BearzI'm trying to build a port for 'HTC evo 4g lte' and I'm a bit confused about what kernel config to edit under arch/arm/configs.00:35
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jgdxmuka, I think he was talking about wifi tether. And that does not work on mako, currently.06:12
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dhbikerhi there09:13
dhbikerjust got my MX4 in the mail :>09:13
dhbikerthey still have that Flyme print09:14
dhbikerand an apology lol09:15
guest42315silver or gold?09:15
guest42315nice :D09:15
guest42315just in time for OTA609:15
dhbikerneed to update it later09:15
guest42315probably next week09:16
dhbikercamera isn't true 20MP yet ?09:17
dhbikershoots in 1440p09:18
ogra_yeah, fixes are in the works09:18
svijknown bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/146834109:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1468341 in Canonical System Image "Camera pictures have the wrong resolution" [High,In progress]09:19
* guest42315 π–Ž π–“π–Šπ–Šπ–‰ 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉!09:20
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mandelseb128, can you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-system-settings/correct-nm-usage/+merge/268582 will ping ken to take a look too10:19
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Elleomandel: ping?11:17
mandelElleo, pong11:17
Elleomandel: heya, we're currently implementing downloads within the browser (so the browser downloads stuff internally, which can then be sent to an app later, in addition to being able to send something directly to an app); however one thing we're a bit unsure of is what to do if the browser gets closed while the download is happening11:18
Elleomandel: since as I understand it at the moment there's then no way to get alerted by download manager when it's finished, is that right?11:18
mandelElleo, ok, so lets think about it carefully, you want the browser to be closed, the download continue and if the browser gets opened to be notified if the download was done or not, is that correct?11:19
mandelElleo, what would happen if the browser is never opened?11:19
Elleomandel: yeah, much like content-hub currently does for pending transfers11:19
Elleomandel: well presumably the download would get cleaned up on the next restart, same as for content transfers11:20
Elleomandel: as things stand you can get a situation where the user hasn't even closed the browser themselves (it's just been closed by the OOM killer) and so their download is lost without any clear reason (from their perspective)11:20
mandelElleo, very well, but the transfer indicator should show that a download is being done, right?11:21
Elleomandel: yeah (although it doesn't currently due to a bug)11:21
mandelElleo, ok, we can either uses the transfer indicator or we can find a way to indicate that a download was performed. We can show an indication (something to talk with design) or I can expose a method for the browser to query the state of a download using its uuid11:22
mandelElleo, that API will return the state of the download (finished, success or in the process) and if it is in the process it can return the object path to be used to get the progress signals11:23
Elleomandel: querying the state sounds good to me, as we need to update the browser's internal download database and move the file to the ~/Downloads directory once it's done11:23
mandelElleo, ok, so we can do that without too mny changes from my side since we already keep track of the downloads in a local db for udm11:24
Elleo(or possibly other locations in the future, as the desktop version may allow the user to save anywhere)11:24
mandelElleo, and since the uuid is unique, you will have no issues11:24
mandelElleo, we should create a bug for this in udm and I'll get to it asap (not next week since  I have a sprint in London)11:25
Elleomandel: great, and I'm already storing the uuid in the browser's download database11:25
Elleomandel: awesome, I'm on holiday next week anyway, so that's all fine11:25
mandelElleo, perfect, we need to store it in both places since udm is taking care of several apps that might want to do the same at some point11:25
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Elleomandel: yeah, I'd like to use this for podbird too once we have it all ironed out for the browser :)11:26
mandelElleo, superb11:26
Elleomandel: I'll file a bug now :)11:26
mandelElleo, the browser is a good candidate to drive the feature development11:27
mandelElleo, let me know and I'll add it in asana so that the manager know about it11:27
Elleomandel: sure thing11:27
zzarrhello! I've bought a micro USB to HDMI adapter ( I checked that my phone, Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition, has hw support first)11:35
ogra_it doesnt11:35
zzarrcan I get it to work now?11:35
nhainesI'm almost certain that doesn't.11:35
zzarrogra_: how were you responding?11:36
ogra_(and even if it had, there would be no driver support)11:36
ogra_zzarr, by typing on a keyboard11:36
ogra_(funny question)11:36
zzarrwho :O11:36
zzarrI made a typo11:36
Elleomandel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-download-manager/+bug/148697111:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1486971 in ubuntu-download-manager "No mechanism to query downloads after application restart" [Undecided,New]11:37
ogra_there is no support for such stuff on the MX411:37
ogra_and even if the HW woudl support it, the driver wouldnt11:37
zzarrokey, but will there be in the future?11:41
zzarrhere it says "USB microUSB v2.0 (MHL TV-out), USB Host" http://www.gsmarena.com/meizu_mx4-6627.php11:43
zzarrwhat about OTG?11:43
ogra_that works OOTB11:44
seb128mandel, hey, I can try to have a look this afternoon, yetc11:46
mandelseb128, awesome, is an improvement in the networking code, mem leaks etc..11:46
mandelseb128, ken knows about this11:46
seb128mandel, k, the previous improvements never landed though?11:46
mandelseb128, nope, and decided to start from scratch and make sure we do not have a huge diff etc..11:47
seb128mandel, k, so maybe mark https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-system-settings/fix-network/+merge/244845 as rejected or delete it?11:47
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zzarrogra_: do you think that it's possible that the mouse pointer will be visible in window mode on the next stable?11:51
zzarr(I'm running a stable release now)11:51
ogra_could be, not sure if that fix landed for this OTA ... but latest in 6 weeks for the next one11:51
* ogra_ doesnt use a mouse on his phone :)11:52
jgdxold school11:52
zzarrwhy? it's next generation coolness ;)11:52
ogra_snappy is the next generation coolness :)11:53
ogra_who cares about UIs :)11:53
* popey adds 111:53
ogra_popey, i didnt say it will fix anything !!11:53
ogra_(indeed we all know it will :) )11:54
davmor2ogra_: I have you on record as saying snappy fixes everything11:54
ogra_davmor2, you are not alone :)11:54
jgdxopening a pdf from the web is a suboptimal ux, do we have a bug for that?11:55
popeyalan@bishop:~$ grep snappy irclogs/freenode/#ubuntu-touch.log | grep ogra | grep fix | wc -l11:56
popeyI honestly expected more.11:56
popeyjgdx: what's up?11:57
jgdxpopey, first I get "Γ…pne med (Open with)", I choose docviewer. Then I get "Downloaded. Γ…pne (Open)". Then, in docviewer, I have to press "Open" again, meaning I've mentally opened the document three times.11:58
jgdxso s/suboptimal/horrible12:00
popeywe have discussed this in the past a few times.12:01
popeyI think we have a bug for it.12:01
jgdxpopey, any idea what project that was filed against?12:01
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zzarrwell to be fair, what would you do without a ui ogra_?12:02
ogra_zzarr, run the internet :)12:02
popeyjgdx: docviewer12:02
ogra_has been done before :)12:02
popeyjgdx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docviewer-app/+bug/146942212:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1469422 in Ubuntu Document Viewer App "[Doc Viewer] Opening a file from content-hub should open the file or the notfication timeout should be increased" [Medium,Triaged]12:03
jgdxpopey, so docviewer is only part of the problem.12:04
popeyjgdx: sure, but it's the bit I care about, speak to mardy and Elleo about the download part :)12:04
jgdxpopey, I'll just file a bug first. :) And thanks12:04
jgdxboring lectures puts me in dogfood mode12:06
GAM002link to list of devices which support ubuntu and are in development12:25
popey!devices | GAM00212:26
ubot5GAM002: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:26
GAM002thanks you12:28
GAM002thank you12:28
kenvandinemhall119, why does d.u.c still list 15.04 sdk as current development?12:29
kenvandineshouldn't that be 15.10?12:29
seb128jgdx, kenvandine, I though that I saw a hotspot "new design" changeset but can't find it now, did that land?12:29
kenvandineseb128, yes it did!12:29
seb128on vivid?12:29
kenvandineyou can't see it on your device?12:30
seb128not sure what is in it12:30
seb128I though it would fix bug #148470312:30
ubot5bug 1484703 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "hostspot "show password" uses a switch instead of a checkbox" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148470312:30
seb128but that's not fixed on rc-proposed12:30
kenvandineit's now on the main grid12:30
seb128yeah, I've it12:30
seb128the panel just looks like the version I tested a week ago12:31
kenvandinethat might not be include12:31
seb128I though jgdx had an UI refresh lined up as well12:31
kenvandinethis is it12:31
kenvandinethe actual setup screen isn't much different12:31
seb128k, so that doesn't include the fix for that bug ^12:31
kenvandinebut it was moved to the main grid, instead of under cellular12:31
seb128you guys just approved/landed before I could try the new UI12:32
seb128the CI had failed on the mp because of the new depends12:32
seb128so there was no handy deb12:32
kenvandineyeah, i know12:32
kenvandinewe had it in a silo for a week though :)12:32
seb128oh well, I guess we are going to need another change then12:32
kenvandinealso note... now there is a toggle in the indicator12:32
seb128I just assumed whoever was going to approve would compare to the design12:32
seb128and block on obvious little things like that12:32
kenvandinepart of that setup screen was intentionally not done, because we don't support it12:34
kenvandinethe spec calls for the pass to be optional12:34
seb128well that bug I just mentioned as the wrong widget being use12:34
kenvandinewhich would create an insecure hotspot12:34
seb128so there is no reason to not fix it12:34
kenvandinebut this could have still been changed12:34
seb128or to diverge from the design12:34
seb128it's basically Switch -> CheckBox12:35
seb128we should really validate the screens against the design before approving them12:35
seb128please you guys don't approve any of the new panels before I have a look :p12:36
seb128trying to do that today12:36
kenvandinesorry i missed that12:36
seb128no worry12:36
kenvandinei did look at the design... i just missed the checkbox thing12:36
jgdxseb128, timing man, we had a call for testing months ago :p12:38
seb128kenvandine, there is also "Setup" vs "Set Up"12:38
seb128kenvandine, and "hotspot" vs "Hotspot"12:38
kenvandineshould be Hotspot... not sure i agree with Set Up12:39
kenvandinei think Setup is more correct, but i'm no english major12:39
seb128well then somebody should open a design bug ;-)12:40
kenvandinegrrr... my mir fix didn't fix the touchpad support!12:41
seb128kenvandine, jgdx, also the wiki has "Starting the hotspot will turn on Wi-Fi.”.  as text and the dialog seems to have "In order to create a hotspot, you need to turn Wi-Fi on"12:42
jgdxseb128, okay12:43
seb128jgdx, kenvandine, I can do a mp with the ui tweak12:43
seb128jgdx, I just though you said a week ago you were working on a "design refresh"12:44
seb128and that I saw a mp email passing by while I was at debconf12:44
jgdxseb128, you're looking at it (rc proposed)12:44
seb128but I think I deleted it and I can't find it up for review12:44
seb128no worry, I'm going to do an easy tweaks follow up then12:44
kenvandinei don't think it automatically turns on wifi12:44
kenvandineyou have to choose to turn on wifi12:45
kenvandineat least for now12:45
seb128we just misunderstood each others, I though you said your refresh would fix the checkbox/switch thing12:45
jgdxseb128, let's try to kill more birds per stone here. The whole key -> password story hinges on allowing insecure hotspots, which the backend does not currently support. We could support that and put the whole thing very close to spec.12:45
zzarrogra_: when is the next stable release?12:45
seb128kenvandine, k, I'm just going to file that as a design/feature gap then12:45
kenvandineso i think that text is more appropriate until we don't have to prompt12:45
ogra_zzarr, it was scheduled for next week iirc ...12:46
kenvandinejgdx, but we shouldn't block fixing the checkbox on the backend support insecure hotspots12:46
ogra_the images are in final testing already ... but looking at seb128 and kenvandine above we might get a re-spin, so it might take longer :)12:47
kenvandinewe can do that in 2 steps12:47
kenvandineogra_, i don't think any of these are critical12:47
seb128ogra_, lol12:47
kenvandineminor ui tweaks :)12:47
seb128yeah, those are details12:47
kenvandineota7 :)12:47
jgdxkenvandine, if anything, the insecure hotspots feature should come before the checkbox thing, right?12:48
ogra_bah, why can gnomes disk management tool not resize partitions :/12:48
ogra_it replaces gparted for everything for me ... just not that :/12:49
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kenvandinejgdx, no... the checkbox fix is simple, the insecure hotspots is blocking on other components right?12:51
zzarrthanks :)12:52
jgdxkenvandine, just the connectivity api code that used to be in USS12:52
kenvandinejgdx, and done we need mpt's updated spec to make it more strongly prefer secure vs. insecure?12:53
kenvandineor did he update it already?12:53
jgdxkenvandine, Femma updated that12:53
greybackkenvandine: hey I added that branch for your touchpad to silo012:54
kenvandinegreyback, yeah, i noticed, thanks!12:54
kenvandinegreyback, but it didn't fix my pointer :/12:54
kenvandinebut it's not any worse12:54
greybackah boo12:55
kenvandinefrom what i can tell...12:55
kenvandinei think it's a proper fix anyway12:55
kenvandinea touchpad should be a pointer :)12:55
kenvandinei couldn't find any other obvious things like that...12:56
kenvandinegreyback, thanks for building it in the silo, i couldn't get a build of the thing to test :)12:56
greybackkenvandine: no worries12:57
kenvandinegreyback, what's interesting is RAOF said his magic trackpad works as a pointer in mir_demo_server12:59
kenvandinegreyback, which makes me think maybe it's not a mir problem... but something else in the stack13:00
greybackkenvandine: then it's our cursor implementation in qtmir at fault13:00
kenvandinethat's what i was thinking13:00
kenvandinedo you have similar enums like that for input types ?13:00
greybackI'm not totally happy with it, so dunno if we'll put effort into bugfixing13:00
greybackkenvandine: no, I think it just listens for mouse input events, and positions cursor where it wants. It may be we're not listening for the right mouse events?13:01
greybackor does your trackpad offer relative mouse events13:02
greybackas those are the ones we're listening to, not the absolute position coords in hte mouse event13:02
kenvandinei would think it's the same as a mouse13:02
kenvandinegreyback, could it be something in the qpa?13:04
greybackkenvandine: it's the qpa plugin in qtmir which instructs unity8 where to position the cursor.13:05
kenvandineoh, qtmir provides the qpa plugin?13:05
greybackkenvandine: it provides *a* qpa plugin13:06
greybackqtubuntu is the qpa plugin for mir clients13:06
greybackqtmir contains a qpa plugin for Qt to be a mir server13:06
kenvandinei was thinking what if it wasn't getting the position changes13:06
kenvandinecould it be qtubuntu?13:06
greybackit's qtmir13:07
mptkenvandine, working on it now13:07
dhbikerUSB MTP isn't the most reliable thing eh ?13:08
SutterHi to someone!13:10
dhbikeroh... 2015060213:10
SutterI have one problem with Ubuntu and Meizu mx413:10
SutterI am italian boy and my bearer is TIM - telecom italian mobile13:11
SutterSo My phone don't work 3g and 4g13:12
SutterIt works only with E and H..13:12
SutterI can do something?13:12
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jgdxSutter, H is 3G13:17
jgdxSutter, what does TIM say about 4G? Do you need any special configuration?13:18
dhbikersays H here but it works quite quickly... almost too quick for 3G :D13:19
jgdxdhbiker, excactly. It's an improvement over 3g on the 3g network, called hspa.13:20
kenvandinegreyback, is there a way to enable more debug logging in qtmir?13:20
greybackkenvandine: yeah, I think if you set the env var: QT_LOGGING_RULES="qtmir.mir.input.*=true" - you should get more input related logging13:23
dhbikerjgdx yep i know that :D13:23
kenvandinegreyback, and where do the logs go?13:23
kenvandineto the shell?13:24
greybackkenvandine: unity8.log13:24
SutterWait that I must translate..;)13:29
SutterIt's true?? H is 3g ??Nope nothing about speciial configuration...13:32
TeaAll these years and I had no idea H was actually 3G....13:33
TeaI thought it was "your phone is too crap to get 3G here"13:33
TeaWhich made me ask what all the fuss with 3G was because it was fairly snappy on H13:33
jgdxSutter, System Settings -> Cellular -> Check that 4G is ON.13:35
SutterYep.. is on!13:35
kenvandinegreyback, should i see some log output that starts with qtmir.mir.input ?13:35
jgdxSutter, you are in a area with 4g coverage?13:38
dobeyTea: H is not 3G13:38
SutterSo.. the phone is fast...sincerely... so I missed only the 4g..uummm13:38
SutterYes... first I had Nexus 5 with the same Sim card and 4g'll work..13:39
dobeykenvandine: that would be H+13:39
Teadobey: okay i'll go back to wondering what all the fuss is about then13:39
kenvandinei don't think we differentiate13:39
kenvandinemy arale shows an H when on hspa+13:39
dobeykenvandine: well either the icons are wrong, or something weird is going on, because every time i've been on 'H' it's been slower than when on '3G'13:41
jgdxdobey, okay, could you give me a source on that? I want to be informed here, since wikipedia may be wrong13:42
greybackdandrader: did I get that env var right, to enable more input logging in qtmir: QT_LOGGING_RULES="qtmir.mir.input.*=true" - or are they already enabled?13:42
kenvandinedobey, and i thought hspa was 3g and hspa+ was 3.5g13:43
dobeyjgdx: i think wikipedia is probably right, but my experience is that on android and ubuntu, the speeds don't match what they should be13:43
zzarrogra_: I want the functionality I wrote about a time ago, the possibility to make and answer phone calls on a computer in the same LAN as my phone (and speak), something like a remote for the phone app and contacts app13:43
SutterOK now i must go... tnx friends...I come back if I'll get some news..tnxk again!13:44
dobeykenvandine: 3g is 3g, hspa is either HSDPA or HSUPA, and hspa+ is hspa+13:44
kenvandinelast i checked with speedof.me i was getting nearly 30 megs on H13:44
dobeykenvandine: i think we need an H+ icon to distinguish it from the slower asymeetric HS{UD}PA speeds13:44
dandradergreyback, to be honest it's usually a struggle for me to get those logging filter rules to do what I want13:44
zzarris there a possibility for me to develop that functionality my self?13:44
zzarr(I work as a programmer in Qt Creator)13:45
dobeykenvandine: hmm, i've never had any luck with speedof.me13:45
dandradergreyback, it might work13:45
kenvandinedandrader, yeah... i'm not seeing anything logged that looks input related13:45
dandradergreyback, although "qtmir.mir.input.debug=true" might be safer13:45
* kenvandine tries that13:45
dobeyzzarr: it's certainly possible to develop it, but doing so is going to require a deep amount of hacking across the system, not just in a single app13:46
dandraderkenvandine, with upstart, I'm never sure whether unity8 picked up the env var or not13:46
greybackdandrader: kenvandine: yeah that works13:46
dandraderkenvandine, and if you add more then one log filter rule, you have to separate them with \n13:46
kenvandinei tried setting it with initctl and restarting unity813:46
kenvandinethen i tried adding it to /etc/environment and rebooting :)13:46
greybackor this: initctl set-env --global QT_LOGGING_RULES="qtmir.mir.*=true"13:46
dandraderkenvandine, as if you were writing an .ini file13:46
greybackthen stop unity8, start unity813:47
dandraderI learned it the hard way13:47
kenvandinegreyback, yeah, that's what i did first13:47
dobeykenvandine: anyway, H and 3G are definitely not the same level of data connection13:47
kenvandinedobey, i'm just saying i'm pretty sure we display an H icon when on hspa+13:47
dobeykenvandine: if we do, i think that's a bug. we should definitely show H+ instead13:47
dandradergreyback, kenvandine, when despair takes over I just add it straight into /usr/share/upstart/sessions/unity8.conf  :)13:48
kenvandinedandrader, ah... that's much better!13:48
kenvandinegreyback, only events i see logged are MirTouchInputEvent13:49
kenvandinenothing from the touchpad13:49
kenvandineor even from the mouse13:50
kenvandineand the mouse is working fine13:50
dandraderkenvandine, for what it's worth, my touchpad doesn't work with mir13:50
kenvandinedandrader, what kind?13:50
kenvandinealso... to pair it on the device, you need my branch of system-settings :)13:50
dandraderkenvandine, I don't know. but it's a lenovo yoga 2 laptop13:50
kenvandinenot on a device13:51
kenvandinewe need touchpads to work :)13:51
kenvandinedandrader, i'm adding the settings panel to configure them13:51
kenvandinei thought i'd get MirPointerEvent logged13:52
kenvandinenot just MirTouchEvent13:52
kenvandinebut the MirPointerEvent is moving the pointer with the mouse13:52
dandraderkenvandine, maybe we just didn't add logging for pointer events in qtmir13:52
kenvandinemaybe we lack debug output where i need it :/13:52
dandraderkenvandine, yeah. just checked. in qtmir we log only touch events. key and mouse events go through silently :/13:54
kenvandinedandrader, greyback: could we add that in silo0?13:54
greybackkenvandine: we could, but we need to decide if the mouse approach in silo0 is the one we'll actually use. WE're having that discussion next week13:55
kenvandinegreyback, ok... how's the work implementing the settings stuff we need?13:56
kenvandineor is that pending the discussion next week?13:56
greybackkenvandine: all depends on how we decide to implement13:57
kenvandinegreyback, i'm almost done with the settings panel for it :)13:57
kenvandinejust writing tests now13:57
greybackkenvandine: good for you :)13:58
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jgdxbfiller, do you have a sim pin on the sim in your arale?14:18
bfillerjgdx: yes14:18
bfillerjgdx: actually no14:19
bfillerno pin14:19
jgdxbfiller, okay.14:19
faenilgreyback: we don't have a px independent metric, do we? something that translates to the same physical size on all devices. GU and dp is certainly not14:20
greybackfaenil: pixels are available. Are you using Qt?14:21
faenilpx independent :D14:21
greybackfaenil: ah, misread14:21
greybackfaenil: that is roughly what GU is for14:22
faenilexcept tablets all have 90GUs and different screen size :D14:22
faenil(same applies to phone, etc)14:22
greybackfaenil: this 90GU thing isn't what GU was designed for initially14:22
faenilgreyback: sure, but that still means 1GU can't translate to a unique physical size14:23
greybackthe intention was if you have 2 devices with different screen pixel densities, with a box 1GU x 1 GU, the box would appear roughly the same size14:24
greybackwe don't have cm, mm units, if that's what you're asking14:25
greybackyou may be able to calculate close-to physical sizes by getting the DPI of the screen, which may be accurate, and calculate the number of pixels per physical unit14:26
greybackbut not every device correctly advertises its physical size, for the DPI to be calculated14:27
faenilgreyback: exactly, your last line is why I was looking for something provided by the platform14:28
seb128how does one "ignore silent mode"? is there a special audio role to use?14:28
seb128rsalveti, ^ (sorry, unsure who to ask about sound questions)14:29
greybackfaenil: we can't provide such a thing reliably, so we don't. We were going to provide GU, which would help enforce visual consistency, but that notion is being screwd with, so now have nothing14:29
faenilgreyback: doesn't android provide dp?14:30
faenil(longer version: maybe we could do what android does? if Android can get the dp, we should be able as well)14:31
faenilthey use mdpi and hdpi etc14:32
faenilso I think the computation isn't that correct in their case either14:32
greybackfaenil: we have GU and DP in our SDK. They were designed to be equivalent to android's DiP14:33
faenilyeah dp is just 1/8's GU, isn't it14:33
faenilso it's actually the same thing14:33
greybackfaenil: not at low values14:33
faenilreally? what's the definition?14:33
faenilok, I should go read the doc again14:34
greybackfaenil: why are you asking me this? It's not my work?14:34
greybackfaenil: Kaleo was the author, and the SDK guys own it14:34
faenilgreyback: sorry, I just thought, since you work with graphics, that it'd be your stuff14:34
faenilno worries, sorry14:34
tshirtmanandroid uses a file that contains the screen's dpi, this is provided by constructor, and can be changed if you are root, that's the only point of reference that can be used by the OS to calculate physical sizes14:35
faeniltshirtman: so we do have that value, as long as we're basing on libhybris, right?14:36
greybackfaenil: I've told you the original design intention of GU, which is to deliver what you want. Unfortunately this 40/50/90 thing totally screws with that. As a result, your perfectly reasonable request has become incredibly awkward to answer14:36
faenilgreyback: no worries mate :)14:36
tshirtmanfaenil: i think that's what greyback meant by saying it *may* be accurate, if that initial value is not, nothing can be done14:39
faeniltshirtman: well yeah, in cases where not even Android is accurate, I guess it's ok to fail14:39
jgdxbfiller, while I'm testing here, anything else you can tell me? I'm currently flashing -> hotspot ON -> going to cellular panel to see if it spins.14:39
faenilsince we're the small fishes anyway14:40
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jgdxbfiller, if you got the chance maybe pm syslog and output of /usr/share/ofono/scripts/list-modems14:40
bfillerjgdx: flash, then turn on hotspot and set the password, then for me cellular indicator went away, cellular panel spins and dialer reports No Network14:41
bfillerjgdx: actually, after turning on hotspot I then connected from a client14:41
bfillerand couldn't browse, which was when I did the other steps14:42
jgdxbfiller, okay, real fine. I'll try that.14:42
jgdxhuh, now my nm-applet died. heh14:42
jgdxpete-woods1, hey, have you seen the indicator dying lately, when testing hotspots on arale?14:43
pete-woods1jgdx: I haven't14:43
pete-woods1nm-applet != network-indicator, though14:43
jgdxpete-woods1, yeah, that was an aside :p14:44
mandelkenvandine, did you see the small MR I made with the nerwork fixes, I want to go step by step14:51
mandelkenvandine, that one removes a lot of mem leaks, we will move from there14:51
kenvandinemandel, not yet, but i'll look14:53
mandelkenvandine, awesome, the use of the QScopedPointer + the deleteLater fixes a lot of issues14:54
kenvandinemandel, so is that in place of fix-network ?14:55
kenvandinei suspect this will conflict14:55
kenvandinemandel, i've confirmed your branch does find updates and properly install them :)14:59
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knivstaWho has E5 here?15:03
knivstais it a nice phone?15:03
rbasakAre requested platform features tracked anywhere?15:22
faenilrbasak: in the corresponding package bugs list I'd say15:24
rbasakNo master list?15:25
rbasakMaybe a bug tag?15:25
faenilyou could use the project "ubuntu-ux" for that15:25
rbasakIt's not really UX though.15:25
faenilthen I don't know :) there may be another project, like ubuntu-phone15:25
rbasakFor example, I'd like scheduled notifications (rather than depending on an external push server to work around)15:25
faenilI don't remember all :)15:26
robin-heroDanChapman: Hi! I know I bother you many times because of this. But when will the next dekko version arrive? Because I have a very frustrating bug (the app closes itself many times), and I see you fixed this issue. :)15:53
popeyrbasak: there is a master list we track.15:56
popeyrbasak: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image15:56
popeywhich has milestones15:57
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rbasakpopey: thanks. Any thing narrower than that though? Specifically for platform features? I don't want to duplicate requests. Maybe a platform roadmap?16:02
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Kaleofaenil, we can talk about it, no problem, just not now because I'm in the middle of release critical bugs16:53
faenilKaleo: no worries ;)16:53
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Nexus5just installed Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 5. Looking for an answer on if/how the ring volume can be fixed. It currently doesn't ring, just vibrates.18:21
Teaboo - screwing around with xmir, fluxbox (and also scummvm) are getting denied by apparmor19:31
Teacan i tell apparmor to gtfo somehow?19:32
Teaoh wait - it's launching via .desktop but crashing right away, heh19:33
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dhbikeri'm surprised noone made flashlight app yet20:26
svijdhbiker: this? https://uappexplorer.com/app/com.ubuntu.developer.majster-pl.utorch20:29
TeaWell screwed around. Got fluxbox running in xmir with scummvm going too, but had some weird glitch so scummvm was unusable20:32
TeaIt was appearing all ghostly like behind the main app screen20:32
dobeyi don't know if i'd call utorch a flashlight app20:41
dobeywould be better if something could just toggle the flash LED to max brightness and keep it on, to get a flashlight20:42
dobeyie, how it works on android20:42
dobeyTea: you're trying to run fluxbox on the phone, or you're trying to get a local session on your PC working with fluxbox under mir?20:43
Teadobey: On the phone - it is running, it's just glitchy. And I had to use an Xmir bin from wily20:44
dobeyTea: http://askubuntu.com/questions/620740/how-to-install-regularcli-deb-packages-on-bq-aquaris-e4-5-ubuntu-edition/623311#62331120:44
Teadobey: I don't think running it in a chroot would be any different tbh20:45
dobeyTea: well it won't disappear when you upgrade the system image, and it keeps the root fs readonly and upgradeable, to do everything in a chroot20:46
dobeynot that i would suggest running fluxbox in a phone at all, of course :)20:46
Teadobey: I uninstalled it all and went back to ro anyway20:46
TeaI got it running, observed it didn't work, moved on20:46
TeaNext time I screw around I'll go with a chroot though. Safer and I have a big enough sd card for all that, won't risk anything20:46
dobeyright, that's why the answer to "how do i install foo.deb on a phone?" is "use a chroot." :)20:47
TeaYeah I get that but20:47
TeaJust didn't do it in THIS instance20:47
TeaI'm an Arch user and thus reckless as hell. Getting a phone with fully exposed Linux was a terrible idea :D20:48
TeaI should just reflash Android to save me from myself20:48
TeaCan I have a .desktop file launch a thing which invokes root somehow? ie asks for a password like gksu does? Would like a shortcut to start/stop the SSH server21:51
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hasan2Hello friends!22:09
hasan2I can't wait for OTA 6 :D22:09
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maggotshow do i turn off resolution scaling for a qml rectangle?23:12
maggotsit displays and adapts perfect on the desktop build but scales on the mx423:12
maggotsfunnily enough text dosent scale and that what i want23:13
maggotstrying to make a ruler application and scaling is an issue23:14
maggotsneed help23:26
maggotswith scaling issue23:26
maggotswhats the folder on the phone i need to reference in order to call a qml image?23:36
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