ahoneybunlordievader: I've heard that all those GUI USB makers are broken02:14
lordievaderGood morning.06:03
lordievaderahoneybun: Unetbootin works fine here for both efi and bios systems.06:04
clivejoanyone interested in this on ubuntu - https://lkubuntu.wordpress.com/2015/08/23/using-openlux-to-help-your-sleep-andor-relax-your-eyes-2/ ?10:05
BluesKajHiyas all13:04
clivejoanyone know what dep Im misisng to correct this error - CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.2/Modules/FindX11.cmake:439 (message):14:06
clivejo  Could not find X1114:06
clivejoyeah, found it thanks lordievader14:40
soeewhat way to reinstall kubuntu do you suggest ? USB images are not working 17:38
clivejosoee: can you write a DVD with the iso?18:18
clivejosoee: have you check the ISO check sum, maybe the download got damaged?18:19
soeeuh i have no any CD/DVD :D18:19
soeei do not remember when i used them last time18:19
clivejois it an old system?18:19
soeenah, broken Wily18:19
soeeanyway i will try install Vivid and jump from it to Wily18:20
clivejowhat way is it broken?18:20
ScottKsoee: I've not tried this with an Ubuntu image, but it definitely works with Debian ones (but be careful): https://www.debian.org/releases/jessie/amd64/ch04s03.html.en18:23
ahoneybunyofel: ping18:34
clivejoovidiu-florin: do you program QT frontends?18:38
soeeok updating fresh Vivid to WIly :)19:17
soeehad to create bootable usb from Windows using Universal USB installer19:18
ScottKsoee: Did you try the Debian instructions I linked to?19:19
soeeScottK: ah didn't look at it19:19
ScottKK.  I'd be interested to know if that works for Ubuntu images or not.19:20
soeei will try it next time19:23
valorieclivejo: have you tried out redshift?19:25
valorienot starting properly in wily, but beyond that, works well19:25
valorieand is not high CPU intensive19:26
valorie!info redshift19:26
ubotturedshift (source: redshift): Adjusts the color temperature of your screen. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9.1-4ubuntu1 (wily), package size 52 kB, installed size 476 kB19:26
clivejohas wily a different arch?19:26
valoriewe have a widget too, but unfortunately the widget doesn't depend on redshift itself, evidently19:26
clivejoopenlux seems to not function in wily19:26
* valorie filed a bug about it19:26
valorie!info redshift vivid19:27
ubotturedshift (source: redshift): Adjusts the color temperature of your screen. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9.1-4ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 52 kB, installed size 476 kB19:27
valorieit's tiny, and Just Works19:27
valoriereminds me to put it back onto this box19:27
valoriewoah, wants to restart once installed19:28
valoriethat's a bit odd19:28
clivejox is odd!19:30
clivejocant get either to work in wily19:35
valorieyeah, I'm not sure why it doesn't want to start in wily19:43
clivejoI wonder is it the change to Wayland19:49
valoriewe're not in wayland-land *yet*19:55
valoriethat's still in testing19:55
yofelahoneybun: pong19:56
yofelright, unless you're running kwin_wayland, you're not using wayland19:56
soeeok i have now fully working Wily :)20:14
soeeis this new kmix widget already in archive?20:14
ahoneybunOMG my work from Akademy is in Plasma 5.4!20:27
ahoneybunthis is awesome20:27
clivejoahoneybun: what work?20:28
ahoneybunyofel: I just wanted some help to start on kdenlive :)20:28
ahoneybunclivejo: a high contrast color scheme for breeze20:28
valorieexcellent, ahoneybun20:36
valoriewasn't it worth the worry and work to come to akademy?20:36
ahoneybunthere was no worry valorie20:37
ahoneybunnot tooooo much20:37
valorieah, then you are braver than me20:38
valorieI always have a small pit of fear in my stomach going to a new place20:39
valorieI try to overcome it and go anyway20:39
ahoneybunjust worry about my lagguage20:40
ahoneybunnew places are great20:40
valorieeh, I just make sure that my absolute essentials are with me, and not checked20:40
valorieeverything in my checked bags can be bought20:40
valorieyes, they are20:40
ahoneybunof course but we need clothes20:40
valoriebut that doesn't stop the fear20:41
valorieit disappears once I have a homebase20:41
yofelwell, at least you guys didn't fly with iberia, martin and matthias had fun.. stories to tell20:41
ahoneybunyea hostel and such20:41
valorieour plane to and from A Coruna were Iberia20:42
valorieI've learned you just take it one step at a time20:43
valorieslightly off-topic perhaps, but: has anyone else lost bash history in wily?20:44
valorieup-arrow has always been my best friend in the cli20:44
valorieand now it seems to simply not work20:44
valorieevery session starts clean20:44
yofelis ~/.bash_history empty?20:44
valorieis this part of the "sessions not being saved" problem?20:45
yofelnah, bash manages its history itself.. maybe you just have keyboard input issues20:45
yofeland it's never recieving the up-arrow event20:45
valoriehmmm, cat ~/.bash_history gets "Permission denied"20:46
yofelyou can also run 'history'20:46
valoriethat sounds wrong20:46
yofeluh yeah, that's not right...20:46
valorieI can't recall running sudo when I shouldn't20:47
yofelshould be owned by you and 600 for permissions20:47
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions20:48
* clivejo waves at yofel20:49
clivejohow are you today?20:50
yofeltried to take a break today and spend some time outside just to end up with a headache the whole evening.. not quite sure how I managed that20:53
clivejois the weather very heavy?20:56
valorieI ran chown -R valorie:valorie ~/*20:57
valoriewithout result, which is good -- still can't access the bash_history though20:57
valorieon this computer, no problem20:58
yofelvalorie: run it on ~/20:58
yofelotherwise it'll skip the hidden files20:59
yofelclivejo: not really, if anything it cooled down a bit lately. Which is great after weeks with almost up to 40°C21:00
clivejowhy cant we have some sun!21:01
valorieso, I guess I need to run that from sudo, because two files can't be changed: ~/.bash_history and ~/.dropbox-dist21:01
clivejo14°C and raining here21:01
valorieprobably why dropbox isn't running well on that computer21:01
clivejohuge floods this morning21:01
yofelwhere're you at?21:01
valoriejealous of rain!21:02
yofelah, that's cold for summer o.O21:02
yofelbut yeah, we have far too little rain here lately..21:02
valoriejust more heat here, and smoke from the fires on the other side of the mountains21:02
clivejoits too cold, wet and windy for this time of the year21:02
valorieeast of our state is burning up21:02
clivejohad a lovely BBQ in the rain on Friday evening21:03
valoriemy husband just walked ahead of all those fires21:03
yofelheh, I did that once, it was fun anyway. If anything I had to wash my clothes twice to get the smoke smell out of them ^^21:03
clivejoyofel: where are you?21:04
yofelusually from Stuttgart, currently in Berlin for work21:04
clivejooh nice21:04
clivejoare you german born?21:04
yofelyeah, though my parents are from croatia21:04
valorieyay, now history works!21:05
valoriethanks, yofel21:05
valorieI wonder how that got messed up though21:05
yofelmaybe if you ran kdesudo konsole or so, I think that doesn't reset $HOME. Or something similiar21:06
valorieI can't imagine doing that, but I didn't do the initial install either21:08
clivejoyofel: did you look at any more of the 15.08.0 apps?21:09
clivejohi soee21:10
clivejoback on wily?21:10
soeeclivejo: yes, almost all works fine :)21:10
soeehaha :D to get plasma-pa widget working, plasmashell had to crash and restart -.-21:10
clivejoyofel: I cant figure out what is wrong with those cmake version problem ones21:11
soeeself-repair in plasma is cool21:11
soeelamp-server^ install fails die to dependencies21:12
yofelI'm not quite sure either... I took a quick look at the findpkgconfig file, but I'm not expert at debugging cmake marcos so I didn't see anything21:12
clivejodid you do a diff on CMake 15.07.90 and 15.08.00 ?21:13
clivejoI wonder what changed21:13
clivejocause 15.07.90 builds fine21:13
yofelbuilt fine or still builds fine?21:14
clivejoit builds locally for me21:14
yofelhm, let me check git21:15
clivejoI was playing with okteta21:15
yofelthere are no relevant changes in either okteta or kde-baseapps that I can see...21:18
valorieyay, got dropbox working on that lil box too21:23
yofelclivejo: meh, I should actually pay attention when reading the kde release team ML21:25
clivejohow do we fix that?21:26
clivejoquilt patch?21:26
yofelseems like the correct fix21:26
clivejobut how do we apply that?21:27
yofelhm, I have no upload rights for cmake, bummer21:29
yofelso, either ask jr tomorrow, or do it the classic way: file a bug against cmake on launchpad, apply patch to package, make a debdiff, attach that to bug, subscribe ~ubuntu-sponsors21:30
clivejocould we make a debian/patches/CMakeFix patch?21:31
yofelyou can also cherry-pick the fixes in kde git, e.g. 8eb8cfcf1a37e96694e30294e0265f6bf0133323 would fix okular21:33
yofelmaybe the less cumbersome way to fix this21:33
clivejowhy did they do that?21:34
yofeldo what?21:35
clivejoremove the CMake version?21:35
yofeluhm, dunno. it was a change in kdelibs, too lazy to dig the commit up now21:36
* yofel off for the night, nini21:47
clivejogood night21:47
valoriesweet dreams, yofel21:47

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