brouschgreg-g: remote?00:55
* cscheib applies for the CTO position, is now greg-g's boss01:12
greg-ggood luck :)01:13
cscheibno real desire to be a CTO at this point, realistically... that's when I'm old and (more) disgruntled01:13
cscheibI wouldn't get it anyway01:14
_stink_maybe if you really love meetings01:29
_stink_i'm pretty sure that's the mark of higher management01:29
_stink_more meetings the higher you go01:29
cscheibpretty much all management01:33
cscheibI managed a storage group for like 6 months, it was 40 hours of meetings and 30 hours of everything else, plus calls when there were outages01:33
_stink_noooo thanks01:40
cscheibhence why I am no longer a manager01:53
rick_h_being a manager isn't all bad. You get to juggle all the things!03:40
jrwrenCTO at wikimedia would be really interesting.04:41
cmaloneyGood morning12:15
cmaloneyyay shopping18:23
cmaloneyssh ftw18:23

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