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Orm_AncalagonEvening all, if this is not the right place to ask i apologise and would be greatful for directions to it. I have a couple of questions regarding upstart order for initialising services if anyone could give a few pointers?19:36
JanCOrm_Ancalagon: any questions about upstart are welcome here, but the channel is very quiet generally19:38
Orm_AncalagonThat’s most kind19:39
JanCalso, make sure to read the manpages & the cookbook19:39
JanCalso, so /topic for a link to the mailing list19:39
Orm_AncalagonI am having a little difficulty with two services on Ubuntu server 14.04 and their start order19:40
Orm_AncalagonI have an XMPP server called Prosody which I configured to use MYSQL for its database19:41
Orm_AncalagonI changed it from SQL lite since I wanted to support password hashing19:41
Orm_AncalagonOn first boot, I think prosody gets started before MYSQL and hence fails 19:41
Orm_AncalagonThere’s a error log noting “can’t connect to MYSQL database"19:42
JanCsounds like that, yeah19:42
Orm_AncalagonHowever, once the sytem is booted, restarting prosody spools up just fine19:42
Orm_AncalagonIs there a way to make Prosody check MYSQL is up and running before starting?19:43
Orm_AncalagonOr perhaps a delay I could set against it19:43
JanChow is prosody started right now?19:43
Orm_AncalagonIt’s daemonised and configured to start on boot following the apt-get install19:44
Orm_AncalagonI’ve had a read through the cookbook, but I am quite newbish at this level19:45
Orm_AncalagonAnd must admit i’ve never really needed to poke at init before19:45
JanCI mean, is it started by an upstart config or using a sysvinit script?19:46
JanCis there a /etc/init/prosody.conf ?19:48
Orm_Ancalagonyou know what i’m being dum19:48
Orm_Ancalagonthe /etc/init is upstart and /etc/init.d is sysvinit isn’t it19:49
Orm_Ancalagonthere’s no prosody.conf in /etc/init but it is in /etc/init.d/prosody19:49
JanCokay, so that complicates things a bit, I guess  :)19:50
Orm_AncalagonI note mysql actually appears in both /etc/init and /etc/init.d19:51
Orm_AncalagonSo does Ubuntu combine by sysvinit scripts and upstart for starting services then?19:53
JanCthe mysql one in init.d is not a real sysvinit script (it's there for compatibility with some other software, I guess)19:53
Orm_AncalagonAh ok19:53
JanCand upstart can start/stop/etc. sysvinit scripts for backwards compatibility19:54
JanClike the prosody one19:54
Orm_Ancalagonah that’s why a sudo service restart prosody works 19:54
Orm_AncalagonI see19:54
JanCI'm not 100% sure what is the "right way" to make a sysvinit script wait on mysql though...19:57
Orm_AncalagonYeah I wonder, given the mixture, if it might be possible to set a delay on sysvinit start for prosdy 19:58
Orm_Ancalagonin order to avoid complication19:58
JanCmaybe best would be to make a prosody.conf for it  :)20:01
Orm_Ancalagonwow is that possible?20:01
Orm_AncalagonJan thanks for you help, it was most appreciated, i’m going to have a play at writing a .conf21:58
Orm_AncalagonHope you have a great day21:58

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