, convergence is on our sholder08:44
didrockszsombi: I kind of get those, just sad that there are already way too many ways to break our toolkits, so before getting more features, would be nice to have a working SDK for devs08:45
didrocksbut I understand, priorities and so on, so having to leave with the bunch of workarounds I've done08:45
didrocks(however, this one is the only one without any workaround, that's why I worry about it a little bit more)08:45
zsombididrocks: I know, but itás not my call... if it would be me, I'd rather spend 3-4 months to fix everything and only then to introduce new features...08:48
didrockszsombi: yep, I'll raise this anyway once I'll start publishing my apps to management, we'll see if that will enable some people to have some time to fix those issues, changing prioties, hopefully :)08:51
zsombididrocks: what comes to StateSaver, it's me :(08:52
karniralsina: if I register the second user for push, I'm at the dead end -- when the second user is logged out, I 1) can't call unregister passing the token, because that would unregister both users 2) can't not call unregister, because after logging out user #2, the phone would still receive notifications for both.09:21
karnishoot, wrong chan, he's not here09:22
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mcphailI'm keen to package a node.js app (https://github.com/magne4000/quassel-webserver) for the phone. But I don't know much about node, and I'm not sure how best to package it. I think it needs a newer version of node than the one in the repos. Can anyone give me any pointers as to what to do?11:38
popeymcphail: i use node from a ppa... one mo11:40
ogra_mcphail, i have only created snappy nodejs packages yet ... and all of them were using node as a webserver11:41
mcphailogra_: yes, this would be a webserver too11:41
mcphailpopey: cheers!11:41
ogra_to just get the nodejs binary and npm modules installed you can use my node-snapper script11:42
popeydoesnt look like he's updated it recently11:42
ogra_it creates two tarballs with all the binary bits needed ... one per arch for armhf and i38611:42
mcphailogra_: I tried your script, but it just hung when building the modules. Don't know if it is a wily problem?11:42
ogra_could be11:42
ogra_i only use it on trusty .. but have seen people use it on vivid too11:43
mcphailogra_: also wondered if C++ binaried built on wily would work in vivid due to the c++ ABI changes11:43
ogra_most likely not11:43
mcphailogra_: your script builds in a wily chroot11:43
ogra_oh, that would need some fixes then11:43
ogra_namely you would need to convince it to download a different ubuntu-core tarball for the chroot11:44
ogra_(just hardcode it in the wget command in the script)11:45
mcphailogra_: I'll give that a try11:45
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davidcalledholbach, do you remember if we had, on the old API website, a QML api for thumbnails12:17
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renatuliuxg, hi13:13
liuxgrenatu, hi13:13
renatuliuxg, nik90 help to create some extra components that can be easily shared btw apps13:14
liuxgrenatu, if you have any resources on how to make use of the contact APIs, it is fine to me.13:14
liuxgrenatu, nik90, that sounds great, I think it is normal to have the component to import contacts from other apps. a developer does not need to re-invent the wheel every time if there is a component there.13:15
liuxgnik90, ping13:18
renatuliuxg, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/address-book-app/trunk/files/head:/src/imports/Ubuntu/Contacts/13:18
renatuthis are the components that messaging and dialer app uses13:18
liuxgrenatu, it is really a lot of stuff. does it mean every app needs to do the same thing?13:19
liuxgrenatu, there should be some images, right? is it possible to have a component for it so that a developer to make use of it directly without involving too much into it?13:21
renatulinuxg, I am in a meeting right, I will be back to you as soon as I finish it13:24
liuxgrenatu, it is OK. Many thanks for your answering!13:25
dholbachdavidcalle, no idea13:32
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balloonsahayzen, what's happening? :-)14:03
ahayzenballoons, see in -ci-eng, a calendar job has been stuck for 5 days
ahayzenballoons, preventing any further landings/jobs :-/14:04
balloonsahayzen, yikes!14:04
ahayzenyeah :-/14:04
balloonsahayzen, I killed it14:05
balloonshow on earth did that happen.14:05
ahayzenthanks, let see what happens now14:05
popeybtw the owner of blamepopey.com updated the kernel version14:05
balloonsahayzen, I see the issue14:06
nik90ooh yes they did...kernel 4.114:06
balloonsyikes, I'm running kernel 4.1!14:06
* balloons closes page14:06
ahayzenyou got popey_exploit-0.3-alpha? :-)14:06
nik90when do we expect popey_exploit-beta or v1.0?14:07
ahayzeni want a stable exploit!14:07
nik90exactly! We dont run alpha s/software/exploits14:07
balloonstrue.. I'm safe, it's only a broken alpgha14:08
nik90ahayzen: I will run your latest changes to the content export MP tonight and comment again. Mostly it looks good. I suppose once victor does the code review it can go in.14:08
nik90ahayzen: correct me if I am wrong, but you guys are waiting on the listitem fixes to land in OTA-6 before you push out a new music app update?14:09
ahayzennik90, yeah we're waiting mainly for review from victor, but it would be nice to have the clock side MP'd as well so we can test it end-to-end before landing both14:09
nik90ahayzen: clock app MP is mostly rdy btw..https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/custom-alarm-sound/+merge/26849914:09
nik90ahayzen: I was about to ask for testing help during clock app's meeting today14:10
ahayzennik90, we are waiting for the ota6 landing before we land the MP for the listitems... we will push trunk to the store when we feel it is worth it (which the content-hub on its own could be enough :-) )14:10
nik90ahayzen: sweet. Ideally it would be nice if we can release both apps together. Pushing clock app without music update makes the custom-sound feature useless14:11
nik90ahayzen: I'll keep you updated on that front.14:11
ahayzenballoons, if jenkins has run out of space i assume all the other jobs are gonna be stuck as well? And will need to be restarted once there is space?14:13
balloonsI just killed the other jobs as well14:13
balloonsit's pretty toasted. We'll need someone to free some space14:16
ahayzenhehe :-)14:16
bladernr_Can someone tell me if there is a way in debian packaging to install a suggests via a separate PPA?  for example, if I have package foo, and it suggests package bar, but package bar is only available via the bar-dev/bar-tools ppa, can I specify in the packaing for foo to use that PPA or do I still need to manually (outside the package) add the PPA first14:19
balloonsbladernr_, indeed apt only knows about what's in it's sources list14:22
bladernr_balloons: ok... damn I was hoping to be all superpowered and stuff... heh. thanks! (I really didn't think it would work, but the intricacies of debian packaging are like magic to me)14:26
balloonsbladernr_, yea it's fun because the package gives a dependency name, but doesn't require you to install it from any specific location :-)14:30
popeyogra_: was it you looking at kodi in a snap>?16:20
ogra_popey, yeah, a few times already ... trying different approaches16:21
popeybe nice if we had a few extra brain cells on that16:21
ogra_but it is more work than fun to get all the deps built first :/16:21
ogra_before you can even start on kodi itself16:22
popeycan you not just yoink them from the repo?16:22
popeyor do they all need special rebuilds for new sdl2 etc?16:22
ogra_which repo ? the PPA doesnt have any arm builds16:23
popeyvivid does16:23
ogra_you ean in the archive ?16:23
ogra_i always tries the upstream PPA16:23
* ogra_ slaps forehead 16:23
ogra_i didnt even know it was in the repo16:23
popeywell, I'm on about deps16:24
popeynot kodi itself16:24
ogra_(i think it was ripped out in wily though ... )16:24
ogra_there are many packages not in the repo i think16:24
ogra_root@localhost:/# apt-cache policy kodi |grep armhf16:25
ogra_        500 http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ wily/universe armhf Packages16:25
ogra_i'll probably play with it again on the weekend16:25
ogra_for snappy i'd actually like it to be built with direct GLES support ...16:25
ogra_then you neither need Xorg nor Mir16:26
mcphailogra_: what about ripping the build from the raspberry pi?16:36
mcphailogra_: it was raspbmc, but is called something else now16:36
ogra_morphis, not sure, is there a non-raspbian build ?16:42
mcphailogra_: the raspbmc one was based on raspian, but there is also openelec17:42
ahayzennik90, appear to have busted clock on my device, how do you normally build it? I tried click-buddy but that tried to build an amd64 version, then I tried doing "Install application on device" via QtC but that seems to have broken it :-/22:11
nik90ahayzen: I don't usually do it via console..can I instead send you a click package ;) ?22:12
ahayzennik90, yeah if you want :-) but how do you usually make the click ?22:12
nik90ahayzen: I usually set the device to phone in qtc, and then through the menus tell it create a click package22:13
ahayzeni'll try that..22:13
nik90usually when I run clock through qtc on device, it creates a armhf click in the builddir22:13
ahayzenbut that should be no different to install app on device via QtC surely :-/22:13
nik90it shouldn't be22:14
nik90wait which version did you try installing?22:14
* ahayzen tries run on device first22:14
ahayzenlp:~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/custom-alarm-sound -> rc-proposed mako22:14
nik90I broke the clock app in the MP I gave you few minutes back...which I just fixed now22:14
nik90try pulling again now22:14
nik90the last revision should rev 35722:14
nik90wrong format in the .json file22:15
nik90ahayzen: no no you're not starting any meme similar to #blamepopey or #blameballoons :P22:15
ahayzenyou don't have a website yet no ;-)22:15
nik90ahayzen: if everything goes well, we will have this feature merged tomorrow. And then wait for translations for another few days.22:17
nik90During the meeting, we were planning for an update hopefully next week sometime22:18
ahayzenhehe i'm just waiting on victor :-) as you have an MP then i should be able to poke him with something to test end-to-end22:18
ahayzenand our meeting is tomorrow so can raise it then22:18
nik90I wish the file manager was also a valid music source22:19
ahayzennik90, it appeared as one for me from the hub-importer?22:19
nik90it shows up in the peer picker page but doesn't actually work properly.22:19
nik90as in I cannot see any music files to pick from22:19
ahayzenfile manager is strange though as IIRC it still tries to open music files under ~/Music via content-hub instead of urlhandler22:20
ahayzenwhich causes duplicate tracks :-)22:20
* nik90 checks if filemanager has any code contributions22:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1413821 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Music files are imported into the Music app, rather than simply opened" [Undecided,New]22:21
ahayzenas i said in comment #7 anything in /home/*/Music or /media/*/*/Music can just be opened via urlhandler22:22
nik90hmm strange I see 7 MP top-approved to land..but no jenkins activity in them. strange22:23
* nik90 looks at the bug report now22:23
ahayzennik90, maybe due to the jenkins chaos earlier22:23
ahayzen(it ran out of disk space)22:24
nik90ahayzen: no its blocked since beginning of august22:24
ahayzennik90, i did add custom sound..selected a track...then it went back to the list but suru arpeggio is still checked and i can't see my track?22:25
nik90ahayzen: the custom sounds are added right at the top, just below the "Add custom sound" button22:25
nik90if it didnt add it, you might have to reboot22:26
ahayzen"Alarm Clock" is the frist22:26
ahayzeni see this in the log as well.. qml: [LOG] Final Custom Alarm Sound URL: file:///home/phablet/.local/share/com.ubuntu.clock/07 - Part II.flac22:26
ahayzenbut i'll try restarting just to be sure :-)22:26
nik90no dont22:26
nik90it only shows .mp3 and .ogg files22:26
ahayzeny u no flac?22:26
nik90I wasn't sure of how to include all music formats22:26
ahayzencan you not import them to their own folder and then just list all of them? as if they came via content-hub they at least should have been music22:27
ahayzenor you could just attempt to play/pre-roll each track ?22:28
ahayzenor you could lookup what formats the phone supports...22:28
nik90I was thinking of doing that, but not sure if contenthub move() function created a folder on the fly if it doesnt exist22:28
* nik90 tries that now22:28
ahayzeni think it does22:29
ahayzenas we dump it in ~/Music/Imported/yyyy/MM/dd/hhmmss when we import22:30
nik90oh nice...I think I just need to change in one place and then test22:31
ahayzenhave like a custom-tones folder or something :-)22:31
nik90yup exactly22:31
* ahayzen wonders how file manager determines what is 'music'22:32
nik90ahayzen: btw why was "suru arpeggio" checked for you by default? We changed the default alarm tone to "Alarm clock"22:32
nik90a couple of commits ago in trunk22:32
ahayzenprobably because i have suru arpeggio normally? idk22:32
ahayzeni edited an existing alarm :-)22:32
nik90ah ok22:32
ahayzennik90, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-filemanager-dev/ubuntu-filemanager-app/trunk/view/head:/src/app/qml/content-hub/contenttyperesolver.js#L33 file managers 'solution'22:33
nik90oh my22:33
nik90btw in your testing, does the music-app stay in the unity8 spread despite choosing the sound?22:34
nik90content-hub or unity8 bug?22:34
ahayzennik90, sometimes yes, but that is a shell bug i've been told22:34
nik90ah ok22:34
ahayzennik90, if you try to go to it you can see it has actually be quit'd22:34
ahayzenjust the surface is still being shown in the spread for some reason22:35
ahayzenKen seemed to know about it already22:35
nik90yeah its blurred out and stuff22:35
ahayzennik90, i like the changes to the app against whats in the store btw :-)22:37
nik90Hopefully we continue that trend22:37
ahayzenare you going to allow swiping left/right on the start page to switch between the sections ?22:38
nik90ahayzen: yes, we had to disable it in the very last minute since it is conflicting with the list item swipe-delete gesture and we couldnt fix it properly22:39
ahayzenoh for the laps ?22:39
nik90and the world city listitems22:39
ahayzendo you think the bottom edge on the stopwatch page should show the laps ?22:39
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nik90I tried a couple of ideas by mzanetti which included placing a mouse area below , but that only works partially22:40
ahayzenas its difficult to read the laps in such a small view when you have loads22:40
nik90well we were thinking of using the bottom edge to allow users to save laps permanently...for use cases like comparing lap times later at any point of time with your past records22:40
ahayzenthat'd be cool22:40
nik90this is the first implementation of the stopwatch feature. Expect some more design refreshes coming up for clock app.22:41
ahayzencoolio :-)22:41
ahayzennik90, let me know when the custom sound one is ready to rock for testing again :-)22:42
nik90ahayzen: will do. I just noticed the logs saying that it transfered the sound to com.ubuntu.clock/CustomSounds/...*.mp3 etc..but I dont see it in the UI..investigating now22:42
nik90will ping you22:43
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nik90ahayzen: go ahead pull. I also fixed music names not eliding as well.22:56
nik90and all formats supported22:56
ahayzennik90, thanks :-)22:56
nik90well thnks for raising the issue. Would hate to hear users report it after the store update22:57
ahayzenyeah hehe22:58
ahayzennik90, i have "clock-app@30" and "ubuntu-clock-app" now in my list?22:59
nik90in the alarm sound list?22:59
ahayzenyup at the top22:59
nik90wat..that's crazy..it should show the contents of .com.ubuntu.clock/CustomSounds23:00
nik90which is empty23:00
ahayzenwhat happens if that folder doesn't exist as in my case?23:00
ahayzendoes it then drop back to "."23:00
nik90checking now23:00
ahayzenwhich would be where the app is running?23:00
ahayzenhence the icon appearing23:00
nik90god damn QML FolderListModel if that be true23:01
* ahayzen shakes fist23:01
* nik90 wonders how to fix this..23:02
nik90I could add a custom c++ function which checks the existence of the directory first23:03
ahayzencould just ensure its created on startup i guess?23:03
ahayzenis there no error from the FolderListModel?23:03
ahayzeni can't see anything in the docs23:03
nik90well the folder property is by default a invalid url23:03
ahayzenfile:///opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.clock/3.5./share/qml/alarm/AlarmSound.qml:92:17: Unable to assign [undefined] to QObject*23:04
* ahayzen checks what that is23:04
nik90that is the contenthub activeTransfer23:04
ahayzenah yes have the code infront of me now :-)23:04
nik90ok I can fix it easily. GIve me another 5 mins23:05
ahayzensurely if the folder doesn't exist it should really error or just return nothing?23:05
nik90exactly, that's what I assumed as well23:05
nik90crazy QT :P23:05
ahayzeni would have as well23:05
ahayzenit is under Qt.labs i suppose ;-)23:06
nik90haha yes I suppose23:06
nik90stop making sense ahayzen and just complain alongside pls :P23:07
ahayzenwe should raise something upstream :-)23:07
nik90ahayzen: fixed and pushed.23:19
* ahayzen pulls23:19
nik90folder will be created on app startup if it does not exist23:20
ahayzenand if a dev deletes the folder with the app running its their own fault for being silly? ;-)23:20
nik90lol yes...23:20
nik90I mean I could have added that check in the EditAlarmPage, but was afraid of a race issue between the folderlistmodel and the folder creation23:21
ahayzenyeah that'd be the other option, unless you could refresh it, but then you could get a flicker23:21
ahayzenthis is probably simplest for now23:21
ahayzenso they have disappeared, now time to import :-)23:22
* nik90 crosses his fingers, hoping for the best23:22
ahayzennik90, ok they import, but how do you stop them from playing?23:23
nik90you cant, unless you change the selection or go back to the previous page23:23
ahayzenor have i now got to listen to 6mins of paramore? ;-)23:23
nik90that wasn't a design issue up until now since default tones were small23:24
ahayzenso the settings has a "stop playing" button that is always visible23:24
nik90I will check with design23:24
ahayzenor why not just clicking on the same listitem to toggle play/pause ?23:24
ahayzen(like we do in the queue)23:24
nik90hmm true that's actually a good idea23:24
ahayzennik90, ok so the first time i couldn't save the alarm for some reason, but then i went back and set the alarm again for 1min time and it worked \o/23:26
nik90logs indicate anything as to why you couldnt save?23:26
ahayzendon't think so23:27
nik90I hate that the sdk warnings about some background color of ubuntu shape are filling my logs uselessly.23:27
nik90hopefully when we switch to 1.3, they will all go away..23:27
ahayzenfile:///opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.clock/3.5./share/qml/alarm/EditAlarmPage.qml:103: TypeError: Type error23:27
ahayzenlots of those possible around the time23:27
nik90hmm that's about the alarm label assignment23:28
nik90its a harmless simple assignment23:28
nik90not sure23:28
ahayzenyeah can't see anything obvious23:28
nik90was that a one-time issue or does it happen on every new alarm creation?23:28
ahayzencould have just been media-hub locking up or somethign with me playing many many tracks :-)23:28
ahayzeni was editing an existing alarm..23:29
nik90hmm ok23:29
ahayzenit looked more platformy as the button didn't even animate onpress23:30
ahayzenmaybe the header was thinking the view was scrolling or something as i've noticed it then dims the header actions23:30
ahayzennot been able to reproduce as of yet23:30
nik90oh we don't touch the header button state at all in the main edit alarm page. We only do it in the child pages.23:30
ahayzenanyway this is looking sweet :-)23:31
* ahayzen wonders when system-settings can add the same support :-)23:31
nik90I am testing your idea atm..was only a few additonal lines of code23:32
* nik90 hopes as well23:32
ahayzennik90, does the swipe delete work? or like incredibly hard to hit on mako ?!23:32
ahayzenah got it!23:32
nik90ahayzen: thank you! Finally someone is able to confirm that issue.23:33
nik90ahayzen: apparently it is fine in the BQ images23:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1486008 in Ubuntu UX "leading actions width is too small making it very difficult to press" [Medium,Incomplete]23:33
ahayzenhahaha hmmm are they using the new clock/{app} with the new listitems those?23:33
nik90they are using the new 15.04 SDK list items23:33
ahayzenas music is easy to hit, but thats because it is using the old listitems until we land it23:34
nik90the old renatu's listitems have larger widths, it could be because of that23:34
ahayzeni mean the folks testing on the bq are using the new listitems right ?23:34
nik90ahayzen: well they are...but the sdk folks fixed a bug I reported about the width only a few images ago in rc-proposed :P23:35
nik90that's when the problem started for me on mako23:35
ahayzenhaha ugh so more reasons not to land the new listitems :'(23:35
ahayzeni'll check our listitem branch and if that is affected confirm the bug23:36
nik90well alan confirmed that it isn't an issue on his bq running rc-proposed23:36
nik90so yeah23:36
ahayzen..and add as a blocker :-/23:36
nik90its too late for clock app to revert since we did so much changes after merging that to trunk :/23:36
ahayzennik90, yup affects music as well FFS :'(23:39
* ahayzen wonders how a screenshot would help23:41
nik90maybe they think visually it is small to press I suppose...no idea23:42
nik90I am going to add the screenshot and add a comment.23:42
nik90just confirm it on your end23:42
ahayzeni have and added to the #blocked list on our MP23:44
ahayzennik90, were you going to make that other change to toggle the playing state by tapping in the same MP or another? As i was going to pass it for the functional part of the review23:46
nik90I was thinking of adding it in this MP, but my mind is too tired atm..will do it tomorrow morning.23:46
ahayzenokies, i'll approve for now so i don't forget23:47
nik90cool, thnx23:47
nik90I'm going 2 sleep now. Gnite \o23:48
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