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tjaaltonhmm rotation is broken on wily -intel06:13
tjaaltonnot due to -intel but something else..06:25
tjaalton-intel snapshot uploaded11:17
tjaalton-amdgpu too11:20
vincxHi, question about the Proprietary GPU Drivers PPA. Is there a way to get AMD's drivers in also? What is needed and what can I do?12:58
mamarleyWe would need someone to maintain them.  I don't have any AMD cards, so I wouldn't be able to do it, sorry.12:59
mamarleyIf you know of another PPA with the AMD drivers, perhaps we could talk to the person who maintains that.13:02
VincxI'll check with AMD, if they could maintain a PPA13:42
ricotzkeeping up with xserver/kernel api/abi changes is already enough for them ;)13:45
VincxYes, that's already enough for AMD, but the reason for this conversation is to say "for now...". 19:22
VincxWould OBS be sufficient?19:22
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