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wgrantMorning blr.22:10
blrhey wgrant, how was your break?22:17
wgrantPretty good, pretty good.22:19
wgrantYou are well again?22:19
blrwgrant: not entirely, but well enough to somewhat useful.22:20
blrwgrant: did you get out of the city?22:23
wgrantblr: Ah, unfortunate, but good that you are on the mend.22:23
wgrantI did not.22:23
wgrantBut I was detached from IRC for a continuous 40 hours!22:24
blrwgrant: most impressive :)22:29
blrwgrant: do you have any thoughts on following the same pattern we used for the turnip client in LP, with the build manager?23:22
blrwgrant: also out of interest, do you run your local buildd in a separate lxc container?23:28
cjwatsonAIUI he uses a VM to avoid having to run an unconfined LXC container23:36
blrcjwatson: and yourself?23:37
cjwatsonI use a container because I'm lazy, but you do have to make it unconfined.23:37
cjwatson(lxc.aa_profile = unconfined)23:37
cjwatsonWhich sucks23:37
cjwatsonIn theory something like lxc-container-default-with-mounting should work but last time I tried I wasn't able to get it to work and gave up on that23:38
blrcjwatson: was thinking I should update the advice on the wiki to use a chroot23:38
cjwatsonA VM is probably better if you're starting from scratch without baggage of existing setups23:38
cjwatsonI wouldn't recommend a chroot - you'll get port clashes if you try to run more than one out of the box, and while of course you can work around that it's annoying23:39
cjwatsonAnd it would be better to have it off on an isolated bit of network23:39
blrcjwatson: sorry, I meant, the wiki currently recommends a chroot, which I think I should update.23:39
cjwatsonOh, right, yeah, https://dev.launchpad.net/BuildFarm/TryOutBuildSlave is fairly dire23:40
cjwatsonThe pbuilder stuff should die, in favour of either mk-sbuild or (probably preferably) just downloading one from production the way that https://dev.launchpad.net/Soyuz/HowToUseSoyuzLocally recommends23:41
cjwatsonAnd its existing chroot upload documentation is broken23:42
cjwatsonI think it would be better to merge the one useful bit of TryOutBuildSlave (the hints on poking it with xmlrpclib by hand) into HowToUseSoyuzLocally, and make the latter recommend a VM23:43
blrcjwatson: ok, that sounds sensible23:43
cjwatson(well, possibly the stuff about translation templates is slightly useful as well)23:43
cjwatsonAnyway, silly to have two documents about the same thing.23:43

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