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Shadow__Xits almost like there is a web page04:03
LordDragonhey all. it seems my installation is completely hosed. when i try and run the frontend, i get a white screen for like 5 mins and then it just crashes. so i want to reinstall, but somehow backup all the network and tuner settings so i can import to the fresh install. is that possible?18:44
LordDragonhmm been googling. cant find anything useful about being stuck on white screen for mythtv frontend19:22
Shadow__XLordDragon: there is a script called something like mythbackup or mythdb backup that lets you backup the config from the database19:25
Shadow__Xalso, have you made sure the drivers for your gpu are installed?19:26
Shadow__Xhave you enabled the updates repo19:26
Shadow__Xhave you reset the frontend to default and reconfigure what it uses for viewing (gpu offloading,etc)19:26
LordDragonno i havent. is there a command to reset to defaults?19:27
LordDragonok i reset it19:30
LordDragonits loaded. gotta go through the config now19:31
LordDragonworking perfectly now19:38
LordDragonthank you SO much Shadow__X :)19:38
Shadow__Xnice glad it works19:39
Shadow__Xso what was the problem?19:39
Shadow__Xah, it was probably using some display option that didn't work19:39
LordDragonyeah i just reset it19:41
LordDragonso who knows19:41
LordDragonone annoying thing though is when scrolling through the program guide, its very laggy. ill scroll down a once and it will just freeze for 3 or 4 seconds before scrolling19:42
LordDragonwhat could that be?19:42
Shadow__Xdo you have your gpu drivers installed?19:44
Shadow__Xwatch cpu load when scrolling to see if there are load spies19:45
LordDragonit must be using the video drivers cuz its set to OpenGL output and working perfectly fine other than that19:46
LordDragonhmm how do you do direct channel entry into the guide? when i type a number it changes the date of the guide instead of letting me punch in a channel19:47
Shadow__Xits an option somehwere, i don't remembner where though19:51
Shadow__Xand which gpu do you have?19:51
Shadow__Xjust because opengl is working doesn't mean you are using the right driver19:51
LordDragonNVIDIA GeForce 9400M19:52
Shadow__Xwhich os19:54
Shadow__Xgo into additional drivers, it will tell you if you are using the nvidia driver19:54
LordDragonit says 1 in use20:03
LordDragonand it shows my nvidia20:03
LordDragonalso the video is stuttering.. hmm20:03
LordDragoni think i fixed this before somehow but dont remember how20:03
Shadow__Xi don't remember how you fixed it either!20:04
LordDragontrying "opengl slim"20:08
Shadow__Xif you have a 9400 you should use the nvidia gpu offloading20:09
Shadow__Xforgot the name20:09
LordDragonoh yeah?20:11
Shadow__Xyeah, vdpau uses the gpu to play the video20:11
Shadow__Xgpu offloading20:11
LordDragonwould you recommend high normal or slim?20:11
LordDragonfor 9400m20:11
Shadow__Xi think they go over the idfferent ones on the page but without researching probably slim20:12
LordDragonstill getting occasional stutter but not neraly as bad20:22
Shadow__Xusing vdpau20:23
Shadow__Xwhat does top say20:25
LordDragonmax about 15% cpu20:27
LordDragoneven when it stutters20:27
Shadow__Xthats odd, does it do that on all the different options20:29
LordDragonit was worse on opengl high20:32
LordDragonbut yes20:32
LordDragonbackend stuff works perfect. i can watch tv from my computer using kodi with no problem20:35
LordDragonbut the frontend stutters20:35
LordDragonboth video and audio20:35
LordDragonthey are very quick20:35
LordDragonlike hiccups20:36
LordDragonit feels like a problem with priority20:38
Shadow__Xnever had that problem, not sure20:38
Shadow__Xwhich driver is it using from additional driver20:38
Shadow__Xis it a laptop?20:42
LordDragon2009 Mac Mini20:43
LordDragon2.0ghz Core 2 Duo20:43
Shadow__Xwired or wireless20:43
Shadow__Xbackend wired too?20:44
LordDragonyep. backend and frontend are both on it20:44
Shadow__Xso it plays fine, stutters than plays fine again?20:44
Shadow__Xand the other decoding options on the frontend do the same?20:45
Shadow__Xdid you enable auto updates repo?20:46
LordDragonother decoding options? you mean opengl etc ?20:46
LordDragonhmm it hasnt skipped in awhile after i enabled "extra audio buffering"20:47
Shadow__Xmaybe thats it then?20:49
LordDragonmight be20:50
Shadow__Xmight want to jot that down20:50
LordDragonoops. it skipped20:51
LordDragonat least its not very often20:51
Shadow__Xcould you add more of a buffer?20:51
LordDragonnot sure how20:51
Shadow__Xis your backend slammed or something?20:51
LordDragonshouldnt be. its not using alot of cpu20:52
LordDragonand no other device is using it20:52
Shadow__Xis it skipping or hitting source errors?20:53
Shadow__Xif you can watch the same channel on your other frontend and compare20:53
LordDragonyeah. i watched using my PC and kodi. the backend is solid20:53
LordDragonso its not the source20:54
Shadow__Xnot talking about using kodi though20:54
Shadow__Xusing mythfrontend20:54
Shadow__Xkeep the comparison as close to apples vs apples as possible20:54
LordDragonso install mythfrontend on a nother computer?21:02
LordDragonmaybe i could try and play a recording back21:02
LordDragonand see if it stutters21:02
Shadow__Xtry a recording21:05
Shadow__Xi thought you had mythfrontend on the backend21:05
LordDragoni do21:06
LordDragoni only have one install of mythtv21:08
LordDragonits on the mac mini21:08
LordDragonboth the backend and frontend21:08
LordDragonon my main rig (this one) i use kodi and the mythtv addon21:09
LordDragonso i can access the backend on the mac mini21:09
LordDragonand that works flawlessly21:09
LordDragonin any case im taking a break21:09
LordDragonits mostly working21:09
LordDragonit seems like some quirky driver thing21:10
LordDragoneither with the audio or gpu21:10
LordDragonwhere it just glitches21:10
LordDragonhmm theres a video playback test in the setup wizard21:13
LordDragonmaybe i should try that in a bit21:13
LordDragonit could be a buffering thing too21:13
LordDragonit might be underrunning the buffer21:14
LordDragonbecause u can puase and stuff, im guessing its playing out of some sort of buffer, and not direct from the tuner21:14
Shadow__Xthats odd, i didn't realize the mac mini was be/fe21:15
Shadow__Xi never had those problems21:15
Shadow__Xi had problems with things taking a little to play because it was over wireless but not that21:15
LordDragonyeah. its odd21:28
LordDragonive really been thinking about getting a NUC21:28
Shadow__Xare you using a flash drive for storage? :D21:28
LordDragonand using that instead21:28
LordDragonbuilt in 320gb hdd21:28
Shadow__Xthe nucs are ok (and the varients) if you don't care about a lot of storage21:29
LordDragonShadow__X: well they have 1tb 2.5 drives21:29
LordDragonthats plenty for me21:29
Shadow__Xah ok21:29
LordDragonthey are pricey though21:29
Shadow__Xi think somewhere around 2-4tb for main recordings and then more than that for longer term stuff is where i am21:29
LordDragonlike 350 bucks for just the system21:30
Shadow__Xaround $65 for 1tb 2.521:30
LordDragonyeah so over 40021:30
Shadow__Xdo you need something nuc sized?21:30
LordDragonjust for tv21:30
Shadow__Xyou could look into building something yourself21:30
LordDragoni dont think i could build a rig for less than 400 though21:30
Shadow__Xdo you pay for cable tv?21:31
Shadow__X:D i am sure thats over 400 a year just for tv21:31
Shadow__Xalso, you can build a rig for under 40021:31
Shadow__Xit won't be highend sure, but you could do it21:31
LordDragonas long as it can fit on a shelf21:31
LordDragoni dont need like NUC small21:32
LordDragonbut not tower rig either21:32
LordDragonthats a neat site21:32
LordDragon278 bucks21:34
Shadow__Xand there ya go, although i would prefer a quad core for a backend, we probably have different use cases21:34
LordDragonso the dual core wouldnt be enough to record a show in the background while frontend is showing live tv?21:35
Shadow__Xthats fine21:35
Shadow__Xmy offline backend has a core 2 duo e8400 (it is long over due to retirement)21:36
Shadow__Xbut dual core isn't enough for transcoding21:36
Shadow__Xwell for me it isn't atleast21:36
LordDragonahh ok21:37
LordDragoni wouldnt be doing transcoding21:37
LordDragonwhich cpu woud you recommend? there a several amd 4 core21:38
Shadow__Xnone off the top of my head21:38
Shadow__Xi haven't looked at that line up too closely in a while21:38
LordDragoni dont know anytyhing about amd21:38
Shadow__Xjust keep in mind the nuc will use less electricity at idle than the machine you build21:39
Shadow__Xthere are trade offs21:39
Shadow__Xthe nucs use laptop parts21:39
LordDragoni doubt it will use more power than the HUGE dvr box my cable company gave me before :P21:40
Shadow__Xjust because its huge doesn't mean it uses a bunch of electricity, have you put a watt metere on it?21:42
LordDragoni returned in when i got my hdhomerun21:42
LordDragonbut it was loud and had a full size 3.5 inch hdd21:42
LordDragonon the other hand, im sure it didnt have anything as powerful as that amd cpu21:43
LordDragonand amd are very power hungry21:43
Shadow__Xwell yes and no21:44
Shadow__Xat idle they are competitive with intel21:44
Shadow__Xunder load not really but i don't know how the fm2 line fall into that21:44
Shadow__Xi have an fx8320 that idles close to my intel parts21:44
Shadow__Xbut under load it uses more electricity21:44
LordDragon300 bucks for a complete system though21:45
LordDragon thats awesome21:45
LordDragoni didnt know it could be done for so cheap21:46
Shadow__Xyup, you don't need to spend 1k21:46
Shadow__Xyou could probably go intel at that price point too if you wanted21:47
Shadow__Xbut probably not an i321:47
LordDragoniw as thinking that pentium anniversary one21:48
LordDragonthat was cheap but fairly powerful21:48
Shadow__Xif its the one i am thinking off you can oc it too21:50
Shadow__Xif you live my a microcenter they had a deal on them with a motherboard21:50
Shadow__Xnot sure if thats still going on21:50
LordDragonhmm that site is saying intel htpc is more like 50021:51
Shadow__Xdon't listen then!21:52
LordDragonfor G325821:54
LordDragongreat deal21:54
LordDragoni dont think it has hyperthreading though21:54
LordDragonso 2 threads only21:54
LordDragonwould that be enough? 3.2 ghz with overclockability21:55
Shadow__XLordDragon: pentium dual core with z97 mb that you can overclock21:57
LordDragoni was doing that same thing21:59
LordDragonexcept looking for a bit better of a mobo21:59
LordDragoni thought asrock were very unreliable21:59
Shadow_X1ok back22:01
Shadow_X1i was going to say that the amd chips can oc as well22:01
Shadow_X1the pentium i linked to with the z97 mb can oc22:01
Shadow_X1i had to switch nicks, my vps will be doing down soon22:03
LordDragonah ok22:07
LordDragoni thought asrock were very unreliable?22:07

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