pleia2ok, time to rest my eyeballs away from computer screens for an hour or so, bbiab00:05
knomehas a branch with flyer too00:08
knomeoff to bed, nighty00:52
bluesabremorning all14:02
knomehello sean14:06
flocculanthi both14:41
bluesabretrying to get to the bottom of the mugshot camera issue15:01
flocculantbluesabre: anything in particular you want people to look for with catfish and menulibre? 15:19
flocculantI was just going to point at your blog posts and ask for them to check things out 15:19
bluesabreflocculant: nothing in particular. there is a known bug with the end date for catfish custom modified range not working15:21
bluesabreother than that, just anything not working15:21
flocculantok :)15:21
bluesabreprogress! http://i.imgur.com/MRRUob1.png16:00
knomehah, head16:02
knomefore-, tbe16:02
bluesabreusing libcheese now to get something usable, should have something functional today/tomorrow again16:02

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