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JanCcaliculk: do you really need an old Postgres version?  if so, maybe use Ubuntu 12.04 for now?01:01
JanCand find some way to upgrade in the next couple of years01:01
caliculkJanC just to get the data, but I already did so for now. I don't need it anymore.01:02
JanCokay  :)01:02
dsfsdgdsgHi there, How do I allow "user" who is apart of "snort" group access to /var/log/snort/, these are the permission I have so far. (http://paste.ubuntu.com/12147143/)01:26
dsfsdgdsgin order for a user to have rw do you have set +x ? makes no sense01:38
TJ-that directory doesn't give the user any permissions01:39
dsfsdgdsginteresting what should I google to work this out?01:42
TJ-dsfsdgdsg: look at the pastebin... in particular, look at the owning *user* and *group* - what is the *group* ?01:42
edtoast_46please try joining #edtoast .I would greatly appreciate it01:43
dsfsdgdsgthe owning groups are *snort* and *adm* ?01:44
TJ-dsfsdgdsg: no. The owning user is "snort". The owning *group* is "adm". Is your user a member of "adm"?01:44
dsfsdgdsgno I'm not in group adm only snort, sudo and user01:48
TJ-dsfsdgdsg: that is why the user doesn't get access to /var/log/snort/01:48
dsfsdgdsgTJ-: excellent thanks so much I've added myself now have access, If I have 0660 set I cannot see the permissions on file only file names as *user*01:54
caliculkAlright, a little frustrated, but after trying to modify samba config files, and restart the service, I can no longer properly start or access the samba server.03:09
caliculkIt doesn't show up if I ty to manually access it, if I rollback the config file either.03:09
caliculkThis is what syslog states: http://pastebin.com/C7adWBcd03:18
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samthewildoneI recently did a "dpkg reconfigure console..." and my tty1 font is still very small09:24
samthewildoneis there a way I can take this from 7.5pt to like 12 ?!09:25
mybalzitchsamthewildone: ^09:36
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tiblockHi. I have binary file "myprogram" and i want to launch it just like "myprogram" what is correct way to do it? I know i can "ln -s" it to /usr/bin or add to PATH, but what is correct way?11:17
bekkstiblock: Add it to your path.11:17
bekksOr start it with "./myprogram" after changing to the directory where it is located.11:17
tiblockbekks, isnt there tools in ubuntu for that? I saw programs do like "update-alternatives" or something and after that programs are working.11:19
bekkstiblock: update-alternatives will not help you in this case.11:20
tiblockbekks, okay, thank you11:20
bekkstiblock: Whats the actual issue, behind your question?11:20
tiblockbekks, just want to know maybe i doing something wrong11:20
tiblockbut looks like everything is fine11:20
jellytiblock: if it's not packaged, you should probably use /usr/local/bin PATH component instead of /usr/bin11:32
tiblockjelly, thank you11:42
yokoHi, my simple question12:49
yokoinstall lamp in root account, i have use normal account localhost, example adress localhost = /var/www I have localhost = /home/myaccount/www how added in apache2.conf ?12:50
tewardyoko: um...12:53
tewardyoko: edit the apache configurations with sudo?12:53
yokoyes i used sudo12:54
tewardand you edited the apache configurations and pointed the docroot to /home/myaccount/www ?12:54
yokomy apache2.conf file http://wklej.org/id/1781392/12:55
yokoi have use localhost forum in normal account home12:56
tewardyou didn't edit this config12:56
tewardor rather12:57
tewardyou provdied the WRONG configuration12:57
tewardyoko: the config for the sites is in sites-available.12:57
yokoi know12:57
teward`sudo a2dissite default`12:57
tewardthen edit the default configuration file in the /etc/apache2/sites-available/ folder12:57
tewardthen `sudo a2ensite default`12:57
teward`sudo service apache2 restart`12:57
yokoERROR: Site default does not exist!12:57
tewardi hate apache12:57
yokolighttp install ?12:58
yokoIt only local localhost on theme created12:58
tewardnot what i meant12:58
tewardyoko: include the /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf in a pastebin13:01
tewardyoko: edit line 12 to be the correct docroot.13:03
tewardie. /home/myaccount/ww13:03
tewardrestart the apache2 process - sudo service apache2 restart13:03
tewardsee if that fixes it13:04
teward(and read up on Apache configuration documentation because you should probably try and understand it a little if you're going to be running apache)13:04
yokoi do13:06
yokoloclhost in adress - Forbidden  You don't have permission to access / on this server. Apache/2.4.10 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 8013:07
yokothank for help hello13:12
linociscohi all13:30
linociscoI am now trying to install ubuntu server 14.04.2 and at the stage of preparing hdd. After ubuntu server and I will install CEntOS later. How should I prepare HDD partition and recommended partition size and type as minimum requirement13:31
linociscoI am now trying to install ubuntu server 14.04.2 and at the stage of preparing hdd. After ubuntu server and I will install CEntOS later. How should I prepare HDD partition and recommended partition size and type as minimum requirement. I am thinking for dualboot13:38
linociscoI am now trying to install ubuntu server 14.04.2 and at the stage of preparing hdd. After ubuntu server and I will install CEntOS later. How should I prepare HDD partition and recommended partition size and type as minimum requirement. I am thinking for dualboot13:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:41
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:42
RoyKlinocisco: just split it in two if you want dual boot. I'd use a VM for one of them, though. Why are you testing both?13:42
RoyKlinocisco: Both should work well on their own - it's just linux - the choice between them mostly depends on what you're most used to or what you like13:43
linociscoRoyK, thanks for reply. One OS should be ubuntu server with most common server roles, file/directory .etc and second will be Elastix with is natively bundled with CentOS13:44
RoyKlinocisco: I beleive you can run elastix on ubuntu too13:46
linociscoRoyK, I dont want to mess up both13:46
RoyKoh - you mean elastix as in a distro?13:47
RoyKthat one? http://www.elastix.com/en/downloads/13:47
RoyKjust run a VM with it13:48
RoyKinstall kvm+libvirt and start virt-manager and install it13:48
linociscoRoyK, sure. Elastix recommends upgrade only from its release. no modification. I am not happy with performance of VM of my hardware resource.13:48
RoyKwhat sort of hardware?13:48
RoyKa VM usually gets 10% lower CPU than native, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem13:49
linociscoRoyK, HP Elite 8200 CMT and internet is very expensive here13:49
RoyKwe run 90% of our servers virtualised ;)13:49
linociscoRoyK, it might be hardware virtualization like VMWare ESX-i. software virtualization is not so good in performance13:50
RoyKkvm uses hardware virtualisation13:50
RoyKjust like ESXi13:51
RoyKAmazon is mostly using KVM these days13:53
mybalzitchI'm glad the most recent kvm update fixed virtualization on my server13:54
mybalzitchit had been broken for more than a year13:54
RoyKbroken how?13:55
mybalzitchlibvirt would complain about an unknown error when you launched a VM13:58
linociscoRoyK, Is KVM better than Oracle's Virtualbox?13:58
mybalzitchlinocisco: kvm is not an oracle product, so that's nice13:58
quanticlinocisco: Highly.13:58
linociscomybalzitch, i know. it is linux's one13:58
bekksVirtualbox is an Oracle product, so its not that slow as KVM ;)13:59
RoyKlinocisco: probably about the same - VirtualBox may be better on graphics, though, but usually you won't need that on a server13:59
bekksYou can run VBox headlessly.13:59
RoyKbekks: yes, you can, but I was thinking about desktop virtualisation - last I tried that with kvm, it wasn't very good, but again, this is about a server, right?14:01
RoyKoh - seems KVM supports vGPU now too14:02
RoyKESXi 6 supports that too - not 5.5, though14:02
RoyKlinocisco: how much memory do you have in this box?14:10
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linociscohi all14:14
linociscowith reference to http://ubuntuserverguide.com/2013/02/manual-disk-partition-guide-for-ubuntu-server-edition.html, i m not quite sure about partition14:14
RoyKlinocisco: just create a 1GB partition for /boot, with ext2, and then a partition with the rest of the disk for LVM, on LVM, create a LV for swap (same as memory size) and one for root (10GB should do for a start) on ext4. Add more later or increase sizes later if you need to14:16
RoyKalways use LVM - it's way more flexible than partitions14:16
linociscoRoyK, I am thinking about dualboot as I said. so should I choose 50% first?14:18
RoyKlinocisco: why dualboot? have you even triede KVM?14:19
RoyKtried, even14:19
RoyKor tested14:19
RoyKor whatever14:19
RoyKtry virtualisation first14:19
linociscoRoyK, i should install KVM , right  ? that will need internet to download, here more dowloading more money here with mobile internet I have here14:20
linociscoI have never successfully managed dualboot14:20
RoyKlinocisco: the packages aren't very big14:20
RoyKthe virtualisation level is in kernel - all you need are the support packages14:20
linociscoRoyK, honestly, I have internet with 3G SIM card with Nokia E5 handset. I dont know how to provide internet from that dump nokia to cli only server. that is why I am stuck14:21
RoyKlinocisco: damn - where are you located?14:22
RoyKI don't think kvm/libvirt/virt-manager is much, though, perhaps a few megs14:23
linociscoRoyK, preferred not to say. but it is not expensive internet14:23
linociscoRoyK, preferred not to say. but it is so expensive internet14:24
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ren0v0hi, when partitioning a disk, is it possible to control partition numbers? im trying to create a new partition and its calling it #5 ?16:52
quanticren0v0: You're creating a logical partition on an MBR formatted disk.16:54
quanticren0v0: That's normal. Primary partitions are 1-4. Extended/logical/whatever are 5+.16:54
ren0v0ok thanks :D16:55
lordievaderYou could choose to go with gpt instead.16:55
ren0v0learn something everyday, always wondered why16:55
linociscohow to edit grub file ? on boot, splash menu is so fast and I can't go into advanced options17:03
lordievaderlinocisco: vim /etc/default/grub|/etc/grub.d/*?17:06
lordievaderThen run 'sudo update-grub2'.17:07
lordievaderlinocisco: Err, hello?17:45
linociscoi have problem with grub17:46
linociscoto change bigger fonts in CLI17:47
lordievaderGrub has little to do with how fonts are rendered in tty's.17:47
linociscolordievader, https://www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2932&sid=bc3bdda5c4cbb8bc4d4c7144e290f5dc17:49
linociscolordievader, that trick fixed my fonts on ubuntu server version before17:49
linociscolordievader, now I can't find that file. grub.cfg has no such line17:49
lordievaderYou don't want to edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg directly.17:51
lordievaderWhat trick are you referring to?17:51
linociscolordievader, in the grub file, I need to find such line "kernel /vmlinuz-2.6-whatever ro root=/lots-of-numbers, KEYTABLE=us rhgb quet"17:52
linociscoand add nomodeset at the end . that fixed my problem with smaller fonts on CLI17:53
lordievaderlinocisco: That is /etc/default/grub.17:54
bekkslordievader: Which he states does not exist for him.17:55
linociscobekks lordievader i swear I had used that trick17:56
linociscoso what is your trick to make smaller fonts in CLI to make it biggger?17:56
lordievaderIf that file ain't there grub is not installed.17:57
linocisconot only in CLI, also should be bigger in grub boot loader menu lines and font at boot time17:57
lordievaderlinocisco: What is the output of 'dpkg -l|grep grub'?17:57
bekkslinocisco: So that file existed. What did you do to it so it doesnt exist anymore?17:57
lordievaderSounds like a driver not handeling modesetting properly.17:57
linociscogrub-common, grub-gfxpayload-lists grub-pc grub-pc-bin grub2-common17:58
linociscomine is 64bit17:58
linociscoi formatted HDD and reinstall with 14.04.2 x6417:59
linociscobefore was 32bit17:59
bekkslinocisco: Whats the output of "ls -lha /etc/default/grub"?18:00
* lordievader thought grub-pc or grub-common delivered /etc/default/grub18:00
linociscobekks, -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1.2K Aug22 23:57 /etc/defult/grub18:02
lordievaderSo it does exist...18:02
bekksSo that file exists - whats the problem now?18:02
linociscolet say what I have done to fix small fonts problem is wrong. ok? how do you fix if I were you?18:03
bekksLets say you fix your first issue first.18:03
linociscobekks,  I am looking for the correct file and correct line and correct place to add that "nomodeset"18:03
bekks!nomodeset | linocisco18:04
ubottulinocisco: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:04
linociscobekks, thanks. finally Got it. that is what I am asking so long18:08
bekksYou have een clued multiple times on how to do it, bt you ignored all clues.18:08
linociscobekks, what I need is only that link "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132"18:09
linociscocorrect ubuntu way18:09
bekksYou were told how to do it the ubuntu way multiple times.18:10
bekksWhatever - did you fix it now?18:10
linociscobekks, done. I didn't understand before I got that link because I am looking for that desired file18:11
lordievaderYes, and you were given that file several times.18:12
linociscolordievader, I didn't see. i m sorry18:12
bekksAnd that link, too.18:12
bekkslinocisco: You must have been ignoring clues the whole day then...18:13
linociscobekks , I was being told /etc/default/grub. many times, but I dont know exactly where in which line to edit18:14
linociscosorry for your time and my time. have a nice day18:14
bekksYou have benn told multiple times.18:14
linociscothanks anyway . done18:16
linociscohi all, what is the recommended updated ubuntu server book?18:29
linociscowith most common troubleshooting real world examples18:29
bekkslinocisco: The online documentation. Printed documentation is out of date before you read it.18:29
lordievaderThe best way to learn is to use it.18:45
linociscolordievader, somewhat correct. but level of knowledge is not the same for everyone.18:46
bekkslinocisco: you dont need the same level for learning by doing :)18:47
lordievaderHence the learning ;)18:47
samthewildoneI need help to make my fonts bigger, I tried the dpkg reconfigure console command but, the fonts are still pretty tiny.19:05
samthewildoneoh wait... nevermind I found it !19:07
caliculkIs logrotate no longer enabled on Ubuntu 15.04 server edition?19:22
caliculkI seem to be having an issue with logrotate not rotating logs, even when running logrotate -d /etc/logrotate.conf shows the appropriate values to rotate the logs19:31
samthewildonecurrently did a shred from a remote to the server but, still logged in terminal21:53
samthewildoneis there a way I can break away from the terminal and have the shred still run in th background ?21:53
bekksYou would have needed to start it using tmux, screen or nohup21:54
dweller_Trying to get swap partition to work on a fresh install of 14.04.3. I get this error at startup: "The disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present". I have tried following the steps outline here: http://punygeek.blogspot.ca/2012/10/ubuntu-1204-how-to-solve-disk-drive-for.html which does show the swap partition is present after "free -m" but upon reboot, the problem persists.21:57
osteseeing a crazy situation - i have a deploy script that creates a symlink for nginx to read. It seems like this symlink is not updating - the site is served old symlinks22:03
samthewildonebekks: yeah kinda figured that out at the last minutew22:03
samthewildonebekks: thx22:03
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