UBuxuBU /join #freenode04:18
UBuxuBUj brought tyreal here04:46
UBuxuBUi helped him install lubuntu04:46
UBuxuBUhe will come here and ask for help sometimes04:47
AmitariDoes anyone know of a piece of software to rip DVDs to ISO, and verify that they are exact rips? Kinda like Exact Audio Copy and RubyRipper does for Audio CD?08:50
bioterrordd if=/dev/dvd of=/home/username/Movies/movie.iso08:50
AmitariBut how do you know that it was done correctly? Rubyripper rips every song twice and compares the checksum.08:51
bioterrorI just know it like I knwo that after monday comes tuesday09:00
AmitariWell, I have a couple of DVDs here where ripping have resulted in ISO-files of different sizes every time I've done it.09:01
AmitariI used Brasero.09:01
AmitariBy the way, when I use that command, I get "dd: failed to open ‘/dev/dvd’: No such file or directory", should I use the path that is under /media/?09:04
bioterrorlook for the correct device name09:04
bioterroruse the tabulator key09:05
AmitariUm, what is that again?09:05
AmitariOh, the tab key...09:05
AmitariWell, now it just lists all commands it seems...09:06
AmitariWait, I found it with mount.09:07
AmitariIt was "/dev/sr0".09:07
AmitariCan the command rip DVDs protected by the Content Scramble System?09:10
AmitariI have libdvdcss installed of course.09:13
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SienteI've install LXDE on Ubuntu 15.04, but it doesn't look good14:48
bioterrorinstall lubuntu-desktop and log into it14:52
bioterrorwavpack 4.75.0-115:01
bioterror*hups* ;)15:02
shamoanjachey, where can I find config for splash screen at boot?17:50
ianorlin!details |billy_18:56
ubottubilly_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)18:56
billy_ 18:57
JBHillHowdy! Anyone get Lubuntu working on an old netbook?19:01
ianorlinJBHill: I am sure there are a lot of people but I have lubuntu currently on a laptop that is a little too big to be a netbook as it is 17 inches19:02
JBHillA friend gave me a Toshiba TB505, not a powerhouse.19:03
tsimonq2Is anyone else running wily having the lxpanel reload every time you right-click a program?19:04
tsimonq2And it only happens in workspace 4 for me...19:04
JBHillActually, it is an NB505 with an Atom n455. I think it's a single core at 1.6Ghz and 2GB RAM.19:04
tsimonq2Let me know19:04
ianorlinah 2 GB ram should be ok19:05
ianorlinI don't know about n455 atom19:05
ianorlinI heard some older atoms graphcis were a little bit of trouble in the past19:05
JBHillThanks. I'll give it a try. I really like Lubuntu on other PCs I've installed it on.19:05
tsimonq2Even in a VM...19:05
amariHi, what DE comes by default in Lubuntu 15.10 ? thanks19:57
tsimonq2But soon we will be making the transition to LXQt20:00
amaritsimonq2: Yes, when is the transition to LXqt?20:00
tsimonq2amari: Hopefully by 16.10...can someone confirm? wxl ianorlin holstein20:02
amaritsimonq2: Still a long way until the transition :P20:04
janolap1hi there, I'm stuck with recording video and sound of my desktop using recordMyDesktop. I have no sound. Can anyone help me ?21:32
ianorlinjanolap1: does the sound play if you for example try to play an audio file?21:32
ianorlinor do you mean no sound is recorded by recordmydesktop21:33
janolap1ianorlin : When using youtube, the sound is played with the video. When trying to listen to a wav file, no sound is audible, neither with gome player, nor with vlc21:36
janolap1ianorlin : I'm wrong : right now, no more sounds... even in youtube. I've just installed pavucontrol. and no more sound !21:38
janolap1ianorlin : firefox crash... Ok, the sound is back on youtube !21:43
ianorlinjanolap1: ah ok21:43
janolap1ianorlin : now, a wav file is played with vlc and gnome player. I think the default card was nos the good one !21:46
ianorlinjanolap1: ah I know that can happen on stuff where it selects hdmi as defualt card21:46
janolap1ianorlin : But trying to record a VLC window playing a sound with RecordMyDesktop produces a ogv file without sound...21:47
janolap1ianorlin : Working ! the default sound card for recording was not properly set in pavu21:56
janolap1thanks !21:56

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