Riddellooh ooh kdepim-runtime is compiled in wily!00:28
[Relic]will automatic session saving (at shutdown/reboot) be working properly in 15.10?00:31
Riddellhoorah, kdepim is now compiling (and failing but well baby steps)01:23
usafhello linux friends! have to say kubuntu 15.04 now has become impressive and i am thinking of switching from 14.04 to 15.04 :)08:46
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ovidiu-florinare 15.08 applications in the CI?10:20
soeeinstalling digikam wanted to remove kubuntu-desktop package, so i did it 10:31
soeenow kubuntu-desktop can't be installed because of applicaion dependencies problem i think :)10:31
clivejoRiddell yofel or any other packager: Im having problems commiting to debian git11:37
yofelclivejo: error message?11:37
clivejocant remember11:38
clivejoit wouldnt work last night so I went to bed11:38
yofelwhen did you add your ssh key to alioth?11:39
* clivejo hangs head in shame11:39
clivejothat would be the problem11:39
yofelclivejo: also read https://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/SSH#I.27m_unable_to_Connect_via_SSH.2C_...11:40
clivejocan I commit from git gui?11:40
BluesKajHowdy folks11:41
yofelwell, commit runs locally, so you can always do that with everything. Doesn't really help if you can't push11:41
clivejomy head wasnt working last night11:41
clivejook that will take up to an hour for the cron job to run11:49
clivejodo I need to do anything locally to make it work?11:51
clivejoalso Riddell seems to have added an epoch since I cloned the package11:53
yofelonly make sure you're using the correct key and username.11:53
yofelYou can also just try to login to the server over ssh11:54
yofeleasier to debug11:54
clivejoyofel: I can log in via ssh to alioth12:12
clivejobut when I try a commit Im getting - fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /pkg-kde/applications/kcalcore.git12:12
yofelgit remote -v says what?12:12
clivejoorigin  git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-kde/applications/kcalcore.git (fetch)12:13
clivejoorigin  git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-kde/applications/kcalcore.git (push)12:13
yofelanonscm is public read-only, run this:git remote set-url origin git+ssh://clivejo-guest@git.debian.org/git/pkg-kde/kde-applications/kcalcore.git12:14
yofelthen try git fetch and git push12:14
clivejodoes that erase my changes?12:15
clivejoie the symbols file?12:15
yofelno, that just changes the url it tries to push to12:15
clivejohint: Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind12:16
yofeldoing something like git fetch; git reset --hard origin/kubuntu_wily_archive would wipe your changes if you ever want to do that :P12:16
clivejois this because of Riddell changes to epoch?12:16
yofelwait, let me look at this12:17
yofelkcalutils (4:15.07.90-0ubuntu2) wily; urgency=medium12:17
yofel  * Launchpad requires an epoch12:17
yofel -- Jonathan Riddell <jriddell@ubuntu.com>  Wed, 19 Aug 2015 14:40:50 +010012:17
yofelRiddell: why?!?12:18
clivejowhy oh why12:18
yofelclivejo: sigh, add the epoch, we're stuck with it now forever12:19
yofeland remove it from the epoch whitelist, wherever that is12:19
clivejohas it been sent to LP yet?12:19
yofelyes, it's in wily release12:19
clivejocan I pull that change and merge it with my own ?12:21
yofelyes you can12:22
clivejois there a special way so I ont overwrte my changes?12:23
yofelgit merge should figure that out itself. Worst case you'll have to manually fix the conflict12:24
clivejomy first push into debian!12:25
* clivejo crosses fingers12:25
clivejooh dear, that looks wrong :(12:26
clivejothe merge12:28
clivejogot to go for a bit12:29
clivejoyofel: is that ok?13:13
clivejohow do I tigger a new build on LP?13:13
ovidiu-florinare 15.08 applications in the CI?13:17
clivejoovidiu-florin: not sure13:17
ovidiu-florinI don't see the latest kdenlive in neighter weekly, nor daily13:17
clivejointo in wily_stable and wily_unstable13:19
clivejoalso in the staging ppa - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+build/782154613:21
clivejoRiddell yofel : I have built kcalcore on my machine, can I jsut dput it from here?13:37
clivejoor does it have to be submitted using automation?13:38
yofelif you built it with git-buildpackage-ppa and it has the right version, go ahead13:38
clivejono, debuild and pbuilder13:38
yofelwell, if the version is right, and you've also committed your changes to git, go aheady13:39
clivejosignfile kcalcore_15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa3_source.changes13:39
yofelI usually push people towards git-buildpackage-ppa as gbp forces you to commit before creating the package13:39
yofelyou still have to remember to push though once you're done ^^13:40
clivejoused dch to set the package name13:40
yofelg-b-p didn't work?13:40
clivejoI didnt try it13:40
clivejoI had the git package locally13:41
clivejouse uscan to get the source13:41
yofelwell, as I said. As long as the end result is identical, and the change is in git, it doesn't matter13:41
clivejodebuild -S and built it locally using pbuilder13:41
clivejojust thought as I have the .changes file done alreadly I could dput that directly to LP13:42
clivejobut Im still not sure on the KCI13:42
yofelah, g-b-p will do the uscan and debuild part for you 13:42
yofelbut yeah, go ahead and upload to the PPA13:42
yofeljust make sure your change is in git13:42
yofel(without the version change)13:43
clivejoall I touched in git was the symbols file and merged with Riddell epoch change13:45
clivejoyofel: are you working on akonadi-search?13:46
yofelnot working on anything right now13:46
clivejoamd64 is building at the moment13:47
clivejooh, it was started 12 hours ago by Riddell13:47
clivejome thinks something wrong there!13:47
clivejowhats going on there? 13:48
yofelthat page crashes :/13:50
clivejohummm LP is down for me now13:51
yofelwgrant: hung up builder or are you guys upgrading something? ^13:51
clivejolooks like both :/13:53
yofelah, back now13:53
yofellooks like stuck chroot :/13:54
clivejocan I cancel it and retry?13:54
yofeltry it, not like this will fix itself anyway13:54
clivejohow long should I wait after a successful build before retrying a package which depends on it?13:57
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clivejoyofel: can you have a look at this - https://paste.kde.org/pglhbttfq14:19
clivejocan I fix it?14:20
yofelyes, anything that has "optional" at the start can be removed without checking14:25
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soeeare you able to run/install yakuake in wily ?15:39
BluesKajsoee:  yup15:41
soeeBluesKaj: and you have latest updates and no conflicts ?15:41
BluesKajsoee:  so far so good yes15:42
BluesKajbut I'm on trusty atm, since I'm transferring about 100G worth of files to a backup computer 15:43
clivejowhere do I need to put the command to add kubuntu_automation to my $PATH?15:52
clivejosurely .bashrc?15:52
ahoneybunyofel: feel like packaging kdenlive?16:08
yofelclivejo: would be the best place usually16:08
yofelahoneybun: you mean like updating it?16:08
yofelahoneybun: also, looks like there's nothing left to do, it's green on the 15.08.0 page16:10
ahoneybunmaking it for vivid16:12
yofeldid you try it yet?16:15
ahoneybunI a. need a ec2 b. to know what the hell you did with digikam16:15
yofelhm, ok, give me a bit16:16
ahoneybundoesn't have to be today16:17
ahoneybunjust checking with you16:17
yofelahoneybun: we can do it now, I just need to a container up16:18
yofel*to set16:19
yofelwhich I had planned to do anyway at some point16:19
ahoneybuncool thanks16:19
ovidiu-florinyofel: can't this (package porting) be scripted?16:20
yofelwell, you'll have to ask sgclark how she works with git. kubuntu-automation has the old bash script that I used for kde4 backports16:21
yofelshould probably still work, but that ignores git16:21
yofelovidiu-florin: FWIW, for single package backports, there's also backportpackage from ubuntu-dev-tools16:25
yofelbut I don't know how to use that16:25
ScottKbackportpackage --help is reasonably verbose.16:26
yofelahoneybun: ubuntu@
ejatyofel : can you help with bug 148756916:50
ubottubug 1487569 in apt (Ubuntu) "a lot of packages need to be remove when execute apt-get dist-upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148756916:50
yofelejat: that is certainly not a bug in apt, but rahter kde being somewhat broken in the dev release right now. You can try to add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications and see if that helps16:52
yofelsome packages are there are still WIP though, so it might not 16:53
ejatowh ... 16:53
ejatlet me try 16:54
yofelahoneybun: gotta run, I'll have some time later maybe17:01
soeeejat: i think there is more broken than application17:15
ejatowh ... adding as yofel suggested ... 17:18
snelemy wily install was totally broken. I did clean install today and everything works well17:21
ejatsoee & yofel : http://paste.ubuntu.com/12152420/17:26
soeelooks pretty safe17:27
ejatsoee: 72 to remove <-- can remove ? 17:29
soeei think yes, but there are few packages held back17:30
soeethough this shouldn't have huge impact on system17:30
ejatokie .. will proceed ... wish me luck :) 17:32
sneleyofel: how to access configure sources gui from konsole?17:41
ahoneybunyofel: did you turn it off?17:46
clivejoyofel: so I used git-buildpackage-ppa with kaccounts-integration, and it done its magic18:40
clivejobut the version is wrong18:41
clivejoit generated kaccounts-integration_15.08.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1_source.changes18:41
clivejocurrent version in PPA is 3, so I need it to generate PPA4?18:41
ahoneybunLP will not take anything less I think clivejo18:43
clivejoI know, but how to I make git-buildpackage-ppa bump up the PPA number18:43
ahoneybunman page?18:44
ahoneybunclivejo: do you have a ec2?18:44
clivejoits part of the automation18:44
clivejoI have a free one18:44
ahoneybundo you know how yofel backported digikam?18:44
clivejobut its got Kolab on it at the moment18:44
ahoneybunnot much free then18:45
clivejoits free as in doesnt cost me money18:45
clivejodo you have an amazon account?18:45
ahoneybunI do18:45
clivejosign up for one and use it for practice - https://aws.amazon.com/free/18:46
clivejoI think you can share images18:46
ahoneybunI see18:47
ahoneybunfree for 1 year18:47
ahoneybun750 hours a month18:47
ahoneybunI'll do it later as I'm not home18:48
ovidiu-florinRick_Timmis: ping18:50
ovidiu-florinRick_Timmis: PING18:50
ovidiu-florinRick_Timmis: PPIINNGG!!18:50
clivejoahoneybun: is yofel gone for the day?18:52
clivejohi soee18:52
ahoneybunno clue clivejo18:54
ejatsoee: just finished .. rebooting .. thanks for ya help 19:07
clivejoahoneybun: regarding packaging digikam in vivid, surely its a matter of making sure the dependancies exist in vivid and building it on a vivid base system 19:11
soee_hmm it is impossible to creatw working USB with Wily using KDE USB Creator20:15
clivejosoee_: why?20:17
BluesKajK3B also has a problem burning iso files on 15.04 and 15.10 20:18
BluesKajwodim works tho'20:18
clivejowhy does burning affect a USB?20:18
BluesKajjust saying20:18
clivejoBluesKaj: has that been reported upstream?20:18
soee_Boot error 20:18
soee_Operating system not found20:19
mparillo_I have had problems myself using the USB creator. It looks good, but never boots. I use unetbootin (it is in the repositories), but I understand it has a problem with Secure Boot (I never tried it). Smarter folks than I use dd20:19
soee_i tried 2 different usb,20:19
soee_with FAT32, FAT1620:19
mparillo_Yes, soee_ I think I recall that being the message.20:19
BluesKajclivejo: dunno , i got so fed up I don't bother with K3B anymore 20:20
clivejoBluesKaj: its a shame20:20
BluesKajwell ,I'm sure it's been reported by now 20:21
clivejoK3b 2.0.3 is current20:24
clivejonot much activity on the project - https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/multimedia/k3b/repository20:27
lordievadersoee: Could it be that the KDE USB creator does not support uefi?20:44
soeelordievader: i have no idea20:45
lordievadersoee: Do you have a machine which still uses a bios system?20:45
lordievaderthe bios system*20:46
clivejohave you check the bois to enable booting from USB?20:56
clivejoI think most disable it by default for security20:56
clivejoyou also need to make the USB bootable20:58
clivejoanyone tried Brasero to burn discs?21:48

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