Kilosmorning all and sundry05:19
Kilosoh and inetpro 05:19
pieter2627morning all05:40
Squirmthatgraemeguy: why did you go lowercase?06:39
barrydkMore 06:53
inetprogood mornings07:15
barrydkHow you inetpro07:20
Kilosdag se julle07:22
thatgraemeguySquirm: why did't you? ;-p07:25
barrydkhi Kilos, thatgraemeguy07:38
thatgraemeguy'lo :)07:40
inetprobarrydk: good and yourself?07:47
barrydkGood inetpro07:52
Symmetriahttps://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xft1/t31.0-8/11802611_10153602436300528_3010507034654948574_o.jpg <==== how to ride a bike07:59
Kiloshi barrydk thatgraemeguy 08:28
Kiloshi gremble Xethron 08:33
grembleHey Kilos 08:52
grembleWeird. My join messages are still here, by the part messages left >.>10:56
superflyinetpro: do you use any asset registry software? 11:09
inetprosuperfly: hmm... for our open source environment? Good question, unfortunately the answer is no11:10
inetprosuperfly: what are you looking at?11:12
superflyinetpro: more for hardware. I'm looking for something that I can use to keep track of our hardware (and possibly software) 11:12
inetprohave you looked at ansible?11:12
superflyNo, I'll take a look. 11:13
inetproansible all -m setup11:13
inetprooutputs a ton of info 11:13
inetprojust can't say that I am using it effectively just yet11:14
inetprobut that on it's own could be very useful to keep track of11:14
inetpromust say it is very quick and easy to start using ansible11:18
inetprojust ansible-playbook and other stuff gets much more complicated and I still need to spend much more time with it11:25
* inetpro likes the concept behind it11:26
magespawngood evening17:25
inetproKilos: you ok? 17:53
grembleHow are you inetpro?17:56
grembleWhy would Kilos be not-okay?17:56
Kilosya kinda17:56
Kilosbit worried about ops otherwise good17:57
Kilosand inetpro ill most likely miss our meet and the africa one17:57
Kilosya gremble gotta go for prostate and hernia ops17:57
gremble:/ 17:58
grembleThat sucks17:58
inetproKilos: when?17:58
Kilosin our wonderful hospitals17:58
Kilosgoing on monday early inetpro 17:58
Kilosmaybe they dont admit same time then its ok17:58
inetprothey doing it all at once?17:59
Kilosi dont know17:59
Kiloshere they first want to practise testing everything fo 2 weeks first17:59
Kilosso who knows17:59
inetprogremble: I was asking because he's been very quiet here lately18:01
Kilosif i go in ill be offline i think18:01
Kilosi been resting lots sorry inetpro 18:01
Kilos-any ideas? my kde cannot copy paste files to android fones memory card18:11
Kilos-is the something that needs installing?18:12
Kilos-i can see all the files android saves there but cannot paste other files to it18:12
grembleThat is odd. Perhaps you don't have write permissions?18:13
gremblegvfs-mtp and gvfs-libmtp is what you need. But if you can see the files, you probaly already have these libraries installed18:14
gremble(I think they probably come by default these days)18:14
gremblehttp://askubuntu.com/questions/87667 perhaps?18:15
grembleHey Langjan18:15
Langjanhi gremble 18:16
Langjanhi Kilos- 18:18
Kilos-hi Langjan 18:18
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Langjanhoe gaan dit?18:18
Kilosgoed dankie en self?18:18
LangjanOK dankie maar het drooggemaak18:19
Kiloswat nou18:19
LangjanLong story18:19
Kilosby you or linda?18:20
LangjanLindas Vodamail has been lost 'cause she gave her simcard away18:20
Kilosoh my18:20
Langjanso now we decided to open a new account for her on my domain18:20
Kilosthunderbird will still see what was there18:20
Kilosshe should have first mailed her contacts that she is changing18:21
Langjanso I deleted her account, thinking I can just register a new one, but did not realise that if I delete the account all the mails are also lost!  18:21
Kilosget the sim back for a day18:22
Langjanso now can I go thro the same process that inetpro  did too get them back?18:22
Kiloshehe too18:22
LangjanWe cant, its gone18:22
Kilosoh my18:22
Kilosyou will need all those commands and modify them to see the new account i think18:23
Langjanso now how can I transfer them to a new account?18:23
Kiloslol carefully18:23
Kilosim lost here sir you will need to call on pro again18:24
Langjanwell first I have to get them back, will a repeat of the last few steps of the other night do the trick or must I set the new account up first? 18:25
Kilosmaybe 18:25
Kilosset new account first18:25
Kilosthen see if voda wont forward them all for you18:25
Langjanok let me do that18:25
Langjanno I dont think that will work, they were kept for 14 days only on the server 18:27
Kilosi leave mine there forever18:28
Kilossometimes spend hours deleting useless mals18:28
Langjangood idea if you have the capacity available, voda gives 3 gig I think18:28
Langjanso if you let it get to big, "mailbox full"18:29
Kilosi have no idea how big gmails is but i have 5 g there already on one account18:30
Kiloshow is she going to notify all contacts18:30
Kilosi man18:30
Kilosai! ook18:31
Langjanby mail, only 40 contacts18:31
Kilosoh as long as she has their addresses thats good18:31
Kiloshi Cryterion 18:32
Kilosoh Langjan you sure pro didnt get you back them up somewhere18:36
Langjani still have the backups18:37
Kilosor were they al in that acount18:37
Kilosthen you might find them there18:37
Kilosjust tell TB where to find them i think18:38
Kilosyou could even reopen the voda account again18:39
Kilosand dont delete it till you got everything forwarded youself to new addy18:40
LangjanI think I must ask the pro what sequence I should follow now18:41
Langjanperhaps I can register the new account and then import the mails to it instead18:44
Kiloswell when he guides you things work18:44
Langjanhave you seen him around?18:45
Kilosbut first make new account18:45
Langjanok will do18:45
Kiloshe was hear earlier18:45
Kilosi need to sleep guys. have a successful evening and sleep tight18:47
Kilossee you  tomorrow18:47
Langjansleep well kilos18:48
gremblesleep well Kilos 18:48
Langjanhi inetpro 19:01
inetproLangjan: hi19:25
inetproskuus oom, ek was besig met ander goed netnou19:26
inetpro1. set up new account in offline mode, 2. close Thunderbird 3. delete newly created files in 'profile/Mail/account' folder, 4. copy files from backup to 'profile/Mail/account' folder19:26
Langjanhi inetpro 19:26
inetproand then 5. start Thunderbird again19:27
inetproso maklik soos dit19:27
LangjanI have set the new account up but not offline mode, does that complicate matters?19:28
inetprowell if you had mails that got downloaded they will be gone19:28
Langjanno mails, no problem19:29
Langjanmany thks, will try that, hope I can get it to work19:29
inetprodo it the Nike way and just do it! :-)19:30
Langjanok here goes19:30
Langjaninetpro,  did I lose you on "and then 5" ? Do I create a folder no. 5? I pasted the files into the no 4 folder, did not work. 19:40
inetprooom Langjan, that waas meant to be step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4 and then step 519:41
inetprosurely by now you kmow exactly what folders we are talking about?19:43
inetprodo don't even have to do it on the cli19:44
inetproyikes, my typing is yuck when I try to type fast19:45
inetproyou don't*19:45
LangjanNo, sorry, when you say profile I assume you mean the .thunderbird file, but which folder? I dont see a profile/mail/account 19:46
inetprothe .thunderbird folder is the base folder for thunderbird profiles19:47
inetproinside that you will typically get the profile folder with a funny name, for example 12345.default19:47
Langjanthks, that s about all I know19:47
inetproinside that you should find a Mail folder19:48
inetproinside that you will find an account folder19:48
Langjanok now on track19:48
inetproand then you will typically see the files Inbox, Inbox.msf, Trash, Trash.msf19:49
Langjanwhich I have deleted... then pasted backups and loading, hope thats right19:50
inetprosounds right to me19:50
Langjanthen runb thunderbird -p and start on default profile offline mode?19:51
inetprowell offline mode is just to gives you a chance to correct things without mixing what is online with what you restored from backup19:52
inetprobasically just so you can see whether everything is ok before going online19:52
* inetpro likes to make sure and test one step at a time 19:53
inetproothers don't like to do things the slow route19:54
LangjanPraise the Lord for brilliance - its all there, many thanks inetpro , once again. I felt sick when I saw what I had done but was sure you would guide me out of trouble once more. 19:54
inetpronice job!19:54
Langjanoh but the over-70's cannot do the shortcuts19:54
Langjanbaie dankie! ek voel oppiekoppie! cool!19:55
inetpromooi :-)19:55
LangjanYou must travel along Rachel de Beer often?19:55
inetproevery day19:56
LangjanSeen the new JMC showroom corner of Burger?19:56
inetprohmm... 19:56
LangjanNext to Rainbow Motors19:57
* inetpro maybe needs to go look tomorrow19:57
inetproyou work there?19:57
Langjanits in the second block after the first robot as you enter the commercial area from your side, on right-hand19:58
inetproI think I know where that is19:58
LangjanIts my son-in-law's business19:58
inetproyou have a new car standing ready for me? :-) 19:59
LangjanFJ Labuschagne, pop in and say hello if you get a chance, great guy19:59
Langjanwish I could, you deserve one...19:59
inetprohaha... sorry, I shall take that back 19:59
Langjanpronoounced efjay19:59
inetprowhen I have a spare moment I will go say hi20:00
LangjanOK I will leave you to it, have a good evening20:00
Langjando that 20:01
inetproLangjan: you're most welcome20:01
LangjanMay the Lord bless you 20:01
Langjanlekker slaap20:01
inetprothanks oom20:01
inetprogoeie nagrus ook daar20:02
Langjanbaie dankie20:02

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