xubuntu15wI am very new at this and trying to upgrade01:17
xubuntu15wA thinkpad T42 from 9.04  Unbuntu to 12.0 gui01:18
xubuntu15won restart, I get that01:19
xubuntu15w"there is a word wrong in header and 'boot:' prompt01:19
xubuntu93wneed help upgrading older installation. boot files not loading properly.01:28
drcxubuntu93w: It sounds like you have already tried and things got borked?01:28
drcmaybe? you don't know?01:30
xubuntu93wgetting, "word wrong in header"?01:30
xubuntu93wcan get into and using 9.04 unbuntu gui now01:31
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:32
drcOK. 1) Trying to upgrade from 9,04 is futile. 2) if you did try (as it looks like from your prior posts, then trying to fix things is even more futile.01:32
holsteini would just fresh install..01:32
holsteinyou'll want a backup, regardless..01:32
drcxubuntu93w: The best thing to do it install uptodate Xubuntu from scratch.01:32
drc+fastest :)01:33
xubuntu93wtried from dvd with above ^^^^results.01:33
drcxubuntu93w: Tried what?01:33
xubuntu93wit's a old T42 thinkpad01:33
holsteinxubuntu93w: if you cant get a live DVD to run on the hardware, the upgrade wont work, either01:34
holsteinxubuntu93w: i suggest, load up a 14.04, or 15.04 live iso, and address whatever issues are happening..01:34
holsteinwhen you get the live iso working on the thinkpad, you can then install01:34
xubuntu93wcan I burn that to thumbd drive?01:35
holsteinxubuntu93w: you are saying, you already did, correct?01:35
xubuntu93wanyone know where I find 'live' version to load on thumb drive?01:36
holsteinxubuntu93w: its the normal, live installation iso01:36
holsteinxubuntu93w: the installer *is* live.. meaning, you can run it live, before installing. you can burn do DVD, or, dd copy to usb stick01:37
drcxubuntu93w: it's the same iso for dvd and usb.  Do you need the url again?01:37
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:37
xubuntu93wI will look at these. Thanks so much01:38
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thenewonethere is no bspwm in repo ?03:49
Mirvknome: xfpanel-switch now at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=06:15
Mirvknome: Unit193: the only diff being http://paste.ubuntu.com/12133680/06:16
Mirvthe gtk just because I tried installing it on 14.04 LTS and noticed06:16
Unit193Mirv: Hello kind sir!06:18
Unit193Mirv: Thanks muchly!  Though our development channel is #xubuntu-devel, won't get lost as easily.06:19
Mirvoh, oh :)06:19
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DJJeffI am trying to start xfwm4 with gdb but no luck even tried attaching it to a pid and it locks up08:58
DJJeffwhich requires I do CTRL+ALT+1 for tty1 to kill the pid of gdb08:59
DJJefftrying to get a backtrace from09:02
DJJeffxfwm4 crashed with sigsegv in set_reload()09:02
DJJeffthis says its a dupe of a private bug?09:06
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1416818 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1416818). The error has been logged09:06
DJJeffcontains crash log -- xfwm4 crashed with SIGSEGV in set_reload()09:21
OCP001Does Xubuntu 14.04 LTS support UEFI+Secure Boot?09:31
OCP001I want to install it parallel (on a second HDD) to Windows 8.1 Pro09:31
f0xtr0t-qwerty-khi everyone10:11
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kcan somebody help me out with my problem in my new xubuntu set up10:12
f0xtr0t-qwerty-ki just installed xubuntu 32-bit on my eee pc10:12
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kbut when i connect my usb hard drive it would not detect it10:13
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kdoes LVM have anything to do with this?as this is the first time i have tried installing a distro with LVM enabled10:14
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kthe format of my usb hard is in ntfs10:14
f0xtr0t-qwerty-khello?anyone here?10:18
cubf0xtr0t-qwerty-k, ntfs might be the issue there. I used an eee pc for years before but only used USB drives with FAT32.10:31
cubf0xtr0t-qwerty-k, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2233326 unless you have already tried that?10:34
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kThanks @cub i'm sure it10:40
f0xtr0t-qwerty-ki'm sure it's not the ntfs issue coz before i did a fresh install on my eee pc i was using xubuntu on it with the same hard drive10:41
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kthe only difference was the LVM enabled feature during the installation10:41
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kany idea?10:41
f0xtr0t-qwerty-ki actually don't see it in my fdisk -l which worries me10:42
f0xtr0t-qwerty-ki could show you the fdisk output if you like10:43
cubf0xtr0t-qwerty-k, but the previous installation perhaps had the ntfs-3g added already?10:46
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kthat could be it10:47
f0xtr0t-qwerty-khmm let me check if it is installed10:47
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kthanks again cub :D10:48
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kwelll i could see ntfs-3g is installed10:50
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kbut i still can't see it in my fdisk output so i can't mount it even with ntfs-3g10:51
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kunless i'm missing something hmmm10:51
cubf0xtr0t-qwerty-k, I'm out then. I was my hope it would be easy. :D10:51
f0xtr0t-qwerty-khaha thanks cub for trying i guess ill keep on looking around :D10:51
cubThere are other people here with better knowledge than me so.10:58
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kthis is the output i got guys11:02
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kDisk /dev/sda: 750.2 GB, 750156374016 bytes11:03
f0xtr0t-qwerty-k255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 91201 cylinders, total 1465149168 sectors11:03
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kUnits = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes11:03
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes11:03
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kI/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes11:03
f0xtr0t-qwerty-kDisk identifier: 0x000abb5e11:03
n-iCehello guys15:12
n-iCeI'm thinkin in move to xubuntu15:12
drcAnd your question is...?15:13
n-iCedoes it worth it?15:17
knomen-iCe, you're asking #xubuntu if xubuntu is good?15:17
drc<sarcasm>No, not at all</sarcasm>   Seriously, you come to a Xubuntu support channel and then ask " does it worth it?".15:18
n-iCeknome: yeah15:18
n-iCeI bet a lot of you have used xubuntu and are using a different distro15:19
n-iCeI do it sometimes, because I have good friends in other distro channels :D15:19
n-iCeBut, hell, gonna try it, brb in xubuntu, I'm currently using archlinux + xfce15:19
cubn-iCe, yes. And if you don't like it, install something else.15:19
n-iCehello, I'm back in xubuntu, good looking.15:43
RFlemingGreetings!  How does one efficiently use GNU Stow (or any other symlink farm manager) for storing XFCE4 settings (a la dotfile management)?16:27
drcSeeing as how no one's answering (and I have no idea either), I'd try #gnu...the topic says thst the right place to ask about any gnu-related item.16:36
RFlemingdrc, thanks.  I know how to use stow, it's xfce which I'm having issues with as it appears to erase and write new files (breaking my symlinked files).16:41
drcah, sorry.16:42
RFlemingdrc, no worries :)16:43
drcJust out of curiosity, what files does it appear to be overwriting?16:46
drcRFleming: ^^16:47
RFlemingpointers.xml, xfce4-panel.xml16:47
RFlemingpretty much any file I symlink, then make a change in xfce disappears to be replaced with a new file16:48
RFlemingI was using the stow --adopt option which overwrites existing files with symlinks, but maintains the pre-existing folder structure.16:48
RFlemingI AM using16:49
drcinteresting...well, you aslo might try #xfce.16:50
RFlemingI have posed the question there.  They are... erm... slow to respond there :)16:50
drcyeah...it's the summer blahs :)16:50
drcyear 'round....16:51
RFlemingI ask because I have my real machine, and several virtual all using xfce, and I'd like them to all behave and look the same. :)16:51
RFlemingdrc, they better be working on 4.14 :)16:51
drcThey probably are...and let's hope it doesn't take as long as 4.10->4.12 :)16:52
drcThat was long.16:53
RFleminglooks like 4.14 isn't a huge update17:01
RFlemingIt's a large undertaking yes.  The focus is moving to gtk+3 and replace dbus with gdbus17:03
RFleminghttps://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.14/roadmap for those who are interested17:03
drcNo idea, my involvement is limited to asking "Is it soup yet?".17:04
drcSeveral of the Xubuntu devs part time in xfce (or vice versa).17:04
RFlemingAnyone else worried about Wayland?17:08
RFlemingerr Mir17:08
knomethe xubuntu team did testing with mir ages ago already, and while it wasn't ready for production then, it worked17:09
drcnope, no need to wooy, either it will hapen or it won't, it'll work or it won't and I'll stick here or change distros.  All in all it's a 1st World problem :)17:09
drcTo my surprise, when I tried it as part of the test I had no problems.17:10
RFlemingMir is specifically to fulfill Canonical's desire for a unified manager across all of their platforms be it mobile, tablet or laptop correct?17:10
drcbut then my hardware is pretty vanilla.17:10
RFlemingOh, and to have full control of its development17:10
RFlemingdoes that sum it up?17:11
drcTrue, but that doesn't mean it can't work or even be good.  I'll wait and see.17:11
knomeonly canonical can talk about their motives to control or not control something.17:12
RFlemingwe will see17:14
RFlemingX definately is long in the tooth17:14
Bruno_Hello, I need help.19:37
Bruno_the 64 bit download says "amd" does it matter if i have a intel processor?19:38
mrkrampsBruno_, it does _not_ matter19:40
mrkrampsthis naming convention is pretty much an artifact19:41
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max12345is there a way to make my system clock display like iso 8601 says? YYYY MM DD HH MM SS ?20:15
max12345nvm found it20:18
drc%Y %B %d %H:%M:%S20:18
drcopps :)20:18
drc"man date" will give you all the flags needed20:19
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ScoDalMy xubuntu says at boot "System program problem detected"22:48
ScoDalThis time at boot it said it twice I hit cancel twice, everything seems to run fine22:48
ScoDalWhat causes this? I'm tempted to reinstall xubuntu, is that the right course of action? I won't lose anything important22:49
Unit193ls /var/crash/22:49
ScoDal.................crap. teamviewer, 3 times22:57
ScoDali knew they were flubbing with their linux version! they can't fool me. it quickly loads wine in the background, they didn't actually write a linux version of their software22:58
ScoDalwell thank you for helping me understand. now i know a reinstall will bring me to the same place, if i continue to use teamviewer22:58
Unit193Yep, and those are "unreportable" as it is a third party application.23:00
ScoDalhow disappointed in them i am, they have done an amazing job cross windows / mac.. however oddly enough with it works well on linux with a few annoyances.. this explains the annoyances23:02
RFleminganyone know how to symlink files in xfce-perchannel-xml?  Every time I symlink one of the config files (say the panel channel), as soon as I update my panels, the symlink is gone, and I'm left with a regular file again.23:38
drcRFleming: You're placing the link in xfce-perchannel-xml?  What happens if you reverse it?23:42
drcThe file in xfce-perchannel-xml should retai the same name when things change.23:43
RFlemingyes.  I want the real file elsewhere though, with the symlink inside xfce-perchannel-xml.  I can get around symlinking the entire folder, but I don't want to because there are some channels I don't want to keep.23:44
drcAnd the link wouldn't be overwritten (I'm guessing one can't stop that)23:44
RFlemingyes.  I just wish to keep a couple of the channels in relation to 'look and feel'23:46
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RFlemingthere are some that go beyond that, hence why I don't wish to sync those across.23:47
RFlemingit doesn't matter though, as any change and xfconf blitzes the channel xml file and replaces it with a regular file23:47
drcGood luck, Its now officially beyond my paygrade. :)23:48
RFlemingI asked in #xfce and I was told that 'users shouldn't be touching channel files'23:49
drcah, must be defrocked debian devs :)23:49
RFlemingbut in a way they are correct.23:49
RFlemingI'm sure using a different method to collect dotfiles and manage them, would yield differing results23:50
RFlemingit's just that GNU stow is stupid simple.23:50
drcWell, time to ask if linking all the files/folder is worth it to get the ones you really want.23:50
RFlemingquestions and more questions23:51
drcand not an answer in sight :)23:51
Unit193RFleming: Did you try a different link type?23:52
RFlemingyou mean hard vs soft?23:52
Unit193-P / -L / -s, yeah,.23:53
RFlemingunfortunately, there isn't that sort of control in stow23:53
RFleming(that I can see), they strictly use the standard symbolic link23:54
RFlemingI guess there's always dropbox for xfce channels23:56

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