teo_o hai03:59
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lordievaderGood morning.06:04
RoeyLegitFemale:  hi!06:15
Roeylordievader:  hey!06:15
RoeyGood morning there!06:15
Roeylordievader:  new customer06:15
LegitFemalecan anyone recommend mdadm build vs mdadm create? create adds superblocks to the drive, whereas build does not.... i am using LUKS and grub06:15
Roeylordievader:  ^ that06:15
LegitFemaleRoey, much appreciated.06:16
lordievaderBuild assembles an existing raid array, create creates a new one.06:16
LegitFemaleso... will the superblocks/raid cause any conflicts with LUKS?06:17
lordievaderLegitFemale: That depends, what are you doing precisely?06:18
LegitFemalebuilding a raid 1 with an existing grub / luks06:19
RoeyWell LUKS is the encryption layer, right?  http://jasonwryan.com/blog/2012/02/11/lvm/  <-- IIRC this talks about it06:19
Roeyabout integrating LUKS on an mdadm-created array06:19
lordievaderLegitFemale: Did you unlock both luks volumes?06:20
LegitFemaleboth? I haven't started the process yet. i have one drive that is in use now and one drive that is completely formatted06:21
lordievaderBy the by, I'd do it the other way around. Luks on mdadm instead of mdadm on luks.06:21
LegitFemalethat would be ideal06:22
lordievaderHow does your one disk look like now?06:24
lordievader(In allhonesty I'd ditch mdraid all together and go with LVM, but that is me)06:24
LegitFemale /boot, one LUKS volume (LVM inside), one truecrypt partition.06:26
lordievaderHmm, yes. I'd start out fresh.06:27
LegitFemale... is there any option not to?06:27
lordievaderWell I suppose you can create a partial raid on the empty disk then transfer everything over to it and restore the raid.06:30
lordievaderOr you let lvm do all the raid stuff ;)06:30
LegitFemalei shall research these options06:33
LegitFemaleso... in the simplest sense, I would create a partial md on my formatted drive, then from a (for example) USB live disk, I would copy the partitions from my existing disk to the partial md disk, re-create grub, and then I am good?06:40
LegitFemaleoops, then I would boot from my partial md disk, ensure everything is good, then assemble the raid106:42
lordievaderThat is not the simplest, the simplest is either using lvm or starting from scratch. This can be quite troublesome.06:42
lordievaderLegitFemale: I'd make sure you have a backup before you start any of this.06:42
LegitFemaleif i was using an out-of-the-box setup that didn't have loads of custom scripts and data scatted throughout, then yeah, starting from scratch would be easier06:43
LegitFemalei don't think i understand the lvm option though - how is that not starting from scratch?06:43
lordievaderLegitFemale: You already have lvm setup. You can simply add a disk and tell it to convert lv's to raid1.06:44
LegitFemalemy lvm is within luks though06:47
lordievaderAre you using 15.04 by any chance?06:48
marianoIs it possible to install the newest stable versions of kde apps (i.e. okular 0.22) on xubuntu 14.04?07:43
misternodo you guys find transparency somewhat annoying08:28
misternoi gave that effect quite some time to get used to and still cant08:29
* lordievader loves transparency, a pure black terminal is boring.08:29
misternoi meant transparency effect when moving windows, which is default effect in 15.0408:30
MoonUnit`don't mind the transparency08:38
misternoim not sure if it's same with ubuntu since i only tried kubuntu so far but these oxygen fonts seem too narror and tiny09:59
misternoand not very readable as set by default on the level of whole OS09:59
misternoso for example in firefox very many elements that rely on OS fonts now seem quite tiny and not very readable10:00
lordievaderUse something else ;)10:02
misternoim looking into it10:04
misternohave to figure out what is all that needs changing10:05
misternoor perhaps it would be better to try and find complete themes10:06
AbuDharyou can find many themes10:14
misternodo you install new fonts ?10:16
misternothemes are somewhat unclear to me10:18
misternotheres a lot of "settings" around the system10:18
misternoim not sure in understand what is "Look and feel" tab for under Workspace themes setting in system appearance settings10:25
misternoalso it's not clear to me yet what are the distinctions between various themes, is there one all-encompassing theme or not10:26
LegitFemalehello my good friends   --- if i paste this into terminal and hit enter, right now -- what will happen? sudo mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=1 --metadata=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sda /dev/sdb10:37
ToolboxLegitFemale: Are you trying to set up a RAID array?10:41
LjL-Alpsikonia: the above seems slightly suspect10:42
LegitFemaleToolbox, yeah, without destroying the data on sda, except the location of the superblock/metadata of course10:44
LegitFemalealright, don't worry about it. cross posted to six channels and it has been resolved.10:56
lordievaderLegitFemale: You do know crossposting is frowned upon?11:00
lordievaderIf not, it is frowned upon.11:01
misternohmm it seems repositories are added in few different ways and also it seems they are differently stored on disk11:02
LegitFemalethanks lordievader. jelly in ##linux and ##debian, as well as svetlana in ##linux and ##topchat have also informed me of this taboo.11:02
misternoat first i thought repositories are added in few different ways but still stored identically on disk11:02
LegitFemalelordievader, so... if I was enter that command into terminal... what WOULD happen? nothing? would it just spit out an error? the command really doesn't identify which disk is the source disk, and sda is mounted, so it couldn't be formatted.......11:07
lordievaderLegitFemale: I hope for you it stops with the error saying there is data on the disk. Else it'll wipe both disks.11:10
LegitFemalei'm not going to do that, i'm going to do what we discussed, which is to create a broken raid and then expand it11:11
LegitFemalebut, instead of doing it on a formatted drive (or using an lvm), i'm going to backup my sda (dd unmounted of course) and then see if I can create a broken raid while it is mounted, shut down, and see if it boots, then expand11:12
misternowhat raid type you going for11:12
LegitFemalebecause i like to test things :)11:12
LegitFemaleraid 111:12
lordievaderLegitFemale: Your command does not create a degraded raid.11:12
LegitFemalelordievader, i know. i will work on modifying my command now.11:12
* LegitFemale types man mdadm into terminal11:13
LegitFemalenot sure if it is this simple... still reading. mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=1 --metadata=1 --raid-devices=1 /dev/sdb11:14
lordievaderLegitFemale: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Convert_a_single_drive_system_to_RAID11:14
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misternowhat does it mean when checkboxes are only half checked http://s9.postimg.org/9yxkabxr3/screenshot_24.png11:15
misternoalso does blur desktop effect work for you?11:15
LegitFemalelordievader, much appreciated. this guide will be perfect.11:16
* LegitFemale hugs lordievader, kisses him on the lips, and smiles as she stares deeply into lordievader's eyes.11:18
lordievaderErr, what just happened....11:20
* lordievader stares in disbelief11:20
misternoyou became a father11:21
lordievaderI hope not.11:21
misternomany sites use verdana font, which is windows font while fallback in kubuntu is often on arial11:34
misternothis affects readability11:35
lordievadermisterno: You can configure all that to your likeing.11:37
misternothat's a given11:38
misternothe trick is now spending time and figuring out solution that is decently acceptable11:39
misternotoo much configuratbility needed to get to where you wanna be and you are in troubles of spending time configuring things rather than using them11:40
misternowhich is why it's important to have quality defaults11:41
lordievaderThe likeing of defaults are heavily subjective.11:42
misternoit doesn't matter since they are there11:42
misternoand standards and expectations do exist11:42
misternono matter how impossible or hard to be precisely defined11:43
lordievaderAt least here you can change them without too much effort.11:44
misternowhat do you mean by "here"11:44
misternowhat would be "there" ?11:44
lordievaderOr Linux distro's, however you want it.11:44
misternoyou guys are so stuck into us vs them ideology11:44
lordievaderNo, I'm not.11:45
misternofor no reason you introduced it now11:45
lordievaderI'm pointing out differences.11:45
misternofor what reason?11:46
lordievaderDo I need one?11:46
misternoyeah, generaly we speak with reasons and don't utter words mindlessly out of our mouths :)11:47
misternodo you understand the nuance of setting up fonts to show as close to as expected in webpages?11:50
misternoit's not as simple as it might seem at first look, like changing a resolution of desktop11:51
misternowebpages usually use sets of fonts to display elements on them11:53
misternodifferent OSes have different font families11:53
misternoso what devs do is they use multiple fallbacks in case one font is missing or doesn't exist, then there is a fall back to suitable other font11:53
lordievaderIf websites care that much about their fonts they can add the fonts to the websites.11:54
misternothis way they cover wide range of OSes11:54
lordievaderAnyhow this is getting rather offtopic, shall we move to #kubuntu-offtopic?11:54
misternoi dont think this is a time to be prescriptive about how webpages should be developed11:54
misternorather im being descriptive about how things are11:54
misternowell it's somewhat on topic11:55
misternosince im using kubuntu and have to figure out a way to set this in more acceptable fashion11:55
lordievaderIt has nothing to do with Kubuntu support. Thus it is offtopic.11:56
misternohow do you define kubuntu support then?11:57
lordievaderIf you want to continue the discussion join #kubuntu-offtopic.11:57
lordievaderSupporting people with problems they might have with the Kubuntu distro.11:57
misternoaren't fonts distributed in distro part of what Kubuntu distro is?11:58
lordievaderYes. But whatever the default may be is and wether that is correct or not does not fall under support.11:59
lordievaderIf you want to continue this discussion join #kubuntu-offtopic. I will not continue it here.11:59
misternobut isn't part of support trying to help users resolve their individual issues and needs that are related to Kubuntu12:01
BluesKajHiyas all13:04
ikoniaLjL-Alps: sorry - was away from keyboard, what's up ?13:07
LjL-Alpsikonia: nevermind, LegitFemale had posted a command line that seemed at least suspicious, but i couldn't interpret it13:08
BluesKajso legitfemale may not be posting legit commands13:10
ikoniait's ok13:11
ikoniait's a valid raid command, probably better using assemble or build rather than create13:11
BluesKajikonia:  how do i get ris of unwanted ramdisk ? My son recommended it , but i don't think I need it13:31
AbuDharunwanted ramdisk?13:32
BluesKajsudo fdisk -l shows 15 /dev/ram*s13:34
BluesKajlike so: Disk /dev/ram15: 64 MiB, 67108864 bytes, 131072 sectors13:35
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lordievaderBluesKaj: As in the counterpart of tmpfs?14:31
ikoniaBluesKaj: ramdisk ?14:35
ikoniaBluesKaj: in what respect ?14:35
ikoniayou just mounted on ?14:35
BluesKajikonia:  I'm not sure what he did, and googling "deleting ramdisk " doesn't find anything useful, only temporary umounts etc14:46
ikoniajust mount it14:46
ikoniaif it's a file - delete it, if it's a ram disk, it will remove when you unmount it14:46
lordievaderBluesKaj: How does your fstab look?14:46
BluesKajlordievader:  fstab is ordinary, nothing new there, but I did unmount the /dev/ram*14:48
lordievaderOk, then they are not what I think they are.14:49
BluesKajikonia:  yes but it must cached to startuo at boot , because I see /dev mounting in the bootscreen and it's taking 90 extra secs to boot14:50
ikoniaBluesKaj: is it mounted now ?14:51
BluesKajidid a: sudo umount -t tmpfs tmpfs /dev/ram*14:52
BluesKajumounted 15 /dev/rams14:52
BluesKajor 16 actaually including /dev/ram014:53
BluesKajbut it remounts at bootup ,. I thought clearing the ram cache might work, but there must be a command /script  in systemctl telling the ramdisk to load/mount at boot14:55
BluesKajthat's what i want to get rid of14:56
ikoniatmpfs shouldn't re-mount unless it's in the fstab14:57
ikoniaor in an init script14:57
BluesKajsudo systemctl -l  ,shows this : sys-devices-virtual-block-ram0.device15:07
DragnslcrI don't have that listed by systemctl15:10
BluesKajDragnslcr: did you install ramdisk?15:13
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VoyageHow to calibrate display? Can someone please help me fix the brightness and contrast of my lcd. I really am pissed. (our of 100 I guess) what are the optimal values for long time usage.17:10
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StalwatrEnjoy ^17:14
misternooh you started at 1 and figured it out at 5? :)17:18
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Voyagecan anyone one tell me their brightness and contrast values of their lcd (our of 100)?17:43
misterno100 on my monitor17:44
misternofor brightness17:44
misternocontrast is at 6517:44
misternooh i just learned how to make Dolphin open files with root access17:46
misternoor folders17:46
Voyagemisterno,  thanks18:01
misternowhy did you ask18:01
AEL-HDoes ubuntu have something similar to the 'host' command? It is not available on ubuntu 12.0418:02
misternowhat does it do18:03
LjL-Alpsi don't know, but surely you could just install it18:03
misternomy kubuntu has host command by default, i didnt install it18:04
misternowith backports updates18:04
Voyageto get an idea18:04
misternoyou surely know that data you get that way is so arbitrary that is almost useless?18:05
misternodo i have to pay attention when some package/update/feature for application/etc downloaded from internet says ... for kde 4?18:10
misternoim not sure i know enough about how applications work18:10
misternoim assuming applications are making calls to draw window and window elements from specific framework/desktop environment?18:11
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mattie_eh, anyone here?22:03
a_hey guys. i am at the moment downloading kubuntu (14.04 lts). would you say that kde5 is stable and mature enough by now?22:41
Finetundra__Kde 5 isn't in 14.0422:41
a_or should i go with kde4? if i should go with 4, how is it possible (if at all) to download 14.04 lts with it22:41
a_Finetundra__, what is in 14.04? 4?22:42
bprompta_:     kde4 IIRC has 4.1322:42
a_ok, guys. thanks22:42
a_bprompt, wow, you are everywhere22:42
a_windows didn't work.. it crashes after the updates and the drivers are not working properly, i am back with linux22:43
bpromptohh yes, the windowsupdate stuff22:43
bprompta_:    win7 right?22:43
a_bprompt, yes22:43
bprompta_:     hmm windowsupdate   I turn that stuff off right after a install, IMO is more hassle than help =)22:44
a_bprompt, :P22:44
bprompta_:    and when needing a driver, I simply get it from the OEM, or the chipset maker22:44
a_bprompt, yeah, got the drivers from the HP site, still it didnt work properly. maybe it has to do because my laptop is uefi22:45
bprompta_:    I'm not saying windowsupdate is bad, just that it marks every single update as "critical" or "important" in some way, when it actually depends on what the OS is being used for22:46
a_bprompt, ok22:46
bprompta_:     what drivers were you missing anyway?22:46
a_bprompt, no drivers were missing, they just wouldnt work properly22:47
a_it was like i never installed them22:47
bprompta_:    hmm not sure I follow that, the drivers were there... but?   which ones?22:48
a_bprompt, all of them. i used HP's assistant software that installed them22:51
bprompta_:     why didn't you just install them manually?   download them from the HP site and install them22:52
a_bprompt, when it didn't work, i formatted and did that, i installed them manually getting the right ones from the site, but the graphics didnt work properly22:52
valoriemisterno: very bad idea to open files in your /home with sudo /root22:54
valorieyou will mess up your permissions22:54
misternowhat you mean22:54
misternohow will i mess up permissions?22:55
misternoyou need to explain more22:55
misternomaybe you dont understand my intentions22:55
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions22:55
valoriemisterno: ^^^22:55
misternooh god22:55
misternovalorie plz22:55
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:55
valoriebasic stuff22:56
misternoare you refering to me asking how to install rootactions ?22:56
bprompta_:     well...  so, all drivers worked, but video?22:57
a_bprompt, that's what it seemed like22:58
bprompta_:    so, get the drivers from the chipset maker then, intel or nvidia or amd22:58
bpromptor whoever else22:58
valoriemisterno: I'm saying that unless the system itself prompts you to put in your password, you should avoid running as root and/or sudo22:59
a_bprompt, got tired of working with it, now i am back with linux, i will just use wine because at uni we use windows software mostly22:59
valorieand if you have done so, you may need to chown your home22:59
bprompta_:   hmm k :P23:00
misternovalorie does that apply to editing txt files as root?23:00
valoriedepends on where they are23:00
valoriein your home, certainly23:00
misternowhy it depends where they are?23:00
valoriebecause you are the owner of all the files in your /home23:00
valorieor you should be23:00
misternoand what happens when i open txt file as root to edit?23:01
valorieif you edit or create one in your /home as root, it will be owned by root23:01
valorieyou can fix it by `chown -R owner:owner ~/23:01
misternook so you thought i would like to install rootactions to edit files in home as root that i already own ?23:01
valorieif it returns nothing, everything was fine23:02
valoriewhere owner=youruser23:02
misternoit's it more sensible to think i would like to install root actions to edit files that require root access? :)23:02
valorieyou would be amazed how often people use sudo dolphin in their /home23:02
valorieespecially for settings23:03
misternooh im sure ill make a mistake here and there and thanks for jumping to try to give me example of how i might mess up :D23:03
misternobut you need to be more clear in what you assume my intentions are23:03
misternoso that i can tell you what they are23:03
valorieI do not mean to offend and assume that you don't know what you're doing23:03
misternoi want to snoop around root23:03
misternoand there are some files that require root23:03
valoriebut there are many people here who are beginners23:04
misternoso instead of going to console and opening from there23:04
valorieyes, many of them23:04
misternowhy not open as root with right click from dolphin?23:04
valorieas I said, depends on where you are23:04
misternobut why on earth would i be opening as root in my home?23:04
misternowhen i can just open files with a click23:04
valoriedot files are usually just text, and can be edited23:04
valoriefun reading at times23:05
misternoi dont know but i thought it would be handy to have these root actions in right click :)23:05
misternoi just have to figure out how to install it in service menus23:05
misternobecause dolphin has option to download services but it's downloading old version and it isnt installing properly23:05
misternonow i downloaded newer version but must figure out how to install :D23:05
misternojust to be clear, opening txt file as root doesnt change permissions right? it's saving file as root?23:07
valoriemisterno: yes23:10
misternovalorie so can you help me figure out how to install this23:10
misternoso .sh files are installation files?23:16
misternoi dont get where is dolphin fetching these files from23:18
misternoand why i cant find it in repositories23:18
unascribedI've started having strange flickering issues on Kubuntu CI Weekly Unstable - whenever I minimize a window or a new window pops up, the entire desktop flickers. Disabling the "Blur" effect fixes it, but I'd prefer to leave it on.23:27
unascribedThis happened after I attempted to update to Daily, but it broke *everything*, so I rolled back to Weekly using ppa-purge23:27
unascribedany ideas, or should I just turn off Blur and call it good?23:28
unascribedI'm going to be minimizing my client, if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this ping me so I notice23:35
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misternovalorie here is perfect example why i want rootactions, trying to install root actions i need to copy a file to /usr/bin and cant in dolphin23:44
misternousing root actions would probably allow me to copy with root privs23:45
a_guys, how do i add a new language on kde 4 (i mean keyboard layout)23:49
a_i added the language on locales23:49
a_ow what23:49
unascribedwell, it would appear the flickering was my monitor giving up on life23:50
unascribedkeeps saying "Wrong Cable, please use a Dual Link DVI cable" and half the image is glitching in and out while it randomly restarts23:50
unascribedUnplugged it and plugged it back in, and it won't turn back on23:51
a_never mind i figured out23:55

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