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Mirvrepeating from yesterday, I'd wish for an archive admin to check https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-028/+sourcepub/5311965/+listing-archive-extra like they would if it would be in binNEW queue. packaging changes acked by a core-dev so just needs an approval from an archive admin to approve the new binaries that are listed at the top of https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/u06:18
Mirvif the Mir can't be reviewed today, I hope it being in the landing PPA and NEW review requested here counts as same as if it would be in the queue, since otherwise after today we'll need to file FFe...10:57
tjaaltonanyone to ack mesa (vivid) and mesa-lts-vivid (trusty) for me, urgent skylake bugfix there and don't want to push it through myself12:35
tjaaltonthere's an older sru still in progress, but it's fine to postpone that so that these go in -updates together12:35
tkamppeterThere are many packages stuck in wily-proposed, like cups and cups-filters. They built correctly on all supported platforms but did not advance to the release for hours. What is happening here?14:28
cjwatsonbuilding everywhere is only one criterion14:31
cjwatsonanyway, they just migrated it seems14:31
cjwatsonso not stuck14:31
tkamppeterTraffic jam due to FF?14:32
cjwatsonin fact those packages were waiting for dbus to be ready, which needed https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dbus/1.9.20-1ubuntu2 - I suspect before that a bunch of tests were breaking14:35
cjwatsonso business as usual, proposed-migration was holding back a set of things which would/could have been broken.  in future use the links from that wiki page to diagnose things first14:36
tkamppeterhplip made it into the release now.14:37
flexiondotorgcjwatson, deja-dup-caja has been in the wily new queue for some weeks now. Who can I talk to get it approved?16:28
cjwatsonSomebody else on the archive team, I guess, I'm not doing NEW processing routinely16:29
flexiondotorgcjwatson, Is there a channel better suited for this? can you point me a someone please?16:32
cjwatsonThis is the right channel, I don't know what other people's schedules are like though16:32
flexiondotorgIf someone could kindly review deja-dup-caja I would be most grateful.16:34
Mirvalso the Mir binNEW-via-PPA please :)16:35
Odd_Blokearges: Stop talking to Brad and accept the cloud-init uploads to proposed!17:25
argesOdd_Bloke: i'll take a look17:54
Odd_Blokearges: :)17:59
argesOdd_Bloke: bug 1470890, bug 1470880, are these fixed in wily?18:34
ubot93bug 1470890 in cloud-init "[SRU] cc_apt_configure does not understand regions" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147089018:34
ubot93bug 1470880 in cloud-init "[SRU] GCE datasource reports availability zones incorrectly" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147088018:34
Odd_Blokearges: I thought so, but let me confirm.18:35
Odd_Blokesmoser does releases every so often.18:35
Odd_BlokeAnd releases to the beat of his own drum. :p18:35
Odd_Blokearges: Yes, they are both fixed in wily.18:36
Odd_Blokearges: I think I chose not to mark them as such because I couldn't add the older versions to the bug to keep tracking those...18:37
argesOdd_Bloke: ok i'll mark them as such18:39
argesOdd_Bloke: ok all done18:49
Odd_Blokearges: You're the best, thanks!20:30
infinitybdmurray: Remind me if there's a way to see what error reports *I* have sent to errors.ubuntu.com?20:43
bdmurrayinfinity: you or a system of yours?20:48
infinitybdmurray: The latter, obviously, I realise the former is impossible.20:48
bdmurrayhttp://errors.ubuntu.com/user/$(cat /var/lib/whoopsie/whoopsie-id) <- something like that20:49
bdmurrayinfinity: ^20:50
infinitybdmurray: Excellent, now I just need a firefox plugin that expands $() in URIs.20:50
infinity... as root, apparently.20:51
infinityThat wouldn't be insecure AT ALL.20:51
infinitybdmurray: Okay, cool, thanks.  Just wanted to make sure my recent submissions were part of the large bucket that looked similar at a glance (and they are).20:52
bdmurrayinfinity: great20:53
barryinfinity: are you still around?21:56
infinitybarry: Depends who's asking.21:56
barryinfinity: me, if you are, slangasek if you're not21:56
infinitybarry: That wasn't a confusing response.  Perhaps more importantly, why are you asking? ;)21:56
barryinfinity: any chance you could just ignore ubuntu-drivers-common for python3-defaults promotion?  it's the only blocker and it ftbfs for reasons i have no clue about.21:57
infinitybarry: In wily?21:57
barryinfinity: yep21:57
barryi'll file a bug on u-d-c21:58
slangasekinfinity: 'firefox http://errors.ubuntu.com/user/$(sudo cat /var/lib/whoopsie/whoopsie-id)' works fine ;)22:00
infinitybarry: Kay, I found an old autopkgtest result that shows ubuntu-drivers-common from the release pocket being happy with that version of py3-defaults, so that's fine by me.22:00
barryinfinity: awesome, thanks.  and with that we should finally have py35 as supported.  slangasek ^^22:01
slangasekbarry: huzzah22:01
barryjust in time for feature freeze eh?22:02
infinitybarry: Committed.22:02
barryinfinity: thanks!22:02
infinityslangasek: PS, I'm going to need an FFe for glibc 2.22, since I probably don't have the time to rebase, test, and upload today. :P22:04
slangasekinfinity: do you have it in git yet?  I bet you could do it if everything was in git22:04
infinityslangasek: I'm pretty sure that wouldn't help.22:05
slangasekinfinity: tests always happen faster for packages that are in git22:05
infinityslangasek: Last I checked, git only magically applies commits that already apply, it doesn't have AI.22:05
rbasakinfinity: I have a merge pending review/sponsorship. It's amavisd-new. Didn't manage to finish reviewing it today as it's non-trivial. Mind if I upload it tomorrow, given that the sponsoree has submitted it already? Or do we consider FF hard for sponsorees at upload time?22:05
infinityrbasak: Late and correct is better than rushing to meet a deadline.22:05
rbasakinfinity: OK, thanks.22:06
barryinfinity: i'll use that when i ffe django 1.8 to work with py3.5 ;/22:06
infinitybarry: There's nothing correct about cjango.22:06
barryyou had me at cjango22:08
slangasekinfinity: why did denneed04 just fail to find packages on the internal mirror? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pdf2djvu/0.7.21-2ubuntu1/+build/782248822:08
infinityslangasek: I have no idea.22:09
infinityThat should never happen.  Ever.22:09
* infinity scratches his head.22:09
slangasekinfinity: that's why I'm raising it to you22:10
slangasekok wow, there's an interesting architecture-dependent test failure? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/215154439/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-ppc64el.cuneiform_1.1.0%2Bdfsg-5build2_BUILDING.txt.gz22:10
infinityslangasek: Wat.  That debhelper version was overridden in the release pocket a week ago.22:10
infinityslangasek: Superseded.22:11
* infinity checks ftpmaster...22:11
infinityErr http://ftpmaster.internal wily Release22:12
infinityThat's why.22:12
slangasekoh hey, that cuneiform build has been broken since 2011. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cuneiform/+bug/79130522:12
infinityslangasek: Okay, nothing to see here, just retry the build.22:12
ubot93Launchpad bug 791305 in cuneiform (Ubuntu) "cuneiform version 1.1.0+dfsg-1 failed to build on armel" [Undecided,New]22:12
infinityslangasek: It hit the race where Releases is downloaded before the dists switch and Packages after.22:13
infinityslangasek: The race fixed in apt 1.1 with hashed Releases.22:13
* slangasek syncs apt from experimental22:13
slangasekproblem solved22:13
infinityslangasek: Hence why you had an apt source from a week ago (the one in the chroot already).22:13
infinityslangasek: I guess the error would be more obvious if I deleted /var/lib/apt/lists entirely from devel chroots.22:14
infinityI keep it in stable ones to save bandwidth/time, since the release pocket never changes.22:14
cjwatsonoh hai, the release schedule says we should stop auto-syncing now23:37
* cjwatson adds --dry-run to crontab23:37
bluesabrecjwatson: don't suppose you could add shimmer-themes back to the xubuntu packageset? It keeps getting pulled into kubuntu by a recommends in breeze23:42
cjwatsonbluesabre: can't, you need to ask somebody in ~developer-membership-board23:43
cjwatsonnot been in my wheelhouse for a couple of years23:43
bluesabrethought I'd try to grab you since I saw you, I'll bug micahg some more ;)23:44
cjwatsonanyone in https://launchpad.net/~developer-membership-board/+members should be able to sort that kind of thing out23:45
UkikieSomething cjwatson isn't in control of? :323:46
cjwatsonhey, in recent years I've been trying to decrease my load :P23:46
UkikieSo they gave you Launchpad. :)23:48
cjwatsonThat was in exchange for stopping doing other stuff :)23:50
cjwatson(Quite explicitly; I was burning out)23:51
UkikieThat's always rough.23:52

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