daftykinsdiddledan: trying to do impressions of myrtti i see01:49
diddledanI have no idea where that's coming from01:50
diddledanI've closed everything bar one client01:50
diddledanit's definitely my network, tho01:50
daftykinsyep, it's got beef in it01:51
daftykinsjust been playing some 'Dying Light' on the xbox one with a couple of pals01:52
daftykinsi'm typing from a xubuntu sony laptop with nice native resolution TTYs 8D01:52
daftykinswouldn't help much if i wanted to open any links, but it looks nice01:52
diddledanseriously, wtf is it?!01:54
diddledanit doesn't reply to a version query01:55
diddledanso I can't figure out what's driving the connection01:55
daftykinspacket sniff at your egress point?01:56
daftykinswhy's it suddenly got a hostname instead of an IPv601:56
diddledanip4 resolved quicker that time I guess01:56
m0nkey_i could inform myrtti that she's bouncing. but don't want to interrupt the hunnymoonsters02:20
diddledanthat's funny, because of my alter-ego the honeymonster02:21
daftykinslast i saw her clones were getting K-lined02:21
daftykinsso who knows what's going on there02:21
daftykinshe's here!02:57
daftykinsdiddledan_: beep bloop02:57
daftykinsso much diddling so little time03:36
diddledanright, I've restarted the only irc client running03:37
diddledanthis client shouldn't have been the problem tho 'cos it's configured to use a bnc03:38
shaunoburn the witch?!03:49
daftykinsdiddledan: i think i am dead04:08
diddledanalso. the presentation about the jeep hack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OobLb1McxnI04:12
shaunoI don't think I can youtube while playing civ5.  it's surprisingly heavy on this laptop :(04:15
daftykinsno real desktop in casa von shauno?04:16
shaunoI have two desktops.  one's an amiga, one's a ppc mac04:17
daftykinsi don't know how you can tolerate laptop only04:24
shaunowell, it's not 'only', I have my amiga for gaming :)04:25
shaunoand the mac does very little.  it's waiting for me to find somewhere that still sells cdrs04:31
daftykinsneed to throw an OS on one?04:32
shaunoyeah.  trying to get amigaos4 on it04:32
shaunoosx is easy, I can install it from firewire.  but os4 is quite picky  (aka has very limited hardware support)04:32
shauno(to which end, I picked up a firewire CF reader.  lovely)04:33
daftykinscoaster city then :)04:33
daftykinsdidn't realise it was tough to find them nowadays04:33
daftykinsthink i still have a 100 cake upstairs on the shelf04:33
shaunowell.  it's primarily laziness04:33
daftykinsthat's the spirit04:39
shaunowell, I've had a very busy summer.  stuff like that is more winter stuff :)04:41
daftykinsvery true04:48
daftykinsalright time to turn in for me, i can no longer brain at all04:48
daftykinsg'night folks \o have a good weekend if you manage to escape for a bit :>04:48
shaunoI'm waiting to take a quick trip into work, then I'll do the same04:48
diddledanshauno: you mean you're going to work so you can have a nap?05:00
knightwisemorning maps06:30
diddledanmorning maps knightwise06:44
diddledantrying to figure out why my blurry disc drive isn't reading blurry discs06:44
diddledan(I know I spelled that wrong. it was on a porpoise)06:45
diddledanI've checked with a dvd that the drive is actually working in the general sense06:45
diddledanbut plop a blurry movie in and it pretends there be no disc there06:46
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:39
diddledan_it's the weekend, so should I be requesting that ya'll call me mandy?10:45
m6lpididdledan: set a cron job to chance username and nick11:25
Supermanintightshey guys, i'm trying to install the nvdia gfx driver for the GTX 750ti, however I've developed a few issues, and upon my last restart, I'm currently staring at the Ubuntu splash screen for over 3 minutes, and nothing else is happening, I can't access the desktop now15:20
daftykinsSupermanintights: try booting with 'quiet splash' removed from the boot params to see what's up15:29
Supermanintightslet me google how to do that15:31
SupermanintightsI'm trying to edit it via nano using the root shell in recovery mode, but despite logging in as root it says "read only file system" so i can't get rid of quiet splash15:35
daftykinsah sounds like you have bigger problems if your disk is mounted read only15:36
daftykinscan you boot a live session?15:36
daftykinsfrom flash drive or otherwise15:36
Supermanintightsyeah, one mo15:36
Supermanintightsok I'm in15:38
popeymounted read only is the normal default in recovery mode daftykins Supermanintights15:41
popeyyou can just "mount -o remount,rw /" in recovery to get it into read/write mode15:41
Supermanintightsah ok, so i should boot back into recovery mode?15:41
daftykinsoh silly me, didn't quite read the recovery mode bit :)15:42
daftykinsyou don't need to make a permanent boot edit though, just a one time change by holding left shift at boot and editing it once15:43
Supermanintightswhen I hold left shift I have ubuntu, advanced or system set up15:43
Supermanintightsif i go to advanced, i have a list of options - grub edit, fsck, clean etc.15:43
Supermanintightsi was going to the root shell prompt and entering stuff there, is that right?15:43
daftykinswell there shouldn't be any need to go that far, as a permanent edit of these boot parameters isn't needed15:48
daftykinsyou just want to be able to edit them once in GRUB15:48
Supermanintightsi can't seem to get to a grub console, holding left shift (or right) takes me to the recovery mode select15:48
Supermanintightsi don't mind doing the permanent edit for now then changing it back later15:49
daftykinshmm, try booting normally once more then see if you can get to a TTY with ctrl+alt+F115:50
Supermanintightsi disabled the quiet splash (I just went ahead sorry), and it booted up to a window that says "the system is running in low graphics mode", "your screen, graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly.  you will need to configure these yourself"15:52
daftykinssounds like the driver didn't go on / isn't one that supports that maxwell card15:53
daftykinscan you get to the TTY as above?15:53
Supermanintightsafter pressing ok, these are the options i have: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/2aZPrhkAnixHo5hI__b9unvIGanaWNCNfBJyrowNjBvkMEee7voXnt35pOeghlanP-lehSA1m4loyNF73cNcnoBt2w15:53
daftykinsexit to console login15:54
daftykinsshould be at TTY1 now, there you can login and have a poke around. which nvidia driver was it you were installing?15:55
Supermanintightsit's got a flashing cursor at the moment, been like that for 45 seconds now15:55
Supermanintightsi can get to a TTY1, but it only lets me log in as root, not as the normal user account15:55
daftykinstry flicking between ctrl+alt+F1 and through to F615:55
Supermanintightsnothing,i've restarted and will just go straight to a TTY15:56
Supermanintightsok, I'm at TTY115:56
daftykinsso was it an nvidia website manual download? ah yes.15:57
daftykinsdon't do that on ubuntu :)15:57
Supermanintightsah, my bad, i did try following terminal last night but that completely bugged out on me15:57
daftykinsok log in and try running "sudo nvidia-uninstall" i think it is, you can type "nvi" then hit tab to auto complete through to find it15:57
Supermanintightsi can only log in as root, the normal account won't work for some reason15:57
daftykinsbut root doesn't have a password15:58
Supermanintightsok, one sec, thanks daftykins - appreciate your help15:58
Supermanintightsi set one earlie15:58
daftykinsoh dear.15:58
Supermanintightsjust in case15:58
daftykinsso you're breaking the whole design of ubuntu :<15:58
Supermanintightsi only did it as i couldn't log in using a TTY at all, and I was getting frustrated15:59
daftykinssounds like there are bigger issues with your install15:59
daftykinswas it a fresh one just recently?15:59
Supermanintightshmm, it's the 14.04.03 LTS, it was just a base install15:59
Supermanintightsyes, it's a brand new pc, only built it two days ago16:00
daftykinsdidn't have to do anything special to boot the installer i take it?16:02
daftykinsearlier versions, nouveau didn't work with the maxwell cards so people had to append 'nomodeset' to the boot params16:02
Supermanintightsnope, i just put it on a usb, and it installed fine16:02
daftykinsmmm must be the newer nouveau in .316:02
SupermanintightsI've had a few issues - not recognising sound device, but in terms of installing etc. it's fine16:02
Supermanintightsshould i do a fresh install again?16:02
daftykinswell it's behaving kinda quirky - and since you've probably not done much to that install yet, it's probably worth starting again16:04
SuperEngineerhmmm, pardon me butting here but, Supermanintights - you sure all those hardware bits you stuffed in your pooter work ok & work ok together?16:04
daftykinsthat's fair, but i'm sure it's just a case of installing the manual nvidia download crapping out16:05
SupermanintightsSuperEngineer, it all said compatible and no problems on PCPartpicker, I believe I've set it all up properly (first time building a PC)16:05
Supermanintightshappy to provide a link if that helps (and once again, I really do appreciate the help)16:06
daftykinsSupermanintights: do a clean install and try using this PPA to get the latest nvidia drivers - http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/08/ubuntu-nvidia-graphics-drivers-ppa-is-ready-for-action16:06
daftykinsit's a proper new official Ubuntu one16:06
SuperEngineerif it helps - the latest nVidia driver and the latest kernel update didnot work too well together for me - gave a simoilar prob... but a fresh install wouldn't be using that driver?16:07
Supermanintightswill it cover my gfx card? I tried do do something using the terminal on the frst night and it ended up kicking me out completely and requiring a fresh install.16:07
SupermanintightsI'm going to reinstall now, won't take too long to do16:07
SuperEngineergood luck16:08
daftykinsSuperEngineer: which one is the latest driver for you?16:08
* SuperEngineer checks16:08
daftykinsseems nvidia-346 is still the newest without adding any PPAs, for 14.04.316:09
SuperEngineerLastest nVidia driver showing is 346.82 [p.s. also using 14.04.3 here]16:10
SuperEngineerI've reverted to Nouveau for now [until I work out whatr the problem is]16:11
daftykinsi've heard of a lot of kernel problems of late16:12
daftykinspeople getting a new one install, something breaks so they have to go back one16:12
daftykinsvery disappointing16:12
SuperEngineerwhoops... +116:12
SuperEngineer[304.125 might still be worth a try -maybe I'll try it when I'm not "doing anything" ;)16:14
Supermanintightsright, done a reinstall, just going to try that ppa that daftykins gave me. wish me luck16:17
* SuperEngineer bangs chest to stop palpitations caused by the excitement ;)16:20
SuperEngineeroh come on, Supermanintights, I can't take this chest pain much more... .tell us the result!16:23
Supermanintightsit's downloading! apparently. my terrible internet means we have to wait a few more minutes to see what happens16:23
Supermanintightsin a film or tv show, they'd be showing a thumb twiddling montage16:23
SuperEngineerok... I'll go get some morphine for now.16:23
* SuperEngineer imagine what a thumb twiddling a montage actually looks like16:24
daftykins"show me those fingers"16:25
Supermanintightsit's installing, just did something with depmod, this looks much more promising than my previous attempts16:25
SupermanintightsI think it's done, is there a way to test it?16:25
SuperEngineererrrmmmm... reboot!16:26
daftykinsreboot first16:26
* Supermanintights reboots16:26
Supermanintightswell it booted, which is better than the last time16:27
SuperEngineer[those tights are slowing him down I guess]16:27
Supermanintightsi think we did it reddit (irc)16:27
SuperEngineerown up Supermanintights - what colour are your tights16:27
Supermanintightsblue, obviously16:28
Supermanintightsbest colour for tights!16:28
SuperEngineerwhat colour are they when viewed via your wonderful new working system?16:29
Supermanintightsfluorescent pink16:29
SuperEngineeroh... my... gaawwwdddd.... it gets worse16:30
Supermanintightsseeing as you're all in a good mood (now we're talking tights), who fancies helping me with a sound issue, or the fact that I appear to have no output sound devices or anything16:30
daftykinsno clue on that one, but given as you installed so swiftly i suspect you have some updates to do16:30
daftykinsso open a terminal and run a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"16:31
* SuperEngineer hunts for comment re "are uyou sure all your components work together" ;)16:31
daftykinsmight be so new a build it's not quite Linux friendly yet16:31
daftykinsSupermanintights: wouldn't hurt showing us your parts list16:32
Supermanintightshaha, I have no idea if I have done it correctly, I'm just going with it16:32
Supermanintightsok, one mo16:32
SuperEngineerrule 1... persevere ;)16:32
SuperEngineerrule 2...  swear a lot16:32
SuperEngineerrule 3... pass wind & try again16:33
daftykinsrule 4... don't type rule 216:33
daftykinsah the dampness cometh16:33
SuperEngineerdaftykins, glad you put the link before the comment!16:34
* SuperEngineer slaps wrist16:34
daftykinshave you taken over from diddledan? :)16:35
daftykinsooh my, skylake build16:35
Supermanintightshowever the cpu cooler and power supply changed due to not being available, will that matter?16:36
SupermanintightsI can find the new model numbers if so16:36
SuperEngineerI can see your problem now... you built a PC and not a pooter!  ;)16:36
Supermanintightsgranted, this isn't mine, this is my friend who is computer retarded and i'm responsible for helping him, so I'm having to patiently explain everything to him as i fix/set things up16:37
daftykinsnah , i suspect the chip on the motherboard for the onboard sound is just very new16:37
SupermanintightsI did say that to him that it might be too new to be recognised16:37
daftykinsSupermanintights: that's a fate worse than death right there16:37
daftykinsyeah 14.04 might not be the best for a machine of that newness16:38
Supermanintightshe doesn't understand my pain16:38
Supermanintightswhat should I do then? latest ubuntu?16:38
daftykinsbut then you've probably got the vivid HWE, do you have a 3.19 kernel when you run "uname -r" ?16:38
SupermanintightsI just went with this as it was LTS16:38
daftykinsyeah LTS is usually a good call16:38
daftykinsi take it we're talking standard speakers attached to the onboard audio, not speakers in an HDMI attached display?16:39
Supermanintightserm, right now nothing, but i have some headphones (usb, speaker and mic plugs)16:39
daftykinsas in the front case ports?16:39
Supermanintightsbut even if plugged in, the list of devices in the sound options are empty16:40
Supermanintightshe is getting speakers, but right now he needs to wait til next pay day, so this will (hopefully) do for now16:40
daftykinsi suspect it might be worth trying a newer mainline kernel16:40
daftykinsi'm just on the asus page working out the hardware16:40
daftykinshrmm Realtek ALC89216:40
SuperEngineerhas this pc not got a normal headphone socket you could at least try?16:42
daftykinswhat does "aplay -l" and "aplay -L" show from the terminal? use http://paste.ubuntu.com to share it with us16:42
SupermanintightsI'll be honest, while I am somewhat familiar with linux (enough to help a noob get started, and use the terminal etc.) I'm not that informed on kernels and updating it16:42
SuperEngineer[simple option, coz I'm simple] ;)16:42
Supermanintightsit's got a headphone socket on the front SuperEngineer - but if I plug my earphones in, there's still no sound devices16:42
SuperEngineerSupermanintights, oh buhgah!16:43
daftykinsyeah picking up only the nvidia HDMI audio support16:45
Supermanintightsso if he used the hdmi instead of vga, he'd have sound?16:45
daftykinsnah a monitor would have to have speakers built in16:46
daftykinsmake a backup of the file this guide suggests to edit, then try it out16:47
Supermanintightsthis monitor has speakers built inside it (apparently), and it does have a headphone connector16:47
Supermanintightsok, one mo16:47
daftykinsah, you definitely shouldn't be using a horrible analog connection such as VGA in 2015 on a modern machine likethat16:47
Supermanintightswell, I said to use vga because I was concerned about the HDMI overscan16:48
SupermanintightsI have windows on my main for adobe reasons, and I'm sick of hdmi overscan, so i said VGA for now16:48
daftykinswhen the picture goes off the sides?16:48
daftykinsthat shouldn't happen with most screens16:49
daftykinseasily configurable in nvidia settings both on Windows and Linux even if it does :)16:49
Supermanintightsfair enough, he's gone to obtain a hdmi cable so that should be resolved in a few minutes.  I'm just following this guide now.16:50
SuperEngineerSupermanintights, for what it's worth [& not to annoy you] using 14.04.3 I have an nVidia GTX outputting to 3 screens [DVI, HDMI *&* VGA sockets all in use] - sound works through the nVidia or the headphone socket.  This is not a boast, it is just to say that this with 14.04 [.1, ,2 & .3 all did it ok]16:52
daftykinsthat on vivid's 3.19 kernel, SuperEngineer ?16:53
Supermanintightsno no, that's fine.  I just said VGA from personal experience and just while we were setting it up.  Is it easy to use 3 screens? I always had issues when doing 3 screens, would only ever send to 2 screens at most16:53
SuperEngineernormal kernel release,  normal updates, never changed it myself [except to revert *temporarily* when nVidia & kernel argued]16:54
SuperEngineerdaftykins, ^16:55
Supermanintightsguys, quick side track - I just plugged in the hdmi cable, and it says "no cable connected" on screen.  Is a reboot normally necessary for those kind of changes?16:55
daftykinsremove VGA, add HDMI - reboot16:55
Supermanintightsdamn.  OK, will replug in vga to finish what i was doing then will reboot16:56
daftykinsSuperEngineer: it's just that if you installed 14.04 when it was new, it can become 14.04.3 with the 3.13 kernel - whilst a freshly installed 14.04.3 would have the vivid HWE so 3.1916:56
SuperEngineerdaftykins, ah!.. I see - yup 14.04 *progressive* to 14.04.3 system here16:57
SupermanintightsI've tried plugging the hdmi cable in to both the mobo and the graphics card, restarting both times and it still won't load anything16:58
Supermanintightsany ideas?16:58
SuperEngineeras in, progressed to .3 via normal updates to orginal 14.0416:58
SuperEngineerIs the cable ok?16:59
Supermanintightshe says so, it looks pretty decent - not a shitty quality one, and it's worked in plenty of other devices before16:59
Supermanintightsi can try from my laptop if needed, but i'm happy to take his word for it16:59
daftykinswell it has to be just the HDMI port on the graphics card obviously :>17:00
SuperEngineerhmmm... that seems proof enough if not recent damage17:00
daftykinsdoesn't hurt to test17:00
daftykinsyou've tried a cold boot i take it?17:01
Supermanintightswhat's a cold boot?17:01
SuperEngineerdaftykins, why would putting the cable in a refrigerated shoe work?  ;)17:02
daftykinspowering up from off = cold boot17:02
daftykins'cause the machine is 'cold' prior17:02
SuperEngineerSupermanintights, it mweans a shut down to complete power off ans then restart17:03
SupermanintightsI need to slap my friend17:03
Supermanintightsfor buying a PITA monitor17:03
SupermanintightsI needed to choose HDMI input from a menu17:03
SuperEngineerSupermanintights, slap 'im for me as well!17:03
daftykinserr that's normal17:03
daftykinsinput button presses / selecting an 'auto' mode17:03
Supermanintightsreally? I've never had to do that, ever. I plug it in, and it works.17:03
SupermanintightsI'm still slapping him for making me lose over 10 hours of my life to this stupid machine.17:04
daftykinsyep i have a monitor with about 12 input types, cycling through them all is fun++17:04
SuperEngineerSupermanintights, welcome to *our* world!17:04
daftykinsyou could've just bought Windows 10 :)17:04
Supermanintightsso it works, "system program problem detected"17:05
SupermanintightsI am genuinely considering just installing windows and leaving him to it17:05
SuperEngineer[face palm coming up]17:05
daftykinsignore the message, still working fine at the desktop right?17:06
SupermanintightsI'm doing a proper reboot now, and hoping it all boots up fine, then we can carry on17:06
Supermanintightsthe error message came up again on this reboot, i think everything else still works ok17:06
SuperEngineerSupermanintights, next time it comes up, click on the "ignore" etc17:07
Supermanintightswe have sound. this is the good news, the bad news is that system program error message pops up every 2 minutes - "cancel" or "report problem"17:07
daftykinsi know those things can happen once, then the messages constantly pop up from the folder they come from17:08
SupermanintightsI reported problem, then clicked ignore future problems of this type17:09
daftykinsas they're stored, historical error logs kinda thing17:09
daftykinsSuperEngineer: so when you installed, did you put the /home on the 1TB disk ?17:10
daftykinsor is it all on the SSD?17:10
Supermanintightserm, i think all is on ssd17:10
Supermanintightsoh, SuperEngineer, sorry i just saw the "super"17:11
daftykinsso this pal of yours gonna be trying to play games? :>17:11
Supermanintightsdota and WOW apparently17:11
daftykinsnah i did mean you, i just tab complete failed17:11
SuperEngineerdaftykins, if that was for me, no way - on dpinning rust in pooter itself17:11
daftykinsSuperEngineer: sorry :>17:11
daftykinsirssi is really annoying for two people with nicks that start the same17:11
Supermanintightsis it possible to do a save state so if we mess up in the near future, we can restore to this state?17:11
=== Supermanintights is now known as fish
=== fish is now known as boreal
borealurgh, so many registered nicks17:12
SuperEngineer[too many "Super}'s in 'ere!17:12
=== boreal is now known as assistingfriend
assistingfriendthere we go, that should be better for you :P17:12
daftykinsyou could use clonezilla to image up the SSD to a file stored on the 1TB mechanical17:13
assistingfriendi'll do that another time17:13
SuperEngineerSuperEngineer is now known as SuperEngineer - & he ain't gonna be the 1 who changes :D17:13
daftykinsassistingfriend: so is it gonna be Steam time to try some games? ;)17:14
daftykinsyou might want to run gparted to partition that 1TB, format as EXT4 then set it up to be mounted permanently at boot as /media/storage or something17:14
assistingfriendhmm, that could be an idea. would I want to do that before steam or anything like that?17:15
daftykinsyeah 'cause then you can install games to the mechanical and not fill up the SSD17:16
assistingfriendwouldn't it run faster from the SSD? I've never used an SSD personally so I wasn't sure of the normal etiquette when it comes to them17:17
daftykinsit would, though 120GB is not a lot of space for them17:17
daftykinseither way you need the other disk in a usable form17:18
assistingfriendok, gparting now17:18
DJonesIf you're think about upgrading a dual boot machine to Win 10.  DON'T. it craps up everything17:21
assistingfrienddo I want GPT partition table?17:22
daftykinsnah MBR will be fine17:23
daftykinsno real difference for this scenario17:23
daftykinsDJones: worked fine here :>17:24
daftykinsleft GRUB intact on a xubuntu machine17:24
DJonesdaftykins: Screwed most thing up, didn't even complete the installation17:27
daftykinsDJones: what was it, 7 or 8 with ubuntu in EFI or?17:28
assistingfriendis there a best practice for installing steam, or can i run the installer from the website etc.?17:28
daftykinssudo apt-get install steam17:29
DJonesdaftykins: It was 7 without EFI, thankfully restored win 7 to its orginal17:30
assistingfrienddaftykins, you mentioned "mounted permanently at boot as /media/storage" - can you possibly help me with that?17:34
assistingfriendhappy to google, but thought I'd give you a shout seeing as you mentioned it17:34
daftykinsyeah have you got the 1TB formatted as EXT4 now?17:35
daftykinsuse "sudo blkid" to get the UUID of what is likely /dev/sdb1 - then "sudo apt install pastebinit" then "pastebinit /etc/fstab"17:37
daftykinsmake the intended mountpoint first up, with "sudo mkdir /media/storage" for example17:38
daftykinsthen open /etc/fstab with "sudo nano /etc/fstab" (where nano is a simple text editor) and cursor down to the bottom to add the new line17:39
daftykinsyou are essentially duplicating the style of lines above, values being tab separated17:39
daftykinsso you paste in the UUID you got for /dev/sdb1 first up from "sudo blkid"17:40
assistingfrienddamn, need to copy/paste, one sec17:40
daftykinshit tab, "/media/storage" tab, "ext4", tab "defaults, user" tab "0" tab "2"17:41
daftykinsso the whole line would be "UUID=blah /media/storage ext4 defaults,user 0 2"17:41
assistingfriendsave and close?17:43
daftykinsyep ctrl+x, yes, enter17:43
daftykinsnow type "df -h" and see the partitions listed17:43
daftykinsnow "sudo mount -a" should complete without error, mounting the 1TB disk17:43
daftykinsthen "df -h" again will show the newly mounted 1TB17:43
assistingfriendsudo mount -a = "mount: unknown filesystem type 'ext4'"17:44
daftykins"pastebinit /etc/fstab"17:45
daftykinsyeah you typo'd etx4 :)17:45
* assistingfriend blushes17:46
daftykinsrest looks fine17:46
daftykinsno worries, 'tis human17:46
daftykinscould quite easily have been me making a mistake in the example17:46
assistingfriendhow do i pastebin df -h17:47
assistingfriendjust to check it's working correctly17:47
daftykinsyou should just see sdb1 with 0% use and 930GB odd17:47
daftykinsdf -h | pastebinit17:47
assistingfriendit says 1% used, /sdb1 is twice listed17:48
daftykinsshould be ok on reboot17:48
assistingfriendok will reboot now17:48
assistingfriendthanks, so so so much daftykins and SuperEngineer - you've made what was turning into a very stressful afternoon a success17:50
daftykinsnp :)17:50
assistingfriendi'm just installing fish shell for him, then I'm hoping to turn him loose, and that he won't kill it over night17:51
daftykinshmm not seen that one17:51
SuperEngineerassistingfriend, glad to help [but daftykins did all the work]17:51
assistingfriendfish shell? it's much, much better than normal bash, and much more noob friendly17:51
daftykinsjust having a read17:52
daftykinsmmm, i think learning on the basics is still better :> as otherwise you walk to another system and can't do much17:52
daftykinsbut ah well17:52
assistingfriendit's pretty much the same/very similar, most reddit threads etc. all advocate moving to fish anyway.17:54
assistingfriendjust extra features - auto complete, syntax highlighting etc.17:54
daftykinsugh reddit17:54
SuperEngineerAnybody else expecting a storm tonight?  I wasn't, but if you took one look outside my [open] windows & felt the strength of wind blowing into your house... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?17:55
daftykinsthis was my sky minutes ago17:55
* SuperEngineer closes windows17:55
daftykinsheavy rain until 8am allegedly17:55
daftykinsso might be in for some fun17:55
assistingfriendit's been raining very heavily for the last hour.17:56
assistingfriend(Stoke area)17:56
penguin42it's been surprisingly warm and dry here, it was supposed to be rainy and thundery17:57
popeyyeah, very warm here17:57
SuperEngineerstop boasting! it's not a rain contest! ;)17:57
SuperEngineerhmmm.. methinks popey pays nore tax ;)17:58
daftykinsthat's what's weird, i've got the back door open and it's a cosy temp17:58
assistingfrienddoes anyone have any experience of getting battlenet installed on linux?17:59
daftykinsthat the Blizzard launcher thing?17:59
daftykinsmmm i'd just be googling to find out which was the best approach18:00
assistingfriendif not, that suits me as i want to go home, and this is a good excuse to do this another day18:00
assistingfriendwine is, apparently. or something called 'play on linux'18:00
daftykinscould set yourself up SSH access and never have to visit again ;)18:00
daftykinslatter is a wine wrapper i think18:00
assistingfriendit offers me 3 options, and there's zero information as to which I need "trusty, saucy, precise" I think the latter two are ubuntu names, but I have no idea18:03
assistingfriendah they all are.  sorry, I just figured that out18:04
daftykinsall three are release names18:05
daftykinstrusty is 14.04 :>18:05
daftykinsah now it's cooling off outside18:07
SuperEngineerthat's odd! I don't remember spilling water on the windows - sky is leaking aleady!18:08
SuperEngineerdaftykins, warm rain is nice rain, repeat continuously until you believe it ;)18:10
=== zmoylan-1i is now known as zmoylan-pi
SuperEngineertime for comedy tv - bbs18:18
penguin42ah, their is the thunder and lightning19:06
daftykinsah, Herr maps19:30
* penguin42 likes it when bad weather happens when I've spent the day outside in nice weather19:31
mapsget paid in 8 days yay19:32
mapspaid like 3k in deposit and rent this month19:32
zmoylan-piso at this point actually reduced to stealing candy from babies... :-)19:34
mapshm been packing stuff away t make an easy move and cant find my ipad charger19:34
mapsmight just leave it dead cba going through everything19:35

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