cyphermoxeddiedean: that should be good enough, but I guess it depends how much you remastered the iso. did you leave in the langpacks?08:09
cyphermoxwhat happens if you boot in legacy mode and pick spanish, does it work in that case?08:10
eddiedeancyphermox, how do I leave the langpacks?09:07
cyphermoxif you didn't actively go remove things from the image it should be fine already09:07
cyphermoxwhat version are you playing with? maybe the locale parsing is a little broken?09:08
eddiedeancyphermox, I'm using the latest elementaryOS version09:09
cyphermoxI don't know what special things they may be doing on their images... maybe you should ask them?09:10
eddiedeanYes, I also did that, still waiting for an answer, hehe :P09:11

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