tsimonq2Hi, I would like to report a regression in Lubuntu 15.10 wily...when I right-click on a program in my panel, then it does nothing and the whole panel just reloads...I am too lazy right now to bother with submitting a bug report and apport is being mean, so I wanted to let you guys know. Thanks!03:01
ianorlinhi AgyatLAN07:03
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huschkesome question...i have 64 bit system with 4gb ram but taskmanager only shows 3919mb ram ...is that normal ?17:42
guitarman_lubuntu 3.2 won't install adobe flash. using google chrome???19:40
guitarman_tried every option19:41
guitarman_ant suggestion19:41
guitarman_even lubuntu softwae center19:42
bioterrorguitarman_, you want to install pepper flash19:48
guitarman_dumb ?---non-free mean have pay right?19:56
tsimonq2guitarman_: Non-free can mean proprietary software as well19:58
guitarman_finished from synaptic, still cant view my games20:03
bioterrorrestart browser20:03
guitarman_duh! true20:04
guitarman_still says------You need Flash Player to play??20:07
yughello guys21:19
ianorlinhi yug anyway I can help21:22
yugyes thanks for answering21:22
yugso i'm downloading lubuntu21:22
yugand i wanna know if is it compatible with software wich comes with ubuntu21:23
yuglike ubuntu software center21:24
yugcan install it21:25
ianorlinyug: it all uses the same repositories and packages just different stuff installed by default we have lubuntu software center which is a lot faster21:25
yugon lubuntu too21:25
ianorlinbut doens't have the reviews21:25
yugok it's sounds great21:25
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