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Oracloxok, thank you :)00:07
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forestIs some part of Soyuz down right now? I sent a package to my PPA for building about half an hour ago, but it hasn't shown up. I don't remember it ever taking so long before.20:54
clivejoforest: did you get an accept/reject email?20:59
forestclivejo: I usually see the build appear (unbuilt) on my ppa page, and get an email shortly thereafter. This time, none of these things has occurred.21:01
forestOh! It looks like Soyuz silently discarded my upload because my new gpg key wasn't yet associated with my launchpad account. I wish it had reported the problem somehow/somewhere instead of just pretending that nothing had happened at all.21:13
blrforest: I suppose https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/409263 is relevant?21:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 409263 in Launchpad itself "New PPA for person without key should link to help" [Low,Triaged]21:15
blrshould be relatively easy to fix...21:16
cjwatsonforest: The historical rationale for that was that it would be too easy (quite possibly by accident) to cause Launchpad to mailbomb somebody else.21:33
cjwatsonSo we only send mail after verifying that the person we'd be sending mail to is actually the person who made the upload.21:33
cjwatson(We could certainly weaken that for uploads over SSH without even having to have an in-principle type discussion if the upload system actually left a record somewhere that a given upload was made over SSH, which it doesn't.)21:34
forestblr: That bug doesn't apply to my situation, as the PPA is not new and my launchpad account was not without a gpg key. In this case, I started building using a new key, but forgot to register it with launchpad before uploading.21:55
forestcjwatson: I guessed as much. Still, silent failures are really frustrating time-wasters. Perhaps it would make sense to report upload failures like this one on the PPA page or the owner's launchpad page? That would still prevent mail bombs while not leaving mysterious unreported failures.21:57
cjwatsonforest: That's not a bad idea.  I've recorded it on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/145849, thanks22:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 145849 in Launchpad itself "Uploads with unrecognized keys should be publically logged" [Low,Triaged]22:48
forestcjwatson: Thank you.23:31

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