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efrenhow install compiz in xubuntu 15.04, i watched a tuturial but in a gconf>apps> not foud metacity07:53
ScoDalWhat's the best version of VNC Client & Server for xubuntu?13:32
knomethere is no "best" application, it depends on your needs13:36
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xubuntu84iinstalling xubuntu here14:22
phantom1024Hi, I'm using Autokey I mapped the keyboard shortcut to C-1 and it works, but I really want to use C-` and that does not work. Any ideas why ?14:29
phantom1024by Autokey i meant to say ClipIt14:30
JumpmanCan someone help me with this? I want to get the flash player plugin working on chromium but I don't know how16:05
vista__Hey, I just upgraded to 15.04 and I am having a bit of a cosmetic problem18:28
vista__I'm using Numix as my choice of theme, and the panel indicator icons got a bit messed up after the upgrade18:28
vista__any idea where to look for the config file which sets the background color for these?18:29
ScottDallaswoah you got quite a mess of icons there18:29
knomevista__, try restarting the panel18:29
vista__already did (with xfce4-panel --restart)18:29
vista__this entire mess happened after the upgrade to 15.0418:29
ScottDallaswhat were you on before that?18:32
ScottDallasOh man I'm no help I just went to the website and realized I haven't made the jump yet18:34
ScottDallasI do recall asking about such a scenario and was informed here that it's probably best to install new releases from scratch, which was a disappointing answer to me, but perhaps your issue is why I was told this18:34
ScottDallasnew "major"*18:35
vista__I am sure that there is an extra config setting somewhere18:35
ScottDallasfor sure, I digress I was just curious18:35
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pereborI'm trying to share the internet connection from my laptop's wifi with my desktop through an ethernet connection21:09
perebornone of the askubuntu posts about this are working for me. does anyone know how to go about this?21:09
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