tsimonq2Hey, is anyone active here, or just idling...13:45
tsimonq2Give me a ping!13:49
tsimonq2PM or ping works13:49
Mikaelatsimonq2: ping13:51
Mikaelathis channel is mostly very inactive though13:51
tsimonq2Mikaela: Hi...sorry for the late response, when I work(study for beginning of the year exams) I idle...15:25
tsimonq2Mikaela: So what does this team do?15:25
tsimonq2Mikaela: And how can I be involved?15:25
Mikaelatsimonq2: hi, sorry for my late response this time as I was in sauna.16:18
Mikaelatsimonq2: this team should be helping youth to contribute into Ubuntu and FOSS and as I said it has been very quiet lately. Getting involved would probably be just talking here, I guess, but as said it's a little inactive. Getting involved might be easier with http://linuxpadawan.net/ (I have never been there so I don't know if they are any more alive, but they have been mentioned sometimes)16:18
Mikaelaoh and the link in topic allows you to join, but the mailing list is as silent as this channel or even more so16:18
tsimonq2I am familiar with the Linux Padawan site...17:18
tsimonq2Can I maybe...I don't know...help make it more active?17:18
Mikaelajust general talking would help making it more active, but I am a little wrong person for it as I have difficulties with social skills and I don't know how to talk even at IRC17:19
tsimonq2Hmm...who is the head of this team?17:21
Mikaelathat is a good question, I don't know, maybe it reads at launchpad17:22
tsimonq2When did you join this team, Mikaela?17:22
Mikaelaphilipballew https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-youth-council17:22
Mikaela2010-12-18, it was a lot more active by that time and there were regular meetings and everything17:23
Mikaela(Launchpad is very helpful, it can tell all dates so you don't have to remember :))17:23
tsimonq2Because I would like to help make it more active :)17:24
tsimonq2So I would contact philipballew?17:24
Mikaelathey are on this channel so just waiting could work17:24
tsimonq2Or to be impatient I can message him XD17:25
Mikaelait seems that they have been idle for two hours soon, /whois philipballew philipballew17:25
philipballewpinging me work17:25
tsimonq2Can you read the above messages?17:25
philipballewim just watching netflix, and I let irc idle17:25
tsimonq2philipballew: You mind reading the above messages to know what is going on?17:25
philipballewyou want to know more about the group I see17:26
tsimonq2And if it is dead, to bring it back to life17:26
philipballewtsimonq2, I think there are already other ubuntu comunities that are thriving, why do we need to have this one as well?17:27
tsimonq2Well, to work towards the goal!17:27
Mikaelabecause none else is targeted towards youth17:28
tsimonq2Is there a substitute for this community...17:28
tsimonq2philipballew: If you have a closed mind towards it, I can help :)17:28
tsimonq2I think this community NEEDS to exist17:29
tsimonq2I just think it needs to be more popular17:29
Mikaelathe nearest equivalent would probably be #ubuntu-gaming which was also dead last time I checked. I just went through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams17:30
Mikaelafrom where Youth is missing?17:30
tsimonq2I think a lot off communities need reincarnating17:30
philipballewtsimonq2, I just dont see the point on an irc bassed community f17:30
Mikaelawhere should the community be then?17:30
tsimonq2philipballew: Then leave and let others who think it is a valuble idea take over...17:31
tsimonq2Closed mind = no progress17:31
MikaelaI don't think there is anyone who could take over17:31
* tsimonq2 coughs loudly17:32
tsimonq2Maybe I could...17:32
philipballewi think what the ubunu community needs is to unite and not separate into different groups.17:32
tsimonq2Your opinion...17:33
tsimonq2MY opinion is that this just needs to be brought back to life...17:33
MikaelaI don't know how new person appearing from middle of nowhere works (sorry) and step 0 is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct17:34
Mikaelaphilipballew: I can agree with that, but it seems a little difficult as some people become more afraid of talking the larger amount of people there is on channel17:34
philipballewyeah, thats true Mikaela. I sometimes forget some people are shy people as I am about as outgoing as it gets17:35
tsimonq2I think that this community is a good idea. A wonderful idea. And the fact that the head of the community doesn't think it has potential kinda irks me...if I can do anything about it, I will...17:36
tsimonq2At least from what I have heard...17:36
tsimonq2If you do think that this can be brought back to life, by all means, go ahead :)17:36
MikaelaI personally wouldn't have gotten anywhere involved in Ubuntu or IRC without Ubuntu YOuth existing17:36
Mikaelanot that I have done anything useful, but no other distribution that I have used has given me the feeling of being part of any community related to it17:37
tsimonq2So if you don't think it has potential, philipballew, then you can pass it to me or someone else who cares17:37
tsimonq2Mikaela: I have become a strong part of the Lubuntu QA team...17:38
tsimonq2I have had many a chat with wxl and others...17:38
MikaelaI have just been in IRC meetings of UW and talked on -FI when I have known something to say and been on the -teams channel and once been in release party (but being too shy to say almost anything)17:39
philipballewtsimonq2, Im not saying youre not welcome to give it a go, but I am saying that you would do better with a croup directly contribuiting to ubuntu directly, instead of a group that serves itself like this seems to be17:39
tsimonq2And I am in one17:39
Mikaelaat the moment I would argue that this group doesn't serve anyone by just being here and dead17:39
tsimonq2And I think that this group can help people with that :)17:39
tsimonq2EXACTLY Mikaela17:39
tsimonq2I agree fully17:39
philipballewyeah, its dead now17:41
tsimonq2Then pass it along17:41
philipballewbut why bring it alive?17:41
philipballewI just dont see the point is all I am saying17:41
tsimonq2Just because you have reason against it doesn't mean I do...17:41
philipballewtsimonq2, can you answer my questions please?17:41
tsimonq2Because a community like this is essential for the growth of Ubuntu...17:42
Mikaelathere should be some group which is welcoming and can also direct to other groups which was the original purpouse from what I have understood17:42
tsimonq2Let's just put it that way...17:42
philipballewI think the group would do better on a non irc based medium17:42
tsimonq2Shall we take this to the Community Council? I am fully prepared to...17:42
Mikaelawhat is the non irc based medium?17:42
tsimonq2IRC works best for me...17:43
philipballewIm just saying you would attract a better audiance if you lower the technical level to join the group.17:43
Mikaelasame for me, I do everything at IRC and I am scared of mailing lists and I just don't understand other protocols like FB or Steam groups (which I think you might be soon suggesting)17:43
Mikaelahttps://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net:+6697/#ubuntu-youth how much technical level is required to click this?17:44
tsimonq2And then later get help to move to something like irssi?17:44
tsimonq2Like I am doing right now...17:44
MikaelaI would start with HexChat after that and then go to WeeChat as irssi is missing IRCv3 support entirely without third party scripts. http://ircv3.net/17:45
tsimonq2I have learned a lot so far, and I would have loved a community of peers to share my knowledge with17:45
philipballewa fair amount when the user is unfamiliar to the system. tsimonq2 people dont need to use irssi17:45
tsimonq2But still...you get my point :P17:45
philipballewpeople do not need to be command line people17:45
philipballewthat is the mindset that scares people away from the ubuntu community17:45
MikaelaHexChat is GUI and very popular17:46
philipballewwe dont need to make sure all ubuntu users and programers irc lovers, or command line gurus17:46
Mikaelathen it's back to the question what is the other medium?17:46
philipballewI'd say utilize social media myself17:47
tsimonq2Mikaela philipballew The original question here was, are we going to reincarnate this team?17:47
MikaelaUbuntu Youth is already in social media and nothing is happening there17:47
tsimonq2Or are we not?17:47
philipballewhave a reddit page or facebook group page for people to discover the group, post articles, and then have this page as a place for some people to go and chat17:47
Mikaelayes, but if there is some medium that really can function better than IRC, it's worth knowing17:47
tsimonq2We already have that...nobody is maintaining it...I just want to know who will maintain it...17:48
philipballewmy lug uses facebook and it has worked the best for finding new people17:48
philipballewI dont have any passwords for any groups that are online currently,17:48
philipballewbut id start fresh17:48
philipballewanyone who was a youth then, is not now17:48
Mikaelawhat is the definition of youth by the way?17:49
tsimonq2Under 18 I think :P17:49
tsimonq2Mikaela philipballew The original question here was, are we going to reincarnate this team?17:50
Mikaelaoh, two weeks and I am 20, but I did join in 2010 or what did I say17:50
tsimonq2Or are we not?17:50
philipballewMikaela, yeah, im 2317:50
tsimonq213 guys, 13 :P17:50
philipballewwere old here17:50
MikaelaI don't have any abilities that would be needed17:50
philipballewtsimonq2, can you be on irc any younger that that?17:50
tsimonq2Nope XD17:50
philipballewtsimonq2, where are you from?17:51
tsimonq2I don't think...17:51
Mikaelayes, I know people at IRC who have been 10 or so when they came and still know them17:51
philipballewtsimonq2, sounds cold17:51
tsimonq2I brought life back to the Wisconsin LoCo team...17:51
philipballewseems chill17:52
tsimonq2What, do you live on the eqautor?17:52
Mikaelamy geography isn't working and I have no idea where that is, but I am freezing everywhere.17:52
tsimonq2Mikaela: The middle of the earth, the hottest17:52
philipballewtsimonq2, San Diego17:52
Mikaelait might be a little difficult to reach17:53
Mikaelaoh, Kotka, Finland and hopefully soon Helsinki, Finland17:53
tsimonq2Anyways, what were we talking about?17:53
philipballewMikaela, leaving the old life behind and moving to the big city?17:53
Mikaelathat and actually getting help to my issues and having friends and everything17:54
Mikaelatsimonq2: reincarnating or not and who can do that?17:54
philipballewMikaela, friends are needed in this life no matter what people say I think.17:54
tsimonq2Mikaela: Me! I reincarnated my LoCo team(sorta XD)17:54
Mikaelaif you are interested, https://mikaela.info/about#life but it's not happy reading17:54
philipballewIm not sure how that would work17:55
tsimonq2And why do we have a council?17:55
tsimonq2Why do we need a council?17:55
Mikaelait's just impossible for me the time I don't feel everyone hates me I feel everyone wants me away from wherever I am17:55
tsimonq2We just evaporate the council, add you(maybe me XD) as admin, and get it rolling!17:56
tsimonq2philipballew, it's that straightforward XD17:57
tsimonq2philipballew: Should we(or I if you don't want to) do it?17:57
tsimonq2philipballew: Or are we gonna take this to the Community Council?17:57
tsimonq2philipballew: Your choice17:58
philipballewwhy would we take it to the community council?17:58
tsimonq2If you were to refuse to hand it over and to just let it die...17:58
tsimonq2THAT would be a reason to go to the council...17:58
tsimonq2philipballew: Your choice...what is going to happen?17:59
philipballewtsimonq2, there is no need to threaten me18:00
tsimonq2philipballew: I am not threatening you...18:00
tsimonq2philipballew: And I apologise if it looked that way...18:00
tsimonq2philipballew: I ask you again, what is your verdict?18:01
philipballewwell I dont see a need for ultimatums here.18:01
philipballewtsimonq2, im pretty busy today on stuff, but ping me sometime this next week and we can figure out how to get a project going for you here18:02
tsimonq2philipballew: So I will be head?18:02
tsimonq2philipballew: That is what you are saying?18:02
tsimonq2philipballew: Or are you just going to fit me in...18:03
tsimonq2philipballew: Where I am needed...18:03
tsimonq2philipballew: It's awesome either way, I just need clarification...18:03

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