cmaloneyGood morning11:38
rick_h_ugh morning11:40
cmaloneyYeah, it's another one of those. ;)11:45
cmaloneyWould love to know on what planet Unheilig can lead to The Cult14:14
cmaloneyBecause my Unheilig mix is now playing "The Cult: She Sells Sanctuary"14:15
cmaloneyThat that I completely mind14:15
brouschOn a planet where you have provided insufficient direction for your AI14:15
jrwrencmaloney: this is why I don't use those silly music services.14:16
cscheibShe Sells Sanctuary brings up old memories of playing Gran Turismo 3 on PS214:19
cmaloneyjrwren: This is using Echonest on my Squeezebox. :)14:34
cmaloneyso it's my own damn fault. ;)14:34
cmaloneyThough trying to get a decent Wendy Carlos mix is impossible.14:34
jrwrencmaloney: ha!14:34
cmaloneyAlthough this is a good start14:35

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