diddledanaha, win10 is done upgrading00:06
* popey looks at Myrtti and Myrtti__2 and Myrtti__3 and Myrtti__4 as well as Myrtti__1 and Myrtti___ 00:12
diddledanpopey: manymyrrti!00:12
zmoylan-pisome one got their cloning research finished :-)00:23
m0nkey_So that's why she went to California.00:27
m0nkey_Cloning experiments00:28
* zmoylan-pi hums stop the Myrtti 00:59
daftykinsnot the best of examples for a staffer to give :P01:01
zmoylan-pithey've raised a large enough myrtti army and are now out terrorising the city01:20
zmoylan-pior at least those parts of it that have moomins :-)01:21
m0nkey_anyone know of a good syslog viewer.. specifically web based?02:37
MartijnVdSm0nkey_: logstash/kibana? (java alert)04:38
knightwisemorning everyone04:53
* knightwise just switched to Gnome Shell on his XPS13.05:06
mapshi all05:23
mapsjust home from work:D05:23
knightwisehey maps05:24
knightwiseso , been fun cleaning the batmobile ? (obviously that is the only job you can do at night)05:24
knightwiseor you ARE batman05:24
mapswork for a gambling company05:27
mapsnot batman05:27
knightwisemaintenance night ?05:28
mapstrading dept05:28
knightwisecool . But that explains why you are such a nocturnal creature then :)05:35
corenominalGood morning :)06:50
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MooDoomorning all07:04
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:39
MooDoohowdy brobostigon09:00
brobostigonhi MooDoo09:04
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:42
davmor2Morning bigcalm10:07
davmor2MooDoo: me owld mucka bit of bon jovi today10:08
MooDoodavmor2: nice10:11
davmor2MooDoo: it was the mouth harp part of the beginning of blaze of glory that was stuck, just cycling over and over in my head :)10:12
davmor2Now this is a caravan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuAx-QAoSEU10:42
shaunoscreen-scraping some of the ugliest html I've ever seen,  $deity preserve me :/10:57
awilkinsGet the regex out!11:02
awilkinsYou'll hate it, but it will distract you from how much you hate the HTML11:02
awilkinsAn instance where two problems is better than one11:02
awilkinsI have a new fondness for jQuery for that kind of thing TBH11:02
* popey hugs beautiful soup11:03
popeybeen very handy when I needed to scrape11:03
awilkinsJust from it's wikipedia page it looks a bit like how I think of jQuery, possibly11:06
awilkinsHad to do some *horrible* scraping recently11:06
awilkinsPages had a bunch of expanda-blocks that were populated at expand-time using an API call11:07
awilkinsWrote a greasemonkey script that jQueried all the expandablocks and did the API calls for them, logged it to the SQLite database it uses for user persistence11:08
awilkinsThen wrote a script to automate loading all the pages and a script to make the JSON responses into a CSV11:08
knightwiseanyone know anything about W7 partition tables ?13:08
KrisDouglasknightwise, what's the issue?13:15
directhexknightwise: ?14:49
davmor2DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY-O,  DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY-O, daylight come and me wanna go home15:04
* zmoylan-pi hands davmor2 a banana15:17
daftykinsi see the myrttis are carrying on :P16:00
zmoylan-pi♪ daylight come and she wanna log in... ♫16:02
* diddledan wanders in16:09
daftykinsoh, it's you!16:09
diddledanit is?16:10
diddledanget out!16:10
daftykinswell i thought i'd better look at the income tax return online site16:10
daftykinsand sure enough no idea what the login details are, so i guess that's another year waiting for them to be posted (no really)16:10
diddledanoh dear :-(16:10
diddledanthe british use a random number for the self-assessment login16:11
diddledani.e. you have to know the random number AND your complex password16:11
diddledanyou can't replace the number with something like a nickname16:11
daftykinsMyrtti: sort out your connection for the love of Tux!16:11
diddledanso my login id is something like 1234567890 and my password16:12
daftykinsapparently i have a 'memorable word'16:12
diddledanno way am I remembering that number16:12
zmoylan-piis it the name of that place in wales with longest name and the entry field only takes 20 characters? :-)16:13
daftykinshe speaks their tongue!16:13
diddledanI can say a fairly good rendition of it too16:14
zmoylan-pior the random number is iota and you're trying to work out how to put sqr(-1) into a numbers only box?16:14
daftykinsholy moly i'm in!16:22
diddledanOMG J00 HAXX0R16:23
zmoylan-pithat or it's a fake site looking to collect his info...16:24
diddledanzmoylan-pi: be honest, you seek those out to give the crooks duff-gen (bad info)16:24
* zmoylan-pi signs diddledan up to a bunch of ashley madison related sites... :-)16:25
diddledanmeh, I'm already there :-p16:26
daftykinstake that, gibson16:26
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daftykinsmother kins would like to know how one obtains a # on a mac? :S17:23
daftykinscertainly that horrid little fellow doesn't give it up o017:24
daftykinso rly17:24
daftykinsi have passed that on, ty sir17:26
daftykinsthough she called it 'hashtag' so i'm still cringing17:26
diddledanat least it's not a "poundtag"17:32
diddledanif the americans had named it then that's what they'd have called it (when used how twitter uses it)17:33
daftykinsindeed, i was just ribbing the americans about that17:33
diddledanthis looks awesome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yzo-QwwWjk17:45
daftykinshmm don't know anything about them folk18:00
diddledanhttp://www.windowscentral.com/google-working-fix-chrome-crashes-windows-10 yey ms broke sh....t18:20
neurofloofen haffen18:24
diddledanohdear: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-3400785918:24
neuroi have rediscovered IRC on the Mac ... be afraid18:25
shaunohm, javascript anyone? ;)  how do I reference an object's member by a variable?  like I want to do something.$id=, so if $id was 'bob' I'd be hitting something.bob18:26
diddledanshauno: use array notation18:26
neuroor don't use javascript at all18:27
shaunoif not using javascript was an option, my day would have gone much, much better :)18:27
diddledanor even in your case object[id]18:27
shaunowoah, that actually works18:28
diddledansomething[id] == something.bob when id=bob18:28
shaunoI actually ditched arrays because I couldn't figure out how to push arrays with a key->value mess18:28
shaunobut pretending an object is still an array seems to work.  this language is designed to hurt18:29
neurowhich was kinda my point ;)18:29
diddledanarrays and objects are essentially the same thing in javascript18:30
neurothey're both evil18:31
diddledanI discovered coffeescript outputs really nice code yesterday18:31
davmor2diddledan: Liar18:32
* neuro wanders off to find sustenance18:32
davmor2diddledan: if you'd of said distinctly average I could of believed you ;)18:32
diddledanI kinda think this is really quite elegant: https://github.com/diddledan/circ/blob/native-tls/package/bin/net/ssl_socket.js18:35
popeyhello neuro18:39
* diddledan neurolises everyone18:39
diddledantime to watch mr robot18:54
daftykinsdomo arigato18:57
neuroevenin mr popey19:01
popeyhows tricks?19:01
neuronot bad19:01
neurocurrently on a forced vacation19:01
neuroas in "you have 25 days to take before the end of the year, TAKE HOLIDAYS!"19:01
neurototally forgot to take any days off this year19:02
diddledanneuro: that's crazy19:02
neuroi know, right?19:02
neuroi'm loving my job though19:03
diddledanneuro: surely they'd prefer you actually earnt them money19:03
neuroyou'd rather work for a company that didn't care if you took time off or not?19:03
diddledanit's a fine line19:04
Pendulumneuro: do they need to pay you the vacation time at the end of the year if you don't take it?19:04
neuroi can carry 5 days19:04
neuroi'd lose the rest19:04
diddledanthis is getting silly: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/aug/20/google-ordered-to-remove-links-to-stories-about-right-to-be-forgotten-removals19:51
zmoylan-piwe should build a monument or paint a list of the urls and see if they try and censor art :-)19:52
diddledanI don't get how something that is on public record is allowed to be censured19:53
zmoylan-piwe do allow injunctions to keep things out of the media.  uk also has super injunctions which are legendary for their tell no one anything19:54
diddledanI mean what if I specifically wanted to find out about said person's criminal conviction?19:55
diddledanI can't because it's hidden19:55
zmoylan-pithen if it's covered by the injunction you lose some info19:55
diddledanyeah but these right to be forgotten requests aren't being superinjuncted19:55
zmoylan-piunless of course you have a mate in the know who supplies the info under the table19:56
diddledanit's about random person in the street who I want to find out what the crime was they alluded to in conversation19:56
diddledanthey've previously filed a right to be forgotten and so I can't find out about it19:56
diddledanbut the right to be forgotten isn't stripping the public records available at county records offices19:57
zmoylan-piit's getting to the point you'll need to pull down a yearly wikipedia, plus news articles of home country just to have an untampered local record19:57
diddledanso I can go there and find out anyway19:57
mapsoff to pizza express19:59
mapsnever been before19:59
mapsbetter or worse than dominos?19:59
directhexmaps: much better19:59
diddledangotta love network gear: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-CdrKLotRRCM/VdXwUo6X5II/AAAAAAAAD3A/jUzE40ev1rk/s1600/171351.jpg20:03
directhexdiddledan: ooh, a fancy router!20:10
zmoylan-piis that the one with the fingerprint reader? :-)20:14
* neuro pokes at php things with sticks20:16
neuroit's like a love-hate relationship20:19
neuroi know it's evil, but it's the easiest thing i know to use to lash websites together20:20
neurosince i'm not actually a dev by trade20:20
diddledanneuro: use a cms :-p20:21
neurotoo much hassle20:21
neuroit's a simple site, just list a bunch of software, give some info about it, and do some download links20:21
neuroi'd spend weeks trying to get wp or similar to do the same thing20:22
neuroand don't get me started on drupal20:22
diddledanwell yeah, drupal is a pig20:22
neurowe use it at $work20:23
diddledanwordpress however I lurve20:23
directhex<3 wordpress20:23
neuroi like it too, i use it for my blog (which i put a lovely new theme on a cpl weeks ago) but it's too heavy for this thing i'm doing just now20:23
zmoylan-piand it NEVER has security problems... :-P20:26
directhexzmoylan-pi: it has known, patched security problems. how many security issues are there in $obscure or "homegrown CMS?20:28
m6lpiOr lack of coffee20:31
diddledanor maybe just giving up on life?20:33
directhexall of the above!20:36
diddledana programmer's horror movie character? https://instagram.com/p/6nopsvj2Vg/20:54
zmoylan-pithis goes out to those that want to save a few bob on electrician... :-) http://img.pr0gramm.com/2014/06/17/8eacd433a8e24de5.jpg20:57
diddledanlol @ the a-v alert21:05
zmoylan-piinstalled by rick o'shea :-)21:09
neuromy watch wants me to stand up21:50
diddledanyour watch is fruity?21:50
shaunoheh, that always makes me chuckle too.  especially when it celebrates that I took enough smoke breaks21:50
diddledanI like that supposedly in apple board meetings suddenly everyone stands up21:51
neuroat different times21:51
neuroin order21:51
neurolike a slow, unfun mexican wave21:51
daftykinslots of "aaaaaaah" going on21:52
zmoylan-piwhat if someone fly in from different time zone? :-)21:52
neuroi don't mind it so much, but you'd think that when going 70mph, it wouldn't hassle you21:52
daftykinszmoylan-pi: they're still at the airport setting the time21:53
neuro"oh thanks, watch, let me just stand up INSIDE MY CAR WHILE I'M DRIVING IT"21:53
neurodaftykins: time is set from the phone, which is set from the network21:53
zmoylan-pihonestly officer, i had to stand on my seat with head out sun roof and foot on steering wheel...21:53
daftykinsi'm joking :)21:55
neuroi know21:55
neuroit was a crap joke ;)21:55
daftykinswhat if the phone is off to comply with flight regs!21:55
zmoylan-piwhat if they're a clueless user who set phone up wrong?21:56
daftykinswhich is pretty likely21:56
shaunoyou turn the phone on when you land, it finds a network and bam.  it's not complex :p21:57
neurodaftykins: interesting point, i assume there's a quartz timer inside to keep time while offnet21:57
neurozmoylan-pi: there's not much to go wrong21:57
neurothe watch talks to the phone over bluetooth-le21:57
* zmoylan-pi suspects neuro hasn't worked tech support...21:57
shaunoapple's seems to use wifi too, which surprised me21:57
neuroit gets time from (as i understand it) NTP, cellular and GPS/GLONASS time sync21:57
neurozmoylan-pi: wut? try me21:58
zmoylan-pimy printer isn't printing... what's wrong neuro?21:58
diddledanI recall someone moaning that they said in the keynote that it will be accurate to within x of a second - the person didn't seem to grok that they were stating a maximum offset from canonical time rather than drift21:58
neurocheck paper21:58
neurocheck cables21:58
neurocheck toner/carts21:58
neurocheck network21:58
neurocheck drivers21:58
neurocheck for paper jam21:59
neuroetc etc21:59
zmoylan-piyou forgot to check if they had printer in first place :-)21:59
daftykinsplease say that has never happened?21:59
zmoylan-pior electricity. or a computer...21:59
zmoylan-piit has21:59
neuro"my printer" implies LYING21:59
zmoylan-pithey assumed buying a computer with word processing software was enough to do printing22:00
neuroin fairness, i've never worked public facing first line22:00
shaunowhy else would it have a print button?22:00
zmoylan-piso you've never worked full stupidity tech suppoty :-)22:01
neuroi've never been that hard up / desperate / lunatic22:01
zmoylan-pithe time it took best part of an hour to work out what size floppies the customer wanted to order...22:01
daftykinsisn't private support just the same, only with suited/dressed folk who get angry for you "making them feel stupid" ?22:01
* neuro sticks the Total Recall soundtrack on, because GOLDSMITH22:02
neurodaftykins: there are less variables involved22:02
neuroin theory, you've deployed the infra, so there's only so many different configs to manage, and thus you know (to an extent) what the caller has on their desk22:02
shaunomy strangest support call is still the australian who didn't mention the fire until we asked him22:03
zmoylan-pithe people who type in wrong passwords as they don't like the ones they've been given and then wonder why they can't log in22:03
zmoylan-pithe time i was asked to help a customer install a modem and wasn't told until 15 minutes in that the customer was blind...22:03
neuromy favourite was a typing pool secretary whose keyboard we had to replace 3 times22:03
shaunoI mean, we took his name, number, company name, serial number, contract number.  and then asked him what the issue was.  it was on fire.22:04
neurobecause she typed so fast and with such ferocity that they keys lost their labels22:04
neuroshe could type just fine, but any time she was off, the temp replacing her couldn't handle the near-blank keyboard22:04
neuroand this was way before the hacker keyboard came out ;)22:04
daftykinsshauno: O_O what was 'it' ?22:04
shaunoa rather large ups22:05
zmoylan-pia mate who had to drive around to a video shop as he couldn't get the staff member to type 2 lines 1) cd \video 2) video after an hour of instructions over the phone22:05
shauno(one rack tall and 8 racks wide)22:05
daftykinsthat must be a fun flame22:05
zmoylan-pithe same person who had to have a cleaner restrain a manager who kept picking up the phone when we wanted him to let the modem pick up the line22:05
diddledanyou'd think clearing the building would be more important than claiming the repair while it's still burning22:06
neuroif it wasn't in a room with fire suppression, then that's just sheer mentalness22:06
shaunoyeah.  the fire dept was our recommendation too22:06
zmoylan-pithe pizza shop who rang computer tech support as they couldn't find the cheese in the stock room22:06
neurowhy am i now thinking of Moss from The IT Crowd, emailing the fire brigade about a fire in the office22:06
zmoylan-pian actual out of cheese error :-)22:06
neuro"not much call for it round here"22:07
neuroI'm liking this IRC client so far22:07
neuroTextual, in case anyone's wondering22:08
diddledanyeah that's not bad22:08
neuro4 quid off the app store22:08
shaunolol, one of us, one of us!22:08
neuroremember, i'm the guy who repeatedly badmouths ubuntu desktop in here ;)22:08
diddledanjust out of curiosity, how many of the regulars in here are actually driving an ubuntu desktop? :-p22:08
neuroi'm going to say it's a skewed sample22:09
zmoylan-pixubuntu mind22:09
neurowell at least you don't have unity ;)22:09
zmoylan-piand a raspian sitting in kitchen for irc, rss22:09
diddledanI mean, we've got me and daftykins on windas, shauno and neuro on os x22:09
diddledanme also on os x when I feel like a change22:09
daftykinsthough to add fun to the mix i'm typing from irssi on an ubuntu server VM 8)22:10
zmoylan-piplus an olpc, 1 hp netbook also running xubuntu in 1gb of ram plus new laptop still win8.1 but will be dual booting linux or wiped 100% for linux depending on how it annoys me22:10
diddledandaftykins: that doesn't count :-p22:10
neurodon't get me wrong, i'm doing the same (irssi on vm, ssh proxy from mac to vm)22:10
zmoylan-pii also have 2 mac minis but they haven't been turned on in 3-4 years22:10
* neuro counts ...22:10
neuro5 macs and 2 windows22:11
daftykinszmoylan-pi: sounds safest ;)22:11
neuro2 unboxed pis in the house and a play pi sitting in the office22:11
neurositting next to the two macs on my desk22:11
zmoylan-piand then for mobile i have 1 android tablet, 1 iphone 3g, 1 android qwerty phone, 2 symbian qwerty phones, 1 nokia feature phone and 1 samsung feature phone.22:11
shaunoand a paaartridge ..22:12
zmoylan-piwhoops, plus 2 spare qwerty feature phones22:12
neuroi find it easier just to do this: http://neuro.me.uk/tech/22:12
zmoylan-pioh and an ancient shipped with donut android phone22:12
neuronot quite up to date, but close enough22:13
zmoylan-piand a new pi 2 i haven't set up yet22:13
zmoylan-piand if you gave me a few days notice i could probably build a few pcs from parts lying around :-)22:13
neuro"build" a pc ... i haven't done that in yeeeeears22:14
neuroOK, WHO'S RUNNING WINDOWS 10?!?22:14
diddledanneuro: I like that nice high-res header image22:14
daftykinswhy ever not? :)22:14
neurodiddledan: nice theme, innit?22:15
* daftykins has two machines with 10 and has infected a friend too22:15
shaunoI tried, but I still can't get my memory chips working properly22:15
neurosorry, reason i blurted that out is that i'm log watching22:15
zmoylan-piyou know how it is, you had a symbian phone, it would suggest an update, the pc you had wouldn't do it so you'd build a new one to update software and the longest part was still updating the nokia software... :-)22:15
neuro[IP REDACTED] - - [20/Aug/2015:22:14:32 +0000] "GET /tech/ HTTP/1.1" 200 10059 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:42.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/42.0"22:15
diddledanyeah that'll be me22:15
neurotee hee22:15
neuro... even though you admitted to it 6 minutes ago22:16
neurohow you finding it?22:17
neurowin10 that is22:17
neuroi installed it on a VM then went off work and haven't played with it yet22:17
daftykinsit's lovely, lighter than even 7 was22:17
neurowe're probably going to deploy it at work for all the non-mac people (obv)22:18
diddledanI don't mind it though I'm annoyed that I hit an api limitation that I moaned to daftykins about the other day - path length is restricted to 260 chars22:18
neurowin7ent just now22:18
daftykinsyou do have to disable a lot as it comes out of the box, for example it shares windows updates to the internet if you don't change it22:18
neuroyeah, i spotted that one22:18
daftykinsi like LAN only though, i've wanted that for years22:18
zmoylan-piit'll be fun in a few months when other folk see their data caps blown wide open22:18
daftykinsonly one box downloading would be neat22:19
neuroeven os x doesn't do that22:19
shaunoyou mean like squid-deb-proxy?22:19
daftykinsthat'll only happen for people that haven't set their connections as being metered22:19
neuroyou need to spend the 13 quid for os x server to get that functionality22:19
daftykinsso, newbies22:19
neuroi don't believe in metered connections any more22:19
zmoylan-pii used to download all the mac updates to one mac mini and then burn them to dvd for my brother out in the boonies22:19
neurounlimited sky vdsl, unlimited bt vdsl and unlimited 3 3G/4G22:19
neuroand my 3 tariff is the old one plan that lets you tether unlimited too22:20
daftykinsamusingly Guernsey broadband has no FUP but Jersey does22:20
neurothey'll take my sim out of my cold dead fingers22:20
* daftykins makes a rude gesture towards the coast of Jersey22:20
neurojersey loves you too22:20
daftykinshaha grandfathered in eh22:20
neuroluckily i've stopped getting subsidised handsets, so if/when i bump my iphone up, tariff won't change22:21
neuroi have a feeling if i said "hey, 3, can i get a lovely iphone from you guys?" they'd change my plan to the non-unlimited tethering thingy22:21
neuroso, forget that22:21
neuroalso, it's only 15 quid a month22:21
neuroFIFTEEN QUID!22:21
daftykinswe don't have you telcos down here :)22:22
daftykinsphones are retail unlocked22:22
neurothe only duff bit is that my house is like a faraday cage, so the signal is awful on all networks, but i have one of those dinky home signal thingies22:22
neurooh here's a fun fact i found out when shopping for an unlocked iphone22:23
neuroif you buy an iphone off-network from carphone warehouse, it locks itself to the network of the first sim you boot it up with22:23
neuroyou can only get proper unlocked iphones direct from the mothership22:23
neuroerr, apple22:23
diddledanHAH, I've still got one of those logitech quickcam thingies around here, too22:25
diddledanref: http://neuro.me.uk/pics/2004/01/09_dsltech/?01/DSC01758.JPG22:25
neuroooh me too, somewhere22:25
neurooh right lol22:25
neurothose pics are aaaaaaaaaaancient22:26
neurothat awful 10/100 switch has been replaced by an hp 16 port gig thing22:26
neuroin fact ...22:26
neurohmmm ...22:26
daftykinsubuntu 14.04 with no traceroute installed as default, wat22:27
neurono comprendo22:28
diddledanawesome, I've got one of those froggy adsl modems, too: http://neuro.me.uk/pics/2002/05/study.rewire/?01/DCP_0013.JPG22:28
daftykins(desktop VM)22:28
neurowat? that's mental22:28
neuromtr should be installed tho22:28
daftykinsah yes 'tis22:28
daftykinshaha those were the first things given out for the local ADSL when it launched22:28
neuroyup, which is probably why i have a photo of one22:29
daftykinsi remember XP machines connected with that getting hit by msblast within seconds of connecting, before XP SP whatever added firewalls as default22:29
neuroyeah, mine was hooked up to a smoothwal22:29
daftykinsmgmt.o :)22:29
neuroah, good old smoothwall (bleh)22:30
daftykinsonce it hit v3 that firmware no longer worked :(22:30
neuroalthough if you still had ADSLv1 when sw3 came out ...22:30
daftykinsooh those SFF compaqs you have down there on the left, i had a couple of those22:30
neurodo you see how old those photos are?22:31
neurothose suckers were WEEEd a long time ago22:31
diddledanI bet they didn't work after you weed on them22:31
daftykinswell, i consider 'have' as in 'have in the picture' but i suppose we could jump all over minor things22:31
daftykinsperhaps we could later discuss some spelling and grammar to go full aspie whilst we're at it? :)22:32
diddledanwhilst is archaic22:32
daftykinsis it :(22:32
daftykinsmaybe us rock dwellers are :(22:32
diddledanthere is technically no difference between meanings despite what people seem to think :-p22:33
* neuro is trying to find more recent pics ;)22:34
daftykinsi was chatting to a mate about what really happens when we recycle CRTs22:34
daftykinshe found an article about a bloke up Manchester way that invented a process to extract the lead from the glass22:34
neuroPICS LOCATED!22:39
neurowaiting ... waiting ...22:40
neuro2.6GB of swap in use does not help things, even with a 7200rpm drive22:40
daftykinsthis is when you still have all the exact same content except those two compaqs ;)22:40
neurohttp://wpa.io/~neuro/IMG_0825.jpg <- that stack on the left (before 16 port switch bought)22:41
neurohttp://wpa.io/~neuro/IMG_0736.jpg <- and the whole desk22:42
neuroi see my awesome tech has rendered you all speechless22:45
daftykinsthe... the clutter ;_;22:47
neuroyeah, well ... :D22:47
neuroi've been in this house for nearly 15 yrs22:47
neuroplenty of time to gunk up my office22:48
shaunowhy does that kinda remind me of the mid-90s22:48
neuroi'm overdue to gut this place out and rewire to be honest22:48
neurothat desk fan is dead, i want to gut out the cabling, i want to replace the desk ...22:48
shaunoI like the airduster.  god loves an optimist22:48
neuroi want a new monitor for the pc too22:49
neuro22" 1080p sucks22:49
neuroalso it's a samsung, and i've gone right off samsung kit22:49
shaunoI think mine's 1024x768 still.  or it's 1280xsummat and I'm driving it at 102422:49
neuroi don't even know what this apple 27" thing is ...22:49
neuro2560 x 144022:50
daftykinsneuro: how have you found those netgear NASs vs. the Synology?22:55
neuroi use the synology just for iscsi -> esxi22:55
daftykinsthat looks like one of the dell inspiron 3000 series i'd bought a pair of for a client too22:55
daftykinsshe managed to lose one o022:55
neuroi've got another readynas (a 304) upstairs as i ran out of room22:56
neurodaftykins: it's a vostro 355022:56
daftykinsthat's the one, not inspiron22:56
daftykinsa clients employee turfed some wine over one once22:56
daftykinsthat was fun22:56
neuroa scotlugger spilt a pint of beer over my latitude x300 years ago22:57
neurostuck it out for a while with an external keyb22:57
daftykinsooh-err, did you kill him where he stood?22:57
neuroeventually phoned up dell saying "errr, keyb fail"22:57
neurothey replaced it the next day22:57
neuroi didn't say anything about the beer22:57
neuroi would have killed him, but a) public place (literally, since it was a pub) and b) his face was like "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god"22:58
neuroloved that laptop22:58
neuroprobably the last thing i ran full fat ubuntu on22:58
neuroi have a sudden craving for a dymo omega embossing label maker23:04
daftykinsi had to extract a label from a dymo's roller the other day, someone thinks a small child has been getting into the office :(23:08
daftykinsa possible first of many i suspect23:09
neuropeople at home = normal and careful23:09
neuropeople at work = crazy and destructive23:09
daftykins:D amusingly this is the combo of the two, a guy who works from home whose young son is getting to the age of terrorising things23:09
neuroi've lost count the amount of times i've moaned about our main meeting room TV getting left on instead of being put into standby23:10
daftykinslikes walking up to it and pressing the button that makes a single label wind out apparently23:10
daftykinsmmm i don't like waste like that23:10
daftykinsheh friend in Texas just asked me to look up service status for the broadband in her area23:12
daftykinsyou need to log in via a smartphone app or the website, madness23:13
neurostupid sky23:27
neuroalso stupid pfsense, didn't failover to BT properly for some reason23:31
daftykinsah a friend was just helping me get a pfsense VM going to test routing some traffic via a VPN23:31
daftykins(for an xbox, so no client :D )23:31
neurothe shenanigans i had to go through to get open NAT on my xbox one ...23:32
daftykinsUPnP \o/23:32
neuroshyeah right23:34
neuroand monkeys might fly out of my butt23:34
daftykinsi figure you mean it was fun because of your setup23:34
daftykinsalways been fine here with UPnP on consumer routers23:34
daftykins360, One... just dandy23:34
neuroyeah, pfsense shenanigans23:34
neuroended up being an outbound NAT rule that was needed23:35
daftykinshrmm yep i get the odd drop pinging google UK and an IP at my ISP if i'm downloading at high speed23:35
neurowhich was weird, because it was fine for a while (i got my xbox one on day one) but in november i was checking it and nat wasn't open any more23:35
neuroit is now though23:41
daftykinsi quite enjoy the xbox streaming to win1023:42
neurohaven't tried it yet23:42
neuromy boss has23:42
daftykinsthey just enabled the 1080p/60 option too23:43
neuromy main concern is that remotely switching on the xbox will switch everything else on too23:43
daftykinsgot an AVR?23:43
neuroi have it configured to switch on my sky box and tv when it switches on23:43
neurothought about it in the xbox 360 days23:43
daftykinsi don't use the instan on mode, so pop down to fire it up23:43
neurowhen i was using sky go a lot23:43
neuroapparently hdcp doesn't pass through AVRs23:44
neuroso i dinged that idea23:44
daftykinssure it does23:44
neuroand i have my sky hd box connected to the xbox one, so more hdcp involved23:44
daftykinsnothing would work if it didn't23:44
neuroit didn't when i was looking23:44
neurogames generally don't need hdcp23:44
neurobut protected video wants it23:44
daftykinsi wouldn't even consider it for games23:44
neuroe.g. sky go23:44
neurowe're talking about the same hdcp, right?23:45
daftykinsthe DRM component hopefully23:45
daftykinswhich use case though? because for an AVR to not allow say, a bluray player to function would be a pretty big fail23:45
neuroi asked hauppauge about theirs and they said it didn't pass through hdcp23:46
neuroi thought you meant av recorder23:46
neuronot receiver23:46
daftykinsas in like a VCR?23:46
neurono like those game recordy things that you hook up to a pc or mac to record gaming stuff23:47
neuroi DO have an AVR, but it's an old one (~2007), so no HDMI23:47
neuroi use an HDMI switch with optical ports23:47
neuroalthough i only use it to switch from sky/xbox one to mac23:47
neurofor some plex goodness23:47
neurothat's the bunny23:48
neuroconnected to this bad boy23:49
neuroooh i have some wp updates23:50
neuro"An updated version of WordPress is available."23:50
neuroOF COURSE IT IS23:50
daftykinshmm not very lounge design friendly :D23:50
neurosits in the corner with some obsolete tech on top23:51
neurosony vcr and pioneer dvd player23:51
neuroneither have been turned on in years23:51
neuro$ svn switch http://core.svn.wordpress.org/tags/4.3.0 ... tee hee23:51
neurod'oh, no .023:52
neuroVERY old pic: https://www.flickr.com/photos/neuro/238473472023:54
zmoylan-piwow just a few weeks back i took vcr and dvd player for recycling23:59
zmoylan-pihaven't had a tv since 2008 :-)23:59

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