Mirvmuch better, and even bluesabre is here :) thanks Unit193 06:19
Unit193Any time, glad to help.06:19
Mirvbluesabre: so, xfpanel-switch is now at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text= with just http://paste.ubuntu.com/12133680/ diff applied to it06:20
Mirvor its packaging06:20
Mirvnow needs archive admin attention, which is a bit problematic since they tend to be at DebConf at the moment. but I guess they don't forget about FF while there :)06:20
micahgrequirement for new packages before feature freeze is that they're uploaded IIRC06:22
Mirvah, that's probably correct, then it's alright06:26
Unit193micahg: Hi.06:45
flocculantmorning 07:48
bluesabreMirv: you rock!10:00
Mirvbluesabre: thank knome for nudging me :)10:04
* bluesabre nudges knome10:04
bluesabreblacklisted libreoffice-style-human on our seed and its still on the iso11:08
bluesabresuppose that's going to take more work11:08
bluesabregotta run, bbl11:08
flocculant... 11:08
* flocculant hadn't got as far as looking yet 11:09
bluesabrehey flocculant 11:16
bluesabrecatfish and menulibre uploaded last night11:16
flocculantyep - saw that \o/11:16
flocculantsorting out some mails re those 2 and b1 over the next day or so11:17
bluesabreand Mirv uploaded xfpanel-switch, it's just waiting for an admin to move it along11:17
flocculantI'm not about next week till too late to deal with b111:17
flocculantyep - read the xfpanel stuff too11:17
bluesabrenothing else new from me, spent some time last night and this morning on catfish/menulibre release announcements11:18
bluesabreand not getting enough sleep11:18
flocculanttime for a rest then :D11:18
bluesabreso, onwards with the day (and coffee), bbl11:18
flocculanthave fun :)11:33
knomeMirv, heh! no problem, thank YOU!13:29
knomeMirv, since you came all the way here, maybe you also want to see our new status tracker: http://tracker.xubuntu.org/ :)13:46
Mirvknome: oh, so sweet! :)13:46
* knome bows13:47
knomeUnit193, soo... when was the next meeting for packageset upload applications?14:50
ochosievening all20:38
knomehello ochosi 20:38
ochosisaw all the good news20:38
ochosithanks knome 20:38
ochosiMirv: hey! first of all, thanks a lot for helping with xfpanel-switch!20:41
ochosiMirv: secondly (and maybe you saw that coming), i just saw that one of our default apps got a release today (gmusicbrowser) and if you have time to bump that to 1.1.15, that'd be awesome! otherwise nvm - we can always go for FFe20:43
ochosiMirv: and finally: thanks again! :)20:43
flocculantevening ochosi 21:00
ochosihey flocculant 21:07
ochosididn't expect to see you around so late :)21:07
flocculantno work till September \o/ 21:07
ochosilucky oyu21:07
ochosibtw, i pushed a last commit for LO 5.0 to our icon theme last night21:08
flocculantoh 21:08
ochosifeel free to try writer and calc with it and tell me what you think21:08
ochosipersonally i feel it's ok to ship as is21:08
flocculantI need to redo LO 5 - uninstalled it a while back for some reason 21:08
ochosifor 5.0 i had to fix some additional icons21:08
flocculantI think there was package held up and it was annoying me :D21:08
ochosimain focus were the toolbar icons, cause those are the most visible/prominent21:08
ochosii also did some menu icons though, but there are still many that would need fixing up (especially in calc)21:09
flocculantjust redoing LO5 now 21:10
flocculantI've been using base a bit lately too 21:11
ochosihave never used that21:12
ochosiso no idea how it even looks :>21:12
flocculantit's not looking odd 21:14
ochosiwell that's something, i guess :)21:28
ochosibluesabre: marked that evaluation workitem as DONE since we already decided to give it a go in wily. if you want to track uploading it to the archive separately (although that seems to be already nicely in motion) we can add another workitem for that21:44
knometrying to make the burndown look good? :P21:55
ochosihehe, ofc22:02
bluesabreevening all22:05
ochosihey bluesabre 22:05
flocculanthi bluesabre 22:05
knomehey sean22:06
bluesabreomg so many people22:06
bluesabreochosi: got any artwork releases you want to tag before monday for b1?22:06
bluesabreand, anything still need uploading today?22:07
bluesabresaw a mention of gmb22:07
ochosibluesabre: yeah, just wanted to tell you that i'm about to tag a new version for the LO icon theme22:07
ochosiyeah, gmb had a new release, 1.1.1522:07
ochosibut that's not in our package-set, so not too much we can do about it22:07
ochosiother than bug the package-maintainers22:07
bluesabrewho has gmb?22:08
ochosii think normally it's synced from debian22:08
bluesabrewe do http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/packagesets/wily/xubuntu22:08
ochosiwe should really make that list more accessible22:09
ochosianyhow, so if you wanna push that through before FF...22:09
bluesabreI'll check it22:09
bluesabreusually we're slow there because of our shimmer theme22:10
ochosiyou mean the patches?22:10
knomeochosi, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Processes/Development :P22:12
ochosiso yeah, here you go: https://github.com/shimmerproject/libreoffice-style-elementary/releases/tag/v0.222:12
bluesabreand yeah, looks like we usually sync from debian22:12
ochosiknome: yeah, that should really go on the website22:12
knomei'm not sure22:12
ochosii generally dislike the mix of website and wiki we currently have22:13
ochosii'd really prefer to have it all in one place, or at least making it seem like it's one palce22:13
knomethat should really go somewhere that is more accessible than the wiki, but since it's not really user-oriented information, it shouldn't be on the website22:13
ochosiwell, developer site then22:13
bluesabrelooks like a substantial update to gmb, so going to predict we don't get that in today, but can push for it later22:14
ochosiyou could add it to the blueprint22:15
ochosijust so we dont forget, no matter who ends up uploading it22:15
ochosii'll do another greybird release soonish22:16
ochosicould do one before b122:16
ochosiotherwise catfish will look bad22:16
ochosioriginally wanted to add another WM theme, but i might just push that in before UIF22:17
Unit193bluesabre: Yes we went over blacklisting, it doesn't mean it doesn't get installed, just that it isn't selected as part of the task.22:17
Unit193knome: In time.22:17
ochosibluesabre: so i could tag greybird now if you want, so you can upload it anytime22:17
bluesabreUnit193: ah... I thought blacklists blocked recommends from the iso22:17
bluesabreUnit193: where is the proper documentation for seeds so I can stop flailing :)22:18
bluesabreochosi: that'd be cool with me22:20
bluesabreI'm feeling uploady22:20
Unit193bluesabre: ...Not sure there is any?  Maybe check germinate?22:20
bluesabreUnit193: ah, indeed the germinate manpage has some stuff to it22:21
Unit193Didn't think it had as much as I'd like.22:22
ochosibluesabre: there you go again: https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/releases/tag/v1.6.122:24
bluesabreochosi: yay22:24
flocculantthis omg people is off now22:28
flocculantsee you in the morning - hopefully I'll remember meeting in time ... 22:28
ochosiyup hope i can make it too22:28
ochosinight flocculant 22:28
Unit193I'm not going to this meeting you speak of.22:28
ochosibluesabre: anything else you wanted from me..? cause i'm also about to go to bed22:29
bluesabreochosi: you're free to run away22:29
bluesabreflocculant: seeya tomorrow22:29
ochosibluesabre: ok, thanks :]22:30
ochosinight everyone!22:32
bluesabrenight ochosi 22:32
ochosisee you tomorrow, hopefully22:32
ochosibluesabre: also, this seems relevant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/148697022:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1486970 in xfwm4 (Ubuntu) "Include the fix to avoid tearing with Nvidia" [Undecided,New]22:33
ochosicould also try to motivate olivier to do a release at some point, but for wily we likely would have to carry that as a patch anyway22:34
bluesabreyeah, will try to check that out tonight/this weekend22:35
ochosik, thanks!22:35
bluesabreoh right, shimmer-themes is not in our packageset currently23:15
bluesabremicahg: any leads on how to get that back in our possession? :)23:16
bluesabreis there maybe a public source for the tool that generates the packagesets so I can offer up a patch?23:18
knomeweird how the events lines in the burndown do not always align the same way23:23
* knome shrugs23:23
Unit193bluesabre: -release.23:24
bluesabreUnit193: yeah, thankfully not waiting for anything to sync (afaik)23:39
Unit193That, and you could ask there.23:40
bluesabremight as well23:40

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