MooDoohello all07:04
dholbachballoons, davidcalle, popey: are you guys hanging out for the docs day?13:34
popeyyes, can do, finishing off current meeting13:34
balloonsahh yes, omw13:34
davidcalledholbach, omw13:37
popeysorry, overrunning13:43
czajkowskipleia2: anyone in the valley you know may might be interested in http://www.meetup.com/Couchbase-Silicon-Valley/events/223898914/ tonight16:51
pleia2czajkowski: alas, not keen on spending 2 hours commuting down to the valley again today16:55
czajkowskipleia2: nods I know not you, but others :)16:59
czajkowskinow aiming for 2 a month, 1 in our mission st office and 1 out in MV17:00
czajkowskias we know people dont like to commute :)17:00
balloonsso I just joined a google hangout from my ubuntu phone. Pretty cool18:28
balloonsrecieving audio and video worked, but not sending audio or video :-(18:28

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