bazhanghi stevendale00:50
bazhangstevendale, whats the issue00:53
bazhangSeveas, hey there00:54
stevendalebazhang: Is phunyguy around? I await any forthcoming information.00:54
bazhangstevendale, info about what00:54
stevendaleMy ban00:55
bazhangstevendale, which one00:55
bazhangstevendale, you are in here just about every other day trying to get unbanned after another ban there00:56
stevendalebazhang, phunyguy left a note for operators to read IIRC00:56
bazhangstevendale, why would removing the ban this time be any different than before00:57
phunyguyI left a note in another channel to see this channel, and hopefully help me out here.  I am not making this decision by myself.  Coming in here and badgering us about it is not goint to help things.,00:58
phunyguyMyrtti: everything OK?00:58
bazhangstevendale, so whats different this time01:01
jaynefrom what I gather, myrtti is IRL-busy and probably not in a position to fix whatever is going on with the client right now, so if it's troublesome you might consider a +b on Myrtti_* until it can be sorted out in some days01:01
bazhangfunky hat had the same issue iirc some time ago01:02
jaynebazhang: any idea what the problem was?01:02
bazhangjayne, for funky, just away and kept connecting endlessly01:02
stevendalebazhang: I'm 16 now01:03
bazhangpretty funny as about 30 klines ensued01:03
jayneyeah, but do you know what had to be fixed so it would stop the endless connecting?01:03
bazhangjayne, he contacted his provider, started paying attn, attending ir c again01:03
bazhangstevendale, thats not really a legit reason to unban you01:04
jayneI used to have issues with irssi not processing the incoming messages fast enough, then timing out because it thought the server was unresponsive (when the ping it wanted was in the input queue, just not processed yet)01:04
bazhanghe was on quassel at the time iirc01:04
jayneI think I "fixed" that by just making the server_timeout insanely high01:04
stevendalebazhang: This time, I looked at it from someone else's viewpoint01:06
bazhangstevendale, you have said 'this time it's different ' each and every time before, when banned01:07
bazhangstevendale, you still there?01:13
stevendaleI honestly think I've learned the rules and grown as a person since this ban was set.01:13
bazhangstevendale, you learned the rules after the very first ban01:14
stevendaleThen why did it happen again?01:14
bazhangstevendale, so there is really no reason I can see to believe that this time is any different01:14
ubottunhaines called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()01:16
HornyTimI request that the ubuntu ops ban all homosexuals on sight01:16
HornyTimI urge every ubuntu ops and all freenode staffers to ban and kline all homosexuals on sight01:17
HornyTimhomosexuals must be put to death just as God demands01:18
bazhangyou said that01:18
HornyTimno i didnt01:18
HornyTimi said kline all homosexuals 1st and i urge obama to support the bible in which homosexuals must be put to death01:18
bazhangwe dont kline here HornyTim , and what you are saying is not welcome anywhere on freenode, so please leave now01:19
HornyTim be warned bazhang God will punish you for supporting homosexuals01:20
phunyguyGod will punish you for judging all of us in his place.01:22
HornyTimphunyguy: you must be a judge not hypocrite01:23
hggdhso... hfs is back, and still mad as a hatter02:22
Unit193jayne: I've had odd reconnects (seems like Irssi is inside itself), didn't keep duplicating itself.  Happened when I vaccumed a db for a script, I'm sure there's other quirks in scripts that could cause the same thing.05:35
Unit193hggdh: Funny, as madhatter was another "fun" one.05:36
Seveasbazhang: hi!05:50
ikoniathe mighty Seveas, welcome06:45
Seveasheh. someone's been spreading rumours again?06:46
ikoniajust the legend06:47
Seveasanyway, I just forgot to leave after reporting the last troll. I assume that's what bazhang wanted to say.06:51
Seveasbazhang: If it was something else, pm me06:52
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bazhangnopw, just hey07:25
ubottuOerHeks called the ops in #ubuntu (e-jovem)13:21
TJ-Can we have someone in #ubuntu deal with e-jovem ?13:24
TJ-and done, thanks13:24
genii@comment 68670 Removed15:12
ubottuComment added.15:12
k1lyeah, k-lined that troll!!!11 :)15:59
geniiHeh, "this is ubuntu support. what is your ubuntu issue?"   ... "i install ubuntu"16:47
k1li think he cant describe what the issue is in english. hopefully in -pl they can help16:48
geniiYeah, hopefully16:48
PiciThe worst is when you ask someone who is clearly having trouble explaining their issue in english words and they say "no, english is my native language"16:50
DJonesPici: Thats America for you :)17:25
DJonesAlthough, 99.9% of "English" speakers never realise that 80% (pareto rule) of their language is local dialect and not understood by the great majority17:28
geniiHmm, poopybutthole17:38
k1l_seems like its idiot-o-clock22:18
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