ubottukadiro called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:23
stevendaleHi phunyguy03:18
phunyguystevendale: I think you need to find somewhere else to chat.03:19
stevendaleI was kinda expecting that03:19
stevendaleAny particular reason my request was declined?03:19
phunyguykind of the general consensus around here.03:19
phunyguyjust too many chances.03:19
phunyguysorry :(03:20
stevendalephunyguy, I have question03:23
stevendaleIf I help out in #ubuntu, would I get another chance?03:25
prohoboone of my IPs is banned and has been banned for a really long time, will the ban ever be lifted?15:47
prohoboim talking months15:47
ubottuyoloswag420 called the ops in #ubuntu ()17:08

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