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tjaaltoncan someone on wily test if screen rotation works?06:32
tjaaltonbecause it doesn't work here06:32
seb128tjaalton, hey, works for me, just tried 180° rotation on a intel laptop config06:37
tjaaltonseb128: try 90/27006:37
tjaaltonxrandr --output foo --rotate left06:38
tjaaltonand then --rotate normal06:38
tjaalton90/270 doesn't work here with bsw/skl at least06:43
seb128tjaalton, rotation "works" using 90/270° here06:48
seb128unity doesn't use all the visible space06:49
tjaaltonso it's broken the same way :)06:49
tjaaltonas here06:49
tjaaltonthanks for verifying06:50
tjaaltonunity doesn't start after upgrade..07:00
seb128what's the error?07:01
seb128what packages did you upgrade?07:01
tjaaltonwhere? I get no error07:01
tjaaltonjust no wm07:01
seb128sudo journalctl07:01
tjaaltonalmost 400 upgrades07:01
tjaaltondidn't do a dist-upgrade since it would've removed 40 packages07:01
seb128I'm doing a dist-upgrade atm, can try in a few minutes07:01
tjaaltonincluding ubuntu-desktop07:02
tjaaltonmaybe a reboot helps..07:02
seb128what is in journalctl?07:02
tjaaltonnothing about unity07:04
tjaaltoncompiz is running07:07
tjaaltonI installed another machine with wily yesterday and it's fine, no pending upgrades either07:08
tjaaltonthe problematic one was upgraded from vivid in june07:09
tjaaltonso could be it's just the blocked updates causing this07:09
tjaaltoncompiz included07:09
seb128tjaalton, is the unity plugin enabled/loaded?07:12
tjaaltonrunning dist-upgrade already07:12
tjaaltonit removed u-d, but reinstall pulled in some v5 libs07:17
tjaaltonand unity works again07:18
tjaaltonso it was just that "safe" upgrade broke it07:18
seb128Laney, is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/1473006 still on your list?07:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1473006 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "[SRU] New upstream release 3.14.14" [Undecided,In progress]07:24
seb128qengho, chrisccoulson, could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~fred-wang/ubuntu/wily/firefox/fix-for-1473552/+merge/268213 ? it's a small packaging change to firefox font suggests07:26
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TheMusoJeu wo./07:49
TheMusoHey willcooke.07:49
willcookeHey TheMuso, just catching up on email and I'll be with you07:49
seb128hey willcooke TheMuso07:51
willcookemorning seb128 - having fun @ Deb COnf?07:52
seb128willcooke, hey, debconf was great but I'm back at normal work today, wanted to have a few days home before London next week and then holidays07:52
willcookegood plan07:52
seb128how are things in desktop lands? nothing collapsed while we were at debconf?07:53
seb128I kept an eye on IRC but not all the time07:53
willcookeall very quiet07:53
seb128seems things are mostly ok thoguh07:53
willcookefound time to get some long awaited admin done07:53
willcookehence the wiki update ;)07:53
seb128didn't know about @SIG@, that's cool07:58
tjaaltonmeh, now guest session starts unity fine, real users still not08:11
tjaaltonnah, just the one that tried to login while system was in limbo08:13
tjaaltonguess the unity plugin is disabled there then08:13
seb128could be08:15
seb128try ccsm?08:15
tjaaltonit was, enabling didn't help, or the settings didn't stick08:16
willcookeseb128, do you know who, if anyone, in the team has a blog which is federated in Planet Ubuntu and Gnome?08:16
didrocks(gnomefr planet only for me)08:16
seb128willcooke, unsure, I can't think of anyone atm08:17
willcookenw, thx seb128 didrocks08:17
willcookeI know who might know...08:18
tjaaltonnope, ccsm shows unity is checked, still doesn't work08:18
seb128robert_ancell maybe08:18
willcookepopey, ^^^08:18
seb128willcooke, robert I think08:18
willcookeahh, perfect08:18
willcookeTheMuso, I think we've found our target :) ^^08:18
tjaaltonmoved old ~/.config aside, now unity works08:28
seb128tjaalton, did you try to just reactivate the unity plugin in compiz?08:36
tjaaltonran unity --replace too but the panels didn't show up08:36
tjaaltonnor window controls for ccsm or xterm08:36
tjaaltonso rotate not working is probably caused by unity08:38
tjaaltonsince the intel driver didn't change (yet)08:38
tjaaltonI'll file a bug and see where it goes..08:39
seb128unity didn't change either afaik08:42
seb128are you sure it ever worked differently?08:42
tjaaltoncould be mesa then08:42
tjaaltonyes vivid works fine08:42
seb128can you file your bug rls-w-incoming?08:43
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tseliotare emails to the technical board moderated even when using an ubuntu.com email address?09:03
tseliot(one that matches an actual developer)09:04
tjaaltonuse the account that you subscribed with09:04
tseliottjaalton: oh, ok09:07
tjaaltonseb128: turns out building the vivid -intel source on wily breaks rotation...09:08
tjaaltonvivid binary works09:08
seb128oh, fun!09:10
seb128blame doko ;-)09:10
tjaaltonprobably :)09:10
willcookeTrevinho, out of interest have you made any progress on the dash overlay scroll bars yet?  I'm about to post a quick video and I wondered if you can give an rough estimate as to when the dash might be able to adopt the same style of OSB?09:28
Laneyseb128: yeah, I have the tab open at home, just didn't get to it yet10:01
desrtLaney: where are you?10:02
Laneyin the courtyard10:03
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Trevinhowillcooke: so.... This week I had no time yet as the AP testing/fixing of the silo that was landing took most of my time ( :(, and not having a test machine doesn't help)11:52
Trevinhowillcooke: but on the past week I've something done, there are some bugs to fix, but it mostly works as it shoud. However I also looked at the gtk css to see if we can improve it to look more like the legacy ones, since there are few small inconstences11:52
Trevinhowillcooke: http://i.imgur.com/kUioCLs.png this is on mouse-over... Although there's a nux bug to fix to move the background below the OSB as well...11:54
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Trevinhobregma: hey! So... I leave to you the honor of pressing publish button for that unity silo.13:41
willcookethx Trevinho, looks good so far13:44
seb128Trevinho, do it, press the button!13:50
willcookeDoooo itttttttt13:51
Trevinhoseb128: don't tempt me :)... It's the last bregma unity7 landing, so I don't want steal him the honor :P13:51
* willcooke stands up13:52
willcookeIt's only right13:52
bregmabutton pushed14:06
* willcooke sits down14:08
willcookethanks bregma14:08
Trevinhobregma: everything should be approved now...14:38
davmor2willcooke: did you say something on the internet again?????? G+ feed is just full of upstream overlay scrollbars ;)16:40
willcookedavmor2, :D16:40
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