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Laneyanyone know how to resume from suspend after some timeout?10:12
LaneyI want to write a script to reproduce a suspend/resume bug by cycling it until it happens10:12
davmor2Laney: I think nuclearbob is doing something along those lines for UT he will be on in a US timezone later today if you get no joy prior to that10:14
LaneyI just found something called rtcwake10:15
Laneyseems to work10:18
apwunixabg, ok in theory i have a casper mod which lets it do multiple layers10:32
apwunixabg, now i am not sure i can test this well, but i think you can10:32
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mjeansonHi, I was wondering if there is a policy concerning micro release exceptions for dkms package that break after a kernel update/backport?19:13
apwwe tend to backport things like that fairly agreessivly19:24
apwi dont thing it is written down anywhere19:24
mjeansonapw: I prepared updated packages of lttng-modules-dkms for trusty and vivid that build with all current kernels but I had to do minor version updates and cherry pick a lot of patches, any chances of having this sponsored?19:47
apwmjeanson, does it work with wily as well?19:48
mjeansonapw: wily has 2.6.x, vivid 2.5.x and trusty 2.4.x and hte major version must match with the userland tools version, so I backported kernel enablement patches in each branch19:52
mjeansonit would be so simple if we could just backport the wily package19:53
mjeansonbut then we would also have to backport the userland stuff19:54
apwmjeanson, if you have packages we can get them reviewed and sponsored20:04
mjeansonapw: great, they are in my ppa, let me get the links20:07
mjeansontrusty: https://launchpad.net/~mjeanson/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+sourcepub/5317334/+listing-archive-extra20:07
mjeansonvivid: https://launchpad.net/~mjeanson/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+sourcepub/5317328/+listing-archive-extra20:08
apwmjeanson, won't be today, will look into them tommorrow if noone else has20:11
mjeansonapw: great, thanks for your help20:12
infinitymjeanson: Keep in mind that the trusty version needs to build with 3.13, 3.16, 3.19, and 4.220:57
infinitymjeanson: Because of HWE kernels.20:57
mjeansoninfinity: it was tested against 3.13, 3.16 and 3,1920:58
mjeanson4.2 will require additionnal patches20:58
infinitymjeanson: Kay.  4.2 will be needed too in a couple of months, so may as well fix it now instead of then.20:58
infinitymjeanson: The 4.2 header packages from wily should install on trusty just fine, so easy enough to test that way.20:59
mjeansoninfinity: isn't 4.1 the current kernel for wily?21:03
infinitymjeanson: It'll be 4.2 shortly, sorry, that's in the kteam PPA.21:04
infinitymjeanson: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages21:04
infinityForgot we hadn't promoted that yet.21:04
infinityThough, part of why it's not promoted is that we're waiting on dkms fixes.21:04
apwinfinity, and the other is the lack of a compiler that builds ppc64el21:05
infinityapw: Yeah, you could "fix" that by forcing 4.9 until doko fixes his -5 build.21:05
apwi was hoping he had it fixed, but i see his build is pants in the PPA21:06
infinityapw: He "fixed" it in the PPA, but it broke for other reasons.  Maybe I'll just upload to the archive with only the ppc64el fix.21:06
infinityIn fact, I think I'll do that this afternoon.21:06
apwinfinity, nice21:06
mjeansoninfinity: well, the master branch of lttng-modules doesn't yet build against 4.221:16
infinitymjeanson: That would be nice to fix. ;)21:16
mjeansoninfinity: I'll get the devs attention when they get back from linuxcon21:18
infinitymjeanson: Shiny.21:19
infinityapw: Minimal GCC fix uploaded to adconrad/staging.  If it builds fine, I'll copy it to the kernel PPA (so your kernel can build), and -proposed.21:19
apwinfinity, sounds good, i assume it'll be 24 hours, if its done when i wake i'll copy it over21:20
infinityapw: About 9 hours.21:20
apwok cool, so it sounds like i should copy it in the morning21:21
infinityapw: Or I'll get it before bed, but that's about the same time.21:21
infinityapw: If you beat me to it, copy to proposed too, please. :)21:22
infinityThough, maybe not until we've validated that it fixes the kernel build.21:22
infinityWhich takes about 25m to fail.21:23
apwif you've not copied it when i wake up, i'll cpoy it to the PPA and respin the build21:23
infinityI guess I can game that by copying the kernel into my staging PPA as soon as the ppc64el gcc build is done.21:23
apwyeah if you copy it with binaries, it will only build the broke one i think right ?21:26
infinityapw: Or copy source-only and kill all the other builds, whatever.21:36
unixabgapw: greetings, thank you for the repsonse on the mod of casper.21:37
unixabgDo you have available in a .deb?21:37
unixabgI could remaster a stock iso image to include that and then test stacking squashfs in overlay.21:37
apwunixabg, not in a .deb ... this pastebin is a replacement scripts/casper for in the initrd on the iso: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12137968/21:40
apwunixabg, that work for you ?21:50
apw(as in does that make sense to you)21:50

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