Sprxanyone up feel like helping a noob with "make" errors00:00
TJ-Bashing-om: I'm still working with Super Talent/Asmedia to find the bug in their SSD boot ROM that locks systems up at boot time. Been sticking the logic analyser probe all over the pci-e signals as well as reverse-engineering the BIOS. Might get around to the boot guide in about 10 years at this rate :)00:00
columbobaasjepla, send the logs to k1l_00:00
Bashing-omTJ-: Haw ! logic probes are fun !00:01
TJ-Bashing-om: yeah, except when you're trying to decode gigahertz differential signals :)00:01
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alui didnt really get a quality output00:02
cawinget1so I wanna fix some super bad screen tearing. I'm in the compizConfig settings manager, and I was told to set Sync to VBlank to enabled, under Display Settings, but there's no option to add that.00:02
aluit says cuda cores 1024 in nvidia-settings gui00:02
Bashing-omTJ-: Talk Talent/Asmedia into providing you with a high end o'scope ?00:02
alufor that command tho it says Attribute value is an integer not wrirten to the rc file and whatever00:02
TJ-Bashing-om: If I thought it'd come in handy again I'd get one, but I rarely need that kind of diagnostic capability. Although I have to say, hardware hacking is much more deterministic than all these software bugs!00:03
aludownloading off nvidia site now00:03
TJ-alu: you can use the --terse option to get just the numbers, as in "nvidia-settings -tq CUDACores" ... see "nvidia-settings --help"00:04
cawinget1I installed compton and screen tearing goes away, but I have to disable display compositing in the window manager tweaks, so my dock application doesn't work. Is there a way to make compton my compositor instead of compiz?00:05
Bashing-omTJ-: OId school. Little green light on the card is orange ... and come to find out , is the software closing the port. Just is not a perfect world .00:09
popeyvdrey: you can stop that now00:13
NGC3982Have any of you guys used Darkbot?00:26
pablotronHello hello00:34
columbobaasHa patron00:34
KoningHowdy how00:35
pablotronHow do I create a symlink/hardlink/not sure to my music on another drive?00:36
LambdaComplexpablotron: man ln00:37
LambdaComplexPretty sure you'd wanna use symlinks00:37
Koningln -s /source/folder /target/folder00:37
KoningYou can also mount it in your fstab00:37
pablotronoh, using amarok its under /media/pablo/1tb instead of /mnt like i was expecting00:40
pablotronThanks though00:40
bluzeohey what the best alternive too dropbox?00:41
pablotrongoogle drive00:41
columbobaasbluezo Mega00:41
columbobaasbluzeo mega00:41
bluzeoi want something more private then those- i been told about syncthing but it very confusing to me how it works00:42
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Izzabelim a new Linux user. im trying to set up xfce00:45
Bashing-omIzzabel: And ? What is the problem ?00:48
IzzabelBashing-om thus far no problem. thx00:49
Bashing-omIzzabel: :) I toll have a peference for xfce . Be aware there is a channel here devoted just to xfce - #xfce .00:50
IzzabelBashing-om: ty00:51
kayzarguna pregunta01:00
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:00
pablotronThat's very helpful01:00
Koningsudo apt-get install english.exe01:01
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Kali_YugaI have a question... I don't know how to unmount or remove the Virtual CD/DVD Drive in KDE any ideas??? heres a picture  what I mean http://www0.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=15884315 hope somebody can help ???01:14
daftykinsKali_Yuga: have a look at the output of "mount"01:16
daftykinspretty sure you can umount it01:16
prajyothi, I have bought hp 15-r250tu laptop and then i installed ubuntu in it, everything worked fine in this laptop except when i try to shutdown the computer. All processes exits, harddisk light goes off but screen is still running in processor light is also running, I have to press and hold powerbutton to shut it down. How to fix this problem ?01:17
Kali_Yugathx wait I look... I am living with that for quite some time... I mean I can unmount the CD but I cant remove the "loop device"01:17
daftykinsKali_Yuga: well why are you doing this, to start with? :)01:27
Kali_Yugamounting Cd's??01:28
daftykinsKali_Yuga: why?01:28
Kali_Yugacuz I want to use them01:28
daftykinsbut what are they to know why you use them in mounted form?01:29
Kali_Yugalike all kinds of shit ^^01:29
Kali_Yugaoh sorry unappropriat language i know sry01:29
nokdimis it possible to setup an ubuntu box to use pam_radius and suth userrs but not need a local account or home directory?01:30
Kali_Yugai don't want to burn them to cd and this is way easier01:30
daftykinsand you didn't find an answer looking this up? :)01:31
Kali_YugaI didn't even understand the question though01:31
daftykinsperhaps time to read: http://wiki.osdev.org/Loopback_Device and http://serverfault.com/questions/58991/cant-unmount-a-loop-backed-file-but-theres-no-open-files01:31
daftykinsbut you're the one asking it XD01:32
Kali_Yugayes thx daftykins it always tells me device is busy and stuff like that thx alot!!!!01:33
daftykinsnote that those were the top search engine results01:33
nokdimanyone ubuntu box with pam_raduis for auth but not need a home directory or local user account?01:34
Kali_Yugayes but this only unmounts the cd in the virtual drive... it does not remove the virtual drive though :(01:34
Kali_Yugathere is only the option to "hide" the Virtual drive01:35
Kali_YugaAs soon as I restart there gone at least that01:36
daftykinsi think you're following the above links wrong.01:37
Kali_Yugawhat do you mean?01:38
daftykinsas in you're not doing it right01:38
nokdimis it possible to setup an ubuntu box to use pam_radius and auth users but not need a local account or home directory?01:39
Kali_Yugaok give me a second chance01:40
Kali_Yugahold on01:40
ubskeurI was wondering what my options are for graphics drivers, since the default ones aren't as fast as I'd like and fglrx is broken01:41
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vasiHi! It seems there have been a few Chromium point-releases since the latest chromium-browser package in Ubuntu. Do those usually end up packaged? Is there a staging repo I can look at if I need to use one of these releases?01:42
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Kali_Yugaubskeur: you can look under your setting and use the propriatary graphics driver of your card... was that you question?01:47
ubskeurKali_Yuga, the proprietary driver in the settings are fglrx, which causes some sort of crash whenever I log in01:47
ubskeurKali_Yuga, I was wondering if there were options beyond fglrx01:48
OerHeksfglrx-updates maybe?01:48
ubskeurok, I'll try both of those01:48
ubskeurjust in case I can't log in, how would I revert the drivers from command line?01:49
chalcedonymy husband had a network card failure with his last computer (being fixed). he's using my other computer in the meantime, but atm when he plugs in a lan cable it doesn't see the network. ifconfig only shows lo (not eth) and inet
skinnyhi gays01:50
Kali_Yugaok I was able to force unmount with "umount -f" option01:51
ubskeurok, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it I guess01:51
Kali_Yugaubskeur: thats an Ati card that you have right01:52
phixskinny: what about the rest of us?  you say hi too?01:52
notGalloubskeur: i used fglrx a year ago. it was terrible. crashed X when i used functions that it didn't like, such as adjusting voltages and fanspeeds and clockspeeds. unfortunately i found the fix was to get an nvidia GPU :/01:53
daftykinsubskeur: you've tried both fglrx and fglrx-updates i take it?01:53
ubskeurdaftykins, about to try them both now01:53
daftykinsnotGallo: er, that's more of a sign not to overclock than them being bad... (though yes AMD on Linux suck :) )01:53
ubskeurnotGallo, I don't want to get a different gpu01:53
OerHekssudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx* && sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati01:53
ubskeurOerHeks, thanks01:53
ubskeurKali_Yuga, yes, radeon r9 29001:54
notGallooh dear that's not a card to throw away :(01:54
ahemlockslieI think my installation may be hung. It's been on the "Who are you" screen for 15 minutes, maybe more, where it asks for password and such. Is there some way I can check? Nothing seems to be eating much CPU when I run "ps aux", which I find troubling.01:54
Kali_Yugawell thats installing the open-source driver I thought he wanted the propriatary one01:54
ubskeurI was going to get the gtx 970 but the local shop lied about it being available from them at all01:54
ubskeurKali_Yuga, I want to be able to revert the change when my computer locks me out01:54
Kali_Yugaoh no reverting back in terminal sorry forgot01:54
ubskeurKali_Yuga, :P01:55
chalcedonycan someone help me please with network settings on my husband's ubuntu 14.04?01:55
Kali_Yugaforgot sry01:55
ubskeurinstalling fglrx-updates, see you on the other side01:55
chalcedonygood luck ubskeur :)01:55
OerHekschalcedony, try a fresh lan cable, network cards are normally fine detected, and should have no issues.01:57
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chalcedonyOerHeks, ive tried 3 cables01:57
ubskeurchalcedony, have you checked all the basic settings?01:58
chalcedonyjust ifconfig01:58
Kali_Yugathats a huge grphics card reading something about a binary Catalyst driver01:58
ubskeurchalcedony, go into your network settings and see if stuff is off that should be on01:58
chalcedonyubskeur, i can't find stuff on his computer, if you can tell me what to do i'll do it?01:59
ubskeurchalcedony, go tot he launcher (usually top left or press the super key next to alt) and type in system settings01:59
chalcedonyubskeur, ok let me do that let's see02:00
ubskeurchalcedony, there will be a network icon, 2nd row between mouse and power02:00
chalcedonyindeed hopefully02:01
ahemlockslieMy Ubuntu installation hasn't shown any sign of progress in over half an hour, and I'm afraid to cancel since I don't know what it's done to my partitions. Is there any way I can see if it's stuck?02:01
daftykinsahemlockslie: well 'top' would be a lot better than ps02:01
ahemlockslieI did tell it to encrypt my home folder, but nothing is really eating CPU but firefox02:02
daftykinsdisk LED?02:02
Kali_Yugait doesn't take that long to install ubuntu in general ? maybe it really froze02:02
ahemlockslieNo LED02:02
daftykinsas in you don't have one or it's not lit? ;)02:02
ubskeurahemlockslie, is there an option on the installation window to show terminal or something?02:03
ahemlockslieNot lit02:03
daftykinsi'd give up if i were you02:03
ahemlockslieI'm doing this from the installation PC, so yeah, I have terminal02:03
ubskeurahemlockslie, you can always redo the installation and hope it doesn't take as long02:03
ahemlockslieI worry it might corrupt my Windows partition if I'm not careful02:03
daftykinsahemlockslie: that won't be mounted02:03
ubskeurahemlockslie, unlikely02:03
Kali_Yugadoes ctrl + alt + T work while installation?02:03
ahemlockslieOr at least render it inaccessible until I reburn Ubuntu if the CD is at fault, but it verified fine after burning02:04
daftykinshow else do you two think ps got run?02:04
ahemlockslieWell, less the Windows partition, more the MBR02:04
ahemlockslieAnd partition table02:04
daftykinsjust reset, it'll be fine.02:04
daftykinsyou made backups before installing anyway right...02:04
ahemlockslieYeah, I just reinstalled Windows like two weeks ago, all my back ups are pretty current, it's just...02:04
ahemlockslieNot again D:02:05
ahemlockslieplease no02:05
daftykinschop chop.02:05
Kali_Yugacan you open terminal ??02:05
Kali_Yugatype top02:05
daftykinsi already said that :P02:05
ahemlockslieps aux and top both show pretty low CPU usage outside of Firefox and various desktop things02:05
Kali_Yugaa nothing but firefox02:06
ahemlockslieJust about nothing, yeah02:06
chalcedonyubskeur, "the system network settings are not compatible with this version"02:06
chalcedonyubskeur, it shows network and network settings - which is a window that is blank02:06
Kali_Yugayes reset and overwrite that partition and do it again02:06
daftykinschalcedony: what led to being misconfigured?02:07
ahemlockslieSome activity from various kworker threads, a bit of rcuos/2 and rcu_sched, but that's most of it02:07
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ubskeurdaftykins, I don't think it was using ethernet before02:07
chalcedonyubskeur, daftykins i haven't a clue. maybe trying to get it to work with the non-working motherbaord's card?02:07
daftykinschalcedony: ah you mentioned it's an old system, interesting - no eth0 is bad, you definitely don't have anything else from "ifconfig -a" ?02:07
ahemlockslieThose last few things and everything else are showing tenths of a percent of CPU usage, if anything02:07
chalcedonydaftykins, let me go see what ifconfig -a does02:08
ubskeurI just realised that the "progress bar" in the additional drivers window was a scroll bar02:08
ubskeurbrb reboot02:08
Kali_Yugahow old is that pc???02:08
daftykinsKali_Yuga: please don't jump on issues other people are dealing with, nor ask questions that won't help.02:08
ahemlockslieI'm just gonna give up and leave it running overnight. It's almost certainly stuck, but if it's not, I don't want to ruin it, and I have no other plans for the PC tonight anyway, so it's harmless to let it run.02:08
ahemlockslieThanks anyway for the help, everyone02:09
daftykinssounds like a waste of time but ok :)02:09
ubskeurit appears that my issue was only in fglrx and using fglrx-updates has solved this02:09
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)02:10
Kali_Yugadaftykins: I just wanted to say if it's an really old Pc Lubuntu might be better anyway?02:10
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ahemlocksliedaftykins: I can either shut it down and go to bed, or go to bed and let it run, but either way, nothing else is happening, so what could it hurt?02:10
daftykinsKali_Yuga: the issue is getting a NIC running, not picking DE.02:10
daftykinsahemlockslie: guess someone else pays the bills ;)02:11
Kali_Yugadaftykins: I wasn't talking to the guy with network issues I was still typing to that guy that couldn't install ubuntu cuz it froze...02:12
Kali_Yugadaftykins: I'm a little slow02:12
daftykinsKali_Yuga: you read the wrong user then.02:13
ubskeuropen source drivers: 9fps. proprietary drivers: 60fps02:13
chalcedonydaftykins, that gives me eth2 and lo02:13
daftykinsKali_Yuga: i know you mean well but it's only really worth offering help when you have experience.02:13
notGalloubskeur: yup :(02:13
daftykinschalcedony: sounds like eth2 is the target then, try running "sudo dhclient eth2"02:13
chalcedonydaftykins, ok ty much :)02:14
Kali_Yugadaftykins: I can help... when it's getting to complicated i shut up... I'm not totally stupid. fixing every computer around here though02:15
daftykinsthat's nice02:16
OerHeksubskeur, have fun :-)02:16
chalcedonydaftykins, i don't think that's working. it sits there. 2nd time its not asking for password even02:20
daftykinsyou must've used sudo just prior02:21
daftykinsso if this is an old machine, what distro is it? or rather, which desktop environment?02:21
supercom32Question: I have a USB keyboard. If I stop typing for a short period it appears that it goes to sleep or something. Because the next character I enter gets lost and I have to push the key a second time before it registers. Anyone know how to solve this?02:21
thedanyessupercom32: wireless?02:21
supercom32Literally, if I stop typing for like 5-10 seconds, it does this. Nope, not wireless. Wired.02:22
daftykinssupercom32: are you using a USB 3 port? switch to 2 if so02:22
thedanyessupercom32: what model keyboard?02:22
supercom32I can double check, but I think I'm using 2.0? I have a logitech washable keyboard02:22
supercom32I forget the model number02:22
thedanyessupercom32: you can check dmesg and syslog for errors. might be losing connection or something.02:23
thedanyessupercom32: Actually, first thing I'd probably try is swap keyboards.02:23
supercom32I plugged my keyboard into the front where I know for sure it has USB 2.0. We'll see if that does anything. Though I dunno why USB 3.0 would do that02:24
chalcedonydaftykins, its a new computer. good power supply. the hard drive is whatever he's running - ubuntu 14.0402:24
daftykinschalcedony: oh so you transplanted it from the faulty system and booted up?02:24
chalcedonydaftykins, yes02:24
daftykinsmmm that is what resulted in having eth202:25
supercom32thedanyes: Suppose the issue is USB 3.0 ports, can anything be done about it?02:25
chalcedonydaftykins, efforts to get the other one to work, yes most probably02:25
daftykinsyou should not use peripherals in USB 3.0 ports02:26
daftykinssupercom32: it's pretty obvious which ones are 3.0, they'll either have an SS logo beside them, or be blue02:26
thedanyessupercom32: well you could stop using that port for that keyboard.02:26
daftykinschalcedony: is it the normal unity desktop?02:26
thedanyessupercom32: Personally, I haven't encountered any problems with USB 3.0 recently, I use it pretty extensively for external HDD.02:26
supercom32thedayes: All the ports in the back of my PC are blue. But the USB ports on the front which connect directly to the internal motherboard connectors are USB 2.0 for sure.02:26
daftykinsHDDs aren't peripherals :)02:27
chalcedonydaftykins, essentially. he's also running whatever that's called that makes multiple desktops02:27
thedanyessupercom32: logitech washable thing is like the silicon flexy deal?02:27
supercom32@thedanyes: Nah, its this = http://www.logitech.com/en-sg/product/washable-keyboard-k31002:28
daftykinschalcedony: hrmm, so the network card from the motherboard that is faulty was a separate card and you still have it?02:28
daftykinsi think plugging it in will allow it to appear in that install as eth0 and possibly resume working02:29
Kali_Yugafunny keyboard :)02:29
chalcedonydaftykins, it was onboard, a new gigabyte board, they are repairing (under warranty)02:29
daftykinsah ok so not an option02:29
daftykinswell, sounds to me like you either need to stop network manager or fight it into dealing with *that* systems NIC instead02:30
lkthomasanyone using KDE on Ubuntu now? does KDE still use more resources than Unity ?02:31
daftykinsso first up try a reboot, "sudo service network-manager stop" then "sudo dhclient eth2" again02:31
daftykinschalcedony: if you know the IP schema of your home network you could also just statically address the adapter temporarily and see if it works.02:31
daftykinschalcedony: e.g. "sudo ifconfig eth2 192.168.x.x netmask" then try pinging your router to see if the adapter is working02:32
Kali_Yugalkthomas: I think a little more yes I use kde02:32
lkthomasKali_Yuga, how is general stability ?02:32
chalcedonydaftykins, yes i'll try that02:32
Kali_Yugalkthomas: I don't have any problems with it works just fine for me02:32
lkthomasKali_Yuga, OK, let me try to install it when I have time, thanks02:33
daftykinslkthomas: also bear in mind there's a #kubuntu02:33
lkthomasdaftykins, OH OK02:33
Kali_Yugadaftykins: they never answer there02:33
daftykinsmaybe they don't like you :)02:34
Kali_Yugathey maybe don't02:34
Johnny_Linuxna, that room has crickets02:34
Kali_Yugadaftykins: why do you think I ask here and not in #kubuntu cuz they just ignore me :(02:37
daftykinsmany reasons really :) but i can't repeat them here02:37
lkthomashow about Cinnamon desktop? any good ?02:38
Kali_Yugalkthomas: I have no experience with it02:39
lkthomasKali_Yuga, alright :)02:39
daftykinslkthomas: this is more a support channel, preference and opinion chat can be had in #ubuntu-offtopic02:39
Kali_Yugadaftykins: your answer scared me a little xD02:41
lkthomaswho the hell is daftykins ? mod in this channel? :P02:42
lkthomasI think it's matter of time before I get a kick, haha02:42
thedanyeslkthomas: Do you dislike Unity?02:43
Kali_Yugaeverybody dislikes unity or not?02:43
thedanyesI love it.02:43
lkthomasthedanyes, I like it a lot, but I am a little more demanding in terms of features02:44
thedanyesThe Amazon thing was dumb, but I don't mind disabling it, and supposedly they made it opt-in in newer versions.02:44
thedanyeslkthomas: I find there's sometimes a trade-off between stability, ease-of-productivity, and features.02:45
lkthomasthedanyes, I am pretty sure Ubuntu guy are getting rebates from Amazon02:45
chalcedonydaftykins, this was supposed to be *my* computer. i had to disable ipv6 to get it to boot properly on debian squeeze. i wonder if any of that messed with its abilities, because now it has an ip, it tries to ping.. but gets nothing02:45
lkthomasthedanyes, some of our desktop users having issue like clock disappear, desktop hang...etc with Unity02:45
Tyrandiswhats up guys02:46
thedanyeslkthomas: hmm what version of Ubuntu and what graphics driver?02:46
daftykinschalcedony: are you pinging the router IP or a web address?02:46
lkthomasthedanyes, 14.04, Nvidia 33102:46
chalcedonydaftykins, *1.1 and another address on the lan. still nothing02:46
thedanyeslkthomas: strange.  that's pretty much what i'm running (14.04.3 + NVIDIA 355.06)02:46
lkthomasthedanyes, well, that two users is very demanding, those crash never appear to any other users but two of them02:47
chalcedonydaftykins, i could try other cables, but i doubt it's the cable02:47
daftykinschalcedony: does 'ifconfig -a' show any 'dropped' beside eth2?02:47
chalcedonydaftykins, let me see02:47
daftykinsalso check for any clues from "dmesg | tail"02:47
thedanyesI ran KDE back in the 3.5.10 days and it was fine, but even then the 'good' applications menu was unstable (the one that let you type to search).  I totally abandoned KDE in the 4.1/4.2 days because it was so unstable and they'd removed so many basic features.02:48
lkthomasthedanyes, heard about it too02:48
thedanyeslkthomas: huh.  no info in the logs?  can they just run 'unity' at the command line to restart unity and get their clock back?02:48
daftykinsfolks take the chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please :)02:49
lkthomasthedanyes, I just ask them reboot02:49
lkthomaslet's move to offtopic02:49
thedanyesdaftykins: is there a guide to what is considered off topic for #ubuntu?02:52
thedanyesdaftykins: I read IRC guidelines02:52
kevivk1l_: sorry to get back so late lol, apparently it needs a -desktop flag if there's no controlling terminal. Why it doesn't just check that and plan accordingly I have no idea02:53
daftykinsthedanyes: this is a support channel, so if it's not *buntu support - it's OT :)02:53
daftykinssee the topic for more02:54
OneM_IndustriesWhere can I find a list of all supported wifi chipsets?02:56
OneM_IndustriesI found the #1 place for wifi modules that work with linux for cheap, adafruit's raspberry pi section, and I want to make extra sure about the compatibility.02:57
kevivOneM_Industries: You planning on running ubuntu on it?02:57
kevivOneM_Industries: Or more like raspbian?02:57
OneM_IndustriesNo, grandma's laptop.02:57
kevivoh hah02:57
chalcedonydaftykins, "dmesg | tail" shows it trying to ping from eth2. ifconfig -a looks ok, and still nothing on ping.02:58
OneM_IndustriesThe wifi is not working on that, so I need a linux compatible usb wifi chip.02:58
daftykinschalcedony: ok, i think you should boot a live session on this machine and see if the adapter works at all on a clean setup02:58
chalcedonydaftykins, let me ask him if he has a live cd sompeplace thank you :)02:59
Walkerdinea wifi chip for raspberry pi?03:04
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:04
daftykinsno for an x86 laptop03:04
OneM_IndustriesI figure, if it works with the pi, it will work with the computer, right?03:05
daftykinsbit of a stretch.03:05
OneM_IndustriesJust tried the one I have in this computer, I can see and use wireless!03:06
daftykinswow that wasn't your first idea? :)03:07
OneM_IndustriesWell, looked like this specific one was out of stock, so I figured it did not hurt to have the full list handy...03:08
skittishtriggerwhen using rm -rf or any other deletion command in terminal is there a delay or cache of some sort that needs to be cleared before the space becomes available? (Deleted several folders with roughly 2Gb of files and its not showing up as available)03:09
OneM_IndustriesBingo! http://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Wireless-802-11n-RTL8188CUS-Raspberry/dp/B00H28H8DU03:09
nszcetaskittishtrigger type "sync"03:10
zanzibizarreYo wassup!03:10
zanzibizarrebazhang: Can you help me with my ubuntu setup liek you promised?03:10
skittishtriggerthank you very much nszceta03:10
zanzibizarrehi nszceta. How's it going?03:10
ElevyNJHelp I'm an idiot and messed up network manager. I have a fresh Ubuntu DVD how can I fix my system?03:11
zanzibizarreis nszceta pronounced: necessita?03:11
nszcetastruggling with stupid JS/DOM issues03:11
zanzibizarrei <3 JS + DOM03:11
nszcetaen "S" "zet" "tsehtah"03:11
nszceta4 syllables03:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:12
daftykinsElevyNJ: messed it up how?03:12
ElevyNJdaftykins, No idea but  I have a red circle with a line through it on the top bar, no networking and now it won't mount any DVD I insert. I get an Error mounting messge03:13
daftykinswhat do you hope to achieve by mounting the DVD?03:13
ElevyNJdaftykins, I was told yesterday that I could fix my system using it03:14
daftykinsbooting from, not mounting perhaps03:15
daftykinsElevyNJ: test the guest account before going any further03:15
chalcedonydaftykins, im making him a dvd. may take a few03:15
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
daftykinschalcedony: no flash drives around the place?03:17
ElevyNJdaftykins, No networking in guest either03:17
daftykinsElevyNJ: so any ideas what you did?03:17
muka_how can I run maliit-keyboard?03:18
ElevyNJdaftykins, I may have been doing a system update but I thought it finished before I did a shutdown03:18
ElevyNJdaftykins, I guess a wipe and reinstall is in order?03:19
daftykinsElevyNJ: not necessarily, open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get -f install" to start with, if it does nothing - nevermind, but if it spits out a whole bunch of stuff, share it via http://paste.ubuntu.com03:20
ElevyNJdaftykins, it wanted to remove a package I let it and now back at the shell03:24
ElevyNJdaftykins, still have the redcircle03:25
daftykinsElevyNJ: alright now run "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ " (assuming you're using standard ubuntu with unity)03:26
ElevyNJsays already the newest version daftykins03:27
daftykinsyou did put the ^ at the end yes?03:28
ElevyNJdaftykins, oops mo03:28
ElevyNJdaftykins, it says it couldn't find the package03:29
daftykinsdid you typo?03:29
ElevyNJE: Couldn't find any package by regex 'ubuntu-desktop' was the final message daftykins03:30
daftykinschanging tack, try "sudo apt-get purge network-manager" then "sudo apt-get install network-manager"03:31
=== alternat0r_ is now known as alternat0r
=== Blaster is now known as Guest19135
ElevyNJdaftykins, purging03:32
=== grant is now known as Guest70110
ElevyNJdaftykins, won't install says no installation candidate03:32
Gallomimiasomething up with your sources?03:33
daftykins"sudo apt-get update" and try agani, checking for typos.03:33
daftykinsyeah sounds like something is mighty messed up there :P03:33
daftykinsElevyNJ: is this even ubuntu?03:33
ElevyNJdaftykins, I just built a USB drive with the cd image. I think the problem is I have NO network working03:33
Gallomimiacat /etc/issue03:33
=== gary is now known as Guest64124
ElevyNJdaftykins, yes it's Ubuntu03:34
daftykins'built' ?03:34
Gallomimiais it booted from a liveCD ??03:34
Gallomimia(cd = usb stick these days)03:34
Guest64124hi ummmm I have network "pms" and I'm trying different  suff and lol just way will this not work ?   sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer03:34
ElevyNJdaftykins, used universial-usb installer to make another usb stick of the instal image from my Windows system03:34
daftykinsGuest64124: first off your query doesn't make sense in English, second - that's an old command03:35
daftykins!broadcom | Guest64124 read here for the new03:35
ubottuGuest64124 read here for the new: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:35
daftykinsElevyNJ: right but why did you tell me about that?03:35
Guest64124ya sorry sleepy  lol03:36
ElevyNJdaftykins, apt-get update is complaining abot not being able to resolve anything. I know it won't resolve becayuse there is no network03:36
ElevyNJdaftykins, in case you wanted to use the USB as a source for install files03:36
Gallomimiaaye... what does ifconfig tell you?03:36
daftykinsyeah, i should've really twigged that networking issues might mean you're not online :D03:36
ElevyNJGallomimia, Only shows lo03:36
Gallomimiadats bad.03:36
Gallomimiaso what networking devices does this system have? obv you're not talking to use with it?03:37
daftykinsElevyNJ: no run "ifconfig -a"03:37
Guest64124can anyone  help me  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx   I'm not that good with this03:37
ElevyNJGallomimia, the systen with no network has wifi and wired the wired is connected with a cable03:37
Guest64124I have been playing with this all day03:38
daftykinsGuest64124: impressive given you only just now have the relevant help page ;)03:38
ElevyNJdaftykins, ifconfig -a only shows lo03:38
Guest64124lol no I was here before lol with the same page03:39
bluzeohey guys - trying out ubuntu studio03:39
GallomimiaGuest64124: i'd love to but that help page made my eyes cross03:39
daftykinsElevyNJ: sounds like you've not even got a supported network adapter present. is this a laptop?03:41
ElevyNJdaftykins, Yes it's a laptop. it was working last night until I borked it03:41
daftykinsElevyNJ: time to boot the flash drive then03:42
daftykinsinto 'try' mode03:42
ElevyNJtry as in try Ubuntu?03:42
daftykinswell it's not a flash drive of beer is it? :)03:42
bluzeook i im switching back to LMDE till my debian disc comes- tried this for 3 hours and this distro is to much like windows03:45
ElevyNJdaftykins, bootig up and no beer03:45
Guest64124is there anything els I can do ?    the xubuntu runs fine just the wifi  is not working03:45
ash_workokay, I know I asked this earlier, but I think I had to ditch the room before I could get a response03:45
tracyonehow to restart cron service in ubuntu 15.0403:46
ash_workare you supposed to do something in order to save changes when you add nomodeset to the grub menu thing (whats that called?)?03:46
daftykinsash_work: no just hit ctrl+x to boot if you're doing it as a one-time thing03:47
ash_workdaftykins: k, that's what I did03:47
daftykinsash_work: editing it in GRUB there isn't the way to do it if you want it to be permanently set (but you shouldn't want that)03:47
ash_workI think because I shut it down improperly it didn't work03:47
ElevyNJdaftykins, Ok clicked on Try03:48
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
daftykinsash_work: what's the reason for trying nomodeset?03:49
ash_workthe laptop doesn't wake up from suspend03:49
ElevyNJdaftykins, Deskop is up03:50
ash_workdaftykins: seldomly it hangs on bootup03:50
daftykins!chroot | ElevyNJ follow this to chroot into your install and try fixing it up with a working network connection from the live session, or just nuke it - up to you.03:51
ubottuElevyNJ follow this to chroot into your install and try fixing it up with a working network connection from the live session, or just nuke it - up to you.: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot03:51
ElevyNJdaftykins, CLI is not my friend but I will try this03:53
ash_workany ideas, daftykins ?03:54
daftykinsElevyNJ: well you could just backup and reinstall, your call.03:55
daftykinsash_work: so you were trying nomodeset to rule out graphics drivers?03:55
ElevyNJdaftykins, doing a reinstall. The screen is half shot on the laptop. I have a second monitor 3 feet away making it awkward to type and look at the screen. Nothing of major importnce here03:56
ash_workdaftykins: that was just the first thing that came up03:58
ash_workdaftykins: when I googled the problem03:58
daftykinsbut that was the general idea?03:58
ubskeurash_work, often a good idea to look for dates or version numbers on posts03:58
=== anton is now known as Guest26044
Guest26044Доброго утра.03:59
ash_workubskeur: yeah, but there were several references pointing to the same issue; I thought that would give it some creedence03:59
cfhowlett!ru | Guest2604403:59
ubottuGuest26044: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.03:59
ash_workdaftykins: I wasn04:00
ash_workdaftykins: I wasn't really in "troubleshooting" mode, but I guess I could've viewed it that way04:00
ubskeurash_work, solutions might have been good back in 2009 or 2012, but technology moves on04:00
ash_workdaftykins: I was more in, "I hope this works" mode04:00
daftykinsi think i'd have preferred you started your question with what was up, not the old xy problem :)04:02
daftykinsanyway i'm calling it a night04:02
ash_workdaftykins: not sure what that means :{04:02
daftykinsit means cya04:03
ash_workdaftykins: :P I meant the xy thing I didn't get but have a good night04:03
ubottuThe XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.04:03
ash_workdaftykins: yeah, sorry, about that04:04
ash_workdaftykins: that generally occurs from my feeble attempts at not being a help vamp04:04
d21anthonyJust upgraded to 15.04 - Chrome Stable works great on my laptop but totally crashes my desktop. Didn't see any posts recently on the issue. Anybody else have that as an issue. FYI: clean installs rather than upgrades04:06
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=== MephRuns4Dayz is now known as Rektal
coltfredI'm running ubuntu 15.04 on my macbook and I was able to suspend by echoing mem into /sys/power/state until the last time I restarted. Now "mem" isn't in that file anymore. I can't seem to find anything online about this problem in particular, does anyone have any idea what caused mem to go missing from /sys/power/state?04:28
roh_how can i change kernel of ubuntu04:29
cfhowlett!kernel | roh04:30
ubotturoh: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)04:30
BluewolfHi all, I'm having a problem with my LibreOffice, I'm using the dark version of Gnome which works with most of my applications, I can't get it to work with the window of LibreOffice, anyone have an idea? - http://imgur.com/z9XaEmB04:31
cfhowlettBluewolf, you should probably direct this to LO.  also: ask about installing themes.04:31
Bluewolfcfhowlett: I have, waiting a reply.04:32
anton_ДОброго дня вам04:33
cfhowlett!ru | anton_04:34
ubottuanton_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.04:34
roh_what utility software i can use to boot ubuntu in usb04:34
gbellWhy are we still unable to click on the Flash Player Settings dialog box in Firefox.  It's 2015!  This issue is 8+ years old...04:35
gbellAnybody else?04:35
cfhowlettgbell, flash is dying a slow painful death.  innovation and upgrading is, I suspect, of very LOW priority.04:35
=== coltfred_ is now known as coltfred
gbellcfhowlett: Understood.  8 years ago it wasn't though!  A lot of people must have this problem.  Google search reveals a lot of old forum posts.  None of them have ever worked.  Kongregate still has a lot of flash games on it.04:37
cfhowlettgbell, now isn't then.  deal with it.  :)04:38
gbellyeah yeah.  I'm trying to understand how something so major wasn't addressed in such a long time.  Not complaining.  Lots of people get this problem, yes?04:38
Nelson1Linux (pronounced i/ˈlɪnəks/ lin-əks[4][5] or, less frequently, /ˈlaɪnəks/ lyn-əks[5][6]) is a Unix-like and mostlyPOSIX-compliant[7] computer operating system (OS) assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution. The defining component of Linux is the Linux kernel,[8] an operating system kernel first released on 5 October 1991 by Linus Torvalds.[9][10] The Free Software Foundation uses the na04:45
Nelson1The Unix operating system was conceived and implemented in 1969 at AT&T's Bell Laboratories in the United States byKen Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Douglas McIlroy, and Joe Ossanna.[22] First released in 1971, Unix was written entirely inassembly language as it was common practice at the time. Later, in a key pioneering approach in 1973, it was rewritten in the C programming language by Dennis Ritchie (with exceptions to the kernel and I/O). The avai04:45
Nelson1Linus Torvalds had wanted to call his invention Freax, a portmanteau of "free", "freak", and "x" (as an allusion to Unix). During the start of his work on the system, he stored the files under the name "Freax" for about half of a year. Torvalds had already considered the name "Linux," but initially dismissed it as too egotistical.[32]In order to facilitate development, the files were uploaded to the FTP server (ftp.funet.fi) of FUNET in September 1991. 04:45
cfhowlettNelson1, stop it now04:45
Nelson1Adoption of Linux in production environments, rather than being used only by hobbyists, started to take off first in the mid-1990s in the supercomputing community, where organizations such as NASA started to replace their increasingly expensive machines with clusters of inexpensive commodity computers running Linux. Commercial use followed when Dell and IBM, followed by Hewlett-Packard, started offering Linux support to escape Microsoft's monopoly in t04:45
Nelson1A Linux-based system is a modular Unix-like operating system, deriving much of its basic design from principles established in Unix during the 1970s and 1980s. Such a system uses a monolithic kernel, the Linux kernel, which handles process control, networking, access to the peripherals, and file systems. Device drivers are either integrated directly with the kernel, or added as modules that are loaded while the system is running.[48]Separate projects th04:47
Nelson1Installed components of a Linux system include the following:[49][51]A bootloader, for example GNU GRUB, LILO, SYSLINUX, Coreboot or Gummiboot. This is a program that loads the Linux kernel into the computer'smain memory, by being executed by the computer when it is turned on and after the firmware initialization is performed.An init program, such as the traditional sysvinit and the newer systemd, OpenRC and Upstart. This is the first processÂ04:47
Nelson1The user interface, also known as the shell, is either a command-line interface (CLI), a graphical user interface (GUI), or through controls attached to the associated hardware, which is common for embedded systems. For desktop systems, the default mode is usually a graphical user interface, although the CLI is available through terminal emulator windows or on a separatevirtual console.CLI shells are the text-based user interfaces, which use text for b04:47
Nelson1The primary difference between Linux and many other popular contemporary operating systems is that the Linux kernel and other components are free and open-source software. Linux is not the only such operating system, although it is by far the most widely used.[57]Some free and open-source software licenses are based on the principle of copyleft, a kind of reciprocity: any work derived from a copyleft piece of software must also be copyleft itself. The04:47
Nelson1Linux kernel is a widely ported operating system kernel; it runs on a highly diverse range of computer architectures, including the hand-held ARM-based iPAQ and the IBM mainframes System z9 or System z10 – covering devices ranging from mobile phones to supercomputers.[66] Specialized distributions and kernel forks exist for less mainstream architectures; for example, the ELKS kernel fork can run on Intel 8086 or Intel 80286 16-bitmicropro04:47
Nelson1Beside the Linux distributions designed for general-purpose use on desktops and servers, distributions may be specialized for different purposes including: computer architecture support, embedded systems, stability, security, localization to a specific region or language, targeting of specific user groups, support for real-time applications, or commitment to a given desktop environment. Furthermore, some distributions deliberately include onlyfree software04:47
Nelson1The popularity of Linux on standard desktop computers and laptops has been increasing over the years.[69] Currently most distributions include a graphical user environment, with the two most popular environments being GNOME (which can utilize additional shells such as the defaultGNOME Shell and Ubuntu Unity), and the KDE Plasma Desktop.[citation needed]No single official Linux desktop exists: rather desktop environments and Linux distributions select c04:47
limberawhat's the difference between apt-get remove05:09
limberaand apt-get purge05:09
cfhowlettlimbera, read the man page05:10
limberaheh true05:11
limberathanks :P05:11
cfhowlettlimbera, also: apt         is the replacement for apt-get .   I expect the latter to be deprecated in time.05:11
limberathank you05:13
cfhowlettlimbera, happy2help!05:13
limberai'm currently looking through packages on my server05:14
limberaand removing those that aren't being used05:14
cfhowlettlimbera, ... very carefully, I trust.   sudo apt update && sudo apt-get autoremove05:15
limberai'm using apt-get purge05:16
limberabut only removing ones i am certain are not being used05:16
limbera(mysql, postfix, exim4, dovecot)05:16
cfhowlettlimbera, fair enough.  #ubuntu-server            is a thing, you know that, right?05:16
SopaXTI have two acpi backlight drivers on my Lenovo TP E330. Setting the intel_backlight one to max reduces flicker.05:18
SopaXTThe screen was flickering like crazy05:19
SopaXTCan I do anything more permanent?05:19
SopaXTI will sue you, Canonical for the eye damage caused.05:20
cfhowlettSopaXT, this is not the place for your threats.05:20
SopaXTcfhowlett, I am joking, but the flicker did give me a focus problem.05:21
=== hugegree_ is now known as hugegreenbug
SopaXTOkay, should I file a bug report?05:32
tsimonq2Just wondering, does Ubuntu have support for HEVC yet? Or is that a Win10 only thing for now?05:33
tsimonq2And specifically version 3...05:34
lotuspsychje!details | SopaXT05:34
ubottuSopaXT: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)05:34
sadasdfI tried googling to fix my all-black gedit tabs, but i haven't had any success so far. has anyone else hit this bug? i'm using i3 window manager.05:35
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: maybe the #ubuntu-devel guys might know this?05:35
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: Ok, going there now.05:35
=== shroud is now known as Guest23644
lotuspsychjesadasdf: did you try #i3 ?05:36
apexhow do i get gnome?05:38
cfhowlett!gnome | apex05:39
ubottuapex: GNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome05:39
sadasdflotuspsychje, no, thaank you05:39
apexnow which is the default enviroment for ubuntu?05:39
cfhowlettapex, unity05:40
apexis this best one?05:41
cfhowlettapex, you choose.05:41
apexfor devlopment...05:41
cfhowlett!flavors | apex05:41
ubottuapex: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.05:41
BGLreally helpful that my fresh ubuntu/unity install under vbox starts up in a fixed 640x48005:42
cfhowlettBGL, happy things worked out for you!05:42
BGLwouldn't want to jump into anythign i was actually planning on getting done05:42
SopaXTOkay, describing my problem. I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330. There always was a bad screen flicker that I did not notice. When I had eye strain, I found that it was the cause. I tried to upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10, update the intel video drivers, and that did not help. I determined that the problem was in the backlight. I googled the issue and found many different suggestions, even one on Launchpad covering my problem. None did help. I not05:42
lotuspsychjeSopaXT: 14.10 is eol now, did you try a no_acpi boot?05:43
SopaXTno_acpi? Haven't tried, how do I use it?05:44
lotuspsychjeSopaXT: load up grub at boot, then add those boot options to load05:46
SopaXTWill try, thanks.05:46
SopaXTBut, I have a quick and dirty fix for it.05:46
lotuspsychjeSopaXT: also check your syslog and dmesg for relevant acpi errors05:46
SopaXTI seem to get how this works. The two drivers were in conflict.05:47
george_how to update ZAP 2.4.1?05:47
lotuspsychje!info zap05:48
ubottuPackage zap does not exist in vivid05:48
lotuspsychjegeorge_: where did you get that package05:48
SopaXTSo, to file a bug report, I need to collect the necessary info first.05:52
lotuspsychjeSopaXT: yes05:52
lotuspsychje!bug | SopaXT05:52
ubottuSopaXT: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:52
SopaXTBut, what package is acpi related to?05:52
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
lotuspsychjeSopaXT: thats why you need to investigate your logs, to see whats happening exactly05:53
WACOMaltExcuse me, can anyone tell me how I can resize an exFat partition to fill the whole drive?05:55
WACOMaltcurrently its a 64GB partition on a 128 SD card05:55
lotuspsychje!info gparted | WACOMalt05:55
ubottuWACOMalt: gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.19.0-2 (vivid), package size 528 kB, installed size 1868 kB05:55
WACOMaltoh thank you. I couldnt get it to resize that partition though. I'll give it another go05:56
george_when starting  ZAP, been asked new release can be downloaded05:57
Stringtosshey i just upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04, and AMD Catalyst Control center won't load, i errors when typing in fglrxinfo into the terminal... if i purge fglrxinfo and reinstall it like it says on this page:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD  would that help?  I was unaware that I was supposed to uninstall it when upgrading05:57
lotuspsychjeStringtoss: if you need more stable try LTS05:58
lotuspsychjeStringtoss: a clean install 15.04 can do magic also05:59
Stringtossokay i don't have a CD to put a clean install on... but for now would purging and reinstalling help?06:00
WACOMaltlotuspsychje, gparted will not allow me to resize it06:00
WACOMaltthe handle will not drag and I cant type in a new size06:00
lotuspsychjeStringtoss: have spare usb perhaps?06:01
BGLk, well maybe i'll have better luck with an xubuntu install cuz this is a joke06:01
BGLwhy is unity even utilizing 640x480 at all? i can't see any of the dialogs in full06:01
Stringtossi don't see why i should have to do a clean install, i mean i've been suggested that before and I don't see what the point of providing an upgrade is if you should just do a clean install, you know?06:01
Stringtossi guess I was trying to avoid having to do something like that06:02
lotuspsychjeStringtoss: 14.10 is eol, so upgrading from it can cause issues06:02
WACOMaltIs there any other way to resize this partition? I dont know what gparted's deal is06:03
lotuspsychjeStringtoss: in many cases clean install can fix things, did you try the open source driver?06:03
StringtossI know, everything else is working fine though06:03
Stringtossthe xorg one?06:03
Stringtossi mean that one seems to work fine but I was hoping I could get the other one too06:03
Stringtossat least I thin it's working okay, no major explosions06:04
cfhowlettBGL, this is virtualbox?06:05
Stringtossactually I thought they went hand in hand06:05
lotuspsychjeStringtoss: best driver is the one working right06:07
cfhowlettBGL, no guest additions package = no full resolution06:07
BGLi don't get how the installer is in what appears to be 1024x768 yet then after install it boots to a fixed 640x48006:07
BGLi don't even care about full resolution, i'd be happy with what it installed with for now06:08
wafflejockStringtoss: LTS to LTS between 12.04 and 14.04 I was able to upgrade, ended up wiping eventually anyhow cause I decided to change up the environment I was using (used kubuntu for a while but settled on Gnome edition), it can work, that said I think the whole separating your home partition for easy reinstall of the OS/programs is a good idea06:08
wafflejockBGL: just install the guest additions should be good06:08
LambdaComplexBGL: Perhaps the LiveCD has drivers that aren't included in an installation?06:08
LambdaComplexBut yeah, just install the guest additions06:08
BGLyeah if only, i inserted and tried to install it twice and it just hung06:08
Stringtosswell from what i understand, i'll be able to keep my .home folder right?06:09
BGLi just shut it down and i'm trying xubuntu now06:09
BGLwhich i probly should've done from the beginning, but we'll see06:09
LambdaComplexXFCE <306:09
wafflejockBGL: you can try the ones in the repo as well sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso, not sure what the problem is though06:09
lotuspsychjeStringtoss: yes, but backups always reccomended06:09
Stringtossoh of course, i backed up everything last night06:10
Stringtossthat's why i didn't upgrade sooner, i had moved and couldn't find my external hard drive06:10
* necrone ce demande commande ça fonctionne ici06:35
cfhowlett!it | necrone06:35
ubottunecrone: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)06:35
snapfractalpopif I remove a bunch of old kernels at once in aptitude, is there a way to prevent it from reconfiguring grub after each one?06:38
necroneil y a juste personne qui repond ou je suis pas au bonne endroit ^^'06:40
lotuspsychje!fr | necrogami06:40
ubottunecrogami: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.06:40
lotuspsychje!fr | necrone06:40
ubottunecrone: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.06:40
necronethanks ^06:40
lotuspsychjenecrone: you can ask your ubuntu issue here in english too if you like06:41
necronesorry but my english sucks ^^ i going to french channel06:42
lotuspsychje!es | SuperHack3rMan06:44
ubottuSuperHack3rMan: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:44
LambdaComplexWoah, I can actually read that one! Neat06:44
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lotuspsychje!alis | necrone06:54
ubottunecrone: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:54
enrico_ /EXEC rm -vf /home/enrico/.xchat2/buduscript/tmp/budus_XDCC_8372.query07:05
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techkamarhi der07:08
techkamarany1 online07:09
lotuspsychjetechkamar: welcome, what can we do for you?07:09
techkamari hav a small problem with my battery indicator in panel07:09
lotuspsychjetechkamar: shoot07:09
techkamarit remains same as when i booted my ubuntu07:10
ubskeurjust say the whole question in one line07:10
lotuspsychjetechkamar: it never emptys?07:10
techkamarkk....my battery indicator in panel is not refreshing.....it always shows same value.....wat to do?07:10
lotuspsychjetechkamar: and you sure your battery still works?07:11
techkamarya battery works07:11
techkamarbut indicator is not working properly07:11
lotuspsychjetechkamar: any changes when you plugin adapter?07:11
ubskeurtechkamar, are you running off battery right now?07:11
techkamarnop....im running in battery only07:12
lotuspsychjetechkamar: you might wanna investigate your syslog and dmesg07:13
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Afdlaany ideas why 15.04 always puts my volume to 100% when booting computer?07:34
Afdlai'm destroying my ears each time I put music on07:34
Afdlayoutube seems to prefer 100% too07:34
ubskeurAfdla, no, it never happened to me07:40
ubuntu509hey guys I have an emergency07:40
ubuntu509I lost root ownership of the whole filesystem07:40
ubuntu509how do I gain it back? i cant even startup system without going to root shell07:41
akikubuntu509: boot of the live dvd and fix it there07:41
xanguaubuntu509: how about you explain first what you did exactly¿07:41
ubuntu509xangua I booted from vmware into a real partition and accidentaly timer timed out and it boot default which is ubuntu which i was runniing instead of what I wanted to run in VM, windows07:42
ubuntu509vmware was running in root mode so it stole the filesystem07:42
bazhangubuntu509, thats not credible07:42
bazhangubuntu509, #vmware for support07:43
ubuntu509i know i made stupid mistake but it all happened because grub timed out on ubuntu07:43
ubuntu509no seriously its not a vmware problem07:43
akikwhat is vmware root mode?07:43
ubuntu509i lost ownership on most system directories07:43
ubuntu509akik I ran vmware with sudo07:44
bazhangubuntu509, grub and vmware and 'stealing root' vmware issue07:44
cfhowlettWHY was vmware in root mode07:44
ubuntu509so simple question, how do I assign / ownership to sudo07:44
ubuntu509cfhowlett: because the virtual VMDK i created was only accessible in root07:44
bazhangubuntu509, you said root in vmware07:45
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ubuntu509no real ubuntu problem here forget vmware07:45
akikubuntu509: maybe before doing anything more, backup your data07:46
bazhangubuntu509, there is no stealing of root, for one, and without vmware in the equation, this alleged theft never took place07:46
ubuntu509ok let me post something, when I log into shell with my real username and do sudo chown root /07:46
ubuntu509it gives me sudo: unable to openn /var/lib/sudi/webgen/tty1: read only file system07:47
ubuntu509chown: changing ownership of someWeirdChars: read-only file system07:47
ubuntu509var/lib/sudo i meant not sudi07:48
akikubuntu509: that can probably be solved by mount -o remount,rw /var07:48
ubuntu509ok let me try07:48
akikbut please backup your data first :)07:48
ubuntu509akik: my data is fine no worries07:48
ubuntu509akik: command is incorrect how do I exactly type in : S07:49
akikmaybe replace /var with /07:49
akikif they live in the same partition07:49
cfhowlett!test | talos_07:49
ubottutalos_: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )07:49
lkthomasfinally I disabled join/left message appear on my chat window07:50
lkthomasfeel a lot better now, LOL07:50
ubuntu509unable to open /var/lib//sudo/webgen/tty1:read only file system mount: /var not mounted or bad option07:50
akikdid you remount it?07:50
ubuntu509thats what it wrote when i input your command07:51
ubuntu509i tried same command on / and it said its write protected07:51
ubuntu509i am scared :D07:51
ubuntu509and i really dont wanna reinstall ubuntu i have it pretty setup omg07:52
ubuntu509var lib sudo webgen tty1 dir sounds like a problem, if I somehow gain rw ownership then I ll be able to resolve i think07:53
akikubuntu509: one way to go forward is to boot the live dvd and chown there07:53
akikubuntu509: but it's hard to say what's your real problem is07:54
ubuntu509if i chown from live usb, how does it give ownership to the root and not the live usb root?07:54
akikroot is uid 0 always07:54
ubuntu509akik ok let me make a bootable cd07:55
acsokais it possible to prevent a cp but allow mv only?08:01
akikacsoka: are you talking about file permissions or tools to copy files?08:03
akikacsoka: remember that cp and mv are not the only tools to copy files08:04
acsokaakik what else can be used?08:04
akikcat, dd08:05
acsokabasically,  i need to prevent people copying a file (because copy  takes time) and only allow instant actions like 'mv'08:05
lotuspsychje!chmod | acsoka08:06
ubottuacsoka: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions08:06
akikthat's a bit exotic case you're having :)08:06
acsokayeah its a strange case08:07
siddharth030i want to login into another computer and im running ssh on it08:16
siddharth030so i want graphical login08:16
ubskeursiddharth030, ssh is not the toold you want08:16
siddharth030then please tell me what to install08:16
ubskeursiddharth030, look at something like remote desktop08:16
huwjrsiddharth030: try tightvnc and a VNC client. and tunnel it over SSH08:17
siddharth030will that work anywhere08:18
siddharth030i mean if im on another network too08:18
reza28klsv /.fj895rmn/noiwoeg/kw4nw908:18
ubskeurreza28, please stop08:18
ObrienDaveAppropriate time-of-day greetings & Welcome08:23
_Nornshas the amd/fglrx situation been resolved for the latest apt upgrade with linux-headers and image generics?08:23
ObrienDavetry it and see08:23
_Nornswent through a whole ordeal yesterday.. spent far too long troubleshooting only to find out it was an issue tehre08:24
_Nornsdont feel up for that :D08:24
CyborgCygnusI'm clicking on icons to launch VLC, other apps in my Ubuntu 14.04 but they aren't opening. This happens when I tried to shutdown also, I have to shutdown from a terminal using commands08:24
_Nornsbut basically all videos aspects were nonfunctional with the upgrade08:24
ObrienDavehonestly couldn't tell you either way08:24
ubskeur_Norns, I'm running fglrx08:25
ubuntu509fixed without live usb akik thanks allot i used fcsk commandd or something and it corrected lots of errors i dont know and then it just logged in normally08:25
ubskeur_Norns, I was having issues with fglrx, switching to fglrx-updates seemed to fix it08:25
_Nornsubskeur: I had to roll back my grub to previous, was only solution i found08:25
ubskeur_Norns, either that or the problem was fixed08:26
ubskeur_Norns, what were the symptoms of your issue?08:26
rallonhi all08:27
ObrienDaveCyborgCygnus, try reinstalling the ubuntu-desktop08:27
_Nornsubskeur: basically the issue lies in the latest upgrade, with the linux-image-generics and linux-header-generics, at least as far as I was able to deduce from searching.. it lies with AMD GPU and FGLRX udpate08:27
_NornsI fixed it by rolling back to previous grub08:27
rallonI have to check a HDD for its content: it should be completely written with 0x55, how can I check, with which prog?08:27
_Nornsjust curious if its been solved08:27
ubskeur_Norns, I'm running fglrx-updates right now, yesterday I couldn't log in due to fglrx, today it's fine08:28
_Nornsi should say, fglrx-updates not fglrx08:28
_Nornsmy bad08:28
ubskeur_Norns, I wasn't running fglrx-updates yesterday though08:29
CyborgCygnusObrienDave, last thing I want to do but do you have a link on how to do that? You mean not reisntall Ubuntu right? And just reinstall its desktop environment?08:29
ObrienDaveCyborgCygnus, try     sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop08:30
ObrienDavejust the desktop environment (DE)08:30
_Nornsubskeur: hm.. I tried that yesterday purged fglrx-updates and core, dev and all that.. swtiched to fglrx, still had issue.  Only solution was to roll back grub.  Guess tomorrow when I get up i'll try an upgrade see what happens08:30
akikrallon: i don't know how to check, maybe calculate a checksum for 1 GiB of 0x55 then read it off the disk with dd and compare?08:30
zuzulovesumany one here08:32
ubskeuryes, ask a question08:32
zuzulovesumnice to meet u08:32
ubskeurzuzulovesum, are you here for a chat, or to solve a problem with ubuntu?08:32
zuzulovesumok so i installed ubuntu yesterday http://i.imgur.com/Q1tCaQ9.png < u can in this image though i forgot to turn off safe boot and installed it08:33
zuzulovesumthough it was installed it boots directly into 8.108:33
zuzulovesumand does not show grub any idea what i can do08:34
ubskeurzuzulovesum, where do you turn off safe boot? is it a bios setting or a windows setting or something else?08:35
ObrienDaveUEFI setting08:35
_Nornsthink you have to work around the UEFI setting08:35
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:35
akikrallon: if you don't have to test for 0x55 you can use badblocks to write 0x55 to the whole disk08:35
zuzulovesumbios uefi setting08:35
zuzulovesumi forgot to turn it off while installing08:35
ubskeurzuzulovesum, yeah, you have to work around uefi08:35
zuzulovesumi was told to turn it off as it could causesome issues08:35
zuzulovesumso is there a way or work around ?08:36
ubskeur!uefi zuzulovesum08:36
ubskeur!uefi | zuzulovesum08:36
ObrienDaveturn it off, reinstall08:36
ubottuzuzulovesum: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:36
zuzulovesumi already read that mate08:36
zuzulovesumbut is 20 gb enough for ubuntu08:36
ubskeurzuzulovesum, probably08:37
zuzulovesumalso all i need to know how to fix grub08:37
ubskeurzuzulovesum, *yes08:37
ubskeurzuzulovesum, it's all explained in the link on that post08:37
rallonakik: I had to block a badblocks -w in the reading of 0x55 patter and I wanted to just check that pattern, not re-write it and then check08:37
ObrienDavezuzulovesum, sudo update-grub08:37
ubskeurObrienDave, doesn't work if they can't boot to ubuntu08:37
zuzulovesumso should i go in live ubuntu08:38
ObrienDavenah, really? please tell me you're kidding, right?08:38
zuzulovesumand write that in terminal ?08:38
ubskeurnot sure it will work in a lovecd08:38
zuzulovesumbut its worth a try right ?08:38
ubskeurI would suggest reinstalling using the uefi tutorial08:39
akikrallon: have you tried using dd to read the disk? you can pipe it directly to md5sum08:39
zuzulovesumhuh @akik08:39
zuzulovesumubskeur i got no problem reinstalling but how do i uninstall first08:39
rallonakik: md5sum calculate the MD5, but I have to check for every single byte to be 0x5508:40
ubskeurzuzulovesum, when you reinstall, remove the existing partitions and then put new ones where they were08:40
akikrallon: it's too slow that way08:40
rallonI'm trying od -t c | grep -v U08:40
ObrienDavezuzulovesum, you don't, just overwrite the ubuntu partitions08:40
rallon(U = 0x55)08:40
akikrallon: i'd read it in blocks of maybe 1MiB or such08:40
zuzulovesumhow do i remove them sorry but im new at all of this08:41
rallonakik: it's VERY FAST that way, 100 MB/s08:41
rallon12 GB in 109 sec08:41
ubskeurzuzulovesum, when you're running the ubuntu installer, there is an option to do custom partitions08:42
ubskeurzuzulovesum, you can select partitions you don't want and press the - to remove them08:42
zuzulovesumyeah something else08:42
zuzulovesumk ill try that thank u08:42
zuzulovesumill be back if i get more issues thanks again08:42
ObrienDavebe seeing you ;P08:43
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 1486896 in linux (Ubuntu) "On Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330, the screen backlight flickers badly." [Undecided,New]08:49
ubskeurSopaXT, that looks like a similar model to my laptop, which has no issue08:51
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medicijnmandoes anyone know how to force use a dns address? my internet is kinda broken because most programs try to use the dns of my isp, but that one is down for two days straight08:57
ObrienDaveuse google's DNS
ubskeurmedicijnman, https://askubuntu.com/questions/2321/what-is-the-proper-way-to-change-the-dns-ip08:59
medicijnmanuhmmm, sorry ubskeur i can't connect to that page with my browser because it uses the broken dns server09:00
ubskeurmedicijnman, system settings > network > connection you're using > options09:00
ubskeurmedicijnman, IPv4/IPv6 settings > Additional DNS servers09:01
medicijnmanubskeur: the order is important right? i can't change the order09:02
ObrienDaveeither way. 1st address is primary09:03
ubskeurmedicijnman, if you're using IPv6, use 2001:4860:4860::8888, 2001:4860:4860::884409:03
medicijnmanubskeur, obriendave: okay i added the ipv4 dns addresses. i'm currently checking whether it works09:04
medicijnmanubskeur, obriendave: thanks it worked. sorry for asking, but i couldn't browse the web so i couldn't search for a solution either09:05
ubskeur!yay | medicijnman09:06
ubottumedicijnman: Glad you made it! :-)09:06
DJJeffafter a program crashes and the window to report the bug comes up (apport-gtk) how do I view the bug details09:07
DJJeffor view it upload it to a website09:07
DJJeffdoing the checkbox to send the report seems to do jack shit09:08
DJJeffno link to view a report after its sent nothing09:08
ObrienDavenope, once sent it *poofs*09:08
DJJeffwhat garbage09:09
DJJeffpure garbage09:09
ObrienDavesl=hall we send you a refund? ;P09:09
DJJeffyes please09:09
DJJeffyou can paypal me the $0 and .00c09:09
ObrienDavethe checks in the mail ;p09:09
ubskeurDJJeff, do you accept bitcoin?09:09
ubskeurDJJeff, there might be something in the syslogs09:10
mkanyicyhi guys09:10
SopaXThttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1486896 - polling09:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1486896 in linux (Ubuntu) "On Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330, the screen backlight flickers badly." [Undecided,Confirmed]09:10
ubskeurSopaXT, we saw it before, if someone knows anything about it they will get back to you09:10
DJJeffalso gdb or the gnome-debug tool I tried attaching it to a pid and everything locked up09:10
DJJefftrying to get a bt or backtrace09:11
mkanyicyI installed terminator on ubuntu and now when I press Ctrl+Alt+T terminator shows up instead of gnome-terminal, how can i change this back to the default09:11
DJJeffhad to switch to CTRL+ALT+1 to kill the pid of gdb09:11
DJJeffmkanyicy: I think in your settings there is keyboard shortcuts you can modify09:11
ubskeurmkanyicy, system settings -> keyboard -> shortcuts -> launchers -> launch terminal09:12
ubskeurmkanyicy, it might also be in the custom shortcuts09:12
DJJeff-rw-r----- 1 jefferyw whoopsie 1.3M Aug 20 02:01 /var/crash/_usr_bin_xfwm4.1000.crash09:14
DJJeffoh I have this what can I do with it09:14
DJJeffits an amazing 1.3MB09:14
ObrienDaveyou can probably open it with a text editor and read it ;P09:15
ubskeurDJJeff, if it's a bug in a specific program you could attach it to your bug report09:16
mkanyicy@DJJeff @ubskeur Launch terminal is correct but the actual terminal programme that comes up is terminator not gnome-terminal09:16
ubskeurmkanyicy, do you use terminator?09:16
SopaXTThis bug DID cause eye strain for me.09:16
mkanyicyubskeur: yes i do but i want that shortcut to stick to the default gnome-terminal09:16
=== tomas_ is now known as Guest69555
ubskeurmkanyicy, were there any custom keyboard shortcuts that might override the default one?09:17
mkanyicyubskeur: okay i managed thanks, but when i did that it moved the Launch Terminal shortcut to Super+W which is for compiz window tiling, had to go to that to change it to some other shortcut to get compiz window tiling to work09:18
mkanyicythanks ubskeur DJJeff09:18
ubskeurmkanyicy, ok09:19
ubskeurif it works it works09:19
DJJeffwho is in charge of apport and apport-gtk09:21
DJJeffand error reporting09:21
DJJeffthey should have the option to pastebin the crash without the lines that contain the core dump09:22
DJJefffor example what I just did09:22
mistralolfor a ubuntu port. Does 14.10 exist?09:22
ubskeurmistralol, ubuntu 14.10 is no longer supported09:22
mistralolubskeur: i dont care if its supported. Only if it exists or did exist for ports09:23
mistralolbasically its for a rapsberry pi09:23
ubskeurmistralol, it exists, it used to be supported, why do you need to know?09:23
ubskeurteo_, hello, how can we help you?09:34
teo_i'd like to install ubuntu, i have tested it on virtual box and i like it09:34
teo_but i'd like to use it with kde09:34
teo_and not unity09:35
teo_i have read that there is kubuntu09:35
teo_but there are many differences in it (programs installed)09:35
teo_so i'd like to install normal ubuntu and change the desktop from unity to kde09:35
teo_is it possible (easy) or it's better to install kubuntu?09:36
ubskeurteo_, kubuntu and ubuntu are very similar, but changing ubuntu from unity to kde is also possible09:36
teo_is it simple?09:36
wafflejockteo_: there will be a different set of default apps but just as easy in terms of setup09:36
mistralolubskeur: yeah i would like th eprecompiled gstreamer 14.10 from it :)09:36
mistralolubskeur: is it still possible to upgrade to it?09:37
ubskeurmistralol, so you want to install gstreamer on 14.10?09:37
mistralolyes but a specific version at least 1.409:37
teo_i need a single command (like search it in the app list) or is longer?09:38
ubskeurteo_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE09:38
wafflejockteo_: you can get a totally separate ISO here http://www.kubuntu.org/09:38
mistralolubskeur: unless it would be possible to update the rpi port to 15.04 that would also work as well09:38
teo_i know that there is kubuntu (not tested) but seems (from wikipedia) that it has different apps09:39
teo_for example there isn't firefox but there is other09:39
ubskeurmistralol, you mean to update a raspberry pi to ubuntu 15.04? that would be possible09:39
wafflejockteo_: they have the same repositories so you can still install everything09:39
teo_yes but the only thing that i don't like is kde09:39
mistralolubskeur: either way works. Would almost prefere the supported lastest version imo09:39
teo_i mean unity09:39
wafflejockteo_: just different defaults because it's using KDE friendly stuff09:39
mistralolubskeur: but if i run a do-release-update it says no new version found09:40
wafflejockteo_: would suggest giving it a try you get the full KDE experience and adding in the one or two apps you want from regular Unity is no biggie09:40
teo_maybe i will try kubuntu and ubuntu with kde09:40
ubskeurmistralol, do you have graphics or do you have to use command line?09:40
mistralolcmd line09:40
teo_so you think is better if i download kubuntu?09:40
ubskeurteo_, I would recommend kubuntu in your case09:40
manjaro-kde5-how can I find out about web traffic of other wifi users?for example how can I see what others are downloading over the web on the same public network?09:41
=== manjaro-kde5- is now known as sinisterdoor
sinisterdoorIt is not encrypted or over https09:41
ubskeursinisterdoor, this would be in your router settings09:41
teo_thank you all!!09:41
wafflejockteo_: o/09:41
sinisterdoorubskeur: that's weird,I mean one can arp poison and disconnect other wifi connections,one can sniff and take out passwords if they are not encrypted09:42
sinisterdoorbut you are telling me to see what others are downloading requires access to my router?09:42
OerHekssinisterdoor, analysing webtraffic is beyond the scope of this channel.09:42
sinisterdoormy router is far more stupid than this09:42
ubskeurmistralol, sudo do-release-upgrade09:42
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:42
mistralolubskeur: which says no new release avilable.09:43
sinisterdoorokay,any idea where I can ask?09:43
ubskeurmistralol, edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and make sure it has the line Prompt=normal09:43
mistralolubskeur: ypu looks like its going to update to utopic09:44
ubskeurmistralol, that fixed it?09:44
mistralolubskeur: another quick question. Does ubuntu force an update path? or can you jump trusty -> vivid?09:45
OerHeksmistralol, no.09:45
ubskeurmistralol, you should be upgrading to vivid, not utopic09:46
OerHeksas utopic is EOL, you will need some tricks to get the package server running, see !eolupgrade09:46
OerHekssee the old-releases part > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Upgrading09:47
* OerHeks would do a fresh install09:47
ubskeurI still don't know what they're trying to do exactly09:48
_Norns /close09:49
mistralolubskeur: yeah but i am on trusty which is still supported?09:57
mcphailmistralol: there will not be a supported upgrade path from trusty until the release of 16.0409:58
mistralolmcphail: So how do i upgrade from trusty to vivid?09:59
mistraloldo I have to go trusty -> utopic -> vivid?09:59
SopaXTYou have.09:59
mcphailmistralol: OerHeks has already given you a link to the unsupported method, and has also given you the supported advice: do a fresh install09:59
mistralolmcphail: there is no installer for vivid for this port ;)10:00
mcphailmistralol: then there is no supported path10:00
mcphailmistralol: what device is it?10:02
mistralolcurrently looking at this https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11010510:02
mcphailmistralol: then I'm not even sure there is an upgrade path at all. The Raspberry pi uses a custom kernel10:02
mistralolyes it does and yes its not supported at all10:02
OerHeksfor pi210:03
mistralolOerHeks: yes thats the current imnage i am running but I have some problems with certain packages like gstreamer10:03
mistralolOerHeks: trusty has gstreamer 1.2.x i need 1.4.x10:04
mcphailmistralol: I've found gstreamer to be a nightmare to upgrade in the past. I don't think you're going to find a good solution beond waiting for someone to port a newer Ubuntu version. Perhaps consider a different distro?10:05
mistralolmcphail: i am about to build my own image for vivid which somebody else has already done.10:06
mistralolmcphail: I know what a pain gstreamer is to recompile :)10:07
mcphailmistralol: ok, good luck!10:07
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
mistralolmcphail: i will try it and see what happens. its basically the same script that generated the 14.04 image i am using10:09
folfHi, I'm working on an old Dell T7500 with two NVIDIA G98 (Quadro NVS 295) cards in it on Ubuntu 14.04 using the nvidia-340 driver. The entire system freezes on my relatively regularly. Any hints for trouble shooting this?10:10
OerHeksmistralol, try to update that script from 'finnie' indeed, not that hard i guess10:10
linhvuvtnhi all , im new here10:11
ac3takwas_linhvuvtn, welcome10:12
mistralolOerHeks: there is an updated version at http://www.mrengles.com/raspberry/ubuntu/vivid/Scripts/10:13
IdiotI'm trying to run Dwarf Fortress from the terminal, but it gives me the message: "-bash: ./df: Permission denied".10:13
IdiotOr am I in the wrong IRC?10:13
=== Blaster is now known as Guest21668
OerHeksmistralol, no, or i cannot find it. maybe #ubuntu-arm know better than me ?10:17
=== greyback_ is now known as greyback|shops
linhvuvtnhi all , im new here10:22
linhvuvtnwho are Vietnamese ?10:22
mistralolOerHeks: the last link i posted the script is the only file int he directory10:22
mistraloltrying it now see how it goes :D10:22
OerHeksmistralol, oh, i was looking @ http://www.finnie.org/software/raspberrypi/rpi2-build-image.sh10:24
zuzuloveshi again guys10:24
Gallomimianothing from the bod :(10:24
steedp3Does anybody know what on earth is going on here? https://pastee.org/g3xwa , Why is HOSTNAME not being subsituted on the long lines?10:25
ubottuĐể được trợ giúp về Ubuntu bằng ngôn ngữ Việt, xin vui lòng /join #ubuntu-vn. Rất vui lòng được giúp đỡ10:25
zuzulovesso i reinstalled ubuntu still can not boot into it10:25
Gallomimiasteedp3: variables start with the $ character.10:25
steedp3Gallomimia: what variables?10:26
Gallomimiathe one called HOSTNAME ?10:26
steedp3in M4?10:26
Gallomimiait's not being replaced cause you didn't put the $10:26
Gallomimiais this a bash script or what?10:26
steedp3why is it replaced on the first line then?10:26
steedp3Gallomimia: it is using the m4 macro processor10:27
Gallomimianot sure. did you put the $ in that one?10:27
steedp3no, you can see that10:27
Gallomimiano i can't. there's no HOSTNAME there10:27
steedp3I cat'd the file10:27
steedp3then showed how m4 confusingly transformed it10:27
Gallomimiayes i have that open. it's really hard to figure out what you did to generate this at all. but.... what in the world is the M4 macro processor?10:28
steedp3a macro processor10:29
Gallomimiaif you can't figure out how it works, maybe you ought to go to their irc channel? i've never heard of this.. what's wrong with the dot command in bash?10:29
steedp3they dont have one10:29
folfsteedp3: it's because of the "'" I guess10:29
steedp3its a fairly standard unix tool10:29
Gallomimiathat's too bad then. try bash.10:29
steedp3Gallomimia: bash is not a macro language . . .10:29
steedp3folf: what do you mean?10:29
Gallomimialooks like a bash script to me, except the html parts10:30
steedp3Gallomimia: I think you might be confused, what I showed you is me using bash to run m410:31
steedp3or you are just trolling10:31
Gallomimianope. i'm confused. i do see the one command executing m410:32
steedp3The problem I am facing has nothing to do with bash10:32
Abhijiton 15.04 I set AMD graphics card driver to open source in Additional Drivers Application. now when I restarted, the X do not find any graphics card and ask me to configure. that does not change anything. how can I reconfigure my AMD graphics drivers to use propriatory driver from rescue mode command line?10:33
Gallomimiaits definitely quote related in your .m4 file. the ones in quotes are not touched, while the ones not in quotes are replaced.10:33
=== greyback|shops is now known as greyback
Gallomimiaor.... maybe the slashes near it?10:34
folfsteedp3: sorry, think it's the "#" actually, which is a comment charachter10:34
Gallomimiaoh there you go10:34
Gallomimiathat would do it. the # is needed in your code tho right? how to escape the # or maybe expand a macro into # ?10:35
ubskeurGallomimia, /#10:36
steedp3folf: thanks, that was it!10:38
steedp3actually it is `#'10:38
NGC3982Has anyone of you used Triplie?10:39
hateballAbhijit: try using the command "ubuntu-drivers"10:39
=== x4w3 is now known as cxxx[xxxxxZAS
Abhijithateball, will do. thanks.10:40
folfsteedp3: http://www.gnu.org/savannah-checkouts/gnu/m4/manual/m4-1.4.17/html_node/Comments.html#Comments seems to have the information you need10:40
steedp3folf: yeah, thanks10:40
folfsteedp3: sure!10:40
=== folivora_ is now known as folivora
folfJust trying to post this again:  I'm working on a Dell T7500 with two NVIDIA G98 (Quadro NVS10:52
folf       295) cards in it on Ubuntu 14.04 using the nvidia-340 driver. The10:52
folf       entire system freezes on my relatively regularly. Any hints for trouble10:52
folf       shooting this?10:52
Gallomimiayep. take the second card out10:52
Gallomimiai'm no expert on the subject, but last i'd heard multi-GPU setups in linux weren't very functional at all.10:53
Gallomimiahave you got them SLI'd?10:53
Gallomimiafolf: so my suggestion is to turn off SLI and try driving each a monitor per card. but at some point you're going to have to dig into some logs to find out what's really causing the lockups.10:57
Bern_Im having graphical issues playing ARK on my ubuntu system. I haven't installed any graphic drivers since ubuntu uses the open source from Radeon drivers. But they dont seem to cut it. The screens gets black every 7 second and pretty much the whole PC freezes. Could it be I need proper drivers for this?10:57
ubskeurBern_, you can install proprietary drivers from the additional drivers settings10:58
Gallomimiaopen source drivers, very slow. someone was in here comparing them. 7fps in one game, change to proprietary, got 60fps10:58
ubskeurGallomimia, it was 9fps10:58
Gallomimiaclose enough :D10:59
Gallomimiawas it you?10:59
ubskeurGallomimia, yeah10:59
Gallomimiaa slideshow is still a slideshow10:59
Bern_ubskeur ok. So just download drivers from AMD's website and install? No other fuss?10:59
ubskeurBern_, that is not the best method10:59
Gallomimiause package manager.10:59
Gallomimiaamd's website provides headaches, not downloads :/10:59
Gallomimiaremove the old driver first too.10:59
ubskeurBern_, if you go to the additional drivers settings there are options for proprietary drivers10:59
Kurisu|CodeineJust wondering if this is a good place for support?11:00
ubskeurBern_, type additional drivers into the launcher (top left)11:00
=== Kurisu|Codeine is now known as Kurisu
ubskeurKurisu, yes11:00
Gallomimiayes it is.11:00
Bern_ubskeur , yes found it. Says no proprietary drivers are in use11:01
ubskeurKurisu, you just had your allotted one question used up, bye <311:01
KurisuAwesome, well my friend's trying to install Ubuntu, but he gets the following error. He has a GTX 750; http://paste.ubuntu.com/12134824/11:01
KurisuI've searched everywhere on the Internet and can find no similar issue or fix for this.11:01
Bern_Should I use "Using Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerator from fglrx updates" ?11:02
Gallomimiathat sounds terrible. is he using the open source drivers?11:02
ubskeurBern_, there are a few options in that window, pick one (fglrx is meant to be stable, but has been having issues in the past couple of days)11:02
GallomimiaBern_: yes that's the good stuff.11:02
k1lBern_: dont install the driver from the amd website. ubuntu ships amd drivers, you just need to choose them11:02
folfGallomimia: no I haven't done anything to them. Basically inherited the machine.11:02
ubskeurBern_, fglrx or fglrx-updates11:02
KurisuNot sure, he's just trying to install Ubuntu from a USB for the first time.11:02
Bern_Ok. How/Where do I remove the old drivers?11:02
ubskeurBern_, that page should do it (I think)11:02
mcphail!nomodeset | Kurisu11:02
ubottuKurisu: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:02
k1lBern_: go to system settings > updates and software > last tab :additional drivers11:02
Gallomimiai believe nouveau is the FOSS nvidia driver? i recommend the closed-source drivers for both nvidia cards and ati. tried em both.11:02
k1lKurisu: what is the issue?11:03
Gallomimiait hangs on boot right?11:03
Kurisuk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12134824/11:03
ubskeurk1l, are you scrolled up?11:03
mcphailKurisu: using nomodest should prevent the nouveau drivers being loaded. He can then install the proprietary drivers11:03
KurisuYeah it's an NVIDIA driver. This is when trying to boot into the Ubuntu Installer11:03
KurisuKk, we'll give this a shot. Thanks11:03
Gallomimia!nomodeset | Kurisu11:04
ubottuKurisu: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:04
k1lBern_: if you did not install a video driver before it will just install the fgrlx one if you click on it there11:04
Bern_kIl so ticking "Using Video Driver for the amd  graphics accelerators from fglrx-updates" will remove my old drivers? Cause I dont see any options to do that otherwise11:04
k1lBern_: i would start with the one without "-updates"11:05
ubskeurk1l, that one was freezing my computer yesterday11:05
k1lubskeur: and you got the same exact hardware and software setup as the other user?11:05
k1lBern_: did you install a video driver before?11:06
Bern_kIl nope. No drivers installed11:06
k1lBern_: if not. you were using the open-source video driver. that will be removed automatically if you use that driver tab in the system settings11:07
Bern_kIl Okey good. Thanks!11:07
surgyhello im running ubuntu gnome 14.04 is there a way to control which monitor an application opens in? do you do this with a .desktop ? can soeone please help me figure out how to do this?11:08
Bern__kIl , I rebooted. Now starting steam with the new drivers, OpenGL GLX is no longer using direct rendering. That doesn't sound well.11:10
akiksurgy: unfortunately i don't have an answer for you for gnome. i've fixed that problem in KDE. do the programs open on the non-primary display in your case?11:10
surgyakik, dome do and some dont....11:11
akiksurgy: i connect the tv with hdmi and keepass was one of the programs that wanted to open in the tv11:12
k1lBern__: its not working?11:12
petard_I have installed php5 on ubuntu11:13
petard_with php5-dev and when I try to build extension I received message 'Cannot find build files at '/usr/lib/php/build''11:13
petard_directory /usr/lib/php/build not exist but directory /usr/lib/php5/build exist11:14
petard_how can I change php build dir11:14
dreamcat4anyone else here getting public key issues (not verified) with apt-get update ?11:16
k1ldreamcat4: run a "sudo apt-get update" and put all that into a pastebin please11:16
Gallomimiapetard_: what are you using to perform this build?11:18
=== NGC3982 is now known as Richard
=== Richard is now known as NGC3982
majnoontrying to start kde but something "Wrong" with ksmserver kdeinit5 (or both)11:18
majnoonneed to have at least a starting place to look from11:18
Gallomimiapetard_: alternately, you could simply do this: ln -s /usr/lib/php5 /usr/lib/php11:19
=== migma is now known as DV1ZZ
Bern__kIl yes it does. But it doesn't seem to run very smooth. But if OpenGL isn't direct rendering it would affect fps right?11:19
Gallomimiasounds reasonable bern11:19
misho_hi everyone11:20
misho_I have a question11:20
=== cxxx[xxxxxZAS is now known as x4w3
Gallomimia!ask | misho_11:21
ubottumisho_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:21
petard_Gallomimia: I am using phpize to build extension11:21
k1lBern__: which ubuntu exactly and which video card exactly? (lspci will name the card)11:22
dreamcat4kimico: okay. its probably just me. it seems some bug where i have too many keys in the keyring. bug happens after adding more key.11:22
dreamcat4it's a known  bug11:22
misho_I'm using VLC player to watch a movie from shared home network...how can i add subtitles because when i try a windows is opening and there is now Network directory11:22
Gallomimiapetard_ you'll probably need to change some settings in there. but i think it'll be easier to make a link that adds the php dir to contain everything in the php5 dir. i wrote command above11:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:23
Gallomimiaheh. just spit it out misho_what do you have problems with?11:23
=== suresh is now known as sb_9
Gallomimiapetard_: alternately, you could simply do this: ln -s /usr/lib/php5 /usr/lib/php11:23
sb_9how to know ./<executable_file> is selecting which interface like sh,bash,python, perl without seeing code?11:24
Gallomimiaprobably need sudo at the start of that petard_11:24
folfmisho_: if the subtitles are in the same directory and have the same basename, they should be used by vlc I think11:24
Gallomimiasb_9: does it halt, give you time to view details? there should be some indication of what program is running in your terminal window, or use tools to find programs.11:25
misho_folf, yes they are in the same directory11:25
Gallomimiait's over a network tho?11:25
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
misho_but i guess darg and drop function for subtitles is not working in the same like KMPlayer11:26
sb_9Gallomimia: okay. i need to run a ./<executable file> from system run levels. is it possible to without  'cd' to target directory?11:27
Gallomimiayup. use the absolute path11:27
ubskeursb_9, for example /path/to/executable11:27
Gallomimiain fact, you usually need to use the absolute path in system scripts11:27
ubskeursb_9, or from /path/ you can run ./to/executable11:28
Gallomimiaif you REALLY REALLY need to be sure it uses the right interpreter, /path/to/interpreter /path/to/scriptfile11:28
Gallomimiathat makes me want to mount a new LV at my root level named path11:29
sb_9oops; it's not working. i don't know which interpreter they are using in script. script is encrypted.11:29
ubskeursb_9, not sure you can even run encrypted script11:29
sb_9Gallomimia:  oops; it's not working. i don't know which interpreter they are using in script. script is encrypted11:30
Gallomimiayou can't execute an encrypted script 0o11:30
=== Yukkii is now known as Dhs92
ubskeursb_9, if it's encrypted, you need to decrypt it. otherwise it might be compiled?11:30
sb_9Gallomimia: okay. it's a mongodb. i am trying to start mongo compiled version from system run levels. it is not working with absolute path.11:30
sb_9Gallomimia: i know that it is developed in c++ only. is there any idea?11:31
Gallomimiain ubuntu? making it into an upstart service might be best11:31
Gallomimiathere's no interpreter for this file. it's a compiled binary.11:31
ubskeursb_9, compiled code doesn't use an interpreter, it gets run as a binary11:31
ubskeursb_9, usually11:31
Gallomimiatry this out: https://gist.github.com/onedesign/76545811:32
sb_9Gallomimia: okay.11:32
Gallomimiauh.... it should go into..... where?11:32
ubskeurGallomimia, /path/11:33
sb_9Gallomimia: /opt/mongo11:33
nillzieHello all11:34
sb_9Gallomimia:  okay. /var/lib/mongodb/  am i right?11:34
Gallomimiatype this: cat /etc/rc0.d/README11:34
Gallomimiathis is an upstart script. it goes in the system directories, not the mongodb stuff11:35
sb_9Gallomimia: okay Got it. Thanks.11:35
Gallomimiait starts your server when you boot, and also when you do things like service mongodb restart11:35
Gallomimiaread more about upstart on google11:35
sb_9Gallomimia: okay. Thanks for info.11:36
Gallomimiaalso, to find that script i googled mongodb upstart script. that's the first one, but there's many more.11:36
nillzieDoes anyone here mind answering a question for me im pretty new to linux11:36
cfhowlett!ask | nillzie11:37
ubottunillzie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:37
Gallomimiabeing new is good!11:37
nillzieyhe loving it so far, apart from the facy that my audio has stopped working lol11:37
cfhowlett!audio | nillzie11:37
ubottunillzie: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:37
Gallomimiaahhhh yes. go into system settings audio ?11:37
nillziethats the thing, all the devices disapeared11:38
Gallomimiahah. there's a bot for that :P11:38
Gallomimiayou've rebooted?11:38
ubskeurnillzie, are they plugged in? :P11:38
nillzieyep lol11:38
nillzieworks fine on my windows boot just not linux11:38
Gallomimiabut it worked before?11:38
nillzieyhe then about 2 days ago it just randomly stoped working when i booted up11:39
Gallomimiaaw well. i don't think it was random ;)11:39
cmdgyjoin #考研11:39
Gallomimiawhat kinds of things did you install or tweak the days before that?11:39
cfhowlettcmdgy, /join #channelname11:40
nillziei did install a mixer program, but that worked fine for a few days11:40
Gallomimiaand then did you restart?11:40
ubskeurGallomimia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12135025/ :D11:40
Gallomimiagoto terminal and ask it uptime11:40
nillziei shutdown every night11:40
Gallomimiahm. that's... weird11:40
Gallomimiai mean, if you'd installed, played, rebooted and found it not working11:41
ubskeurnillzie, what mixer was it?11:41
Gallomimiathen the install created a problem in the boot sequence. but, you had a day of it working11:41
nillzieim not sure but when i put pulseaudio in term i get some errors and core dumped11:41
nillzieive tried to reinstall pulseaudio and ubuntu-desktop still nothing11:42
Gallomimiatype groups in terminal11:42
Gallomimiaoh. i don't have an entry in audio group either :(11:42
Gallomimiaah. that page is old. this one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems11:43
nillziei just get "nillzie adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare11:43
Gallomimiayeah the audio group isn't a thing anymore. a common problem you'll find when looking up how to do stuff on google. you'll find old directions that aren't relevant anymore11:44
Bern__kIl 14.04 ubuntu and sapphire 6950 2gb11:45
Gallomimiathat page is worthless unless you're reporting a bug :/ try this one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio11:45
nillzieill take a look, thanks11:45
ubskeurGallomimia, from now on whenever anyone does a /path/to/ example, I'll put a file there11:46
Gallomimiawrite a cron script that checks every day at a weird time and if that drive is full... do something disastrous!11:47
Bern__kIl I must've installed some drivers and forgotten about it? Otherwise why would OpenGL no be direct rendering..11:50
KurisuThanks for your help k1l, mcphail, ubskeur. nomodeset worked :)11:51
=== z_ is now known as Guest4038
lilwizAnyone here know if it's possible to edit grub so that it skips checking hard drives on ATA01-02? If yes, mind telling me how :)11:52
mcphailKurisu: np11:54
OerHekslilwiz, one solution, let the hdd check, it will not return next boot11:55
OerHeks(unless the hdd is toast)11:55
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest55014
lilwizOerHeks: it is toast, soldered to the motherboard11:55
cfhowlettsniff the laptop for overcooked hdd aroma???11:55
lilwizOerHeks: Hi again by the way, you gave me some good advice the last time I was here.11:56
lilwizOerHeks: Do you think this will work? https://askubuntu.com/questions/352836/how-can-i-tell-linux-kernel-to-completely-ignore-a-disk-as-if-it-was-not-even-co/387261#38726111:57
OerHekslilwiz, then use the '0 0' option at the end, like this > /dev/hda2   /myfiles    ext2    defaults    0    011:58
lilwizI'll see if I can get that "patch" working. Seems to do it.11:59
NTQDoes anybody now where all iptable rules are stored?12:00
OerHeksNTQ, they are not. you need to save & load them yourself > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo#Saving_iptables12:01
TzunamiiNTQ: This will list them for you though: sudo /sbin/iptables -L -n -v --line-numbers | less12:03
OerHeksI use gufw, to store them and have a gui.12:03
NTQOerHeks: So I can only do this within chroot environment?12:05
NTQThat's strange.12:05
OerHeksNTQ, in chroot ??? just login with the administrator account...12:06
badbodhgreetings earthlings12:07
NTQOerHeks: That old linux is just a harddrive with some defect sectors.12:07
NTQOerHeks: It won't start anymore12:07
badbodhdon;t need no chroot to fsck that o.012:08
NTQI know. I don't want do fsck that. I simply want the iptable rules.12:08
* OerHeks is lost here12:09
badbodhah, for that you'd still need to fsck. can't get a good pizza out of a bad oven.12:09
badbodhfix sector, read data. you dig ?12:11
BluesKajHiyas all12:11
=== aryan is now known as arunpyasi
badbodharyan is now known as arunpyasi <-- lol.12:13
arunpyasibadbodh, you here too !!!12:14
arunpyasibadbodh, I think I shall register that nick12:14
badbodhi am everywhere *ghost voice*12:14
=== arunpyasi is now known as aryan
badbodhhowdy BluesKaj12:14
badbodharyan, register and also get a clock in #freenode. your ip is sticking out.12:15
Bern__Anyone know how to fix Steams "OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering" issues. Im using 14.04 ubuntu and sapphire 6950 2gb graphic card12:16
aryanwho registered by NICK !!!12:16
badbodhBern__, do try in #steamlug12:17
BluesKajbadbodh: hey12:18
mcphailBern__: if you install mesa-utils, and run "glxinfo | grep direct", what is the response?12:18
cfhowlett!register | aryan,12:19
ubottuaryan,: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:19
Bern__mcphail , Dont have mesa-utils , will download and test.12:21
skinnyhellow gay12:22
kv102ti have an old HDD and want to get the data off but it says i am not the owner. (i'm on live CD)12:23
SopaXTI am switching to Win-8. I know.12:23
cfhowlettkv102t, chown command12:23
kv102tso on yourname folder what do i do to push access to to all folders12:24
kv102tso on yourname folder what do i do to push access to to all folders12:27
kv102thow can i use chown to make current user admin of folder12:29
Bern__mcphail http://pastebin.com/dSxibBpv12:29
kv102tit's ok. got it thanks12:30
Bern__mcphail , seems fine?12:30
mcphailBern__: yes - looks like a steam issue rather than an ubuntu issue, I'm afraid12:31
mcphailBern__: I don't know how to help you debug that further12:31
Bern__mcphail , I'll have a look in the forums. Thanks12:32
ioriaBern__ seems that steam comes with its own libs ... and sometime they are conflicting with Ubuntu ones... in particolar libstdc++.so.612:32
mcphailBern__: good luck12:32
ioriaBern__  you should remove the steams libs http://askubuntu.com/questions/506349/opengl-glx-context-is-not-using-direct-rendering-which-may-cause-performance-pr12:32
lilwizHm. I downloaded the latest Ubuntu 15.04, made it into a persistent live usb and ran the update. That update ruined it.12:37
lilwizI guess you are not supposed to update live ubuntus even though you run persistence12:37
lilwizWhy won't the live cd allow me to update to the latest patches when on live cd with persistence? I find that odd.12:41
ubskeurlilwiz, what happened after you updated?12:42
=== nerd is now known as Guest27251
karniHi folks. Is there a way to make the window switcher not collapse same-app windows? Hate waiting for the "sub switcher" to show up. I would like to simply toggle between open windows, with all of them on the list one by one.12:45
karniQuestion's concerning Unity12:45
Bern__Im lost, the steam community tells me to get drivers from AMD to possibly solve my OpenGL issue. But was adviced not to so from the ubuntu community o.O12:46
m0e42what kind of OpenGL issue?12:47
Bern__m0e42 OpenGL doesn't direct render12:49
Bern__causing massive fps issues12:49
ioriaBern__    http://askubuntu.com/questions/506349/opengl-glx-context-is-not-using-direct-rendering-which-may-cause-performance-pr12:50
Bern__ioria I've tried that.12:50
m0e42damn i wanna paste the same link ioria :P12:50
ioriaBern__    no avail ?12:50
m0e42which VGA Card u have?12:51
ubskeurkarni, you could look into plugins using ccsm12:51
Bern__ioria nope. 6950 2gb Sapphire.12:51
ioriaBern__    try this : find ~/.steam/root/ \( -name "libgcc_s.so*" -o -name "libstdc++.so*" -o -name "libxcb.so*" \) -print -delete12:51
karniubskeur: yes, I've been looking around, but haven't found such option. do you know it's there, or just suspect?12:51
* karni looks again12:51
m0e42@karni: with compiz u can change to staticapplicationSwitcher under Windowsmanagement settings. then every window is on its own12:52
Bern__ioria Still the same error12:52
karnim0e42: that's exactly what I need :)! I just have these 6 options though: Grid, Move Window, Place Windows, Resize Window, Scale, Snapping Windows. am I missing something?12:53
karnim0e42: this is under Window Management in ccsm12:53
ioriaBern__, rerun that and then this    find ~/.local/share/Steam/ \( -name "libgcc_s.so*" -o -name "libstdc++.so*" -o -name "libxcb.so*" \) -print -delete12:53
m0e42@karni http://askubuntu.com/questions/123977/how-to-ungroup-windows-on-task-switcher12:54
m0e42one of the last answers12:54
Bern__ioria hm didn't do any difference. But didn't get any output from that last command?12:54
karnim0e42: thank you!! :)12:56
m0e42@karni np, u're welcome ;)12:56
lilwizubskeur: I got an error. "Live cd not found".12:56
ioriaBern__, try this : LD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/$LIB/libgcc_s.so.1 /usr/$LIB/libxcb.so.1' steam12:56
lilwizubskeur: It said it had to do with initframfs or something similiar. I'm quite new to Linux so you'll have to excuse me if I spell something wrong ;)12:57
ubskeurlilwiz, this reminds me of an issue I was having yesterday...12:58
justintv90Hi ubuntu12:58
ubskeurlilwiz, did it look like this one? https://askubuntu.com/questions/153852/can-not-boot-initramfs-error12:59
ubskeurlilwiz, or like this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12122088/13:00
ubskeurlilwiz, or better yet take a photo/ write down the error so we can diagnose it13:01
justintv90Is there any tweak guide for ubuntu, please13:01
ubskeurjustintv90, what kind of tweaks?13:02
m0e42best tweak i know is to remove ubuntu :D13:02
cfhowlettjustintv90, google ubuntu tweak.  first hit.13:02
* ubskeur slaps m0e42 with a large trout13:02
justintv90My ubuntu is very lag on firefox, may i do something to solve this problem13:02
ubskeurjustin_jnf, you have a few options, the easiest is to check the system monitor for applications you don't need13:03
ubskeur* justintv9013:03
lilwizubskeur: Sorry, got a phone call. I can't revert back to the error now. Let me look at your links quickly to see if I recognize any of them as the one I got.13:03
m0e42justintv90 maybe to many plugins in FireFox? i used FF for years but actually i use chrome/chromium cause FF gettin slower and slower over years13:04
ubskeurjustintv90, you might consider a browser or distro that is slightly lighter, such as opera or lubuntu13:04
justintv90lubuntu ?13:05
cfhowlett!lubuntu | justintv9013:05
ubottujustintv90: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.13:05
justintv90Sorry i'm linux virgin13:05
=== Christer_ is now known as Christer
ubskeurjustintv90, we'll be gentle ;)13:05
lilwizubskeur: First one looks very much like it. I got into BusyBox. Now, all I did was running desktop, live-cd with 4GB of persistance, I navigated to Software Updates and let it ran. Rebooted after it completed. That got me to that busybox error.13:05
lilwizI hope my adventures into Ubuntu helps you solve it ;)13:05
ubskeurlilwiz, why can't you see the error message now?13:06
lilwizubskeur: I can't see it now because I formatted the USB-stick with a fresh copy.13:06
lilwizubskeur: What I will try now is this, I have a live-cd with Ubuntu, I will install it onto another USB-drive and then boot it from that device and update it, only to reboot it and see if I get the same error.13:07
m0e42lubuntu could do the trick as usbkeur mentioned.13:07
ubskeurlilwiz, sounds like a plan13:07
lilwizubskeur: I'll let you know in a bit how it works.13:07
ubskeurlilwiz, I'm going to sleep, I'm sure someone around here will help you out, especially if you can show them the error message13:07
ubskeurnight all13:07
justintv90And 1 more question, my compiz consumes 319 mb of ram, is it odd ?13:08
m0e42didn't run compiz for a while but looks like normal for me13:09
m0e42my debian8 with AwesomeWM uses 298MB in idle for the whole System :P13:10
lilwizOn a 16GB usb-drive that is going to run on a 4GB DDR3 ram laptop, is it recommended to have 4GB swap or is 2GB enough?13:13
e-jovemhello world13:15
e-jovemgenten ?13:15
e-jovemAlguem ?13:16
cfhowlette-jovem, ask your ubuntu question13:16
e-jovemflores do campo13:16
cfhowlettin english please13:16
MonkeyDustthats portuguese13:16
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.13:16
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
e-jovemThats potuguese man13:16
cfhowlette-jovem, this is an English channel.  so.  your ubuntu question is ???13:16
e-jovemwhat is this man ?13:17
cfhowlett!topic | e-jovem13:17
ubottue-jovem: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic13:17
e-jovemor not13:17
e-jovemor yes13:17
m0e42@lilwiz depends on what u do with it. big files can file even the ram AND the 2GB swap. but today normaly i don't really need a swap, even on my laptop with 4GB13:17
m0e42@lilwiz so 2GB should be enough13:18
e-jovemWHAT YOU DOING ?13:18
OerHekse-jovem, keep this channel clear for ubuntu support please13:18
lilwizm0e42: Thanks, I'll keep it 2GB then.13:18
e-jovemhelp mee13:18
e-jovemA don't know13:18
m0e42@lilwiz np13:19
e-jovem"mimimi my mac mimimi"13:19
e-jovemMy pc is celeron13:19
e-jovem2 bits13:19
m0e42it's a long time ago that i saw the last IRC Troll13:19
e-jovemand half13:19
m0e42remeber that good old times13:19
e-jovemi miss to man13:20
MonkeyDustalmost bak 2 skool, it'll be a lot quiter here13:20
e-jovemIS the internet revolution13:20
MonkeyDuste-jovem  stop13:20
e-jovembut i'm here man13:20
TJ-e-jovem: If you do not need support please use the channel #ubuntu-offtopic13:20
e-jovemin school13:20
m0e42no OP in here?13:20
e-jovemi really need some help :c13:21
e-jovempsicologic help13:21
m0e42yeah that's what i thought...13:21
e-jovemfroid e pá13:21
e-jovemi'm feeling bad13:21
OerHeks!ops | e-jovem13:21
ubottue-jovem: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang13:21
badbodh!op bring the hammer on e-jovem13:21
ubottubadbodh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:21
e-jovemi nedd some help13:21
jpdse-jovem: Please stpo13:21
badbodhnot today13:22
e-jovemwhy not ?13:22
m0e42i think the help he needs can't be found in any irc chan13:22
e-jovemDon't believe in Froid ?13:22
badbodhhe needs jesus13:23
m0e42i believe in magick13:23
e-jovemMaybe 3;)13:23
e-jovemdon't believe me just whatch13:23
MonkeyDustok guys, take that to #ubuntu-offtopic13:23
e-jovemMY CAPS LOCK LOCK13:24
OerHekshi v0r0nwe, this channel is english only, please13:25
badbodhjustintv90, lilwiz the spammer's gone, you can come out of your caves now.13:25
* lilwiz can see the light again13:26
badbodhpraise the lord you are alive ! now carry on with your Q/A13:27
weeirc8089 can anyone help me with basic compiling of graphics drivers?13:27
OerHeksweeirc8089, why? the open drivers are in the repos13:28
=== gamabunta is now known as pikos
weeirc8089I'm trying to compile intel graphics driver: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/documentation/build-guide-013:28
cfhowlett!compile | weeirc8089, but why would you need to compile?13:28
ubottuweeirc8089, but why would you need to compile?: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall13:28
OerHeksweeirc8089, oh that site, not supported here, as intel is already available13:28
m0e42just let him tell us his problem and then we see13:29
KlausedSourceI downloaded a java program (.jar-archive) and Installed iced-tea as my system vm. How do I run this .jar?13:29
m0e42maybe it's a oneLiner Answer13:29
badbodhKlausedSource, should be something like "java -jar /path/to/file.jar"13:30
m0e42@KlausedSource java -jar jarfile.jar13:31
weeirc8089when I run ./configure on libdrm (from 01.org) I get "The pkg-config script could not be found or is too old. ... Alternatively, you may set the environment variables PTHREADSTUBS_CFLAGS and PTHREADSTUBS_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.13:31
TJ-KlausedSource: assuming you have a JRE installed: "java -jar /path/to/java.jar" ... you may also need to specify a Classpath with "-cp ..."13:31
=== guilherme is now known as Guest15414
KlausedSourcebadbodh, m0e42 TJ- thanks that was what I was looking for13:31
weeirc8089libdrm is not intel's it's rather common though13:31
TJ-weeirc8089: why are you compiling the intel drivers? those libraries are already included in the Ubuntu archives13:32
weeirc8089TJ-: the latest ones?13:32
lilwizOk. Not sure who followed my previous conversation. But I've installed Ubuntu onto a USB-drive, now running the update as I did before. After that, reboot to see if the same error is there.13:32
TJ-weeirc8089: depends on what you mean by 'latest', which in turn is often determined by the Ubuntu release in use.13:32
weeirc8089TJ-: how do I know the version of Xf86-video-intel installed13:33
TJ-!info libdrm213:33
ubottulibdrm2 (source: libdrm): Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- runtime. In component main, is standard. Version 2.4.60-2 (vivid), package size 25 kB, installed size 113 kB13:33
m0e42@weeirc8089 i googled a bit, someone mentioned something about libtoolize was missing13:33
TJ-!info libdrm-inte113:33
ubottuPackage libdrm-inte1 does not exist in vivid13:33
TJ-!info libdrm-intel113:33
ubottulibdrm-intel1 (source: libdrm): Userspace interface to intel-specific kernel DRM services -- runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.60-2 (vivid), package size 59 kB, installed size 201 kB13:33
roryDoes anyone on 12.04 find that if you click a launcher icon it will sometimes flash as if it's opening, but you have to click it again in order to get it to actually open?13:33
weeirc8089nevermind I have a bad day13:34
weeirc8089I'll reformulate my question and will ask some other day13:34
weeirc8089thanks for the help13:34
badbodhweeirc8089, intel drivers come pre-installed in nearly all distros. don;t upgrade/compile them even if it is tempting.13:35
badbodhit will break other packages.13:35
MonkeyDustwhat was the name of 12.04?13:35
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.13:35
badbodhxorg - intel drivers - xserver all are tied up.13:35
TJ-MonkeyDust: Precise Pangolin ?13:36
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is a currently-supported !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120413:36
cfhowlettprecise.  dang.  I was WAY off!13:36
SirDude0LotGood day, i am trying to setup a service on my system but it seems upstart is using the port? (8084) why would upstart need a network port and how can i disable this?13:36
Pici(doing !12.04  would also give you that factoid)13:36
TJ-SirDude0Lot: can you show us "sudo netstat -tnlp | grep 8084"13:37
SirDude0Lotunix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     8084     -                   @/com/ubuntu/upstart13:37
TJ-SirDude0Lot: that isn't the command I asked you to run. That didn't have 't' in it13:38
SirDude0LotTJ-: that results nothing13:39
SirDude0Lotwas running netstat -nap13:39
TJ-SirDude0Lot: Correct - so upstart isn't listening on a TCP port at all, especially not 8084. You've misread the output of netstat. read the column headings and see "man netstat"13:39
techkamarhi der13:39
SirDude0Lotbut the port is in use....13:40
lilwizOk, good news. If Ubuntu is installed onto a USB-device, it does work to update it. But if ran as a live-cd with persistance and updated, it will give you a "busybox" error.13:40
TJ-SirDude0Lot: The output you showed us doesn't report a network port in use, it shows a unix socket on a named socket. '8084' is the file-system I-node it is on13:41
TJ-SirDude0Lot: how about telling us what service you are trying to start, and show us in a pastebin what it reports?13:42
lilwizAnyone familiar with libata and could give me a hand in disabling my on-board SSD from failing and halting boot over a minute?13:42
lilwizThere is a patch but there is no instructions on how I do it in "libata", link: https://superuser.com/questions/599333/how-to-disable-kernel-probing-for-drive13:43
TJ-lilwiz: which kernel version is in use ("uname -r") ?13:44
lilwizTJ-, 3.19.0-15-generic13:44
TJ-lilstevie: let me check if we carry that patch already13:44
TJ-lilwiz: : let me check if we carry that patch already13:44
lilwizThank you!13:45
TJ-lilwiz: that'll be a Vivid install?13:45
lilwizI'd just like Ubuntu (or if its grub) to skip checking ATA00 and ATA01 on boot. It keeps testing and testing.13:45
lilwizTJ-: Correct.13:45
=== burrito is now known as Guest38582
thunderwillowlilwiz, I would not recomend it, but you could edit your /etc/fstab(as root) and erase the "1" after every line13:47
thunderwillowlilwiz, make a backup of that file first though13:47
Guest38582I've been trying to figure out plymouth.  But, I just keep getting black screens instead.  On several systems, I've install the plymouth manager and/or manually installed a plymouth theme and all that ends of happening is a black screen during boot.  I've "sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth" and "sudo update-initramfs -u" before each reboot.13:48
TJ-thunderwillow: what are you talking about?!13:48
lilwizthunderwillow: I could, I'm a newbie on Ubuntu and linux though. The link I read, it almost sounded like it was "patched" already and just a simple line in terminal to fix it. But maybe your suggestion is the better.13:48
TJ-lilwiz: ignore that - editing fstab has nothing at all to do with it13:48
thunderwillowthe 1 mean disk checking doesn;t it13:49
TJ-lilwiz: OK, the patch is in the Vivid 3.19 kernel so you can use the option on the kernel command line13:53
lilwizTJ-: How do I proceed if I'm in desktop?13:53
m0e42reboot and edited the startup line in bootmenu13:54
m0e42just for testing13:54
lilwizBy holding shift (googled)?13:54
TJ-lilwiz: identify the ataX.YY number of the device, then edit "/etc/default/grub" and add the entry to the line that starts GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX, inside the double-quotes, space separated from other options that may be there.13:55
baizonHi, I need some help. How can I securely delete a partition, so that no data can be recovered?13:55
m0e42or so13:55
TJ-lilwiz: Then update GRUBs on-disk grub.cfg with "sudo updte-grub"13:55
TJ-baizon: depending on the underlying device, it may or may not be possible. Superficially, you can zero it with "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdZ bs=100M", or randomise it with "if=/dev/urandom"13:56
m0e42@baizon best is to boot something like UBCD and erase it. http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/dban.html13:57
baizonm0e42: but its an external drive, so why boot into an extra live system?13:57
m0e42or like TJ said dd it with /dev/random 2 or 3 times13:57
justintv90Hi everyone, can i integrate hexchat into message indicator ?13:57
TJ-baizon: if the target device reallocates blocks, or uses erase blocks (as in an SSD) then you'd need to erase the entire device to be sure all the blocks were almost gone13:58
lilwizTJ-, so in my case (knowing it's ATA0) it would look like this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="libata.force=ata0:disable" ?13:58
baizonjustintv90: sudo apt-get install hexchat-indicator13:58
justintv90then restart hexchat ?13:58
TJ-m0e42: why 2 or 3 times? That hasn't been required for years. That's folklore from when the hard disk drive servo's couldn't always fully align over the track on the platter13:58
baizonTJ-: is this enough?13:58
m0e42@baizon try nwipe from the terminal13:59
baizonm0e42: yeah i saw shred and wipe13:59
TJ-lilwiz: I think you need ...force=0.00 according to the article... each ATA channel can have 2 devices on it (master and slave)13:59
OerHeks !info scrub14:00
ubottuscrub (source: scrub): writes patterns on magnetic media to thwart data recovery. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.6.1-1 (vivid), package size 30 kB, installed size 135 kB14:00
lilwizTJ-, I will try that.14:00
m0e42he want to secure erase data 1 time with zeros didn't clean everything, u can restore most of the data. after 2 or 3 circles u barely can restore any data14:00
TJ-m0e42: with 1980s/90s technology maybe, but not with anything made in the last 15 years14:00
ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.14:01
=== root is now known as Guest46352
m0e42i wouldn't rely on that TJ ;)14:01
TJ-m0e42: I would; I've been doing disk forensics since the 1980s14:01
lilwizTJ-, just to make sure, you mean "libata.force=0.00:disable" and not "libata.force=ata0.00:disable", right?14:01
TJ-lilwiz: yes, that is correct (according to the article anyhow)14:02
m0e42hmm ok then i trust in your experiences ;)14:02
catphishdoes /etc/interfaces determine interface type by its name? and if so, can i override that to create interfaces with nonstandard names?14:02
lilwizTJ-, rebooting now to test, appreciate the help from you!14:03
TJ-m0e42: the issue you're referring to was when the recorded magnetic tracks were wider than the recording heads, and slight variations in the servos holding the heads over the tracks meant that there could be residual magnetic remains to the sides of the track centre. The idea of multiple passes was that it sohuld average out and overwhelm those remnants14:03
OerHekscatphish, sure, gksudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules  # and chane "name"14:04
OerHeksand reboot14:04
arca_voragoMorning all, anyone have any quick tips on how to save window locations? I have a multimonitor setup and want to launch a few terminals in set locations on monitors 3 & 4 everytime I log in14:04
catphishOerHeks: i think that's only for hardware detected interfaces, i want to do this for a bridge14:04
mylordshould I install nvm with curl, or apt-get?14:05
TJ-catphish: there's many options, we've had traditional kernel names (ethX), biosdevnames (p1e2), and now systemd/udevd network device naming... it depends on which is in use as to how you can influence the naming14:05
m0e42@TJ ok, learned something again today :)14:05
TJ-catphish: for virtual interfaces, the tools will allow you to give the interface any legal name you want14:05
catphishi think maybe i need "mapping"14:05
ametjancan anyone  help me on setting up a serial  connection14:06
lilwizTJ-, the boot this time wasn't as informative as before, by that I mean that it was just showing a purple background instead of the command line "jibberish" that it used to do. Do I hold down a key to enable that listing or..?14:06
m0e42normaly F214:06
lilwizTJ-, it booted fine though.14:06
TJ-lilwiz: you're seeing the Plymouth splash screen. Pressing Esc usually toggles that.14:06
lilwizI'll reboot to test again.14:06
TJ-lilwiz: You can also disable 'splash' from the kernel command line if you want, by deleting from the setting you edited earlier14:07
catphishTJ-: do you happen to know how?14:07
TJ-lilwiz: if you hold Shift down at boot and get the grub boot manager menu, you can 'E'dit an entry, and delete the 'splash' parameter, then boot with the revised line using Ctrl+X or F1014:08
TJ-catphish: if it's a bridge all you need is to use the name you want in the "iface ...' line of "/etc/network/interfaces"14:08
lilwizTJ-, I will try that. ESC or F2 (as m0e42 suggested) didn't do anything I'm afraid. Still just a purple background before entering desktop.14:08
TJ-lilwiz: Esc should always work for Plymouth, that's the key it listens for.14:09
catphishTJ-: how does that then relate to an "auto" line, and how will it know what type of interface to create14:09
catphishoh, auto just enable the interface to come up automatically, nothing to do with its configuration, but how does the iface line know what type of interface to create?14:10
=== guilherme is now known as Guest59385
TJ-catphish: e.g. "iface br0 inet dhcp" ... "auto br0"   could become "iface myfabbridge inet dhcp" " auto myfabbridge"14:11
lilwizTJ-, I should perhaps clearify, I'm running it off a USB flash drive, I installed it using another USB flash drive to run the installer ontop of it. Maybe that makes a difference? I tried holding down shift now, still just goes to the purple background and then black, then into desktop.14:11
catphishTJ-: thanks, i hoped i could do that, but how does it know to create a bridge?14:11
TJ-catphish: interesting question that... I've never wondered that! I guess, because a bridge will have "bridge_ports xxx xxx" too?14:12
arca_voragowell nobody answered but if you are curious the way to save window pos is to install zompiz-config-settings-manager and compiz-plugins-extra14:12
catphishTJ-: maybe it's that simple, i'll try it, thanks14:12
EdicoI remained without space on my / (root) directory of 15 GB, I think it happened from the many updates I've made. any idea how can I make some space?14:12
cfhowlettEdico, clean out some kernels14:13
cfhowlettEdico, sudo apt-get autoremove *might* help14:13
TJ-catphish: yep!  /etc/network/if-{pre-up,post-down}.d/bridge are sym-links to /lib/bridge-utils/fupdown.sh which looks for the bridge_ports entry or else exits immediately: case "$IF_BRIDGE_PORTS" in ...14:15
catphishTJ-: awesome, thanks for checking!14:15
TJ-catphish: strikes me as kind of fragile, you could easily 'fool' a sys-admin with that14:16
mistawrighthi guys how can i make a persistent ubuntu flash drive?14:17
Edicocfhowlett: thanks14:18
cfhowlettEdico, happy2help!14:18
catphishi'm making a GUI that configures bridges, i'm just trying to work out what to do if someone tries to make a bridge from an interface that already has IPs, i'll either refuse and make them modify their interfaces file, or move the IPs to the bridge automatically14:18
TJ-catphish: the latter option is the usual thing to do... gets to be fun though when several bridge_ports have IPs assigned, or there are alias interfaces14:19
catphishwell it's made easier by the fat that there will only ever be one port in the bridge (it's for VMs)14:19
TJ-catphish: ahhh, that makes sense. You know that libvirt has that functionality ?14:20
m0e42so guys i'm out for no. works over. cya14:20
catphishTJ-: tbh i'm trying to avoid libvirt and implement the functionality myself as simply as possible, mostly so that i know what's happening at a low level, though i realise this may be causing me more trouble than its worth14:22
TJ-catphish: I don't blame you - libvirt makes my ears steam sometimes14:23
catphishlibvirt has some great features, but my dislike of xml and excessive abstraction keep me away from it14:23
TJ-catphish: I assume you have to transfer the routing tables that have entries for the bridge_ports too?14:24
catphishTJ-: yes14:24
TJ-catphish: just thinking about how it would affect policy-based routing tables :)14:24
catphishi really don't anticipate any existing, but its worth remembering14:24
catphishi'm hoping this will be limited to a simple eth or bond interface with a couple of IPs and a default gateway14:25
catphishbut there are all sorts of things i'm unsure about, like knowing which IPv6 addresses to move14:25
gartralhey all, I'm having a mild issue with a new computer that isn't dropping to idle CPU speed, it's an i7 4790k system with ubuntu 15.04 as it's only OS... it seems to be always running at it's turbo speed of 4.4ghz14:25
TJ-catphish: I can imagine :)14:25
catphishshame one can't just change the interface of an IP14:26
TJ-gartral: any clues in "/var/log/dmesg" ?14:26
gartralTJ-: oddly enough.... (Nothing has been logged yet.)14:26
MonkeyDustgartral  did i already suggest thermeld and indicator-cpufreq to you?14:28
TJ-gartral: it's systemd... journald  isn't feeding to rsyslogd so you have to view/search the binary logs14:28
gartralTJ-: doing a dmesg | tail -n 120 shows nothing cpu-related, there's a few traces for a dodgy USB device, but that's nothing new14:28
catphishTJ-: on the other hand, if libvirt has a oneline CLI command to do this, i will probably use it in that way14:28
gartralMonkeyDust: I've not installed thermald14:29
catphish"virsh iface-bridge eth0 br0" that's awesome if it works14:29
MonkeyDustgartral  thermald decreases your machine's temperature, among others by slowing down the cpu14:30
gartralMonkeyDust: it was installed automagically... and indicator-cpufreq is installed but offers no real help14:30
gartralMonkeyDust: it's not working, and I don't have control over frequencies with indicator-cpufreq14:30
TJ-gartral: I'd expect any clues to be very early on when the kernel is figuring out the CPUs. Can you "pastebinit <( dmesg )" ?14:30
MonkeyDustgartral  you don't? that's odd.. I do14:31
TJ-catphish: yes, that was what I was referring to earlier14:32
gartralTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12135832/14:32
TJ-gartral: "[    0.024751] Your BIOS is broken and requested that x2apic be disabled."14:35
catphishTJ-: the only problem is - it doesn't work - it just locked me out :)14:35
TJ-gartral: see line 348+ of the pastebin14:35
TJ-catphish: really? I've used it routinely when doing manual operations14:35
TJ-catphish: what VM hypervisor is it? KVM, LXC?14:36
catphishTJ-: oh - my mistake, the interface was dhcp, it got a new ip14:36
catphish(just a test host)14:36
catphishTJ-: more awesomely, it even rewrite my interfaces file to make it permenent14:37
gartralTJ-: uh-huh... weird.. so where do I "intremap=no_x2apic_optout"? is that a kernerl setting for grub?14:37
catphishTJ-: thanks, i think i'm happy to use that14:37
lexflexanyone got any experience running photoshop inside a VM on Ubuntu? i can't seem to make it work without severe performance lags even though I've got a beefy system14:38
Keir0nHey guys, today i bought a Laptop for my son. He is not very experienced with Computers and often downloads Malware/Adware, so i wanted to intall him Ubuntu. I know, Linux isnt virus free but i think it will be a lot safer. I still want to keep Windows 8.1 as Dualboot tho, is that possible? He only plays Minecraft and some other Games, but not every game is supported on Linux, is it easy to install GPU drivers? The last time i tried to14:38
Keir0nary OS) i just got a blackscreen after trying to install it via Command Line.14:39
TJ-gartral: kernel command line; not sure it affects the issue you're asking about, but it's something to track and test to see if it helps the system generally. I'm still reading dmesg for clues14:39
Keir0nI feel like ubuntu would be very good for him14:39
lexflexKeir0n: yeah that's a common scenario i believe. I've set up a dual boot myself just this week14:39
cfhowlettKeir0n, yes you can dual boot.  2.  make an account just for him - a DESKTOP USER account with low privileges so he can't install things.   3.  yes, nvidia, amd and intel gpu support14:40
TJ-gartral: line 730+   "[    0.548328] Intel P-state driver initializing."14:40
catphishKeir0n: yes, this should be fine, the ubuntu installer should set up the dual boot for you14:40
catphishKeir0n: i believe minecraft works on linux too :)14:40
gartralKeir0n: yes, minecraft is a java game and wotrks fine in ubunut, and the additional drivers are easy to install! dual-boot won't be a problem either!14:40
catphishin my experience, vga drivers on ubuntu are very easy now14:40
catphisheven proprietary nvidia / ati is all automated now14:41
gartralTJ-: yup, that should adjust clocking, right?14:41
lexflexKeir0n, also SteamOS is coming soon and that alone will push linux gaming to new heights. check out Steam and how many games are supported on Linux now!14:41
catphishyou don't really need steamos, steam on ubuntu should have all the same functionality afaik14:41
catphishi've been using it for ages14:42
catphishgame support is fast improving, though of course still a long way behind windows14:42
gartralTJ-: if it turns out i can't adjust my clocks.. oh friggin' well.. literally everything else just works on this machine14:42
lexflexcatphish, no i didn't mean to say you need steamOS. but the fact that steam is making consoles based on linux makes game developers support linux by the dozens now14:42
catphishlexflex: oh i see, yes that is awesome14:42
Keir0nThank you guys! NVIDIA has Drivers for the GPU (NVIDIA Geforce GT635m) but i werent able to get them working on ElementaryOS. Do i need to disable Fastboot or is that also automated in the Installer?14:42
EugenAanybody using taskwarrior? how would you edit description of a task?14:43
=== SmOkE_RU is now known as SmOkE_RU_off
gartralKeir0n: you will need to disable fastboot automatically14:43
gartralKeir0n: er, manually*14:43
catphishwhat is fastboot?14:43
gartralcatphish: windows-specific efi stuff..14:43
lexflexnobody using photoshop on ubuntu my means of virtualization? come one i can't be the only one! ;)14:44
catphishah ok14:44
cfhowlettlexflex, photoshop on linux is not a workable solution.  sorry, but it's just not.14:44
Keir0nOkay, ill make an bootable USB stick now. SecureBoot too?14:44
catphishKeir0n: can't comment specifically on the GT635m, but if the ubuntu automatically installed nvidia drivers arne't new enough, it's fairly easy to make a change to install much newer drivers14:45
lexflexcfhowlett, even with a VM?14:45
gartralTJ-: I'm going to reboot and enable intremap=no_x2apic_optout14:45
cfhowlettlexflex, nope.  vm doesn't provide native gpu support therefore ...14:45
gartralKeir0n: secureboot can be left alone, there are signed kernels now that work with it14:45
catphishgartral: that's awesome14:45
lexflexcfhowlett, kinda feared that. I've already started looking into using KVM with PCI passthru but it's daunting14:46
Guest72408I'm not able install ubuntu alongside my windows 8 pro in HP notebook.14:46
Guest72408Please help me to solve this.14:46
gartralKeir0n: *HOWEVER* many laptops don't recognize the signiture... you *may* have to disable it anyway!14:46
catphishis virtualbox's 2d acceleration stuff not good enough?>14:47
gartralGuest72408: go into bios and disable fastboot14:47
cfhowlettlexflex, check out ubuntustudio-photography or ubuntustudio-graphics for alternatives.14:47
TJ-gartral: can you show us "pastebinit <( for n in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/*; do echo $n = $(sudo cat $n); done )"14:47
Guest72408where can I get ns-2 software for ubuntu14:47
lexflexcatphish, I don't know about virtualbox. working with VMWare workstation now and i run into performance lags pretty quickly.14:48
gartralTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12135953/14:48
cfhowlettGuest72408, http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/ns-build.html14:48
bishopsquick question: what do you prefer firefox or chromium??14:48
Guest72408Thank you.14:49
bishopsand why14:49
catphishlexflex: i'd give virtualbox a try, though personally i've never tried photoshop with it14:49
TJ-gartral: looks like you may need to change the scaling governor, because "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq = 4400000"  ... _min_ is the same as _max_14:49
catphishlexflex: unfortunately the next step would be very complicated with pci passthrough14:50
lexflexcfhowlett, do you think my lags are due to lack of dedicated GPU? what i observe in system monitor is CPU spikes when lags happen14:50
gartralTJ-: i only have two governers available, "Performance" and "Powersave" I'm using "Powersave" right now and it's not doing jack14:51
TJ-lexflex: yes, since the GPU is having to be software emulated in many ways.14:51
lexflexcatphish, yeah, that passthrough sounds terrifying and exciting at the same time. i really want to keep ubuntu as main operating system and avoid going back to windows but this is kind of a bummer14:51
gartralTJ-: I'mm reboot and do the intremap=no_x2apic_optout trick14:51
TJ-gartral: Yes, that's what I mean. you need to figure out how to alter that _min_ or to use an alternative governor. You'll need to read up on that though14:51
TJ-gartral: OK14:51
lexflexTJ-: so a stab at PCI passtrough might solve it then, wouldn't it?14:52
TJ-PCI pass-through with IOMMU/VT-d is quite simple. It's the same as mapping a host USB device into a VM guest.14:52
cfhowlettbishops, please don't poll this channel.  use what works for YOU14:52
lexflexTJ- I'm not 100% sure if my mainboard supports VT-d. My CPU does14:53
TJ-lexflex: The mobo chipset must support IOMMU/VT-d (directed I/O) and the system will probably need 2 separate GPUs if you want to use the host with a display, too14:53
Keir0nI read that performance is also better when playing on linux, is that true?14:53
catphishneeding a second GPU would be the main issue14:53
bishopscfhowlett: alright, I was just genuinely curious to know what knowledgeable people think. But I don't want to cause controversy obviously14:53
Keir0nexcuse me if i sound like a noob :P14:53
catphishKeir0n: i believe valve did some tests and found that source games ran *marginally* better on linux14:54
lexflexTJ- couldn't I use the onboard-graphics for host ubuntu and passthru the nvidia card to the VM?14:54
catphishKeir0n: i doubt it would make much difference either way though14:54
TJ-lexflex: if they are both discrete GPUs (not Optimus) yes, very likely14:54
cfhowlettbishops, no worries.14:54
lexflexTJ-: the board is this: https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z87PRO/specifications/14:56
catphishi cant think how the host OS would handle the mouse sharing if it wasnt aware of the guest monitor14:57
Keir0nShould i use Ubuntu 15.04 or 14.04.3 LTS?14:57
cfhowlettKeir0n, 5 years support on 14.04.314:57
catphishKeir0n: for a desktop, as long as you're happy to upgrade it later, 15.04, but for zero hassle (and older software) 14.0414:58
MonkeyDust<3 14.04.314:58
catphishi use 14.04 on servers, but i'd always use the latest on a home pc14:58
MonkeyDustcatphish  sounds healthy14:59
catphishdo they even make non-lts server releases, i cant imagine people would want to use them14:59
catphishi recall they used to exist, caused no end of problems when prople didnt bother to upgrade them14:59
OerHeksif you want to development, with systemD, go for 15.0415:00
Keir0nJust basic youtube/webbrowsing and playing a few games15:01
catphishoh yeah, makes sense for that15:01
catphishKeir0n: hard to say, maybe try 14.04 first, if it does everything you need, stick with it15:01
vanishinghey #ubuntu, I remember seeing a project where it watches certain folders(of your choice), and whenever a new files is created in that folder, it it automatically moved to other locations depending on the filetype15:02
vanishingcan anyone remind me of what that project was?15:02
TJ-lexflex see http://ark.intel.com/products/75013/Intel-DH82Z87-PCH15:02
gartralTJ-: I'm back...15:03
TJ-lexAngeles: under "Advanced Technologies" ... VT-d  --> "No"15:03
TJ-lexflex: under "Advanced Technologies" ... VT-d  --> "No"15:03
mcphailvanishing: no idea about what project that was, but you can easily roll-your-own using incron15:04
gartralTJ-: does this look any better? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12136030/15:04
jilDo you know of free ssl certificat other that startssl ?15:04
mcphail!info incron | vanishing15:04
ubottuvanishing: incron (source: incron): cron-like daemon which handles filesystem events. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.5.10-3 (vivid), package size 69 kB, installed size 310 kB15:04
TJ-gartral: no, _min_ is the same as _max_15:04
vanishingmcphail: I just wish theres such app in repo that i can just grab and use..lol15:05
justintv90Hi forks, there is any Gmail notify for message indicator ?15:05
mcphailvanishing: there may well be, but incron is so easy I haven't needed to look for anything else :)15:05
TJ-vanishing: sounds like it'd be based on inotify{watch,wait}15:05
vanishingseems like I'll have to just get on with my crappy scripting skills and get my own script. thanks mcphail and TJ-15:06
alimjHello. I am migrating from old HDD (which in LUKS encrypted) to a new 4TB HDD (on a relatively old BIOS). Questions on partitioning strategy15:07
lexflexTJ-: ah, so basically i'd have to check the chipset of the MB on the intel ark?15:07
lexflexwell, of the next MB i buy, that is15:07
TJ-!info inotify-hookable | vanishing15:07
ubottuvanishing: inotify-hookable (source: inotify-hookable): blocking command-line interface to inotify. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7-1 (vivid), package size 11 kB, installed size 71 kB15:07
alimjI am creating 1st primary 4GB partition for /boot15:07
TJ-lexflex: Yes15:08
alimjThen the rest of this as extended partition15:08
alimjOn extended I will be creating first 8GB logical partition for swap15:08
fwaokdahow can i see what version of freetds i have install on my ubuntu?15:08
alimjand the then 128GB for /15:09
alimjAnd finally the rest for /home15:09
alimjNo encryption this time.15:09
alimjShould it be fine?15:09
TJ-alimj: why not simply use LVM so you can vary the file-system sizes in the future with minimal obstacles?15:10
alimjTJ-, I am little bit paranoid. On old HDD I had LVM over LUKS (even for SWAP)15:10
TJ-alimj: I would use LVM and leave at least 20% of the extends in the volume group unallocated; and have them available if some LV needs extending later.15:11
TJ-alimj: Yes, LUKS+LVM is a good solution15:11
mcphailvanishing: if you run "apt-cache search inotify", there might be a tool in there for you15:11
lexflexTJ- thank you. well that rules out PCI passthrough then15:12
gartralTJ-: whelp.. i added the flag.. no help.. you say the govener is being dumb?15:12
alimjTJ-, Since both /boot and root are on 1st 2TB of HDD, I should be on the safe side? I am a little bit paranoid on having a 4TB drive on an outdated machine15:13
vanishingmcphail: hmmm...think I found it. clsync15:13
vanishinggonna look into it, thanks15:13
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
mustmodifymy /boot is full. Can I delete what's in there?15:13
mcphailvanishing: another one which looks to have potential is inoticoming15:14
TJ-gartral: it looks that way; _min_ is _max_ so something isn't right. I'd think maybe it is the kernel not properly reporting the Speed-steps of the CPU.15:14
mustmodifyLooks like mvlinuz-3.13.0-nn-generic.* and System.map-3.13.0-xx-generic15:14
gartralTJ-: so it's a kernel bug?15:14
mcphailmustmodify: have you run "apt-get autoremove"?15:15
TJ-gartral: possibly; i assume that i7 has speedstep15:16
mustmodifymcphail: no. I'll do that.15:16
gartralTJ-: it does15:17
quozdjoin ##javascript15:18
TJ-gartral:  hints suggest this may be a firmware/BIOS settings issue. See e.g. http://kolbusa.livejournal.com/71066.html?nojs=115:20
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TJ-gartral: there's a very good discussion of this - Intel p-states - in this kernel bug report (TLDR: it's OK and expected behaviour)  https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5714115:33
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 57141 in Power-Processor "CONFIG_X86_INTEL_PSTATE disables CPU frequency transition stats and many governors" [High,Closed: invalid]15:33
hoodediceuname -m returns i686, I'm taking this to mean I'm running a 32 bit arch15:35
mustmodifymcphail: That command also failed because /boot was so full. So I removed a few files and then it worked.15:37
MonkeyDusthoodedice  yes, but do this, what's the very last line?     sudo dmidecode --type 415:38
hoodedice"64 bit capable*15:39
hoodediceIs this about my CPU? I'm know it can do 64-bit.15:40
hoodedicehowever, I guess I installed the wrong version by mistake. Is there a way to change architectures without a clean install?15:41
rumpy1whats the best way to gain traction on a bug report? ive tried my best reporting some bugs, which are pretty serious to me, but they seem to be getting ignored?15:42
MonkeyDusthoodedice  no, that's not possible15:42
hoodediceAlright, thanks15:42
mcphailrumpy1: keep poking. Unfortunately there are far more bugs than there are bug-fixers15:43
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popeyrumpy1: are they confirmed / triaged? or just "new"?15:44
rumpy1one is confirmed (someone else commented having the same issue) and the other one is new15:45
shiftx_Hey.. Do anyone know how to get facebook password? I know email password but dont want to reset fb password.15:45
MonkeyDustshiftx_  wrong channel15:45
k1lshiftx_: that would be best to talk to the facebook support15:46
mcphailshiftx_: you may find it stored in the firefox password list15:46
shiftx_Nah, I didnt store them15:46
mikalauskasor in 1password ;D15:46
mcphailshiftx_: then I don't think we can help here15:46
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rumpy1mcphail: what do you mean by 'poking'?15:46
shiftx_okay. anyways thanks15:47
mcphailrumpy1: add as much detail as you can, attaching files and logs etc15:47
mcphailrumpy1: if the package maintainer is active on IRC you can ask directly15:48
mikalauskasthe best way is trying to fix by yourself15:48
mcphailrumpy1: and what mikalauskas says ^^15:48
mikalauskasenglish is hard15:48
rumpy1mikalauskas: well ofcourse ive googled and tried different fixes/workaraounds, but it didnt help15:48
TJ-rumpy1: it often depends on how easy the issue is to reproduce, as to how much attention bugs will get, too15:49
rumpy1mcphail: well i might not know what i have to include, i would be very happy if someone commented that x or y is needed from me15:50
mcphailrumpy1: yes, many bugs go without any comment, which is sad15:50
mikalauskasis the issue hardware related or just software bug?15:50
rumpy1mikalauskas: hardware related, basically usb3 breaks suspend for me15:51
mcphailrumpy1: I don't have any boxes with USB3 ports to confirm your bugs, unfortunately15:51
rumpy1ive seen this bug a few times on askubuntu15:51
rumpy1maybe only certain chipset(s) are affected15:52
rumpy1otherwise more people would talk about it15:52
mikalauskasthen wait for kernel patch15:52
rumpy1well usb3 is not some bleeding edge thing anymore...15:52
mikalauskaswifi still fail sometimes15:53
TJ-rumpy1: what bug numbers?15:53
rumpy1yeah, had huge troubles with wifi and bluetooth, finally seems to be fixed in kernel 4.2 :)15:53
rumpy1TJ-: #1486581 and #144128515:54
rumpy1been using Ubuntu for 10 years now, on different computers, being used to that everything is not working as expected :)15:55
rumpy1maybe it wouldnt work on windows either, hehe15:55
mikalauskasi think you have to provide som more logs15:55
TJ-bug #148658115:56
ubottubug 1486581 in acpid (Ubuntu) "Automatic resume from suspend" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148658115:56
TJ-bug #144128515:56
ubottubug 1441285 in Ubuntu "Huawei E173 not recognized as a modem" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144128515:56
rumpy1i would love to, but i dont know what exactly is needed15:57
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mcphailrumpy1: I'm afraid the upstream kernels won't be supported, so you are not going to get much traction on the bug reports unless you are running stock15:58
TJ-rumpy1: re: #1486581 "4.2 RC7" ... as soon as anyone sees that, the default reaction is "unsupported". If the bug report included details for a supported kernel it might get some notice. However, it is assigned to the acpid package whereas the usb3 driver is in 'linux' kernel15:59
rumpy1oh boy, cant properly use wifi/bluetooth on stock kernel15:59
rumpy1well, i guess i have to wait for 15.1015:59
mcphailrumpy1: the other thing is to make sure you create a better title for the bug report. "Automatic resume from suspend" doesn't give much information, and wouldn't catch the eye of someone looking for a project to fix16:00
rumpy1though the problem was present in stock kernels too16:00
TJ-rumpy1: OK, but if you can confirm the resume issue also affects stock, that is useful info. If it doesn't then you've found a regression16:00
mcphailrumpy1: I can check 15.04 with my E173 later16:01
TJ-I've updated bug #148658116:01
ubottubug 1486581 in linux (Ubuntu) "Removed USB3 device from USB3 port causes S3 Resume to Fail" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148658116:01
rumpy1TJ-: thank you! i can boot with a stock kernel, but what logs should i include?16:03
TJ-rumpy1: do the suspend/resume test, then attach "/var/log/kern.log" (assuming systemd is allowing that to be written to - I'm not sure it is)16:04
mikalauskasim not sure but this will be useful too bash -x /etc/acpi/sleep.sh >/root/sleep.log 2>&116:04
rumpy1ok, ill do it16:06
rumpy1i appreaciate you guys being so helpful!16:07
ajnrCan any one suggest me which laptop is best for ubuntu. I need to buy one with ubuntu OS. Minimum 8 GB RAM. Currently my ubuntu system is running on HP Probook 4430 s and the bettery life is not upto the mark. it drains within 1.5 hour, but my colleague have same laptop run on windows which gives better battery life. Please suggests.16:11
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection16:11
v0r0nweajnr: what do you want TO DO with your laptop?16:11
v0r0nweI had running latest ubuntu on an old thinkpad t400 8GB without any trouble...16:12
ajnrv0r0nwe, not clear what you are saying16:12
webber_me ajudem16:13
ajnrI have done lots of experiment with my current one but as it has only 4 GB RAM and battery life is pathetic , I am planning to buy new one, now the question is which hardware is best for ubuntu16:13
v0r0nweajnr: which hardware you need totally depends on what you have to do with it :)16:13
webber_sou do brasil16:14
k1l!br | webber_16:14
ubottuwebber_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.16:14
webber_meu navegador nao entrar16:14
ajnrv0r0nwe, okey16:15
v0r0nweajnr: perhaps just replace your battery?16:15
ajnrv0r0nwe, already done once !16:15
v0r0nweaaah ok..16:15
ajnrv0r0nwe, need higher RAM also as need to do some computational stuffs !16:16
SCHAAP13724GB here16:16
v0r0nwepersonally, i would always try to upgrade existing syste instead of buying complete new system...16:17
v0r0nweddr3 is cheap enough today :)16:17
ajnrme too , but RAM up-gradation is not possible v0r0nwe16:17
ajnrv0r0nwe, lets see16:17
v0r0nweok ok16:17
ajnrany way thanks16:22
linociscohi all16:23
v0r0nwehi linocisco16:23
linociscowhile burning using brasero, ctlr+0 cant even help me to view desktop files16:24
linociscoall files on desktop disappeared16:25
linocisco15.04 is mine16:25
theTsarlinocisco: have you checked in the terminal or file-explorer?16:26
theTsarlinocisco: at ~/Desktop16:26
theTsarlinocisco: to determine if the files are really gone or just hidden.16:26
v0r0nwelinocisco: check ls -la ~/Desktop16:27
aeden__Dls -a16:27
linociscotheTsar just hidden16:27
linociscowhen i broswe , i can seee in side Desktop16:28
theTsarlinocisco: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons true16:28
linociscobut i think brasero take priority so that no cmmand can supersede16:28
linociscotheTsar i dont understand16:29
theTsarlinocisco: that's the command in the terminal that toggles whether the icons on the desktop are visible.16:29
theTsarlinocisco: are you saying that the icons only disappear while brasero is running?16:30
linociscotheTsar yes16:30
mcphailrumpy1: Frustratingly, although I can find the box and the end-cap for my E173, I cannot find the device itself. I'll append to your bug report if it turns up16:30
theTsarlinocisco: and they come back when it finishes?16:30
rumpy1mcphail: np, thank you very much!16:30
lickalottJT-, you around?16:30
linociscotheTsar yes16:31
linociscotheTsar why did the hell happen?16:31
lickalottwhen you do jump in... THANK YOU!!   I now have a single entry in my cryptroot.  Haven't had a boot issue since last night.16:31
TJ-rumpy1: I updated bug #144128516:32
ubottubug 1441285 in usb-modeswitch (Ubuntu) "Regression: Huawei E173 no longer recognized as a modem" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144128516:32
rumpy1TJ-: thanks!16:32
lickalottTJ-,   sorry  ^^ was for you16:32
lickalottI have fatness of the fingers today16:33
TJ-lickalott: Right, so we *do* have a bu then. Can you do "ubuntu-bug linux" and tell me the bug number? I'll copy in all the data we collected yesterday about it ... I've still got all the pastebins open!16:33
theTsarlinocisco: can't say that I really know.  That's odd.  As if brasero and gnome/unity are competing for the same resource or something.16:33
TJ-lickalott: sorry, "ubuntu-bug cryptsetup" !!!16:33
linociscotheTsar let it be16:34
lickalottit doesn't give me a bug # TJ-16:35
linociscoI am promoting everyone to use ubuntu but disappointed to see doggone shit and they will turn to windows16:35
lickalottoh  wait!16:35
lickalotti didn't hit send16:35
TJ-lickalott: It should submit a bug and open a browser window for you to complete the report and submit it... at that point you'll have the bug #16:35
lickalottSo will I have to do this again with any new kernel pushes?16:35
TJ-lickalott: No... I want us to have a bug number to track this, I can try reproducing it in an virtual machine, and then fix it16:36
lilwizTJ-, TLP or Laptop Mode Tools? Recommend any of them?16:36
TJ-lickalott: ahhh, you mean, redo the manual alteration for kernel updates? Yes... until I can get a patch published16:36
TJ-lickalott: it looks like a severe regression since it prevents a proper boot16:37
lickalottI'm gonna throw you a pm to ensure that I have everything in the event that I have to do this again.16:38
lickalottalso, number is coming.  I had to reset my ubuntu one pw16:38
aeden__DLinocisco: have you tweeked anything I.e gnome-tweek-tool maybe?16:38
theTsarlinocisco: there's plenty of that to found in Windows too.  That's why I switched to Linux :P16:39
aeden__DCan you think of anything you may have changed prior to the problem linocisco16:39
theTsarlinocisco: but I get what you mean.16:39
lilwizWhen installing Ubuntu 15.04, does it come with the latest Intel Graphics for Linux or should I install them manually?16:40
lilwizI'm looking at https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/intel-graphics-installer-linux-1.1.016:41
x_roothello, any tips to enable hardware acceleration on a amd-apu powered machine?16:41
lickalottTJ-,  just submit the bug without info in it?16:41
TJ-lickalott: Yes... I'll add to it16:41
poloniai cant work with ubuntu only www16:42
x_rootevery time I try to watch a video on vlc, for example, the program try to enable by using "libvdpau_nvidia.so", but.. it's a amd gpu.. =/16:42
lickalottTJ-, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/148712716:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1487127 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "cryptsetup preventing proper boot swap AND root on crypt device together" [Undecided,New]16:42
TJ-lickalott: OK, I've assigned it to me16:44
ioriax_root, take a look , Point 5   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD#Enabling_Video_Hardware_Acceleration16:44
* lickalott bows to TJ- 16:44
poloniawhy in windows i can more work16:44
x_rootpolonia, what kind of work you have?16:45
x_rootmaybe is just a matter of find the right program ;)16:45
k1lpolonia: this is ubuntu support. what is your ubuntu issue?16:45
x_rootvainfo returned 0 ioria16:46
poloniai install ubuntu16:46
x_rootbut, maybe is this? "sudo ln -s /usr/lib/va/drivers/fglrx_drv_video.so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/fglrx_drv_video.so" ?16:46
poloniawhat i can do with16:46
poloniaonly www16:46
x_rooti tried to find the /usr/lib/va folder and seems to not exist (ubuntu 15.04)16:46
poloniaand open office16:46
k1lpolonia: you can do everything that you did in windows before. so what is your exact issue?16:46
oratedHi! After recent updates, whatever I have in /etc/grub_d/40_custom is not getting updated to grub. How can I solve this issue?16:46
poloniai search abilify ubuntu16:46
k1lpolonia: there is #ubuntu-pl where you can ask in polish16:47
Trinityhow do I convert an .abw file into a .pdf without online tools?16:54
Trinityis there something I can _download_ to use?16:54
theTsarTrinity: print to PDF from Abiword16:55
TrinitytheTsar, ? can you elaborate?16:55
Twirlhello, anyone knows how to take screenshots without ubuntu doing anything to the screen?16:55
samthewildoneTwirl: ^16:56
Twirli need to take a screenshot of a program and it changes focus and then takes the screenshot and its freaking stupid16:56
theTsarTrinity: the system print dialog should allow you to select an option to just save as PDF instead of actually sending to a printer.  This is commonly called "printing to PDF"16:56
Twirlsamthewildone: is that a package?16:56
samthewildoneTwirl: there's a cli option where you could set a set amount  of time to shoot; I fogot though16:56
TrinitytheTsar, ah, I cant believe I missed it save file as type .pdf thanks!16:57
theTsarTrinity: np16:57
samthewildoneTwirl: apt-get install imagemagic16:57
OerHeks!info gnome-screenshot16:58
ubottugnome-screenshot (source: gnome-screenshot): screenshot application for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.14.0-1ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 32 kB, installed size 196 kB16:58
OerHeksTwirl, this toll has a timer/focus etc16:58
samthewildoneTwirl: then do a man or --help argument to see how to take screenshot within specific time16:58
samthewildoneOerHeks: I believe that it breaks what he's trying to shoot16:58
samthewildone!imagemagick |16:59
OerHeksreally ? never noticed that.16:59
samthewildone!imagemagick | Twirl16:59
samthewildoneTwirl: http://askubuntu.com/questions/194427/what-is-the-terminal-command-to-take-a-screenshot17:00
samthewildoneOerHeks: I need your help17:00
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=== BOHverkill___ is now known as BOHverkill
samthewildonetime to disable all these annoying logs of connecting and disconnecting17:08
DJones!quietirc | samthewildone If you haven't already done it for your client, this should help,17:11
ubottusamthewildone If you haven't already done it for your client, this should help,: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages17:11
ubottuTo ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages17:13
samthewildoneDJones: using weechat so still learning the ropes17:13
* OerHeks loves to read those funny ip adresses17:14
samthewildonethere we go !17:16
samthewildoneit was "/filter add joinquit * irc_join,irc_part,irc_quit *"17:16
samthewildoneso much more cleaner17:16
samthewildoneOerHeks: so much leaving and joining, chats get lost17:17
=== kpease__ is now known as kpease
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
linociscoo> I am going to install ubuntu server 14.04-2 64bit on existing Elastix server which is CentOS based and take up the whole HDD when installed, How can I add ubuntu server installation along side of it and make dual boot.?17:21
gojuI need help to purge a game that didn't work in my ubuntu 14.04 LTS , but I still see it in my Nautilus , its a getdeb game Wofenstein: Enemy Territory17:22
v0r0nweapt-get purge ?17:22
gojuCan U make the game work...? I tried several times17:23
RaySlHaving some issues getting 802.11n to work, wavemon shows 5Ghz N networks, but I cant join it.17:23
drkjstrlinocisco, When installing Ubuntu, you will have the option for a customized install.  At that time you can resize partitions and make one for Ubuntu.17:23
gojuyes...what I mean to say is that completely remove all the traces first17:24
linociscodrkjstr, how do I resize, and if I resize, will it affect existing Elastix components not to function?17:24
gojuv0r0nwe: any suggestion ?17:24
molgrumhow do i check the date a package in a repository was created?17:26
drkjstrlinocisco, are you at the installation destination part of the install?17:26
k1llinocisco: you can start a live ubuntu and use gparted to resize the partitions to your needs. if the other server install can live with that? good question. should be, but cant know17:27
v0r0nwegoju: sorry, no, im not really into games17:27
lilwizHibernate doesn't seem to work properly on Ubuntu 15.04 installed on a USB-stick, it shuts off but on resume, Natulus is missing and you can't tab or do much of anything.17:27
weeirc8089when trying to compile intel graphics latest driver I get when executing ./configure: "checking for XORG... no" and "Error: package requirements (xorg-server >= 1.6 xproto fontsproto pixman-1 >= 0.16 ) were not met: no package 'xorg-server' found ..." as opposed to "checking for DRM.. yes" line which appears earlier I tried "apt-cache search xorg-server" and the only result I got was: "xorg-server-source -17:27
weeirc8089Xorg X server - source files" -- is this really the right package?17:27
gojuok then at least help me to purge them completely17:27
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linociscodrkjstr, I am now at the stage of Partitioning Disks . options to choose17:32
x_roothello again guys, i'm on linux now...17:33
thatjamaicandudequick help question: can I use a remote touch screen with mine via remmina?17:33
x_rootwhich were the page again? binary amd right?17:33
RaySlany sugestions?17:34
drkjstrYou will need to select manual, customized installation.17:36
poopybuttholeIs there any software for compressing memory in ubuntu?17:36
Johnny_Linuxditch the nick17:37
drkjstrpoopybutthole, http://askubuntu.com/questions/387408/is-there-a-compressed-memory-available-for-12-04-not-compressed-swap17:37
poopybuttholeJohnny_Linux: You're not my dad17:37
poopybuttholethanks drkjstr17:37
linociscodrkjstr, yes. i selected manual and what is next. found all are occupied by CentOS17:38
=== Tifa is now known as Guest58652
poopybuttholedrkjstr: I tried to start zramswap after installing it and I just get that it failed to load17:40
poopybuttholeNo such file or directory17:40
OerHeks!badident | poopybutthole17:41
ubottupoopybutthole: Unfortunately, your irc client has been configured with an ident containing an objectionable word. We don't allow such objectionable idents into our main channels as it offends a lot of people. Your ident is not your nickname. Once you've changed your ident, please disconnect from freenode and reconnect. You will be automatically let back into the channel you tried to join.17:41
drkjstrlinocisco, there is enough free space on the partition, right?  You will need to select the partition with CentOS, and then modify it. Shrink the size of it.17:41
poopybutthole!annoyingbuttface | OerHeks17:41
poopybuttholewhat's offensive about my name?17:42
x_rootabout binart drive amd on linux17:42
poopybuttholeis that better?17:42
x_rooti get this from vainfo http://paste.ubuntu.com/12136800/17:42
poopybuttholeoh crap17:42
poopybuttholehold on17:42
linociscodrkjstr, how can I check? i found two #1 primary 525 MB B XFS and #2 primary 249.5GB K LVM17:43
=== poopybutthole is now known as p_opybutthole
p_opybuttholeOerHeks: better?17:43
linociscodrkjstr, mine is 250GB only in total17:43
k1lpoopybutthole: last time now: please change that nick since its offensive to other users. if you want to troll with your nick you will get banned17:43
p_opybuttholek1l: i did change it17:43
p_opybuttholeI am asking if this is alright17:43
p_opybuttholei will change it if its not17:43
UFO69how much cost new windows?17:44
OerHeksUFO69, didn't you asked that question before?17:44
drkjstrlinocisco, you would need to make sure inside the old system. If I'm not mistaken, you would want to resize the #2 partition down, to allow space for the Ubuntu installation.  Anyone else have a comment?17:45
=== lis is now known as Guest26587
tiblockHi. I have SD card that i have problems with and i try to investigate. "lsblk" says /dev/sdb is 7.9GB and "gparted" says /dev/sdb is 1.92GB, who is correct? How to know?17:46
OerHekstiblock, size <> available space17:46
drkjstrUFO69, if you have Windows 7 or newer, then it is free.17:47
tiblockOerHeks, uhm. How to make them equal?17:47
UFO69i neeed windows XP17:47
drkjstrUFO69, please remember this channel is for Ubuntu support.17:47
UFO69how much cost?17:47
OerHeksUFO69, you know where to go ##windows, troll17:47
drkjstrBut, Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.17:48
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:48
k1l_UFO69: then ask in ##windows17:48
UFO69help my buy XP17:48
DJonesUFO69: No, please go troll another channel17:48
pooopyvaglnaI think I figured out what was wrong with my name17:52
pooopyvaglnabutthole is offensive17:52
pooopyvaglnaI get that now17:52
pooopyvaglnaPlease all mighty mods of ubuntu, forgive me17:52
pooopyvaglnaWhy was I kicked now?17:52
pooopyvaglnathis is racism17:53
DJonespooopyvaglna: Either make your nick something suitable for the channel or leave17:53
pooopyvaglnaYou are kicking me because im black17:53
=== t3p0 is now known as crazyagile
tiblockOerHeks, used dd, it is real size is 2.1 and 8gb is fake. Oh well...17:53
sehnsuchti have ubuntu 14.04.2 64 bit and when i do a file copy the dialogue vanishes and "show copy dialogue" doesn't bring it back. there's a little progress bar over the icon on the left and the copy is taking place.  any ideas?17:54
OerHekstiblock, fake or damaged? 2 gb would be 2097152 KB17:54
v0r0nwesehnsucht: which X?17:54
tiblockOerHeks, i bought it online from china, so 99.9% its fake than damaged17:55
v0r0nwesehnsucht: i mean DE... Unity, Gnome, ...? (if you don't know, then Unity)17:55
sehnsuchthow can i tell?17:55
TJ-tiblock: sounds about correct17:55
sehnsuchtit's unity17:55
OerHeks8 gb sticker :)17:55
sehnsuchtit's a newish install and i've decided to put up with unity rather than fiddle and cause problems!17:56
TJ-OerHeks: the firmware is hacked, it reports a larger size but if you write to it the data wraps around at some lower address17:56
OerHeksThat one is nasty, TJ.17:56
TJ-OerHeks: used to be a bigger problem but as Flash prices have dropped it isn't so prevalent17:57
drkjstrtiblock, TJ- I think a friend got one from China for $0.99 with the same situation.17:57
OerHeksIt is like the old days, buying chips with predictable defects, and sell/use it17:58
tiblockdrkjstr, peoples have them all the time. But i thought 8gb never would be faked. Usually its 32gb+17:58
v0r0nwesehnsucht: multi-monitor setup?17:59
sehnsuchtno, just the one, but 4 workspaces - can't see it in any of them though18:00
v0r0nwemaybe it's just disappearing to another screen :D18:00
v0r0nweah ok18:00
OerHekssehnsucht, know issue i think: use alt-tab to the empty desktop, and release it, use alt tab to return to the window again18:02
v0r0nwesehnsucht: why not 15.04 if it's a newish install anyway?18:02
sehnsuchtbecause i wanted lts so i don't have to reinstall every 6 months or so.18:02
sehnsuchtalt-tab doesn't do that.18:04
sehnsuchtshift-super-w shows all windows in all workspaces but it's not one of them18:04
v0r0nwebut the copying process is still running?18:05
sehnsuchtyes, and the progress bar on on the app's icon on alt-tab, and on the launcher, looks plausible (slowish progress copying from hd to usb key at about 10mbps if it's the same speed as usual)18:05
x_roothm.. hey guys, i'm having trouble in play hardware accelerated videos..18:06
x_rooti can't play using any hwdec method (on vlc or in mpv)18:07
x_rootalthough this is my return from vainfo18:07
sehnsuchti chose move rather than copy so i'm not desperate to do anything that's going to cause problems.  on an earlier version of linux i moved a bunch of files, i got errors so nothing moved but it successfully did the `delete from the source location` part, which was very handy18:07
x_rootanyone know how to solve?18:07
sehnsuchtperhaps this is related to my problem:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/645610/super-d-hides-copy-dialog-forever-in-15-0418:07
x_roothttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12136944/ <<  this is my exit from vlc18:08
v0r0nwesehnsucht: but did you press super-d actually?18:09
daviswhoops i got disconnected.18:09
davisi'm trying to figure out which group do I need to be in so that my regular user can issue dhclient commands. netdev appears not to be it.18:10
sehnsuchtno, but in the linked-to bug report they have the same problem as me just from minimizing the dialogue18:11
JerryPso like an idiot, I upgraded the BIOS on my laptop, now I lost my dualboot for Ubuntu/Win8, anyone have any good instructions to get it back up and running?18:11
=== kpease is now known as kpease__
v0r0nweJerryP: of course you did a complete backup before bios upgrade18:12
JerryPv0r0nwe: nope :(   but I can still get into windows and the "important" stuff is backed up to the cloud18:13
k1l_JerryP: what is the issue now?18:13
k1l_JerryP: what OS is booted?18:13
JerryPk1l_: I only have the UEFI Loader which loads Win8.1, but then Win8.1 ends up crashing anyway. If I try to change to legacy boot, it says no bootable media found18:14
=== Eggs is now known as Guest8552
dev-codedoes anyone know how to update flash.????? Ubuntu in the last upgrade and/or update kill the flash plugin an all browsers. I have Chromium, Firefox, Konqueror and Opera installed and its not working. There are web pages which running flash app and its not working. Does anyone knows how to fix this issue? Thank you18:14
JerryPAlso, when Win8.1 crashes, it wont reboot. I have to open the laptop and remove the battery to get it to reboot18:15
v0r0nwedavis: you could tell your visudo that your regular user can run /usr/bin/dhclient or whatever without password18:15
k1l_JerryP: uh, i am not familiar with that uefi stuff. sorry18:15
JerryPk1l_: I actually want to scrap the UEFI. I had an ubuntu loader before the BIOS update18:16
davisv0r0nwe: how so? visudo and then what?18:16
JerryPk1l_: I just cant remember the steps to get the GRUB loader back18:16
k1l_was it uefi before?18:17
JerryPk1l_: OEM was UEFI, then I installed Linux and used GRUB to dual boot. Then I updated BIOS and now I am back to UEFI18:17
v0r0nwedavis: https://askubuntu.com/questions/159007/how-do-i-run-specific-sudo-commands-without-a-password18:17
v0r0nwedavis: make sure to edit this file via "sudo visudo"18:18
linociscohi all18:18
linociscoI have existing CEntOS that take full disk. i want to remove and install half as ubuntu server and then I will install CentOS18:18
linociscowhat do I do?18:19
NkontrasHi there fellow Linux people.18:20
hobbeshi, I am having terrible problems with my wifi... I have an intel iwl3945abg wireless card. I try to connect to my university's eduroam network but every connection attempt results in timeouts... Has anyone had this problem before? (The problem is pretty odd since eduroam has worked well with my laptop for years :/)18:20
NkontrasI need help.18:20
sehnsuchtok, that copy completed.  i'm just copying some more files and his time the dialogue didn't appear at all18:21
sehnsuchtas before, the icons are showing the progress successfully18:21
NkontrasAfter latest update of graphic driver I only have command prompt without networking (WiFi only if we had GUi, I think. ) Noob here.18:22
JerryPk1l_: OH! I think I have to turn off secure boot in the BIOS, but it is grayed out.. any ideas?18:23
=== me is now known as Guest23573
v0r0nwesehnsucht: ok... sometimes it's all about magic ;)18:24
NkontrasDo you know any commands in command prompt to activate/ rollback stock nvidia drivers in ubuntu18:24
NkontrasOr a command to activate wifi18:25
v0r0nwehobbes: did you change anything or did the problem just occur?18:25
v0r0nweNkontras: for wifi try these commands: https://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/HowToUse#Command_Line18:26
sehnsuchtsometimes it's all about rebooting!  i think i'll log out and in first and see if it's repeatable.  wonder if it's trying to open a window and failing. but why?  loads of space ram/disk space, quad core etc.18:26
v0r0nweNkontras: (worked for me a few weeks ago)18:26
hobbesv0r0nwe: I wasn't sure but after I have completely removed and reinstalled my ubuntu. I am sure that I haven't done anything...18:27
v0r0nwesehnsucht: you could start nautilus from a terminal then it may will output some debug msg18:28
altinhi everyone18:28
altinthere is this xinput command that I use18:28
altinto check for USB devices connected18:28
altinto my pc18:28
v0r0nwehobbes: same for you: https://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/HowToUse#Command_Line try these command steps18:29
altinbut unfortunately it only works when there is18:29
altinx server available18:29
altini use it to list usb devices18:29
altinand as well disable them18:29
altinlike: xinput set-prop 15 'Device Enabled' 018:29
altinis there any other alternative you know that can do this?18:29
sehnsuchti'm not that experienced with linux but logging seems quite poor.  why isn't everything logged, to some ram if necessary for speed, so i can always find what went wrong without having to restart something in another mode to capture logging on future problems?18:30
altinI would like to disable let's say my USB keyboard18:30
alexbucurestihow is begginer linux?18:31
linociscohi all18:31
ptidebwhat is ur resuest alex ?18:31
alexbucurestii m begginer linux18:31
linociscohow to prepare HDD for dual boot? first i will install ubuntu server and then CentOS18:31
=== walk3r is now known as mlwalk3r
ptidebyou want to learn how to use linux ?18:32
hobbesv0r0nwe: I don't see, how that could help... There must be a reason for those timeouts... Here an example log for the error: http://pastebin.com/Rt032vf018:32
v0r0nwesehnsucht: afaik there is actually many logging per default, did you check ~/.xsession-errors18:33
v0r0nwehobbes: sry was a bit confused because some Nkontras questions were also wifi related :D18:33
FelishiaI need to run a command at boot18:34
Felishiahow do I do that18:34
hobbesv0r0nwe: lol it's ok18:34
FelishiaI heard it's using rc.local18:34
ptidebu use usb reboot ?18:35
sehnsuchtno time stamps, but nothing very relevant looking there18:35
linociscohow to prepare HDD for dual boot? first i will install ubuntu server and then CentOS18:35
ptidebfirst of all lino u install unbuntu server after with terminal u creat a partition18:37
v0r0nwehobbes: reason 'SSID not found'18:37
v0r0nwehobbes: but i know for sure that "eduroam" is the right name :)18:38
v0r0nweu tried to connect with other devices just to make sure that eduroam is actually working?18:39
hobbesv0r0nwe: Why do the strangest linux problems always occur on my laptop ;_;18:39
tommyguncan ubuntu boot to a user selection screen instead of right into one of the user accounts i have setup?18:40
v0r0nwetommygun: of coures, you can find that somewhere in the gui settings, depends on your desktop manager18:41
x_roothello guys, anyone can help me? how can i get a libvdpau_nvdia.so?18:44
tommyguni dont have a desktop manager or atleast i havent installed one lol :) i put Ubuntu on a laptop and was making different users and just got bothered that i didnt have a choice18:45
x_roottommygun, you can choose a prefered desktop manager right before you enter on session18:47
x_rootif you are using lightdm, there's a "ubuntu" icon just above the ">" to log in18:47
v0r0nwetommygun: x_root i think we talk about display managers, sorry18:47
x_rootoh.. sorry v0r0nwe :P18:47
v0r0nweno sorry to me18:47
v0r0nwebecause i said "desktop manager" before xD18:48
x_rootoh.. that's what i get from reading just the last line :P18:48
=== user is now known as Guest38496
v0r0nwetommygun: somewhere in your settings (reachable within unity) you can find that option18:50
v0r0nwesomewhere at "Session", "User", "Login"18:50
v0r0nwei don't remember i'm not with unity for months18:50
v0r0nwe(even no ubuntu, sorry)18:50
Felishiahelp I need to make a startup script...18:52
Felishiaonce that runs on boot18:52
CarlFKhow do I apt-get figure out what provides libgthread-2.0.so.0 ?18:54
JerryPOk, anyway to reset a forgotten ubuntu password? *sigh*...18:54
FelishiaJerryP, yeah18:54
Felishiamodify your grub startup and change your unix password with passwd18:54
JerryPFelishia: Cool! Thanks! Actually, I think I finally got it on like the 10th try, lol18:55
Felishiathat by changing the init to init=/bin/sh and changing ro to rw I thinl18:55
CarlFKJerryP:  (and Felishia) hold shift down on boot.  that gets you the grub menu that has a Recovery option to drop you to a root shell18:55
=== aryan is now known as arunpyasi
JerryPCarlFK: Thanks! The GRUB seems to be working now, at least I can select between Win8 and Linux. I am still having some issues in Win8 (Keyboard Mouse not working) that couldnt have anything to do with the boot loader, right?19:07
CarlFKJerryP: probably not.19:12
=== kpease__ is now known as kpease
bozeI use vi mode for bash. Is there a way to give some indication if you are in insert mode or not? like change the cursor color?19:16
Piciboze: #bash might know19:17
bozePici, ty19:17
samalexprobably a common question, but is jumping from LTS to 15.04 worth it?19:20
v0r0nwesamalex: debends...19:20
sruppIf you are on a LTS build, generally waiting for the next LTS build is the best option.19:20
sruppWhy double your energy to upgrade again in the shorter lifecycle19:20
sruppJust my 2 cents19:21
samalexthis'll be my primary system, so i need something stable.  i generally stick with LTS versions, but given i'm about to order a new system form system76 just wasn't sure if there were any must haves with 15.0419:21
samalexand i agree i generall don't like upgrading every 6 months19:21
sruppGuess its really 50/50 then since you know what you want and need19:22
Orm_AncalagonEvening all, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I have some questions regarding init services and their starting order, i’d be mighty greatful for some help or directions to the right place19:23
sruppI installed 15 to check it out, but use LTS on my workstations19:23
sehnsuchtsuppose you wanted to reinstall every 6 months; is there some sane way of doing this so you don't have to reinstall and reconfigure everything each time?19:23
samalexi've generally done clean installs between versions, been bit by upgrades way too many times19:24
SCHAAP137backing up your homedir?19:24
CarlFKSchnabeltierchen: um.. what do you mean "reinstall but not reinstall" ?19:24
sruppYou can always get everything in order/up-to-date as you like and image the system. Then when you nuke it you have a starting point and just have to update from that point19:24
sehnsuchtwhat about endless config files though; samba config for example. anything not in home, really19:25
sruppOf course, you need to manage your data before you blow it away19:25
sinisterdoorSince Hardy it is possible to reinstall Ubuntu without losing the content of the /home folder (the folder that contains program settings, internet bookmarks, emails and all your documents, music, videos and other user files). This can be done even if /home is not on a separate partition19:25
samalexsinisterdoor: i never trust my data to upgrade scripts , i'd suggest a backup be in place before doing something like this.19:26
sehnsuchtsinisterdoor,  reading that now19:26
sinisterdoorsehnsucht this is for /home,I read your response way too late.this wont be a help for you19:26
=== Blaster is now known as Guest1079
fawkes_BR alguem?19:27
Pici!br | fawkes_19:27
ubottufawkes_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.19:27
sinisterdoorsamalex:  wiki itself suggest clonezilla before the operation I suggested19:27
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ash_workin the terminal, I often have to hit the esc key before b or f to move back or forward by word... is there an alternate to moving the cursor by word?19:31
ash_worklike, an alternate key-combo or something19:32
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roddanyone using xps 13 ubuntu?19:32
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ash_workdelete word is the most cumbersome: ^[ ^H19:33
ash_workoh wait19:33
Guest15431ash_work, in vi?19:33
ash_workoh, not that's not had; bleh! what was I thinking19:33
ash_workalways literally pushing ctrl+H19:33
ash_workesc backspace19:33
ash_workmuch easier19:33
ash_workbut still19:33
ash_workentering the esc is slightly more cumbersome than ctrl or shift19:34
ash_workparticularly because you don't _hold_ esc, you just press it once19:34
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ash_workGuest15431: no, just in a shell terminal; like bash commands19:34
pbxrodd, i ran ubntu on an xps, what's up?19:35
=== Dhs92 is now known as Yukkii
roddpbx: do you still use the laptop?19:35
=== Guest1079 is now known as Blaster
roddjust wondering if it responds well19:35
roddand is a good laptop19:35
ash_workso uh, ^w is "cut" the word behind... anyone know how to paste this?19:36
bloopi need to get "libSDL_ttf-2.0.so.0"19:39
bloop"error while loading shared libraries: libSDL_ttf-2.0.so.0: cannot open"19:39
v0r0nwebloop: libsdl-ttf2.0-0 is installed, right?19:42
al2o3-cr^w is werase19:42
bloopv0r0nwe: I've installed those19:42
v0r0nwefor what do you need it?19:43
bloopv0r0nwe: epsxe emulator19:43
ioria!info libsdl-ttf2.0-dev19:44
ubottulibsdl-ttf2.0-dev (source: sdl-ttf2.0): TrueType Font library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2, development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.11-3 (vivid), package size 20 kB, installed size 92 kB19:44
bloopI may have to soft link19:44
v0r0nweapt-get install ia32-libs19:45
DreskI can't take it anymore, audio in Linux hasn't gotten better in the 12+ years I've been using it, and since switching to *buntu, PulseAudio has made it even worse, for the love of all that is holy, where do I seek solace away from this terrible blight, or I am doomed to "Ubuntu is meant to use PulseAudio"19:45
v0r0nwebloop: found at http://ngemu.com/threads/ubuntu-13-10-error-while-loading-shared-libraries-libsdl_ttf-2-0-so-0-cannot-open-s.158826/19:45
v0r0nwethis is directly related to epsxe19:46
bloopscrew it19:48
bloopthat's too much work for an emulator19:48
sehnsuchtash_work: you can use vi mode in bash and use vi motions (not sure if you knew this already or not)19:48
ash_worksehnsucht: I did not know that19:49
bloopthere's a playstation emulator in the software center19:50
sehnsuchtash_work,    in bash type set -o vi19:50
sehnsuchtthen you can hit escape for normal more, i into insert mode etc.19:51
sehnsuchtnormal mode19:51
ash_worksehnsucht: I'll keep that in mind :)19:51
Subject66Why? If I accidently click on shutdown, it shows me the Logout screen?19:53
=== Guest91325 is now known as karstensrage
Subject66Why? When you cancel from that screen, it Logs you out ANYWAY ?19:53
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ash_workso this conf file has several variables in it; I assume these are supposed to be set before the script is checked. I can echo the var in bash but running service apache2 reload says the var is undefined20:00
ash_workanyone know how I make the var visible to apache?20:00
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Pa^2How do I stop Files from opening every time I put in a USB thumb drive?20:07
=== rafael is now known as Guest35782
fellayaboyhey i placed a folder inside a folder thats symbolically linked....when i look thru the symbolic linked folder i dont see the folder in placed20:12
Guest35782i need a software to proyect managment plase sugestions20:12
ash_workcan you export a variable after it's defined?20:12
leptonethis is a test20:15
fellayaboyhow do i troubleshoot a symbolic linked folder, where certain files and folders dont show up20:15
climuHi, I can't manage to start a script at loggin.20:21
climuthe script work in shell...20:21
climuI hadd it in the automatic startup windows but it doesn't seems to launch it20:22
v0ronweclimu: .bash_login, .profile or what?20:22
climuv0ronwe: I do'nt understand the question20:23
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goodvinHello! I need help. I don't configure wi-fi on my PC. lsusb: ID 148f:7601 Ralink Technology, Corp.; uname -r: 3.16.0-38-generic20:28
goodvinSorry my English20:28
FLeiXiuSgoodvin, What?  Was that english lol20:28
PsychoI3oyso this 14.04 install is defaulting users (and sudo'd) process priortiy/niceness to 3 and it's ignoring changes to /etc/security/limits.conf to reset it to 0; a friend thought it might be systemd related but he's an arch guy and I'm a gentoo guy normally; I have more details in a reddit post if a link would be appropriate20:28
goodvinПо русски понимает кто-нибудь?20:29
teward!ru | goodvin20:29
ubottugoodvin: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:29
neonixcoderHi guys, I am planing to upgrading my ubuntu OS and come to know unattended upgrade using do-release-upgrade -f "DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive", I am curious that there will be other options available for -f.20:30
neonixcoderdo any one knows it?20:30
v0ronweclimu: sry i mean do you want execute this script at login into a X session or at starting bash?20:31
climuv0ronwe :I don't know I gue at login. Since the script work into X .20:37
v0ronwehave a look at .xinitrc20:37
climuok. thanks20:37
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santosxenHey does anyone know how to start gnome do without a gnome interface?20:40
fluvvellIve got an Acer laptop, a new Aspire E15  that won't let me sort out the graphics mode, I can boot through in rescue but with patheticly slow graphics20:42
fluvvellit appears to be intel graphics, is there a hint page for Ubuntu 15.04 to  sort t his out?20:42
v0ronwedoes this Aspire has nvidia and did you install the non-free drivers?20:44
fluvvellv0ronwe, its a pentium with intel HD graphics20:44
v0ronwea sry20:45
fluvvellv0ronwe, do you mean ubuntu-restricted-extras ?20:46
climu<v0ronwe> I have  o such file in the home directory...20:46
climu*no such file20:46
Delta706I can do ctrl-alt-f2 to switch from X server to a tty. Is there a command to do this?20:51
v0ronweclimu: what desktop environment, unity?20:53
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santosxendoes anyone know a good task planer software for linux?  ( to do list)20:55
climu<v0ronwe> : xfce20:55
OerHeksrednotebook is a nice agenda20:55
pte_peteyhi ubuntu20:56
pte_peteyI've tried several times from mac osx to create a bootable usb20:56
pte_peteybut my netbook (which can boot other distros) doesn't seem to like it20:56
Gallomimiapte_petey: hi. i've seen that problem. can you show me the command you used to do it?20:57
v0ronweclimu: i think then .xinitrc should work. everything in there will be executed during starting of xsession, so put your script in there20:57
pte_peteyi followed the instructions from the help page20:57
v0ronweclimu: make sure .xinitrc is +x20:57
Gallomimiaare you in terminal typing dd ?20:57
Gallomimiashow me the exact text you used for that command20:57
pte_peteypastebin ok ?20:58
climu<v0ronwe> I try thanks.20:58
Gallomimiasure, but one line should be ok to paste here20:58
andreasHey guys, I just installed Ubuntu 15.04 MATE edition. I have an external Monitor at my Laptop and I want it as primary screen. How can I set this? It's not possible in the graphical monitor settings20:58
Gallomimiawow that is a lot of new commands to be using on that help page. all i did in the past was the dd command nothing else20:58
climuv0ronwe: doesn't work :(20:59
pte_peteysudo dd if=~/Downloads/ubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386.img.dmg of=/dev/disk4s1 bs=1m20:59
Gallomimiaokay i see what you did wrong: the of=/dev/disk4s1 should be just disk421:00
climuI created a .xinitrc with my script on it. I chmod +x it.21:00
OerHeksGallomimia +121:01
PsychoI3oyso how do i set my default niceness (priority?) to 0? it's at 3 on both my user and in sudo and modifying /etc/security/limits.conf doesn't help (more info: https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/comments/3hr17z/user_accounts_default_to_niceness_priority_of_3/ )21:01
Gallomimiathe command you wrote put the installer on a partition within the usb stick. you want it to occupy the whole disk, and it comes with a bootable master block21:01
pte_peteyright ok21:01
Gallomimiawhen you try again, make sure it's still disk421:01
v0ronweclimu: try the same with .xprofile21:01
pte_peteyi think the doc should come with a warning21:01
OerHeksits a hybrid iso, so dd to partition indeed21:01
Gallomimiait can change, and you don't want to use dd on the wrong disk :(21:02
OerHekserr disk21:02
pte_peteycan i make a swap partition ?21:02
Gallomimiayes. on the startup disk?21:02
pte_peteyideally i want to transfer another two distro's and then load that onto ubuntu21:02
pte_peteypart A=> ubuntu, Part B=> files, distros21:02
Gallomimiai guess so. you'll have to do it after dd finishes21:03
OerHeksyou can make a persistant partition yes, that is not called swap21:03
Gallomimiaswap is what mac calls "virtual memory" or they did before adopting unix21:03
climu<v0ronwe> : now I can't loggin21:04
=== binam is now known as binamenator
v0ronwego to command line and remove .xprofile :D21:06
climuI did  :)21:07
climuI have to go  now21:07
v0ronweok sry21:07
climuthanks for the help21:07
climuI will post on the forum I guess21:08
v0ronweor ask someone else :)21:08
burk_20Hi all, I get the following when I execute web3.currentProvider -> http://pastebin.com/u9knYfRF21:10
burk_20I should get something else, right?21:10
burk_20how can I set the provider?21:10
burk_20sorry, wrong chat21:11
fluvvellv0ronwe, it also won't reboot. stops on text screen wiht [OK] Reached target Shutdown21:12
pte_peteyGallomimia so basically do the dd to the main disk then parition and create a partition for putting files on21:16
pte_peteyI'm a bit rusty on my OS concepts21:16
pte_peteyhoping to learn bash scripting much better...21:16
Gallomimiait sounds reasonable21:17
Gallomimiasomething i've never tried befor tho21:17
=== Eggs is now known as Guest75243
Gallomimiawhat'd they call it ? a persistent partition?21:17
Gallomimiathat might be worth googling21:17
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misho_I have a strange situation...i have no sound anywhere on my system,but when i test from Sound GUI app my stereo speakers are working.How can i resume or check my sound?21:37
misho_Also there is no music from YouTube for example21:38
misho_I am familiar with alsamixer..but what can i do from there?21:38
OerHeksf6 select sound device21:39
OerHeksand f3/f4 see if you see a MM = mut on the panel21:39
misho_where should be this MM? I have capture and digital and they are set on same level21:40
PsychoI3oyso how do i set my default niceness (priority?) to 0? it's at 3 on both my user and in sudo and modifying /etc/security/limits.conf doesn't help (more info: https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/comments/3hr17z/user_accounts_default_to_niceness_priority_of_3/ )21:42
misho_What is Auto mute mode [ENABLED]21:42
misho_how can i change this Auto Mute Mode?21:44
yepladoes fglrx work again ?21:46
shovel_bossare they true FOSS21:49
shovel_bossFSF approved?21:49
k1l_shovel_boss: ask the fsf21:50
shovel_bossk1l_: where do i find them21:50
k1l_shovel_boss: you know about fsf so dont pretend you cant find them. go somewhere else for trolling21:51
shovel_bossk1l_: you seem helpful21:51
shovel_bossk1l_: using that slippery slope argument to accuse me21:52
misho_I still don;t find any solution21:55
LessGenericNickHello world!21:56
LessGenericNickalright guys you know how wifi sometimes has an open wifi-guest thing next to it?21:58
codefateWhat kind of IRC client does everyone use. I'm currently using HexChat but I'm not loving it that well...22:00
LessGenericNicki got xchat22:00
k1l_codefate: there are several others, just test them and see what suits you best22:01
Bashing-omcodefate: If you are terminal minded, try irssi .22:01
codefateI never heard of irssi before. I'll give it a look.22:01
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest39384
Bashing-omcodefate: http://www.andrews-corner.org/ubuntu/irssi.html .22:03
dey_smuxi ! + persistent connection \o/22:03
codefateI'm on the startup documentation page right now.22:03
NTQDoes anybody know how to configure postfix that nobody is able to set "From:" to an other value than his/her account name?22:03
Bashing-omcodefate: irssi help ' /join #irssi ' .22:04
codefateThank you Bashing-om22:05
codefateI'll definitely give it a look.22:05
Bashing-omcodefate: :)22:05
k1l_codefate: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat for other clients22:06
codefateOh that is awesome.22:06
r1k1_NTQ have yoy set FQDN and dns ?22:07
r1k1_i think this is best link for setting up postfix / dovecot22:09
NTQr1k1_: SSL authentication is enabled still but someone who is authenticated as name@mailserver.tld can change the From:22:09
NTQOh, shit. I have to log out. Sorry. I will ask that question again tomorrow.22:10
r1k1_you need set up also in the dns that only people from that server can send or lots of viagra mail will left22:11
codefateSo being that I'm new-ish to Ubuntu, is there any programs that you couldn't live without?22:13
k1l_codefate: that depends on the user and workflow. just start using ubuntu and if you miss something you can look into the software center22:14
OerHeksa browser :-)22:14
v0r0nwecodefate: vim, zsh, i3m, mutt, weechat, bitlbee22:15
wowanameI'm writing a research paper about GNU/Linux distributions. Can anyone tell me why Debian and Mint are objectively superior to Ubuntu? Thanks a lot in advance!22:15
OerHeksbut this is no polling channel, just ubuntu support.22:15
AEL-HIs there a way I can prevent a user for snooping in other users files, even with ls -all?22:15
v0r0nwewowaname: ask the same question at #debian and compare the results xD22:15
wowanameI need support and evidence on my research paper.22:15
k1l_wowaname: this is the ubuntu support channel so you are objectively trolling on purpose.22:15
wowanameWho can I blame for my failing grade, k1l_?22:16
gdotyourself only22:16
r1k1_wowname isent it that ubuntu is debian based and linux mint is build on ubuntu?22:16
dsdafdsk1l_ sounds like a smelly jew22:17
k1l_r1k1_: yes. just dont mind the trolls22:17
r1k1_wow wrong channel22:17
dsdafdsbet he drinks piss22:17
r1k1_thought this is linux mint22:17
teward!test | fork|222:17
ubottufork|2: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )22:17
r1k1_ah he said mint22:17
codefateOMG Zsh is so useful. Thanks v0r0nwe.22:18
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AEL-HHow can I listen in to another users pty session?22:24
r1k1_need music in tty1 or some else?22:26
AEL-Hr1k1_: What does that mean?22:26
r1k1_if you need to hear whats playing on desktop on tty1 tty2 etc you need to add your user to audio group then it plays on all windows you are logged in22:26
kadirohello, Is there any way to access a device connected to my router?22:27
aeden__Dkadiro, what is the device your trying to connect to?22:27
kadiroI have one PC and one archos and my personnal pc22:28
AEL-Hr1k1_: Sorry I did not mean literally to listen: What I meant to say is, as root priveleges is there any way for me to control the terminal of another user in the same effect as sharing a screen session22:28
k1l_kadiro: choose one protocol and make sure the clients and servers are running.22:29
aeden__Dkadiro, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/PortForwarding22:29
kadirothe other pc is in windows xp and archos 9 have seven starter, i'm newbie how to do a client and server22:30
k1l_kadiro: what do you want to do with the other pcs?22:30
kadirok1l_: just to share or to see inside it22:30
AEL-Hr1k1_ :22:31
kadiroand i have a second question about archos 922:31
AEL-HIs there a way I can prevent a user from snooping another users files , even with the use of ls -all?22:31
k1l_kadiro: start with samba which is the windows network data share protocol22:31
k1l_!samba | kadiro22:31
ubottukadiro: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html22:31
kadirothank you22:31
columbobaasJust saw a Ubuntu 16.04 concept and it looks beautiful.22:32
kadirolast question, can i install ubuntu or any distro inside archos 9, i looked in internet and they say that possible with an older kernel22:32
kadirothank you guys22:33
r1k1_AEL-H if you installed with encrypt my home folder what is maybe as default other users cant see whats in your home folder22:33
k1l_kadiro: better ask the archos9 community22:33
r1k1_if not look google for chmod and chown22:33
kadirook thk's22:33
AEL-Hr1k1_: How can I check home folder is encrypted?22:33
v0r0nweAEL-H: is there any .encryptfs or something?22:34
v0r0nweor .Private22:34
=== wook is now known as Guest78564
AEL-Hv0r0nwe: Yes there is, but I logged in as another user and I can clearly see all the files in there22:34
skittishtriggerdoes 10Gb missing from a ssd hd seem a bit much to you guys/gals?  Pretty common to have some of it missing on sata style but that much on a ssd?22:34
AEL-Hskittishtrigger: missing in what way?22:35
skittishtriggerNot showing as space available at all. 120Gb showing as 10822:35
k1l_skittishtrigger: missing? what does "parted -l" give you? can you pastebin that?22:35
AEL-Hskittishtrigger: I think that might be the difference between Gb and GiB -- 1024 and 1000?22:36
skittishtriggerhmm, i'll look22:36
aeden__DAEL-H, Have a look at the file /etc/fstab. If you see something called "ecryptfs" on the same line as "/home" then I think your folder is encrypted.22:36
skittishtriggerya, the parted -l showed the missing22:37
AEL-Haeden_D: I cannot see that, however there is a .encryptfs in my home folder22:37
=== medz is now known as samsn
k1l_skittishtrigger: please put into a pastebin. than add the output of "df -h"22:38
r1k1_AEL-H then its encrypted im pretty sure22:39
r1k1_make guest account and try to look if want proof for it x)22:39
AEL-Hr1k1_ : Then how come other users can see my home directory in plain view?22:39
=== lt is now known as Guest98487
r1k1_then u should look chmod and chown but be carefully with those commands22:40
r1k1_if you make text file readable executable and writable by all its not good :D22:40
k1l_skittishtrigger: hmm, good question why the filesystem on  sda6 is not 118GB big.22:41
k1l_skittishtrigger: are you sure you made the Filesystem 118GB large?22:41
skittishtriggerNo, it was setup by the host company. its a dedicated server rented.  I was curious as to a bunch of minor discrepencies like that22:42
k1l_skittishtrigger: hmm, but i looked it up on my system and its the same22:42
skittishtriggerThe second output breaks it down correctly. it is all there but there is a lot more used in /dev then I thought there would be22:43
aeden__DAEL-H, if someone knows the password you use to login they can use that do see your files.. by doing this --> ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase ~/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase  that will prompt for YOUR password and there you go22:44
AEL-Haeden_D : What my main concern is, is there not a way such that 'ls -all' or some similar command, would not produce output in another users folder if it was intended to be kept private -- and if that is possible how do I do that?22:49
=== kpease__ is now known as kpease
x_roothello, i'm getting stuck with vainfo using open drivers22:53
x_rootwhat should i do?22:53
AEL-HHow can I only allow a user to navigate his home folder? therefore preventing them from reading the rest of the systems files22:56
aeden__DAEL-H, chroot their home directory and they should not be able to see anything below that23:00
=== Blaster is now known as Guest51110
aeden__DAEL-H, the permissions for directories are basically read, write, execute23:01
aeden__DAEL-H, or dont give them root access23:01
AEL-Haeden_D : Sorry I am quite the novice, what does it mean to chroot their home directory?23:04
tonyyarussoaeden__D: a chroot would prevent seeing things *above* their home directory23:04
lastengaI have a question23:05
aeden__Dtonyyarusso, I understand, and that response was silly on my part since those users would still need access to to directories sucj as /usr/bin /usr/lib /tmp /var etc23:05
lastengado you know if exist a Linux distribution with support to brcsmac for default?23:06
aeden__Dtonyyarusso, not to mention config files in /etc.23:06
OerHeksbrcmsmac ?23:07
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx23:08
aeden__Dtonyyarusso, AEL-H is basically trying to quarantine a user to their home dir so they cannot see HIS files in ~/23:08
darius93correct me if im wrong but i thought ubuntu 14.04 was suppose to be using linux kernel 3.13 during its lifetime, and not 3.1623:08
lastengaYeah, thanks for all!!!!23:08
=== kpease is now known as kpease__
lastengaubottu, thanks!23:09
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)23:09
AEL-Haeden__D: So would chroot not be appropriate then?23:10
lastengaOerHeks Thanks :)23:10
aeden__DAEL-H, chmod o-rwx "$HOME"23:11
aeden__DAEL-H, maybe too much to explain here... but have a look at this --> http://askubuntu.com/questions/200911/how-to-prevent-access-to-a-folder-by-other-users23:14
AEL-Haeden__D: As I understand it, chmod o-rwx "$HOME" would prevent them from accessing the home directory of whoever said the command right? But  that does not change them being able to access the root folder right?23:16
aeden__DAEL-H, no, it doesn't. but you've posed several questions and I'm having a hard time understanding what exactly you want. If you dont want them messing with / then set the theor owner/group perms etc to limit their access23:18
AEL-Haeden__D: Ok thanks23:19
kadiroha i got a question, i know it is odd but i'm curious, in windows there are a program can create two folders autorun.inf/zhengbo./ , i ask if i can create the same think inside ubuntu ( i tryed mkdir without success )23:20
aeden__DAEL-H, there are subdirectories of the root folder they need access to, applications they run that need access to subdirectories of /. So locking them out of / would lock them out of directories they need to run stuff23:20
k1l_kadiro: linux 101: look into the manpage (man mkdir) or documentation of a program if there is a option to do what you want.23:22
k1l_kadiro: its the -p switch of mkdir23:23
jason__I was having trouble with my wifi when I first installed ubuntu. Now it works, but I have to manually do a "modprobe ath9k" when I reboot in order to enable wifi. How do I make this automatic? I can't find it blacklisted anywhere.23:23
=== aryan is now known as arunpyasi
kadirok1l_: good that worked for creating but i can access inside the second folder, i want the same that i can't remove it from windows and i can't access to23:24
k1l_kadiro: i dont understand what your issue is23:26
k1l_are you talking about a folder on a windows hdd?23:26
kadirok1l_: I want to create a folder that can't delete it from windows23:27
k1l_create on ubuntu system? or what?23:27
k1l_how are you accesing the ubuntu system from the windows?23:28
kadirofor example i want to create a folder from ubuntu inside windows and when back to windows i can't access it or remove it23:28
mr_yogurtIs there a way to update the included python 3 install from 3.4.0 to 3.4.3?23:30
k1l_kadiro: dont know. that sounds like a weird setup23:30
mr_yogurtusing apt23:30
kadirok1l_: just a curious question, thank you23:30
mr_yogurtalso the included python 2 from 2.7.whateveritwas to 2.7.1023:31
k1l_mr_yogurt: which ubuntu version?23:32
mr_yogurtkil_: 14.04.323:32
Infinite_guys i'm in recovery mode rn ;-;23:32
Infinite_I cleared myip tables and now I can't connect to my dedicated serve23:33
Infinite_I can only connect in recovery mode23:33
Infinite_How can I fix it? ;-;23:33
Infinite_please ;-;23:34
Infinite_a years full of work is on it23:34
Infinite_how can I recover everythig23:34
kadiroInfinite_: recovering i think testdisk ( i'm just a newbie )23:35
Infinite_what do you mean? (i'm more of a noob23:35
kadiro!info testdisk | Infinite_23:36
ubottuInfinite_: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3build2 (vivid), package size 343 kB, installed size 1382 kB23:36
CryptoSiDhi guys, ubuntu trusty x64, trying to run hhvm just updated, and in /var/log/hhvm/error.log i see: "Uncaught exception: Failed to resolve address for "/var/run/hhvm/hhvm.sock": Name or service not known (error=-2): Unknown error -2"23:36
k1l_kadiro: no, testdisk is just wrong here23:36
CryptoSiDany idea how i could fix this?23:36
Infinite_kadiro: How can I use it23:37
kadirooh sorry then k1l_23:37
k1l_kadiro: please only suggest solutions where you know they will help.23:37
Infinite_k1l_: what should I do then?23:37
Infinite_Is there a way to let me connect back to the original server?23:37
Infinite_Right now it has to connection to everything23:37
kadirok1l_: i'm thinking testdisk can recover his file but like i said i just a newbie, i will be carefull in next time, sorry23:38
Infinite_The connection times out in SSH23:39
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kadirono idea sorry for my wrong information23:40
k1l_Infinite_: i dont know what you did or how to undo it from the recovery23:40
Infinite_I did sudo ufw disable23:41
Infinite_then enabled it23:41
kadirok1l_: may be he have a backup file like file.conf~ ?23:41
Infinite_and sudo iptables -F23:41
k1l_kadiro: if he made such a thing23:42
Infinite_I didn't.23:42
Infinite_How should I fix what I did23:42
Infinite_I think sudo iptables -F is what broke it23:42
kadiroi have an idea but i don't know if it work or not23:43
kadirok1l_: can i suggess my idea?23:43
Infinite_suggest it then k1l_  will say if its bad23:44
kadirolike reinstalling iptable for example23:44
Infinite_k1l_:  would that fix it23:44
Infinite_but can I reinstall stuff in recovery mode?23:44
Infinite_its recovery pro btw23:44
Infinite_k1l_:  should I do it?23:45
k1l_Infinite_: the recovery depends on the hoster and are most times custom recoveries. i would suggest to talk to the hoster if they can help you there23:45
Infinite_k1l_: My hoster is OVH23:46
Infinite_and its Recovery Pro23:46
Infinite_k1l_: would reinstalling the iptables be fine23:46
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k1l_Infinite_: i dont know what iptables rules you need to get connected again. but the -F did kill all rules23:48
Infinite_so killing all of them was the problem?23:49
kadirothe thing i don't understand it why you can connect from recovery and not from a normal session?23:51
musketballHi all. I have an install issue with 15.0423:51
musketballProb!em is the error is a silly dialog with ??? In it23:52
kadiroHi musketball23:52
yeplahi hello night23:52
musketballUbiquity crash as far as I can tell23:52
yepladoes fglrx is still broken ?23:52
musketballHi kadiro23:53
yeplai have see an upgrade of fglrx-core23:53
kadiroHi yepla23:53
yeplai m asking if fglrx-driver is working again now23:53
yeplanobody know ?23:54
k1l_yepla: did you file a bug or contribute to a bug?23:54
kadirono idea yepla i have seen a lot of users talking about that23:54
k1l_yepla: that would be the place to get the news if its a bug from the ubuntu side.23:54
yeplayes sure maybe it s ati23:55
yeplabut i m asking if the problem has been resolved23:55
kadiromusketball: you booting it from USB or DVD?23:56
kgirthofer_what ya'll using to edit go pro videos23:56
kgirthofer_simple stuff - just like chopping bits out and speeding up sections23:56
k1l_yepla: buy me a laptop with amd card and i could test it :)23:56
kgirthofer_I tried openshot and couldn't figure out23:56
musketballKadiro: DVD.  Live image works perfectly so I doubt a hardware issue23:56
kadiromusketball: you check the md5 or sha256 for this images?23:57
k1l_yepla: no really: see the bugreports on launchpad.net that is where the package maintainer ask for more info and details and say when its fixed23:57
yeplak1l_: yes but it s boring i want play ark on linux to increase time on linux and i cannot because it s broken and i want really play :(23:57
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musketballKadiro.  No.23:57
kully3xfNo one uses and video stuff?23:58
kadirocheck it musketball may be corrupted23:58
musketballKadiro. Good point. I will do that23:59

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