bluzeohey guys- im looking for a alternive for dropbox00:40
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pikurasaHello Ubuntu Studio IRC!!! I have a question about an issue that I am having with Ubuntu Studio and Chromium. Any takers?14:48
cubpikurasa, ask your question and stick around for a while and someone might know14:49
cubI run Chromium right now so maybe I can help14:50
pikurasaThank you!14:50
pikurasaThe issue is that chromium seems to use 100% of my CPU when I use it to run this javascript-based software: http://rawgit.com/khandelwalYash/Music-Blocks/master/index.html14:51
pikurasaThe reason I need to run this software is because I am working on the development of it (design-side)14:52
pikurasaI think that, generally, CPU use is high, but I generally have a "guilty until proven innocent" policy on JS... plus I usually use Firefox, so I do not know what its typical behavior is.14:53
pikurasaHowever, (reluctantly) I tried this on my wife's mac and it ran just fine.14:53
cubhmm I have an old laptop which run high on CPU as soon as a start a browser, so not much use in testing it on my pc14:53
pikurasaPlus, the developer who uses vanilla Ubuntu has no problems.14:53
cubthat's strange. Shouldn't be an issue connected to xfce14:54
pikurasaThe software plays sounds, so is it taking full use of the low latency kernel?14:54
pikurasaI should add that the developer has similar specs on his computer--and so does my wife on her mac.14:55
cubthe kernel won't make any difference when only playing sound. It's more if you are to record something at the same time14:57
cubbut you don't get the same issue when using Firefox?14:58
pikurasaAll I have to do it open the browser to this page and the CPU use goes through the roof. Mozilla runs at about half this--and I would do my testing there, but...14:58
pikurasafor some reason there is a bug with firefox...14:58
pikurasaI even tried running the software from a local file14:59
pikurasasame results14:59
pikurasaWhat I would like to do, simply, is to test the software and then record desktop so that I can make some videos about how to use it.15:02
pikurasaBut the CPU usage is ruining this plan.15:02
cubI got full CPU usage when trying on Chromium. So I tried Google Chrome as well, same thing.15:02
pikurasa*Creating an obstacle, I should say.15:02
cubI don't run xfce though so it's not related to vanilla vs other Ubuntu imho15:03
pikurasaBut why would it run on my wife's mac, which is also dual-core?? ...15:04
pikurasaThe developer at least has 4 core, which might explain a little better performance...15:04
cubDifferent OS, probably handle things differently. I'm more curious why it works fine on the developers plain Ubuntu15:04
pikurasa...but otherwise same tech specs.15:05
pikurasa*similar, not same15:05
pikurasaYeah, firefox won't work... (tried it again)15:05
pikurasaIt has a bug where the sound will not stop playing after triggered in firefox (CPU is fine, however).15:06
cubwhich US version do you use and did you install Chromium from the repos?15:08
cubyou could also try the #chromium-support channel. And hope they don't just send you back here. :D15:09
pikurasaYes, I installed Chromium from repos. I wouldn't even know where to start with building it. As for US, I think 12.04--what is that command to check???15:12
cubok same as me15:13
pikurasaUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS15:13
cubkeep this channel open and someone might have some ideas15:14
pikurasaSure thing. Thanks for entertaining the question.15:15
pikurasaAlso, if anyone has other ideas for workarounds, that would be appreciated. Again, all I really want right now is to 1) test it in a browser (functionally) and 2) record the desktop as I test it.15:17
cubwell, at least we could verify the same behaviour in another US installation and both Chromium and Chrome.15:17
pikurasa(pikurasa is still looking for workarounds and speaking to MusicBlocks/MousMusic developer about FF issue)16:35
pikurasaRandom question: Does VLC play video upside-down for others, too?16:35
cubpikurasa, not by default no. :D16:38
pikurasaI started using US a little over a year ago. I had no idea what I was doing and made a complete mess of the configurations trying to solve little issues. I spent the next year trying to fix the damage...16:39
pikurasaat least one learns something when trying to fix things.16:40
pikurasalike, now I know so much about boot and grub and efi16:40
cubbreaking and fixing things is a good way to learn, but frustrating if it is your main workstation.16:42
cubTherefore I have one LTS installation where I just make things work, and some other installation where I try new stuff.16:42
pikurasaThat is nice idea, but I feel like my workflow is:17:03
pikurasa0. Try new stuff.17:03
pikurasaThe end.17:03
cubhaha yeah but when you broken your main pc too many times you start looking for alternatives17:08
pikurasaYou are right! And then your family says, "that doesn't seem to be working for you. Why don't you try [fill in proprietary solution HERE]?17:11
pikurasaWhich is a situation that must be avoided.17:11
cubhehe right.17:12
pikurasa(So as a workaround, I am using VLC's rotate option in preferences) which is pretty bizarre...17:14
cubI mostly use mplayer and not VLC though17:15
pikurasaI was using video, but that seemed to stop working for no reason.17:16
pikurasaI am going to leave for now and give me and my computer a break. Thank you!17:23
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enitizI have ubuntu studio 14.04 and I want to upgrade it to 15.04 via command line20:56
zequenceenitiz: sudo do-release-upgrade20:57
enitizjust that much? thanks20:57
zequenceIts a script that should upgrade to the next stable release20:58
zequenceIf it doesn't work, try: sudo do-release-upgrade --help20:59
zequence(I think it accepts that option, I don't remember)20:59
enitizAlright, I already launched the software updater application as I was asking the question.21:01
zequenceenitiz: Let us now if there were any problems21:03
enitizSure. Thank you.21:03
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enitizThe laptop freeze during the upgrade last time. I've restarted it and trying the process again.21:34
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