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adun153Hi, can any body help me? I have two nodes, both of them have the same hardware config, having SFP interfaces. Dmesg on both hardware shows that they both detect the hardware, but Node1 detects it properly as a network interface, Node2 does not. I took over administration of both these servers recently, and I just fresh installed Ubuntu 14.04.3 on Node2. Node 1 runs Ubuntu 14.04.3 as well, dist-upgraded from 12.04. Can any body point me in the r04:03
adun153ight direction?04:03
mybalzitchnode 2 doesn't pick up the SFP at all?04:07
mybalzitchor does it say no carrier04:07
adun153It doesn't pick it up as a net interface04:08
adun153it does list it out in dmesg, though04:08
mybalzitchdoes it show up in lspci ?04:08
adun153yes, it does04:09
mybalzitchdoes it show up in ifconfig -a04:09
adun153/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules only show the copper interfaces.04:09
adun153is that p1p1?04:09
adun153anyway, want me to do a paste of the output?04:09
mybalzitchpaste it to pastebin04:10
mybalzitchcan you do ethtool eth004:11
adun153It's the other copper interface. http://pastebin.com/4aiFntJg04:12
mybalzitchI shoulda noticed that on the mac addy04:13
mybalzitchdo you know the mac address of this sfp?04:14
adun153Doing "dmesg | grep -i sfp" on each  node gives me the following: http://pastebin.com/R5F4ZMYU04:14
adun153I don't.04:14
adun153ItBased on the output, I think Node2's kernel doesn't recognize the H/W as net interfaces.04:14
adun153Is this a driver issue?04:14
mybalzitchit might be04:15
mybalzitchhave you tried compiling an ixgbe driver from intel from source/04:15
adun153If yes, how do I find out which friver to install?04:15
adun153No, haven't.04:15
adun153But I 've compiled Squid before, so if it is at all easier or just about the same level of difficulty, I'm up for it.04:15
adun153Are there no packages in the main repos for it?04:15
mybalzitchabout the same level04:16
mybalzitchnot that I'm aware of04:16
adun153lspci shows this: Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection04:18
adun153Intel website for the H/W is this: http://ark.intel.com/products/41282/Intel-82599ES-10-Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller04:18
adun153I click on "Software Downloads" on the right side04:18
adun153On the new page, Linux drivers are on the 4th entry on the list04:19
adun153It's apparently the ixgbe driver.04:19
mybalzitchwe're just tryiung a new ixgbe driver04:19
adun153lsmod shows the ixgbe driver as loaded04:20
adun153oh, ok04:20
adun153I'll read the link.04:20
adun153Thanks for the advice!04:20
mybalzitchyou could also04:21
mybalzitchand it might be easier04:21
mybalzitchjust swap in a 4.1.4 kernel04:21
mybalzitchand see if it gets detected then04:21
mybalzitchexcept the url is different I think04:22
mybalzitchurl works04:22
mybalzitchit's just very odd, that they both seem to have the same part number but the other one isn't detected04:24
adun153mybalzitch: How different would this be from stock Ubuntu kernels?04:24
mybalzitchI've put that kernel in place of the stock ubuntu kernel with seemingly no ill effects04:25
mybalzitchworst case scenario is it doesn't boot, and you revert to your stock kernel04:25
mybalzitchhave you tried swapping the HW to see if the nic is defective?04:25
adun153Which do you think I should try first, new driver or new kernel?04:26
adun153No, I haven't. It's a bit tricky to do that, since all other Nodes are now in prod, and co-located in a remote DC.04:26
mybalzitchI'd try kernel first04:27
mybalzitchits the easiest04:27
mybalzitchyou do have IPMI right?04:27
adun153I do04:27
mybalzitchor iLOM204:27
mybalzitchokay good04:27
adun153okay, trying the kernel route. :)04:27
adun153GRUB should automatically boot the latest kernel, right?04:29
mybalzitchcall update-grub just to be sure04:29
mybalzitchbut I think it gets called during the install process04:29
adun153Kernel packages intalled, grub updated manually, now rebooting, keeping fingers crossed.04:30
* mybalzitch waits for smoke04:31
adun153At least I'll have something to report to the  kernel team mailing list: Installed 4.14, server fried. FIX IT!04:31
adun153mybalzitch: Negative :(   http://pastebin.com/VzQHBgNc04:36
mybalzitchcan you dmesg|grep ixgbe04:36
adun153wait, so does that mean that the p1* and p3 interfaces are the SFPs?04:37
mybalzitchlooks like it04:38
mybalzitchwhen I looked up those p2p interfaces it said they were supermicro, so I assumed they were onboard04:38
adun153I see04:38
adun153Check this out: http://pastebin.com/13tyL8LV04:39
mybalzitchthat looks like a 10g card04:39
adun153Why does it not show up in 70-persistent-net.rules though? http://pastebin.com/i6zX5WDs04:40
mybalzitchI'm not sure04:40
mybalzitchwrong mac address maybe?04:40
adun153Would it helped if I show mac addresses from Node 1's DFP?04:41
mybalzitchsee if its vastly different04:41
adun153Similar: Node 1- 00:25:90:c3:da:d6  ---- Node 2- 00:25:90:c3:cc:3a04:44
adun153mybalzitch: opinion/suggestions?04:47
mybalzitchsorry afk05:22
mybalzitchadun153: check all those p*p interfaces for one thats got a link05:22
adun153That's all right. There are no SLA's for IRC. :)              all of them are "Link Detected: no"05:23
adun153I think that I should try configuring one of them, just to see if the link will go up if I "ifup" it.05:24
adun153mybalzitch: also, I'd like to removev the 4.14 kernel, is it alright to uninstall the 4.14 packages while the 4.14 kernel is running?05:27
mybalzitchthat would be my next suggestion05:27
mybalzitchyes it is05:27
adun153I'll remove the 4.14 kernel first, reboot, then try to get the p1* interfaces working05:28
adun153mybalzitch: Got this: http://pastebin.com/QG27w5pr should I be concerned?05:31
mybalzitchyou can just link /vmlinuz and /initrd.img back to the /boot/ equivilants05:32
adun153mybalzitch: did I do the first two commands right? http://pastebin.com/D7NHvSza05:37
mybalzitchlooks good to me05:38
adun153or should I have pointed the vmlinuz symlink to the "vmlinuz-3.19.0-25-generic.efi.signed" instead? Since this is an efi system05:39
mybalzitchI'm not sure05:41
mybalzitchgrub shouldn't be using the / symlinks anyway05:41
mybalzitchit should be using /boot/..05:41
adun153anyway, it rebooted just fine, so no worries, hehe.05:48
mybalzitchadun153: any luck on bringing the interfaces up and having a link on them?05:50
adun153working on that now; if I get them to work, I'm going to rename them back to eth* :p   ---> http://www.hellovinoth.com/ubuntu-14-04-renaming-ethernet-interfaces-from-p1p1%E2%80%B3-to-eth0%E2%80%B3/05:51
adun153mybalzitch: Alright!!!! http://pastebin.com/gxWVv9XM05:55
adun153Thanks so much for helping me diagnose and troubleshoot, etc.05:55
adun153I learned a lot.05:55
mybalzitchglad we got it working05:56
mybalzitchadun153: don't forget to make the changes to the network config files so it persists between reboots05:57
adun153yes, I'll write it to 70-persistent-net.rules05:57
adun153Thanks again! :)05:57
mybalzitchI'm surprised your previous admin never fixed this, lol05:57
mybalzitchif you ahve any other fun issues, let me know05:58
adun153alright, I will05:58
adun153"fun", heh05:58
lordievaderGood morning.06:26
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Adri2000any plan to update python-openstackclient to 1.6.0 in wily?08:47
rbasakfrediz: any news on an update kimchi package please? It's feature freeze today, and I'm happy to upload with just the conffile /usr/share/doc symlink issue fixed. After today we'll need to get an exception which will be a pain.11:10
rbasak(sorry again I know it's me being backlogged that has caused this urgency)11:10
fredizrbasak: ok I was trying to sort out everything today, but that must be a bad plan :) . I've changed ln to cp , so I'm going to reupload kimchi so that you can upload and I'll deal with the rest and Gianfranco's comments after. Ok ?11:13
rbasakfrediz: sounds good. Thanks!12:18
fredizrbasak: thanks again Robie; other changes will come next week probably as I won't be able to work on that till then.12:57
rbasakfrediz: OK. BTW, "or" in copyright file as commented in the bug is wrong AFAIK. In this case, the licences are combined and have an "and" relation and I think are compatible so that's fine.12:58
rbasakIt's effectively the same as LGPL but with mandatory copyright and license notices from the other licenses included. So I think what you did in debian/copyright for that is fine.12:59
rbasakIt might be worth getting an opinion from somewhere else though.12:59
rbasak(before you change it)12:59
rbasakI am still happy to upload as-is.12:59
fredizrbasak: sure ; I'm no licensing expert *at all* and all of this as been done some time ago, so I need first to recheck files, copyright file to be able to understand :) . But I remember having got inspiration from another package already in Debian.13:01
roaksoax/win/win 913:43
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bulldawgdenhow do you make ubuntu server use IPv4 instead of IPv6?17:02
bulldawgdenI am running it in Virtualbox17:02
jrwrenbulldawgden: IETF says ipv6 should always be prefered in a dual stack configuration.17:02
jrwrenbulldawgden: you can turn off ipv617:03
bulldawgdenis it easy to turn off?17:04
RoyKbulldawgden: really, why?17:06
RoyKbulldawgden: but still, if you want to do this, first hit on google http://www.binarytides.com/disable-ipv6-ubuntu/17:07
jrwrenbulldawgden: I'm curious too, why?17:07
TJ-bulldawgden: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv417:10
RoyKimho if you've got bad hardware not doing IPv6 right, replace the hardware :P17:13
jrwrenRoyK: me too, I love my ipv6 delegated prefix :)17:13
RoyKIPv4 isn't going anyware17:13
RoyKhttps://xkcd.com/865/ :D17:13
tackyoneHello, I have run into a bit of an issue. I was doing a upgrade-manager -d command, and midway through my network connection cut out. I logged into the machine physically, but didn't see any processes still running that would indicate that the server was still upgrading, so I rebooted the machine, as I couldn't do much with the machine. After restarting the machine, it now kernel panics on bootup, and I can not access the mach17:17
tackyoneWhich I am currently in the process of making). Could someone help me get my server back on it's feet? I took a backup using fwbackups of /, so if I need to, I can restore as much as possible for the OS drive with that.17:17
linociscohi all17:18
linociscoI am going to install ubuntu server 14.04-2 64bit on existing Elastix server which is CentOS based and take up the whole HDD when installed, How can I add ubuntu server installation along side of it and make dual boot.?17:20
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SCHAAP137allright, that 13.10 to 14.04.3 server upgrade went exceptionally smooth19:02
RoyKSCHAAP137: nice19:07
JanCI still need to upgrade a 12.04 server to 14.04  :-/19:20
SCHAAP13712.04, oldschool19:21
JanCSCHAAP137: it used to be 10.04 before 12.04.01 was around  :)19:22
lordievaderJanC: Is it still running on the original hardware?19:26
RoyKJanC: I had an 8.04 server around until a few months ago :P19:26
lordievaderRoyK: We still do....19:29
* lordievader runs19:29
JanClordievader: it's a VM actually, and not on the same hardware after we moved everything to a different dedi server  :)19:33
RoyKlordievader: ouch19:33
lordievaderWe're working on a replacement, luckily.19:33
lordievaderJanC: Ah, I see.19:34
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JanC(and the reason I didn't migrate yet is that I didn't check all software on it for compatibility)19:34
RoyKlordievader: this one 8.04 machine was badly messed up - stuck at 8.04.1 and unable to upgrade until it was finally killed19:34
JanCmail server might need some configuration changes etc. (the usual stuff, I guess)19:35
lordievaderWe run qmail on it. No one knows how it works and everyone is afraid to touch it.19:35
lordievaderLike I said, we are working on a replacement.19:36
JanCdo you know what it does, at least?  :)19:36
lordievaderThat we do, that is why no one wants to touch it ;)19:36
JanCwell, it's also a lot easier to replace when you do know exactly what it does19:36
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arooni-mobilehey folks.  is there a compelling reason to move from 12.04 to 14.04 LTS?21:16
RoyKarooni-mobile: just if you need the new shit21:17
arooni-mobilei think id prefer doing that... so that way if packages work on my dev box they can work on my production server21:17
arooni-mobilewill i have to reconfigure all kinds of packages, ruby, etc, on the server21:17
arooni-mobileif moving to 14.04 lts from 12.04?21:18
tewardarooni-mobile: you *shouldn't* have to, however, take a backup of your system in its entirety on 12.04 so you can restore if it fails21:20
teward(there's an upgrade path for packages, etc.)21:20
teward(you may need to install one or two but...)21:21
arooni-mobilegood advice21:21
arooni-mobilewhat method would you recommend for taking a backup21:21
tewardexternal USB drive, flash drive with clonezilla, clone/image the entire server if possible21:21
tewardif it's a VPS, contact the host to see if they can take a backup and keep it for a few days21:22
arooni-mobileits a vps;  i'll ask them ; good thought21:23
tewardarooni-mobile: if they can't do the backup, or won't, then you may want to just not upgrade21:34
tewardor backup critical data21:34
tewardand get a list of installed packages21:34
tewardand then reinstall the VPS with 12.04 if necessary21:34
arooni-mobileim checking what i already have backed up21:34
arooni-mobilealso is there a way to make running & installing security packages an automatic part21:35
arooni-mobileautomatic task, via the command line21:35
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AEL-HIs there a way I can prevent a user for snooping in other users files, even with ls -all?22:20
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tonyyarussoAEL-H: The "execute" (x) permission is used in the case of directories for listing rights.22:51
xednivis it possible to install/use parted in the ubuntu server cd installer shell?23:11
mybalzitchparted doesn't ship with the cd?23:11
xednivnope it doesnt seem like it23:12
xednivi need to create an encrypted lvm and wish to do so manually, so i tried the shell and parted isnt there23:12
xednivthe installer has never worked well for me to create an encrypted LVM system23:12
xednivex. /boot not encrypted + LVM volume encrypted, with /, etc inside23:13
JanCxedniv: I'm pretty sure parted is on the server CD, but in any case: parted is a partitioning tool, not a volume management tool...23:36
xednivJanC: not, it is not. im not making some wild claim, heh.23:37
xedniveasy steps: grab server cd, enable expert mode, jump into shell after configuring keyboard layout, host and user.23:37
JanCit certainly was on the server images in the past23:38
xednivclassic response, no offense. well, pilgrim, im talking present time, not past tense.23:38
JanCbut like I said: it's not useful if you want to manage volumes...23:38
xedniv' i need to create an encrypted lvm and wish to do so manually, so i tried the shell and23:39
xednivand then i explicitly mentioned the manual process.23:39
xednivso, what was the part you were helping with? sure, maybe lvm utilities are there23:39
xednivbut i cant partition with those.23:39
JanCif parted isn't there, then sure fdisk or such will be there23:40
xednivfdisk doesnt like gpt23:42
JanCGNU fdisk uses libparted23:43
JanCso GPT should be fine with it23:43
JanC(and parted is a dependency of 'ubuntu-standard', so I'd be surprised if it's not on the Server image...)23:43
xednivi will check. and no man, stop insisting im pulling that claim out of my arse and go verify it already23:44
xednivim happy to tell people how to build a static parted actually23:44

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