kulelu88_afksquish102: amazon.com ?02:10
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Kilosguten morgen06:16
kulelu88superfly: I am moving along, albeit a bit too slowly08:01
magespawngood morning08:04
Kiloshi magespawn 08:05
inetprogood evening 08:10
Kilosmorning inetpro 08:10
inetprooops, still mornings? 08:10
inetproor maybe it's mornings again? 08:21
inetprowhere did the time go... it's almost Christmas again 08:21
magespawnalmost just around the corner08:49
kulelu88I sometimes confuse magespawn and inetpro 09:26
* inetpro wonders who is this seananmcguire dude10:02
magespawnkulelu88: i am honoured10:04
inetproai! And the grump... gremble is not even here to explain10:04
grembleGood morning10:44
magespawnhi gremble 11:10
GnikLlortmorning everyone11:10
gremblehow are you magespawn?11:10
magespawngood and you gremble?11:11
magespawnhi GnikLlort 11:11
grembleGood morning GnikLlort 11:12
grembleI am well thank you. just slightly lazy11:12
grembleimgur.com/a/oJAhR That is a pretty KDE setu[11:12
gremblesetup even11:13
magespawnnice, i have always preferred dark setups11:16
* magespawn goes to look for some nice debian themes11:55
grembleNumix is nice11:57
grembleI use solarized11:57
kulelu88I was here earlier than gremble today, it may snow!12:05
grembleI was up until 3 trying to write an article (of which I've written and erased two sentences many times) :P12:08
kulelu88I've been awake since 3!12:08
kulelu88working on my project 12:10
kulelu88I've made decent progress12:10
grembleWhat is this elusive project abuot?12:10
kulelu88A data science project. 12:10
kulelu88I also learnt about something called "trap" music12:11
grembleAngry rap about inner city gangsters 12:11
grembleGood choice12:11
kulelu88not quite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2LOJymXv-k12:12
grembleThat is what trap is referred too as a genre12:12
grembleThis is not trap12:14
grembleTrap has very specificl lyrical content :P12:14
grembleThis is good though12:14
grembleDo you know Haezer kulelu88 ?12:14
gremblehttps://youtube.com/watch?v=e-NJjN2UWvs kulelu88 12:18
magespawnwhat did i miss/12:42
grembleNothing much.12:43
kulelu88never heard of it12:59
grembleThink you may like his music13:00
grembleJust have a listen13:00
magespawnhome time, chat later all13:58
magespawngood evening15:41
superflyhi magespawn15:42
gremblehey magespawn 15:42
gremblehey superfly 15:42
Kilos hi magespawn superfly gremble 15:42
superflyhi gremble, Kilos15:42
grembleHey Kilos 15:43
stickyboysystemd-nspawn is awesome15:44
stickyboyAnd so is BTRFS.15:44
grembleWon't is it reiserfs or btrfs that makes you kill your wife?15:47
grembleI cannot recall15:47
grembleAh it is Reiserfs15:47
stickyboyCopy on Write!15:51
gremblewelcome back kulelu88 16:27
kulelu88thanks gremble 16:31
spinzaif i upgrade from 14.04 to a more recent ubuntu what do I lose? i mean do all my apps stay in place?16:33
grembleThat would be very difficult I think. You can easily have your /home folder persist between installs, but other programs and settings, I think not16:39
squish102spinza: if i understand your question, i have done multiple upgrades over years of ubuntu and never had to reinstall anything16:45
spinzasquish102: yeah i mean the apps and their settings staying in place16:46
superflyspinza: yeah, I haven't lost anything when upgrading17:33
squish102di 6 month upgrades for about 5 years and don't think i broke anything or lost anything17:44
kulelu88the #pydata channel is so sad17:49
inetprogremble: I see yo helped seananmcguire?17:51
inetproshe used your script to tweet from her book?17:53
kulelu88who is this seananmcguire?17:55
inetprokulelu88: I noticed his many retweets this morning17:55
inetprothink it was @stroebelJ on twitter17:56
inetproso many retweets I almost unsubscribed :-)17:58
inetproor rather unfollowed17:58
magespawnai! vodacom, i am getting ping times from as low as 63.5 ms all the way up tp 25000.00ms17:59
inetpromagespawn: as long as you have more of them closer to 63 you should be ok18:00
magespawninetpro unfortunately it is moving the other way, with the occasional time out, thrown in for good measure18:02
inetpromagespawn: on a router or on mobile?18:03
inetprocan you set the network mode?18:03
magespawni might disappear for a little bit at this rate18:03
magespawnthrough my tablets hotspot18:04
inetprosometimes better to set to a slower mode to improve stability18:04
magespawnas in 2G etc?18:04
magespawnhmm will give it a try18:04
grembleMy script?18:13
grembleI have a script?18:13
grembleI just retweeted the story of the lizard in the mans leg :D18:13
grembleCan you get internet through GSM? :o18:16
grembleI thought the lowest for internet is gprs18:17
grembleAh no. GSM is a standard also called 2G18:18
inetprogremble: I just thought maybe you had something to do with it since your efforts with the gutenberg books projects18:19
grembleHaven't gotten around to writing that piece of code yet18:46
inetproMaaz: coffee on18:49
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:49
inetproKilos: time for some coffee18:49
KilosMaaz  coffee please18:49
MaazKilos: Yessir18:49
Kilosinetpro  ty18:49
inetproMozilla wants to modernize Firefox's extension and add-on systems, but those are the last things many programmers want.18:52
grembleWhat do programmers want?18:52
inetprothis spells the end of Firefox18:52
Kiloshehe move to opera18:53
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!18:53
MaNIat a guess - they probably want to stop having to rewrite their add-ons everytime firefox do a new release (which is every second day these days)18:53
inetprogremble: http://www.zdnet.com/article/mozilla-changes-firefox-apis-developers-unhappy/18:53
KilosMaaz  danke18:53
inetproMaaz: dankie18:54
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend18:54
inetproFirefox has had so many addons based on XUL for such a long time18:56
inetprobut I guess there comes a time when change has to happen again18:59
inetprowill be interesting to see progress on this one19:00
kulelu88inetpro: I think I now understand why building chrome plugins is easier, and its mostly because of Mozillas poor-decision planning19:01
inetproyep other browsers have definitely picked up the pace and it will be tough for Mozilla to catch up again19:02
inetpromy only hope is that developers keep having platform independance high on the agenda19:04
kulelu88a browser-independent API? that would be brilliant and improbable19:05
inetproplatform independance != browser independance 19:06
kulelu88the engines they use for the browsers are different firstly19:06
inetpronot sure what you mean with browser independant19:07
inetproor was that from the article?19:07
kulelu88building a plugin for FF and Chrome is similar to needing to build an app for iphone and android19:11
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:18
magespawngood night all21:25

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